Top 10 Best Airbags For RAM 2500 Reviews In 2023: What Is The Best Ram 2500 Air Suspension Kit?

You can improve the ride experience of any truck enormously by adding an airbag.

And for people who are always towing tons of weight, an airbag comes like a must-have.

But few trucks can boast an air spring like a Dodge RAM truck.

That’s why we decided to bring some of the best airbags for RAM 2500, especially for people who know little to nothing about them.

Here, we focused only on the best. But even if we were going to bring the top of the bunch, we also wanted to help you pick with a buying guide. So you’ll get the whole combo in this article.

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A Comparison Table Of The Best Airbags For RAM 2500

Air Lift 25980EZ WirelessONE[Universal Fits]
Air Lift[Rear Spring Kit]
Firestone[Air Helper Spring]
Air Lift
Air Lift
Pacbrake[Air Suspension]
Air Lift
Air Lift[Air Spring Kit]
Air Lift

If you’re looking for the right airbag for your Dodge RAM and don’t want to waste any time or money looking around, then reading our article will give you a perfect heads-up. Take a look below and learn!

10 Best Airbags for Dodge RAM 2500 Reviews 2020 [Reliable & High Quality]

One of the most challenging things about finding the right airbags is that you’re never really sure whether the model you’re picking will fit.

And if it fits, you start to worry about whether it will last.

So we decided to come up with 10 airbags that fit on most RAM 2500 (as well as 1500 and 3500) that were also truly long-lasting and reliable.

Here’s more about the 10 models we found:

01. Air Lift 57275 LoadLifter 5000 Series Rear Air Spring Kit  – Best for Boosting Load Capacity


Top 3 Features

  • Up to 7,500 load capacity
  • 2-hour installation
  • 20% higher design

If you’re looking for quality, then Air Lift is the brand to go for. In fact, this is the most common brand in the article for a reason.

We love it, and the LoadLifter 5000 air spring kit is a perfect reason why.

Maximum Durability

The first and probably most important thing about the LoadLifter 5000 series from Air Lift is the ability to last a lifetime.

And it all comes down to a superb choice of materials that ensure fantastic airbag performance without letting behind components quality.

Excellent Adjustability

Need the truck for some hauling? Then adjust the air springs accordingly. Need to tow another vehicle? Then change the spring level accordingly.

It doesn’t matter what you need to do with your truck, this Air Lift airbag makes it easy to achieve. You get a total of 7,500 pounds of total leveling capacity.

Magnificently Comfortable

Probably the most exciting part about this airbag is the ability to remove the constant sagging and wear that other brands don’t offer.

If you want to distribute the weight of your RAM 2500 evenly and enjoy an exceptionally comfy experience – then you’ll love how well this model performs.


  • Withstands a fantastic amount of weight
  • A piece of cake to install
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Increases ride comfort


  • Doesn’t fit RAMs older than 2012

02. Firestone Ride-Rite 2701 RED Air Spring Kit – Best for Removing any Riding Discomfort


Top 3 Features

  • Full-hardware kit
  • 3000 to 5000 load capacity
  • Fits any RAM model

When you’re looking for the best airbags for RAM 1500, few brands will match your demands like Firestone. The Ride-Rite 2701 air spring kit is a perfect example of that.

Outstanding Load Capacity

A set of springs that can withstand over 3000 to 5000 pounds is something you shouldn’t dismiss.

When setting up your RAM 2500 for excellent results, this model will come like a go-to option.

Hauling and towing will never be the same after installing this kit.

Super-Easy Setup

One thing that Firestone makes clear is that they want everyone to have the chance to install this kit with little effort.

If you know what you’re doing, then setting up this hardware-filled kit will be no problem.

It is designed to help beginners set their own air springs with ease.

High Resilience

Getting a quality airbag set will ensure maximum comfort when driving.

This Extreme Duty set does not only offer the extra comfort, but it also makes sure your truck feels a lot sturdier, so you can tackle the road with no hesitation.

