Top 10 Best Battery For F250 Diesel Truck On The Market 2023: Review & Buying Guide

Looking to power up your vehicle with high voltage battery power? Look no further, as we are going to explore the best battery for f250 diesel in this blog.

The high-performance battery for f250 diesel consists of two batteries to provide maximum amps required for extreme resistance in a diesel engine to start.

You should always choose the right batteries for your truck. Always stick to the quality and brand of the battery as this will help you in long run.


The Best Battery For Ford F250 Diesel Comparison Table (Top picks)

Optima[Starting Battery]
XS Power
Optima[Dual Purpose]
ACDelco[AGM Automotive]

A heavy-duty battery to run your heavy vehicle is mandatory, hence, choose wisely.

In this review of the ford truck battery, we have listed a few heavy-duty batteries for your ford f250 diesel.

Top 10 Best Battery For F250 Diesel Reviews 2020

01. Optima RedTop Starting Battery: For a nonstop journey


Key Features

  • 12 voltage and 720 cold crank amps for a quick start
  • Use of polypropylene for making a case
  • Great performance in all weather conditions
  • 95-minutes reserve capacity
  • Leak-proof and durable
  • Constant power supply to all electrical devices

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Optima
  • Model: 8020-164
  • Weight: 31.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.8 x 7.6 inches

Product Description and Performance

People usually face problems while starting the vehicle due to engine insufficiency.

If you are striving for a battery that gives optimum results then here comes the best solution for your vehicle.

This classy 12 voltage battery with an optimistic red top gives everything your vehicle need.

The case of this battery is specifically designed with polypropylene to avoid any leaking of chemicals.

One good thing about the designing part is that it makes sure that the battery is resistant to vibrations.

This battery offers great overall electricity supply to the headlights, indicators, horn, and every device that requires electricity.

When you have such power-packed batteries you can easily drive with no tension.

Moreover, the 90 minutes reserve capacity of this quality battery for f250 diesel will surely help in reaching the destination without any break.

The quality standards are extremely brilliant. Moreover, this battery can serve for a long time without any maintenance.


  • Optimum quality
  • Great cranking power
  • Good power supply
  • Quick installation


  • Charge dropping issue after some time
  • Acquires more space

02. ACDelco Advantage AGM Battery: Optimistically designed for a power-packed performance


Key Features

  • 12-volt battery with AGM and lead-acid cell type
  • Designed creatively to prevent internal resistance
  • Great service in heavy vehicles
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Offers durability, longevity, and reliability
  • Quick start in all weather conditions

Product Specifications

  • Brand: ACDelco
  • Model: ACDB24R
  • Weight: 30.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 11.4 x 9.5 inches

Product Description and Performance

ACDelco has come with a brilliantly designed and durable battery that serves the vehicle with great strength and power.

The design of the battery helps in preventing road vibrations which eventually enhances the battery’s life.

In this battery, calcium-alloy is optimized to offer fine grain and corrosion-resistant grid.

This also minimizes the water consumption of the battery that provides extra durability to the battery.

This battery for the f250 engine gives 12 voltage power that is constant throughout the life of the battery.

It is reliable and gives a quick start to the vehicle in every weather condition.

The best feature of this battery is low maintenance. It can serve more than 10 years with minimum or no maintenance requirement.

All you need to do is to keep the battery charged. It will perform constantly for a longer time.

Easy installation and excellent compatibility make this battery the best replacement of the OEM battery.


  • Very easy to install
  • Excellent replacement battery
  • Vibration resistant
  • Gives a quick start


  • Fitting problems
  • Durability issues

03. Automotive and LTV Battery by Odyssey: Giant power source


Key Features

  • 12-volt battery with 995 cold crank amp
  • Enhanced durability and reliability
  • Fast charging
  • Voltage stability for a longer time
  • Offers mounting flexibility
  • As much as 145-minute reserve capacity

Product Specifications

  • Brand: ODYSSEY
  • Model: 65-PC1750T
  • Weight: 58 pounds
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches

Product Description and Performance

If you are searching for a great starting power that the vehicle demands then this is your perfect battery choice for f250 diesel has a fine solution for it.

