13 Best Autel Scanner Review: Seek Proper Automotive Scanner In 2023

Diagnose the glitches in the system of your vehicle by using the best Autel scanner. Besides, it helps in avoiding expensive repairs, thereby improving the overall vehicle performance.

Maintaining the health of your vehicle is undoubtedly a challenging task.

One needs to look after even the minute details of the automobile system.

Apart from it, regular scanning is also a must to root out the internal problems.

All of these tasks are not feasible, especially for beginners.

Ignoring the alarming signs of the vehicle’s performance would cost you hefty repairs.

You can resolve such issues in the blink of an eye using the best Autel scanner.


What is the best Autel scanner?

Autel has been one of the leading brands that offer the best-in-class scanners in the market.

Automotive scanners are simplistic electronic tools that diagnose and reprogram the control modules of vehicles.

To operate the same, one needs to connect the scanning tool to the data link connector or DLC of the vehicle.

When it comes to selecting an Autel diagnostic scanner, one thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the DTC retrieval.

Another feature to look for is a real-time display of inputs and outputs along with bi-directional controls.

For performance enhancements, the user should ensure that the scanner comprises of versatile service function menu.

Yet, the other noteworthy functionalities are OBD2 functionality and a user-friendly interface.

Generally, the OBD2 scanners deliver comprehensive output records that assist in tracking the health of the vehicle.

OBD2 automotive scanners accurately measure RPM and fuel efficiency. Such features help the user to track the fleet depreciation of the vehicle.

Why MaxiDiag MD806 Pro OBD2 is the best variant of the Autel scanner?

Autel’s MaxiDiag Pro OBD2 scanner is the best in the segment as it delivers exceptional performance in recovering DTCs.

For quick and accurate detecting of system faults, it comprises wide-ranging scanning functions.

To put it another way, the user can retrieve the DTC in a single touch only.

All thanks to the easy-to-operate buttons with a large 4” color display screen of 800 x 480 resolutions.

This tool has integrations for oil reset, SAS, DPF, BMS, and EPB.

Autel scanner supports all the ten modes of OBD2 system diagnosing, the auto VIN technology aids in faster recovery of the VIN details.

Top 13 Best Autel Scanner Review

01. MaxiDiag MD806 Pro OBD2 Scanner by Autel: Best in Recovering DTCs


Product Features

  • Comprehensive scanning to detect fault systems
  • Assists in the retrieval of DTCs in a single touch
  • Massive 4” screen with 800 x 480 color display
  • Easy-to-operate buttons
  • Displays live PID data of different sensors
  • Component test to assess the EVAP system

Product Description and Performance

Autel scanner works well with the car systems of vehicles that are compliant with EOBD/OBD2.

Furthermore, it supports the OBD2 protocols and delivers professional diagnostic performance.

From retrieving generic to manufacturer-particular codes, this scanner does it all.

In addition to this, it is efficient in recovering the pending codes as well.

Besides, this scanner’s other functions are oil reset, DPF, EPB, BMS, and SAS.

Due to such striking features, one can consider this as the best Autel scanner in the segment.

Another considerable aspect of this product is that it can facilitate the retuning of change oil monitor.

Not only this, but it also relearns the parking brake pad alongside the calibration of the steering angle sensor.

What else more you can expect is the DPF renaissance and reliable throttle adaptation.

More to say, this scanner adjusts the A/F functions, thereby supporting the ten modes of OBDII diagnostic functionalities.

Above all, it has an auto-mated VIN technology for acquisition that recovers the VIN details faster.


  • On-board monitor evaluation
  • Convenient DTC lookup
  • Shows freeze frame data
  • Auto scanning for comprehensive output


  • Not compatible with recently launched vehicles
  • Technical assistance lacks promptness

02. MaxiCOM MK906BT Automotive Scan Tool by Autel: Great for Full System Diagnostics


Product Features

  • 8” capacitive touchscreen alongside 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Android OS of version 4.4.2
  • The lithium battery of 10000mAH
  • It comes with a rubber protector and resilient internal shell
  • T5260 6-core processor by Exynos
  • Bi-directional control with AutoVIN

Product Description and Performance

Effectual in performing diagnostic of OE level, this scanner helps in reading or earing the DTCs.

On top of that, it displays the data stream, thereby facilitating the functional test.

