Top 9 Best Group 65 Battery On The Market 2023: Review & Buying Guide

If you are in the market in search of the best group 65 battery look no further as our experts have highlighted 10 of the best group 65 batteries in the industry today.

According to our analysis, the Odyssey 65-PC1750T Automotive battery is one of the best truck batteries in stores today in terms of high performance.


Expert’s Recommended Table For Best Group 65 Battery

Full River
XS Power
Optima Batteries
Optima[Dual Purpose]

Top Rated Other Group batteries For Your Trucks/Car

ACDelco[Group 51]
ACDelco[Group 48]
Optima[Starting Battery,34R]
Renogy[Marine and Off-grid]
Delphi[Gr-24F / 34R]
Delphi[Group 78]
ODYSSEY[Dual Purpose]
Delphi[Group 94R]
Battery Charger and Maintainer

It has a high cold cranking amp and equally high reserve capacity to meet the energy requirement of your truck.  Odyssey truly is one of the best brands around for a truck battery.

Best Group 65 Battery – Reviews in 2020

In this section, we review 10 of the best group 65 batteries with the right features to fire up your truck, SUV, or car.

Many of these batteries have the right features that place them heads and shoulders above the competition.

Depending on your needs and preferences find a suitable group 65 battery that closely meets all your needs.


01. Odyssey 65-PC1750T Automotive and LTV Battery – Top Rated Performer


Top 3 Features

  • Maintenance-free battery
  • 950 cold-cranking Amp
  • Long Service life

The odyssey 65-PC1750T 65 automotive battery makes it to the top of our list because it is ruggedly built, maintenance-free, and guaranteed long service life for users.

Odyssey is a well-known and trusted brand that offers a wide range of quality products.  Look no further if you are in the market for a high-performance and quality battery for a 4 x 4 truck.

Cold Cranking Amp

The high cranking power boosted by this group 65 battery is one of the reasons why it has made it to the Zenith of our list.

It is highly rated at 950 CCA with enough cranking power needed to start the engines of any heavy-duty truck or car.

The acronym CCA stands for cold cranking amps and it is a value gotten when the battery is made to work for 30 seconds under 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Long Service Life

It’s better to invest in a battery that has a long service life than to bank on batteries that won’t last just because they are cheap.

In the long run, with cheaper batteries, you may end up paying more because they will constantly need replacement.

With the odyssey 65-PC1750T high cranking amp battery, you can expect a service life of up t0 10 years. This is more than the industrial average of most batteries.

Maintenance Free

For many car owners, they are left with the option of adding distilled water just to keep the battery running.

Not with the Odyssey model, you don’t need to be bordered about the constant need to add distilled water because it is a maintenance-free model.


  • Easy to recharge ( 4 hours)
  • Vibration resistance and ruggedly built
  • Longer cycle life than most batteries
  • Easy installation and mounting


  • A little more expensive than other models

02. ACDelco 65AGMHR Professional AGM Automotive – Best Alternative


Top 3 Features

  • 100 percent leak & spill-proof
  • Maintenance-free performance
  • Long life expectancy

 The high cycling capability of the ACDelco battery model caught the eyes of our review experts so we taught it wise to include a model in our list.

ACDelco 65AGMHR Professional AGM Automotive battery has a remarkable start feature necessary for numerous applications and heavy-duty trucks.

Top-Notch Quality

The fact that ACDelco batteries appear in over 2 million vehicles nationwide is a testament to the fact that the brand is customer-centric and pays close attention to quality.

They maintain a great relationship with GM because they offer only top-notch and original equipment.

ACDelco batteries are made with the finest of quality so be rest assured that an investment in this model is worthwhile.


ACDelco batteries are one of the most reliable batteries in online marketplaces today.

If reliable starting power for your truck or car is a top priority, then make this ACDelco model your go-to option.

It is one of the most reliable batteries for almost any automotive application. Laboratory-tested and guaranteed to provide reliable power just when you need it.

Cold Cranking Power/Amps

The cold-cranking power of this ACDelco model is a little above that found with the Odyssey 65-PC1750T.

