10 Best Catch Can For F150 Ecoboost In 2023

Let’s say you’re driving your F150 on a Sunday afternoon, and then it starts failing out of nowhere. The next day you take the truck to the mechanic, and he tells you that the intake valve is dirty.

To fix it, you need an oil separator or catch can, or else it will stay the same. What do you do?

If you don’t have an idea of what a catch can is, then you’re likely to panic.

Luckily, we know exactly where you can find the best catch can for F150 Ecoboost – here!

Yes, we’re going over some of the highest-quality oil catch cans for the F150 truck with the Ecoboost engine.

It is not easy to find this type of spare part, so we decided to make a comprehensive and helpful guide for those who struggle to find the right one.

Below you’ll find everything there’s to know about these oil catch cans and much more!


Top 10 Best Catch Cans for F150 EcoBoost Reviews in 2021

After in-depth and exhausting research, we decided to pick some of the most reliable and durable catch cans out there.

Comparison Table Of Catch Cans For Ford F150 EcoBoost 

JLT [Oil Separator]
Mishimoto[Oil Catch Can]
Mishimoto[Oil Catch Can]
Mishimoto[Oil Catch Can Kit]
Mishimoto [Compact Oil Catch Can]
Ruien [Universal Oil Catch Can]
JLT [Oil Separator]
Prosport Gauges
Elite Engineering USA
UPR Products

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There were hundreds of catch cans, but few matched the F150 Ecoboost while offering a good enough experience to consider them. So we ended up with only 10 models.

We analyzed everything about these catch cans, considered their best and worst features, then brought them all to you. Here’s what we found:

01. JLT 3016P-B Passenger Side Oil Separator – Best for 5.0L EcoBoost Engine


Highlighted Features:

  • Fits any engine model
  • Full-hardware kit
  • Billet aluminum construction

When it comes to quality catch-can brands, few can meet the standards of JLT.

That’s why the 3016P-B is the best catch can for F150 Ecoboost you can get. There’s simply no competitor to everything it offers.

Outstanding Performance

Probably the most important part about this catch can is the multi-stage filter that collects all vapors and keeps them stored on the removable bottom.

At the same time, it lets air go through amazingly well. The sturdy billet aluminum builds with O-ring makes it all happen for years without drawbacks.

Multiple Compatibility

The first thing you’ll realize about this oil catch can is the ability to fit on almost any version of the Ecoboost engine for the F150.

This includes the 3.5, then 2.7, and the 5.0 models.

What’s even better, it fits engines going from 2015 to 2019. So this oil separator will fit almost surely on your truck.

Practical Kit

Another advantage of this excellent piece is the full-hardware kit it offers.

You get the screws and fittings, specially designed to make the two-fold on the separator match your car.

It also boasts OEM-style PCV fitting, so you won’t have to waste any time setting them up. It is a plug-and-play piece.


  • Doesn’t wear down at all
  • Works with the largest of F150 engines
  • Demands little effort to install
  • Captures oil like no other


  • May produce build up on hoses

02. Mishimoto MMBCC-F27T-15SBE Baffled Oil Catch Can – Best for Performance & Durability


Highlighted Features:

  • Works in CCV and PCV systems
  • 50-micron bronze filter
  • 6061-aluminum build

If you want a quality oil separator that doesn’t disappoint in the slightest, then you’re looking for the best oil catch can for F150 Ecoboost from Mishimoto. It offers everything you need.

Superb Design

Want to capture the blow-by coming from the CCV and PCV of your engine? Then the MMBCC-F27T-15SBE from Mishimoto is what you’re looking for.

It offers a dual-can installation that will handle as much blow-by as you can expect.

Maximum Capturing Capacity

Also working as an oil catch can but performing like an oil separator, this baffled model will capture oil particles using a 50-micro bronze filter.

Add the air diverter internally, which helps to separate oil even better. So you get double the performance and durability improvement.

Magnificently Durable & Practical

A combination of a 6061-aluminum construction with an in-line check valve that prevents pressurization makes it last a lifetime.

But when you add the direct-fit design that fits on any 15-17 F150 2.7L plus the brackets so you can set it up quickly, it instantly becomes a brilliantly practical model to have.