However, this product’s other functions are ECU replacement, zero-point adjustment, and signal evaluation.

What attracts the most is the online coding system for ECU that is compatible with 98% automobiles.

Furthermore, it enhances the ECU’s functioning to resolves faults or refreshing the mirror folding with auto-lock.

The functional test provides coverage for the full vehicle system to carry out the specific tests.

Eventually, it aids in finding the faults like rolling up or down of the window.

Additionally, such functionality assists in operating the fuel pump and eases the clutch cycling.

Yet the cherry on the top is more than 31 maintenance functions. These include oil resetting, throttle adaptation, SAS resetting, injector cooling, and BMS service.

Other than this, there are separate functions for ABS bleeding, key fob coding, and IMMO.


  • Swifter wireless pairing
  • More comprehensive coverage for Bluetooth range
  • The fastest frequency for software update
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling


  • OBD scan only roots out minor problems
  • Lacks the auto-detection of vehicle sensor

03. AutoLink AL519 OBD2 Scanner by Autel: Top-notch OBD2 Scanner


Product Features

  • AVOmeter to check the voltage, current, and continuity
  • On-board test for monitor functioning
  • Backed with single-click I/M readiness key
  • TFT color display with in-built speakers
  • Swift scanning of the vehicle system
  • Multilingual menu combined with DTC definitions

Product Description and Performance

Autolink Autel scanner is compatible with OBDII’s all the ten modes.

Ultimately, it assists in prompt readiness checks for the state emissions and authentication of the drive cycle.

In addition to this, it has a TFT color display along with an in-built speaker as well.

An appealing part about this product is the color-coded LEDs that enhance the visual tones for indicative readiness verification.

What else it delivers is the retrieval of generic as well as particular manufacturer codes. These are P0, P1, P2, P3, U0, and U1, together with the pending regulations.

Additionally, this scanning tool is efficient in determining the cause of the MIL.

It turns off the MIL light with ease, thereby cleaning the codes and resetting the monitor.

To make the output results more user-friendly, it shows the DTC information with freeze frame data on the screen.

Not only this, but it even displays the monitor and emissions with a reading of the live data stream of PCM.


  • Includes a codes guide for troubleshooting
  • Excellent battery and memory back-up
  • Quick monitor configurations
  • Recovers the CVN, VIN, and CIN


  • Software updates are not up to the mark
  • Lacks wireless functionality

04. MaxiDiag Advanced MD808 by Autel: Superior Oil and Battery Reset


Product Features

  • Provides an overview of freeze frame data
  • Displays the status of I/M readiness
  • Auto Vin and auto scan modes
  • Multi-language service function menu
  • Analyze the live playback data with a graph
  • Bigger color screen with push-button navigation

Product Description and Performance

Autel scanning tool is compatible with Asian, European, and domestic vehicles.

What attracts the most is the best-in-class and diversified service function menu that it offers.

Thus, it performs the most vital maintenance services, such as servicing the electronic parking brake.

Along with this, it caters to the retuning of the steering angle sensor. More to say, this scanner regenerates the filter of diesel particulate.

An auto VIN mode helps find the vehicle make, year, and model and determines the vehicle-particular codes.

Its functionality scans the overall system of the vehicle automatically. As a result of this, it defines all the displays and codes for unmatchable performance.


  • Engine, SRS, and ABS transmission scanning
  • Versatile service menu
  • Inclusion of free software
  • Shows the code definitions on the screen


  • Requires an adaptor to access the functions
  • Lacks swiftness while changing screens

05. Scanner MaxiCOM MK808 by Autel: Best Professional Scanner


Product Features

  • A9 process for faster performance
  • 32GB memory for optimum speed
  • 7” display of LCD touch screen
  • Android OS with Wi-Fi facility
  • 25 plus advanced service functions
  • Data support in over 13 languages

Product Description and Performance

MaxiCOM scanner delivers an unmatchable and versatile performance.

It has diverse integrations like oil reset, IMMO keys, ABS bleeding, odometer, and SAS adjustment.

In addition to these, it is also proficient in injector cooling, DPF regeneration, and batter registration.

One can read or clear the codes or interpret the vehicle system’s live data with ease by using this scanner.

Another considerable part of this product is that it reveals the exact problem or glitch alongside the feasible fixes.

