10 Best Exhaust For Mustang GT: Ford Mustang Loudest Exhaust In 2023

Knowing how different the Mustang GT is from other vehicles on the market, it is only proper that the exhaust system has such uniqueness.

Any choice should have the strength and reliability to function effectively even under the most intense conditions.

Picking out one that is not functional enough could cost the price of having to get a replacement.

Apart from that, it could even harm the vehicle itself. With such in mind, this review has the best exhaust systems for Mustang GT with highlights on their features.

From the Borla series to the Flowmaster option, to Roush, MBRP, more are available.


Comparison Table of Best Exhaust For Mustang GT

Borla 11806
Flowmaster 71236
BBK [Exhaust Headers]
Borla 11890

What is the Best Exhaust System for Mustang GT?

Currently, the Mustang GT’s best option happens to be the Borla 11806 exhaust system, which is due to good reason.

With this exhaust system comes suitable rear section support that makes the vehicle more balanced while in transit.

Another significant thing that this exhaust system offers is the luxury of installation.

Unlike other options on the market, this one can be installed easily as it comes with hangers that would go into the vehicle.

In a matter of minutes, the system is ready for usage in your Mustang GT.

With this option, users are allowed to have a fairly quiet choice of an exhaust system. Users may not have this feature in the other available options.

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Top 10 Best Exhaust For Mustang GT Review

01. Borla 11806 Exhaust System -Best for Mustang gt


Highlighted features:

  • Suitable for the rear section.
  • Has an angle cut.
  • Includes a round tip.
  • Fairly quiet design.
  • Includes four bolts.

Borla 11806 is an exhaust system that works in the rear section of the mustang gt to provide better performance.

When it comes to quality, the Borla exhaust is made of a high grade of stainless steel that promises durability.

In the grade of stainless steel, it comes among the 300 series.

Another significant feature of the exhaust system is that it comes with a single rolled angle cut.

Unlike other exhaust systems on the market, this one does not require a lift to get installed.

With this, users can now install it by slipping a hand under the vehicle.

Normally, the exhaust systems that come with the mustang are usually excessively loud, but this one is different.

As an exhaust that could go on the mustang gt, the Borla is a fairly quiet system.

For the sake of legality, Borla has gotten several approvals for the emission of the carb.

When choosing an exhaust system, this is quite important because it means it does lesser harm to the environment.


  • Comes with bolts.
  • Doesn’t make so much noise.
  • Legally approved emissions.
  • Does not require a lift.


  • Designed to be smaller.

02. Flowmaster 17410 Axle-Ratio – Best Exhaust System.


Highlighted features:

  • Includes an aluminum tube.
  • Comes with installation hardware.
  • Moderate exterior frame.
  • Improved air intake.
  • Fits the Mustang gt.

Flowmaster 17410 is an axle ratio exhaust system is designed with an aluminized steel tubing as a gauge.

As a form of tubing, the exhaust system can withstand intense situations and even driving in areas that are slightly flooded.

When the exhaust was designed, it was waterproof, thereby resistant to corrosion and rusting.

As an exhaust made especially for the mustang gt, the Barlo 11806 comes with all the hardware that helps in the installation process.

Instead of making extra purchases after buying this exhaust system, this one has all that would be needed. Among them are hangers that would hold the exhaust in place.

“For those in search of a design that serves as a loud muffler, this is not a suitable choice. When in operation, the exhaust can be really loud.”

While working in a mustang gt, the air intake level is improved to ensure that the emissions are cleaner.

For those that are more conscious of the health of the environment, this is a desirable quality.

Any user who seeks an exhaust system that produces maximum results and aids in performance can then choose an exhaust.


  • Helps the vehicle’s performance.
  • Designed to be waterproof.
  • Made to last long.
  • Compact enough for the vehicle.


  • Doesn’t work as a loud muffler.

03. Roush 421145 Exhaust System – Best for torque


Highlighted features:

  • Open-chambered design.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Maximized horsepower.
  • Sounds good during acceleration.
  • Chrome-plated design.

As an exhaust system, the Roush 421145 comes with an open-chambered design that aids in the operation.

With the chambering feature, the way it handles oil and other things connected to the exhaust is unique and more efficient.

When making use of the exhaust system, people are assured to provide a more optimized horsepower.

The exhaust gives the mustang gt the required strength to accelerate better while on a free road for more speed.

A combination of these features makes it one of the best for more torque power.

