10 Best Cold Air Intake For Jeep Wrangler JK/TJ/XJ/Gladiator Review In 2023

Upgrading a Jeep Wrangler with the best cold air intake for jeep wrangler enhances its overall performance by increasing efficiency in the vehicle’s fuel combustion system.

Every Jeep Wrangler owner dream of making his vehicle more potent than it is currently.

There are many helpful details of the car one would want to upgrade to make the vehicle more potent, and cold air intake cannot be underrated.

A cold intake system provides more air into the combustion system; thus, improving fuel efficiency.

We will provide a review of ten Cold Air Intakes to help Jeep Wrangler owners get the most from their vehicles.


Comparison Table of Best Cold Air Intake For Jeep Wrangler JK/TJ/XJ/Gladiator

Rough Country
Rough Country
Spectre Performance

What is the best cold air intake for a jeep wrangler?

K&N 77-1566KP Cold Air Intake is the overall best cold air intake available in the market based on customers’ feedback.

According to recent customers, fuel efficiency improved significantly after installing the K&N Cold Air Intake system.

Another noticeable difference reported by many recent buyers is the increase in horsepower (hp) and torque.

We recommend the K&N brand Cold Air Intake because it improves the vehicle’s overall performance.

K&N 77-1566KP Cold Air Intake is an excellent upgrade at a low price and a perfect option for people who would like their Jeep Wranglers to produce much louder and meaner sound when they start up the engine.

K&N Cold Air Intake is designed with high-quality and durable aluminum; thus, guaranteed long-term performance.

Installing this cold air intake is simple since all required tools and parts are included in the kit; therefore, drilling and cutting are not needed.

With its reusable air filter, the product presents a combination of economic and environmental-friendly advantages.

Also, no computer re-tune is required as with many other cold air intakes;

The brand of K&N Cold Air Intake is designed to improve the Jeep’s power through the factory tune.

Why K&N 77-1566KP Cold Air Intake is the best brand for cold air intake for jeep wrangler

K&N 77-1566KP Cold Air Intake is one of the trusted brands in the automotive industry since it provides a wide range of unique off-road products.

Moreover, this highly efficient K&N 77-1566KP Cold Air Intake is the best brand because it manufactures high-performing and powerful Jeep Wranglers’ parts, especially reliable cold air intakes.

K&N Cold Air Intake manufactures powerful auto-upgrades and is the perfect option for Jeep enthusiasts to achieve cold air intake benefits.

Interestingly, K&N Cold Air Intake aftermarket parts, especially cold air intakes are designed with customers’ budget and environmental sustainability aspects.

10 Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep Wrangler Review

01. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 77-1566KP


Highlighted features

  • 2 HP horsepower gain
  • Can cover up to 100K miles without cleaning
  • Reusable filter
  • Fitment: Jeep Wrangler (2012-2017) & JK (2018)
  • Aerodynamic tube design

K&N is amongst the leading brands in aftermarket parts, especially cold air intakes.

Also, this K&N 77-1566KP Cold Air Intake is an ideal performance kit for both Jeep Wranglers and Wrangler JKs.

K&N 77-1566KP Cold Air Intake has a high-quality metallic finish, enhancing the compact design and ability to resist physical impact.

Its bright red-colored oiled filter gives the intake a commanding attraction to Jeep owners who love colored products.

Since the product is constructed using high-quality, rigid material, the cold air intake guarantees long-term services and durability than other intakes designed using different materials.

K&N 77-1566KP intake is a well-built model that can last for up to 100 thousand miles if other parts of the Jeep are in good condition.

With such incredible features and benefits, it is the best cold air intake for jeep wrangler manufactured by K&N.

Jeep Wrangler and JK enthusiasts are guaranteed an increase in horsepower (hp), improved growling sound, and excellent throttle response in uphill performance with K&N 77-1566KP air intake systems.

Installation is straightforward since it requires the necessary hand tools to have the kit in place.

Maintaining the equipment is easy since the filter is washable; thus, the air filter can serve for a long time as long as it is well-cleaned.

