Top 11 Best Electronic Boost Controller Review & Buying Guide [2023]

An electronic boost controller uses a solenoid or a stepper motor to control the air pressure presented to the wastegate actuator. So simply put, the boost controller monitors the amount of boost pressure received by the engine, reducing, increasing, and directing the excess to the wastegate.

For you to get optimum performance, for your turbo engine to remain in good shape, and to avoid frequent trips to the auto parts store, your air and fuel mix in your turbo engine must be just right.

When a turbo engine runs too rich, it signifies a high concentration of fuel to air. The result of running rich is that you burn more gas/diesel while reducing engine performance.

On the other hand, excessive boost (also called running lean) means a higher ratio of air to fuel in your engine.

Running lean is dangerous and results in burnt valves, damaged pistons, a jerking motion when you drive, and a car that no longer runs.

When you add an Electronic Boost Controller to your engine, you get the optimum boost pressure which produces extra power and saves your engine from damage caused by running lean or rich.

If you want to know more about the best electronic boost controller for your engine, you should read further.

We will look at the features of some Electronic Boost Controllers in the market and their pros and cons.


What is the Best Electronic Boost Controller?

If you want our pick for the best Electronic Boost Controller for your turbo engine, I highly recommend the AEM UEGO Turbo Boost Combo Set. This Turbo boost system is our first pick for a lot of reasons.

For one, the UEGO Wideband Air/ Fuel gauge is the fastest responding gauge in independent testing.

It comes as a combo set with an Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge, a Digital Oil Pressure Display Gauge, the Boost Display Gauge, a Bosch LSU wideband sensor, and a weld-in bung.

Secondly, it ensures everything is going well in your turbo engine without having to open your hood and look.

And lastly, the gauges are stylish, matching the interior of your car.

AEM’s three-piece gauge kit gives you everything you want to satisfy your need for speed while protecting your engine.Best

Top 11 Best Electronic Boost Controller Review

01. AEM 30-4350 Tru-Boost Controller Gauge


Highlighted Features

  • Smart Interface
  • Reversible Faceplate
  • Auto-Dimming Display
  • Peak/Recall

Looking for the most accurate reading of your Air/ Fuel flow ratio, your oil pressure, and your boost status?

AEM Turbo Boost 3 Gauge Combo set is your best bet!

Two buttons on either side of the gauge permit configuration to represent different fuels, switch the center display numbers, and recalibrate the sensor when the gauge ages.

While accurate readings are delivered through the center display and the LED needle of the Oil Pressure gauges.

Adjustment for peak and recall hold, standard and metric measurements, and baseline warnings are on the list of readings this gauge set allows.

AEM’s Turbo Boost gauge goes from 30 to 35 PSI providing precise measurements for the ideal performance of race car engines.

Each different gauge features color-changing LED pointers which give them a classic, functional, and stylish look.

LED needle displays usually require calibration, but the AEM Gauges do not require calibration. Values are accurate, comprehensive, easy to read, and real-time.

AEM Gauges have very low latency providing real-time results for a better driving experience. AEM’s gauge kit is universal and will fit just about any car with a bit of welding done.


  • Easy to mount
  • Comfortable to calibrate
  • Easy to Install


  • Complicated Installation
  • Difficult to differentiate between boost and vacuum

02. GFB Turbo EBC with Air/Fuel RatioGauge


Highlighted Features

  • Adds a boost of up to 50psi
  • 6 boost presets
  • High and Low boost pressure
  • Overboost warning and protection
  • Peak/Recall hold
  • Triple gauge display units
  • Warning lights
  • Lambda or AFR display modes

Go-Fast Bits G-FORCE III Electronic Boost Controller is the GFB Turbo EBC with an added Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge. Monitoring the Air/Fuel ratio of turbo engines, this boost controller, does not need an extra gauge.  If one wants a constant reading of the Air/Fuel Ratio or Boost Pressure, the display alternates between the two feeds. When the G-FORCE III detects lean AFR, it quickly compensates by lowering boost and warning the driver. As with the G-FORCE II, this controller gives the option to preset up to 7 different boosts presets settings and an auxiliary input on this unit connects to other gauges increasing accuracy when you drive.

A one-of-a-kind scramble feature launches and enables the engine to overtake other cars on the racetrack, while 6 different backlight colors allow the user to pick what suits the car interior.


