12 Best AFM Disabler Reviews In 2023 :Best Active Fuel Management Disabler

There are a few easy ways to know what is the best AFM disabler is right for you.

Have you found yourself irritated by the obnoxious idle noise of your engine when the AFM kicks in?

Perhaps you’ve found your V8 strangely weak when it comes time to tow?

Whatever it is that’s disappointing you about your vehicle’s performance, there is a strong chance it’s being caused by the AFM.

Thankfully, as this is the future we live in, there are loads of great ways to get around this and really put the mph back in your engine again.


A Comparison Table Of The Best AFM Disabler (Editor’s Choice)

Range Technology
DiabloSport S1000
Range Technology
Hypertech 32501
DiabloSport 8245
PLX Devices
Jet Performance
Jet Performance
Innovative Performance Chips

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Below is a list of devices that will do exactly that. Each one of these will disable the AFM in your vehicle, giving you access to all cylinders at all times.

Along the way, we will also point out the pros and cons of putting one of these devices in your vehicle.

What is the Best AFM Disabler for Your Vehicle?

Here is a quick round-up of the 12 best AFM disablers on the market right now:

Among these 12 AFM disablers, Range Technology’s Active Fuel Management disabler is the most trusted, popular, and budget-friendly.

There is also an FAQ section below that should give you all the information you need to know before installing one.

So, without further ado, here is our rundown of the best AFM disablers that money can buy!

Top 12 Best AFM Disablers Review & Buying Guide 2021

01. Range Technology Active Fuel Management Disable Device – All cylinders at all times!


Top Features:

  • Sleek design
  • Simple and effective
  • No more lag!

If you are looking to boost performance while cutting down on oil consumption, this could be the AFM disabler for you!

This AFM disabler keeps your 8 cylinder truck in 8 cylinder mode and makes sure that there is no clunky and loud idle.

Now let’s face it, some of the active fuel management systems do save a little on gas, but at what cost?

Unresponsive throttles and lots of lag in the low to the mid-power range.

But here’s the thing, with this AFM disabler, your mpg will drop, but not by much. So, for high-speed commutes, or whether you are doing a lot of towing, this handy disabler won’t steer you wrong!

One clear benefit of using this one over many others out there is that it won’t interfere with your ECU in any way.

It is a simple device in a lot of ways, but why overcomplicate things? If it works, it works.

One piece of advice we would give to you before you purchase, though.

Always make sure to check that this device will work with your vehicle. If in doubt, check their website or ask your mechanic.


  • Really easy to install. Plugs straight into the diagnostic port – no mechanic needed!
  • Works on all GM active fuel management engines
  • Save lots of money on oil


  • Can drain the battery if left plugged in. Remember to remove it if you won’t be driving

02. DiabloSport S1000 Sprint Car Fuel Management Module – No more exhaust drone!


Top Features:

  • More power to the wheels
  • Easy to install/uninstall
  • Minimal mpg change

The DiabloSport is another great solution to that really annoying cylinder drop situation. We’ve all been there, wondering why our trucks aren’t driving right.

They could be dropping power at all the wrong times and really letting you down when you need some power.

The AFM just doesn’t suit most people, so we must look to replace it with something that works.

Thankfully, the DiabloSport AFM disabler brings that simplicity back to driving, and it will make your truck quicker off the line and more responsive while cruising.

As is usual with AFM disablers, it will mean that your mpg will drop, but if you are worried about this you can always unplug it before taking a long trip.

Where this really is useful is when you need all of the power, fast.

However, most people who have used this device don’t report a large increase in fuel consumption.

This is interesting, considering that this is really the only disadvantage that people quote to using these.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using one though is the noise factor.

With a lot of GMs that have a factory AFM, they tend to drone loudly when the engine is idling and only using 4 cylinders.

Adding the other 4 cylinders back into the mix might sound like an odd solution to the problem, but it somehow fixes it.

It can also be purchased with an optional on/off toggle so you can fully customize your driving experience.

All in all, DiabloSport makes a pretty decent AFM disabler.