  • Will Last a lifetime
  • Need little draining over time
  • Capture tons of oil with ease
  • Improve engine efficiency


  • Draining them can be a bit problematic

03. Ruien 0046 Polish Baffled Oil Catch Can – Best for the Money


Highlighted Features:

  • Available in Black and Red
  • Universal installation
  • Full-hardware kit

Don’t want to spend a fortune buying a new catch can? Then you need the Ruien 0046 – the best oil catch can for the money that gets the job done like the most expensive one.

Decent Capacity

This catch can stand out for its 13.5 fluid ounces of total capacity, Along with an aluminum construction; you can enjoy an excellent product that gets the job done for a low price.

This goes well with the ability to pick between black or red models, so you can match it with your truck.

Will Fit Anywhere

Another considerable advantage of this catch can is the ability to fit on almost any F150 model without problems.

Thanks to the unique set of hardware, you can set it up on nearly every vehicle without problems.

Ultra-Handy Package

As soon as you open the box where this catch can come in, you’ll realize how convenient it is.

You get the whole set, including the screws, brackets, clamps, fittings, sealing tape, and hoses.

For those who don’t want to waste any time buying installation hardware, this model from Ruien comes like a charm.


  • Has a decently large can size
  • Will fit almost any vehicle
  • Boasts a long-lasting aluminum build
  • Looks pretty attractive


  • Doesn’t capture too much oil

04. Mishimoto MMBCC-F35T-15SBE Baffled Oil Catch Can Kit – Best for Off-Road Trucks


Highlighted Features:

  • Anodized aluminum build
  • 12-ounces of can size
  • Dual PCV & CCV design

Back once again with Mishimoto, we now find an oil catch can that can tackle any use.

Whether you use your Ford F150 for simple commuting or deep in the fields for heavy work, this is the catch can to use.

Unbeatable Construction

If there’s something this oil catch can do better than others is lasting a lifetime.

Anodized aluminum can, 3mm thick steel bracket, super-flexible plastic hoses, and reliable fittings will keep this catch can working for years.

On top of that, you can install it in a breeze.

Works Perfectly

The ability to protect your intake valves from blow-by is also unmatched.

It uses a dual-can design that captures PCV and CCV.

Along with the unique routing system, this can is made to make your engine better in every way.

You can tackle any job with your truck using this oil catch can.

Handles A Lot of Fluid

Another huge benefit you can’t dismiss is the 12-ounces of fluid capacity it offers.

You won’t have to be continually draining the can when it can handle so much blow-by.

Sure enough, the two-fold system also helps to make this space last even longer.


  • Cleans vapors like no other
  • Withstands any kind of use
  • Decent tank size for little draining
  • Installation is super-easy


  • It is pretty expensive

05. Mishimoto Compact Baffled Oil Catch Can – Best for DIY Owners


Highlighted Features:

  • 50-micron bronze filter
  • 6061 billet aluminum build
  • Two-port design

You don’t need to get a complete kit from Mishimoto when the oil tank alone will do the job. If you’re a DIY installer, then you’ll love this baffled catch can.

Remarkable Operation

If there’s something about this oil catch can we love is the capacity to separate oil articles like no other.

Using a 50-micron bronze filter, it will clean the blow-by correctly.

This goes well with the internal baffle that prevents any splashes. And with the air diverter, it separates the oil even more efficiently.

Ultra-Durable Build

Everything is made of aluminum on this baffled catch can.

From the drain area to the inlet and outlet, you get a super-durable piece that never lets you down.

This billet 6061-aluminum build also helps to perform better, ensuring a longer engine lifespan as well.

Utterly Convenient

Even though you only get the can, it is still a piece of cake to install. It comes with a universal bracket, so it fits on your F150 Ecoboost with ease.

You also get a two-port system, so you can make it work on PCV or CCV systems. And lastly, it comes with fittings for the setup, making it even easier.


  • Cleans tons of oil from the air
  • Doesn’t splash or corrode
  • Will work with any F150 engine
  • Works well for custom systems


  • Installation can be a bit difficult

06. Ruien Universal Oil Catch Can Tank – Best for Color Options


Highlighted Features:

  • Available in 4 color options
  • Up to 12 ounces
  • 0046-aluminum build

We still think there’s no better brand for low-end catch tanks than Ruien.

Sure enough, this is the best budget oil catch can for people who want to add a colorful piece to their engine.

Effective for Its Cost

Keeping your PCV and CCV systems clean may seem like a titanic job that only high-end catch cans do. But that would be wrong.

