Top 10 Best Aftermarket CV Axles: Top Rated Brand Reviewed In 2023

Solving the proper functional issues, it is vital to choose one of the best aftermarket cv axles from the market. Constant velocity axle functions as propellers, and it is one of the essential components of a vehicle.

CV axles act as a direct link for conducting power to the wheels from the car engine.

Like other car parts, the CV joint may fail in case of excessive wear and tear.

If the vehicle is taken to a service center after noticing the CV joint’s considerable ominous signs, many mechanics would recommend replacing the aftermarket cv axles vs OEM with a new one.


Table of Best Aftermarket CV Axles Brand

GSP NCV10232
East Lake Axle
Traxxas 6851R
Detroit Axle
East Lake Axle

What is the best aftermarket cv axle?

Cardone 66-1009 New Constant Velocity is the market’s best aftermarket axle among many brands considered.

Cardone 66-1009 New CV axle has gained the most fantastic review from customers besides being more popular.

Many people have worked with this kind of axle, and they had no issues with the product.

Cardone 66-1009 New CV axle is a reliable product that offers long-lasting performance with ease of installation.

Precise torque handling and power transmission are the main advantages of this cv axle.

Why Cardone is the best brand for aftermarket cv axles?

Cardone manufactures some of the leading products in the automotive industry.

An automotive industry brand has been a leader in aftermarket parts’ engineering and innovation for over five decades.

For more than fifty decades, Cardone industries have analyzed different materials and procedures for producing high-performing, durable products.

It has been the best manufactures of the best cv axles for lifted trucks.

Cardone has extensive experience in engineering and creating products that meet or exceed original equipment specifications or performance.

All Cardone axles have Neoprene boots with extra bellows for maximum resistance against premature boot failure causes.

Cardone engineered technology ensures all drive axles have straight shafts for smooth movement at all driving conditions without vibrations.

All manufacturing processes by Cardone industries are done with customers’ economic and environmental values in mind.

Cardone brand is committed to ensuring its diverse customer base generates maximum benefits from the products and services.

Cardone uses sustainable practices in manufacturing their products; that is a form of extending business-wise stewardship into ensuring environmental sustainability.

Top 10 Best Aftermarket CV Axles (Reviews) and Buying Guide

01. Cardone 66-1009 New CV Axle


Highlighted features

  • Stainless-steel metal clamps
  • Extra bellows
  • Moderate shaft length
  • Straight shafts
  • High-quality grease

In this list, Cardone 66-1009 is also the best amongst aftermarket cv axles manufactured by Cardone.

There is no doubt this product has been successful and gained a fantastic review in the market.

Because of its perfect fit and ease of installation, this Cardone product has become popular and continues to achieve stunning reviews from customers in the market.

Cardone 66-1009 CV axel has been recommended by many customers due to its high durability.

Bellow stress and wearing out is the leading cause of boot failure.

Thus, neoprene boots of Cardone 66-1009 were designed with extra bellows to offer resistance against bellow stress and cracking.

Cardone 66-1009 axle comes with a retaining nut to allow easy installation, even if the original retaining nut is damaged.

Boot clamps of the axle are pneumatically locked, sealing the boots to the housing.

Precision-rolled splines allow proper fitting into the mating hub.

Axle shafts are adequately inspected for straightness to ensure no axle rotation interference when the vehicle moves.

Axle thread at the extremes is properly rolled to ensure the nut is firm when installed.

The easy twist enhances the movement of ball bearings due to moderate shaft length.


  • Easy to install
  • Can withstand the high-stress level
  • Reliable performance
  • Extra axle nut


  • Reported cases of low assemblage
  • Frail neoprene

02. GSP NCV10232 Constant Velocity Axle Shaft Assembly


Highlighted features

  • Premium grade neoprene
  • ABS sensor ring
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Moly grease (high-temperature tolerant)
  • 33 and 34 outer and inner joint splines, respectively

GSP axles are designed to offer original equipment performance.

With OE materials and precise machining, the axle provides smooth driving conditions.

The primary cause of axle failure is boot breaks or wear; thus, GSP NCV10232 axles use high-grade neoprene boots to ensure robustness and resistance of a wide temperature range.

There are minimal chances of grease leakage at the joint; thus, minimum wear and axle failure.

GSP NCV10232 axles are lubricated with Moly grease that can tolerate high temperature and resist friction, offering smooth movement and reliable performance.

Before assembling, axles are checked for quality and craftsmanship to ensure customers get the best aftermarket cv axles in the market.

GSP NCV10232 axles are designed to work with anti-lock brakes and are equipped with ABS sensors.

