Top 10 Best Cold Air Intake For Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi Review [2023]

When you are searching for the best cold air intake for dodge ram 1500 5.7 Hemi to upgrade your Dodge Ram hidden horsepower.

Then it’s probably time to try with the high-performance cold air intake for dodge ram 1500.

If you have tried different upgrades to improve your dodge engine system’s overall performance,

For many years, they have been the ultimate pick for enhancing your engine’s performance.

This is the case regardless of whether your vehicle is a haulage truck or a personal ride.

The cold air intake comes with various benefits for trucks, including power/HP Gain, better engine life, enhanced throttle response, etc.


Best Cold Air Intake For Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi

K&N[Guaranteed Horsepower]
AFe Power
AFe Power
R&L Racing

What Is The Best Cold Air Intake For Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi?

After long research and based on customer reviews, on-budget product, performances & operating system definitely K&N is the best cold air intake for your dodge ram truck.

Further research, our Expert also recommended the K&N brand for cold air intake because of their universal use in all brands of vehicles.

When shopping for the best cold air intake for the 2020 ram 1500, you’d come across a slew of options online.

Popular models include K&N Cold Air Intake RAM 1500S&B Cold Air Intake RAM 1500, and many others.

In this guide, we’ve done all the hard work for you and come up with top units to choose from when looking for the cold air intake for Dodge RAM 1500

Now, let check all about dodge ram v10 engine problems & solutions.

Top 10 Best Cold Air Intake For Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi

Let’s explore the features, pros, and cons of these models:

01. K&N 63 series Cold Air Intake  — Most Durable Intake System


Top Features

  • Huge air filter
  • Aerodynamic tube design
  • Chrome-topped filter

When it comes to durability, only a few cold air intakes can level up with the K&N 63 series.

The fact that it combines both durability and high performance is one of its greatest selling points. The cold air intake features a chrome topped, huge air filter.

Smooth performance

Considering the massive size of the air filter, it comes as a little surprise that it can make your truck’s engine a lot smoother.

Little maintenance

Interestingly, this unit can really last up to 100,000 mi before it requires any maintenance, also depending on how rough your driving is and the quantity of power you typically get from your engine.

When you consider the fact that usual filters require to be cleaned out or maintained after every 12000–20000 mi, this model’s 100000-mile figure becomes all the more impressive.

Improved horsepower

Furthermore, it also enhances horsepower notably well, which makes your engine deliver ultra-smooth performance.

Just to have an idea of what this feature means, it can improve your engine’s horsepower by as much as 15 HP or maybe even more than that.

Betters throttle response

Additionally, the K&N 63-1561 also enhances the overall throttle response, which enables you to enjoy a nicer ride without having to contend with shakes from the engine hood.

Perfect engine sound

You’ll also love the low yet smooth rumble, which the filter produces. While it may not produce that whole race car kind of growl, you’ll still find its rumble more relaxing to your hearing.


  • 203-millimeter size of the filter
  • Features an oversized chrome topped filter
  • Enhances your throttle response
  • Perfect for use when towing things up inclines
  • Automatically enhances your horsepower


  • Delivers the best performance on newer vehicles

02. aFe Power Dodge RAM HEMI – Best Performance


Top Features

  • Innovative one-piece sealed housing
  • Large filter
  • Urethane plug

This air intake system will not only fit snuggly into your engine but produces outstanding performance.

Although pricier than the K & N series, the performance well justifies the price tag.

Talking about performance, many users confessed to seeing a huge improvement in their throttle’s response.

It also triggered a noticeable power improvement in most engines.

Sharp throttle response

Many users on installation, noticed a sharper throttle response on the upswing.

Combined with the perfect exhaust, it gives that aggressive roar when you hit the gas. If you choose to stick with normal driving, you should get little to no noise.

Protected from fine dust in the off-season

Worried about driving in the Off-Season? No, you shouldn’t if you have the aFe Power Momentum installed in your vehicle.

Its giant filter is covered well from fine dust or debris that might clog it, making it arguably the most suitable for off-the-road trucks.

Maximum filter size

The cold air intake system also comes with a unique air filter-to-housing interface that allows for maximum filter size, thereby increasing the available volume of air and yet making the installation procedure simpler.

Easy to install

You need an easy to install the system? aFe Power Dodge air intake system has got your back.

