9 Best Coils For 5.3 Vortec 2023 : High Performance Ignition Coil For Vortec Engine?

If you are looking to increase your Vortec Engine performance then you must have to choose the best coils for 5.3 Vortec.

If your ignition coil has burnt-out you may be thinking about purchasing a new set of coils from the original engine manufacturer (OEM) of your vehicle.

But there are plenty of other brands available that are cheaper and also provide better performance and can be considered as the best coils for Vortec if you own one.

With a help of a new and superior ignition coil set, you can ensure that your truck runs with added power, performs better, and has better mileage.


Comparison Table Of  Best Coils For 5.3 Vortec

MSD [Pack of 8]
MAS [8 Pack]
CarBole [8 Spark]
AA Ignition

If you own a 5.3L Vortec engine equipped truck, the options are many. So, we arise at the question:

What is the best ignition coil for 5.3 Vortec?

The answer is varied and depends on multiple factors. So, we have prepared a list of the best ignition coils in the market that fit a 5.3L Vortec engine.

As part of this article, you will also find a list of buying considerations and a FAQ section.

So, here are the best ignition coils that you can purchase to replace the original coils in the 5.3L Vortec engine.

Top 09 Best Coils For 5.3 Vortec On The Market 2020

01. MSD Ignition Coil – 8 Pack: Best overall product


Top features:

  • Includes MSD wires
  • Easy to install
  • Coating to ensure longevity

If you are looking for a quick fix for your engine ignition coils, then this pack of high-quality MSD ignition coils will serve perfectly.

Install with ease

They require minimum effort to install. You simply take out your original coils and replace them with the MSD ones, and you are good to go.

They also come packed with the MSD wires, so you will not have to run to a mechanic to get any extra parts.

Boost performance

These are the perfect option for truck owners that pack a 5.3L Vortec engine.

So, if your Silverado’s sensors seem to near the end of their life, you should immediately get your hands on these top-notch ignition coils!

Your truck will immediately start performing better and your throttle response will be smoother than ever along with better fuel economy as well.

Cost factor

Lastly, these coils come at a much cheaper cost than any factory make model. So, if you are worried about spending a ton buying new ignition coils and then again spending on the mechanic to get them installed, there is absolutely no need! Get this MSD ignition pack, and all your worries will come to an end altogether!


  • Comes at a cheaper price and fits all vehicles equipped with a 5.3L Vortec engine.
  • Highly professional packaging that ensures no components are damaged in transit.
  • Can be completely installed by newbie truck users without any external help.


  • Certain customers have complained about poor quality customer service.

02. MAS Square Ignition Coil – Pack of 8: Best longevity


Top features:

  • Enhances fuel economy
  • Fits all Vortec engines
  • Good customer service

Are you looking for a budget replacement for ignition coils? Then this set of MAS ignition coils is probably the best deal you can get.

Installation process

They are almost half the price of any other ignition coil and perform just as well. You can install them with relative ease, although we suggest watching some tutorials.

But if you have experience in the field then the process should not take even an hour to get done.

Trusted brand

MAS has been a long-time producer of premium auto parts, and this pack of ignition coils fits their usual quality standards. So, don’t be fooled by the cheap price into thinking these are subpar products.

Fits a large range

The only aspect you need to be careful about is whether your engine supports square coils. Not all 5.3L Vortec engines are made for square coils, but a huge number of them support these models.

And this list includes most Chevrolet models, so any regular truck owner can get these coils. Additionally, these coils also fit a variety of other engines makes such as 6L, 8.1L, 4.8L, etc.


  • Comes packed with copper wires that provide longevity and better ignition capability.
  • Provides a great fuel economy.
  • Top-notch customer service from a trusted brand.


  • Does not support all 5.3L Vortec engines.

03. CarBole Spark Plug Ignition Coil – Pack of 8: Best additional features


Top features:

  • Massive noise suppression
  • Spark wires included
  • Silicone jacket

These are truly some of the best ignition coils for 5.3 Vortec you can get in the market.

Best OEM replacement

If you are facing issues with engine light or throttle response it usually means the ignition coils have reached the end of their lifespan.