  • Removes the loud and annoying 4 cylinder idling drone
  • Instant responsiveness off the line
  • The optional on/off toggle is a very clever and useful feature


  • You will have to unplug it to pass an emissions test.

03. Range, GM, Start/Stop – Overrides the automatic stop/start function!


Top Features

  • Starter motor lives longer
  • No need to get a mechanic
  • Improves overall performance

Next up is the second product by Range to make this list, and there is a good reason to repeat their name.

They make a solid product that isn’t flimsy and won’t magically stop working after a while, forcing you to buy a new one.

They are built to last, and to do a simple job right while they’re at it!

This one is designed to stop and override the automatic stop and start function in your truck as well as disable the ASM.

So, by doing this, this disabler reduces your truck’s reaction time meaning that when you want to go, you go! No hesitation or sluggishness.

As an added bonus to all of this, it is also a less risky version of start/stop disabler than its competitors.

It can be used with no fear that it will interfere with your factory ECU settings – it won’t.

There are several good reasons for using a product such as this in your truck or car.

With start/stop disabled, there won’t be as much stress put on your starting system – potentially saving you on repair charges in the future.

It’s also great for peace of mind. This is because, if there is an emergency, you know that you have given yourself the best chance of getting away as fast as humanly possible.

You also don’t need to be a qualified mechanic to set this thing up. Simply plug it in and you’re ready to go.


  • Installation and uninstalling it are as simple as plugging it in and out
  • It leaves no trace that it has been there, meaning your vehicles warranty will be safe
  • It’s an AFM disabler with an extra trick up its sleeve; what’s not to like!


  • Used models can potentially be a little faulty. Buy it a new one.

04. Hypertech 32501 Max Energy Power Programmer – A highly advanced disabler!

Top Features:

  • Tons of extra features
  • Can also boost mpg
  • Fully customizable

The max energy power programmer, though still an AFM disabler, is best considered as a far more intricate device than just that.

With a basic plugin and go disablers, you don’t quite get the same range of possibilities as you do with this.

For example, it can be used to alter the shift points in your automatic transmission.

This way, you can set it up in a way that matches your needs rather than what the factory has decided. Perhaps its best trick, however, is its fuel economy setting.

The Hypertech AFM disabler also has a setting that allows you to keep the mpg-friendly 4 cylinder Mode, but they’ve adapted it.

With their programmer, you get to choose the point where the V8 switches over to 4 cylinders.

Most will no doubt choose to disable it entirely, but it’s a nice option to have at your disposal.

Admittedly, this system can be a bit more complicated than others, but there is a payoff.

That payoff is that you get to have total control over how your vehicle runs.

And here’s the best bit – it automatically saves the factory settings, so you can switch it back before servicing or emissions tests.

So, whether you are looking to increase your mpg, remove the drone at idle, or increase torque, this handy device can do it all.


  • Sounds complicated to use, but it really isn’t
  • Constantly updated list of calibrations on the company website
  • Can even calibrate the speedometer for you if you have changed tire size


  • Doesn’t work on too many vehicles. Make sure to check and see if it’s compatible with yours

 05. DiabloSport 8245 inTune i3 Platinum Performance Programmer – Dyno-tested preset options!


Top Features:

  • Dyno tested
  • Easy set-up
  • Boosts engine performance

For those of you who drive Ford, Chrysler, or GM and aren’t satisfied with your vehicle’s performance, this bad boy has got what you need to fix it.

The i3 Platinum AFM disabler comes with a huge range of presets which makes tuning your vehicle easy.

Some drivers will want to decrease fuel consumption, others will want more power and torque.

Whatever it is, there’s a dyno-tested preset option to cater to it. And, for those who really want it their own way, you can choose to go fully custom if you want.

After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting the tuning just right and being able to say you did it yourself!

As the number of states that require emissions testing increases, so does the demand for AFM disablers that can pass them.

Luckily, this one will get you a pass, but you have to select the preset before you go in for the test.