This cheap yet effective model gets the job done with only 12 fluid ounces of capacity.

It will prevent engine wear and keep it working neatly.

Super-Small & Practical

This catch tank is probably the most convenient one you will find.

With a universal installation system, an oil dipstick, and a dual-installation design – it will make your catch can usage a lot less tiring.

It also comes with a filter, fittings, brackets, clamps, hoses, and wire sponge for a more practical setup.

Incredibly Long-Lasting

The combination of a 0046-aluminum construction with a tig-welded design will keep this catch can working for a long.

Despite its price, it is entirely corrosion-free and withstands heavy use. You can also find it in Red, Black, Blue, and Red+Blue options that don’t develop rust.


  • It is surprisingly cheap
  • Sets up on any vehicle
  • Comes with a practical dipstick
  • Boasts all installation hardware


  • Not the best capturing performance

07. JLT 3016P-C Passenger Side Oil Separator – Best for F150 Raptor


Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with Raptor engines
  • 3-ounce can capacity
  • Fits OEM fittings

Powering up your Raptor with a quality oil catch-can shouldn’t be a problem.

That’s why the 3016P-C from JLT exists. It gets the job done like no other on your Raptor, keeping it working swiftly for long.

Maximum Compatibility

As you can guess, the capacity to fit on your 3.5L Raptor is what makes it such an excellent piece in the first place.

But you can also make it work with F150 models going from 5.0 to 2.7 starting at the 2011 truck model to the 2019 one.

That’s impressive compatibility at this price level.

Fantastic Performance

It can handle 3 ounces of fluid that lasts over 3000 miles, which works like no other with the multi-stage filter.

This filter collects even the finest vapors and prevents any obstructions through the PCV or CCV lines.

Your truck will perform a lot better and last a lot longer.

Handy & Durable

Nothing makes this catch can feel like an excellent choice like the billet aluminum construction. It prevents corrosion and breakage.

At the same time, it is amazingly easy to install, boasts its own O-ring seal, and fits with OEM PCV fittings. You get the durability & handiness you will ever need.


  • Performs super-well every time
  • Comes at a great price for the quality
  • Doesn’t require much to set up
  • Works with most F150 engines


  • Needs constant draining

08. Prosport Dual Baffle Oil Catch Can – Best for High Can Capacity


Highlighted Features:

  • Gigantic 24-ounce tank size
  • 6061-aluminum build
  • Black anodized finish

Gigantic but straightforward design, the Dual-Baffle Catch Can from Prosport will make your F150’s engine last a lifetime while requiring little input from your part.

Immense Capacity

Offering 24 fluid ounces (over 100% more than others in the list), it becomes a go-to choice for people who don’t want to be constantly draining the piece.

Being such a big part can be hard to find a place under the hood. But it will certainly save you tons of time and effort.

Exceptional Build

The piece doesn’t end there. You also get an aluminum construction all around.

A 6061-aluminum aerospace-quality construction with a black anodized finish will make it last a lifetime.

Add several stainless steel pieces, and you get one of the most long-lasting catch cans out there.

Handy Design & Features

One of the most exciting parts of this catch can is the stainless steel breather.

It works like a gem alongside the O-ring design, preventing any loosening while on the job.

And with the robotically TIG-welded steel mount bracket, it becomes a go-to choice for anyone who seeks convenience.


  • Will catch tons of oil
  • Comes with all necessary hardware
  • Installs in a breeze
  • Lasts a lifetime


  • Bulky design can be hard to fit

09. Elite Engineering E2-X PCV Oil Catch Can  – Best Can-Only Alternative


Highlighted Features:

  • 6061-T6 aluminum build
  • Chrome-plated valves
  • Four filtering chambers

Looking for the highest-end of the high-end catch cans out there? Then you need the E2X catch-can only model.

It gets the job done like no other without needing the extra hardware.

Brilliant Performance

This catch-can contains four condensing chambers. One collects and condenses everything that passes through.

The other finishes the separating process while cooling everything up.

A third outlet chamber cleans the remaining vapors. And the fourth coalescing chamber disperses everything evenly for a brilliant oil-capturing performance.

Highly Long-Lasting

Despite its superb performance, it still lasts a lifetime. You get a 6061-T6 aluminum construction with stainless steel chambers and chrome-plated brass ball valves.

