Top 10 Best Cold Air Intake For Ford Mustang GT Reviews In 2023

Certain choices of a cold air intake may be compatible but not effective for every situation. However, some things come together to make a suitable one, and the products that have them are highlighted in this review.

Note that not all of them can work for the same purpose and need special considerations for them to be effective.

The product highlighted in the review is some of the best cold air intakes for Ford mustang for users to try out.

From the K&N intake kit to the Airaid, then to the Spectre, Corsa, DNA and more. Follow through to know more about them.


Top selling list of Best Cold Air Intake For Ford Mustang GT

DNA Motoring

What is the best cold air intake for a mustang?

K&N Cold Air Intake is the best cold air intake for a mustang that users could easily try out.

First of all, it offers an improved level of towing power that helps in an uphill performance.

They also ensure that users give more in terms of acceleration gains.

Aside from that, the product does a great job of protecting the mustang’s engine from harmful contaminants.

All of this ensures that users can make use of the mustang without running into any problems.

Top 10 Best Cold Air Intake For Ford Mustang GT Reviews

01. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit – Best for High Performance


Highlighted features:

  • Improved towing power.
  • Better uphill performance.
  • Easily maintained.
  • Offers more protection.

When making use of the K&N cold air intake, users are given more in terms of the Mustang performance.

This works by helping in the acceleration of the vehicle and a better performance when moving up a hill.

All of this is enabled by providing a better throttle response that aids in towing the vehicle.

Another good thing about using cold air intake is that it provides a better sound for the engine.

Users can easily hear the power under the hood of the vehicle without producing disturbing noise.

For the sake of maintenance, it does not require that users clean it out with every use.

Unlike other products with similar qualities, it is only necessary to clean the filter for as much as 100,000 miles.

What this does is save you time and ensure that you have a seamless journey.

Installing the cold air intake kit is also something that can be easily done. With the help of a bolt-on, users can use the kit without needing special skills or tools.

They also use the kit when there is a need for the engine to be protected from harmful things while being used on the road.


  • Produces better engine sounds
  • Helps in towing
  • Provides more airflow
  • Can be installed easily


  • Main tube comes with a dent

02. Airaid Cold Air Intake System – Best for Filtration


Highlighted features:

  • Works with hand tools.
  • Improved air intake
  • Has washable filters.
  • Provides excellent fit.
  • Superior acceleration gains.

When using the Airaid Cold air intake system, users are given access to a better filtration system.

Those that make use of the air intake system can easily reuse the filters placed in the system.

All that is need for it to be reusable is for users to wash out the filters.

Those that make use of the air intake system, they are given access to a better level of acceleration.

What they do is provide superior horsepower that is required to help the acceleration gains.

Users that love to optimize the way the mustang uses their fuel, then this is the right choice.

Built into the air intake system is a feature that improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle as a whole.

When it comes to the body, it is made of a high-density polyethene component that lets it stay durable.

As a result of this, users can use the system for an extended period without having to make a frequent change in air intake.

If the area is dusty and the Mustang has to be taken out, then this is one choice that would serve the right purpose.

With the help of the basic hand tools easily found in any home, users can install the air intake system.


  • Uses a high-density material
  • Provides a better horsepower
  • Filters can be reused
  • Offers a better fit


  • Not enough ratings

03. Spectre SPE-9041 Performance Kit- Best for Engine Sound


Highlighted features:

  • Improves the engine sound
  • Little filter cleaning
  • High performing filter
  • Offers better protection
  • Increases vehicle horsepower

Spectre SPE-9041 makes use of an improved system that helps in achieving a better sound for the engine.

As a ford mustang cold air intake, it has the ability to ensure that users are comfortable while making use of the system.

For those who need a cold intake system that provides the Mustang’s ability easily, this is the right choice.

Another advantage of this is that users are given better acceleration which helps in an uphill performance.

“Still, some users have complained that the adapter does not come with a lid that helps in the operation.”

Just as it is found with other high performing cold intake systems, this one requires a lower level of maintenance.

Instead of cleaning the filter frequently, users are only recommended to clean through the filters for every 100,000 miles.

While making use of the Mustang on the road, users would need to protect the engine from damaging contaminants.

In it is an advanced oiled synthetic filter design that offers the best protection from such contaminants.

There is also a system that allows users to bolt the system to their Mustang with much ease.

Users are also given access to more airflow than users would get with a restrictive factory box air filter.

Approximately, the Spectre comes with about fifty per cent more airflow.


