10 Best Fender Flares For Ram 1500 Review 2023: Expert’s Buying Guide

One needs the best fender flares for Ram 1500 either to feel good or to comply with certain state laws for trucks with pimped up tires and wheels. Look out for are different styles, colors, and designs.


Best Fender Flares For Ram 1500 (Top Picks)

Tyger Auto
Tyger Auto
Auto Dynasty
Ezzy Lift
Monkey Autosports
Tyger Auto

What is the best fender flares for Ram 1500?

Among the fender flares we reviewed, Bushwacker 50915-15 came out as the best of all.

Why is the Bushwacker 50915-15 the best brand for best fender flares for Ram 1500?

This white clearcoat pocket style fender flare for RAM allows for more clearance and tire coverage.

We have also reviewed a few others, just so you get to decide for yourself the best fender flare for you.

Top 10 Best Fender Flares For Ram 1500 Review

01. Tyger Auto TG FF8D4188


Key Features 

  • UV-resistant
  • Flexible and durable
  • 2+ hours install
  • Warp and crack-proof
  • Comes with a hardware kit

Product specifications

  • 16. 72 pounds’ weight
  • Dimensions: 48.39x 7.45x 27.13 inches
  • 2.6” rear tire coverage
  • 2” front tire coverage

Product description and performance

Tyger Auto TG FF8D4188 is made with an injection molding technique for collision avoidance and general performance.

Polypropylene, developed with injection molding technology, increases the flares’ durability and flexibility.

The flares cover much of the truck because of the unique Pocket bolt-on riveted style.

Not compatible with front aftermarket bumpers and mud flaps.

These Tyger Auto flares come with detailed instructions for easy bolt-on installation.

However, the process “requires drilling making the installation process time-consuming.” The flares have wide coverage to make them effective in pulling debris.


  • Impact-resistant
  • Wide tire coverage
  • Bolt-on riveted style
  • Smooth service texture
  • Budget-friendly


  • Relatively difficult installation

02. Bushwacker 50915-15 – Dodge Pocket Flare Style Fender


Key Features

  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Adds 2.5” tire coverage
  • Ease of installation
  • 100% UV-protected
  • Matte Black Finish

Product specifications

  • Front-wheel coverage: 2.5”
  • Rear-wheel coverage: 2.5”
  • Front flare height: 4”
  • Rear flare height: 4”
  • Product color: OE black
  • Smooth texture
  • Sold as a set of 4

Product description and performance

The iconic Bushwacker 50915-15 is quite wide for maximum protection of the wheel from dust and debris.

One can get these flares before they are finished so they can modify them as they please.

They are made in the USA with a thick, crack, and warp-resistant material. It is tailor-made for additional flexibility and durability.

Installing the flares is made quick and easy by the presence of pre-installed edge trim and stainless steel hardware.

Some of the most important attributes for these flares are 100% UV protection and ease of painting.

Installation time is roughly two hours, but for beginners, it can take up to 3 hours. “The long installation period for Bushwacker 50915-15 flares is quite a difficult task for beginners.”

The flares are made in the USA with a thick, crack, and warp-resistant material. It is tailor-made for additional flexibility and durability.

Additionally, tailored-made flares are popular with most users because they allow for customized design.

Just walk in and mention your preferred style/design. Chances are you will find it without having to go the fabrication route.


  • Durable
  • impact-resistant
  • unbelievably strong
  • Wide coverage
  • Easy installation


  • Mounting difficulties for beginners
  • May be too big for a normal wheel

03. Tyger Auto TG-FF6D4198 – Fine-Textured Matte Black Factory Style Fender Set


Key Features

  • Impact-resistant polypropylene
  • Injection molding
  • Set of 4
  • 100% UV-resistant
  • Re-paintable exterior

Product specifications

  • 3.75” front flare height
  • 4” rear flare height

Product description and performance

The manufacturers of Tyger Auto TG-FF6D4198 fender flares have mastered the use of poly to come up with an exceptionally tough product.

This makes the flares very tough, durable, and impact-resistant. The flares’ unparalleled ability to pull debris makes them very effective on rough trails.

The flares provide the truck with a sleek appearance. A fine-textured matte black finish and a re-paintable exterior fit your vehicle’s color perfectly.

They have an average installation time of some 1+ hour but largely depend on your experience with flares.