Sometimes, with a device as advanced as this, you would expect that it would be nearly impossible for a regular person to use, but that’s not the case. Set-up and installation is a breeze.

It only really gets complicated when you decide to go full custom. Chances are, you won’t need to go into this mode as the presets are already quite good.

DiabloSport has a great customer service record, so before buying we would recommend asking them if their product is the best option for your vehicle.


  • A great range of options for not too much financial outlay
  • Longevity. This disabler/tuner seems built to last, with many still using it years after purchase
  • Versatile. Has settings for fuel consumption, shift points, racing, etc.


  • Not the easiest device in the world to set up

06. Nexas Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tool NL102 – For the heavyweights!


Top Features:

  • Wonderfully intricate
  • Perfect for business owners
  • Strong build quality

Well, it has to be said; this isn’t the punchiest product title we’ve ever seen. Let’s not dock it points for that though and instead see what it’s got to offer.

Well, first up, this is by no means a simple AFM disabler. It does a whole lot more, and if you’re driving a lot, you’ll definitely find a use for a tool like this.

The hand-held reader feeds you accurate data in text or in a graphic format so you know exactly what is going on with your engine.

If you are an owner-operator, for example, knowing what’s going on in your engine before it breaks down can save you a fortune in the long run.

But, its usefulness isn’t just limited to heavy-duty trucks. It also works with plenty of cars and minivans so can be used domestically.

It is also compatible with a broad range of software so is a little easier to set up than many of its competitors.

In addition, it is quite a robust build so seems like it is going to last for quite some time after purchase.

Overall, this is a decent option for those who are more mechanically minded than the average person.


  • Performs a huge range of functions compared to many of its competitors
  • Enables the user to diagnose problems with their vehicle before they need a mechanic
  • Can identify more than 44,000 error codes from your vehicle


  • The customer service is in Chinese, which can be difficult to sidestep.

07. FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner – Real-time data at your fingertips!


Top Features:

  • Sends error codes
  • Excellent analytical tool
  • User-friendly

Next up is the Foxwell NT310; another AFM disabler that can do quite a bit more than just that.

This isn’t your typical code reader and gets into some deep detail on error codes.

This means that in quite a few situations, you may have to do some research just to understand the data the device is feeding back to you.

However, if you desire a high level of control over your vehicle, this can certainly provide it.

Used correctly, it can also save you quite a bit of money and time in the long run.

One edge that this rand has over its competitors is that it seems that a genuine attempt was made to make it as user-friendly as possible.

The manual is very detailed and well laid out in simple English and the device itself has a well thought out interface.

Essentially, if you take the time to learn how to use this, you will be able to totally manage the performance of your vehicle.

No more outlandish mechanic charges just to plug it into their machine.

This makes a great gift for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of mechanics, whether they are amateurs or experienced.

As is usual with these devices, we would always recommend checking thoroughly that your vehicle is compatible with it.


  • The excellent display makes info easy to take in
  • No battery required. Charges directly from your vehicle
  • Will save you a fortune in the long run


  • Won’t easily connect to every vehicle

08. SKU, Range, GM, AFM Disabler – All of the power, all of the time!


Top Features:

  • Nice LED display
  • Great throttle response
  • Simplicity at its best

After quite a few intricate and advanced products, it is time to return to the more simple side of AFM disablers.

This particular model markets itself quite simply as a device that will give you “all cylinders, all the time”.

And, that’s what it does. This nifty and inexpensive device overrides the AFM/DFM, stopping your vehicle from dropping cylinders.

This means no more obnoxious idling noise on four cylinders and no more lag when it comes to taking off. Its biggest party trick though is this.

It can do all of this without reprogramming the ECU.

This is important as in most cases if the ECU has been modified, it voids the factory warranty of your vehicle.

Take note! Most other AFM/DFM disablers don’t do this!

Naturally, simple devices are also easier to use, and this one is no different. The only real options that you get are what color you want the LED to be.

Even at that, this option is only for aesthetics and will have no bearing on how your vehicle performs.

Where you will notice the difference is in the important areas of throttle response and idling noise reduction.