  • Offers more airflow
  • Can be easily maintained
  • Uses a high performing filter
  • Helps in towing


  • No lid on the adapter

04. CORSA 4415062 Closed Box – Best For Durability


Highlighted Features:

  • Offers durability
  • Requires no oil
  • Helps engine efficiency
  • Uses a closed box feature
  • Easily maintained

Corsa 4415062 is a closed box unit that comes with an improved level of durability for those that intends to use their Mustang under intense conditions.

With the help of this, they are given the ability to make use of this device without making frequent replacements.

As a 2015 mustang gt cold air intake, it does not require oil to be effective.

They produce similar superior performance without dealing with the messiness of oil in the engine of a vehicle.

The system promises are a reliable system for which users can have the most effective engine performance.

With this, users are guaranteed a system that helps their Mustang perform better than usual.

“Even though the Corsa comes to be a product that can be easily installed, there is still a downside to it. When installing the system to a Mustang, it could take approximately one hour to get set up in the vehicle.”

Users of the Corsa 4415062 are assured of a closed box system that maximises the amount of air that comes into the engine.

When it comes to maintenance, the Corsa can be easily maintained to provide more comfortable usage.

Also, users do not have to clean out the filter every other day rather do that every 100,000 miles that comes with driving in the Mustang.


  • Doesn’t leave the place messy
  • Aids vehicle performance
  • Can be maintained with ease
  • Designed to last long


  • It takes almost an hour to install

05. DNA Motoring Intake Pipe – Best Heat Shield


Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality design.
  • Allows cooler air.
  • Improves gas mileage.
  • Includes necessary accessories.
  • Easily washable filters.

When using the DNA Motoring intake Pipe, users are assured of having a light weighing system that helps in performance.

Using the DNA Motoring Intake Pipe ensures that users have a controlled level of airflow for racing performance.

If the Mustang already has issues drawing in enough cool air to keep the temperature under control even when driving for a long time.

This provides more in terms of throttle response and ensures that the amount of horsepower produced is explosive enough.

For the filtration system, DNA Motoring aids in improving the filtration efficiency of the Mustang.

Approximately, the cold intake system offers as much as ninety-five percent extra to provide better horsepower and torque as well.

“Despite all the reliability that comes with making use of this 2015 mustang gt cold air intake means that the shield may need to be altered for better fitting.”

Another advantage of making use of this air intake system is that it comes with aluminium material.

With this, people can have a more durable and strong system that could attach itself to the Mustang without changing frequently.

Even those that are not professionals can easily install the intake pipe to their vehicle.

What this does is save the cost of paying a mechanic to handle the installation process.


  • Draws in cooler air
  • Simple installation process
  • Provides better mileage
  • Helps the throttle response


  • Shield may require alterations

06. BBK 1737 Power Plus – Best Chrome Finish


Highlighted features:

  • Bolt-on installation system.
  • Increased torque power.
  • Maximizes engine airflow.
  • Includes necessary hardware.
  • Polished chrome finish.

Using the BBK 1737 Power plus air intake system makes it possible for users to have a system that can be easily installed.

With this, there is no need to modify or even tune the system to fit the vehicle. There is a bolt-on installation process that lets even those with lesser expertise set it up.

Another good thing about the cool air intake system is that it comes with the functionality to help the vehicle get more in terms of acceleration.

All of this is enabled by creating a better level of throttle response, torque and even horsepower. These kinds of features are only available with higher-performing intake pipes.

“For the airflow, this one does not work like the others on the list. They function with the airflow sensors are placed in a backwards position.”

Considering the need to have a more durable system, this intake pipe is designed with a polished chrome finish.

What this does is the fact that it is not susceptible to things like moisture and has the ability to withstand the effects of corrosion and rust.

After the purchase, users are given access to all of the necessary hardware to set up the system.

Apart from that, it also comes with a High Flow Cotton Element Washable Filter.

With this, users are given access to more suction ability and filtering becomes easier with the filter made of such material.


  • Works with the Mustang
  • Aids the throttle response
  • Improves the airflow
  • Doesn’t require any tuning


  • Airflow sensor is at the back

07. Airaid Cold Intake System- Best For Filtration


Highlighted Features:

  • Well-designed intake tube.
  • Improved filtration system.
  • Includes reusable filters.
  • Quick installation.
  • Prevents contaminants.

AirAid is a cold intake system that improves the amount of horsepower you have access to while using the Mustang.

They feature an aerodynamically-engineered intake tube that permits the vehicle to accelerate the airflow into your engine.

With this, the turbulence level is reduced to the barest minimum, which in return helps in the general performance.

Considering the critical use of a filtration system in an intake pipe, the one placed into this system is superior.

This creates a seamless airflow to and from the engine, which helps make the oxygen denser.

In the long run, this ensures that the fuel burns more efficiently during combustion.Users can also reuse the filter anytime that the need arises.