Unlike other regular exhaust systems available on the market, this one still sounds good while it is accelerating.

Instead of dealing with just the loud noise of the exhaust, it is still friendly enough.

For durability, the exhaust is made with a mix of two high-quality forms of stainless steel.

With the system comes a 304 stainless steel along with a 409 stainless steel property.

As the best option for an exhaust system, it is also chrome-plated, making it an extra durable option.


  • Built to last long.
  • Comes chrome plated.
  • Helps in improving the horsepower.
  • Sound-friendly acceleration


  • Gets stuck on the fifth gear.
  • Tends to backfire sometimes.

04. Flowmaster 817511 Exhaust System – Best for Axle-Back


Highlighted features:

  • Stainless steel tubing.
  • Comes with an exhaust tone.
  • Automated technology.
  • Improves vehicle performance.
  • Includes an air intake kit.

Air intake is crucial in making use of any exhaust system become it determines how convenient it is for the environment.

The Flowmaster 817511 has an air intake kit that ensures that all the exhaust emissions are less harmful to the environment.

Another distinctive feature of the exhaust system is that it uses automated technology to enable its performance.

By using the exhaust system, users can have access to an advanced system that offers a unique level of reliability.

Users can try out the Flowmaster 817511 exhaust system because it offers them the luxury of installing without incurring extra expenses.

After a successful purchase, the package is hangers used in holding the exhaust in place and other hardware needed for installation.

One other feature that the exhaust system boasts of is an aggressive sound exterior exhaust tone that functions when accelerating.

Knowing that the mustang Gt can be a luxury vehicle, several users appreciate the loud sound it emits, and the vehicle gives them that.

“But, there are certain users that live in a conservative neighborhood and would appreciate if it was less disturbing to their neighbors.”


  • Makes use of advanced technology.
  • Comes with an air intake kit.
  • Uses a stainless steel tube design.
  • Has all the necessary installation kits.


  • Can be excessively loud.

05. MBRP S7277BLK 3″ Cat-Back – Best Street Version


Highlighted features:

  • Coated with black.
  • Fits the mustang gt.
  • Aids the vehicle’s power.
  • Loud enough.
  • Suitable for race competitions.

MBRP S7277BLK is a cat black exhaust system three inches high enough to go into your Mustang gt.

They are described as cat black because the exhaust is coated in black paint for more than one reason.

First reason on the list to ensure that the exhaust system works well even under extreme conditions.

Some of these conditions may be driving through a terrain that is still in progress.

Another reason for the paint is to ensure that the beauty of lack is befitting of the mustang gt.

When all of these reasons are combined, it is clear that the exhaust is a suitable choice because of how thorough it can be.

In other exhaust systems, they may not be available to work with such a busy life for themselves.

Among all that the exhaust system offers, among them is better acceleration power when in use.

Mustang gt can function on the streets as an option for car racing because it provides the advantages of a sports car.


  • Can work for racing.
  • Improves the vehicle’s function.
  • Offers a better acceleration.
  • Looks good on the vehicle.


  • Comes with a bent tube.
  • Could be louder than expected.

06. Flowmaster 71236 Exhaust Muffler – Best exterior muffler


Highlighted features:

  • Fully welded design.
  • Works with the Mustang gt.
  • Exhaust noise muffler.
  • Installs easily.
  • Stainless steel design.
  • Improves performance.

Flowmaster is known for producing one of the best types of exhaust systems, and the Flowmaster 71236 is no exception.

For those who need a choice of an exhaust system that would improve how their Mustang gt functions, this is a convenient choice.

All the exhaust system areas are fully welded to ensure that it is stable and remains unmoved while driving.

Also, the body is made from actual stainless steel that works well even in the most terrible conditions.

It boasts of improved strength and is resistant to the effects of corrosion and rust that may try to depreciate the strength.

“As an exhaust system, the Flowmaster 71236 is designed to serve as a noise muffler, but yet it is still noticeable loud.”

For the sake of installation, Flowmaster has all the properties that are needed and doesn’t require any sort of modification.

They have all the tools you would need and are designed to fit easily into the Mustang gt.

An aim of this is to achieve an installation process that does not take time and does not require a professional’s help.


  • Can be installed easily.
  • Designed with stainless steel.
  • Welded to provide stability.
  • Does not require a professional.