This battery is specially designed with pure virgin lead plates that give more power to the vehicle.

With such a power-packed battery it is easy to drive daily or if you love off-roading.

It comes with a cold crank amp of 950 that gives a quick start even in extreme weather conditions.

The absorbed glass matt design of this battery prevents any acid spills and offers high conductivity.

When it comes to charging this battery takes only four to six hours for 100% charge. This is the highest recharge efficiency in this segment.

The elegant design of this battery also prevents high impact shock and mechanical disruptions. This battery is superior in every aspect.

It is not only a highly reliable battery but also durable too. No doubt it is the best battery for serving all purposes of the vehicle.


  • No spilling
  • More cranking power
  • Longer life and power-packed batteries
  • Powerful start


  • Charging issues
  • Weak lifting handles

04. XS Power High Output Battery: One with the best cold crank


Key Features

  • 12 volts and 3300 amp high output battery
  • Comes up with a spill-proof design
  • Sealed to prevent leakage
  • Completely vibration resistant
  • Minimum internal resistance
  • Easy to mount in any positions

 Product Specifications

  • Brand: XS Power
  • Model: D3400
  • Weight: 48 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.9 x 10 x 8.7 inches

Product Description and Performance

XS Power has come up with this high power source that offers a great crank capacity of 1000 amps.

The 12-volt battery along with such high cold cranking amps gives a power start in all the weather conditions.

The use of an absorbed glass mat gives security from any kind of leakage or splitting.

The best quality of this battery is that it comes with extremely low internal resistance and enhances the life of the battery.

It is also very easy to handle ad install in almost any position.

This best battery for f250 diesel is extremely powerful and serves similar in any weather conditions.

The best feature is the reserve capacity which enables driving even when the battery is dead.

This long-lasting and reliable battery offers a great source of energy to every part of the vehicle that requires electricity.

It is the best option for heavy vehicles and SUVs as it can perform constantly without any break.


  • Offer long-lasting service
  • Fits directly without any issues
  • Great quality
  • Gives a quicker and smoother start


  • Swelling occurs in some batteries
  • Leakage of batteries

05. RedTop Starting Battery by optima: Gives extra power to your vehicle



  • 12-volt battery with 800 cold-cranking amps for power start
  • Offers reserve capacity of 100 minutes
  • Excellent starting power in bad weathers too
  • Easy installation
  • Leak-proof
  • Good for heavy vehicle and SUVs

 Product Specifications

  • Brand: Optima
  • Model: 8004-003
  • Weight: 38.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 6.88 x 7.8 inches

Product Description and Performance

This red top battery by optima is again a perfect solution for those people who are searching for a durable and reliable battery.

It is specifically designed to provide high power even in the worst weather conditions.

With a cranking capacity of 800, this battery is a treat for heavy-loaded vehicles and SUVs.

The design of this battery is the most significant feature. It has a spiral cell design that provides a reliable and pure power source at the same time ensuring your safety.

Performance-wise this type of battery for f250 has a reserve capacity of 100 constant performing minutes.

Without any break, you can drive up to 100 minutes and then you can charge it.

The charging speed is also very decent and takes six to twelve hours.

Also, it gives an optimal start in every weather condition. This reliable and durable battery can serve for a very long time.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Reliable and durable
  • Fits properly
  • Eliminates all electrical issues


  • At times the batteries are less durable
  • Bad after-sales services

06. Delphi Premium Automotive Battery: Sturdy and reliable power package


Key Features

  • 20x extra vibration resistant
  • Up to 150 reverse capacity
  • Gives extra power to new electronics
  • Made up of advanced technology for more life
  • OEM AGM exact replacement fit
  • New technology with corrosion resistance

 Product Specifications

  • Brand: Delphi
  • Model: MaxStart AGM
  • Weight: 47.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 10.4 x 8.2 inches

Product Description and Performance

Delphi’s premium battery is a perfect find for providing an excellent power supply to all the parts of the vehicle.