All that is needed when reusing the filter is that the users wash it to take away any contaminant that may have found its way into the intake pipe while in use.

For the installation, the fitting of the ford mustang cold air intake is designed to work by bolting into the right area.

With this, the need to recalibrate the system after installation is taken out as designed for the Mustang in particular.

Unlike other models that would require to be modified or trimmed to fit the Mustang, this one goes in directly into the vehicle.


  • Helps in controlling the temperature
  • Comes with a synthetic filter
  • Requires no extra modifications
  • Controls the level of turbulence


  • Misses a fender mounting hole

08. BBK Performance 1719- Best Fenderwell Style


Highlighted Features:

  • Better throttle response.
  • Improved vehicle performance.
  • Includes installation hardware.
  • Quick installation process.
  • Extra installation.

As one of the best for a Fenderwell style pipe intake, the BBK performance comes with better throttle response.

With this, the acceleration is better and intense enough to provide more speed when on the road.

Another good side of using the cold air intake is the inclusion of a chrome finish to the frame.

What this does is provide more strength for the pipe regardless of the intensity of use.

So, for those that ply through most areas, the BBK does not get ruined along the way as it is resistant to corrosion and doesn’t get rusted.

For the sake of installation, users do not have to purchase an installation kit separately after getting this option.

In the package comes all the necessary accessories needed to install the cold intake pipe to a Mustang.

Unlike the filters found on regular intake pipes, this one is designed on a highly responsive element.

It is made from a high flow cotton fabric that can be washed out anytime to take away contaminants for better flow.

Also, there is no need for a special chemical to help in washing as it can be done with any cleaning solution and water.


  • Designed to be highly responsive
  • Comes with washable filters
  • Looks attractive when installed
  • Requires no special skill sets


  • Throttle comes with a rubber seal

09. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit


Highlighted features:

  • Provides Longevity.
  • Aids uphill performance.
  • Better engine sound.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Increases horsepower.

When it comes to providing the best quality desirable, the K&N brand is known for such.

That alone makes this K&N cold intake kit one of the best cold air intakes for mustang GT.

When it comes to a long-lasting design, this is also an option that promises several years of convenient usage.

Apart from that, users who think of using their Mustang on an uphill movement can try pout this option.

All of the components are designed to ensure that users are given the extra strength that would help them get a better grip when driving uphill.

For better airflow, users are given as much as an extra fifty percent airflow as found in a restrictive factory box air filter.

With this, the amount of air that comes in and out of the engine is more convenient to make it cool.

Along with this, users are allowed to protect their engine while using this cold air intake.

This intake pipe keeps them out instead of allowing harmful contaminants into the engine and running the operation.

When it comes to maintenance, it is estimated that cleaning is only necessary for every 100,000 miles taken with the Mustang.

They ensure that the amount of messiness that comes with using the cold air intake is reduced and oil is not found all over the engine at all times.


  • Improves the airflow
  • Helps in keeping contaminants out
  • Aids the horsepower
  • Installs quite easily


  • Not enough reviews

10. BBK 1718 Cold Air Intake System – Best Throttle Response


Highlighted features:

  • Designed with a cotton filter.
  • Sounds good.
  • Quick installation.
  • Provides a performance.
  • Suitable for the Mustang.

BBK 1718 is a cold air intake pipe that helps create comfortable functionality for better airflow.

For those with a Mustang, this one helps aid the way the throttle responds when on the road.

The installation process takes less than an hour to set up, and then users can use the Mustang.

Apart from this, the engine’s sound is better and more convenient for those living in a relatively quiet environment.

As a 2015 mustang gt cold air intake, this is one option with a cotton filter to make it easy for users to maintain the intake pipe.


  • Provides a better sound
  • Can be maintained easily
  • Fast installation process
  • Allows better throttle response


  • Comes with poor tubing

Best Cold Air Intake for Mustang GT Buyers Consideration

For those with the Mustang, it is important to have the best option of a cold air intake, and there are ways to achieve that.

An important way to achieve this is to consider a few factors that would help determine the right option.

In this section are several factors to consider when choosing a cold air intake for a Mustang.

Check them out below:

Maintenance process

Regular Cold air intake mustangs make use of oil in functioning, which serves its purpose but can still be messy.

Several times, the filters tend to release the oil and then could mess up the whole area.

For such a situation, they would require that the user cleans out often enough to save the engine’s health.

It is important to know if this is something that you can frequently do with this in mind.

Other types of air intake pipes come with an oil-free system that takes away such a system’s messiness.

For those who do not want to open the pipe for maintenance consistently, this is the right choice.

If on the market for a cold intake pipe, then it is important to have one that suits the level of comfort desired.

However, as a rule of thumb, it is always advisable to have an option that would require less frequent cleaning.