However, if the user loses the key, this tool adds a new key and disables the previous one remotely.

The icing on the cake is the auto VIN mode that helps you get into your vehicle’s necessary details.

From determining the engine range to model type, auto VIN does it all in a single touch.


  • Reliable throttle, injector, and EPB reset
  • Faster troubleshooting system
  • Wider vehicle coverage
  • Integrated shop and data manager


  • Key fob function is not much operative
  • The function of brake service retune is not versatile

06. Autolink AL619 OBD2 Scanner by Autel: First-Class SRS/ABS Diagnosis


Product Features

  • Air warning functionality
  • TFT color screen for DTC lookup
  • Turns off the MIL for smooth functioning
  • Detailed interpretation of PCM data stream
  • TF memory card for software update plus data back-up
  • Recovers generic, pending, and manufacture-specific codes

Product Description and Performance

Autolink scanner recovers and erases the codes from the SRS/ABS of the vehicle swiftly.

It also delivers the definition of each specific code to assist in identifying the glitches.

An impressive function of this product is the OBD II diagnostics that offer faster access to individual checks.

Eventually, it allows the user to perform a quick test on the OBD II vehicles’ engine system.

A prominent thing about this scanner is that it displays the real-time and the freeze frame data for the user’s convenience.

On another note, it accurately recovers the status of I/M readiness.

For ensuring a smooth and faultless performance, it consists of O2 monitor evaluation altogether with on-board monitor assessment.

Above and beyond, this scanner provides an overview of DTC, present modules, and comprehensive vehicle information.


  • Quick problem diagnosis
  • EVAP system assessment
  • Free software update
  • Retrieval of VIN, CVN, and CIN


  • No presence of advanced functions
  • ABS option is not compatibly versatile

07. MaxiIM IM608 Bi-Directional Scanner by Autel: Premium IMMO and KEY Programming


Product Features

  • Integrated XP499 car key programmer
  • ECU coding combined with active test
  • 6-core processor driven by Cortex A7+A15
  • Comprises of wireless VCI J2534
  • 1” touchscreen display, 1920 x 1200 resolution
  • The on-board memory of 64GB

Product Description and Performance

MaxiIM scanner consists of remote control add and learning.

Besides this, it also has vital learning and an integrated XP400 car key programmer.

Furthermore, it helps in reading the transporter data. However, the other functions of this programmer are to clone and create exclusive keys.

On another note, it supports reading or writing the EEPROM data on-board.

Another essential feature is the IMMO application that offers an expert and smart mode that assist in carrying out IMMO functions.

The other service functions of this scanner are oil reset, engine tuning of engine, BMS, SAS, ABS, DPF, and SRS.

In addition to these, you can discover additional functions such as brake reset and coding of key cob.

Above and beyond, this tool conducts a thorough scanning over the ECUs to locate glitches and recover DTCs.


  • Android OS for superior performance
  • Automated software and system updates
  • MaxiFlash programmer for great coverage
  • Wi-Fi to access the web content


  • Not compatible with all the elite vehicles
  • Programming support is a bit dissatisfactory

08. Maxisys Pro MK908P OBD2 Scanner by Autel: Best in J2534 ECU Programming


Product Features

  • Anti-theft, throttle, and gearbox matching
  • Four different modes for accessing live data
  • Real-time coding functions
  • Online parameterization and calibration
  • Bi-directional control for optimal coverage
  • Read, precise, or pinpoint the trouble codes/area

Product Description and Performance

Arriving with an SAE compliant J25314-1 and J25314-2 pass-thru integration, this tool programs the ECUs for the elite class vehicles.

Due to this, the scanner quickly updates the vehicle’s firmware, thereby resolving the software-regulated drivability.

Moreover, it is also capable of fixing the emission issues in the vehicle’s system. Maxisys scanner is compatible with coding configurations on over 98% of vehicles.

Maxisys scanner has advanced and unique functions to look after the requirement of professionals.

For this, it comprises of oil reset, BMS, DPF, and IMMO service. Other than this, the full system diagnosis works on retuning of EPB, SAS, and TPMS.

What makes this product stand apart is the power balance with offline coding and proxy alignment.


