7 Best GPS For Off Road Jeep Review: Top Rated Off Road GPS In 2023

Picking out a convenient GPS tracker that would work for an off-road jeep can be a problem without the right information.

With this post are some of the best GPS for off-road jeeps available on the market and all that they offer to the users.

This review aims to ensure that users do not go for the wrong choice or regret whatever navigation system they purchase.

From Garmin to Magellan, to Alpine, to Jensen, and others that may come in useful.

They are all excellent options that would work in making an off-road trip less troubling.


Top Rated Off Road GPS [Premium Pick]

Garmin Drivetrack 71
Garmin Overlander
Jensen JRV9000R
Garmin dezl 580
Garmin Drive 60LM
TomTom Go Supreme
Garmin Montana

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What is the best GPS for an off-road jeep?

The best GPS for off-road jeeps is the Garmin Drive back, as it offers an improved system that off-roaders can rely upon.

It has wireless connectivity features that allow it to connect to other smart devices and even the internet.

With this, it becomes easy for the off-road tracker to function and create accurate routes.

Why Garmin is the best brand for GPS for off-road jeep?

Garmin has proven itself to be the best brand for GPS for off-road jeeps as it offers reliability to its users.

It comes with Bluetooth technology that helps users make calls without placing the phones against their ears.

Also, Garmin ensures that all the maps that are integrated into the navigation system automatically update themselves.

This keeps the user informed when there is a new road or an improvement that the drivers need to consider.

Top 7 Best GPS For Off-Road Jeep Review

01. Garmin Drive track 71- In-Vehicle Tracker- Best for Dog Tracking.


Highlighted features:

  • Works on off-road jeeps.
  • Improved connectivity.
  • Automatically updates.
  • Bluetooth enabled system.
  • Allows for voice access.

Garmin Drive back is an off-road GPS tracker that helps in trucks and promises the drivers an improved connectivity level.

It works by being installed into the vehicle without stress and then allows users to keep track of things.

Users don’t have to worry about new additions to the map of newly established routes with this tracker.

Garmin Drive back has a way of automatically updating the maps and ensure that users are not lost.

Garmin Drive back is a convenient system that works effectively off-road on a jeep and can be great for tracking down a lost dog.

The navigation system has been improved to give users a level of accuracy that would not be found on regular trackers.

If users need to attach a hunt viewing map, this GPS tracker allows for that without needing external software.

“Still, when attaching a hunt viewing map, you would have to get it separately as it does not come with the map.”               

When using this GPS tracker, it uses Wi-Fi connectivity to always keep users on track.

The Garmin tracker comes with Bluetooth connectivity settings that allow for calls while on the steering.

It has hands-free technology that makes it easy for the users to use this feature.

During navigation using the GPS tracker, users can control the process with the voice feature.

The voice-activated navigation system is an interactive way of navigating routes without looking at an actual navigation screen.

Garmin comes with a navigation screen that is big enough for users to see the maps without straining.

If there is any need to zoom into the location or map, users can easily pinch it to zoom into the area.


  • Has a voice-activated system.
  • Comes with a wireless connectivity option.
  • Great for tracking dogs.
  • Has an optimized display.


  • Loses signals sometimes.

02. Garmin Overlander Navigator- Best for multiple uses


Highlighted features:

  • Touchscreen enabled.
  • Allows to sync data.
  • Uses topography maps.
  • Installs anywhere.
  • Comes with a compatible adapter.

Garmin Overlander is a compatible GPS navigation system that can work for several purposes, all simultaneously.

It features a touch-enabled navigation screen for easy navigation and offers a remarkable level of guidance while off-roading.

With this, users can access both the guidance maps of the northern and southern parts of America.

This makes it possible for it to use all the available topography maps that have been updated online.

An internal storage area allows users to store their common routes onto the navigation system.

With this, it is easy to locate commonly visited areas more frequently. Note, all of this data can be synchronized with all of your devices connected to the navigation system.

“Any device that is connected to the navigation system must be enabled to work with Wi-Fi and smart devices as well.”

If there is a need to go to campsites with this GPS tracker, there is no need for cell signals.

The Garmin Overlander can automatically route to the best-established areas without extra help.

Also, this is done with the help of the Overlander Points of Interest (POIs) features.

A good thing about this navigation system is that it allows users to install it just anywhere.

This makes it the best GPS tracker for multiple uses as it has both a ram-compatible adapter and a suction cup.