At 960 CCA we believe that users will find in this model all the power they require from a professional battery.


  • High cold-cranking power
  • Longer cycling tendency
  • High receptive capacity
  • Spill and leak proof


  • Makes use of Lead which can be harmful

03. XS Power D6500 XS Series


Top 3 Features

  • The suspended electrolyte in Fiberglass
  • Spill-proof design feature
  • Low internal resistance

XS Power D6500 is as good as any professional battery can get.

Our experts did a strong background check on this model and the power it offers informed our decision to include it on our top 10 list of reliable group 65 batteries.

This model is capable of filling in the gap as a replacement for your car starter or ideal as a backup battery.

Extended Battery Life

Longevity is a feature you must be on the lookout for if you want to get the most out of your investment.

In light of this, the XS power D6500 employs the use of an innovative absorbed mat technology to directly/positively influence battery life.

The battery is spill and leak-proof ensuring that the delicate electrolytes are not leached into the surrounding.


The absorbed mat glass system is designed to assist in providing the right power for aftermarket automotive systems or as a replacement for your existing car battery.

It will suffice for us to state categorically that the battery’s high-performance feature places it heads and shoulders above competitors of the comparable price range.

Cold Cranking Amps

The value of the cold-cranking amps is one of the highest in the industry. At 1070 CCA this cranking amps is higher than the first two batteries reviewed above.

Thus, if starting power is a top priority for your truck or automotive system then you can bank on this XD battery model.


  • Innovative AGM design
  • High cold-cranking power
  • Non-hazardous design (spill-proof)
  • Easy to mount and install


  • Quite pricey

04. Odyssey PC680 Battery


Top 3 Features

  • Very long service life
  • Faster charging system
  • Vibration resistant design

The Odyssey PC680 battery is the second battery model from Odyssey included for this review.

No doubt, Odyssey is miles ahead when it comes to the manufacture of quality batteries.

After digging through numerous reviews we had no choice but to list this battery model because of its unparalleled performance.

Innovative Design

One of the most stunning features of this battery model is the AGM or glass mat design.

This feature helps to securely keep delicate electrolytes within quality separators in the battery compartments.

Furthermore, the design also features a spill-proof and leak-proof system in a vibration-resistant compartment.

Longer Battery life

With a battery that has been tested to last for a long time, users will be satisfied that their investments haven’t been wasted.

The Odyssey PC680 incorporates the use of high-quality lead plate electrodes that ensures the battery operates at optimal levels for a reasonably long time.

Longer Charging Cycles

Longer charging cycles are not a feature common with cheap knock-off batteries.

The charging cycle provided by this Odyssey model is 3 times more than what you find with conventional batteries.

So why not make that extra investment. PC680 is capable of delivering a stunning 400 charging cycles with a discharge depth of about 80%. Innovatively, this design also recycles generated gas within its ecosystem.


  • Delivers exceptional power
  • The deep cycle battery system
  • Impressive cold-cranking amps
  • Maintenance-free operation


  • Easily discharges
  • Doesn’t come with terminals

05. NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 65 Battery


Top 3 Features

  • Innovative pure lead AGM tech
  • 900 battery cycles
  • Exceptional CCA rating

It’s common for many batteries to fail to crank up the car because they don’t have the required power rating to do the job especially during winter.

With this NORTHSTAR Pure Lead battery model, you can kiss car cranking problems farewell. The NORTHSTAR pure lead battery will surely get the job done.

Exceptional Power

The NORTHSTAR 65 group battery is capable of feeding the hungriest of engines with exceptional power in the harshest of weather conditions.

With this monster of a battery, you can rest assured of high cranking power to start any engine during winter. All thanks to the innovative design and the AGM technology.

Quality AGM65

The NORTHSTAR is capable of supply fast bursting power within a very short time.

That it provides fast and reliable power also means it discharges faster but this is compensated by a faster charging system.

Unlike other 65 group batteries that seem to take forever to charge this NORTHSTAR model charges quickly.

Solidly Built

This battery is also solidly built with some of the finest materials used for battery manufacture.