Non-durable options are always a bad indication of a suitable cold air intake for the Mustang on the market.

Choosing out the best cold air intake for mustang GT means a user has to go for one that can withstand the harsh conditions of everyday driving.

An indicator of the durability of a cold intake pipe is the components used in making the pipe.

Originally, they should be made from things like iron components with a durable finish.

What this does is protect it from being broken easily and then also create a sort of resistance from corrosion and the effects of rust.

Installation Procedure

When being installed, the cold air intake pipe may need professional or certain special skills.

Considering hiring a professional would cost money, and then those who use the system would have to spend an extra apart from what they have already spent on the purchaser.

Several people do not appreciate this idea and then causes them to search for those that are easily installed.

On this review are several options that take this out of the equation.

With all of this in mind, then it is important to have an option that can be installed without needing to get professional or extra help.

So, when picking out an option to be purchased, go for one with a bolt-on installation process as it would help save you time and resources.

Cost of purchase

Most users work with a budget, and so every purchase has to be tailored to fit into the budget.

With that in mind, they cannot simply select one that is available on the market but check out if it is financially suitable.

On this review are several options that are placed at different prices for users to check out.

So, before making a purchase, search out the products based on the price range that best suits your budget.

Note, because they are not highly-priced does not mean that they are not suitable for the purpose. Most of the time, they are placed based on how they are costing.

Performance level

Several of the options of a cold air intake pipe are designed to aid the vehicle’s performance as a whole.

With this in mind, users are advised to check out those that aid a better throttle response or improves the accelerations and even the torque power as a whole.

A suitable intake pipe is meant to offer room for the engine to receive better airflow.

In this review, there are some products that offer as much as an extra fifty percent in the airflow.

When all of this is combined, it becomes easy to have an option that would serve the best purpose.

Best Cold Air Intake for Mustang: Buying Questions

What option of the cold intake pipe serves the best function?

Critically looking at all the available options on the market, choosing the best does not come easy.

Several things are considered when choosing the best cold air intake for mustang.

First on the list is what the user aims to achieve with the pipe and something they need to improve upon.

Bearing in mind all the various options that are on the market, some improve the torque power, others produce better engine sounds.

Now, when all of this is considered, users can then choose what works based on what is needed in their Mustang.

After this process, there can be one that passes as the best option on the market for them.

However, as a function of this review, the best available option can be regarded as the K&N Cold Air Intake Kit.

During its use, users do not have to maintain it so often and then makes it comfortable with making use of.

How do I identify a faulty air intake kit?

A faulty air intake can be identified by how functional it is while being used on the vehicle.

When an intake kit no longer works well, then it has to be changed.

An easy way to detect this is when users notice a crack in the frame of the intake kit, and then it is becoming faulty.

Also, if the sound of the engine begins to change, then there is something wrong with the intake kit.

At this point, it is important that the users check them out and make sure that they are fixed.

Most times, it could be that the bolt has been let loose and needs to be put back in place.

With all of that handled, then the user can get back to making use of the cold air intake system without any problems in the future.

How can an intake be maintained?

For the sake of durability, the air intake has to be maintained regularly to keep them functional.

One of the first places to check out when maintaining the air intake is to ensure that the filter is cleaned out.

Regular contaminants are usually stuck in the filter area that protects the engine of the Mustang.

As a user, it important to constantly check out the area and then clean out any contaminant that may be restricting the function.

However, it is not important to clean out all the time or as frequently as with the other options on the market.

All of the intake kits available on this review are designed to clean themselves out and approximately needs manual effort after every 100,000 miles.

Are there options that are waterproof?

Technically, for an air intake pipe to be suitable for the Mustang, it has to be resistant to moisture or any sort of liquid.

Without a level of resistance, then it would easily get rusted as it is susceptible to corrosion.

With this, the several options that are in this review are chrome plated and then provide a level of strength to the pipe.

So, the answer to the question is yes, and it is recommended for it to function effectively. Ensure that whatever choice that is made has this particular feature.

What is the estimated duration of the air intake pipe?

Approximately an air intake pipe should serve at least four years of functionality in use to be regarded as durable.

All of this is irrespective of the fact that the Mustang must be faced with terrible conditions that may affect the function.

Yet this does not put a stamp on the time frame that a cold air intake pipe should last while in use.

In this review, there are some that are able to last as long as ten years without depreciating.

With this in mind, a suitable cold air intake pipe should not last just a year in use. Approximately it should stay for over four years before needing a replacement.


When in need of a new cold air intake that works on the Mustang, there are things to consider.

Even if it is the Ford Mustang or the Mustang GT, they all require special considerations.

In this post are several of the best cold air intake for mustang for users to check out. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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