Therefore, for any Jeep owner who wants to boost his vehicle’s performance and efficiency while getting the engine producing a beefier sound, the K&N 77-1566KP air intake is a perfect choice.


  • Increased torque
  • Easy maintenance
  • Performance improvement
  • Excellent engine sound
  • Enhanced airflow
  • Powerful air filtration; No contaminants


  • Installation complicated without necessary skills

02. 10550A Rough Country Cold Air Intake 2012-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK


Best Features

  • Fitment: 2012 to 2018 3.6L Jeep Wranglers
  • High-flow design
  • Durable Construction
  • Washable lifetime filter
  • No further tuning required

During intense off-road riding, a Jeep Wrangler JK may require an efficient cooling system.

Rough Country Cold Air Intake offers precisely that; engine cooling.

Rough Country 10550A Intake is designed to draw more air into the combustion chamber or engine than the vehicle’s factory system; thus, efficient cooling.

An efficient cooling system ensures enhanced engine functioning and increased power, taking the Jeep Wrangler performance to a higher limit, especially in off-roading.

Rough Country 10550A Cold Air Intake does not require tuning; it comes ready-configured for a Jeep Wrangler’s set up for easy installation.

However, intense off-roading may require custom tuning of the Engine Control Unit for better performance.

Rough Country intake comes with an efficient air filtration system designed to prevent foreign elements from entering the engine system.

With such an efficient air filter, the engine remains dust-free for an extended period, even after riding on dusty roads.

The cold air intake is engineered with durable construction to replace worn-out factory intake in a Jeep Wrangler JK.

Durable materials are used in designing the product; thus, long-lasting performance is guaranteed even after intense driving in extreme conditions.

With bolt-on design, the air intake system can be mounted using the factory points without extra modifications.

Rough Country Cold Air Intake is designed with fitment in all Jeep Wrangler JK vehicles from 2012 to 2018, with an engine rating of 3.6L.


  • Excellent horsepower and torque gains
  • Efficient air filtration
  • Enhanced service life/lifespan
  • Simple installation; bolt-on
  • Improved engine performance


  • No CARB-certification
  • Not working on diesel models

03. Banks Air Intake System- 41837-D


Highlighted Features

  • Enclosed housing
  • Large tubing & huge inlet
  • Large filter
  • +8 & +11 Horsepower and torque, respectively
  • CARB-certified
  • Helmholtz resonator

Banks Power 41837-D Air Intake replaces the Jeep Wrangler JK’s intake filter with a high-flow conical filter for efficient filtration.

Its opening outclasses the factory’s intake without compromising airflow.

With a larger inlet and tubing and enclosed housing, airflow restriction is reduced; thus, improving air inflow to the combustion system.

A tuned Helmholtz resonator eliminates the engine’s whir and gives a husky sound.

Banks Air Intake is a superior product with a large filter that ensures that contaminants do not enter the machine.

Large tubing of the whole product improves the cold air intake’s overall performance by enhancing power and fuel efficiency.

The volume of air flowing into the chamber and tuned by the resonator acts as a shock absorber, lessening the dreaded drone common in other cold air intakes.

Banks is the only company that manufactures cold air intakes with such unique features.

Bank Cold Air Intake 41837-D dwarfs the Jeep’s factory intake by 64 percent on performance and efficiency.

With this intake, the Jeep gains about 8 HP and 11 ft-lb torque.

Banks Cold Air Intake 41837-D is engineered to support engine functioning, preventing physical damage to its long-lasting service life components.

Extra filters are provided: red, dry filter, oiled or black filter.

The filtration system can be enhanced by requesting an additional protection layer “pre-filter” when making an order.


  • Efficient engine cooling
  • Component damage prevented
  • Extended service life
  • Installation is simple
  • Improved engine performance
  • Minimal maintenance/cleaning


  • Some reported missing parts

04. K&N 57-1514-1 Cold Air Intake Kit 1997-2006 Jeep (Wrangler, TJ)


Top Features

  • Bolt-on design; easy installation
  • Washable air filter
  • Designed for specific vehicle model
  • CARB-certified/Meet emission standards
  • Durable design

Another powerful cold air intake model by the K&N brand guarantees durable performance.