It doesn’t matter the activity, you can get your RAM 2500 to maximum performance.


  • Anyone can set it up
  • Can handle almost any use
  • Withstands tons of weight
  • Ideal for hauling & towing


  • A bit expensive

03. Firestone W21-760-2299 Ride-Rite Air Helper Spring – Best for Reducing Sagging


Top 3 Features

  • Fits any RAM model
  • Up to 5000 load capacity
  • Full-hardware kit

A quality set of air springs doesn’t have to boast all the significant features to make your truck better.

Instead, you can get an air helper like the W21-760-2299 that gets the job done without changing your vehicle feel entire.

Great Strength

This piece comes with a total load capacity of 3000 to 5000 pounds. That’s enough to handle any hauling or towing activity with little strain.

Your truck will love the extra air help that this spring offers. And what’s even better, you’ll have a few extra pounds of capacity to haul more than average.

Multiple-Vehicle Compatibility

Another fantastic feature you’ll love about this airbag is how well it fits on most vehicles.

Whether it is a Dodge RAM 1500, 2500, or 3500 – it fits them with no effort.

Even if you’re looking for a 4WD or 2WD model, this one fits them all. That’s how amazingly versatile it is.

Increases Vehicle Lifespan

Want to ride comfortably while reducing tire wear?

Then this airbag is perfect for that. You won’t have to worry about sagging either.

And when it comes to bottoming after going over a bump or speed bump, you can also forget about that.

This air helper is a top-notch piece to have.


  • Works with 2WD and 4WD trucks
  • Reduces wear & sagging
  • Increases comfort exponentially
  • Boasts super-durable materials


  • Installation may take several hours

04. AIR LIFT 57295 LoadLifter Rear Air Spring Kit – Best Model for Compatibility with Hitches


Top 3 Features

  • 2-ply fabric reinforcements
  • 2-hour installation
  • Zytel nylon end caps

Affordable but gets the job done amazingly well, the 57295 LoadLifter Air Spring kit from Air Lift will increase your standards like no other.

Next-Level Adjustability

Probably the most exciting part about this airbag is the adjustability feature, allowing you to set it from 5 to 100 PSI as necessary.

This matches well with the fantastic 5000 pounds of maximum load capacity, so you can make it work however you prefer (heavy-duty activities or not).

Exceptionally Durable

Want to install a set of airbags that lasts a lifetime? Then this one will be an almost perfect choice.

With a 2-ply fabric construction with reinforcements will never break.

Along with Zytel nylon end caps, plus a rugged build all around, you can ensure the air springs will last more than expected.

Straightforward Installation

Another advantage of the 57295 LoadLifter kits is the effortless setup. Only 2 hours is enough to get this set of airbags up and running on your vehicle.

The kit comes with all the hardware necessary to make the installation even easier.

And with its practical manual, it becomes an even easier piece to install.


  • Won’t take much to install
  • Boasts adjustable PSI
  • Handles heavy-duty use
  • Works with in-bed hitches


  • Some hardware pieces are unreliable

05. Air Lift 89289 Load Lifter 5000 Ultimate Plus – Best to Prevent Corrosion


Top 3 Features

  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 5000-pound load capacity
  • Nylon composite end caps

The Ultimate Plus set from Air Lift delivers an extra touch of durability, performance, and comfort that you won’t get with other LoadLifter air spring kits.

Withstands Any Use

First off, you get stainless steel roll plates, braided airlines, and mounting hardware.

Together, they increase load capacity, prevent debris damage on the road, and make the installation last a lifetime.

Add the military-grade AN fittings and Jounce jumper to get a spring kit that works for any purpose.

Unbeatable Performance

Its quality construction delivers another advantage you can’t dismiss: the Jounce bumper.

This means you get an extra touch of springs that absorb shocks as nothing else can.

Even without a single pound inch of air pressure, this airbag will make your car super-smooth.