  • Can be too loud

07. Roush Axle-Back Exhaust Best Muffler hanger


Highlighted features:

  • Works on a Mustang GT.
  • Contains high-flow mufflers.
  • Requires no welding.
  • Includes mounting points.
  • Comes with hangers.

As another Roush Axle-back exhaust system, it makes use of high-flow mufflers that works in a Mustang GT.

They are placed to go into both the exhaust system’s angles, which are the left and the right.

With this, the amount of noise that it provides is reduced to a considerable volume.

Roush Axle-back also comes with male hangers meant to hold the exhaust system to the vehicle with ease.

As a crucial part of the installation accessory, the hangers can go in just a few moments, thereby saving users the time of installing.

Apart from this, the installation process does not need that you weld the parts because there are mounting parts already in the exhaust system.

All of this is enough guide to help the users through the process of installing the exhaust system.

During use, the Mustang makes a deeper noise that is more suitable to the ears than high-pitched.

With this, it is both functional and comfortable to use on a Mustang GT, making it one of the best exhausts for Mustang GT.


  • Easily goes into the Mustang GT.
  • Make a deeper exhaust sound.
  • Comes with mounting points.
  • Installs easily into the vehicle.


  • Tips come with blows.

08. Borla 140458 ATA – Best Cat back


Highlighted features:

  • Single rolled design.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Legal carb emissions.
  • Includes round tips (4 inches).
  • Has branch resonators.

Borla 140458 is one exhaust system designed with concerns for the kind of emissions it makes to the environment.

They are made to allow the users to have a manner of air intake that gives room for cleaner air and fewer carb emissions.

With regards to this, it has been approved in several states to function as it has minimal harm to the environment.

Apart from that, the exhaust system has a remarkable level of quality attached to the system, which gives room for the exhaust to retain its integrity.

Unlike regular exhaust systems that are available on the market, this one is made of 300 series stainless steel.

Among the different types of stainless steel on the market, this one serves as one of the most reliable.

Designed specially to go into the Mustang GT, it does not require special skills and even adds to how the vehicle looks in general.

Since they are aesthetically designed, it means that the frame is made to look good at all times.

Another remarkable feature of the Borla exhaust system is the presence of sound resonators which gives it a better level of performance.

They are also single round, and both rolled with an angle cut to ensure that the design is well framed.


  • Comes with resonators.
  • Designed to fir the Mustang GT.
  • Belongs to the 300 stainless steel series.
  • Emits lesser carbon.


  • Doesn’t come with clamps.

09. BBK 1615 1-5/8″ Shorty Exhaust –Best Tuned Length


Highlighted features:

  • Enhanced performance.
  • Uses CNC Mandrel bent tubing.
  • Increases horsepower.
  • Customized hand precision.
  • Better torque.

For the case of the BBK 1615 exhaust system, there is a remarkable level of reliability that it promises.

During its design, it was made to help the vehicle’s performance and creating a more functional vehicle along the way.

A significant way that it has worked in improving the performance of the vehicle is by increasing the horsepower of the vehicle.

Approximately after installation, the exhaust system adds about ten to fifteen extra horsepower into the vehicle.

What this promise is getting more out of the acceleration power of the vehicle.

“Some users have complained that the exhaust systems come with some parts already rusted. Even though it is highly functional, this is not a desirable quality.”

Designed with components that are peculiar to the build of an aircraft, the BBK exhaust offers a distinctive level of strength.

Also, it provides a much lasting choice that does not need to be replaced easily or frequently.

An advantage of this is that it creates a system that does not need to be replaced so often.

For the Mustang GT, the exhaust system comes with all the properties that make the installation process easier.

So, if a user is in need of an exhaust system that is both convenient and promises remarkable quality, this is a choice that could provide that luxury.


  • Comes with bolting properties.
  • Provides reliable performance.
  • Looks good on the vehicle.
  • Controlled noise production.


  • Comes pre-rusted.
  • Starts with heavy vibration.

10. Borla 11890 ATAK – Best for Eco boost


Highlighted features:

  • Uses an eco-boost.
  • Reliable performance.
  • Reduced installation time (30 minutes).
  • Has a sound resonator.
  • Loud enough.

Borla 11890 is also among the list of Borla exhaust systems that provide amazing results when used in a Mustang GT.

Along with this exhaust comes a resonator that makes the sound come with enough vibration, as several users would love on their Mustang GT.