You will also notice that that unsettling shudder when the engine is switching from four to all cylinders will disappear entirely.

All cylinders, all the time, means precisely that – and there is a drawback to this.

You won’t get the same mpg as your burning capacity is always ramped up to full.

This by no means that you will burn twice the amount of fuel though. Most only report a slight decrease in the economy.


  • Easy to uninstall – just unplug it!
  • A simple device that does its job
  • No more booming idle noise


  • Won’t work on just every vehicle. Check before purchasing

09. PLX Devices New Kiwi 4 Bluetooth – Sends engine data direct to your handheld device!


Top Features:

  • Save money on mechanics bills
  • Connects to your phone
  • Uploads data to SD card

Our next item is totally different from anything that precedes it on this rundown of the best AFM disablers on the market.

This tool connects to your onboard diagnostic port and retrieves information from your car’s computer.

This is all fairly normal, but it is what it does next that is its real appeal.

It then communicates this information via Bluetooth to your Android or Apple device.

This means that there is no new user interface that you need to learn to use.

You have all the information at your fingertips on a device you are already familiar with instead.

However, it can also upload data to its SD card, complete with timestamps should you wish to be able to print out the data at a later date.

So, this means that you can not only disable your AFM, but you can also adjust settings related to fuel efficiency and gear change preferences, etc.

Admittedly, it is not as in-depth an analytical tool as a few of the others listed here. But it does have its advantages.

For example, if you’re not a mechanic, this is probably all the analytical data that you truly need.

It does give you a sense of control, but without shooting overwhelming amounts of data at you constantly.


  • The real-time monitoring features are excellent
  • Compatible with most cars newer than 1996
  • Can save you money on expensive diagnostics at the mechanics


  • Customer support can be a bit… unsupportive

10. JET 67021 JET V-Force Plus Performance Module – Monitors and improves acceleration!


Top Features:

  • Improves acceleration
  • Monitors fuel economy
  • Solid build quality

The Jet occupies a nice middle ground between simplicity and complexity.

Advertised as a way of monitoring and improving acceleration, its main draw is that it does exactly that and nothing else really.

It also allows the user to select from 14 different info panels which each provide data.

These screens include fuel/air ratio, manifold pressure, fuel economy, mass airflow, and throttle position.

As an entry-level device, it is actually quite nifty in that regard.


  • Relatively simple to use
  • No complex installation
  • Good and solid build quality


  • Might be a little limited in its uses for the more mechanically minded

11. Jet 15008 Performance Programmer – Performance focused tuning made easy!


Top Features:

  • An excellent choice for racing
  • Can adjust speedometer settings
  • Monitor performance in real-time

Anyone who has any experience using a Jet product will know and appreciate their value as a straightforward, no-nonsense manufacturer.

This product does nothing to change that perception as from the outset, it does what it says it will.

Being a performance programmer, this tool gives you a choice between three different performance presets.

It also allows you to easily adjust your speedometer after tire size changes.

Like many others here, it also gives you a decent amount of control by offering a trouble code scanner.

Essentially, you will be given the chance to alter your vehicle’s performance and then to monitor it in real-time to see how it’s holding up.

By enabling you to see the data related to the changes you have made in your motor, it does give you an advantage over the more basic AFM disablers.

This way, if issues do begin to arise, you can keep on top of them and make the necessary changes before it’s too late.

Perhaps where the Jet 150008 has the most useful is when it comes to performance tuning streetcars, such as the Camaro.

This is because it makes it easy to adjust your shift points to fit a racing dynamic.

That being said, it’s a great all-rounder and should by no means be disregarded for use in trucks.

So there you have it, a simple device that can massively improve the performance of your motor.


  • Gives you the capacity to unleash the beast contained in your motor
  • Simple to use and install
  • An excellent range of custom settings at your fingertips


  • You will need to research the right shift points as this bit isn’t easy

12. Innovative Performance Chip/Power Programmer  – Boosts horsepower and increases mpg!


Top Features:

  • Designed for the Silverado
  • Boosts horsepower
  • Improves mpg

This AFM disabler comes in at the end of our list; not because it is the worst, but because it is specific to the Silverado.