  • Integrated wideband
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to use
  • Easy touch screen Interface
  • Closed-loop correction
  • Manifold vacuum display


  • The display can be sharper

03. GReddy Profec Electronic Boost Controller– Easiest Controller to Install


Highlighted Features

  • Low and high boost levels
  • Scramble boost preset
  • Display boost history
  • Peak/hold recall
  • Over boost warning alarm
  • Allows data logging and monitoring

GReddy (15500214) Profec Electronic Boost Controller comes with a Display/Control Unit, a Sensor Unit, a mounting bracket, and instructions.

An OLED display on the control unit makes it slim, trendy, and easy to use. GReddy has three boost display modes: digital, graph, and bar-graph mode.

Alongside the screen, it has two buttons and a rotary dial for adequate programming.

A rotate function on the unit allows it to be mounted 180°. Boost correction is by RPM, Throttle Position, Speed, and Gear Position.

GReddy’s Profec EBC controls water temperature, is compact and easy to install, and increases boost by as much as 43.5psi.


  • Easy to Install
  • OLED display
  • Waterproof
  • Auxiliary Input for Remote switching
  • Speedy processor


  • The OLED display is very bright
  • Difficult to tune
  • Insufficient instructions

04. GFB G-FORCE II Electronic Boost Controller-Best Value for Money


Highlighted Features

  • 6 boost presets
  • High and Low boost pressure
  • Overboost warning and protection
  • Peak hold /Recall
  • Triple gauge display units
  • Boosts up to 50psi

Go Fast Bits G-FORCE II Electronic Boost Controller comes with a vacuum line, a solenoid, a boost unit, a wiring harness, and an instruction manual.

With the GFB Electronic Boost Controller, one can adjust boost pressure and control the turbo spool up, the sensitivity of the unit’s reaction to boost pressure and the scramble boost feature.

Go Fast Bits G-FORCE II gives drivers the option to preset, choose and increase or decrease up to 6 different boost settings and an additional SCr preset when driving.

A 6-color variety complements this compact and sporty unit, permitting the driver to pick complementary colors that match the buttons of the EBC to their car interior.

Go Fast Bits G-FORCE II is for use with gas turbo engines using single or double pneumatic wastegates.


  • Easy to Install
  • Comfortable to use
  • Suitable touch screen Interface
  • Closed-loop correction
  • Manifold vacuum display


  • Does not work with ECM or PCM
  • No wideband integrated

05. Turbosmart e-Boost 40 PSI STREET Boost Controller– Fully Programmable Boost Controller


Highlighted Features

  • 6 boost levels
  • Provides over boost shutdown
  • Monitors boost and eliminate drop off
  • Backlit buttons for easy control
  • Gauge like appearance

Turbosmart TS-0302-1002 e-Boost 40 PSI STREET Boost Controller comes with an e-Boost control unit, a wiring loom, an installation kit, a solenoid, a mounting bracket, vacuum fittings, vacuum hoses, and hose clamps.

Like its name, this controller is one of a kind and focuses on streetcar racing.

Known as one of the most versatile electronic boost controllers in the market, e-Boost 40 can be programmed to boost in response to different gears, to both TIME and RPM, to control the injection of methanol, nitrous, and water spray.

E-Boost 40 has the boost cut and drop-off feature, preventing boost levels from rising beyond the target level, and can be programmed to map gears, which means that every speed level has its boost levels.


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of features
  • Allows personalization
  • maximum boost of 40psi
  • Auxiliary output available


  • It is not waterproof
  • Complex installation

06. Turbosmart e-Boost2 Sport Compact –Ultimate Boost Curve Control


Highlighted Features

  • Boost up to 60 psi
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Auto calibration
  • Gasoline use
  • Compatible with 12 and 16 volts

Turbosmart’s brand focuses on streetcar racing and the e-Boost 2 Sport Compact is classic Turbosmart.

Turbosmart TS-0301-1003 e-Boost2 60 mm Sport Compact Boost Management System contains a head unit, a 3 Port Solenoid, a wiring loom, a hose fitting kit, and hoses for installation.

With this electronic boost controller, you can control the boost pressure trapped in your manifold, the amount of time it takes for your controller to react, and your maximum boost pressure.

E-Boost 2 allows you to monitor your RPM, giving you up to 6 stages of boost controlled by RPM, by gear (increasing speed), and by time.

This great product has developed a fully programmable boost controller that protects every engine.

An auto-dimming setting protects the driver’s eyes while the accessories keep up with the trends in sporty looks.