K&N products, especially cold air intakes, have a well-built construction that increases their longevity.

Talking of the K&N 57-1514-1 Cold Air Intake specifically, maintaining this product is easy; cleaning the filter is done every 100 Kilometers.

K&N 57-1514-1 Cold Air Intake comes with an in-built washable/reusable filter that filters out contaminants and keeps the engine clean, increasing its durability.

Interestingly, K&N backs this product with a 1M mile limited warranty for all its components.

Installation does not require effort; only essential hand tools can help set up and make the cold air intake work.

While the engine receives clean air, performance is enhanced, and most recent customers have reported better towing.

K&N 57-1514-1 Cold Air Intake improves the Jeep’s acceleration and throttle response.

This K&N cold air intake is recommended because it guarantees durable performance and a significant increase in horsepower.

Jeep Wrangler TJ owners want to enhance their vehicles’ engines to produce a more pronounced sound and increase horsepower; this kit presents an affordable way to achieve all that.

Most K&N intakes are CARB-certified, meaning the kit is checked if it meets the emission standards, and it can legally be used in all 50 states.


  • Increased Horsepower (12.12 HP)
  • Fuel efficient
  • Easy to maintain
  • More pronounced sound
  • Works with factory tuning
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Enhanced engine performance


  • User/instructional Manual unclear and vague

05. Budget-Friendly: Airaid AIR-310-360 Cold Air Intake System- 2018-2020 JEEP (Gladiator, Wrangler JL)


Highlighted Features

  • Increased Horsepower
  • Enclosed Airbox
  • Oiled filter media
  • Efficient fuel combustion
  • Efficient engine cooling

Airaid is another renowned company in the automotive parts industry.

With the Airaid AIR-310-360 intake system, the company’s emphasis is on how easy to install the kit in the vehicle’s engine.

Airaid AIR-310-360 Cold Air Intake comes in a compact and straightforward design, ensuring installation can be done in about 30 minutes using essential available tools.

While installation is effortless, the kit also comes with a reusable filter, which is easy to clean.

That’s quite amazing! With its low cost, customers reported above-average improvement in performance.

That is why we rated this kit as the best budget-friendly cold air intake system.

Airaid AIR-310-360 comes with a superior filtration system and a smooth airflow to provide adequate oxygen and cool the engine.

Sufficient oxygen flow into the combustion chamber ensures efficient burning of fuel; thus, increasing performance.

Mostly, upgrading a vehicle’s engine with low-cost auto parts, performance improvement is hardly noticeable.

However, with Airaid AIR-310-360 intake system, a tremendous increase in horsepower and throttle response is noticed.

This auto-upgrade ensures the engine produces a throaty sound; however, the engine noise is too much.

But if a growling sound is not a concern, then the Airaid AIR-310-360 Intake system is a perfect option for performance improvement at a budget-friendly price.


  • No special tools required for installation
  • More affordable kit
  • Boost in performance
  • High-quality and durable polyethylene tube
  • High-flow of air into combustion cylinder


  • Removing the filter for cleaning is difficult.
  • Too much engine noise is frustrating.

06. Rough Country 10552 Cold Air Intake (1991-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0L)


Best Features

  • Engine protection
  • Wider tube, adequate airflow
  • Premium reusable filter
  • Fitment: 1991 to 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ (4.0L)
  • Durable construction

Another powerful Rough Country’s Cold Air Intake guarantees increased horsepower when installed in the engine.

As the intake system enhances throttle response, it also protects the engine from foreign particles, which could undermine performance and efficient fuel combustion.

With this cold air intake, the filter is moved away from high-temperature engine regions for cooler air to circulate into the chambers and increase performance.

