10 Best Brake Pads for Toyota Tundra Reviews: Buying Guide [2023]

Having the best brake pads for your Toyota tundra is not only safe but it also offers thrilling driving experience. One of the worst driving experience is riding a vehicle with inefficient brakes.

Consequently, it brings you closer to unexpected and unforeseen accidents. Moreover, you don’t want to endanger your life and that of your passengers.

Meanwhile, high-quality brake pads are all you need to reduce vehicle noise when stopping if you have a good brake.

Besides, the brake pads help to slow down from a high speed without any challenges.

It works by applying pressure to the brake disc, providing enough friction to slow down or stop when need be.  

Don’t even think that’s all about brake pads; there’s still more to it! Good brake pads improve users driving experiences by providing stability for better performances.

Likewise, you don’t have to use a bunch of money to repair your truck. That’s because brake pads usually help to put your vehicle in a good state.

Nevertheless, there are a wide variety of brake pads for Toyota tundra on the track today. This, in turn, makes it challenging to make a perfect choice.

However, don’t dwell on it! We’ve come to your aid. Below is the list of the 10 best brake pads for Toyota tundra. Let’s get started!    


What is the best brake pads for Toyota tundra?

No matter how often you search for the best of this product, the Power Stop K2813-36 Brake Pad will always stand out.

It’s the best brake pad for Toyota tundra. This product is super reliable, affordable, and fabricated to last long.

Also, Power Stop K2813-36 Brake Pad is a great piece to guarantee your security and improve your vehicle performance.

Top 10 Best Brake Pads for Toyota tundra reviews

01. Power Stop K2813-36 Front and Rear Z36 Brake Pad – Overall Best Brake Pad for Toyota tundra


Highlighted Features

  • Bolt-on installation
  • Carbon Fiber Ceramic Pads
  • Wear and rust resistance
  • OE Fitment
  • Drill and Slot design

You can never go wrong with this K2813-36 Front and Rear Z36 Brake Pad from Power Stop.

The brand is best known for its high-end products, and these brake pads are no exception.

Its superb quality and unique features made it top our list of the best brake pads for Toyota tundra.

First up, you don’t have to be a pro before you can fix this brake. Its bolt-in upgrade contributed to its simple installation process.

What else? Power Stop brake pads are in strict compliance with OE fitment.

It is perfect for Lexus LX570 2018-2016, 2016-2019 Toyota Land Cruiser, Tundra 2007-2019, and Sequoia 2008- 2019 models.

As a plus, this model has a good stopping power. It uses G3000 metallurgy that ensures its heavy-duty brakes work perfectly well.

Its long-lasting feature is another center of attraction. The zinc-plated brake rotors are highly resistant to corrosion and rust.

So, you can be sure it will not wear anytime soon. Meanwhile, your truck tires are safe from dust since the brake pads are carbon-fiber ceramic materials.

Aside from this, Power Stop reinforced this product with a drilled and slotted design, which guarantees maximum cooling.

Likewise, the brake pad has rubberized shims that help to reduce unpleasant noises from the brake system. In a nutshell, this product is highly effective and efficient.

Even with its amazing features, it’s not without some bugbears. This product is quite expensive. Also, many complain about missing parts in the package. Likewise, there are several reports about fitments issues.”


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Reduce noise
  • Lessen brake dust
  • Has a cooling system


  • Pricey
  • Incomplete items
  • Ideal for few vehicles

02. Toyota Genuine Parts 0044650C020 Front Brake Pad


Highlighted Features

  • OEM Precision
  • Great Fit
  • Ceramic Materials
  • Front Wheels
  • Ideal with various Toyota tundra

If you’re tight on money, this product is an excellent choice for you.

Unlike the previous products, this brake Toyota Genuine Parts 0044650C020 Front Brake Pad does not cost an arm and leg.

It’s highly affordable.  Since it’s from Toyota, the model has some superior features that you cannot resist.

Come to think of it! Many users opt-in for this model because of its accuracy, quality, and outstanding performance.

Aside from the fact that this model is effortless to control, it’s also super easy to install. It comes with all necessary installation equipment, except for rubberized shims.

Toyota manufactured this model from premium ceramic materials, which guarantee its durability and longevity.

Its solid construction prevents the brake from rust and corrosion. So, no early breakage.

Besides, you will also love the fact that this product has a genuine OEM Fitment.

Moreover, Toyota specifically designed the front brake pad to operate with your vehicle specification and models. Needless to say, it is perfect with multiple Toyota parts.