Perfect Comfort Improvement

The comfort level you get with this piece is supreme. With a total of 5000 pounds of total load capacity, you can make even the most challenging rides feel a lot easier.

Add the ultra-high-strength nylon composite end caps plus the magnificent spring cover for a unique comfort improvement.


  • Can handle tons of use & weight
  • Increases comfort & smoothness
  • Doesn’t corrode in the slightest
  • Decently easy to set up


  • The instruction manual can be confusing

06. Pacbrake HP10002 Rear Air Suspension – Best for Balancing your RAM


Top 3 Features

  • Fits 4WD and 2WD alike
  • Grade-5 plated hardware
  • Laser-cut steel brackets

Looking for Dodge RAM 1500 airbag helper springs? Then the Pacbrake HP10002 suspension system for the rear-drive of your truck will come like a charm.

Highly Compatible

Whether you want it for your RAM 2500, 3500, or 1500 – this model fits them all without a problem.

Even if the truck is 4WD or 2WD, you won’t have a single issue setting it up.

That’s how amazingly well-made this piece is. Don’t forget it also comes with all the hardware, so you won’t need to buy any.

Fantastically Durable

A set of corrosion-resistant roll plates work amazingly well with laser-cut steel brackets completely powder coated.

And when you add the grade 5 plating on the hardware pieces, then it gets even more durable.

Finish with the aluminum end caps and heavy-duty air springs, ideal for a lifetime of use.

Superb Performance Improvement

Getting comfort and maximum load capacity is not easy. Luckily, the right air suspension system can get the job done – like the Pacbrake HP10002.

Your RAM 2500 will feel a lot more comfortable and smooth on the road. Even after years of use, the sagging, bounce, and height will feel ideal for any use.


  • Works on any RAM model
  • Offers fantastic load capacity
  • Will work for years
  • Prevents sagging & bounciness


  • The air pipes can be tricky to set up

07. Air Lift 89295 LoadLifter Air Spring Kit – Best for Little Maintenance


Top 3 Features

  • Stainless steel lines
  • Nylon composite end caps
  • Internal jounce jumper

Coming back to the 5000 series from Air Lift, we now find the 89295 LoadLifter.

It is the perfect combination of a durable and performance-driven air spring kit.

Ultra-Durable Build

You get a wide array of parts made of stainless steel that doesn’t rust or break easily.

This includes the roll plates, the braided airlines, and even the hardware.

Add the military-grade AN fittings, and you’ll get a kit that will never let you down.

Top-Quality Results

A fantastic performance from the jounce bumper makes it possible to enjoy every ride on your Dodge RAM 2500.

Forget about uncomfortable bumpy rides, jarring, and annoying maintenance.

The jumper absorbs shocks and harsh impacts on the road even if it is at zero air pressure.

Effortless Setup

The last thing you’ll love about this airbag is the set of hardware t comes with.

You get the roll plates, the stainless steel air lines, the Schrader valves, the AN-style fittings, and brackets.

Apart from that, you get an installation manual with illustrations, perfect for making the whole setup a piece of cake.


  • Increases overall smoothness
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Superb materials last a lifetime
  • Boasts all kinds of fittings


  • A bit expensive

08. Air Lift 88289 LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Spring Kit – Best for Easy Installation


Top 3 Features

  • Fits 2014 to 2018 RAM
  • 2-hour installation
  • 5-to-100 PSI adjustability

We can’t get enough of Air Lift Airbag kits. That’s why the 88289 also makes it into the list.

Matching well with any RAM 2500 truck, this system takes your truck to another level.

Straightforward Installation

Probably the most exciting part of this airbag system is the effortless setup. You don’t need to spend more than 2 hours setting it up.

And it’s all possible thanks to the full hardware kit it offers, including the springs, airlines, brackets, fittings, and more.