  • Controls water spray
  • Controls methanol and nitrous injection
  • Overboost protection
  • Advanced controller capabilities
  • Map boost and control shift


  • Made for sport vehicles

07. Innovate Motorsports Solenoid Boost Controller and Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit– Most Versatile Boost Controller


Highlighted Features

  • Accurate AFR
  • Peak hold
  • Compatible with different fuels
  • Configurable OLED display

Innovate Motorsports Solenoid Boost Controller and Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit comes with an SCG-1 gauge, a Wideband oxygen O2 sensor, a weld-on bung, a sensor cable, a Solenoid, a mounting bracket, a 4 BAR Map sensor, a vacuum hose kit, Black/Silver/White bezel and faceplate, a serial program cable, and an installation manual.

Acting as a boost gauge, a wideband AFR sensor, and a boost cut, Innovate’s compact and easy-to-fit boost controller measures boost in PSI and BAR, Lambda, inHG, kPa. An AUX-in/out and 4 channels connect with other devices for data logging.


  • Easy to use
  • Interchangeable bezel and faceplate
  • Allows data logging


  • No boost by gear setting
  • Time-consuming installation

08. AEM X-Series Gauge Kit-Lowest LatencyAir/Fuel Ratio Gauge


Highlighted Features

  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Varying calibration modes
  • 3- or 4-digit display mode
  • Supports up to 16V
  • Classic AEM easy to read faceplate

AEM X- Series Gauge Kits come with a Digital Boost Display gauge and the X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge.

Providing accurate, real-time readings to prevent the engine from running too lean or rich, and monitoring your engine’s Air/Fuel Ratio, the Digital Boost gauge displays both vacuum and boost features.

Faster, real-time readings are what the X-Series gauges promise assuring the driver of his car’s safety in real-time situations.

Nowadays, some turbocharged cars like Mitsubishi and Subaru come with factory-fitted Electronic Boost Controllers.

With the AEM gauges providing onboard boost control, you can control your boost level and monitor your Air/Fuel and boost level.

Modifying and regulating your turbo engine’s boost becomes possible and easy.


  • Easy to use
  • Slimmer and easy to read
  • Supports data recording with accurate feedback
  • Easy to reach Peak/ Recall buttons
  • Customizable bezels and faceplates


  • Smaller than the usual mount

09. The Auto Meter Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio Kit-Best for Tuning


Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with a lot of vehicles
  • Designed for gasoline engines
  • Lightweight
  • 12 and 16 volts compatible

Auto Meter 4379 Ultra-Lite Wide Band AFR kit comes with a Bosch LSU4.2 sensor, mounting hardware, a weld-in bung, a wiring harness, and installation instructions.

Albeit, the Air/Fuel Ratio gauge does not allow direct data logging, it supplies a 0-4V signal output that can send data to ECU or tuners.

Auto Meter’s wideband Air/Fuel ratio kit gives out as much as 10:1 to 20:1 AFR.

For this main reason, it is as precise as possible and is a favorite of many tuners for tuning. At startup, the gauge will countdown and recalibrate.

Though this might take a few seconds, it ensures that the unit does not need air calibration.


  • Lightweight aluminum housing
  • Detailed instructions
  • Bar/graph, LED display


  • Data logging is difficult
  • No backlight


Highlighted Features

  • Protects from overboost
  • Durable valve
  • Constant boost levels
  • Anodized, CNC-machined Body
  • Fast Spool-up

Dewhel Racing Polished MANUAL BOOST CONTROLLER is a mechanical boost controller and one of the best in its category.

Dewhel Racing Polished MANUAL BOOST CONTROLLER kit comes with the  Control valve (containing a ceramic ball), light springs, heavy springs, a mounting bracket, a hardware packet, 3 feet vacuum line, zip ties, and installation instructions.

Dewhel offers both ceramic balls and metal balls. Ceramic balls provide better adjustment levels because they rotate better than metal balls contained in the unit.

Furnishing turbo engines with up to 35 PSI of boost, Dewhel’s manual boost controller is meticulously fabricated and durable, created from quality billet aluminum and stainless steel.

Easy installation and color variety are also a trademark of the Dewhel MBC.

To monitor the boost levels your boost controller gives, it will be advisable to buy an Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge separately.

Dewhel Turbo Boost Combo Set is a great choice. Installation is easy and involves connecting a cable from the controller to the cockpit.