Another significant feature of the Borla is that it takes less time to install. Approximately, it is expected to install in about thirty minutes.

All of this is done without needing the help of a professional as the system is easy to work through.

When making use of this Borla exhaust system, users are assured of something that would go well into the vehicle without the need for modifications.

They also come with all the necessary tools that would aid in installation.


  • Comes with a sound resonator.
  • Takes less time to install.
  • Produces healthy emissions.
  • Helps the vehicle’s performance.


  • Not suitable for quieter areas.

Exhaust Systems for Ford Mustang GT Buyer’s Consideration

When making a purchase of a new exhaust system for the Mustang GT, there are things that have to be considered.

All of these things that should be considered are suitable for the area and the convenience of your use.

In this review are several choices but here in this section are things that should guide the purchase.

Check them out below:

Cost of the exhaust

Knowing the various brands that make the exhaust systems place their products at different prices.

Well, the Mustang GT normally is a high maintenance vehicle, so the exhaust is also following this rule.

But for those that are on a budget, there are options that would have to be considered.

Instead of having to deal with products that are way above your current budget, you can choose among those that are lesser.

When on this kind of search, users are to place in their price range into the search area and then would get results that are in tune with that.

Note, because an exhaust system is less expensive than the others does not make it less effective.

When considered, they all have their effectiveness, and it is about what they offer.

As a matter of fact, there are those with exorbitant prices and yet have less desirable qualities.

All that matters in a search for a more price-friendly choice is one that can go without being less functional.

However, ensure that you do not go for one that does not fit the system of the Mustang GT.

These kinds of choices could be harmful or may require that the exhaust is changed. All of this would cost even more than the user is already willing to spend.

Quality of the components

Most of the high-quality exhaust systems are made from stainless steel and not just any but those of top quality.

In this review, several of the exhaust systems were designed with the 300 and 400 stainless steel series.

With this series, users are assured of a system that works well even in the most extreme conditions.

For those that are reliable, it would mean that the system would be more reliable and last long enough on the vehicle.

Instead of having to buy a new one more frequently, these types of exhaust systems are made to be durable.

Even in the most intense situations, they promise users reliability as they don’t get spoilt.

Another significant feature of the Mustang GT is that it is designed to have less corrosion and free from rust.

As a feature, this comes in handy when users have to drive through areas that are slightly flooded. With this, the water does not ruin the surface, and this makes it a more reliable option.

Kind of sound production

Drivers of a Mustang GT may sometimes like it when it is highly loud and then resonates.

One of the thrills of such a system is that it creates a more luxurious feel in the process of going through.

Among the list of various exhaust systems that users can try, not all can be this loud, but that does not make them less desirable.

For those that live in residential areas that are usually quiet and then have to leave in the morning, the fairly quiet ones are a better option.

When it is too loud, then the other residents may have a hard time, seeing that the users have to drive out when they are possibly still sleeping.

Yet, for the users that would not mind such, there are some that are still loud and yet have a deeper tone to make it friendly to the ears.

Ordinarily, those that are high pitched are more destabilizing to hear at that volume.

So, as a buyer, it is important to choose the option that works better without being a nuisance to the users or those that are around.

Method of installation

Installing an exhaust system to a mustang GT has to be a convenient thing to do for it to be suitable.

There are those that would require the help of a professional or even needing actual knowledge into the process of working on a Mustang.

As a user, this would be a choice that would cost more time and even incur more expenses.

Other types of the exhaust system also require some sort of modification to aid the installation process.

Users may have to create mounting points themselves in the exhaust.

For this reason, it serves as a choice most users would have to work on, and this does not make it the best option.

However, there are other systems that come with the required mounting points and even hangers that would easily go into the vehicle.

Such types of the vehicle always work to reduce the time that would need to install the exhaust and also take out the need for extra help.

An advantage of this is the fact that the system works with the aim of reducing the time spent on installing the exhaust system.

So, when on the market for an exhaust system for your Mustang GT, always check for the way it goes into the vehicle and then let it drive your purchase.

Carbon emission

Seeing how much the emission of carbs has contributed to ruining the integrity of the atmosphere, it has become something to be concerned about.

One of the major ways through which these emissions get into the environment is through exhaust systems.

However, several producers have considered this and then chosen to develop systems that would cause lesser harm to the environment.

Considering such intention, they began to develop exhaust systems that made use of eco-boost.

One of the ways this function is by allowing more air intake and then bring the level of harmful gases emitted to a desirable low extent.