A pro can even finish the installation process in less than one hour.

just because you are experiencing some difficulties at first doesn’t mean the flares are not the best.

Give yourself time and get used to the product; you will understand just how effective it is and easy to use.

The mounting and installation process easy since they come with an instruction kit.

Unless you are completely clueless about how to do the installation process despite reading the manual, you don’t have to go have it fixed at an extra cost.

However, one can still ask for clarification of some areas from the manufacturer or supplier, just to be safe.


  • Wide tire coverage
  • Polished appearance
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to paint


  • Vehicle specific



Key Features

  • Comes with installation hardware
  • Additional wheel packages
  • Extra tire coverage
  • Rugged
  • Bolt-on look
  • Unique poly material

Product specifications

  • Black in color
  • ABS thermos plastic material
  • 2.6” coverage on the front
  • 2”  coverage on the rear
  • Satin pump textured

Product description and performance

These flares are the best for resistance to cracking, fading, and chipping.

It has been made from tough polypropylene material with excellent impact resistance. The plastic can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Manufacturers have designed them to allow re-painting ii you are looking for a custom appearance.

DNA MOTORING WF-81010-MBK flares are easy to install; one can do it in their garage.

The flares’ 100% UV-protection cover guards it against cracking, chalking, and warping.

Extensive research has been conducted on these flares to ensure they give long consumer service.

Numerous tests and experimentation is normally conducted by the manufacturer before releasing them to consumers.

If you get a product that does not meet the mentioned standards of quality, contact the manufacturer to confirm authenticity.


  • Custom-designed
  • Additional tire coverage
  • Paintable
  • Great appearance
  • Maximum UV protection.


  • May not fit properly on some trucks

05. Dodge Ram Grain Textured Pocket-Riveted Style Side


Key Features

  • Perfect UV-protection
  • Pocket-riveted style
  • Improved appearance
  • Paintable
  • Comes with a hardware kit

Product specifications

  • 3” coverage
  • Set of 4
  • Grain textured black
  • 7.26kg weight

Product description and performance

These flares offer additional tire coverage and maximum protection against road materials.

Have an excellent rugged bolt-on look without looking flimsy or cheap. Designers of Dodge Ram Grain

Textured Pocket-Riveted Style flares have used durable polypropylene material with exceptional resistance to cracking.

The flares also don’t fade easily, maintaining the truck’s good look for long.

The flares are easy to install; you don’t need to cut or drill to get a good fit.

They are also paintable should you decide to have them custom-painted. The main disadvantage is  “the rubber trim may not be quite impressive.”

The flares are conspicuous and attractive, making them quite suitable for heavy-duty trucks.

But the consumer can always trim the flares whichever way they want to fit their vehicle. Ask an expert to pick the best size and design for your truck.


  • Incredible appearance
  • Durable
  • Extra-wide tire coverage
  • Easily paintable
  • No drilling required


  • Not-so-easy installation
  • Paint easily comes off

06. Replacement for Dodge Ram – Textured Super Heavy Duty Riveted Fender


Key Features 

  • Grain-textured
  • Unique UV-resistant layer
  • Textured surface
  • Resilient, strong material
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Sufficiently thick
  • Custom-designed

Product specifications

  • Does not fit Sport model
  • 3” front tire coverage
  • Additional coverage for larger tire

Product description and performance

This flare comes with a clear and complete installation manual, so the installation process is quite easy.

Replacement for Dodge Ram flares is protected from fading by a unique UV protection layer.

The product is very resilient and durable. It is also produced from a strong, heavy-duty poly material that gives it extra toughness.

They are available in multiple finish options, which makes it ideal for anyone looking to give their truck their desired look.

It is made from approved polypropylene, which gives it a sleek styling perfect for about any use.

It is great product support to cover you all the way.

Replacement for Dodge Ram flares’ tire coverage of 3 inches provides enough extra cover to huge big debris and sand when traveling rugged terrain.

The flares don’t have to be that wide if your vehicle is relatively small. It is okay to trim them to your desired size.


  • Easy to paint
  • Clear installation instructions
  • Short installation time
  • Resilient


  • Does not fit Sport model

07. 02-08 Fits Dodge Ram


Keyt Features

  • Full 4-piece set
  • Matte black finish
  • Weather-resistant
  • Warp-proof
  • Comes with an installation kit
  • Salin-texture

Product specifications

  • Self-tapping screws
  • 10 pounds’ weight
  • Set of 4 (1x front right, 1x front left, 1x rear right, 1x rear left)

Product description and performance

It is built from high quality, durable plastic material. Sufficiently protects the truck from dust and debris.

