09 Best Cold Air Intake for Toyota Tundra Review & Buying Guide In 2023

Get an aftermarket tundra cold air intake to enhance torque and horsepower. If you wish to buy the best cold air intake for Toyota Tundra, you can rely on our in-depth review.

Breathing keeps us alive and healthy. Moreover, it’s vital to breathe fresh air and then breathe out carbon dioxide.

That’s what a normal human being does. A vehicle does it too.

Your vehicle’s engine utilizes the air from the surrounding, mixes it up with fuel, and burns in the cylinder. That is how the vehicle gets the power used for driving.

In case it’s a truck, like Toyota Tundra, you need to let it breathe better, especially when you want more towing and hauling.

A usual truck makes use of OEM air intakes, but a truck owner can do better than that. How about getting your hands on the aftermarket air intakes?

Toyota Tundra is a full-sized truck. Moreover, the owners of this vehicle believe that it is a reliable beast. An aftermarket exhaust will help you get the best performance.

Toyota Tundra will breathe in the cold air, and burn the air-fuel mixture at a faster rate, thus producing much more power.


Super Choice Table of Best Cold Air Intake for Toyota Tundra

Rough Country
aFe Powe
Genuine Toyota

What is the best cold air intake for Toyota Tundra?

Here’s a quick answer for you: K & N Cold Air Intake Kit. K&N is the finest cold air intake for your robust Toyota Tundra and it’s at the first position because the product boosts the performance level of your robust truck.

K&N Engineering, California is the manufacturer of the product. Reusable cotton gauze filter technology is the brainchild of K&N.

Why K&N Cold Air Intake is the finest in the automotive market?

K&N Cold air intake kit is on the top because it enhances torque and horsepower.

K&N brand promises to offer efficiency and quality at the best price. In case you want better horsepower and easy installation, this product is the best.

Top 09 Best Cold Air Intake for Toyota Tundra Review

01. K&N Kit Cold Air Intake – [Best for Quality]



  • Tailor-made for Toyota Tundra 5.7L V8 (2012-2019) model
  • Flow rate outburst
  • Increases horsepower (guaranteed)
  • Enhanced engine sound
  • Better throttle response
  • High flow Chrome-topped air filter
  • Heatshield
  • Reusable and washable filters

K&N cold air intake systems replace your truck’s restrictive factory air intake and filter.

K&N’s efficient variant is designed to reduce cold air intake restriction as they straighten and smooths the airflow.

Vehicle’s engine can inhale a massive amount of air than a regular assembly of OEM air filters.

More air translates to much more acceleration and usable power throughout the truck engine’s RPM range.

‘’The air intake is power-packed with a high-flow air filter (chrome-topped) and an efficient heat shield.

Also, The air is directed towards the intake tube right into the throttle body for power gain.’’

The intake tube of the product has an appealing black powder-coated finishing.

In addition, the product is made to last and also houses inlet air temperature and humidity sensors.

Moreover, the filter is reusable and washable. A custom heat shield is an additional perk for the buyer.

Lastly, K&N cold air intake is the best cold air intake for Toyota Tundra.


  • Reusable and washable filter
  • Better engine sound and throttle response
  • Offers a heat shield


  • Buyer must check fit before purchase

02. Volant 18857 Cool Intake Kit – [For a Colossal Performance Boost]



  • Tailor-made for truck, car, or SUV
  • Box lid offers quick filter access
  • PowerCore filters enhance filtration up to 99.97%
  • Maintenance-free filter for 150,000 miles
  • Pro 5 Filters and Donaldson® PowerCore® Filtration Technology options

Invincible masterminds and scientists at Volant have done everything to create this masterpiece.

Volant cold air intake system allows your engine to breathe massive cool air.

Volant air intake provides a great performance boost by increasing the horsepower to 10. You get 40 feet/lbs torque and a bolstered MPG.

Volant’s Hi-flow Velocity airbox is capable of breathing in air that enhances the overall performance.

Many of Volant’s cold air intake includes an enclosed air box. The overall efficiency and power go higher.

Additionally, most of the drivers report that it increases gas mileage by a whopping one to two miles per gallon.

‘’Replacing the old factory air box with this new one will take less than an hour. You can use your household tools to fix it.’’