For a high performing cold air intake system, it has very few parts which make it easy to install.

Also, there’s no need to make any modifications to the factory parts before installing.

More power and airflow

Not only is it very versatile but carb-exempt for a variety of models produced within the years 2009-2017.

It promises more power than most others on this list and can increase airflow to a large extent.

Most users have noticed their vehicles show more power and their engines breath better after installing this cold air intake.

Aesthetically appealing

This high-performance, brilliant build quality coupled with an aesthetic appeal makes it a must-buy for many car upgrade enthusiasts.


  • Can outflow factory intake by as much as 23 percent
  • Enhances torque
  • Heatshield plus delivers improved throttle response and better engine sound


  • Fit for your model must be checked before purchasing the unit

03. K&N Kite 2003–2008  — Best Model for Horsepower Improvement


Top Features

  • HDPE tube
  • Adapters made from reinforced nylon and silicon
  • Oversized air filter

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use cold air intake system, this is one of the best on the list of cards for you.

With the most basic tools available, you can fix this cold air intake and get your engine’s horsepower back up in no time.

Improves horsepower

Not only does it improve the overall horsepower of your engine but gets rid of all obstructions that can limit air intake and flow.

Perfect sound

Many users have also attested to an improvement in their engine’s sound after installing this high-performance air intake kit.

Putting things in perspective, it boosts the engine’s horsepower by as much as 50% of its original value.

Less maintenance

Unlike several others on the market, it doesn’t need heavy maintenance.

However, you might need to do some cleaning after every 100,000 miles of travel, which is quite impressive.


  • Enhances HP +50% More Airflow
  • Easy installation and Cleaning
  • Needs Cleaning Only After 100,000 miles
  • Legally Acceptable in 50 states of the United States


  • Overall, hardware may not be good

04. S&B 75 Filters  – Most Aesthetically Appealing


Top Features

  • Made using heat-silicone
  • Cotton and dry filters
  • Three airflow configurations

75-5106 is the perfect answer from S&B to complaints of bad cold air intake filters on the market.

Although loud when you first step on it, it is considered low compared to several others in this category.

Durable and aesthetically appealing

Made from heat-resistant silicone, it does not only have an impressive overall life but a great look as well. This premium silicone material reduces its wear and tear potential.

Reusable air filter 

Users have the option of picking between the dry filter and cotton filter options. A major pro of the cotton filter option is that it can be washed.

The dry filter can also be reused. All you have to do is blow dust and debris out of it using compressed air.

There is also a detailed installation guide outlining all the steps involved in installing the cold air intake system.

Increased efficiency

Talking about its functionality, it improves air intake efficiency by nearly 100% and the total airflow by 41.3%.

It does a great job of catching even the finest dust particles in the air, a major culprit in clogging the filters in most vehicles.

It is an excellent option to consider if you are on the market for a cold air intake that strikes the right balance between well-designed housing and air filters.


  • 99% efficiency rating + 41% airflow
  • The air filter is made with silicone
  • Easy installation and Cleaning
  • Meets International Standards


  • It is not yet CARB certified

05. K&N 77 Series – Best Sound Improvement


Top Features

  • Silicone parts
  • Bent tubing for better airflow
  • Factory holes for easy mounting

If you are concerned about your engine’s sound, you should consider buying the K&N 77-1561KP cold air intake.

The 15-pounds cold air intake is not only durable but can last for as long as ten years.

Its airflow system is also very impeccable, thanks to the heralded K&N world-class technology.

Improved airflow

You can be assured of as high as a 50% boost in your vehicle’s airflow when you install this system.

As it should be, this improved airflow translates to better engine performance.

Housing made of polished aluminum also gives it protection against extreme heat conditions.

Enhanced performance and acceleration

An increase in airflow influences not only an improvement in engine performance but also a boost in acceleration capabilities.

Many users have seen a boost in their vehicle’s acceleration uphill after installing this system.

Easy to install

Because of how easy it is to install; you do not need to employ a professional to fix it for you.

In quick, easy steps, you can install or replace them yourself when they get damaged or need to be changed.

Low level of maintenance

Cleaning is equally easy and recommended for every hundred miles of travel. Of course, this is a significant pro over airflow systems that need Cleaning after every 20 – 50 miles.

All you need do is uninstall them, wash and reinstall when dry.