Together, they make it possible to prevent corrosion, don’t break, crack, and eventually deliver the performance you need.

Amazingly Convenient

No need to be an expert to install this piece. You get all the hardware and the most practical design to get the job done by yourself.

From the fittings to the hose, a bracket, C-clamp, and even the screws – you won’t have any problem setting the Elite Engineer E2-X catch can.


  • Cleans more oil than any other
  • Will not corrode or break
  • Installs super-easily
  • Comes with all the hardware


  • A bit expensive for its size

10. UPR 5032-030 Billet Oil Catch Can – Best for Satin Finish Look


Highlighted Features:

  • Satin finish
  • CNC-machined aluminum build
  • Nickel fittings

For people who want to keep their engine’s performance at the highest while increasing its lifespan, nothing will fit their bill better than the UPR 5032-032 oil catch can.

Excellent Looks & Construction

As soon as you set your eyes on this catch can, you’ll know it is a model not to overlook.

It offers a CNC-machined billet aluminum construction that withstands almost any use.

But the real benefit comes from the satin finish, making its already fantastic build look fantastic.

Anti-Leaking Performance

This catch was designed with the whole purpose of capturing as much oil as possible from the engine’s vapor.

Yet, it is the ultra-sealed build and unique containment system with a stainless steel mesh filter that catches it all.

You won’t have to worry about debris and oil leaking to the intake system again.

Fits Almost Any F150 Truck

Any F150 Ecoboost truck you can think of – they will all work with this catch can.

Thanks to the hose, fittings, cover, and brackets, setting it up will be a piece of cake.

Add the straightforward design, and you won’t have to spend more than 30 minutes setting it up.


  • Looks dope on any truck
  • Has an effective steel filter
  • Anyone can set it up
  • Won’t leak oil in the slightest


  • Small can needs consistent draining

What to Consider When Buying The Best Catch Can for F150 EcoBoost

So you decided to read our reviews to find the model for your F150 truck.

But after minutes of reading everything, you’re still almost as confused as to when you started. You simply don’t know what to go for.

Well, don’t worry. We’re going to help you pick the best catch can for F150 Ecoboost. You just need to learn how to choose the right one by considering these factors:

Catching Performance

The whole purpose of an oil catch can is to capture oil particles and other impurities on the air of your PCV or CCV system.

But even though they’re made similarly, some of them perform a lot better than others. Those are the ones you should strive for.

Here, you should consider models with dual-valve systems that work with the PCV and CCV.

They’re a lot more useful than the ones that only work with either CCV or PCV.

At the same time, you want something with valuable filters. Multi-stage filters made with bronze or stainless steel are fantastic.

Build & Materials

You don’t want to get an oil catch can that wears down in a few years.

Also, you don’t want something that breaks or cracks with heavy use.

And of course, you also want something that doesn’t corrode or scratch.

What do you get in that case? Well, we recommend nothing less than an aluminum catch can.

The best type of aluminum you can get is the 6061 alloy.

And if it comes with an anodized finish, then it is likely to last even longer (and look cool).

Can Capacity

The third thing you want to think about is whether you want a catch can that lasts thousands of miles to fill up, or one that you’ll need to drain every few hundreds.

We’re sure you want something that lasts. That’s why you should get something with no less than 3 fluid ounces of capacity.

For the best experience, get at least 4 fluid ounces.

It is essential to be aware that large can sizes occupy more space on your hood.

So while getting a large-capacity tank may be an excellent idea to prevent constant draining, it may also look weird on your hood.

Hardware & Mounting

Once you have the size and construction of the oil catch tank figured out, then you need to think about whether it is easy to install.

There are many ways to know this, but the clearest is whether the piece comes with enough hardware pieces.

If you get fittings and seals to connect, then it is relatively easy.

But if you also get the hoses, clamps, and brackets, then it is an even more practical piece to have.

Some people prefer doing the installation themselves with custom pieces.

If that’s you, then don’t hesitate to choose a catch can without hardware.

They may be more challenging, but they allow maximum personalization.


Sure, you want a catch tank that takes little effort to install. But wouldn’t it be great to also have a model that fits on your specific car model?

In this case, you’ll want the catch can to fit on your F150. So you’ll have to look for precisely that.

However, it is essential to remember that some catch tanks will work on your 2011 F150 with a 2.7L EcoBoost engine. But others won’t.