Moreover, Volant gives you the choice of performance filter. Original one is the cotton-gauze filter.

Volant’s variant has a cleaning interval of 35k to 50k miles. The other option is the PowerCore® air filter which requires maintenance after 100,000 miles.


  • Easy installation
  • Two filter options
  • Powercore filter boosts filtration up to 99.97%


  • Directions given are not helpful for novices.

03. Toyota PTR03-35160 [Best for TRD Performance]



  • Offers high performance
  • Top-quality product
  • TRD performance installation on 3.5L V6 engine vehicles
  • Intake flow accelerator
  • Genuine OEM

Cold air intakes are specifically meant for driving cold air into the engine. Air intake enhances the performance and boosts more horsepower and torque of the Toyota Tundra.

TRD performance air intake will also do similar work. Product drives dense air into your engine from the back and even right below the headlight area. This results in enhanced torque and horsepower.

’Additionally, if you wish to buy something that boosts the performance, then a genuine Toyota part is worth it.’’

AIR INTAKE replaces the stock air box’s upper half, inlet hose, and air filter assembly. It has a stellar Intake Flow Accelerator that boosts the overall performance of your Toyota Tundra.


  • Has a genuine OEM
  • TRD enhances torque and horsepower.
  • Genuine Toyota part


  • No instructions given
  • Expensive for some buyers

04. AIRAID Cold air intake system [For Superior Filtration & Performance]



  • Superior filtration
  • Increased horsepower
  • Reusable filter
  • Enhances torque
  • SYNTHAMAX air filter

AIRAID Cold air intake system enhances performance and offers a superior filtration system.

As for the design, the cold air intake system has an intake tube that is aerodynamically engineered.

It is a tailormade to accelerate airflow to the vehicle’s engine. Moreover, the product reduces turbulence which in turn helps to increase the performance of the truck.

‘’The superior filtration system provides a smooth path for airflow to the vehicle’s engine. It keeps the air oxygen-dense and cool.’’

Moreover, the part is easy to install. You just have to bolt it and enjoy the gains!

AIRAID cold air intake system has a reusable filter that offers stellar performance.

More so, the intake system is efficiently paired with a reusable and washable filter which captures all the harmful contaminants and provides exceptional engine protection.

If you are looking for a product that comes with a high-performance air filter, you will be pleased that this one has a SYNTHAMAX air filter.

Having the product offers better airflow and superior protection from external contaminants. Buyers will gain access to a no-hassle lifetime warranty.


  • No-hassle lifetime warranty
  • SYNTHAMAX filter
  • Excellent filtration system
  • A reusable filter
  • Increase torque and horsepower


  • Creates additional noise

05. Rough Country Cold Air Intake [For Easy Home Installation]



  • Enhances performance and horsepower
  • Premium reusable filter
  • Dense cool air circulation

Rough Country cold air intake enhances horsepower and the throttle response. protects the engine from any harmful debris or particles.

Rough country air intake efficiently moves the air filter for the engine compartment so that it can make way for cool air to circulate in the engine.

Eventually, it increases the power. Cool dense air brings in more oxygen into the chamber and helps the truck perform well.

‘’The cylindrical design of the product and the large diameter helps the truck perform at full potential.’’

The cold air intake system provides excellent airflow than the usual factory filter system.

Moreover, each of the units has a premium and reusable air filter which is easy to clean and offers great performance.

Buyers will be at peace as this product is easy to install. Once you put it on, it will increase the performance by several notches.

Further, this particular product comes with a limited warranty (lifetime).


  • Easy to install
  • Rough country lifetime warranty
  • Reusable filter
  • Enhanced horsepower and performance


  • Not much gain in mpg
  • Customer representatives are not as helpful

06. aFe Power Momentum GT 54-76003 Toyota Tundra [The Best Replacement for Factory Intake]



  • Outflows usual factory intake by 38%
  • Produces 20 HP
  • Max gains 33 lbs x ft torque
  • 5-layer Washable and finer oiled cotton gauze media
  • Built-in sight window

Advanced flow engineering is a top manufacturer and designer of automotive components and systems that enhance performance.