It is for the above-listed reasons that it remains one of the most sought-after cold air intake systems. It is powerful, efficient, and durable.

What’s more? It makes your engine look and function just like new.


  • Ultra-Longevity that lasts a million mile/10 years
  • Airflow improvement up to 50%
  • Easy installation and Cleaning
  • Meets International Standards
  • Works well with many models
  • Enhances engine sound


  • Some people struggled with the manual

06. Mopar 5.7 Liter HEMI – Easiest to Install


Top Features

  • Bolt-on system
  • Directional cone filter
  • Air duct

Designed for proper cooling of outside air by passing it through a directional cone filter, this cold air intake system screams class.

It delivers oxygen-rich air to your engine. This gives it the needed pop you must have been craving for. In addition, it boosts the torque and horsepower of the system.

Produces good sound

One of its most significant advantages over its competitors is its high-quality framework that produces good sound when on acceleration.

It is very responsive but produces some engine noise. This is, however, not as loud as some of its direct competitors.

Low maintenance

It is washable and reusable. However, it is usually recommended that it be well-lubricated at all times to help it deliver optimum performance.

The air-sensor equally needs lubrication to ease the installation process. The other parts of the system can be easily installed with or without lubrication.

Easy to install

A step-by-step installation guide breaks the installation process into bits that can be easily followed even by newbies.

The process of placing the air sensor into the thick rubber might be a bit challenging, but if properly examined, it will take less effort to do it.

Prepare your sensor flush and turn it in the right direction to avoid the process’s total failure.

Doing so makes it easy to install. Try to make sure the ring is also in its right place when you fit it in.

Highly durable

Durability and reliability are sure some of the hallmarks of this cold air intake system. Putting things in perspective, it can last several years of rough usage, all of which make it a good value for money.


  • Improves acceleration and sound
  • Easy installation and Cleaning
  • Comes with an Optional Air Duct


  • Does not fit into certain RAM models

07. Perfit-Formance Kit – Best For Old Dodge Models 


Top Features

  • Good coating finish
  • Well-engineered tube
  • Oiled cotton media

If you want to improve your old vehicle models’ power and performance but do not have so much money to splurge, you should consider investing in a good cold air intake system like the Perfit-Formance Cold Air Intake Kit.

Horsepower and torque boost

You are sure to get a well-engineered tube that boosts your vehicle’s torque and horsepower.

Designed to fit Sierras, Tahoes, Escalades and so much more.

Great aesthetics

The perfit-Formance cold air intake is not only durable but has a brilliant aesthetic appeal. It is also designed to improve throttle response, towing, and acceleration.

It has proper coating finishing, which helps protect it from washing away. The system also covers the engine from contaminants making it a very reliable protector for your engine.

Protects engine

To aid this engine protection are tiny microscopic fibers made from cotton with oiled cotton media and innovative layered designs.

Easy to install

Like most others on this list, it is easy to install. Even if you are a novice at upgrading cars or attaching accessories to your engine, you should be able to do it in under an hour.

It’s not only ideal for older models but a good fit for engines with mighty horsepower.

It has an extra filer size, which uses mounting points and factory holes. These features are what make it easy for it to sit well in the engine compartment.


  • Improves Acceleration and Power
  • The Tube is Anodized to Prevent Rust, Wear, and Corrosion
  • Easy installation and Cleaning
  • Ideal for Old Ram Models
  • Affordable


  • Makes Strange Noise at Certain RPMs

08. AJP 5.7L RAM– Most Budget-Friendly Product


Top Features

  • Reusable air filter
  • Steel heat shield
  • Powder coating

AJP cold air filter intake RAM is your best shot at getting a premium cold air intake kit when you are working on a budget. It is one of the most reasonably priced products on the market.


A low-price tag added to the fact that it is extremely easy to install is one reason why many see it as a good investment.

With this product from AJP, you get clear torque and horsepower gains.


Versatility is also one of its most significant advantages over the competition. Speaking of versatility, it works seamlessly with all 2010 and later models of the Dodge Ram 1500.

Cutting and trimming isn’t something you should bother yourself with when using this system. However, you might need to tug away at the tubes a little before you can get it right.

Easy to install

Attaching it to the grommet might be a little difficult without glue. Using gum or glue, even the most inexperienced car user should find it easy to install.