The sensor ring does not affect installation and performance in vehicles without ABS systems.


  • Reliable performance
  • Superior lubrication
  • Boot integrity preserved
  • Quality axles
  • Smooth driving in all conditions


  • Three bellows instead of five
  • Exposure to dust if boot pulls out

03. Traxxas 6852R Rear Steel-Spline Constant-Velocity Drive Shafts (Pair)


Best features

  • Outer U-joints
  • Nickel-plated shafts
  • Black silicone boots
  • Sealing rubber boot

Traxxas 6852R axle offers ultimate torque and efficiency in conducting power.

Traxxas 6852R Steel CV axles come with outer U-joints properly lubricated to convey movement easily.

Also, the outer joints are sealed using a rubber boot to offer protection against foreign elements.

Losing U-joint pins is minimal because they are firmly held in the joint.

Apart from performing excellently, Traxxas 6852R Steel CV axles come with a custom look thanks to the sparkling nickel-plated shafts and silicone boots.

Using Traxxas automobile parts can make you achieve the most benefits out of the Traxxas RTR cars.

Traxxas 6852R Steel CV axles are designed using high-quality, durable materials and constructed to perform efficiently for a long time.

Traxxas vehicles can use this replacement hardware without mishaps, but it is advisable to read the user manual to acquire the car’s exact equipment.


  • Efficient torque and power transmission
  • Proper lubrication
  • Durable material
  • Long-lasting, efficient performance


  • Low-stress resistance
  • No bellows

04. East Lake Axle front left/right cv axle


Key features

  • Chromium-Molybdenum Steel shaft
  • Axle boots
  • Cotter pin
  • High resistance to pressure

East Lake Axle is one of the latest brands in the market, and it offers high performance in several vehicle models of different manufacturing years.

The axle provides an excellent OEM replacement and enhances smooth movement and torque handling.

East Lake Axle consists of Cr-Moly (Chromium Molybdenum) steel shaft, making it more rigorous to resist moderate physical impacts.

The material used to construct East Lake Axle ensures enhanced durability and long-lasting performance.

Chromium-Molybdenum steel provides maximum tolerance to high temperature and resistance to high pressure.

Although the product comes with a warrant, it does not include worn-out boots and lift kits.

East Lake Axle is compatible with many four-wheel-drive models of Polaris Ranger manufactured between 2013 to 2020.

Cotter pins are included in these axles for fastening or locking axle nuts; therefore, the axle is secure and cannot detach easily from the joints or boots.


  • Guaranteed performance
  • Safe connection of axle using a cotter pin
  • Durable material


  • Only compatible with Polaris Ranger models

05.. Detroit Axle – Complete Front Driver or Passenger Side CV Axle


Key features

  • Front axle shaft
  • High-quality material
  • Rubber sealed boots
  • High performance

Detroit is one of the leading distributors of aftermarket auto parts.

Detroit axle is constructed with high-quality material, providing high performance in enhancing the vehicle’s engine’s spontaneous movement and normal functioning.

Axle boots are sealed with rubber to prevent dirt from entering the joints.

The axle’s proper lubrication enhances smooth movement and torque; this is aided by the axle joints’ easy twisting and efficient power transmission to the wheels.

Detroit axle is designed to tolerate temperature extremes and offer high performance.

Detroit Axle offers a lifetime warranty for all internal parts of the axle.

With this axle shaft, an exact fit is guaranteed aided by splines and axle nut; thus, easy installation.


  • Smooth movement
  • Maximum tolerance to a range of temperature
  • Superior lubrication
  • No dirt entry
  • Durable
  • Compatible with many cars, e.g., Chevrolet, GMS models, etc.


  • The axle has some fitment issues in the 2009 GMC Yukon.

06. Dorman 630-429 Front Axle Shaft


Key features

  • U-joint
  • Oil seal
  • Wheel nuts
  • Quality management
  • Durable design
  • Pre-assembled
  • Compatible with several vehicles, e.g., jeep models

If a vehicle’s axle is broken or worn out, Dorman 630-429 shaft is an excellent replacement part for certain cars.

Dorman 630-429 axle comes pre-assembled, making installation quick and straightforward once it’s out of its packaging box without extra assembling required.

However, direct replacement of original axles is done on specific vehicle models of a particular year.

Before packaging, the axle shaft is tested and checked to ensure customers acquire products meeting performance standards.

Dorman 630-429 axle shaft is designed with hardened material to achieve rigorous standards and withstand shock-loading.

The material used to construct Dorman 630-429 axle is durable; thus, long-lasting performance is guaranteed.