You can choose to install the flares without re-painting or customize to suit your need, that is totally up to you.

This unique feature in 02-08 Fits Dodge Ram flares is very important since trucks come in many custom colors.

Additionally, the paint does not easily come off these flares. The user is assured of a product that is both attractive and unmatched longevity.

Dodge RAM flares offer great resistance to heat and cold, UV exposure, and harsh weather conditions.

Their installation is relatively short, only about 30 minutes.

The process is easy since they come with instructions on how to install. Most importantly, they are lightweight and with great durability.

Self-tapping screws that come with the flames make the installation process seem like cutting a piece of cake.

Reading the instructions on the installation kit and get down to business is everything required of you.

It takes over an hour if you’re a beginner. A pro can do the installation even faster.


  • quick installation
  • aesthetic look
  • paintable
  • impact-resistant


  • requires pre-drilling



Key Features 

  • Crack-resistant
  • durable
  • impact resistant
  • pocket-style design
  • Compatible with aftermarket bumpers.

Product specifications

  • 1.75” front width
  • 1.75” rear width
  • ABS plastic
  • Custom-designed

Product description and performance

DNA MONITORING IF-10012-MBK fender flares have been made using advanced injection molding technology.

It is expertly made with fine-textured polypropylene with great impact-resistance.

Attractive customized off-road look offered by pocket bolt-on stainless riveted style.

The flares offer extra tire coverage without looking flimsy. Additionally, they have an extremely rugged bolt-on look that makes them quite attractive.

These are made from a poly material, which makes them resistant to cracking, chipping, or fading.

These are easily paintable if you are looking to have the flares custom-painted.

Nothing makes a consumer happy other than finding a set of flares that perfectly fit even when it is with an aftermarket bumper.

DNA MONITORING IF-10012-MBK gives you the freedom to do your purchasing for the vehicle and parts separately.

You should know how to fix minor installation issues.


  • Fine-textured
  • Enough tire coverage
  • Attractive off-road look
  • Paintable


  • Weak tape
  • Loose rubber strips

09. Premium Fender Flares – High-Quality Black Textured Bolt-On Style Fender Flares


Key Features

  • Four fender flares
  • Heat and impact-resistant ABS plastic
  • Compatible with 02 -08 Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500
  • Bolt-on pocket rivet style
  • Re-Paintable parts
  • Pick-up truck accessories
  • Hardware and installation kit

Product specifications

  • Marine-grade stainless steel
  • 5.5” front flare height
  • 4.5” rear flare height
  • 2.5 tire coverage
  • Up-to 2 hours’ installation process

Product description and performance

There are made of premium ABS material for excellent resistance to impact, heat, and extreme cold.

The flares are tough, elastic, and easy to paint. They are highly durable, flexible, and lightweight.

They come with accessories that protect your vehicle from sandy surfaces and mountainous trails.

These flares are specifically suitable for hot areas. If your state experiences high temperatures during the summers, Premium Fender Flares will be of great service.

They are also designed to withstand harsh cold weather during winter. The flares are all-rounded when it comes to weather resistance.

The iconic Premium Fender Flares have essential hardware such as nuts, s crews, bolts, and more, all in sufficient quantities.

A complete coverage set is compatible with both the driver and passenger sides. You don’t have to persevere with a color you don’t like, just have it repainted.


  • Easy installation
  • Comes with a hardware kit
  • Rugged and attractive
  • Bolt-on style.


  • Weak tape

10. Tyger Auto TG FF8D4078 – Fender Flares with Matte Black Textured Rivet Bolt


Key Features

  • Wide fender flares
  • High-quality polypropylene
  • Impact-resistant
  • Durable
  • Riveted design
  • Rugged appearance

Product specifications

  • 2.5” tire coverage on both lines
  • 5.5” front height
  • 4.5” rear height

Product description and performance

This model is durable and stylish. Tyger Auto TG FF8D4078 main attributes are its aftermarket parts and accessories.

The flares are made with high-quality polypropylene, which makes them durable. They have an extra rubber seal and hardware available in the package.

Tyger fender flares are compatible with aftermarket bumpers, making them suitable for individuals who wish to modify their old vehicle models.