It comes with an extended cold-cranking amp delivery that provides more power to all the electronics in the vehicle.

It has a cranking capacity of 750 amps with 150 minutes of reserve capacity.

The cranking amps help in getting a quick start and the reserve capacity for providing electric supply when the battery is down.

The design of batteries for ford f250 diesel gives 20 times more resistance against vibration to enhance its durability.

It is a solid power package that is reliable and can offer long service without any maintenance.

The battery is totally corrosion free and gives constant performance throughout its life cycle.

It is a good investment for truck and SUV owners as it gives a high power supply and fits well with most of the vehicles.

This battery can be an easy approach when it comes to installation and handling.


  • Great fit
  • Good life expectancy
  • Quick installation
  • High performance


  • Poor quality of the battery
  • Takes a lot of time to charge

07. Odyssey Automotive and LTV Battery: Non-stop power supplier with enhanced durability


Key Features

  • Comes with 70% more life expectancy
  • Great vibration resistant
  • Superfast charging
  • Tin plated for corrosion resistance
  • Excellent battery life
  • Highly integrated terminal seal

Product Specifications

  • Brand: ODYSSEY
  • Model: PC680
  • Weight: 15.03 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.15 x 3 x 6.65 inches

Product Description and Performance

This battery by odyssey features a constant performance in all types of weather conditions.

For frequent and long-run drivers this battery is the best option as it gives a quick start to the vehicle.

Made with pure lead, this battery can give more power when required.

The AGM design of this battery prevents any shocks and vibrations to give a long-lasting life to the battery.

As compared to other conventional batteries, this battery has a longer cycle life.

Also, the fast charging speed makes it the best of all batteries.

It is capable of recharging within 4 to 6 hours. On top of all, it is very easy to install and has a spill-proof design to avoid any leakage.

Talking about the performance, it can serve from 3 to 10 years without any additional maintenance requirements.

The seals are perfectly packed with top quality adhesive to prevent any sort of leakage and keep you safe from acid.


  • Light-weighted
  • Long battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Easy and quick installation


  • Poor after-sales service
  • No authenticity of products

08. Yellow top dual-purpose battery by Optima: Best for a quick start in all weathers


Key  Features

  • Absorbent glass material separator
  • Advanced spiral cell technology
  • Up to 99.99% pure lead
  • Highly and tightly compressed cells
  • Gives faster recharging
  • Great battery performance

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Optima
  • Model: OPT8040-218
  • Weight: 36.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.38 x 6.75 x 7.69 inches

Product Description and Performance

This yellow top battery by optima comes with 12 voltage and 620 cold-cranking amps.

The best feature of this battery is the reserve capacity which is as high as 98 minutes.

During the reserved time also the battery performs constantly without any power cut.

Also, the cranks help in giving a quick start no matter whatever the weather conditions are.

It is so well designed to give 15 times more resistivity towards vibrations for enhancing the battery’s durability.

The battery is sealed proof and avoids any sort of leakage of acids.

This is because of the spiral shape design that is specifically designed to enhance the safety features of the battery.

Performance-wise this battery is a good deal and gives a quality performance with more cycling capability.

It supplies an equal amount of power to all the accessories of the vehicle that require power.

Longevity, durability, and reliability are some optimistic features of this battery.


  • Fast charging
  • Great heat conductor
  • Solid-body
  • Big battery with long life


  • Tough installation
  • Plastic parts are broken

09. ACDelco 47AGM Battery: More efficient and effective for heavy loads


Key Features

  • Advanced technology battery
  • Completely electronically tested
  • Improved performance with great battery life
  • Grid made up of calcium grid
  • Vent cap design for preventing acid leakage
  • Easily cooling mechanism

Product Specifications

  • Brand: ACDelco
  • Model: 47AGM
  • Weight: 39.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.9 x 6.9 inches

Product Description and Performance

If you are looking for the best battery for f250 diesel that goes on and on then ACDelco 47AGM automotive battery is the best option for you.