Furthermore, this product from Toyota features precision machine backing plates that ensure it works without any delay.

Hence, guaranteeing effortless stopping regardless of the circumstances.

Besides, it has an impressive feature that ensures the brake doesn’t make any shrill noise when you stop.


  • Simple to set up
  • Budget-friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Unlimited compatibility


  • Ideal for only front Wheels
  • It doesn’t come with a shim

03. ACDelco Silver 18A1101A Front Brake Pad


Highlighted Features

  • Front Brakes
  • Versatile
  • Made with Multiple Alloys
  • Economic value
  • Rounded radius

We’ve come to expect durable and superb products from ACDelco, and the Silver 18A1101A Front Brake Pad is no exception.

ACDelco prioritizes customer satisfaction and safety. That’s why it ensures the brake pads are thoroughly inspected for balance and smooth brake operation.

Like other rotors, this model is effortless to control and maintain.

Considering the price of this product, you might think it’s of low quality, but it exceeds one’s thinking.

It is an economical product with outstanding quality.

ACDelco brake rotors use quality metallurgy to ensure a silent brake system which can be otherwise quite embarrassing.

Hence, it contributes to high-temperature reduction.

Another big draw of this model is that it’s versatile. Regardless of your Toyota tundra models, this model fits in perfectly with no issues.

This is a great OEM replacement that maintains company quality. With this, you tend to stop in an instant when you press on the brake.

Beyond this, it comes with a design that deserves your attention. To bubble burst you, the model is made of multiple alloys, which increase its lifespan.

The materials are highly resistant to corrosion, so the rotor will not wear early. Meanwhile, its rounded radius construction contributed to its strength and capacities.

Nevertheless, many users complain that it shakes and vibrates a lot. Consequently affecting the brake turning and adequate performance.


  • High-quality materials
  • Affordable
  • Great value
  • Easy installation


  • Not for rear wheels
  • Vibration issue

04. Power Stop K2813 Front and Rear Z23 Brake Pads


Highlighted Features

  • G3000 Structure
  • OE FIt
  • Installation Kits
  • Ceramic Material
  • Zinc coating

Power Stop is here again with another fantastic front and rear brake Pad. Therefore, testifying to the fact that Power Stop stays right up there even in multiple worlds.

Power Stop K2813 Front and Rear Z23 Brake Pads are all you need if you want better braking performance.

Meanwhile, it’s essential to know that there is no significant difference between this product and the previous models.

There’s no denying that this unit is of excellent quality.

Like the other products from Power Stop, this product uses G3000 metallurgy, making it an excellent fit for the recommended OE Fitment. 

These brake pads are zinc coating, preventing the truck wheels from rust and corrosion. However, this construction ensures a noiseless and dust-free brake formulation.

The installation process is worthy of discussion. It’s by far one of the most accessible brake protectors to install.

It comes with a manufacturer’s step-by-step guide for quick installation.

After all, this product package comes will full installation kits. So, don’t worry about wasting much time or effort to put these brake pads in place.

As if that’s not enough, the brand made this product from quality ceramic materials, guaranteeing efficient power stopping. 

Therefore, this makes driving easy for all users. Besides, the name Power Stop- says it all.

As they say, good things don’t come cheap. So, if you are capable, why not give your bank balance a break with these products from Power Stop.


  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Efficient stopping power
  • Silent system
  • Excellent fitting


  • Expensive

05. Detroit Axle-Front and Rear Brake Pads


Highlighted Features

  • Bolt-in upgrades
  • Ceramic Pads
  • OEM Replacement
  • Long-lasting construction

It’s not by mistake this product made it to the list of the brake rotors for Toyota tundra.

With over 30 years of experience and more than 180,000 companies worldwide, Detroit Axle is one of the leading brands in the auto-parts world. It’s known for its exceptional and crowd-pleasing products available at an incredible value.

Does this sound untrue to you? Check out this product.

Even though these units are heavy compared to other brake pads, it is worth it. If you need noiseless brake pads, give it a try with this product from Detroit Axle.

Detroit Axle made this part compatible with both the front and rear tires of your vehicle.

So, it saves you from spending more. Since you won’t want to compromise the quality of the brake, this model is accessible at a very reasonable price.

That’s not all! This unit is packed up with a brake cleaner spray and fluid bottle to keep away gas and dust from your truck’s brake.

What else? Detroit Axle-Front and Rear Brake Pads feature a bolt-on installation system making it easy to fix.

Also, it comes with essential tools you need for the installation with nothing excluded.

Getting an exact product that fits well is like a dream come through.