If you feel that your vehicle model is too old, Tyger Auto TG FF8D4078 got you covered.

These flares can be customized with the help of fabricators to accommodate your needs.

Just state your needs and the manufacture will know how best to cater to them.


  • Standard tire coverage
  • Comes with edge trim
  • Extra hardware
  • Made of tough polypropylene material
  • Uniform, standard thickness


  • Time-consuming installation

Best Fender Flares For Ram 1500: User’s Buying Guide

 How they’ll fit? 

You probably want the best fender flares for Ram 1500 that is easy to install. Most of the time, the installation process is determined by your truck’s make.

Some, such as cut-out flares, require modification with a reciprocal saw, while others require the addition of new bolts or rivets.

Always make sure you measure the fender and the wheel well before buying; you will be sure that the fender flares will fit.

Extra-wide fender flares

If a user regularly takes their 4×4 off the beaten path, it is highly recommended that you wider and taller tires.

Fender flares that will perfectly fit such tires must be extra wide to offer the vehicle’s body maximum protection from dirt and debris.

The flares extend far from the fig’s fenders, allowing the user to go on off-road trails without damaging the paint.

Installing extra-wide fender flares work if you have customized your truck to include beefier tires or a lift kit.

You should probably consider acquiring specific fender flares with a wide tire coverage.

Fender Flares with cut-out features

Flares of this kind are a good option if your desire is, to conceal aging and damage on areas near the wheel or tire.

These fenders look attractive despite their relatively difficult installation.

Cut-out flares require a bit of equipment and skill to make a precise cut, so they are not your best choice if you lack those.

The feature makes it possible for one to tires that look bigger on their vehicle.

Material type

The materials used to make fender flares are polypropylene, ABS, and acrylic. How do you choose between the three?

If a user wants a heat-resistant, tough, and resilient product, it is recommended that you go for flares made with polypropylene. It is fatigue-proof, pure, and anti-corrosion.

Your next choice should be ABS material with great elasticity. It is second only to polypropylene in strength and toughness.

This material is impact-resistant to a high degree. ABS parts appear bright once they are molded and painted.

The most important features of acrylic materials are that they do not scratch easily, easy to glue, and takes longer to fade.

The choice of material should be informed by your area’s climate. ABS accessories, for example, are most suitable for areas with a cold and wet climate.


Some fender flares such as Dodge Ram are easy to install, and one can do it by themselves.

Even so, the fit is very important. Check the flares after installing to make sure they fit perfectly near the bumper and the bottom.

Embrace custom flares 

Sometimes you just can’t find what you need or the precise look you want. In that case, embrace working with a fabricator who will help you create your desired product.

A customer can decide to have their flares crafted from tubes. They can be molded as well to suit your truck. Fabricators can also create great fender flares from bending solid steel.

The main advantage of working with a fabricator is the flares will fit perfectly.

If you want to go this route, start by gathering as much information as necessary on custom truck parts.

Most companies will easily give you that information with proper guides.

Know what you are buying

Just so you know, some manufacturers price their fender flares individually while others prefer pricing them assets.

Either one of these information is important to the buyer because it helps them prepare a clear buying budget.

If you decide to buy them in sets, you may have to choose between a set of two and a full set of four.

Users can avoid unnecessary surprises by doing a thorough background check on the flares they want before ordering them.

Unfortunately, most users who find fault in the flares they buy did not research well what they are buying before committing money.

What do you want them for?

The main function of fender flares is to prevent rotating wheels and tires from throwing particles such as dust, mud, sand, rocks, and liquids into the air.

If parts around the wheel and tire are rusted or damaged, fender flares are used to conceal it. However, some users want to have them there because they are attractive.

Fender flares give the vehicle a wide-body look that many users find attractive. Are you buying fender flares for looks, for utility, or both?

The purpose of the flares you are looking for will ultimately play a role in determining the design and style.

Consider the needs of your vehicles first before yours before buying the flares.

These include the truck’s make and model. Best fender flares for Ram 1500 come in different sizes and fit different cars differently.

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s listing before making a purchase; it lets you know whether to expect a set of two or a set of four.

Fender trim

It is important to note that installing fender trim on your vehicle is not as effective as fender flares in protecting your truck.

However, these accessories greatly enhance the trim line of the vehicle, giving it a mirror-like finish.