So, instead of buying a high-priced factory makes, you can get yourself this pack of CarBole ignition coils, and your truck will perform like its fresh out of the dealership.

Added longevity

Each individual coil is wrapped in a jacket of silicone, which ensures that it can withstand the highest and lowest temperatures, making these highly durable ignition coils.

The spark wires that come packed with this product are also quality parts and they will provide an added boost to your truck like never before.

Additionally, these coils feature an extra conductive layer to provide high-end noise suppression so expect your truck to run as smooth as ever.

Extra requirements

However, you need to keep in mind that this pack of CarBole ignition coils does not come with mounting brackets.

So, you will need to make a quick visit to your local mechanic to pick up a set of mounting brackets that support horizontal bolt holes.

Don’t be worried as mounting brackets are extremely cheap products, so the entire expenditure will still be well below factory-made ignition coils.


  • Easy to install and fits most 5.3L Vortec engine models.
  • Apart from better engine performance you also gain a better fuel economy.
  • Highly durable and added noise suppression mechanism.


  • Does not come packed with mounting brackets.

04. AA Ignition 8 Pack Ignition Coils: Best budget product


Top features:

  • Great performance at a budget price
  • Round coils
  • No mechanical help required

If you want to get a pack of high-performance ignition coils at a budget price this is definitely your best option.

Install and empower

They are easy to install, require no extra parts, and will provide your truck with a renewed boost.

Once you have these coils installed your engine will no longer misfire, the rpm will perform at the best possible levels, and you will also gain a better mileage.

Check for fitting

The important thing to keep in mind here is that these coils do not fit all vehicle types, even in the 5.3L Vortec engine range.

Even if your coil type is round these coils are differently designed and can fit only a certain type of engine.

If you have purchased your truck fairly recently these should fit without any issue whatsoever, but for older truck owners it’s better to thoroughly research before purchasing these coils.

But apart from that these coils provide great performance to the engine. They are much cheaper than any factory model, and AA Ignition also provides great customer service.

So, if your engine type matches these models there is practically no reason for holding yourself back from buying these coils.


  • Provides an all-round performance upgrade for your 5.3L Vortec engine.
  • Will save you the cost of visiting a mechanic to get ignition coils installed.
  • All AA Ignition technicians are ASE certified, so you can expect a high-quality product.


  • Does not fit all engine types, thorough research required before purchase.

05. Yikesai 8 Pack Ignition Coil: Best DIY option


Top features:

  • Plug-n-Play mechanism
  • A good option for newbie truck owners
  • Square shape fits all modern trucks

Are you a newbie to the world of trucks? Then what you need is a ‘plug-n-play’ option for your burnt-out ignition coils.

Easiest to install

This set of spark plugs from Yikesai are designed such they can be fitted in your truck with a moment’s notice, and it will be good to go!

Instead of purchasing your factory make models at a high price and then visiting a mechanic to get them installed, you can get this set for almost half the price and get the job done yourself!

Fits all square coil requirements

Keep in mind that these are square ignition coils, so they will not fit your vehicle if it packs round coils.

This is something a lot of newbie truck users get wrong so before ordering make sure your engine has square coils. But that is all you will need to check.

These Yikesai coils will fit all square coil engines without a hitch, and all other required parts for installation are included in the package.

All-round performance boost

From engine misfires to lowered throttle response, this set of ignition coils will ensure that all problems related to your engine are taken care of.

Additionally, you will also gain back lost mileage and the RPM factor will be enhanced. All in all, this is definitely a good budget buy.


  • Require little to no knowledge in order to install these ignition coils.
  • Great pricing compared to similar products.
  • Fits all square coil 5.3L Vortec engine vehicles.


  • This is a Chinese product, so customer service may not always be great.

06. QYL Ignition Coils – 8 Pack: Good choice for all engine types


Top features:

  • Can withstand heavy-duty usage
  • Provides all-round engine upgrade
  • Fits all Vortec engines

High-grade replacement coils help ensure your truck stays in top-notch quality and provides the perfect ignition to your engine. QYL ignition coils fulfill all these factors and more!