So be sure to get exactly the catch can that matches your vehicle make, year, and engine type. Otherwise, you may end up buying a product that doesn’t fit.

To prevent any of that, a universal-fitting catch tank should be your best option.

They may not fit at once in your car, but a few modifications and tests should suffice to get them on.

This video will help you to install catch Can

The Best Catch Can For F150 Ecoboost: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After reading our reviews and recommendations before buying the catch can for F150 Ecoboost, you’re probably still confused about a thing or two.

Well, this section was designed to relieve those doubts you may have.

Below, you’ll find some common questions people make with their respective answers:

What does an oil catch can do?

It’s super simple. An oil catch can or tank’s whole purpose is to clean the air (vapors) that goes in and out of the vehicle.

Every time the engine produces vapor, they usually recirculate consistently inside.

With a catch tank, these vapors will be a lot cleaner, ensuring maximum engine performance and durability.

How does a catch can work?

The way a catch can work is not as simple as its purpose. But it is still not impossible to explain.

A typical catch can go between the breather/crankcase outlet and the intake system of the engine.

When the vapors come out through the breather from the engine, the catch can receive them all.

While the vapors go through the can, it cleans the vapors by capturing the oil. Then the vapor can reach the engine cleaner.

Most oil particles stay on the catch can while the vapors go in and out of the engine. That’s how it works.

Who makes the best oil catch can?

JLT and Mishimoto oil catch cans are the best you can get. They come with drain valves, filter media, sight levels, and high-quality constructions.

The models may differ, of course, but when it comes to the value you get for each dollar, no brand comes close to these two.

Do I need an air oil separator?

Yes, if you’re driving an F150 with an Ecoboost engine, then you probably need one of these.

An oil catch-can will increase the engine’s lifespan exponentially while ensuring a cleaner operation every day.

What’s even better, an oil separator will also improve performance. So it’s almost a must-have.

What’s the difference between an oil separator and an oil catch can?

When you look at an oil catch can and at an oil separator, you may think they’re the same. But they’re actually not.

A few things differ one from the other, even though they do the same job. Below we explain more about them:

Oil Catch Can

Simple but effective at getting rid of oil in the vapor that comes out of engines, oil catch cans are the most common you’ll find.

They are comprised of a can or tank that captures the oil on the vapor. And this can is usually connected with small hoses/tubes to both intake and outtake of the engine.

Some catch cans are a bit more complicated than these. They may have filters and other parts that add up to their performance.

But generally, they’re this simple. Just a tank that captures oil from the vapor that comes in and out the engine.

Air & Oil Separator

When you see an oil separator, you feel it looks almost the same as an oil catch can. And you wouldn’t be wrong.

The only physical difference is that oil separators have more pieces, mainly two or three outlets that are longer.

These outlets not only connect to the PCV of your engine but also the CCV.

What that means is that the piece doesn’t only catch the oil, it also separates it from the vapor and air that goes through.

So it works a little more effective at getting rid of the oil on the vapors of the engine.

At the same time, they may heat up the air that goes into the engine, helping it work more efficiently.

Will an oil catch add horsepower?

There’s no evidence that using an oil catch can add power to an engine.

But, it is evident that not using a catch tank will eventually clog the engine intake and make it work deficiently.

So while it doesn’t necessarily enhance performance by adding horsepower, it will help it run at maximum power.

How often should I drain an oil catch can?

There’s no specific time on which you should drain a catch can because all models have different sizes and capturing levels.

For example, a 3-ounce model may need to be emptied every 1000 miles. A 24-ounce tank, in contrast, will need to be drained at about 5,000 miles.

At the same time, a low-quality 4-ounce tank may capture little oil from the vapors, filling it up slowly, needing to be drained every 2000 miles or so.

While you may also find a high-end 5-ounce model that captures a lot of oil from the vapor, needing to be drained every 500 miles.

Conclusion of Ford F150 Ecoboost Catch Can

Now that you’re aware of the importance of a catch can and how it can help you get the most out of your truck, you mustn’t waste any time and get one now.

With our best catch can for the F150 Ecoboost list, you should be ready to pick the one that best matches your demands.

Follow our advice and recommendations for an even better choice.

Whatever you pick, we’re pretty sure you’ll be happy. Your F150 truck will get an excellent upgrade that you won’t regret buying!

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