This model is a perfect OEM replacement for Lexus LX570, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Sequoia, and Toyota Tundra.

Furthermore, it is made of ceramic materials, which ensure it lasts you for years.

To clear all doubt, Detroit Axle-Front and Rear Brake Pads come with a 10 years warranty. So, you can be sure about its durability.


  • Quiet operation
  • Has brake lubricant
  • Properly fits
  • Flexible
  • Has warranty


  • Heavyweight

06. Bosch BP976 QuietCast Rear Brake Pad


Highlighted Features

  • QuietCast Disk
  • Multi-layer rubber core shim
  • Ceramic Friction
  • Chemical Protective layer
  • Full Hardware Kit

Bosch BP976 QuietCast Brake Pad is one of the most sought for on shelves. We’re sure you want to know why.

From its name QuietCast Brake Pad, you will agree that it is tranquil.

Additionally, it features an OE style durable multi-layer shims. Meanwhile, these rubber core shims provide the car with high-quality silent brakes.

Is there anything more exciting than having a rear brake pad that fits just right? We sincerely doubt it.

This product is compatible with Lexus: 2010-17, GX460, 2003-09 GX470, Toyota; 2003-17 4 Runner, 2007-14 FJ Cruiser, 2002-07 Sequoia, 2005-17 Tacoma and 2002-06 Tundra.

Thanks to its complete hardware kit, you can install the product in a flash. Don’t forget to use a synthetic lubricant to ensure dust-free brakes.

Like most brake pads, Bosch products are made of premium and non-abrasion ceramic materials.

Meanwhile, it has a chemical formula that serves as a protective layer to the pads.

Not only does this increase the conductivity of the brakes, but it also contributes to their resistance to moisture.

The flower of this product is the copper-free design. This feature comes with good stopping power.

With this, users can drive flawlessly. Wait! Do you think it doesn’t have shortcomings?

Think again! We discovered that this brake pad has a vibration issue.

Although it’s said to be quiet, several users complain about it making a screeching noise after a while.


  • Copper Free design
  • Quick control
  • Cost-saving
  • Greatly fit


  • Vibration problems
  • Only for rear sides

07. Akebono ASP1303 Ultra-Premium Ceramic Disk Brake Pad


Highlighted Features

  •         OEM Fitment
  •         Rear Brake
  •         Chrome exterior
  •         Generic black lubricant
  •         Superior Materials

Break free with this brake pad that offers protection and customizes your ride. Akebono is also a trusted and famous brand that is tough to beat for standard products.

We’ve been a long time fan of its classic construction.  Akebono ASP1303 Ultra-Premium Ceramic Disk Brake Pad has also won the top spot in unlimited options.

If you want a rear brake pad that fits well, this is an excellent piece for you. Irrespective of your vehicle model, proper fitting is guarantee.

Besides, this model is straightforward to install even without a hardware installation kit.

The brake pads have a chrome exterior that makes them move freely for optimal braking performances.

The brake has an efficient stopping speed.  Regardless of your distance, once you press the brake, your truck stops immediately without any hesitation.

Don’t worry about the dust. It features a generic black lubricant that ensures the brakes and tires are dust-free.

Since you don’t want a product that breaks off early, Akebono made this model with advanced ceramic materials.

This material increases the lifespan of the rear brakes.

Although this model doesn’t come with rubberized shims, it’s still as silent as other brake pads from other manufacturers.


  • Less dust on tires
  • Quick installation
  • Efficient stopping speed
  • Durable


  • No hardware kits
  • No vibration shims

08. Complete Kit Brake Pads


Highlighted Features

  • Exclusive Drilled and Slot design
  • Zinc coated
  • eLINE Series Brake Rotors
  • OEM Spec
  • Hardware Kit

Complete Kit Brake Pads is another product worth buying these days. It comes with a broad array of exciting features you can afford to miss out on.

Do you want a brake pad with drilled holes or maybe a slotted design? Either way, this product is a great pick for you.

It features both exclusive drilled and slotted construction that reduces debris and maintains heat dissipation. Be aware it also prevents brake cracking. 

The next big thing is that this model has a zinc-coated brake plate for rust protection.

Also, Complete Kit has used premium ceramic materials that can withstand any form of harsh environment.

So, it provides maximum benefits in the durability of the products.

What else? This model from Complete Kit has 4 eLINE Series Brake Rotors that provides coverage for most vehicles on the road.

Thence, ensure seamless driving. The double-disc grind will optimize stopping power without noise.