Dorman provides a trustworthy solution to their customers since all products and services undergo quality management before being made available in the market.


  • Time-saving and convenient (pre-assembled)
  • Excellent handling of torque
  • Smooth movement
  • Long-lasting performance


  • No bearings included

07. Traxxas 6851R Front Steel Constant-Velocity Axle


Highlighted features

  • Steel metal shafts
  • Custom look
  • Efficient power transfer
  • Enhanced durability

Traxxas 6851R axle provides excellent torque handling and ensures efficient power transfer from the engine to the wheels.

Outer U-joints have adequate lubrication for smooth movement and efficient torque handling.

Rubber boots seal the U-joints to prevent elements like dust from entering.

Joint pins are held safely to prevent them from falling off when the vehicle is moving.

Durable silicone boots and nickel-plated axle shafts ensure performance for an extended period.

RTR vehicles use Traxxas 6851R replacement parts for the high functionality of the vehicle’s engine.

Because the Traxxas 6851R axle is made of durable and high-quality material, it can function for a more extended period.

However, when purchasing the Traxxas 6851R Steel CV axle, refer to the user’s manual to know what parts should be included in the package and verify vehicle fitment.


  • No entry of dirt
  • U-joint pins are safe.
  • Simple installation
  • Maximum temperature and pressure resistance


  • Axle stub breaks easily.

08. ACDelco 15886012 GM Original Equipment Axle



  • GM original equipment specifications
  • Universal CV joints
  • Articulation of wheels and suspension
  • Enhanced performance

ACDelco 15886012 axle is a recommended replacement equipment for general motors (GM) original manufacture.

With ACDelco 15886012 axle, you can transfer efficient torque from the vehicle’s engine to the wheels.

Also, the product offers efficient power transfer to the wheels, thus, smooth movement in any driving condition.

Constant Velocity universal joints allow the wheels and suspension to articulate correctly.

ACDelco 15886012 original equipment is designed with compatibility to GM vehicles, offering the same durability, performance, and reliability as expected from general motors (GM).

Constructed using high-quality material, the axle offers excellent transmission, enhancing the vehicle’s engine’s operation.


  • Easy to install
  • Excellent lubrication for smooth movement
  • High-temperature grease
  • Durable and reliable


  • Pricey

09. BETTERCLOUD Front Axle, Left & Right


Key features

  • Compatible with most Honda Rancher models
  • OEM parts
  • Axle shaft joint (constant velocity)
  • CNC machined
  • Locknuts
  • Grease fitting

BETTERCLOUD Axle is a CNC machined equipment, designed using T6061 Billet Aluminum.

A brand new BETTERCLOUD Axle comes fully assembled, making installation easy and convenient.

The package consists of double bearings and joint seals for efficient performance.

A moderate-sized grease fitting ensures high-temperature tolerant grease is put in place.

BETTERCLOUD CV Axle is light-weight but more robust than most aluminum parts.

BETTERCLOUD shaft is constructed to support aftermarket axles, nuts, and hubs.

O-rings are also included to prevent grease from leaking and foreign elements from entering the joint/boot.


  • Simple to install
  • O-rings prevent leakage
  • Reliable axle shaft
  • Enhanced resistance to wear
  • Durable and high-quality aluminum material


  • Some reported improper assembling

10. East Lake CV Axle wheel bearing, front left/right



  • Heavy-duty axle
  • Neoprene boots
  • OEM replacement parts

Another East Lake’s axle with high-performance capabilities and efficient power transmission.

East Lake CV axle comes as a fully assembled package with both inner and outer joints and neoprene boots.

Neoprene boots ensure proper transmission of power and reduce vibration and grease leakage.

East Lake CV axle comes as an original equipment replacement for over twenty car models and years.

East Lake CV axle is supported by a broader range of car models, especially by vehicles manufactured in the 90s and early 2000s.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Efficient greasing at the boot
  • Joint sealed, no elements entering.
  • Durable and long-lasting performance


  • Leakage of grease when neoprene boots bursts

How We Picked Best Aftermarket CV Axles 

Joints Quality

Constant velocity axles are designed with two joints. Internal joint use transaxle to connect to the transmission via the mating hub; thus, conveying power and torque from the vehicle’s engine.

External joint enhances spontaneous movement by connecting to the wheel. While the outer joint uses tripods, the external joint uses improved vehicle movement by using ball bearings.

A reliable CV axle with high-quality cages and races for enhancing the vehicle’s technical endurance is what car owners need.

Conditions of the cages and races that are used for bearing will determine the quality of joints.

