6 Best Cargo Box for Subaru Outback Review With Buying Guide In 2023

Need to store your camping equipment but can’t find the best cargo box for Subaru outback? If so, we’ve got the perfect fits for your Subaru vehicle.

We’ve carefully selected these cargo boxes based on how much love they have received from consumers worldwide.

They have proven to be the very best in the market.

We’ll cover the pros and cons of these models, and we’ll also go over a useful buying guide so that you know what to watch out for.

With that being said, let’s dive in to learn more.


Comparison Table of Best Cargo Box for Subaru Outback

Goplus Cargo Box
Thule Pulse Rooftop
Thule Sidekick Rooftop
INNO Shadow Cargo

What is the best Cargo Box For Subaru?

The SportRack XL Cargo Carrier is the best model based on how much digging we’ve done. We considered quality, durability, ease of use, and it all points to this gorgeous model.

Why SportRack XL Cargo Carrier is the best for Subaru owners?

Due to its durability and how efficient it is, we decided to go for the SportRack XL Cargo Carrier.

Its aerodynamic design, along with its simplicity, makes this model a top-notch choice for Subaru owners.

Top 6 Best Cargo Boxes for Subaru Outback Review

Whether you want to go camping by yourself or store a couple of tools on the rooftop, the following cargo carries got your back. With them, your camping experience will be much better.

01. SportRack XL Cargo Carrier – Best Overall


Highlighted Features

  • Heat resistant design
  • Super easy to cleanse
  • Waterproof protective shield

Why try to fit everything inside the vehicle when you could get a large cargo box?

That is precisely what this model from SportRack aims to fix with its compact design.

The less time you spend doing something, the more time you have to focus on other things.

As such, we chose this model. The installation process is pretty simple as you don’t need special tools to set it up.

With your bare hands, this unit can be installed.

The most noticeable and worthy feature this unit has is that it’s waterproof.

When driving down the road, you never know when it could rain.

Water could get inside your precious cargo, which is why we wholeheartedly love this cargo carrier.

Furthermore, this cargo also has a protective shield that helps the unit stay in great shape as you drive during a sunny day.

Whether it be UV rays or the constant wind, this product got your back.

“One thing we must point out is that the lock feels quite weak. It feels as though you could break it anytime you twist the key.”

Another thing that makes it an ideal cargo carrier is that you can quickly access your tools.

By merely using a key, you can unlock and lock anything you want to store safely.

As far as the design goes, it is 18 cubic feet, which we believe to be plenty of space for most people.


  • Includes a protective layer
  • UV resistant
  • No tools for the installation
  • Super easy to access
  • Can carry up to 100 pounds


  • The lock is not strong enough

02. Thule XT Cargo Carrier – Best Lightweight Option


Highlighted Features

  • Durable plastic
  • Lightweight ( 32 pounds )
  • Reduces wind noise

Holidays are so much better with a roof cargo box for Subaru outback.

When you get this model from Thule, you will only ask yourself how you could travel without it.

The spacious design and versatility are the main features that make this model stand out.

For example, this model allows you to store a bike or any other large gear you would like to keep around.

Like the previous model we covered above, this one does not need tools to be installed.

As long as you attach the clips to the rail of your vehicle, you’re pretty much done.

And if that were not enough, this model was designed while keeping in mind other parts of your vehicle.

For example, even if you open up your car’s rear hatch, it won’t hit the cargo carrier. So, no need to worry about deep scratches.

“If there is one thing that concerns us, that would be twisting the key around. It does not feel smooth at all. You might have to force the key several times before you get it right.”

Following the standard for rooftop cargo boxes, they used ABS plastic, a material known for being incredibly good when handling heat and scratches.

And finally, removing this cargo box is relatively easy as you only need to take off the clips. And it’s also lightweight, making it easier to lift it up.


  • Super easy to install
  • You can open it from both sides
  • Large and compact design
  • Pretty spacious inside
  • Sturdy cargo box


  • The locking system feels cheap

03. Goplus Cargo Box – Best Heavy-Duty Cargo Carrier


Highlighted Features

  • Large capacity ( 14 cubic feet )
  • Waterproof seal
  • Deepened ABS

Protect your cargo from any external damage with the best cargo box for Subaru outback from Goplus.

This brand is an excellent option if you want a high-quality and heavy-duty cargo carrier.

Like the models we’ve gone through so far, this one is made of ABS.

It is designed to withstand heavy-use and keep your equipment safe for as long as you drive.

The space capacity of this cargo box is definitely up there with high-end models.

With roughly 14 cubic feet, you have a rather spacious and compact cargo box, which comes in handy if you plan on cramming it full of stuff.

In addition to that, it is also resistant to the effects of random weather.

So, whether it be an unexpected rain or the constant sunlight, you’re pretty much safe with this option.

As for this model’s design, we can safely say that it’s a great addition if you’re in the market for a stylish and compact cargo box.

To make it even better, this is a dual-sided cargo box, which means you can open it on either side.