Among the best exhaust systems for Mustang GT are those with such a feature.

Best Exhaust For Mustang GT (FAQs)

What is the best option for an exhaust system?

For the Ford Mustang GT, there are several available options that users can try out, and determining which the best is does not come easy.

To pick out the one that is most suitable, it is important that the users first choose the one that fits their needs, and they would be most comfortable using it in their vehicle.

There are certain options that are less harmful to society, and if the user is one that is concerned with keeping the earth healthy, that that would work best for them.

Those that belong in this category emit lesser amounts of carbon while on the road as a result of several reasons.

One of the significant reasons is that it comes with an air intake kit that ensures it gets enough clean air that lets it function better in the environment.

Considering this, there are even users that want a distinctively loud system that would resonate while they drive.

Well, for them, that is the best available option if anyone they come across has this feature and is still highly functional.

With all of that in mind, it is critical to know that the best exhaust system for the Mustang GT is reliant on the need of the user.

However, for the sake of this review, it only proper to go for the most desirable choice on the list. For that position would be the Borla 11806 exhaust system.

What causes the exhaust to squeak while in use?

First of all, an exhaust system that is getting faulty would begin to make squeaky noises.

These noises are a sign that the exhaust is losing strength and has to be changed.

When users notice this, it is usually best to work on the system before it becomes critical.

A cause of the irregular sound could be the fact that a hanger bolt is loose and has found its way into the pipe area.

Since they are both made of metal properties, they automatically begin to make strange noises, and they need to be corrected.

Note, if the sound is ignored and such is the case, then there is a likelihood that the other bolts could get loose, and the user would lose the whole system.

In such a case, it is better to park and then check for the bolts that have come off.

If they can still be found, then the user would have to screw it back tightly to place and check that others are equally tight.

For this sort of corrective measure, once it is completed, then the exhaust system would be as functional as it is originally designed.

When the reason for the noise is not a bolt that has fallen out, then it could be as a result of dirt stuck in the pipe way.

Since several of the systems in this review emit less carbon dioxide, then it may be something else that may have found its way into the pipe area.

During such a situation, the user would have to get something that can scrape out the dirt and then clean out the area.

Ensure that every trace is taken out and the oil is cleaned out with suitable solvents.

The solvents that work best in the vehicle are those that are less harsh and would not cause any problem in the area instead of solving some.

If confused about what to use, then it is best that they consult an auto repair mechanic to help them out.

Once all of that is thoroughly cleared out, then the Mustang GT can function properly with the exhaust system.

However, if the exhaust has been damaged or torn because of somewhere the vehicle was driven across, then it has to be replaced.

For such a situation, users can choose from those that have been highlighted in this review.

Can just any exhaust system work on the Mustang GT?

Knowing how peculiar the vehicle is, the kind of exhaust systems that have been designed to go on the Mustang GT is quite personalized.

They are personalized in the sense that they need to have certain qualities it has the most effect on the vehicle.

A wrong one could have less effective horsepower enablement and then hinder the acceleration of the vehicle.

With this, the vehicle may begin to lad and then, in some instances, even affect the engine of the Mustang.

To avoid this, it is always advisable to have an exhaust system that does the job of creating working better.

Something to take note of is the fact that those that are not effective enough for the Mustang GT could pull out when out on full speed or even a simple acceleration.

Several users may find it embarrassing, and it is best to avoid it for a while.

Even though the exhaust systems that work on the Mustang GT may work on other vehicles on the market, it does not also work the other way around.

Those for the Mustang need to have the better horsepower and be built to go at the same speed level as the Mustang would go.

Can the exhaust be installed by just anyone?

Well, there are certain exhaust systems that would require the help of a professional in the process of installing them.

For this case, it is better that they work with them to ensure that the installation process goes smoothly.

However, with little to no prior information, there are those exhaust systems that can be installed easily.

These types usually come with their own hanger and the necessary installation kit. Inside the package is also a guide on how to successfully install the exhaust.

With this in mind, it is important to note that not all exhaust systems would need a professional and can be done by just anyone.


Noting the varying numbers of exhaust systems that are on the market, the one for the Mustang GT has to be particularly designed for such.

They are required to have the good horsepower and then create the right compactness to allow the process of driving seamless.

With that in mind, this post has done the job of highlighting the best exhaust system for Mustang GT and how to pick them out.

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