  • Durable and long-lasting body
  • Improves horsepower and torque.
  • Instruments are included in the shipping
  • Made with aluminum pipe


  • Absence of an instructional guide

09. aFe Power Magnum FORCE  – Best Balanced Cold Intake system


Top Features

  • The aluminum tube is coated with black powder
  • Washable and reusable media filter
  • Heatshield

This is one cold air intake system that carefully balances great performance, adequate protection, and much-needed convenience.

World-class technology

The California-based Advanced Flow Engineering company has their second product making this list in form of the Power Magnum Force 51-12402.

The world-class technology incorporated into its design makes it streets ahead of many other products within its price range.

Brilliant build quality

For best results, the exterior was also built using CND, CAD, and 3D models. This is in addition to performing multiple quality checks that ensure that the final product meets world-wide standards.

Horsepower and torque boost

Using this system, your engine will surely get a boost in horsepower and torque. The former by +18 HP and the latter by 27%.

The throttle response of the system also benefits from a speedy airflow with which the system is built.


The body is constructed using aluminum and stainless steel to ensure durability and long-lasting efficiency. This also means that Cleaning and washing are hassle-free with layers that are washable.


  • CARB Certified
  • Easy installation and Cleaning
  • Improves HP to 18ft.lbs. and airflow by 27%
  • Come with Installation Hardware


  • The manual is not detailed.

10. AF Dynamic Black – Recommended for Heat Protection


Top Features

  • Excellent quality parts like couplers and band clamps
  • High-flow air filter
  • Insulation mat

AF Dynamic may not a popular name as far as the market is concerned, but the AF Dynamic black cold air filter system is one that system that ticks the right boxes as far as cold air intake systems are concerned.

It is largely compatible with a wide range of Dodge Ram models.

Protection against heat

One of the most notable features of this air control system is the super protection it offers against heat.

It is built with an insulation mat inside the air filter, which has an aluminum heatshield.

This intake system, when installed in your vehicle, will improve the power. In addition to that, the overall engine response will be enhanced for an amazing experience.

Easy to fit in

The fitting of this air intake system is super easy. There will be no need to cut or drill any part of the engine to fit it in. What’s more?

The installation can take less than an hour, depending on how conversant you are with your vehicle and the system.

Excellent build quality

The build of the AF Dynamic cold air intake system employs top-notch stainless steel, which makes it very beautiful.

The tube is built using a silicone coupler, which lasts long and guides against quick damage.

Boosts horsepower

The power generated by the system is between 5 – 10 horsepower, while the torque is improved by 6 – 8 percent. It has a wonderful filtration efficiency of 95%.

Improved engine sound

Your love for this vehicle accessory will increase when you hear the sound it makes. Sporty and generally pleasing to your sense of hearing.

The package comes with all the hardware requirements saving you from having to spend some extra bucks.


  • Improves horsepower and sound
  • Made with stainless steel and silicone coupler
  • 95% filtration efficiency


  • Requires professional installation

Best Cold Air Intake For Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi: Buying Guide

Before getting a cold air intake system for your Dodge RAM, you should make a few considerations. The first to make is usually compatibility.

Before making the purchase, you would want to be sure that the air intake system you are getting is a good fit for your vehicle.

In addition to this, you should consider your budget, the design, installation process, and water ingestion capacity, among others.

Let us take a keener look at the features we should be watching out for when selecting the best cold air intake.


As earlier highlighted, this is about the most essential consideration to make. For starters, the product name should contain the words “Dodge RAM 1500 5.7 Hemi”.

Buying an incompatible airflow system will do more harm than good.

Fitting it may be impossible, thereby wasting your time and money. Forcing it to fit when it naturally doesn’t may damage your engine.

When checking compatibility, you should check your vehicle’s manufacturer, vehicle model, and manufacturing year.

You can then cross-check these with the available information from the producers of the cold air intake.

You should buy it only when there is a match between the information on the product and what is available on the manufacturer’s official website.

It goes without saying that not all compatible air intake systems are great for your engine.

For the best results, you may wish to go with any of the recommended products highlighted in this review.


Working on a budget should in no way confine or restrain you to mediocre products.

Even with a low budget, you can still get access to a premium airflow system. That’s the same case if a budget does not limit you.

The market is filled with several products all sold at different prices depending on the quality and a host of production factors. Your budget can dictate what’s best for you.