Its improved performance and advanced battery life make it the first choice for the users.

The silver calcium alloy enhances the life of the battery and gives you an amazing driving experience.

This product has a robust envelope separator that is puncture resistant.

It allows the circulation of the acid and helps in cooling down the battery which is again a factor for long battery life.

This has a vent cap design that protects from acid leakage.

The manufacturers have done all the tests and have made it 100% successful on heavy pressure.

The body material helps from any future leakage and gives strength and adds rigidity to the battery.

Apart from this, it is electrically tested which makes it free from any socket failures.

So if you are looking for a power package battery for your vehicle then this is the best option.


  • Gives a perfect fit
  • Superfast charging
  • Easy installation
  • Durable in nature


  • Gets discharged very easily
  • Material is not that strong

10. 75/86-PC1230DT Automotive and LTV Battery by odyssey: Reliable in the worst weather conditions


Key Features

  • 70% longer life expectancy
  • Comes with mounting flexibility
  • Great performance in extremely hot and cold weather
  • Great vibration resistant
  • Fast charging battery
  • Handles high voltage

Product Specifications

  • Brand: ODYSSEY
  • Model: 75/86-PC1230DT
  • Weight: 45.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 x 7.9 inches

Product Description and Performance

Odyssey has introduced this amazing battery which is popular because of its long battery life and fast charging feature.

The battery life has 70% more life cycles as compared to conventional batteries.

The fast charging feature is efficient because it is made up of sealed lead.

The battery requires 6 to 7 hours for 100% charging and gives you hassle-free driving all day long.

The mounting flexibility makes it more feasible while installation.

It is vibration resistant which gives easy and hassle-free functioning and enhances the life of the battery.

The battery is designed in such a way that it has an amazing cooling mechanism.

The most impressive feature is that it has amazing results in extreme cold as well as hot weather conditions.

It can give a constant performance in -40 degrees as well as in 45 degrees also.

Due to its mechanism and special features, it is popular amongst the users.


  • Amazing battery performance
  • Long battery life
  • Gives a great fit
  • Simple installation


  • Heating issues
  • Poor quality of body material

Hope this video will help you install the battery in a perfect way

What Happens If You Put The Wrong Size Battery In Your Car?

Using an oversized or undersized battery can be disastrous for your vehicle.

Almost every vehicle is specially built with some general specifications.

Also, the electric accessories used in them are very particular about the voltage flow.

Wrong size battery can affect the performance and may damage accessories by an excessive or low flow of current.

Below mentioned are some causes of using a wrong-sized battery.

Failure of the alternator

Generally, when a wrong size battery is used it affects the alternator severely.

When you use a small-sized battery the alternator will try to draw proper power to get a quick start.

When you are regularly doing this the alternator may get damaged or wear out.

Again when you use a bigger size battery the alternator will try to keep the battery charged all the time.

Excessive pressure on the alternator can affect its functioning and leads to failure.

Failure of circuits

The batteries majorly affect the accessories used in the vehicle. Accessories depend on the battery for the supply of voltage to perform.

Using the wrong size battery will put a load pressure on these accessories.

As the smaller size will shorten the flow and the large-sized will give an excessive flow.

In both of these cases, there are higher chances of getting a short circuit or fuse blow.

Affect on cranking power

The cold-cranking capacity or the cranking power usually helps in getting a frequent start in extreme weather conditions.

Smaller batteries have a brittle cranking power and are not reliable in winters or summers.

The rise and drop in temperature affect the start of the vehicle. Small-sized batteries have a very poor crank power to give a great start.

Varies distance trips

A small-sized battery is only capable of giving short trips as per their power capacity.

Short trips generally affect the battery’s life and make it less durable.

For example, you are using the battery for a short distance and then again charging for the next trip.

Charging frequently or twice or thrice in a day will seriously affect the battery’s component.

This eventually makes the battery die within a few months of use.