Cooler air contains a higher amount of oxygen, and it increases vehicle performance with excellent torque if it flows into the combustion cylinder unrestricted.

With a cylindrical design and a more comprehensive tube, the Rough Country 10552 Air Intake System provides an efficient airflow than the factory intake.

Rough Country 10552 kit comes with an easy-to-clean reusable air filter, which guarantees clean air and the vehicle’s high-performance.

The equipment is simple to install and get it working.


  • Improved performance and throttle response
  • Clean engine
  • Efficient fuel combustion
  • Extended service life
  • Simple set up
  • Easy filter cleaning


  • Some clients reported installation issues.

07. K&N 63-1581 Cold Air Intake Kit, 2012-2017 JEEP Wrangler; 2018 JEEP Wrangler JK


Top Features

  • Red air filter
  • Cotton-gauze filter material
  • HDPE intake tube
  • High airflow
  • Typical installation

K&N 63-1581 Cold Air Intake comes as an enclosed airbox that protects the air filter and air inflow from the engine’s heat.

A foam pre-filter layer offers extra protection for the machine.

With a simple and compact design, the cold air intake can easily be installed in about 90 minutes.

K&N 63-1581 Cold Air Intake Guarantees horsepower increase (up to 10.5 hp) and excellent torque handling (10.2 lb.-ft).

Cleaning the filter is done every 100,000 miles after a typical highway ride.

An intake tube made of high-density polyethylene ensures the kit is durable for long-lasting performance.

Reusable air flow filters protect the engine from harmful contaminants.

K&N 63-1581 Cold Air Intake is designed to fit in 2012-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK (3.6L) models.

However, the Cold Air Intake does not meet emission standards to be used in California’s streets.


  • High Horsepower
  • Excellent engine performance
  • Efficient combustion
  • Enhanced engine service life
  • Durable materials used for construction


  • It doesn’t meet emission standards; not CARB-certified.

08. Best Lightweight: Spectre Performance SPE-9944 Air Intake Kit, 2007-2011 JEEP (Wrangler, Wrangler III)


Highlighted Features

  • Advanced engine protection
  • High-flow air filter
  • A Spectre air filter (Red)
  • Powder-coated heat shield
  • Lightweight (6.3 pounds)

A unique design of cold air intake by Spectre Performance is designed mainly to increase the engine’s horsepower and torque.

Spectre Performance’s Air Intake comes with high-quality tubes that will last for an extended period.

The material used to make tubes is rust-resistant; thus, no worries about contaminating the engine or damaging its parts.

Spectre Performance Air Intake offers 50 percent more in airflow efficiency than the factory intake tubes.

An improved throttle response enhances uphill performance.

With this kit from Spectre Performance, the enhanced sound is achieved when the engine is started or accelerates.

A potent synthetic filter protects the engine from dust and debris that might damage components or undermine performance.

Spectre Performance intake comes with a bolt-on design for easy installation in less than 60 minutes using standard tools.

This Spectre air intake system is the perfect and easiest way of achieving high horsepower for both Jeep Wrangler & Wrangler III models.


  • High-quality material enhanced durability.
  • Long service life
  • Improve Jeep’s performance
  • Simple installation


  • Hard to notice fuel efficiency

09. K&N 63-1573 Cold Air Intake Kit 2012-2018 Jeep (Wrangler, Wrangler JK-3.6L V6)



  • The incredible increase in horsepower
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Snorkel system with heat shield
  • Reusable Air filter (Cotton gauze)
  • HDPE inlet tube

K&N 63-1573 Cold Air Intake comes with a unique design for increasing the vehicle’s performance while enhancing the engine’s durability.

K&N 63-1573 kit replaces the Jeep’s performance-restricted factory airbox and filter element with a powerful K&N filter.

The K&N intake comes with high-density polyethylene, free-flowing intake tube.

High performance is achieved because the cold air intake functions by allowing 50 percent more airflow than the stock’s restrictive tubes and filter.

No filter cleaning is needed for up to 100K miles after the previous cleaning.