This adds an extra layer of convenience as you don’t have to open it from the backside.

Furthermore, we like the outstanding capacity of this model. It can handle up to 165 pounds while keeping your tools safe.

“The built quality feels good, but for some reason, they did not add any protection to the top of the cargo carrier. It feels weak, and it might easily get damaged.”


  • The installation is pretty simple
  • Gorgeous cargo box
  • Spacy and comfortable
  • Made of ABS
  • Keeps your cargo safe


  • No universal fit available

04. Thule Cargo Carrier – High-Security Cargo Box


Highlighted Features

  • Reinforced ABS material
  • Noise-reduction system
  • Lightweight design ( 34 pounds )

People look for different things in a cargo box, but if you want a comfortable and sturdy cargo carrier, then you’ll love the Thule cargo box for Subaru outback.

This model is one of the most popular cargo boxes due to its high-security levels and how versatile it is.

As a reference, this model is made of sturdy ABS, which only enhances your box’s security.

This is a totally viable option for anybody that wants a simple to install cargo box.

Even if you’ve never done it before, you should get it working in a couple of minutes.

Also, since It’s easy to set up, you’ll notice how simple it is to take off.

Moreover, this cargo box will keep your stuff dry even if it’s raining, and it’s all due to its robust waterproof design,

It’ll keep the water out, and the cargo carrier will not get damaged.

Subaru owners love how quiet it is. They don’t even notice the strong howling wind when driving.

It remains silent throughout the trip so that you can enjoy your time listening to your favorite songs.

As you know, roof cargo boxes reduce fuel efficiency due to their weight.

However, consumers have reported that this model does not decrease their gas mileage, which is excellent to know.

“The only major drawback of this model most people seem to agree with is that it feels clumsy when opening and closing, which can be inconvenient when cramming the cargo box.”


  • Ultra-modern design
  • Does not reduce gas mileage
  • It makes little to no noise
  • Holds up to 110 pounds
  • Easy to carry around


  • It feels awkward when closing

05. JEGS Cargo Box – Best Budget Friendly


Highlighted Features

  • Large space ( 10 cubic feet )
  • Weather-tight seal
  • Aerodynamic design

The cargo box from JEGS goes to show that you don’t need a high-end cargo carrier to be the best Subaru cargo box.

It is spacious, lightweight, and it gets the job done.

With its aerodynamic design, this model provides good stability, control, and, more importantly, it’ll keep your cargo safe during your long trips.

Not only that, but you can also quickly access your equipment inside the cargo.

You don’t need to struggle just to open this thing.

The latches are also pretty convenient since they are strong enough to keep the water out during the rainy season.

Assembling this model barely takes time if any. With its self-explaining and straightforward design, you can install it without relying on any tools.

Moreover, consumers worldwide have praised how spacious this model is.

This is quite useful as you can keep your heavy equipment inside the cargo box and not in your vehicle.

Subaru owners have also reported how easy it is to lock it.

Whether you’re planning on filling this thing with lots of items, you should still have an easier time locking this cargo box.

And on top of that, the locking system does not feel weak compared to other models.

“Our main problem is that it is somewhat hard to install the clips onto the vehicle’s rooftop, which is quite annoying. However, if you don’t plan on taking it off any time soon, this should not bother you.”


  • Durable and secure design
  • Has plenty of space
  • Easily locks itself
  • Can withstand up to 100 pounds
  • No tools needed for the setup


  • For some vehicles, it is hard to install

06. INNO Cargo Box – Premium Choice


Highlighted Features

  • Ample space ( 18 cubic feet )
  • Dual-side opening
  • Aerodynamic cargo carrier

A rocking cargo box that makes your vehicle stand out from the crowd is none other than the cargo carrier from INNO Phantom.

This model is more expensive than the ones we’ve gone through so far, but it sure lives up to its upfront cost.

This model is not too short, nor is it too large, meaning you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space or hitting the rear hatch of your vehicle as you open it up.

If you feel as though the cargo box might hit the rear hatch, you can simply slide it along the rails, and you should be fine.

You can also open the box from both sides, unlike some other models, which you can only open from a specific side.

The design is nothing to write home about as it looks just like any other cargo box.

However, the interesting thing about its design is that it is an aerodynamic cargo box.

This type of design plays a critical role in reducing any noise caused by the wind hitting the cargo carrier.

This is more of a high-end type of cargo box. This is specifically aimed at those who need a spacious cargo carrier.

If you plan on storing skis, snowboards, or any other large equipment, this is without a doubt an excellent choice.

“We don’t feel comfortable with the weight of this model. It weighs about 49 pounds, which is way more than some of the models we’ve reviewed so far. This might not be an issue if you don’t take it off too often.”


  • Anti-noise system
  • Large capacity
  • The cargo can be adjusted
  • Universal mounting fit
  • Perfect for carrying luggage


  • Heavier than other models

How to Get the Ideal Cargo Box for Subaru Outback

Choosing the best cargo box for Subaru outback can be challenging with so many cargo boxes out there. Don’t worry, though.