If you happen to drive one of these, however, you’ve lucked out as this little device has a lot to give!

This performance chip/AFM disabler boosts horsepower, throttle response, and can also improve your fuel consumption dramatically.

This chip claims to be able to add 35 horsepower to your Silverado at the same time as increasing mpg.

This is quite the claim to make, but it is one that is backed by their customers.

For Silverado drivers, this chip is pretty much the obvious choice to make.

It makes no changes to your ECU, it’s easy to install, and the benefits are tangible.

Other benefits include their excellent customer service record and the fact that the device itself can be installed by a total novice.

This is due to their very detailed and well laid out manual.

After all, this is a simple factor that very few companies manage to get right, somehow.

For those doing a lot of towing, or long-distance commutes, the benefits will be felt immediately.

You will notice that your engine copes better with heavy work, with no lag or exhaust drone.

Compared to most products out there of any use, it is also relatively inexpensive. Overall, by no means a bad AFM disabler and definitely up to the task.


  • Easy to install and use
  • A definite boost in torque – great for towing
  • Adds a reasonable amount of mpg


  • May does not work with older models

How do I install an AFM disabler?

AFM disablers are generally really easy to install and shouldn’t require a second pair of hands or a mechanic.

Simply plug your disabling unit into the OBD-II port, which is under the dashboard.

Once the device is set up (each one will be slightly different), the disabler will then switch off the factory AFM system.

This will then mean that you should be running on all cylinders from there on out.

Aspects To Consider Before Buying Best AFM disabler

Why should I get an AFM disabler?

There a few things that have to be considered before you decide to install one of these disablers to your vehicle.

For starters, what you use your vehicle for will dictate whether you need one or not.

If you don’t do a lot of towing and find yourself driving long distances on the open road, you may not need one.

This is because, in general, vehicles that still run on the factory AFM are more likely to be fuel-efficient. It is also the case that some AFMs are better than others.

In the early days of their release, the AFM was a fairly primitive system that seemed to cause more problems than it fixed.

These, we would recommend getting rid of as fast as possible. Generally speaking, it is hard to find a good reason not to use an AFM disabler.

They are technologically advanced devices that present no risk to your vehicle.

At worst, some may find that their truck or car guzzles a little more gas, but there is a large payoff.

For one, the oil will no longer escape into your pistons and cylinder and you will need a lot less of it.

The switch from 6 or 8 cylinders to 4 will also be a thing of the past.

This means no more sluggish acceleration, no more loud idling noises, and also that you will have a more pleasurable driving experience all around.

The whole idea of having a V8 is that you get to drive a V8 all of the time, right?

What should I know before I buy one?

However, there is a cautionary tale to go along with all of these benefits.

Some disabler units can interfere with your vehicle’s ECU, which can cause the warranty to become null and void.

To sidestep this entirely, the best course of action is to purchase and fit one that doesn’t do this.

With a small bit of research, you should find that there are plenty that will work.

In addition, it is worth noting that not every AFM disabler will be compatible with your vehicle.

Thankfully, the manufacturers all list the vehicles that their device works with, so you won’t be left high and dry with a device that is of no use.

In terms of where to buy one, we would recommend always purchasing one directly from the manufacturer.

This way, if something goes wrong, you can hold them accountable and deal with them rather than having to go through a middleman.

That being said, if you know exactly what you are doing and are mechanically minded, you shouldn’t be worried about picking one up just about anywhere, provided that they are a trusted distributor.

What will an AFM disabler do to my engine?

For a lot of people, their reason for wanting to buy one of these AFM disablers is very simple.

They just want to have control over how their vehicle performs. With several of these devices, they can also give you that sense of control.

The more upmarket examples have built-in functions that will allow you to set your own shift points, set the rev limiter, and even adjust the speedometer for tire size changes.

Essentially, each disabler will have something that will suit each individual.

The best thing to do to find the one that you want is to assess what you need it for.