More importantly, we recommend you change brake pads and rotors when needed to avoid causing a failed braking system.

Consequently, it can put you in life-death situations.

Let’s move on! The product’s name is as essential as the quality itself.

As its name implies, it comes with a complete hardware kit for quick installations and operation.

Besides, the package comes with eight brake pads and 4 brake rotors.

Don’t forget it features an OEM spec. Even with no modification, it’s compatible with the many Toyota models.


  • Nice Packaging
  • Withstand demanding conditions
  • Quick cooling system
  • Dust-free


  • Pricey

09. Power Stop K2324 Front Z23 Brake Rotors and Pads


Highlighted Features

  • Top-class Ceramic materials
  • Zinc plated  
  • Rubberized Shims
  • Cooling system
  • Bolt-On installation

The K2324 Front Z23 Toyota tundra Rotors and Pads are also a top-notch product from Power Stop.

Everything you could want in your brake pads is packed up in this product. In contrast to other Power Stop products, this model is a steal at its current price.

So, you don’t have to break up your pocket before you can enjoy flawless on-offroad driving.

Forget about all the nasty brake dust and debris. The brake pads feature a dust-free formulation.

It has been tested through a third party and proven to accumulate an average of 30% dust.

It doesn’t end there! Power Stop K2324 Front Z23 Brake Rotors and Pads feature dual-layer rubberized shims that ensure the brakes don’t have an embarrassing noise.

Again, this model is zinc plates providing you with adequate protection against the most demanding situation.

Besides, they are made of high-grade carbon-fiber ceramic materials that protect against rust.

Likewise, increasing the stopping power and reducing any chance of brake problem.

Lastly, the brake pad has a drilling and slotted technology for a quick and adequate cooling system.

Also, this model has a bolt-on upgrade with complete installation hardware.

This, in turn, guarantee an easy installation process with strict OE tolerances. You can use this product with Toyota Sequoia 2001-2007 and Tundra 2000-20006 models.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Quick control
  • Noise and dust Free
  • Long-lasting


  • Fits fewer vehicles

10. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1303 Brake Pad


Highlighted Features

  • One-piece design
  • Cleaner system
  • Comprehensive Fitment
  • Durable Zero-Copper Friction
  • Stainless steel Hardware

Don’t even think we will complete this list without this Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1303 Brake Pad.

In comparison with other brake pads, this model has some unique features you cannot overlook.

Moreover, many people are excited about this product because of its IMI technology that integrates a one-piece design.

This system integrates the superior quiet friction formulation that reduces heat stress, sounds, and vibration.

We also love the fact that this model is easy to install. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you will get this done in a blink of an eye.

That’s not all! It is a perfect fitting for most trucks on the road, making it a suitable OEM replacement. 

As a bonus, the Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1303 Brake Pad Set features high-quality stainless steel hardware, including brake rotors.

These rotors are designs for specific applications. Also, the product has a superior asbestos-free technology that prevents the rotors from fading.

Remember that this product is fantastic when it comes to superior performances.

TO ensure Proper stopping power, Wagner designs the model to fit into the calipers and operate efficiently.

Its cleaning system is also worth mentioning. This model has a technology that takes away brake dust or unpleasant smell as a result of gas. 

One significant drawback of this exceptional model is that the package doesn’t come with springs to fix the brake pads securely. From the reviews, buyers report that the model does not last long.


  • Silent spectacle
  • High compatibility
  • Efficient brake system
  • Impressive control
  • Less dust on Wheels


  • No spring to secure the pads
  • Lesser lifespan

Buying Considerations For Toyota Tundra Brake Pads

If you made it here, you would testify that the bang of brake pads is accessible on the market today.

However, since you have an unlimited options, selecting the most appropriate might leave you at a tricky crossroads.

But you know what? You have nothing to worry about. To make this a breeze, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate buyer’s guide.

It reveals the crucial factors you need to consider before deciding on your best brake pads for the Toyota Tundra.


It’s undoubtedly true that the build material is the first essential factor to consider.

Purchasing brake pads with low-quality material will not only affect their efficiency but will also cost you more than you ever can think of. That’s because it tends to wear or fade quickly.

Mostly, brake pads are made from a sturdy ceramic material that can last for an extended period.

In fact, these materials have the highest stopping speed. On the other hand, there are high-quality semi-metallic brake pads that have resistance to dust.

Unfortunately, they are not as silent as ceramic brake pads or brake pads for Toyota Camry.

Stopping Power

Regardless of the brake pads, you want to invest in, always check out the stopping power.