Its body is made from puncture-resistant material that prevents the leaching out of internal electrolytes.

Its body design also promotes internal circulation by keeping it cool and safe.

Finally, everything stays in place even in rugged terrains because of the clamping action of solid copper-clad connectors.


  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Has an inbuilt capacitor to prevent overcharging
  • Long battery life
  • Capable of withstanding inactivity for a long time


  • Heavy and quite pricey

06. Optima Batteries 8004-003


Top 3 Features

  • 100 minutes of constant power
  • Spill-proof design
  • Easily mountable anywhere

We understand that finding the perfect batteries for your truck can seem to be a daunting challenge at times.

It becomes even complicated when you are purchasing it online but we are confident with the batteries reviewed in this article.

They have been carefully checked to ensure there meet very solid standards.

The Optima batteries 8004-003 is no exception to our rule of only reviewing the best of them all.

Exceptional Quality

Optimum 8004-003 may not be at the level of the likes of Odyssey but this RedTop battery holds its place in terms of quality construction and consistency.

The manufacturing process of this battery ensures they go through a series of stages that are meant to push the boundaries of quality and consistency.

They are produced in Optimum’s international facilities that operate on high standards.

Innovative Technology

Optimum 8004-003 is made with a series of spiral cells that are far removed from the conventional construction model of many traditional batteries.

Each of the spiral cells contains lead plates that are coated with Lead oxide.

There is nothing to worry about hazardous Lead because the batteries are constructed to be spill-proof to prevent lead leaching.

The RedTop Model

Optimum batteries come in three different models; a ReTop, YellowTop, and a BlueTop model.

Each of these models has its ratings and is specifically built to address certain power requirements.

For the RedTop model reviewed in this section, it is specific for a normal engine startup where there is an alternator to provide the necessary energy whenever it’s needed.


  • Easy installation and mounting process
  • Compatible with car electronics
  • Spiral cell design technology
  • Ideal for cold weather conditions


  • Short lifespan

07. Optima Batteries 8014-045 D34/78 YellowTop


Top 3 Features

  • 750 cold-cranking amps
  • 120 minutes of constant performance
  • High Internal resistance to vibration

The YellowTop model is an upgrade from the RedTop Optimum battery and it is has been crafted to provide more power to users.

If you find the RedTop too basic from a battery, step things up with this upgraded model to suit your power requirements.

Optimum Performance

In terms of performance, the YellowTop Optimum model is what you need if you can’t find it in the RedTop model discussed above.

This model has a very high cold cranking power of 750 CCA that is capable of meeting the high-quality requirements from accessory loaded trucks.

It also has an unparalleled cycling feature that helps it offer the right power for heavy-duty trucks, cars, and SUVs.

The YellowTop Model

This battery model is one of three series of Optimum batteries that have a significantly higher power output than the RedTop model.

The yellow Top model is the ideal choice for vehicles without alternators or those where the typical discharging cycle is higher than that of the typical power to start the engine.

heavy-duty YellowTop is specific for cars with a lot of factory-fitted electronics like power DVD, reverse cameras, sliding doors, and vehicles without a traditional charging system.

Compact Design

A closer look at the product dimension will reveal that it is designed in a compact nature.

The compact nature allows it to be used in a handful of cars including tiny sports cars without space for bulky batteries.

Hybrids and EV aren’t left out because the tiny profile of this YellowTop will suit in just fine.


  • Lightweight design
  • Higher cold cranking power than the RedTop
  • Spill-proof design
  • Ideal for cars with many electronic gadgets.


  • The reserve capacity is quite low for a YellowTop model

08. Delphi BU9065 MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery


Top 3 Features

  • 750 CCA rated group 65 battery
  • Superior vibration resistance
  • Study design with agronomic handle

Delphi has been in the business of manufacturing quality batteries for a very long time so it is not surprising that a model from their collection makes our list.

The BU9065 MaxStart batteries sturdily built to last and provide excellent life in superior corrosion resistant coating.

We are certainly an investment in this model will be worth every penny.