Adjustment of boost level is cumbersome when you have a manual boost controller; involving manually adjusting the boost dial, closing your hood, starting your engine, and test driving to see if the boost pressure is adequate.

Unfortunately, the process is done again and again until you are satisfied with the boost pressure.

Though installation takes only a few minutes, tuning might take a long while. A good solution is to get a controller add-on kit and adjust the boost from inside the car.

However, with the money spent on the controller and the add-on kit, it might just be a good idea to buy an electronic boost controller that has even more boost settings and features.


  • 12 turns of resolution
  • Eliminates wastegate creep
  • No tools needed for adjustment
  • No boost spikes
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight


  • No dial indicators for adjustment
  • Manual Adjustment

11. Turbo Engine Controller, Aluminum alloy 1-30 PSI Car Universal Adjustable

Highlighted Features

  • Choice of chrome or ceramic ball
  • Quality aluminum
  • Stainless steel spring and ball bearing
  • Supplies up to 30 psi
  • O-rings create a perfect seal against boost leak
  • Breather port

Turbo Engine boost control kit is crafted from good quality, durable anodized aluminum and comes with either a chrome ball or a ceramic ball.

Turbo Engine Boost Controllers come with the boost controller, 3/16″ Hose Barbs, and Installation Instructions. Unfortunately, vacuum hoses are not included in the kit.

A ball and stainless-steel spring ensure that the quality of boost is optimal, giving you boost gains of up to 30psi.

Threaded adjustment valves ensure adjusting the boost is as easy as possible and that the unit doesn’t leak.

A durable hose barb and its locknut units are made with nickel-plated brass to prevent rust or rupture.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to adjust
  • Can boost up to 30psi
  • Small-sized unit


  • Might experience boost spikes
  • Need to buy fittings
  • Slows down in cold air

Best Electronic Boost Controller: Buying Factors

An electronic boost controller helps you extract as much power from your turbocharged system while keeping your Air/Fuel Ratio and Oil pressure stable and protecting your engine.

When the turbo engine receives a boost in the intake manifold, it stores it until it reaches a predetermined pressure which causes the wastegate to open and release the excess producing more power.

Electronic boost controller’s mechanisms work thus: they delay the signal from opening the wastegate at the factory predetermined pressure point, letting it stay in the intake manifold for longer and increasing the pressure thus creating more boost.

Hence by restricting the amount of boost the intake manifold holds, it lets you control the boost.

There are two things the Electronic Boost Controller can use to alter this signal, a stepping motor or solenoids.

While solenoids act as an electronic control switch, stepping motors monitor the pressure and adjust or balance it.

There is always the risk of using the wrong Electronic Boost Controller for your engine.

Always do your due diligence on the different types of controllers in the market before you purchase one.

These are a few other things you should consider before you buy an electronic boost controller:

Type of Boost Controller

Bleed Boost Controllers

These boost controllers are commonly installed on the wastegate vacuum line.

These give up a small boost pressure per time by bleeding some pressure from the vacuum line, which will cause the turbo engine to release even more pressure, ultimately resulting in a boost and producing extra power to the engine.

Electric Boost Controllers

We have said a lot about electronic boost controllers in the rest of this article.

They do have a slight edge over the manual boost controllers because of the ability you get to monitor your boost from the comfort of your cabin, increase, preset, and adjust to your preference.

Like we said, check out the AEM UEGO Turbo Boost 3 Gauge Combo Set as to how it fits in with your engine. We believe it is the Best Electronic Boost Controller in the market today.

Manual Boost Controllers

These are very simple, cheap, and easy to install substitutes. However, they can only provide one level of turbo boost and do not provide any Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge, PressureGauge, etc.

Also, you can only set the boost level by manually manipulating the knob until you think you are satisfied.

It might not be the best way to protect your engine since you cannot monitor the numbers to detect any problems.

And if issues do arise, there are no fail-safe methods like warning lights or alarms to indicate.

However, if you want the simplicity and reliability of a boost controller without any extra features, the manual boost controller is the way to go.

Ease of Installation

When buying a boost controller, it is wise to search for Boost Controllers that are easy to install and use.

Because they are electronic, they need more technical work than the manual boost controllers.

To ensure that all precaution is taken, it will be wise to get it professionally installed to avoid engine troubles.

Ease of Use

Buying an aesthetically pleasing boost control unit is one thing, but ease of use is another important thing.

Little things like auto-dimming backlights, interchangeable faceplate and bezel colors, overboost warnings, and clear OLED screens make each unit not only beautiful but easy to use.