In case users go off track while using this navigation system, it has an SOS feature that is interactive enough to get help.

Garmin Overlander is also great at offering users a two-way texting system.


  • Allows for two-way texting.
  • Can be mounted distinctively.
  • Connects to other smart devices.
  • Combines topography maps.


  • Turns hot frequently.
  • It can be a bit too pricey.

03. Magellan TN1710SGLUC TRX7 Off-Road Navigator – Best for street navigation.


Highlighted features:

  • Several preloaded routes (over 160,000).
  • High-resolution display.
  • Allows for street navigation.
  • Has a satellite map view.
  • Identifies land features.

With the Magellan TN1710SGLUC navigation system, your off-road jeeps can easily find their way through regular streets.

It has features that allow it to function on-road and off-road, depending on the current situation.

For the display of the maps, the GPS tracker makes use of a high-definition screen display system.

This makes it easy for the users to see through the routes much easily from their seats’ comfort.

Built into this navigation system comes a satellite map that helps make the navigation come off quickly.

Moreover, this is because it automatically provides users access to over 160,000 preloaded destinations.

These destinations are common ones that other users of the platform continuously engage in.

When users buy this navigation system, then they can easily mount it up in their off-roading jeeps.

It comes with all the necessary things needed to install the navigation system into the vehicle.

This saves the cost of having to buy extra accessories in setting up the software.

“it is important to note that some users have complained that the navigation system sometimes goes off track. This is just because of minor glitches and can be rectified with the right steps and procedures.”

With the intuitive interface built into this navigation system, the Magellan GPS can keep track of your frequent routes.

This saves the stress of usually having to fill in details of your frequented places.

Another thing that the intuitive interface provides is the ability to instantly identify the land properties.

So, it shows users when the road to be used is terrible and offers alternative routes.


  • Identifies land properties.
  • Comes with several glitches.
  • Has preloaded destinations.
  • Comes with all the required accessories.


  • Difficult to navigate.
  • No customer support.

04. Alpine X209-WRA-OR Off-Road 9 – Best for Jeep Wrangler


Highlighted features:

  • Works for all weather.
  • User-centric user interface.
  • Uses a rear-view camera.
  • Has a compass reading,
  • Great on a jeep wrangler.

Alpine is an off-roading GPS system that lets users get to navigate no matter the weather conditions.

Unlike traditional navigation systems that are on the market, this does not have a glitch when used in a storm or winters.

For this navigation system to function correctly, the Alpine X209-WRA-OR is user-centric as it works off-road.

The display of this navigation system makes it easy for users to view the routes on display.

It also has a compass reading that works to give a more detailed presentation of the off-road tracks.

With this, users can easily connect the navigation system to other compatible smart devices.

Also, It can work on both the android auto devices as well as the apple car play. This makes it easy to make calls in the vehicle.

Unlike the standard navigation system on the market, this one uses the rear camera.

This is what helps in the navigation and creates a clear path for the off-roading users.

There is also a speaker system that allows users to hear the voice command of the navigation system.

It leaves a three inches footprint that allows for it to fit into a spare tire mount.

When mounted on the tire, it gives a totally integrated look that looks good on the vehicle.


  • Comes with a rear-view camera.
  • Easily mounts on a tire.
  • Has a compass for readings.
  • Compatible with a jeep wrangler.


  • No available review

05. Jensen JRV9000R Multimedia Navigation System – Best for smart devices.


Highlighted features:

  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • Uses external microphones.
  • Smart controlled.
  • Has three cameras.
  • Presets available.

Jensen JRV9000R is a navigation system that gives room for multimedia functions even when used off-road.

It has several backlit controls that are connected to the LED screen. The screen itself helps in viewing the various routes that can be used when on your off-road trip.

“Even though there are speculations that the brightness and contrasts of this device are not well optimized, it still provides a remarkable level of clarity.”

When it comes to this GPS navigator’s screen, it is placed at 6.2 inches, which is big enough to always see clearly.

Other features of this navigation system are space for a DVD, MP3, and other formats to play.

With the Bluetooth speakers, users can play sound through the system and even use different commands.

It has a voice navigation system that describes the routes while on a trip to make it easier to go off-road.

There is a microphone feature that comes with the Bluetooth technology.

With these two, users can connect the navigator to their smartphones that are equally Bluetooth-enabled and then get their routes faster.