Less durability and Reliability

Using the wrong size battery will affect these two factors.

Wrong or misguided use of small or large size battery will not only decrease the life span of the battery but also the components of the vehicle.

With smaller batteries when charged frequently the durability of the battery becomes very minimal.

Also, they are the least reliable when you are going on a long trip.

With large batteries, it cannot supply proper power and is left with a huge power within it.

This affects the cell of the battery and makes them the least durable.

It is always advisable to get a perfect sized battery to avoid any malfunctioning of the vehicle.

A proper size battery for your vehicle offers durability, reliability, and longevity.

Aspects To Consider Before Buying The Best Battery For Ford  F250 Diesel

Batteries are generally known as the lifeline of the vehicle. And giving a better life to the vehicle and the accessories one must search properly before buying a battery.

Getting a quick start to providing electric flow to each accessory of your vehicle battery plays a vital role in your vehicle’s performance.

Buying a battery on the budget for f250 diesel is not an easy task but if you adhere to some specific aspects it will become a cakewalk.

In this buying guide, we will discuss some important aspects that will help you in buying the best battery for f250 diesel.


The size of the battery plays a very important role, which includes height, length, and width.

Almost all the battery comes with a particular group size so a user should always consider the user manual before purchasing it.

If not taken care of size while purchasing, it can damage your vehicle to an extent and can degrade the performance as well.


Compatibility in terms of battery is the ability of the battery to survive and perform when it is attached to the vehicle.

If you purchase a battery that has either power issues or size issues and cannot cop up with the vehicle then this is not at all worthy.

In such cases, either battery will only survive for some time or will affect the accessories of your vehicle.

So before buying a battery for your vehicle makes sure you are reading the manual of both the vehicle and the battery.

Cranking power

Cranking power is the ability of the battery to give a quick start to the vehicle in extreme weather conditions.

If you are living in extreme cold climatic conditions then be very sure to get a high cranking power battery.

As soon as the battery starts getting older the power of the battery also starts decreasing.

So you require a battery with higher cold-cranking amps to deliver power start in such conditions.

You must get a battery that has higher or equal cranking power to the OEM battery.

This will enable a quick start in all weather conditions either it is extremely hot or cold.  

Charging capacity

On average a car battery when charged fully can hold up to 12 volts of charge.

This charged battery can then perform for around 9 to 15 hours depending upon the vehicle size and load.

Almost every battery has a specific power capacity and all batteries have different charging capacities.

Makes sure whenever you are buying the best performance battery for your ford truck, go for the one which has a higher and efficient charging speed.

Several batteries can get charged in 4 to 6 hours and works efficiently on long trips and difficult terrains.


The case or the body cover of the battery is the protective shield that keeps the components of the battery safe.

Along with keeping the components safe, it prevents leakage of harmful acids that can severely hurt a human.

When you are going to buy the battery for the Ford f250 make sure the case is of premium quality material.

Also, do a thorough check of whether it has any damage or any sort of joint problem.

Avoid buying such batteries as it will not only last for some time but also can damage your vehicle.


This aspect is generally considered as the trust between the owner and the product which he is buying.

In today’s world, almost every second product is of a cheap price which attracts the buyers.

These cheap quality products are neither sustainable nor reliable.

Make sure you buy a product that is of a medium price as well as comes with a decent warranty.

Do a thorough study of the battery’s capacity and every other factor like cranking power, voltage, sturdiness, and longevity.

Also, research the manufacturer and consider reviews of the products. Through this, you can get to know about the performance of the battery.

When you will find a reliable product then it will work great. Reliable batteries will not only give you a joyful trip but also avoids other maintenance expenditures.


When we are searching for a quality battery first thing that we generally consider is durability. Durability depends upon the quality of the product as well as its maintenance.

Buy a product that has a good life cycle and is more vibration resistant. When you buy a battery make sure the material quality of the case as well as of the components is of high quality.

Compatibility also plays a vital role in the durability of the battery. Compatibility and durability are directly proportional to each other.