  • Enhances the driving performance
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Odometer with brake bleed
  • Adaptive reprogramming of data


  • Multi-language support is vague
  • Orientation glitches with the camera

09. Maxisys MS906 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner by Autel: Exceptional Active Test Performance


Product Features

  • Diagnosis for the body, ABS, and SRS
  • Alteration of programmed options
  • Backed-up with the 6-core processor by Exynos 5260
  • SSD hard drive of 32GB
  • 8” capacitive HD display touch screen
  • Broad coverage for OE-level scanning

Product Description and Performance

Maxisys MS906 scanner conducts a functional test, thereby allowing the user to input the ECU commands.

Similarly, it analyzes the integrity of the vehicle’s overall system and parts by checking the actuators.

With the help of this feature, it also monitors the functioning of essential components of the vehicle.

These include wipers, air conditioners, idle control, engine fans, and door controls.

What fascinates the most is the inclusion of 25 resourceful service functions such as oil reset, brake bleed, injector, throttle, and suspension.

Other than these, it includes settings for EPB, BMS, IMMO keys, TPMS, DPF, SAS, WIN DR, and odometer.

Also, this scanner has to support integrations for roof, seats, headlamp, TEC learn, Lang change, and the CHG tire size.

Above all, it performs full system scanning with ECU coding.


  • Real-time data feedback
  • User-friendly interface
  • An ultra-fast and reliable processor
  • Works well with OBD1 diagnostics


  • Interpretation of live data is not impressive
  • The functionality of the timing belt check is poor

10. AL539 OBD2 Professional Scanner by Autel: Ideal for Repair Work


Product Features

  • Bright and vivid color-coded LEDs
  • In-built speaker for audible readiness check
  • Integrated AVO meter for circuit evaluation
  • Emission-driven status inspection
  • High-precision status of vehicle health
  • Identification of VIN, CVN, and CIN

Product Description and Performance

Suitable for charging the systems of 12V, this electrical scanner diagnoses the preliminary systems.

Similarly, it scans the discharged battery status as well, which is quite rare in the segment.

However, this tool has wide-ranging OBD2 functions that play a pivotal role in identifying the trouble codes.

Further, one can utilize the functionalities for a real-time data stream, component, and O2 monitor evaluation.

On another note, this scanning tool exhibits I/M readiness along with freeze frame data.

Most importantly, there is a facility for on-board monitor assessment.

Yet, the specialty of this product is that it facilitates repair work.

What’s more is the DTC lookup support built specifically for DTC definitions and printing via computer.

For allowing quicker access to the interface of I/M readiness, there are practical hotkeys.


  • Optimal vehicle compatibility
  • Multi-language support
  • Memory and battery back-up
  • Recovers pending, manufacture-exclusive, and generic codes


  • The navigation system is a bit slower at times
  • No separate function for battery check

11. Autel MS908-1YRUPDATE Scan Tool: Excels in Software Updates


Product Features

  • Offers optimal care
  • Swifter software updates
  • Enhances the scanning performance
  • Exclusively for the Maxisys scanners
  • Improves the overall functioning
  • Compact and lightweight

Product Description and Performance

If you want to access all the latest updates, then this scanner would be your perfect companion.

With this tool’s help, one can get the updated software explicitly designed for the Maxisys scanning tool.

Apart from the professionals, even beginners can also utilize this scanning tool without much hassle.

All thanks to the user-friendly interface that this product offers.

Other than this, the tool delivers uninterrupted as well as reliable performance.

However, it provides total care when it comes to the diagnosis of the vehicle’ system.

For up-to-date functionality, it accomplished the software updates at a faster pace.

As a result of this, the user benefits from the latest technical advancements for accurate scanning.


  • Great for software upgrades
  • Wider accessibility for the user
  • Availability of advanced services
  • Easy-to-operate program


  • Not suitable for all-inclusive scanning
  • Limited utility and compatibility

12. MaxiCOM MK808 OB82 Scanner by Autel: Standard Service Functions


Product Features

  • Auto VIN technology
  • A9 processor for faster output
  • Single-touch operations
  • 7” LCD touch screen
  • 32GB memory for great speed
  • Multilingual assistance

Product Description and Performance

MaxiCOM MK808 tool offers versatile functionality. MaxiCOM scanner is capable of diagnosing all the accessible modules.

One can utilize various functions such as oil reset, injector coding, ABS bleeding, SAS calibration, and DPF regeneration.