Innovative Design

It doesn’t matter what your needs are, whether you are looking for a battery that offers great value or you need one with enough power to meet the electrical needs of your car’s electronic devices, the MaxStart batteries have you covered.

It is innovatively designed with improved cycle life and an absorbed glass mat technology that is second to none in the industry.

High Power Output

The cold-cranking amp rating on this battery model is 750 CCA which is enough to power the cars of automobile enthusiasts.

The high CCA rating will ensure that the car starts as soon as it is needed while the reserve capacity functions to run the car’s electronic gadgets from power DVD players, sliding doors to heated seats.

Vibration Resistant

One of the main features that set the Delphi BU9065 MaxStart AGM Premium battery from a conventional battery is that it is built to offer superior resistance to vibration.

Irregular vibration is one of the major reasons many conventional batteries fail but with the MaxStart model, you should expect 20x the vibration resistance found in traditional batteries.


  • Superior vibration resistance
  • High crank power
  • 150 minutes of reserve capacity
  • Premium style AGM battery


  • Longevity problems

09. Deka 9A65 AGM Intimidator Battery


Top 3 Features

  • The enhanced electrolyte suspension system
  • Long service cycle power
  • High resistance to vibrations

The Deka 9A65 AGM Intimidator Battery is one of a kind that offers all-round performance even under harsh conditions.

This model is a group 65 sized battery with a 750 cold crank amp rating that ensures it meets the power requirements needed by the electronic devices and accessories in the car.

Advanced Features

The Deka 9A65 intimidator battery is packed with advanced features only seen in high-end models.

The advanced electrolyte suspension system coupled with a special glass mat allows the battery to absorb more electrolytes.

Other notable features include a study vibration resistance system and fast charging abilities.

Top-notch Design

This battery does include an ergonomic handle for safer handling with a durably designed body that is meant to be spill-proof to avoid leaching of internal chemicals.

The body design, as well as that terminal location, helps maximizes current transfer to keep the battery operating at optimal conditions always.

Power Perform Tech

To up things up a little bit, Deka Intimidator batteries employs the use of a power tech that utilizes the innovative functions of full-frame positive and negative plates.

This power performs tech allows it to withstand the heavy demands associated with connecting numerous electrical applications.


  • Maintenance-free
  • High-tech body design
  • Spill-proof to avoid leakage
  • Agronomic design


  • There may be problems with longevity.

Buying Consideration For Best Group 65 Battery

We understand that buying the right group 65 battery for all the power needs of your truck or car can be quite a daunting experience.

If you and that to the fact that sometimes you may need to purchase these batteries online, then things can get complicated.

You need to be extra vigilant in your approach otherwise you risk buying a knock-off product that can damage your car electronics.

It is for this reason tour experts came up with this handy guide to walk you through the difficult process of choosing a group 65 battery.

Here are a few factors/things you need to be on the lookout for to make your purchase worthwhile.

Power Requirement or CCA (Cold Crank Amps)

The power needs of the group 65 battery are one of the most important factors to consider before investing in any product.

The power requirement is given by the cold cranking amps (CCA) or cranking amps and it defines the power output from the battery when it is left to run for 30 seconds.

If you need a battery that can withstand the rigors of the cold winter season and still crank your car to start then you should opt for a model that has a high CCA output.

Batteries with high CCA outputs are ideal for very cold conditions or for those who don’t frequently use their automobiles.

The battery should have sufficient power to crank your car to start under any temperate condition.

Ideally, a CCA of 750 is cool but it’s better if you can lay your hands on a battery with a higher CCA.


The freshness of a battery is judged from the time of production to the time of sales.

You need to pay special attention to this metric because a newly manufactured battery will likely last longer than one that has sat on the shelves for a long time.

Batteries operate via electrolysis using chemical electrolytes that can be active while idle.

To identify the freshness of a battery take a closer look at the manufacturing code that depicts the year and date of manufacture. Avoid batteries without clearly stipulated year and date of manufacture.

Battery Size

Sizing matters because it is critical during the mounting stage.