A unique snorkel system helps draw in more air, achieving significant throttle response gains to drive a Jeep Wrangler in extreme conditions.

There is no tuning required because the intake system has been configured to fit Jeep Wrangler’s setup.

Power-robbing contaminants are restricted from entering the system by a powerful oversized filter.

Installing the K&N 63-1573 intake system is simple with the necessary skills and tools.


  • Durable performance
  • Safety of engine is guaranteed.
  • High airflow
  • No air restriction
  • High performance


  • Snorkel requires modifications during installation.

10. Mopar Cold Air Intake-77070052


Highlighted features

  • Bolt-On system
  • 10 pounds weight
  • Fuel efficient design
  • Improved engine sound

We could not end the list without mentioning a product by Mopar as it’s one of the leading companies in manufacturing cold air intakes.

Mopar Intake System can be installed (bolt-on) in about 30 minutes because it’s easy to install without special tools.

After installation, there is a noticeable difference in the acceleration and the overall performance.

Easy-to-clean and durable air filters provide powerful filtration, preventing contaminants from entering the chamber.

Fuel efficiency and increased horsepower are significant improvements noticed by many recent buyers.

The general appearance of this cold air intake is impressive.

Although Mopar intakes tend to be pricey, performance and durability are guaranteed once installed in the Jeep’s engine.


  • High-quality design
  • Increased performance
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • The filter is easy to remove during cleaning
  • Polished appearance


  • Pricey
  • Blurry installation manual

Factors When Purchasing the Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep Wrangler

Vehicle fitment/compatibility

Every vehicle’s engine has its specifications to fit various components required. Each cold air intake is compatible and works in a specific engine.

Therefore, ensure the intake chosen is compatible with the vehicle’s model, make, and year.


The primary purpose of cold air intakes is to increase performance.

Yet, every Jeep enthusiast chooses for himself the kind of upgrade he requires: increasing horsepower and torque, efficient fuel combustion, replacing a factory filter, and many more.

Therefore, it is advisable for all buyers to carefully read the pros and cons of the air intake you consider.


Anyone buying a cold air intake should consider the comfortability of installing and working with it.

A cold air intake which requires experienced mechanic and special tools during installation can be tricky for many people to install it properly; thus, downgrading the intake’s performance.

However, most intakes can be installed using necessary hand tools and without further modifications.

Therefore, before getting your hands on an intake, ensure you know how to install a cold air intake.

Filter and Compatability

A filter is the most crucial feature of the intake systems, filtering out contaminants and keeping the engine safe from power-drowning elements.

With cold air intakes, filters can be dry or oiled. Depending on the usage and individual needs, one should figure out the kind of filter suited for the Jeep Wrangler.

Some filters need replacement when they are damaged or get dirty, and that can be a challenge for many because they have to spend another money to get a new filter.

However, for those who do not want to replace filters repeatedly, the washable and reusable ones should be their first consideration.

Material and Durability

Cold air intake’s durability is another essential factor to consider.

The strength of cold air intake is determined by the materials, built components, and fitting of products’ elements.

A well-built cold air intake constructed using high-quality materials means it is durable and can offer services for an extended period.

If the aspects mentioned above are missing, then the cold air intake will be prone to breaking or wear-out; thus, not durable.

Materials of cold air intakes must be rust-resistant and high-quality. Intake tubes and heat shields should have their inner walls coated using black powder.

Most cold air intakes are designed using durable aluminum or stainless steel.

The two materials are rust-proof and can tolerate extreme atmospheric conditions.

Atmospheric conditions have considerable impacts on materials used to construct intakes; hence, drastically affecting their durability.

Therefore, ensure the intake is built using a long-lasting material with well-built components.

Budget or Price

For any product, either a household item or automotive part, the first thing is to know the price before deciding to buy.

A calculated budget is essential to ensure expenditure does not exceed the wallet or to avoid spending money intended for other purposes.

No one would want to spend hard-earned cash on products that do not suit their needs and not functioning correctly.

Several intake options from various brands are available in the market.