The cold air intake system is one of its products. aFe is highly passionate and driven to provide innovative and compelling products to buyers. The products are tested in the U.S.

If you wish to replace the usual factory air intake, get the aFe Power Momentum GT 54-76003.

It has a five-layer washable and finer oiled cotton gauze media that enhances the overall airflow. Also, the product has a built-in sight window too.

Throttle response is stellar and noticeable. When you get aFe Power GT 54-76003, you will start noticing the difference from the first time itself.

‘’In addition, we noticed a significant improvement in MPG so that’s really good news for prospective buyers.’’


  • Built-in sight window
  • 5-layer washable cotton gauze media
  • Max gain of 33 lbs x ft torque
  • Additional 20 horsepower


  • Not exempt from CARB

07. Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit [Best Budget-Friendly Air Intake]



  • Enhanced torque and horsepower
  • 50% additional airflow
  • Improves engine sound
  • Enhanced acceleration when towing
  • Great uphill performance
  • High-performance air filter

Spectre Performance Air Intake kit is specially designed to enhance torque and horsepower. What’s special about this product is that it is dyno-tested.

Moreover, Spectre air intake offers 50% additional airflow than the usual factory air filter box and intake tube.

To top it up, it also improves uphill performance and acceleration when towing.

‘’You can hear the power right under the hood.’’

Spectre air intake offers world-class protection as it protects the engine from potentially harmful debris and contaminants.

Additionally, you don’t have to clean the filter up to 100,000 miles. If you are wondering how long it takes to install the product, you won’t have to worry too much.

Buyers will be pleased by the easy-to-install feature. You just have to spend less than an hour. Moreover, the product is known for increased horsepower.

Lastly, the product has a superior air filter. It’s an oiled synthetic air filter that helps in protecting the engine from contaminants.


  • High-performance filter
  • Easy to install
  • Engine sound is improved
  • Better torque and horsepower


  • The filter does not stay on

08. AIRAID Intake Kit



  • Enhances horsepower and torque
  • Replaces the usual air box, intake tubing, and filter
  • Blocks hot engine bay air

Better breathing translates to better torque and horsepower. Your truck’s engine is a giant air pump because it improves airflow efficiency.

Likely, it helps in creating massive power. The usual stock air intake system is quite restrictive. But you can purchase this beast and improve the torque and horsepower.

AIRAID intake kit is tailormade for increasing horsepower and torque.

As for the efficacy and look, the product is designed and engineered to give the engine a massive amount of cool air to produce better torque and horsepower.

AIRAID air intake has retained the usual/original location of the filter. Panel keeps the air filter isolated from the compartment’s hot engine air.

The 360-degree Airaid premium air filter is reusable and washable. In addition, it is less restrictive as compared to traditional paper. You must take note of the supremely efficient filter.

‘’The Airaid cold air intake is very easy to install. Besides, you can use common hand tools to install it. No fancy equipment is needed for installation.’’

Please note that some air intakes offered by Airaid are not legal in some states that follow California emission standards. But it is legal in most states.


  • Enhances horsepower and torque
  • Filter is easy to clean
  • Air dam panels block hot engine bay air


  • Slightly expensive

09. Genuine Toyota Parts PTR03-34100 TRD



  • Genuine Toyota part
  • Good sound acceleration

Genuine Toyota Parts PTRO3-34100 TRD is very easy to install. Here’s a variant that offers a great sound upon acceleration.

Cutting the engine is not required in this. Although the product is expensive you are getting a genuine part for your Toyota Tundra.

‘’Once the cold air intake is in place, it is easy to tow.’’

Moreover, you will see an improvement in acceleration as well. Before purchasing this product, you must check the compatibility.

Always cross-check the make and model before you purchase the product.


  • Engine sounds good
  • Easy installation


  • Expensive
  • Check your model and make before purchasing the product
  • Gas mileage may go down

That’s all, Tundra owners! You can skim through the product reviews again and compare them at your convenience.

To sum it up, it is important to invest in a product that enhances your vehicle’s performance. What else? There are certain buying considerations that you must take cognizance of.

How We Picked: Toyota Tundra Cold Air Intake

Considering cold air intakes are aftermarket products, you must pay attention to the features.

From filter to durability, there are certain features that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the best cold air intake for Toyota Tundra.