Exceptional Load Capacity

Withstanding 5000 pounds is not an easy deed. When you pair this with the adjustable capacity going from 5 to 100 PSI, then you get one of the most practical models on the list.

Even at zero air pressure, the airbag can handle most situations with no drawbacks.

Superb Durability

Combining high-quality stainless steel pieces with a 2-ply fabric air spring build, this machine is built to last.

The roll plates and springs, brackets, and the other hardware pieces are also made to withstand heavy use without a scratch. That’s how long-lasting and resilient the whole kit is.


  • Boasts a long-lasting build
  • Improves loaded performance
  • Handy design with adjustable pressure
  • Anyone can set it up


  • Instructions can be confusing

09. AutoSaver88 Universal D2500-1 Air Ride Suspension – Best for Fitting Any Truck


Top 3 Features

  • Universal fit design
  • 2100-pound capacity
  • High-density rubber build

Super-cheap and compatible with almost any truck, we have the D2500-1 as the best airbags for RAM 2500 for the money.

Maximum Compatibility

Whether you want to install it on a RAM 2500, 3500, 1500, or even other trucks, then you can expect the D2500-1 to fit like a gem.

The mounting holes, air fittings, mounting thread, and maximum size of 10.5 inches come all together to increase its compatibility with most vehicles.

Excellent Load Capacity

Even though it is a universal model, the piece still withstands a lot of weight.

You can make it work with 2100 pounds of total load, making it perfect for smoothing out your ride.

If you’re a heavy commuter on your Dodge RAM, then you’ll love this airbag.

Superb Performance

Heavy-duty construction with high-density rubber makes it possible to withstand almost any use.

But this also boasts the advantage of reaching 600 PSI, so your rides are outstandingly smooth and comfy.

Even on the trickiest roads, your truck will feel as smooth as a cloud with this airbag.


  • Amazingly affordable
  • Works on almost any truck
  • Withstands heavy use for its cost
  • Can handle 600 PSI of pressure


  • It can be a little challenging to set up

10. Air Lift 88295 LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Spring Kit – Best for Performance Improvements


Top 3 Features

  • Fits RAM 2500 and 3500
  • 5000-pound load capacity
  • Stainless steel hardware

We couldn’t finish the reviews with any other brand apart from Air Lift.

And once again, we come with the LoadLifter 5000 version 88295. This model will make your RAM 2500 almost a monster truck.

Top-Notch Performance

Want your truck to feel super-smooth even if you’re carrying tons of weight?

Then the 5000-pound capacity this one offers, along with the ability to go from 5 to 100 PSI, will be ideal for you.

The piece is designed to make your truck the smoothest vehicle out there – even when hauling or towing.

Amazing Comfort

We couldn’t leave behind the ability of the Ultimate Airbag Kit from Air Lift to increase comfort level exponentially.

If you don’t want to experience any sway, squatting, bottoming, or jarring, then you’ll love this model.

The weight-distribution improvement it offers is unbeatable.

Immensely Resilient

No kit of air springs lasts more than a quality set from Air Lift.

The next-level array of stainless steel parts, the quality hardware, superb rubber construction, and more.

If you’re looking to install a set of airbags that lasts a lifetime, then this one should be it.


  • Makes your truck super-smooth
  • Can handle almost any use
  • Increases handling comfort
  • Fits easily on any RAM


  • Requires a bit of modification

DIY: How to Install an Airbag on RAM 2500?

Now that you’ve learned about a few of the best airbags for Dodge 2500 let’s learn how to set them up on your truck. Below, you’ll find some steps to follow for that:

01. Gather the Tools

You won’t need many tools to install an airbag. The process is relatively straightforward. But still, you need these:

  • Socket wrenches (different sizes)
  • An Allen wrench set
  • A screwdriver
  • A drill (Optional)
  • An air compressor

In some cases, the RAM 2500 is not tall enough to fit one person below. If that’s the case, you may want to also add a jack to the tools necessary (and lift the truck accordingly).