Another important thing is the placement of your boost controller.

Placement of the boost unit is important so that in driving situations, the numbers are in view, and the driver can monitor it without turning his head.

Kit and Installation

Electronic Boost Controllers usually come in a kit with everything you need to install them.

If you’re a newbie, it is advisable to get one that comes with a kit to ensure you don’t have to start another search for the correct wires, vacuum caps, etc.

FAQ’s of Best Boost Controllers

Why do I need an Electronic Boost Controller?

If you have a turbocharger and you want even more speed, you need a boost controller. Your regular turbocharger engine repurposes its exhaust gas.

It pushes this gas into the turbine, rotating it and increasing the horsepower(hp) of your car.

Depending on the health of your engine, the turbocharger can send more boost to the engine than is required, damaging to the engine.

When an electronic boost controller is installed correctly, it sends a message to the actuator of the diaphragm-like wastegate to open when the preset boost limit is reached.

A boost controller intercepts the message before it gets to the wastegate, giving the engine more boost and letting the boost pressure out at the right time to decrease the boost and protect the engine.

With a boost controller, one can preset and monitor boost from gauges inside the car for a better driving experience.

Boost controllers nowadays have alarm systems to warn and shut down the engine if ever needed.

On what type of engines can I install the Electronic Boost Controller?

One can install an electronic boost controller on any turbocharged engine.

Can I install the Electronic Boost Controller without professional help?

Self-installation of an electronic boost controller depends on three factors;

  • The type of boost controller

Some boost controllers are easier to install than others. You can check the list above to see which ones fit your engine

  • The engine

Every engine looks different, sits different, and houses components differently. Always do some research on your engine before you go ahead to do any installation.

  • The technical expertise of the driver

If the instruction booklet is not well outlined and you cannot find a video that details the steps, it will be wise to contract a tuner or a professional installer to avoid damaging your turbo engine.

Is the electronic boost controller safe for my engine?

Any post factory enhancement on your vehicle has the potential to cause issues to it. However, with proper care, the boost controller will help you protect your engine.

For your Electronic Boost Controller to work optimally, it needs to be installed properly. Improper installation can damage your engine.

After installation, the boost controller needs to be tuned and set up correctly or it can damage your engine.

Always ensure to research the maximum amount of boost your engine can take and tune accordingly.

Does the Electronic Boost Controller come with an installation manual?

Most EBC kits come with an instruction manual.

How do I choose the Best Electronic Boost Controller for my car?

You should choose the boost controller that is effective for your needs. It should be easy to install and durable. It should be easy to read, producing low latency and feeding real-time results.

And when you run your electronic boost controller on your engine, you should be sure you increase the boost levels only a little at a time, nothing more than 20%, to protect your engine.

Of course, you should never increase your boost higher than your mechanical Air/Flow system can handle.

Why should I pick an Electronic Boost Controller over a Manual Boost Controller?

An Electronic Boost Controller allows you to regulate your boost from inside your car, while with the manual boost controller, you only control the boost from under the hood.

With the Electronic Boost Controller, you can regulate the amount of boost you want and adjust it as you drive, but with the Manual Boost Controller, the boost level is constant as the knob is on the device under the hood.

While the manual boost controller might be perfect for daily drivers, the electronic boost controller is the right choice for functionality, performance, and style in street and track racing.

Manual Boost Controllers are cheaper and easier to install. Electronic Boost Controllers are expensive and difficult to install.

However, installation difficulty is compensated for in the different settings and modes available on the EBC.

What steps do I need to follow to install my Electronic Boost Controller?

Step 1: Assemble everything you need to install the boost controller, including the vacuum hose, caps, solenoid, boost unit, and clamps.

Step 2: Set up the boost controller, installing the pins which connect to the wires.

Step 3: Mount the EBC on the mounting bracket and solder to the housing

Step 4: Run the EBC vacuum line to the wastegate

Step 5: Join and Run the wires from the EBC into the cabin of your vehicle.

Step 6: Mount the gauge

Step 7: Tune your engine and set up your boost levels.


You don’t need to be a street or track racer to feel the need for speed.

Whether showing off your performance-enhanced baby at a street race or cruising around town with lower boost settings, the Best Electronic Boost Controller system is a new ball (or race) game entirely.

We truly cannot stress the slickness of tweaking and monitoring your boost settings from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

And choosing the right Electronic Boost Controller will surely make or break your race. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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