However, many car models are designed to allow a spacious environment for batteries so this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

However, you may still need to consider it.  Inspect the product details for the dimensions and be sure to marry that information to the space dimensions in your car.

If you manage to get the sizing right, then there will be no need for modifications during the installation and mounting process.  Be sure to read the owner’s manual to avoid unnecessary assumptions.

RC (Reserve Capacity)

The reserve capacity is another important aspect of a group 65 battery you should pay attention to. It defines the amount of time the battery can run without direct charge from the engine.

A very good battery should have enough energy to run for a reasonable amount of time before it needs to be charged.

The RC of a battery is rated or measured in minutes so it is commonplace to find batteries with 100 RC minutes, 120 RC minutes, or as high as 150 RC minutes.

The Delphi BU9065 MaxStart is one of the batteries reviewed in this article that has one of the highest reserve capacity of 150 minutes.

By convention, it can run for a maximum of 150 minutes without direct charge from the engine. Pretty impressive!

Terminal Type

Terminal location and type is also a feature that you should consider before making that investment.

Be on the lookout for the location of the positive terminal because an automobile polarity is largely determined by the terminal location.

If you make the mistake of placing the positive terminals at the wrong place you run the risk of short-circuiting the system when the terminals come in contact with the body of the automobile.

You should also be aware that the location of the terminals is not standardized so it’s a feature you need to ensure it’s compatible with your vehicle.

Take a good look at the location of the positive terminal in the battery you intend to buy. Is it located in the right or located on the left side of the battery?

Marry that information to the right location of a positive terminal in your car to discover whether the battery is right for you.

Maintenance Needs

Maintaining batteries is a top priority for the majority of users. Many batteries are built to be regularly maintained in other to function optimally.

A lot of them need owners to top up with distilled water when it falls below the required level.

Thanks to innovative technologies, we now have batteries that require no maintenance.

You should only consider batteries that require no maintenance unless you don’t mind the hassles of refilling with distilled water.

How to Charge a Car Battery at Home

When the car is in use, car batteries continuously receive the charge from the engine without needing to be charged externally or replaced.

Many of such batteries can go on for years before eventually running out of charge.

If that doesn’t happen, they can also loos charge prematurely when you leave the electronic device of your car on for too long or mistakenly leave the headlights on for too long.

If this happens, here are some DIY steps you can take to restore the charge on the battery at home

01. Safety First:

The first point of call to charge your car battery at home is to consider your safety first.

You should have on your protective gear and equipment to mitigate the risk of the shock of accidental collision with sharp or heavy objects.

Sparks from the battery can be harmful to you if the battery has already been compromised.  Make sure you have your hand gloves, eye goggles, and head protectors ready for this process.

02. Determine the type of battery:

The next important step to charging your battery at home is identifying the type of battery you have.

If you are a little confused, it’s helpful to check the manufacturer’s website for the right directions on the type of battery you have.

Next, check the voltage range of the battery which is usually written on the side or at a particular label.

In light of this, wet cells are serviceable but valve-regulated batteries are completely maintenance-free.

03. Purchase a Battery Charger:

Purchase the right battery charger for your car that is capable of supplying the right voltage.

Almost all types of battery chargers in the market are capable of charging any type of battery system.

Next, disconnect the battery from the car by removing the connected terminals.

If you wish you can choose to charge the batteries in their mounted position or unmount and place it on a flat surface.

04. Charge the battery by making the right connections:

The final stage of these series of steps is making the right connections to charge your battery.

At this stage be careful about the connection because a wrongly placed wire can spark a fire or damage your system.

To correctly make a connection, take the black cable from the charger (this bears the negative sign) and connect it to the negative terminal of the battery.

Next, attach the red cable bearing the positive sign to the positive terminal of the battery head.

Double-check these connections to ensure you have done it correctly before attempting to turn on the charger.

For this example, we assume that you have bought a digital charger that is capable of displaying the voltage as it works.

Set the right voltage on the charger as recommended by the type of battery you own and allow it to run its course.

If you want to learn more this video helps you a lot


Common FAQ About The Best Group 65 Battery

Q: What does the denotation “group 65” mean for a battery?