02. Take Away the Jounce Bumper

Now that you’re done with the tools and preparation, then you can start the removal process of the old suspension.

Here, we recommend starting to remove the jounce bumpers of the sides you’re installing airbags on.

These bumpers are bolted into the truck, so you will need to remove them using the socket wrenches.

0\3. Prepare the Airbags

After uninstalling the bumpers, you can start preparing the airbags. Usually, you need to install the upper brackets of the air springs first by screwing the button-head screws.

Then you may want to set up the swivel air fitting on the bag.

Now you can proceed to install the lower brackets as necessary. Follow the template on the instruction manual so you can avoid installation issues in this step.

You should end up with a bracket attached to the bellows.

This bracket will be a bit offset, which is necessary for the installation to happen correctly. Use the long-carriage bolts to attach the lower bracket.

04. Mount the Frame Brackets

The brackets on the airbags are necessary. But the frame brackets are critical for a smooth installation.

Attach the brackets using the button-head screws that should come with the kit. Use the holes of the jounce bumpers left behind.

05. Install the Airbags on Axle

With the frame brackets on, it is now time to assemble the rest of the piece.

Here, you should get all the air out of the airbag before setting it up. This will help you make a flush installation.

Then proceed to align the slots on the frame to the upper bracket.

Do the same with the lower bracket. Now you can secure the airbags with the provided bolts.

Some models also come with washers and nuts for extra safety. Finish by moving the airbag back and forth to ensure that the brackets fit flush and parallel.

06. Mount the Heat Shield (Optional)

Not all airbags come with a heat shield. So you can skip this step if yours doesn’t.

If it does, however, you will need to set it up on the exhaust pipe.

This part covers the airbag from any heat damage. This is especially important to consider for passenger-side air springs.

The heat shield usually boasts a set of clamps so you can mount the heatshield accordingly.

Try to leave at least half an inch of separation between the heat shield and the airbag.

07. Set up Air Lines

Now you need to look for a place to install the inflation valves. Most RAM trucks have a set of holes on the body of the wheel. These are designed for the airlines.

You may also want to install them on the wheel well flanges, license plate recess bumper, or gas cap access door.

But the wheel body is the best location for convenience.

If the airbag you got boasts an airline, then you need to install the valves first. Mount the valves on the holes on the body.

And then run the lines attaching them to the valves as necessary. Try to route the lines following the truck’s frame.

Use zip ties to separate them at least 5 inches from hot areas. Also, keep them attached to sturdy areas that don’t move too much (like the frame itself).

08. Connect the Air Lines

Now you need to cut the airline with a knife or razor. This cut will go directly into the compression fitting on the bellows swivel valve.

Connect it directly and make sure it is far from heat sources that could cause damage.

It is now time to test the lines in search of leaks. Use soapy water or a similar bubbly solution.

With a sponge, try covering the parts that may be leaking. If you see anything leaking, then reseat and cover as necessary.

09. Check and Test

Finish by checking that everything is well connected and sturdy. If you need to install other airbags, do so now.

When you’re done with all the air springs, test the truck by driving it for a few miles.

Try to go over speed bumps to test how the airbags perform.

You’re now ready to enjoy your RAM 2500 with new airbags.

The Best Airbags For RAM 2500: Buying Guide

Getting the best Airbag helper springs without an idea of what you need is pretty discouraging.

That’s why we want to ease out your decision process with a comprehensive yet brief guide. Below, you’ll find exactly what to consider or overlook:

  • Types of Airbags

First of all, you should learn to identify the type of airbag you want (or that would better with your truck). There are 2 kinds to consider:


A double-convoluted model has two airbags. This is the most common of all. The airbags are connected via a narrow part called the hourglass.

What sets this type of airbag apart is the ability to withstand more weight than others. Because of this, they’re ideal for hauling and towing.

Tapered Sleeve

If your truck has a rear suspension system, then the conical and comfort-inducing design of a tapered sleeve is the way to go.