We’ve got a couple of tips to help you choose the perfect fit for your vehicle.


When choosing a cargo box, you mustn’t overlook the materials used to construct it.

The standard for cargo carries is ABS, and it’s what you should look into when getting one.

You must also take into consideration how well it holds up to the sun.

The sunlight can do some nasty stuff to your cargo box, which is why getting a UV-resistant cargo carrier is necessary.

Universal Memory Mount System

Unfortunately, some brands try to mislead their customers into thinking their products are compatible with their vehicles, leading to unpleasant results.

However, there is something you can to mitigate these annoying and misleading claims.

Always make sure the cargo box features universal fits.

As the name suggests, those types of cargo carries are meant to be adaptable for most vehicles, as they have more adjustability when setting them up.

Aerodynamic Design

Adding a cargo box affects the way your vehicle behaves when going down the road.

You’re essentially adding extra weight to the car, which modifies how weight is distributed.

This can also mean your fuel economy might be affected by the cargo carrier.

However, to prevent that from happening, we recommend getting a cargo box with an aerodynamic design.

Those types of cargo boxes should be more than enough to avoid low fuel efficiency.

Dual-Side Opening

Many car owners find themselves having a hard time reaching into the cargo boxes.

This is mostly due to poorly-made cargo boxes that can only be accessed from specific areas.

The best way to get around is by making sure the cargo box features a dual-side opening system.

This system allows you to open the cargo box from either side instead of a single area.

Tool-Free Installation

The best cargo box for Subaru outback you can get makes the whole assembling process a lot easier.

You should get a cargo carrier with a simple installation system.

The cargo boxes that can be installed without sophisticated tools should be one of your main priorities.

For example, you might want to take it off as you park somewhere down the road.

So, having such a comfortable design is a game-changing feature.


Rain sounds can help ease anxiety and even reduce stress, but it’s not so much fun when you’re driving, as the water might get inside your cargo.

Thus, we recommend picking up a model that is waterproof to keep the water out.

Rear Hatch

You must keep in mind when purchasing a cargo box is the distance between the rear hatch and the cargo carrier.

Some car owners do not realize this until it’s too late. If the cargo box is too large, you might hit the back of your vehicle as you open it.

So, we suggest measuring your vehicle before buying the cargo box in question.

For example, some high-end models try to mitigate this problem by allowing them to slide the cargo carrier.

Best Cargo Carrier For Subaru Outback: [FAQ]

Want to fill up any gap you might have about cargo boxes for Subaru? If so, here are a couple of typical results you might want to take a look at:

Can you drive with an empty cargo box?

Many professionals do not like it when people drive with empty cargo boxes.

If you’re not going to be storing anything inside the cargo carrier, they suggest taking it off in the meantime. Having extra weight on top of the vehicle will only reduce your gas mileage.

Are cargo boxes universal?

Unfortunately, not all cargo boxes are universal. Some cargo boxes are made explicitly for some vehicles.

So, chances are they won’t attach to the rooftop.

However, when in doubt, we suggest doing a quick google search along with the vehicle’s name in question to find out whether it’s compatible or not.

Why does my roof box whistle?

The roof box takes a lot of wind as you drive, and the faster you go, the louder the whining noise gets.

And if it’s empty, it gets even worse. So, to stop the constant whistle, you’re going to have to slow down.

How fast can you drive with a cargo box?

Cargo boxes have gotten a lot better over the years, but there are still some things you must keep in mind.

When driving, you should not go over 80 mph. That is the sweet spot for cargo boxes.

Anything above that number seems to cause a lot of noise. Also, if there is nothing inside, the noise will be even louder.

What can you put in a cargo box?

You can put it inside the cargo box, pretty much anything you don’t want to keep inside the vehicle. For example, you could put in your muddy boots.

You can also use it to store greasy gear. It’s only a matter of what you actually want to carry around.

Why are roof cargo boxes so expensive?

It depends on the model you want to pick up.

Some of them are super expensive since consumers are willing to pay that kind of money due to the brand’s popularity.

Well-known brands carry a lot more weight than a new start-up nobody knows about, hence the price spike for some of them.

Furthermore, you need to consider the cargo boxes’ materials, which severely increases the value.

How do you store a cargo box?

There are plenty of cool ways to store your cargo box safely.

For example, you could mount two hooks on your wall and then attach the cargo carrier to those hooks.

It goes vertically, but the hooks are good enough to hold it tightly.

The other option takes a lot more time since you have to hang it from the ceiling, though this option seems quite efficient for those who have a heavy cargo box and would prefer to pull a rope to lift the cargo carrier.


We sincerely hope that you found the best cargo box for Subaru outback.

We know that as a first-time buyer, all these cargo boxes might look the same.

But what makes each one of them unique is the number of features they have.

Some of them are more efficient, and some of them are more expensive.

Nonetheless, we’ve made sure they fit most people’s standards. Chances are, there is one for you.

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