But most of those cold air intakes come at different prices. If you will be using the Jeep Wrangler all time, it is worth investing more into a potent upgrade.

However, for those looking for fundamental improvement in vehicle performance, then budget choices are perfect considerations.

Therefore, calculating the budget is crucial to consider when looking for the best cold air intake for jeep wrangler to know how much you need to spend.

Engine Sound

Sound is one of the benefits cold air intakes come with. Mostly, people get a more pronounced or growling sound, and it makes complements the whole upgrade to them.

However, too much of the growling sound of the engine may be frustrating to other people.

Therefore, it is crucial to get the recommendation of the sound details from previous buyers.

Make sure you don’t purchase a cold air intake producing unappealing sound.


The last thing to ask yourself is: How much maintenance is required for the cold air intake to perform at a higher level?

Consider looking at the frequency of cleaning the intake’s filter. Looking at the list of cold air intakes above, most filters need cleaning after driving 100K miles.

Most of the filters used to design the intakes are washable and reusable, making it easy to maintain the system.

Apart from cleaning or washing, it is recommended to regularly look at the filter’s condition to avoid contaminating the engine if the filtration system is damaged.

Best Cold Air Intake For Jeep Wrangler (FAQs)

What is a cold air intake system?

Answer: Cold air intakes are an automotive accessory designed to help vehicle engines produce high horsepower.

They are engineered to draw in more air into the combustion unit to enhance fuel efficiency.

Usually, air contains contaminants, and cold air intake filters the pollutants out, allowing clean air to reach the engine.

How does cold air intakes work?

Answer: unlike the stock intake’s filters, cold air intakes move the filter out of the engine, drawing clean and cool air into the combustion chamber.

Cool air usually has more oxygen, which will be used for combustion to produce adequate power.

What differentiates dry and oiled air filters?

Answer: Oiled filters are designed to draw in more air than dry filters.

Dry filters are mostly designed not to be reused, but they require relatively less maintenance than the oiled ones, washed after particular mileage.

Factory air filters are usually dry due to their reliability.

Regular washing and re-oiling of oiled filters can be a challenge to many people since they require a high maintenance level.

Do I need a cold air intake for my Jeep wrangler?

Answer: Cold air intakes are suitable for enhancing performance.

However, if you plan on having off-road adventures and get in the water ever, getting an intake is a bad idea.

A cold air intake can quickly suck up the water and contaminate the engine with all debris forms, leading to serious engine problems.

If the purpose of buying a cold air intake is to have slight performance improvement, then you are good to go.

Cold air intakes are the easiest ways of increasing performance, especially for highway driving.

Is it recommended to install cold air intake by yourself?

Answer: An installation manual usually comes with the package to guide the buyer during installation.

If the buyer has experience or necessary installation skills, it’s possible to install it within 45 minutes by himself.

However, for new users, more time may be required to install the unit. The installation only requires necessary tools, which are common in the house.

Does intake improve fuel efficiency?

Answer: Yes, intakes have a significant impact on improving fuel efficiency.

There will be a noticeable fuel efficiency; thus, no saving a lot of money on fuel.

However, not all intakes enhance performance and fuel efficiency; hence you need to get the best cold air intake for jeep wrangler to get the best results.

Can cold air intakes cause problems?

Answer: Clogging is a common problem with cold air intake after some time.

A clogged filter leads to a decline in performance due to insufficient power generation from the combustion chamber.

If the air filter is clogged, there are solutions, but it depends on the filter type. Oiled filters are usually washable, but dry ones need to be replaced.

Which is better between dry and oiled filters?

Answer: Both dry and oiled filters are designed to improve a vehicle’s performance; they enhance performance at 99% and 98%, respectively.


Cold air intakes are excellent automotive parts for enhancing performance by increasing horsepower.

However, it’s vital to get the best cold air intake for jeep wrangler for better results.

That’s why we have compiled a review of ten cold air intakes along with a buying guide in this article to help Jeep Wrangler owners make the right choice.

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