Here are the features that you must look for in the best cold air intake system for your Toyota Tundra.


Buyer needs to evaluate filter quality before they purchase the cold air intake. Important part is filter, so it should be easy to wash and reuse.

This way the product lasts longer and helps in saving money. Moreover, there is no requirement for replacement. All you have to do is clean the product and use it again.


Choose an appropriate size as per the truck. Take a look at the engine space and then consider the size while buying the product.

You must pick carefully. Whichever fits easily is the right one for your truck.


Evaluate the material of the cold air intake thoroughly. Ideally, opt for a material that lasts long and does not need replacement. Buy high-quality material for cold air intake.


Pricing is an important factor when buying a cold air intake. Everyone has a different budget too.

Some people want to buy a pocket-friendly product, but our suggestion is to not compromise with the performance and quality.

When you buy the best air intake, you will be saving more as there are no replacement costs and durability is on-point.


There are in total three types: ram air, short ram, and true air intake. Short ram replaces the factory intake with a brand-new open-element filter and pipe.

Short ram variant is easy to install and is cheaper as compared to a true cold air intake. The design requires less fabrication or plumbing work.

True cold air intake moves the air filter as much as possible. True/genuine cold air variant draws air from the exteriors of the engine.

In return, it gives the engine bay dense and cool air. True cold air can be expensive and slightly complicated to install, but true cold air intakes are much preferred by truck owners.

Ram air intake is similar to the second one, but the only difference is it has long tubes and a specified air filter at the system’s back.

Ram air variant draws a lot more air with the help of wind pressure. To top it up, it results in enhanced engine power. Users can compare it with a turbocharger (with lesser parts).


Compatibility is the main factor when choosing a cold air intake. You need to do is check the make of the vehicle, the model, and the year of your truck before you select a cold air intake.

Moreover, it is important to check if the product is meant for your vehicle. Don’t miss this point – it’s very important to take note of this.

Thermal Barrier

A thermal barrier is vital in a cold air intake system. Power gains will be minimal in case of no thermal barrier.

Manufacturers use numerous materials such as carbon fiber and plastic to create a thermal barrier.

CARB approval

If you are living in California, and want to drive the truck on a public road then modifications have to be approved by California Air Resource Board.

In today’s time, it is important simply because the modification should not alter the emission control of the truck.

If the system meets the basic CARB requirement, you will get a CARB EO number. In case you do not have this, it leads to a fine or the car will get picked.

Additional Features

Getting an aftermarket cold air intake system is the cheapest modification to improve your vehicle’s performance.

Moreover, it is very easy to fit these. You can use regular tools in your home to fix the system.

In addition, you will find plenty of helpful videos online that teach you how to install the system.

The step-by-step methods are helpful. Besides, the manufacturers also offer an instruction guide. It helps you throughout the installation journey.

Ideally, look for a product that is easy to install. It should install within an hour. Most of them take thirty to forty minutes.

Some manufacturers offer a bypass valve, which helps in preventing water from entering the cold air intake system.

Everything’s dependent on the buyer as to what they want to purchase.

If you are ready to spend extra bucks and want a powerful performance, then cold air intake is the best pick. In case of money crunch, the short ram intake is a preferred option.

 Best Cold Air Intake for Toyota Tundra: Buying FAQ’s

Explain cold air intake system?

Cold air intake kits are aftermarket parts that are tailormade to provide the vehicle’s engine with a great capacity of cooler air.

Cold air intake is useful in improving combustion rate by taking in cold air.

When there are flow restrictions through bends, turns, and tubes, the incoming air for combustion slows down.

More restrictions mean more temperature and resistance and ultimately less oxygen or air delivered to the combustion chamber.

Thus, it causes poor ignition of fuel mixture/fuel-rich air. Ultimately it leads to a decrease in performance level.

An air intake system is specially designed to free the restrictions and draws in cool air or increased oxygen.

As a result, it maximizes combustion in the engine and enhances the performance of the truck.

The regular stock air intake system may not be enough for some truck owners. That’s precisely why they look for a replacement.

But don’t be in a hurry as you must do proper research before purchasing any product.

Why cold air intake is essential for the truck engine?