The market is full of fender trim to choose from. Additionally, they come in designs in line with the curves of the fenders on the vehicle.

Look out for these two features when researching on best fender flares for Ram 15.

Best Fender Flares For Ram 1500 Review: FAQ’s

01. Is the drilling a must for all types of flares or it’s just for a few brands?

No. Most fender flare manufacturers do not demand that level of commitment. Many flares may only look bolted, but no drilling is required during installation.

02. I have rust 4 ¾ inches up. Will the flares fit? Will they cover the rust?

Quite unlikely. The flares only bolt on the underside of the fender lip.

The upper portion of the flare has a rubber strip that sticks to the flare itself. They rub and bounce around and make it quite uncomfortable.

03. Has it been confirmed as to whether Dodge Ram 1500 flares fit a 2017 Ram 1500?

They should fit. Most vehicles have not undergone many changes, at least for the past five years.

You may need to take your time and drill an extra hole that is lined up with an existing one in the fender and add an extra screw and clip.

04. I have a 2009 Dodge dually with a flatbed. Does it mean I only need two flares or all 4?

A. Yes, you do. Just so you know, the flares do not fit the body lines correctlyand the seals are not the best. Buy different ones altogether.

05. QWhat happens if I want a specific color for the flares. Can I get them painted to the color code I want?

Yes. The user has total control of the color code they want on their vehicle.

06. How do they fasten onto the truck?

A. They s crew right into existing holes. The flares come with self-tapping screws and clips for installation.

07. Does the flares fit?

A. Yes, the flares are made to fit your truck model.

08. Are the flares paintable?

A. Yes, they may be painted. Although they will still have a textured look, the flares will retain the paint and come off when scratched.

09. What paint is used?

The paint mixing is done in-house, but the paints are sourced from different manufacturers and distributors.  

10. What is the return policy? 

Customers are given an extended 30-day return, at least for most companies.

11. Do fender flares come in sets of 4?

Not all. They either come in a pair or two. You will decide if you want all tires or just some.

12. Is it really necessary to have fender flares on my truck? And what are they?

Fender flares are simply upward extensions of the fender lip. They give the truck a custom wide-body appearance.

They are lightweight, simple, and relatively budget-friendly.

13. Are there flares that fit on specific vehicles or they are all universal? 

A. Fender flares are normally universal. But there are flares in the market that are vehicle-specific. You can always find those details in the product description.

14. How do I measure flare height?

Accurate flare height is obtained by taking measurements from top to bottom, inside the edge. Any instrument can be used provided you get the correct measurement.

15. QDo they fit on rebel models?

These are molded to fit the truck, and the body of rebel models is completely different.

If you were to use it anyway, you would experience some serious issues installing it.

However, it may just fit at first, but you may be forced to return it because it’s a 3rd Generation party seller.

16. Will they fit a 2018 1500 Ram?

Very unlikely. The ones bought for 2014 do not. They will scratch the paint off for a short time; they’ll be there. You may probably have to look elsewhere.

17. I just received my order, and halfway through the rubber roll, there was a tear. Can I get a replacement roll?

Yes, contact Amazon. They will send you a whole new fender set, but only if you are ready to exchange and ship back the fenders you have.

18. Do the flares cover the screws to the plastic shroud that is the wheel well? Three screws run through the fender.

There are no holes to drill. The flares have been designed to go through the holes that already exist in the fender and hold the plastic shroud in place.

The user is required to be adding some clips, which become a nut for the screws. Everything is particularly well lined up great on the 2005 Dodge Ram.

Any screws that you may see exposed on the flare are just for looks.

19. How is the fit on a 07 Ram?

They work perfectly on the 06 2500; this means it works just perfectly for the 07 Ram.

20. Will the DNA MONITORING WF-81010-MBK flares fit a 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 classic crew cab?

A. Yes. But you may have to use other screws to attach it. While the size is right to cover the length, it doesn’t form exactly to the body.

You have to push it in and probably use silicon adhesive with clamps to get it to form the body. It is worth the price, but to get it you must be willing to spend the money.


In my opinion, the best fender flare for Ram 1500 is the Bushwacker, due to their smooth-finish accessories.

Tyger Auto, with extra front tire coverage, comes second.

Practice due diligence before buying and get the best fender flares for Ram 1500 that won’t only protect your truck but will also look attractive on the road.

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