Take, for example, the K&N 63-1561 cold air intake promises a host of features but comes at a budget-friendly price.

With several others, this low-price tag might come at a cost – a compromise in build quality or performance.

The AJP Cold Air Filter Intake RAM is another lovely low budget cold air control system.

However, suppose you have no reason to minimize cost, or prefer to focus on getting the ultimate performance.

In that case, you could go for robust, high-performance air intake systems such as the aFe Power Momentum GT 54-72102.


The material, to a large extent, dictates how durable the cold air intake might be. Stainless steel is used in making most cold air intake systems.

It is a recommended option because of its rust and corrosion-proof properties. Systems made from stainless steel have a huge resistance to wear and tear.

Still, it isn’t the most durable material. Silicon is. Therefore, you might consider going for systems made from silicone.

Filter replacement

Before purchasing a cold air intake kit, you should consider how often the filter kit might need replacing. Most of the kits in this list are washable and reusable.

Hence, they might not need any replacement at all. Some however have to be replaced after traveling some miles.

For these products, ensure that the filter is readily available and something you can buy separately rather than have to buy the entire kit again.

If you need regular replacements, you may wish to buy several filters and stock till they are needed.


When upgrading your vehicle, you may prefer to go for systems that complement performance with a sleek design.

There are numerous air control systems made from black plastic but give you everything you expect from the upgrade.

On the off chance that you want something more, consider going for those with polished parts such as the Perfit-Formance Cold Air Intake Kit that is ideal for older models,

Or the AJP Cold Air Filter Intake RAM that comes at a very low budget.

Consider going for an option built with a material that does not wear easily.

Notwithstanding, the design of a cold air intake system goes beyond beauty or color;

the material used for each part contributes to the efficiency of the entire system and hence, your vehicle’s performance.

This is why you must read the manufacturer’s notes before opting to buy.

Our review has also done justice, highlighting everything you should know about the Dodge RAM 1500 engine’s best options.


Before buying a cold air intake system, you must consider how easy or difficult it is to install it. For best results, buy one that is easy to install.

This will come in handy when fixing it on your vehicle and particularly when you need to clean and service the system in the future.

Most of the systems added to our review list can be easily installed without a professional mechanic’s service if you read the available manual.

However, if you encounter a problem during fixing, you can call for help.

Oil Filtration

When purchasing a cold air filter, pay attention to the filter element.

Some filtration elements may offer little advantages while reducing the overall performance of your engine.

They may even lead to an engine malfunction when oil particles accumulate and block the airflow path.

Thermal Barrier

The thermal barrier is a very important part of the airflow system. Materials such as plastics and carbon fiber may be utilized in creating the thermal barrier.

The material used will, in turn, determine the level of enhancement that will happen to the performance.

There is also a major issue of thermal contamination, which may occur if the inlet is not properly protected.

Selecting from our best cold air intake list ensures that you have an adequately protected engine from contamination.

This also puts your vehicle’s engine in a pole position to generate substantial power.

Water Ingestion

This is something else that may make or break your engine’s performance. An efficient cold air intake system should stop the trickling of water into the engine.

This is because when water is ingested, it may cause the system to malfunction and the engine to perform below par.

Water could be ingested if the cold air intake system draws takes in air from an area through which water can get in.

Such areas include the fender or the bumper, especially those who use their vehicles in the area with rainfall or muddy roads.

A good air intake system has elements in place to prevent the ingestion of water together with air.

They accomplish this by inserting a valve that bypasses the water.

They may also build the intake system with a two-piece procedure that converts the water to a ram intake.

Meanwhile, the engine is protected from water when you get rid of the lower part of the air intake.

CARB Approval

For vehicle users in California, they must modify their intake systems using only products that the California Air Resource Board endorsed.

This board is responsible for ensuring that the modifications do not cause your vehicles to emit unwanted substances into the atmosphere.

What’s The Best Cold Air Intake For Dodge Ram 1500: Common Frequently Asked Questions

How do cold air intake kits work?

Cold air intake kits are used by vehicle owners to replace the air intake system with the factories’ vehicles.

They are used to help the vehicle’s engine generate more power through the production of cool air.

The operation is mainly replacing the original factory-installed system with another one with a more improved filter and a longer tube.

These two mechanisms work hand in hand to better the airflow and prevent dust or dirt from getting to the engine.