Maximum durability

The coils are extremely durable, and you don’t need to be worried about them getting corroded even if you are using your truck at optimum performance.

Each coil is designed to provide the maximum ignition power but at the same time ensure low-emission rates.

Furthermore, they fit all square type engines from the 5.3L to the 8.1L; so you can get them without a second thought!

Square shape

You still need to keep in mind that these coils are not compatible with round coil engines. But if you have a relatively new truck, this should not be a worry.

Older trucks can not function without the round-shaped ignition coil, but any truck bought within the last decade should run on square coils.

However, it’s better to check the shape of your OEM coils before making the purchase.

Trusted by professionals

The power boost your truck will receive from these ignition coils is quite impressive, and you will get slightly better mileage as well.

Professional truck drivers have been using QYL coils for a long time, and they are some of the best quality and long-lasting coils you can get in the market.


  • Easy to fit if you have basic knowledge of engine coils.
  • Perfect for all engines that have a square coil requirement.
  • Provides excessive engine boost and lasts a long time.


  • Not always available in the market.

07. FAERSI 8 Pack Ignition Coils: Best performance


Top features:

  • Fixes all throttle response issues
  • Bolt-in feature
  • Includes shock absorbers

FAERSI is known for producing some of the best auto parts in the market and these bolt-on ignition coils are a great choice for any truck owner.

A great choice to replace OEM models

If you are facing issues with engine ignition then it is clearly time to change your ignition coils.

Instead of getting the high-priced factory models to bring home the FAERSI 8 pack ignition coils and all your problems will be dealt with.

Requires no extra knowledge

These are extremely easy to install regardless of your knowledge of handling ignition coils.

You simply take the old ones out, replace them with the new 8 pack, bolt them in, and you’re good to go!

You will not have to use a single tool out of your toolkit to install these coils and the total process will take less than half an hour.

Best throttle response

Once installed they will ensure that your engine gets the right amount of ignition, thereby eliminating all throttling and RPM related issues.

You will also be saving a ton of money and driving a truck that feels brand new.

FAERSI ignition coils can replace any OEM coils on a 5.3L Vortec engine, and the brand is known for top-notch customer service.


  • Bolt-on design allows for ease of installation process.
  • Crafted for long and steady performance.
  • Thermal shock absorbers ensure that these coils can stand the test of rough conditions.


  • Only fits square type engines.

08. ENA 8 Pack Ignition Coils: Extended warranty factor


Top features:

  • Top-notch craftsmanship
  • All-round engine problems solved
  • Highly durable

If you want a new set of non-OEM ignition coils but also want to ensure that their durability factor is not compromised, the ENA 8 pack will definitely meet your requirements.

Good market cost

The pricing is clearly lower than most other ignition coils in this range, and you also get an added 5-year warranty while other brands will usually provide 2 years.

This is an all-round set of ignition coils, meaning it can potentially solve issues relating to power failure, hard start, engine misfires, converter failure, and various others.

It will also provide you with better mileage on top of solving all these issues.

So, there’s basically no reason as to why you should not choose the ENA ignition coils as a replacement for your factory set.

Requires basic knowledge

While these coils can be installed by yourself as long as you have sufficient knowledge, they can require the help of a mechanic.

But with some basic study and watching tutorial videos, you can possibly skip the requirement of a mechanic.

Keep in mind that these coils are meant not only for performance but also for longevity, and if they don’t serve up to capacity you can always claim a new set as per the warranty.

Square shape fits modern vehicles

These ignition coils from ENA are square-shaped. So, while they will fit all modern 5.3L Vortec engines, they might not fit some of the older models.

It’s better to check thoroughly before making the purchase. If you end up purchasing the wrong shape you will have wasted your money and the coils will not fit.


  • The extended warranty period guarantees the longevity of the product.
  • Good pricing factor as well as high-quality craftsmanship.
  • Takes care of almost all engine-related issues of your vehicle.


  • Newbie truck owners may face some difficulty while installing these coils.