Therefore, when purchasing constant velocity (CV) axles, it is crucial to consider such factors since high-quality joints will enhance the car’s technical grit or resilience.

Type of Wheel Drive

It is crucial to recognize what type of wheel-drive the car uses before going for the best aftermarket cv axles.

Most of the recently manufactured vehicles with front-wheel drive are designed to use cv joints.

Hence, the front wheels require a lot of power to deal with traction between surfaces.

However, the cv axles can also be used in the rear wheels of four-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles.

Everyone would want to acquire the type of cv axles that is best-suited to his car.

Therefore, it is crucial to check the vehicle physically or through the user manual to ascertain constant velocity axles to offer high technical endurance.


You will be devastated if an item would not offer the required needs after spending a massive budget on it, and that is no different if one acquires an unreliable cv axle.

The CV axle is not acquired for its beauty or affordability. Aftermarket cv axles are acquired to perform a particular function but not act as an ornament.

The main principle here is “get value for what you pay for”; therefore, check for a cv axle that will perform the task as required.

Only a functional axle can make a car owner know that he did not buy an ornament.

Grease Applicability

Although grease is a challenge when cleaning, it is like a blessing inside the cv axles.

Grease is a recommended lubricant for most moving parts of the vehicle and reduces wear and tear.

Therefore, it is recommended to acquire cv axles that use the best cv joint grease.

While purchasing the cv axles, consider getting 3 percent Molybdenum Disulfide multipurpose grease recommended for cv (constant velocity) joints.

Three percent MoS2 will remain in the boot for longer, allowing spontaneous movement of the axle parts.

Grease will also offer resistance against shock -loading and reduce friction; thus, making cages and bearings last longer.


Durability entails the period for which the axle will serve its purpose.

Remember, no miraculous axle would suit a vehicle for a lifetime since it is made of moving parts and undergoes wear due to friction.

Yet, each axle has a whole lifespan. If you want to purchase a new axle, it’s crucial to read the product’s description by the manufacturer and buyers’ reviews for adequate information.

After spending a lot of hard-earned money, you may be devastated if the axle stops working in just a few weeks.

Center Shaft Quality

CV axles handle an extensive amount of power and torque regularly.

Since the center-shift mostly controls heavy lifting, it is recommended to acquire an industry-grade quality to offer adequate resistance against shock-loading.

We recommend CNC designed shafts for a detailed finish. Also, choose a strong metal like stainless for enduring heavy lifting and durability.

ABS Sensor Ring

Since the Anti-lock braking system has a vital component in the ABS sensor ring.

When applying brakes, the ABS uses modulation and threshold braking techniques to prevent the wheel from locking.

Hence, ABS not only prevent traction collision but also enhances control of the steering and braking distance.

However, ABS won’t work correctly without cv axles with the sensor ring.

Moreover, the Sensor ring keeps track of the vehicle’s speed and forewarns the ABS during crucial moments.

Therefore, ABS-equipped vehicle owners should invest in aftermarket cv axles with sensor rings.

Threads and Splines

Threads with detailed ridges are recommended to allow axle nuts to fit and offer a proper grip, thus, convenience in conveying power to the wheels.

For the cv axle to fit appropriately into the mating hub, an industry-grade quality spline with high teeth count is recommended.

For example, a high-teeth count of about 31 can allow the axle to fit into the hub and enhance smooth movement securely.

Quality Management

Every driver would want to get a quality cv axle for his/her vehicle.

Therefore, we recommend choosing axles from companies that have well-established quality management.

A company with quality management in place inspects all parts of the cv axles for sale before distributing.

Vehicle Compatibility

Fitment is an essential factor to consider before acquiring a cv axle from a store.

Fitment entails the compatibility of the cv axle you want to purchase and the vehicle brand or model.

An axle may be highly rated in the online stores and other outlets, but it will be impossible to achieve the benefits paid for it is not compatible with the vehicle.

Therefore, previous customers use the product description and reviews to ensure the axle you’re considering to purchase is consistent with the car.

Extra Accessories

When purchasing a cv axle, look for other features if they are included in the package.

Dust rings and guards help to block debris and dust from entering the cv axle.

Other essential accessories include metal (stainless-steel) clamps, heat-treated parts, etc.

Extra accessories enhance safety driving and increase the functional and structural integrity of axle parts.

Budget or Price

After checking the factors above and a cv axle is added into the shopping cart, the last thing is to look at the budget.

Price is a crucial factor when planning an axle replacement.

Several cv axles are available at budget-friendly prices, but weigh the pros and cons to see which axle will be worthy of committing hard-earned money.

Best Aftermarket CV Axles: We Should Know The Question Answer

What is the cost of replacing the CV axle?