You can increase your RAM 2500 smoothness on the road exponentially with one of these.

  • Construction & Durability

You want a set of airbags that meets your truck’s purposes. But you also want something that lasts.

That’s why the choice of materials and overall construction is so important to think about.

Here, there are tons of different options to go for, but we always recommend sturdy materials like stainless steel for the best experience.

Aluminum parts are not necessarily bad. The same happens with polyurethane and nylon sleeves that can last a lifetime as well.

But you must be sure they meet your demands.

Don’t forget to pick a set of airbags that withstands corrosion, torsion, and heat. Otherwise, you may end up with a broken airbag in little time.

  • Air Spring Size

Not many people consider the spring size, and few manufacturers show it off.

But if you can consider this part, it will be a huge advantage to know how far the airbag can take your RAM.

In case the manufacturer doesn’t disclose this, you can consider the pressure adjustability of the piece.

The number of PSI (pressure) will tell you whether it goes very far or not.

For example, a 100 PSI model is usually larger than the typical airbag. For a regular experience, a 50 PSI airbag will suffice.

  • Overall Performance

This is not easy to know because you will probably need to test the airbag first before knowing what type of performance you’re getting.

But it is still worth considering even before buying. Some points stand out here.

For example, how much load capacity does it offers?

This is measured in pounds, of course. So you must get something between 1000 to 3000 pounds if you want a comfortable experience at commuting or soft off-roading.

But if you’re using the truck for hauling and towing, then you must get no less than 4000 pounds of the total load. That should be enough to handle almost every possible job.

Apart from the load capacity, consider the pressure adjustments available.

If you can adjust the PSI of the airbag depending on where you’re going, then that’s a huge advantage.

The wider the PSI range the airbag offers, the better it will be.

Overall, just try to get the highest-quality airbag kit that reduces sagging, increases stability, offers decent lift, improves braking, and prevents bumps from causing damage.

  • Ease of Installation

Last but not least, make sure the airbags you’re getting don’t demand much effort to install.

The focus should be on picking a model with all the hardware pieces necessary for the installation.

This should save you a lot of time and money when setting it up.

On the other hand, consider how well-constructed the hardware pieces are. This adds up to how straightforward the setup is.

And if you’re a beginner or someone with not much experience, then you’ll want to consider airbags that come with their own manual. That will make the piece even better.

If you can install the airbag kit in 2 hours or less – then that’s a hugely practical model you shouldn’t overlook.

People Frequently Asked About The Best Airbags For RAM 2500 

After reading all about the best airbags for Dodge 2500, you probably have a question or two that need answering. In this section, we may answer them:

Will airbags make my ride smoother?

Yes. They are not necessarily made for that, but a nice set of airbags works almost like a new suspension system.

Are airbags for Dodge RAM worth it?

Yes, it doesn’t matter what RAM model you’re talking about, and an airbag kit will increase your vehicle comfort exponentially.

We recommend airbags, especially if you’re lifting a lot of weight consistently.

That will make an airbag even more worth having.

How much air should I put in my airbags?

The minimum amount of air your airbags should have is 5 pounds. At least 5 PSI of air pressure in the airbags will prevent damage while ensuring enough shock resistance.

Does my RAM need airbags for towing?

You can tow and haul without an airbag. But when you add an airbag, the comfort level of your truck will increase exponentially.

So while having an airbag does not help to increase load capacity, it makes the whole experience a lot easier and more pleasant, especially when it comes to braking and taking turns.


Setting up your truck with a quality set of airbags is all about knowing what to look for. Hopefully, this article helps you with that.

Whatever you pick, though, remember that the best airbags for Dodge 2500 are the one that meets with your desired usage and needs.

Don’t pay attention to any other factor and you’ll get an airbag that’s worth your time.

What are you waiting for then? Pick one now and get your Dodge RAM 2500 on another level of shock absorption. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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