09. MAS Ignition Coils Pack of 8: Best all-in-one package


Top features:

  • Includes spark plug cables
  • DIY installation possible
  • Abrasion control

This all in one pack is the answer to your 5.3L Vortec engine misfiring and causing any other ignition related issues.

Includes all requirements

If you own a truck that has a good number of miles on it then the OEM ignition coils are bound to burn out.

With this pack, you can easily replace the entire set and change your spark plug wires as well.

For the price, it is absolutely a great buy and will not require you to get any extra components from the mechanic whatsoever.

Good cost factor

The coils and the spark plug wires are quite easy to install and can be done so in a DIY manner.

So, you will be able to take care of all engine issues without having to go to the mechanic or spend a ton of money on OEM products.

If you are thinking that you don’t need to replace spark plug wires right now, then you can be mistaken.

If your ignition coils have burnt-out then the spark plug wires will not last a very long time either.

So, this all-inclusive package will take care of your future buying needs as well.

Fits square engine coils

This set from MAS features the square ignition coil design, so make sure that your engine is not one that requires round type coils.

If so, you will have to pick up a different set as these will not fit the purpose. But otherwise, these are some of the best coils you can get in the market and the inclusion of the spark plug wires makes it a deal you can’t miss out on!


  • Great electrical resistance along with abrasion control, thereby ensuring longevity.
  • Easy to install and does not require any extra purchases.
  • Comes equipped with a set of spark plug wires.


  • Sometimes the wires may seem too long for your truck, but with basic knowledge, this problem can be dealt with.

Best Ignition Coils for 5.3L Vortec Engine: Buying Considerations

For newbie truck owner, purchasing the right ignition coil can be a difficult choice to make.

With most of the ignition coils being quite similar in make and features, you may not always be able to understand the factors that guide your decision.

Sure you can decipher between the shapes and the price categories, but there are plenty of other factors that you need to consider.

So, we have crafted a quick list that will help you buy the best coils for 5.3 Vortec engine based vehicles.

Engine type

Certain coils are built specifically for 5.3L Vortec engines, while others can fit more than one specification. And even within these specifications, not all 5.3L Vortec engines are similar.

The newer models can differ from the older ones depending on the brand of your vehicle, and the ignition coil you purchase will also depend on this factor.

Shape specification

Right after the specifications of your engine is the shape of the ignition coil. There are two primary ignition coil shapes available, square, and round.

Always check the shape of your original factory coils and purchase a set of coils that matches the same shape.

A square-shaped ignition coil will never fit an engine that requires round coils, and vice-versa.

Also, keep in mind that not all square-shaped and round-shaped coils are the same. Their bolt locations and installation process can be different.

DIY factor

The primary reason you are opting for non-OEM coils is the reduced price factor.

So, when purchasing a new set of ignition coils make sure that they are easy to install and can be installed by newbie truck owners.

This will further ensure budget-friendliness as you will not require the help of a mechanic.

Added factors to look out for are the inclusion of all necessary parts and whether you will be required to purchase any extra tools.

Spark plug cable

When the engine fails to deliver it usually indicates a problem with the ignition coils. But at the same time, it can also mean that the spark plug cable has deteriorated.

In such a case only changing the ignition coils will not be enough to take care of the situation; you will also have to replace the spark plug cables.

Many ignition coil packs come equipped with spark plug cables while others comprise solely of the coils.

When you purchase a set of coils you should also get a set of new cables just in case the problem does not lie with the coils alone.


The purpose of replacing ignition coils is to deal with engine problems such as lack of boost, lowered rpm, delay in response, etc.

The ignition coil you purchase should be capable of dealing with any specific issue you are facing.

Certain coils are better at providing an added boost to your engine while others are good at increasing the rpm or mileage.

The choice you make should be dictated by the problem-solving capability of the coil and not just it’s quality.

Longevity and warranty

Ignition coils are a hefty investment in your vehicle, so you want to make sure you are not buying products that will be quick to deteriorate.

Ignition coils come wrapped in various protective coatings that increase the longevity of the product and this is something you should pay keen attention to.

The warranty of the product is also an important factor. Certain coils will provide you with only 1 or 2 years of warranty, while others will go up to 5 years.