The air that goes into the air intake comes from another portion that is cooler with more oxygen.

What are the general advantages of installing a cold air intake system?

The most obvious advantage you will notice when you install a cold air system is a horsepower.

A new cold air intake system will improve your horsepower within 5 and 20 HP. The torque will also be improved within 20 to 70 ft. lbs.

Your vehicle’s engine will perform better and consume lesser fuel. There will also be a sharp improvement to the sound that comes from the vehicle.

Are cold air intakes the only type of intake system available?

No. There is a cold air intake system and a ram air intake system. For ram air systems, the air is forced into the engine through an airbox that is usually located at the front of the vehicle.

This is unlike cold air, which has a longer tube that enables it to get cooler air from areas that are far from the engine.

Why does the engine perform better with cold air?

There is more oxygen in cold air. Therefore, the fuel that will be required for running the engine will be lesser.

Cold air getting to the engine means that the engine will work better and generate greater horsepower.

This will allow it to accelerate faster and also reduce the rate of fuel consumption.

When is the right time to change my air intake system?

How often you should change your air intake system will be determined by all the factors involved.

For instance, the vehicle type and the kind of engine it has.

The type of system installed will also contribute to how short or long they last.

Some cold air intake systems, especially the ones highlighted on our dropdown above, are durable.

Many cold air control systems may even serve throughout the vehicle’s lifespan, while others will need to be changed after some time or after covering a particular distance.

Cold air intake systems that are washable only have to be serviced after some time. You can continue using them after servicing and reinstallation.

How does a new cold air system affect my fuel consumption?

Fuel consumption will be reduced when you fit in a cold air intake system.

This should be around 1 to 5 MPG. However, be careful not to respond negatively to this enhancement as that can cancel out this benefit.

A cold air intake adds how much horsepower?

A cold air intake system as you might already know adds some horsepower to your engine, but how much really does it add?

There are a host of factors that determine the amount of increase in horsepower. In some cars, we might see an increase of about 5 to 25 ponies.

How do I care for the cold air intake filter system?

The kit will come with a detailed manual with instructions on caring for and maintaining the filter system.

Certain air intake systems may be easily removed, cleaned, and reinstalled.

Cleaning may be through washing with soap, vacuuming, or scrubbing thoroughly. Afterward, they should be left to dry, then reattached to the engine.

General instructions tell you to clean the system when they travel around 50,000 miles.

However, certain cold air intakes, such as the ones listed above, can go longer distances before they require that you clean them.

The cleaning process is usually short and should be done within a day.

How easy is the fixing of air intake systems?

Installing a cold air intake system is very easy, especially if you pick from our list of reviewed ones.

They also do not require advanced tools other than a plier, screwdriver, and a ratchet set. Fixing it should not take up to two hours.

You also do not need to make modifications to any part of the engine or vehicle.

However, if you buy anyone that requires expertise, you should consult a mechanic, and they should be done in no time.

What are the steps involved in installing a cold air intake system?

First, you need to properly park your vehicle in a parking space or garage where there will be no disturbance.

Turn off your vehicle, make sure it cools down completely and remove the battery.

Then, locate the factory-installed air intake system. Remove the system using the proper tools.

Now, you can install the new system, but make sure you follow all the manufacturer’s manual instructions.

Double-check to make sure everything is in its place. Replace everything you removed before installation. You are done. Now, you can test your vehicle.

Is installing a cold air system legal?

The cold air intakes are completely legal and can be used on any vehicle since many governments do not have rules limiting its usage.

The only known rule that governs the system’s usage is used in California’s western state, where they have the CARB, a body that makes sure the system you use in your vehicle is compliant with set guidelines.

You should consult the necessary authorities before making a purchase or installing it to prevent your vehicle from getting impounded.

Does installation void my warranty or not?

In the United States, a product warranty will not be void if you install a new part unless the vehicle dealership can prove that the damage you are taking advantage of the warranty was caused directly by the part you installed.

That is why you should purchase from our list of best cold air intake systems.

CONCLUSION of Cold Air Intake For a Dodge Ram 1500

Installing a cold air intake system is an easy way of notably improving your vehicle’s performance.

While there are different types in the market, the list above points you towards the best deals depending on what you want and how much you are looking to invest.

The products we have included are powerful, easy to fit, and affordable. We have also included a guide for you to access the products before buying. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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