After you have done that, consult with a mechanic or some forums and do your research.

 The Best AFM Disabler’s – Frequently Asked Questions

 What is an AFM?

An AFM, or active fuel management system is a General Motors technology that aims to improve gas mileage by running on only four-cylinder when the vehicle is not doing any hard work.

The reason for its invention was to reduce the amount of fuel consumed.

However, many have found that the AFM is more of a hindrance than a help, even in terms of fuel consumption.

Because of this, there are now hundreds of products that disable this system.

The chances are, if you’re reading this, you are not a fan of the AFM system either.

What is an AFM disabler?

An AFM disabler is a small device designed for the sole purpose of switching off the AFM system.

In doing this, it prevents your motor from switching to four cylinders against your will.

AFM disablers can be purchased relatively easily these days, as more and more people look to negate the effects of the AFM.

How does an AFM affect performance?

An AFM works by periodically switching off a few cylinders when the engine isn’t doing much work.

By doing this it reduced the amount of capacity for fuel to be burned.

Because of this, an AFM is considered to be good for gas mileage and adds an estimated extra 5% range per tank of gas.

Is an AFM disabler bad for your engine?

There are conflicting reports on this, with some sources claiming that they can destroy your engine whereas some claim it can actually make it live longer.

As is usually the case, the truth is somewhere in between. However, there are very few claims out there that an AFM disabler has damaged someone’s engine.

It is possible to have ATM lifters fail after installing a disabler, but this is more likely due to poor manufacture than as a result of the disabler itself.

Our take on this would be that using an AFM disabler is totally safe.

But, if you go adding loads of other aftermarket additions to boost your performance, that’s where you could begin to see trouble.

If you know what you’re doing though, even this is safe.

Will an AFM disabler drain my battery?

Some AFM disablers have the nasty habit of drawing quite a bit of power even when the vehicle isn’t doing anything.

In terms of stopping this, there’s no point in trying to reinvent the wheel and installing extra devices to prevent this.

Instead, simply plug it out of the port when you think you won’t be moving for a while.

It is important to note that very few disablers drain that much battery at all.

Are AFM disablers illegal?

They are not technically illegal as such, but you won’t be able to pass an emissions test with one of them in.

One area that may concern you is that using an AFM disabler may void your car’s warranty in certain cases.

In these situations, this has happened because the disabler has interfered with your vehicle’s ECU.

Most warranties don’t say anything concrete about what you can and can’t change, but the best way to be sure is to buy an AFM disabler that specifically states that it has no effect on your ECU.

There are several examples of these above. The chances are, at least one of them is compatible with your motor.

Why do AFMs exist in the first place?

The AFM has gotten plenty of bad press since its introduction, and a lot of it is totally justified.

At the time AFM was being introduced, GM was going bankrupt.

The chances are that this feature was rushed and just didn’t get the thorough attention it needed in the research and development stages.

It was marketed heavily as a revolutionary tech but really didn’t win the hearts of their customer base.

Over the years, they have refined the tech a bit so there aren’t as many issues.

Though they do occasionally reduce gas consumption under certain conditions, the positives still don’t seem to outweigh the negatives.

Is AFM actually bad for your engine?

The truth is, it’s not that great for your engine in the long run.

This is because an AFM has the nasty side effect of letting oil get past the pistons and into the combustion chamber.

From here it is either just burnt out, costing you a fortune in oil, or worse; it gets into the cylinders. When it gets into the cylinders it can gather and harden up over time.

If this is allowed to happen over a long period, it could damage both your pistons and the cylinders.

This is another reason why many people choose to buy a disabler.

Which is best, a disabler, or a delete kit?

A disabler is a much cheaper and easier to install alternative to installing a delete kit.


To wrap up this round-up of the best AFM disablers that money can buy, the best advice we can give you is to make sure that you have the right one for your car.

Check that each particular AFM disabler that you are considering buying will be compatible.

When in doubt, ask a mechanic or get on to a motoring forum. The right AFM disabler will revolutionize the way you drive, so it’s worth the effort.

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