Users can also control this with the help of the iPhones and iPods that can be charged via a USB port placed in the navigation system.

There is also room for an HDMI connection when the need comes.

In this navigation system comes a total of three cameras, and each of them helps the GPS properly analyze the land to be plied.


  • Uses Bluetooth features.
  • Has external speakers.
  • Comes with triple cameras.
  • Has a microphone.


  • Display is not well optimized.
  • Not so durable.

06. Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S – Best for Live traffic


Highlighted features:

  • Fits into an off-road jeep.
  • Considers vehicle size.
  • Offers suggestions.
  • USB storage is compatible.
  • Works with several operating systems.

Garmin Dezl is another class of fantastic navigation system that comes with other jeeps for off-roading.

In its system, it has all the required ability to work on off-road trips that have not been pre-registered into the system.

When it comes to the display screen, that is placed at ten inches to give enough room for users to view the map comfortably.

The navigation system’s intuitive interface considers the peculiarities of your jeep when making road suggestions.

It only takes users to routes that can be plied with considerations to how the vehicle’s weight and size would fare when placed on the road.

With considerations for the areas with more traffic, the map has a way of live streaming the road.

This shows users where to avoid due to traffic or if the road is closed at the moment of the trip.

Since the navigation system is used for off-road trips, it becomes hard for the jeep to normally find restaurants and gas stations.

This navigation system has a notification feature that tells the users when there is a restaurant or a close-by rest area.

“Just as is expected of traditional technologies, the navigation of this system could be misleading sometimes.”

Built into this navigation system is a Bluetooth connectivity feature that allows users to easily access their smart devices while driving.

This means that users can now make calls while driving without holding their phones, thereby eliminating the risk of an accident that may happen due to a phone call.

Garmin Dezl is an operational navigation system that gives room for users to connect with their desktop computers. It works with Mac OS X and Windows desktop as well.


  • Works with desktop devices.
  • Can be used with USB storage.
  • Allows for user-customization.
  • Comes with navigation systems.


  • Incorrect navigation sometimes.

07. Garmin Drive 60LM GPS Navigator -Best for Dash mount


Highlighted features:

  • Works on off-road jeeps.
  • Installs on the dashboard.
  • Has keyboards.
  • Automatically updates maps.
  • Accesses the driver’s view.

Garmin has proven to be one of the most reliable GPS trackers that can work on off-road jeeps.

The Garmin drive does not offer less as it promises an improved accuracy level when routing through unknown areas.

This is suitable for those new to off-roading trips, making it one of the best GPS for an off-road jeep.

Compared to the traditional navigation systems that could be attached to an off-road jeep, this one has a detailed map.

It continuously updates itself to ensure that new roads are includes and closed routes are indicated while in use.

Apart from that, it also provides an elevated view of the driver’s area while on a trip. With this, it is easy to understand the road in front of the user more easily than it normally would.

For the controls of this navigation system, it comes with a keyboard with all the necessary controls that it may require.

“There are speculations that the Garmin drive is not a perfect choice because it fails at giving a clear insight into using the keyboard. However, with consistent usage, it becomes familiar and easier to navigate.”

With this system, users are given access to more personal navigation instruction that even novices can use.

The GPS tracker for jeeps makes use of the turn-by-turn navigation system that makes the control easier.


  • Comes with a detailed map.
  • Shows the driver’s view.
  • Offers turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Works on off-road jeeps.


  • Not so durable.
  • The keyboard seems complicated.

GPS Tracker for Off-road Jeeps Buying Guide

Various things need to be considered when purchasing a GPS tracker that would work efficiently on an off-road jeep.

Unlike the regular street roads, off-roads are not frequently plied, and the best manner of navigation is through a well-detailed map.

However, these maps are built into navigation systems that lead the user through the whole trip.

In this section are some of the various things that every off-roader should consider when buying a GPS tracker.

Check them out as they are highlighted below.

Mapping system:

Off-road trips can only be successful when done with the right routine, and this is achieved with the help of a map.

The thing with maps is that after some time, they get obsolete, and this could be due to various reasons.

Firstly, new roads and routes are constructed frequently while some others are closed off.

With this, there may be the road that would become inaccessible and other alternative routes that would make the journey easier.

A good mapping system built into a GPS tracker constantly searches for this and keeps the map updated, ensuring that the trip is successful.

So, whenever that you have to buy a GPS tracker, consider how well it updates itself and then make a choice.