Can this product stop the car right away without any lag? This is a question you should provide an answer to.

Even if a brake works effectively, the fast response of brake pads is necessary.

Moreover, the brake pads’ function is to ensure the vehicle stops quickly.

Needless to say, its build quality has an important role to play in the stopping power. So, invest in premium quality brake pads.

Noiseless Brake Pads

If you want to enjoy driving, consider silent brake pads. Imagine riding a car that gives squeaking sounds when you press the brake to turn or stop. We’re sure that is quite embarrassing and annoying.

It doesn’t matter if the brake works perfectly, you need a high-quality brake pad with rubberized shims to save you from unpleasant situations.

These shims absorb fluctuations during the braking process. So, always ensure you buy noise-free brake pads.


Consider investing in brake pads that are suitable for your vehicle models. The worst thing is to purchase a product you cannot use.

So, to avoid this, ensure you know your vehicle model and get the brake pads that fit it.

Using a brake pad that doesn’t fit your car well will affect the brake’s performance.

It can lead to a very severe accident. To be on the safer side, check the vehicle specificity of each brake pad. 


Aside from investing in a product with excellent fitment, check for brake pads with an easy installation process.

If you have little or no time to put your brake pads in place, it’s advisable to get a product that is easy to set up and control.

Some brake pads are bolt-in, which in turn makes the installation easy. As a plus, many brake pads come with all the essential tools you need to do the job right.

It doesn’t stop there! A package that comes with the seller’s step-by-step guide will also ensure an effortless installation on your Toyota tundra.

Buying FAQ’s for Best brake pads for Toyota Tundra

What is the top brake pad for the Toyota tundra?

Without a debate, Power Stop K2813-36 Front and Rear Z36 Brake Pad are the best brake pads for Toyota tundra.

Check out the top brand in the automobile world, and there will always be a result for Power Stop.

All products from the company are of premium quality. In case this sounds untrue, this brake pad is evidence.

Beyond safety, it enhances your truck’s braking performance. Power Stop designs this product with durable materials for long time use.

Also, this material accumulates less dust making your wheels dust-free. Since it is bolt-in, users will have no problems with the installation.

Are brake pads worth it?

Yes! Brake pads are worth it. There is virtually no way you can improve and ensure top-notch brake acceleration without good brake pads.

Not only is this beneficial to your safety, but it also enhances your driving experience. With these brake pads, you don’t have to worry about ineffective brakes.

Brake pads have your back to slow down the truck and ensure smooth stopping.  With this tool, say goodbye to noise in every possible condition.

We’ve come to discover that the Toyota tundra always has issues with the heat on the braking system.

But, brake pads feature a drilled and slotted design with high cooling capacity.

Are brake backs affordable?

Yes, but not all! There are tons of affordable brake pads with exceptional features on the track.

The same goes for if you are ready to spend more. After all, you know what they say; if you want the highest quality product, you have to spend top dollar.

The brake pad prices vary due to different manufacturers, build constructions, and features.

However, be aware that some products are worth more than the price tag.

You only need to carefully check your pocket and pick the one that best fits your budget.

Should I buy ceramic or semi-metallic brake pads?

Before choosing a tundra brake upgrade, you need to check the build materials. That’s because each material is fit for different applications.

Even though both materials are high quality, it’s more advisable to invest in ceramic brake pads.

We’re sure you want to know why. The answer we think is obvious, its outstanding features.

Ceramic brake pads are more durable than semi-metallic materials. Moreover, investing in a durable product will save you more time and money.

With this material, the brake rotor won’t be worn down anytime soon.

Without hindering the brake performance, ceramic brake pads ensure lesser dust on the tires.

Likewise, it ensures better noiseless brake control. More importantly, ceramic brake pads have more resistance to high temperatures.

Do brake pads last long?

Yes! Toyota tundra brake pads can last between 30,000 miles and 70,000 miles, depending on your driving style and environment.

According to the information provided by the Federal Highway Administration statistics, a high-quality OEM brake pad can last 7 years.

To prolong the life of your brake pads, you need to inspect them regularly. Use the brake lubricant to remove all dust that might have accumulated on your rotors.

Likewise, avoid speeding fast to avoid unnecessary braking. That’s not all! Ensure you remove unnecessary weight from your truck for better braking.


With this post, your endless search for the best brake pads for Toyota tundra stops at this point.

Toyota tundra brakes selected in this post are of excellent quality and value. They are solidly built, reasonably priced, and effortless to control.

Don’t forget to use the buying guide section to lay hands on the appropriate brake pads for your vehicle.

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