So make sure whenever you are getting a battery you must adhere to all the aforementioned aspects of the buying guide.

Most Online Queries Regarding Best Battery For Ford F250 7.3 Diesel

What is the life expectancy of the battery of f250 diesel?

If we talk about the average life expectancy of a battery then it is 7 to 9 years.

If taken proper care and regular service, it can run properly for a longer time without any issues.

The battery works amazingly if it does not have any heating issues.

The life of the battery also depends upon the weather, load, and size of the vehicle.

How you will get to know that the battery is not performing well?

Some of the basic conditions when you can understand that your battery is not performing well are heating and a broken terminal.

Other than this, excessive leakage and discoloration are some symptoms of bad battery conditions.

The best alternative to this is if it is under warranty then you should contact the service center for replacement.

If such symptoms are ignored then it can cause major damage to the vehicle which can cost you a lot of money.

The number of batteries used in diesel engines?

The number of batteries used completely depends on the load of the vehicle.

But if we talk about the oversized vehicles, then the number of batteries used can be more than one.

When multiple batteries are used the pressure is distributed amongst the battery as a single battery is not capable to handle that high pressure.

The diesel engine requires more cranking amps which start the gas powdered and distributes the pressure equally.

Why f250 diesel has 2 batteries?

F250 diesel requires heavy cranking power and with one battery it is not possible.

It is very hard to find such an oversized battery to cope up with the power of the OEM battery.

Hence, it is always suggested to go for two batteries.

This will not only give a super cranking power but also a proper flow to each accessory of your truck.

Do we need to replace both batteries if one is not working?

An engine can run on a single battery also but if one battery is not working then the other may also not work for a long time.

Hence, try to replace both batteries together to avoid a mismatch of their life span.

If one battery is not working properly amongst the two, then it requires immediate replacement as a single battery is not capable enough to hold the pressure.

How can we check the battery?

It is very essential to check the voltage of the battery regularly.

You can start checking the batteries from cracks or bulging sides. Going forward, you have to check the voltmeter to check the voltage.

A good and healthy battery should have a voltage of 12.5 volts.

If the reading comes below 11.8 volts, then it is weak and needs to be replaced or recharged.

What is the CCA in the battery?

CCA is an abbreviation of cold cranking capacity. It is an industry-standard measure to indicate the current flow of the battery.

It tells the current flow of a fully charged battery that can deliver 7.2 volts of current in 30 seconds in -18 degree temperature.

Cranking power is directly proportional to the start of the vehicle. It enables a quick start of the vehicle in extreme weather conditions.

What must be the qualities of a battery?

If you are searching for the best battery for f250 diesel then check the voltage, cranking power, and charging capacity.

These three are the first and foremost qualities that you must consider before buying a battery.

Other than this, make sure the case of the battery is of high quality and more durable.

The battery must perform well in extreme weather conditions. Lastly, it should perform constantly throughout its life span.

What causes leakage of the diesel truck battery?

Battery leakage is a phenomenon in which the acid comes out from the battery.

There can be two reasons for the leakage: one is overcharging of the battery and the other is damage.

When you overcharge the battery, the acid solution in the battery comes out from the cell caps.

Acid comes out if there is any physical damage to the battery.

If any of these situations occur then get your battery checked and change, it if possible.

Why diesel engines do not start quickly in cold conditions?

When the temperature is extremely cold the metallic cylindrical walls of the engine becomes cold.

The diesel engine does not have a spark plug and the engine needs a hotter temperature to ignite the fuel.

Hence, during winters, the engine takes much time in getting a start.

It is always preferable to have a battery with higher cranking power as this helps in igniting the fuel quickly.

Conclusion of Ford F250 Diesel Battery Replacement

This blog must have given a fair idea about the few good options available in the market for the best battery for f250 diesel.

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while opting for a heavy-duty battery such as size, charging capacity, compatibility, and so on.

But under any circumstances, you should not compromise on the quality of the battery.

The battery is one such integral part of your diesel truck that will drive you flawless throughout. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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