Remember that a good mapping system would make the trip seamless and prevent users from going to the wrong places.

Wireless connectivity:

How a GPS tracker connects is also important in making the off-road trip much easier.

There are certain trackers that come with a Bluetooth setting that connects to mobile devices and other smart devices in the vehicle.

With this, users can now make phone calls without holding the phone to their ears.

The goal of this feature is to keep the driver’s eyes on the road with optimum protection.

This then turns to prevent any sort of accident that may have been caused by distraction.

Others have Wi-Fi connectivity settings that make it easy for the users to live to track their movements.

It watches and determines the integrity of the land just in front of the jeep.

Asides from that, the feature does a great just of checking for areas with traffic. These areas are indicated, and users can go through alternative routes.

Well, in the case of some of the GPS trackers on this list, they have both the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity feature that allows them to function.

Now, users can make calls with the navigation system and still get live traffic updates right from their device.

Voice control:

Voice control technology helps users get to vocally navigate through the GPS tracker while on an off-road trip.

With this, there is no need to manually fill in the location as users can now call out where they intend to locate with the help of the navigation system.

Apart from this, it also saves the stress of pinching the screen to zoom on the route.

The voice control feature of the navigation systems helps in the directions as well.

With the help of a robotic voice, it tells users where to turn and the best routes to take per time.

So, when buying a GPS tracker to go on an off-road jeep, get one that would offer this much flexibility.

Multimedia features:

An off-road trip could be really boring as there are not many people that go on such journeys at once.

So, to make the whole experience worth the while, there is always a need for a bit of entertainment.

This could come with the help of the right navigation system installed into your jeep.

There are some navigation systems that have space for USB storage, DVD, CD, WAV, and other formats.

With these formats, users can now play sound and music via the GPS tracker.


As usual, when buying a device to go on a vehicle, it is best to have one with the best features.

This deals with those that can install onto a platform without costing more money or needing a professional.

In this review, there are some that come with all the accessories that would be needed in fixing and using the navigation system.

Also, if you still feel the need to get [professional help, then ensure that they are verified.

But many of the GPS trackers come with instructional manuals making them the best GPS for the off-road jeep.

Best GPS For Off-Road Jeep (FAQs)

Are the GPS trackers made waterproof?

All the GPS trackers that are available can go to different places on the jeep, and this determines how they are built/

For those that go to the exteriors of the jeep like the tires, they need protection from moisture to keep their system functional.

Still, there are those that do not need to have their parts installed on the outside of the off-roading jeeps.

These types it is optional for them to be waterproofed. However, it is always advisable that they still have some sort of protection.’

Extra protection, even for indoor trackers, is important as there are times that water could spill around the dashboard or the interiors of the car.

A weakly protected GPS tracker would fail at such an instance and would need instant replacement.

How do I know a bad-functioning GPS tracker?

The goal of getting a GPS tracker in the first place is to offer help when navigating through unknown paths.

So, as an off-roader, if the GPS tracker fails at giving the right details on a filled-in destination, then it is malfunctioning.

Not noticing this or acting on this could be dangerous because it has the possibility of leading users into a bad area.

This could be bad for both the vehicle and the user alike as they may find it difficult to get help in these kinds of situations.

So, a bad-functioning GPS tracker would fail at navigating properly and have the wrong mapping system.

This could happen when it stops updating itself and sticks to old data that was collected on the instance of production.

How to maintain the GPS tracker?

The GPS tracker is not very difficult to maintain as the right one automatically updates itself.

However, it is important that users constantly check the wireless connectivity strength and know if it is suitable enough to go on a trip.

But for the exteriors of the trackers, a scheduled wipe clean could serve in keeping it clean.,

With this, users can now have a GPS tracker that always looks good and clean. Even the best GPS for off-road jeep needs to be maintained properly.

What is the best tracker on the market?

Currently, the best tracker is based on the user as they know what best they need from a navigation system.

However, considering that Garmin has dominated this review, it is convenient to say that they are one of the best brands that are available on the market.

It is okay to choose either of their products that have been highlighted in this review.


It is important that whatever GPS tracker that is installed into an off-road jeep is the best.

With this, it is easier to move around unfamiliar terrains with more confidence.

The best GPS for off-road jeep comes with updated mapping systems and responsive navigation.

In this review are several of them and a guide to choosing the right one each time.

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