A:   The number 65 is determined by the battery council international and it is used to denote a specific battery size.

They are specifically designed for automobiles that are spacious enough to accommodate their size.

Many of these batteries usually have cold-cranking amps between 700 and 900 while they have 56 aH amp hours.

Q: How can I determine that the Group 65 battery is the right fit for my automobile?

A:  As stipulated by the battery international, these batteries have a specific dimension so you must be sure they will fit into your car’s battery space.

A majority of these batteries measure 11.85 x 7.30 x 7.40 inches. You can optionally mount the battery at the hound of your truck or car if you don’t have enough space to accommodate them.

Q: Is it possible to use different group sizes of batteries?

A:  Emphatically yes. You can use different group sizes of batteries as long as you have enough space to accommodate the dimension.

Remember that with batteries all you need is enough cold cranking power to start up the engine. So any model that can get the required electrical power will work with any engine.

Q: Is the manufacturing date of a battery important?

A: Yes, the manufacturing date of a battery is important. You don’t want to end up with a battery that has sat on the shelves for too long.

Ideally, any good fresh battery in the market shouldn’t be older than six months from the manufacturing date.

However, this is just a personal opinion and it is born out of a need to ensure you get the best out of your investment.

Q: What does CCA mean in a battery?

A: The acronym CCA stands for cold cranking amps and it’s a terminology that describes the electrical output of a battery when it is left to run for 30 seconds.

Many group 65 batteries have CCA output between 700 and 900 with a few going above 1000.

Q: Is higher CCA any better?

A:  The higher the cold cranking power of a battery the better the performance.

Especially during the cold winter season, you will be better off with a battery that has a high CCA because they can crank up the car in harsh weather conditions.

Q:  What brand produces batteries with the highest CCA?

A:   There are several brands with quality batteries that rated high in terms of CCA. One of the best in the industry comes from Odyssey.

With Odyssey, you can expect cold-cranking power as high as 950. Our best performer Odyssey 65-PC1750T is a very good example. Other good brands include ACDelco, Optima, and XS power.

Q: What does the reserve capacity of a group 65 battery mean?

A:   The RC or reserve capacity of a battery is a pretty straightforward metric used to judge the carrying capacity of a battery.

It is measured in minutes which tells users how long the battery will last without direct charge from the engine.

Many group 65 batteries have a high reserve capacity that averages at 100.

If you are on the lookout for a battery with a high reserve capacity, try the Delphi BU9065 MaxStart AGM Premium battery that has one of the highest reserve capacities of 150 minutes.

Q: Can the electrolytes in a group 65 battery spill?

A:   Yes they can spill if you throw caution to the wind and buy a knock-off product. The majority of group 65 battery reviewed in this write up have is constructed with A.G.M technology that prevents internal electrolytes from spilling.

Q: What is the correlation of CCA with longevity?

A:  In terms of longevity, storage condition matters. A battery that is stored in low temperatures, not below freezing will likely last longer than batteries stored in higher temperatures.

However, batteries with high CCA tend to last longer than batteries with low CCA provided all other factors like storage condition and usage are kept constant.

Q: What is the average CCA rating for a group 65 battery?

A:  From our reviews (not backed by empirical analysis) the average CCA for group 65 batteries is between 700 to 900 amps.  This is more than enough to get your automobile started even in the harshest of conditions.

Q: Can I use a group 65 battery with an Automobile with lots of electrical demands?

A: Emphatically yes. It is for numerous energy requirements that group 65 batteries were made.

They have the required reserve capacity and the cold crank amp rating to meet the demands of all electrical components in a car. This includes heated seats, power DVDs, and all other electronic devices.


This review article highlights the 10 of the best group 65 battery that you can find in online stores today.

A majority of these batteries have been closely examined to ensure that they meet tight regulatory standards and performance.

If you are in the market for a group 65 battery for your truck, SUV, or car we’d recommend that you make a pick from the models presented in this review.

They all have a high cold cranking power and reserve capacity to meet the energy requirement of your automobile even during winter. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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