Cold air intake is vital for the engine as it draws in dense and cold air to the engine.

It translates to less fuel and better combustion. When there is better combustion, it leads to better torque, enhanced horsepower, and fuel economy.

Users can enhance the overall efficiency of the engine by introducing a cold air intake.

How does a cold air intake enhance truck performance?

Cold air intake has a significant impact on truck performance. Top manufacturers say that it increases 20 to 30 horsepower.

However, you will most certainly get a 15 to 20 increase in HP and a visible economy increase.

In case of other modifications like tuners, suspension, and performance exhaust, you will get a better system.

When should you replace cold air intake’s filter?

Everything depends on the filter type you are using. In the case of an oiled filter, it is re-usable and lasts longer as compared to a dry filter.

If you are not happy with the overall performance of the cold air intake filter, it is time to change it.

What are the various types/variants of cold air intake?

There are three types of cold air intake: ram, short ram, and true/genuine cold air intake.

Short ram system replaces the original factory intake with an air filter (open-element) and a brand-new pipe.

Short ram is economical and quick and easy to install. The design requires less fabrication work and plumbing.

True cold air intake emphasizes moving the air filter forward. The true cold air intake draws air from the engine bay’s exterior and it gives the engine dense and cool air.

Ram air intake is quite similar to the true cold air intake but there is a slight difference. Ram air intake has an air filter and long tube at the back of the system.

It’s vital during high speeds simply because it draws a larger air volume with wind pressure.

Finally, it results in superior engine power. Users can compare it to a turbocharger but something with lesser parts.

Does the cold air intake cause any damage to your truck’s engine?

Most complex problem with cold air intake is hydro lock and hydro locking. Hydrolocking/Hydrolock is a condition wherein the engine draws in water instead of air.

Hydrolocking/hydrolock can cause engine damage. Why is it an issue? Because water gets trapped in the engine’s cylinder and causes damage.

Moreover, it does not compress which can damage the pistons. Trapped water also damages and bends the connecting rods.

You must note that it is very rare to see such damage cases these days. In case you live in an area that is prone to rain then you must choose a short ram intake.

What is the average cost of a cold air intake?

If you want to change the truck’s intake system to a superior cold air intake system, it will cost between $150 to $550 (depends on the system you choose).

Most prospective buyers wonder whether it is worth the high price. Here’s a quick and apt answer – YES.

You will save fuel and the engine will get better power too. Purchase the best cold air intake for Toyota Tundra to get enhanced performance.

What if the cold intake pipe gets hot?

In case the intake pipe gets hot frequently then the condition refers, ‘heat soak.’ Intake pipe heats up and the air’s temperature also increases when it goes into the engine.

Change of temperature can lead to a significant decrease in overall engine performance. A high-quality air intake system is made from aluminum which does not allow the pipe to get hot.

Why are some of the air intakes cheaper than the rest? Is there any difference?

Ideally, you must invest in a high-quality system. All depends on your budget.

Difference between a budget-friendly and an overly expensive air intake is that the former one has a simple design.

It comes with a cheap filter and a pipe. Moreover, the manufacturers do not test it for fuel mixing and proper air.

The best air intake systems have a good design and the manufacturers test them to prove efficiency and better combustion.

Some budget-friendly products may be good for your truck, but always compare the products before investing in anything.

We are aware of high-priced products but they do not offer the required horsepower and torque.


Now that you are aware of all the details, it will be easy to pick the best cold air intake for Toyota Tundra.

Finally, we recommend K&N cold air intake, but the prospective buyers can take a look at all the other products to gain insight.

All the required features must be present. While some people look for all the features, others want the cold air intake at the best price.

When engine performance gets better, it increases acceleration and offers fuel economy.

The best intake system can help improve horsepower and torque. Fuel economy improvement comes from oxygen increase.

Did you know that fuel and oxygen come together to create sparks and power your vehicle? If there is more oxygen in the mix, the vehicle will need less fuel.

Making your vehicle fuel-efficient is easy with a powerful cold air intake system.

Check all the products in the list, compare them, and make the best choice. Moreover, you must buy the product from a reliable platform/store.

Make an informed and wise decision. After all, it is an investment so you must choose a superior and efficient cold air intake.

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