It’s best to compare the price ranges of these products and the warranty period before making a decision.

Customer service

It’s always better to choose a trusted brand for your automotive parts.

This is not only because of the added quality they provide but also because you can rest assures of better customer service.

More than often you will run into an issue with the parts you have ordered and this is when having poor customer service will make you regret your decision.

Most of the brands mentioned in this list have top-notch customer service so if you are choosing within these brands then you should not be worried.

Best Ignition Coils for 5.3L Vortec Engine: FAQ

In this section, we have tried to answer some of the basic and most frequently asked questions regarding ignition coils, their purpose, and other aspects.

Go through each of them and you will find a good knowledge repository regarding all things ignition coils.

Why should I change my ignition coils?

With time and usage, the various parts of your vehicle are bound to expire or deteriorate.

Since the ignition coils provide the power to the engine they work under heavy heated conditions and are some of the first parts that require changing.

If you have used your vehicle for over a decade and ran at least a hundred thousand miles with it, it is a good time to change your ignition coils.

When can I know my ignition coil is failing?

You can easily know whether the issue is with the ignition coils by noticing certain aspects.

The engine will backfire upon starting and you will face various other difficulties in starting the engine.

The fuel economy of the vehicle will drop and the engine will require the most power to start up.

The vehicle is also bound to stall more than often if the ignition coils are burnt-out and you will also face a problem with keeping the engine in idle mode.

These are some of the most common aspects to look out for in order to know whether the ignition coil is failing or not.

How does a new set of ignition coil help my vehicle?

Installing a new set of ignition coils will ensure that the engine gets the necessary amount of power at all times.

This means whenever you start the vehicle it will not misfire or have a delay in responding to quick gear shifts.

Furthermore, new ignition coils also help bring up the RPM and the mileage of your vehicle.

Running a vehicle on burnt-out ignition coils can end up damaging the engine in which case the cost for repairs will be much higher.

With the help of a new set of ignition coils the problem can be dealt with swiftly.

Should I change the spark plug cables as well?

The spark plug cables are the mechanism that connects the ignition coils to the engine.

If the coils have burnt out due to over-usage then it can be deduced that the spark plug cables have also worn out.

If you are taking your vehicle to a mechanic then the answer should be fairly simple, but otherwise, it is always advisable to change your spark plug cables along with the ignition coils.

It is also advisable to have an extra set of spark plug cables in hand even if you do not have to replace them immediately.

Can I install the ignition coils by myself?

Yes, with a fair amount of knowledge ignition coils can be installed in a DIY manner. However, some ignition coils are tougher to install than others.

If you are new to the world of trucks and automotive parts we suggest purchasing ignition coils with the bolt-on mechanism.

This will ensure that you can easily install the coil without the help of a mechanic or any advanced tool, and save budget in the process.

What are the factors that make a good ignition coil?

There are many factors based on which you will choose the best ignition coil for a 5.3 Vortec engine.

These include the longevity of the coils, the particular problems they can solve, the warranty of the product, how easily they can be installed, the various parts included in the pack, etc.

We have discussed all these factors in the ‘buying consideration’ section so read through it carefully before making a choice.

How can I test my ignition coils to know their condition?

You need to follow a step by step process in order to test the quality of your ignition coils. Firstly set up the car to a working condition.

Now remove the ignition coils from your vehicle and test both the primary and secondary windings of the engine.

If you notice any issues then they are not related to the ignition coils.

Now install the ignition coils and run the same tests again and notice any added issues with the performance.

These are the issues that are solely related to the condition of your ignition coils.

You should also perform a test on the spark plug cables to ensure that the issues do not lie with them.

The Best  Coils for 5.3L Vortec Engine: Conclusion

The list we have presented here are truly some of the choices available for non-OEM ignition coils.

So make sure that you read through each one carefully to know which one suits your requirements the best.

Make sure to read through some of the customer reviews apart from the pros and cons lists we have presented.

Lastly, pay heed to the buying considerations section as it will be a trusty guide while choosing the best ignition coil for the 5.3L Vortec engine.

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