In addition to the features above, this scanner possesses integrations for IMMO keys, battery registration, and odometer.

Another significant part of this product is that it is compatible with more than 80 car models.

MaxiCOM MK808 scanner reads and erases the codes and provides a real-time data view.

Finally, the detailed scanning reveals the root cause of the problem with the possible solutions.


  • Superior OBD2 functions
  • Outline of ECU details
  • Android OS with Wi-Fi
  • Inclusion of data and shop manager


  • It does not contribute much to fuel economy
  • Not ideal for long-term usage

13. XP400 Key Programmer Accessories Kit by Autel: Excellent Key Chip and EPROM Programming


Product Features

  • Made for the Autel IM608 and IM508
  • A premium key programming system
  • Assorted IMMO key functions
  • MCU reading or writing facility
  • Supports over 80 plus vehicle makes
  • Remote frequency detection

Product Description and Performance

Designed specifically for the key programming of Autel IM608 and IM508, this scanning tool delivers quality performance.

Along with this, it carries out the IMMO keys functioning with precision.

Besides, it correspondingly conducts the programming for a key chip.

Furthermore, the scanner is loaded with integrations for PIN/CS, remote learning, ECU adaptation, and critical regeneration.

The other functionalities are key learning with retuning, coding, refreshing, and adaptation of IMMO ECU.

This tool can read or write the EPROM, key chip, primary MCU, and ECU on top of these.

In addition to such functions, it is productive to read or to write the MC9S12 encryption chip, IC card, and infrared key.

Moreover, it works well in the detection of remote frequency.


  • Boosts the overall functioning
  • Back-up and restoration of IMMO data
  • Key and remote learning
  • Inclusion of supplementary accessories


  • Key chip programming lacks universal compatibility
  • Diagnostics are not much powerful

Buying Guide of Best Autel Scanner

The automotive tools have become the developing gadget in the present context.

There are several automotive tech-giant manufacturing companies.

One of the best scanners is Autel that is embedded with an outstanding feature of user-friendly approachability.

It will save huge costs of appointing a competent and experienced mechanic that enhances the scanner’s value.

Autel scanner is well-suited in locating the problems in the car.

This buying guide will offer you valuable insights into the best Autel scanner.

In addition to it, please go through the same thoroughly. Only then will you be able to make a worthy choice that would be in the best interest.

Easy to use

Make sure to select the Car scanner that is associated with Autel.

Correspondingly, the scanner should be swift to use and do not bother you much.

One of the most important aspects is to focus on the cord length.

Similarly, always opt for an extension cord to provide outstanding installation and optimum understanding of test results.

In that case, you would not have to add a lengthy cable, which can be quite expensive.

Apart from it, emphasis should be placed on the features of the battery.

Additionally, you can use a good Autel car scanner continuously for seven-eight hours. Furthermore, this shows that the device is operational for a long.

Compatibility is the key!

Autel scanners are well-suited to most of the models of cars. Hence, you must purchase one that aligns well with your vehicle.

It will cut down your unnecessary expenses of replacement of scanner tool if it is not well-suited to your car’s model.

Besides, you also look for an authentic scanner for a year, an intelligent deal to obtain.

Affordable and pocket friendly

It would be better to look at various shops for availing not only a good quality scanner but also pocket friendly.

Besides, you can make a comparison of different reliable sellers and make your final choice.

Moreover, you will get an affordable and pocket-friendly scanner with excellent performance.

Sturdiness and upkeep

Opt for a water-resistant scanner to use it for a more extended period.

Do not forget to check its maintenance so that you are double sure that it will not need to be tested frequently.

Similarly, you will be getting a scanner that does not require any upkeep quite often and replacement as well. Furthermore, it will last long.

Storing of data

You need to select the scanner that can store relevant data and is easily located in case of any need.

Also, getting a car scanner with vigorous data loading is of utmost importance.


Compactness is one of the essential elements of the scanner.

Moreover, you need to make a perfect choice so that your scanner can be used with great ease.

You need to note that the identified diagnostic codes to be transformed into physical printable copies for further examination.

It is convenient to look for the one which you can easily connect to the printer.

Significantly, it should collect information for future reference. Additionally, it will enable you to look at the history of the flaws of your car.