Answer: Some factors determine the amount one would fork out to get the needed item and remunerate a mechanic for installing or replacing the best aftermarket cv axle for Subaru or the best aftermarket cv axles for Toyota.

If it is replacing one axle, it would cost less amount than replacing all axles.

Also, cv joint replacement cost for the lousy joint is lower than purchasing a brand new cv axle.

However, replacing a rear axle is costly because it requires extra labor.

On average, remunerating mechanic ranges from $100 to $300 while replacing the two axles will cost about $400.

Is it a must to change all CV axles at the same time?

Answer: No. There is no need for replacing an undamaged cv axle.

Replacing only the bad axle is enough, and it is an excellent way to remain on budget.

However, if the car underwent some serious experience and suspected that all axles are damaged, it will be great to replace both axles.

Are GSP and TrakMotive axles suitable?

Answer: Yes. If we look at the reviews on amazon, GSP CV axles are suitable because most customers found them helpful.

According to their testimonials, the cv axles meet original equipment (OE) specifications: they have splines, easy installation, durable boots, etc.

On the other hand, TrakMotive axles are unpopular in the industry, but they are good.

TrakMotive manufactures two kinds of trustworthy axles: OEM axles (budget-friendly) and heavy-duty axles.

TrakMotive makes the best aftermarket cv axles for most UTV (utility terrain vehicles).

Where are Cardone CV axles manufactured?

Answer: Cardone cv axles are reputable automobile parts and are commonly used in the US.

The manufacturing of Cardone axles is done in many different locations in North America.

Some of the most known current facilities include Ontario, Mexico, Toronto, Philadelphia, and many more.

Can a bad CV axle cause serious problems to the vehicle?

Answer: A worn-out cv axle causes a transmission leak. If the bad cv axle is not attended to or repaired, the situation may worsen, and it could abnormalize the car’s normal functioning.

What is the importance of replacing a faulty CV axle?

Answer: Normally, cv axles fail because of boot-leakage. In case the boot develops a crack or tear due to friction and physical damage, the lubrication will leak out.

Consequently, you may be operating an overly-greased vehicle’s engine and ungreased axles.

Unlubricated axles may lead to several setbacks like losing control when taking turns, precise control of the wheel, skidding, etc.

Therefore, it is essential to replace a damaged axle as soon as it is noticed.

What is Fitment, and why is it important?

Answer: Fitment is a section in the product description revealing all the car models the axle was chosen is compatible with. Therefore, ensure the vehicle is listed in the fitment section before making a purchase.

What is 3% Moly grease?

Answer: Multipurpose grease that contains 3% of MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) in its chemical composition.

Three-percent MoS2 grease is a very superior lubricant capable of resisting a wide temperature range; thus, commonly used in the automobile service industry.

Moly grease (3%) make the shaft and axle joints to withstand fluctuating load conditions.

Is it recommended to replace the CV axles by myself?

Answer: Theoretically, you can. There are potential risks of getting injured for inexperienced individuals because replacing an axle comes with mechanical and physical difficulties.

Therefore, it’s recommended to contact an experienced professional or mechanic to install or replace the cv axles for you.

What are the signs of a damaged CV axle?

Answer: When the axle gets damaged, the typical sign drivers or mechanics notice is a clicking noise.

An excessively worn-out cv axle produces a clunking noise when accelerating and decelerating in turns.

During acceleration, the vehicle can shake side to side if an inner joint is totally damaged. Sometimes, a faulty cv axle can cause some vibrations.

When do I need to replace a CV axle?

Answer: In most cases, a cv axle is replaced when the boot breaks and grease are leaking out.

The cv joint will not last long if there is no proper lubrication. Excessive wear or too much rust is another reason for replacing a cv axle.

A worn-out hanger bearing can be noisy and requires replacing the whole cv axle because it cannot be replaced separately.

Is it possible to save the CV axle by replacing a broken boot only?

Answer: Yes. If the broken boot is noticed early and grease has not yet leaked, or water has gotten in, it can be a viable and cheaper solution to only replace the damaged boot.

However, it depends on the most cost-effective option: either replacing only the boot or the whole cv axle.

Sometimes, replacing the broken boot only requires more labor.

Replacing the broken boot can quickly be done using stretch CV boots without removing the entire cv axle.


Having a car with the best aftermarket cv axles can make driving an exciting take.

Several outstanding cv axles are available in the market, but it could be challenging to know the brand or type of cv axle that fits a particular vehicle.

Above is a review of ten aftermarket cv axles and buying considerations to help car owners make the right decision in acquiring axles. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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