Meeting standards

All Autel scanners should meet certain specific industry standards that are foxed for gadgets of car scanners.

If you opt for one that has already been tested for these standards, then you are on the right path. By doing this, you will acquire a car scanner tool that is factory-tested.

Embedded with an app

Nowadays, car scanners are coming with an app feature that can be used together with it.

If you are looking to buy one, then get along with the app feature embedded with it.

You will be getting an appropriate scanner that yields excellent results.

Progressive features

Always look for advanced features, such as compatibility of Wi-Fi and enhancement of USB cable.

Apart from it, you will be able to appraise it with ease and install an SD card for data storage.

Live Feed

It is one of the most remarkable features of the scanner.

You get to know the flaws in the system of your car efficiently with a live supported scanner.

Frequently Asked Questions of Best Autel Diagnostic Scanner

Which Autel scanner is considered best?

All Autel scanners are embedded with several features with added advantages.

However, it entirely depends upon the selection of users and, subsequently, their preferences.

If you want to obtain a good quality scanner, then look for your budget constraints into account and look for a feature of auto-updations in the same, which is a cost-effective option.

What are the advantages of owning a great Autel scanner?

Financing in a good quality Autel scanner is a judicious choice. Some of the advantages of having an exclusive and ultimate Autel car scanner are mentioned below:

  • Save cost and valuable time since you can comfortably check and restore the parts of your car system with the help of the scanner. For this, there is no need to hire a professional mechanic. Likewise, you can DIY with great ease.
  • Offer factual and trustworthy analytical results

From where can I get a suitable Autel scanner?

If you plan to buy a scanner for your car gadgets, then it is recommended to purchase the same from one of the authentic and reliable dealers.

There are varied kinds of scanners available in the market, therefore choosing the best one that suits your needs is not an easy task.

Notwithstanding, you need to buy an Autel scanner from reputed stores to evade the situation.

What are the ways to connect the scanner?

Installation of scanners is not a difficult task and does not require any kind of specific expertise.

You can easily do it on your own. You need to follow the easy steps that are mentioned below to install the scanner accurately and that too, hassle-free:

  • Install the charger of the battery of your car
  • Locate the ultimate site for the Autel scanner
  • Turn on the ignition of your car
  • Continue to read codes by putting on the scanner

Can your car system be damaged by using an Autel scanner?

The car can be damaged if you wrongly use these products.

On a different note, the most accessible Autel scanners are secure.

If you get one of these and connect them accurately to your car battery’s charger, then there will be no damage.

Why light remains on even after clearing all error codes?

You need not panic if the light remains on even after clearing all error codes.

Your car requires further scanning if the lights stay on. Always ensure that the cap of the gas is tightened correctly.

At the time of refueling, turn off the engine of your car.

You need to take your vehicle to the garage when your light does not turn off even after driving and ensuring that the gas cap is not loose.

In the absence of proper maintenance, your car will be disposed to significant errors.

Are all Autel scanners appropriate for all car models?

Most of these Autel scanners are well-suited to different models of cars, whereas some are not.

You need to check the scanner for the quality aspect and purposes for getting the scanner to be compatible.

How can the Autel scanner be maintained?

The maintenance of scanner products is not burdensome. You need to follow these visions to maintain them for long term usage:

  • Keep Autel scanners of your preference in a safe place that is free from water invasion
  • Attach them to the battery charger of your car system
  • Evade dropping your Autel scanner since it can destruct those accessories/tools that are in-built

When can an Autel scanner be replaced?

These scanners last for a more extended period and do not require any replacement.

Moreover, it can be used efficiently for several years without being replaced.

Does an Autel scanner need to be updated after purchase?

Autel scanners most of the time need to be updated, which can be quite expensive.

Other scanners are embedded with additional cables, which make them appropriate for many different car models.

Some scanners are in place, which requires you to get hold of apps for advanced features.

If you want to get the best Autel scanner, then make an informed and better choice as it will serve you in the long run.

Wrap Up

If you are looking forward to getting the best Autel scanner, then the above product reviews would help you.

However, do not forget to assess the compatibility, features, integrations, and scanner requirements.

These are great tools for keeping a check on your vehicle’s overall health.

From rooting out the system glitches to providing the finest feasible solutions, the Autel scanners are resourceful in all.

What matters the most is the smooth functioning of your vehicle.

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