Top 10 Best Headlights For f150 Ford Truck 2023 [Brightest & Powerful]

When you need to replace a Ford F150 truck headlight, then the best headlights for Ford F150 would be the only option to fulfill your desired requirements.

There are several headlights that could work for your Ford F150 truck but you need the best.

You would need as much information as necessary. Here are some options for you!

There particular details in a headlight that needs to be understood in order to buy the right headlight for your truck.

The wrong headlight could ruin the headlight housing and cause a new set of problems.

So, if you are on the market for the best headlight for your Ford truck, then keep reading our review as it has the best for you.

There are top brands like DNA Motoring, AnzoUSA, Dual Angel, and more.


Best Headlights For f150 Ford [Awesome Comparison]

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What are the Best headlights for F150?

The DNA Motoring headlights are the best headlights for F150. They are quite known for their standard and level of service.

Why DNA Motoring is the best brand for F150?

First of all, the DNA Motoring is designed with the OE fitment feature that works best on Ford vehicles.

They are also made to be very bright and helps to navigate the bad elements.

Top 10 Best Headlights For f150 Ford Review:[LED, HALO, HID]

01.DNA Motoring HL-OH-F1504-CH-AM Ford Light


Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for F150 trucks.
  • Low beam bulbs.
  • Plug and Play operation.
  • No need for modifications.
  • Has a complete set.

The DNA Motoring headlight features an H13 High bulb type with a low beam.

This can conveniently go in front of the truck and serve as a source of illumination at night.

Even with a low beam, it can also help you see through bad weather.

It has a Plug and plays operation that allows for easy fixture into the truck’s frame.

It has one direct fitment that enables this particular feature in the headlight.

The DNA Motoring Headlight comes with a complete set of headlight components.

Also, the headlight package comes with lights that would go both on the driver’s side and the car’s side.

This motoring headlight doesn’t require any form of drilling or modification, as there are no bulbs included in the design.

This takes out the need for extra tools and equipment when installing the unit.


  • Weighs 15 pounds.
  • Direct installation.
  • Comes with a complete set.
  • Replacement for the stock unit.
  • Changes the vehicle’s appearance.


  • Installation requires a professional

02. AnzoUSA 111357 Headlight Assembly


Highlighted features:

  • Comes with an amber reflector.
  • Has halogen bulbs.
  • Requires no modifications.
  • Has a black housing.
  • Dot and SAE compliant.
  • Passed all temperature tests.

The AnzoUSA headlight assembly has a clear lens that allows you to see through more clearly as the light comes out better.

It also has black housing that helps this particular feature.

“This unit does not work with models that are Factory HID’s or LED’s.”

It has an amber reflector that is embedded into the design for clarity as well.

With the glass, you can drive safely at night without risking an accident.

They would help you signal the pedestrians and other motorists.

Here you also get a projector that is equipped with a reliable halogen bulb.

To ensure you have optimum brightness and illumination even when navigating the darkest corners.

You don’t need to modify anything in the lights as the headlight is equipped with all it needs.

This simply entails that there is no need for any form of modification to the light.

With this design, you can solely rely on the fact that you have one of the best headlights for your truck.

It meets and passes the DOT and SAE standards for vehicle headlights.


  • Lights up better than others.
  • Has a light for signaling.
  • Isn’t prone to oxidation.
  • Meets the required standards.


  • Requires only professional installation.
  • Can’t keep the DRL lights when headlights are on auto.

03.DNA MOTORING HL-OH-F1504-SM-AM Headlight Assembly


Highlighted Features:

  • Full package of headlights.
  • Gives the vehicle a different appearance.
  • No bulbs in the design.
  • Has a direct OE fitment.
  • Features a plug and play operation.
  • Increased visibility.

This vehicle headlight is similar to the one in our number one spot.

The package comes in a complete set of headlights. That is, it has a set for the driver’s side and the passenger’s side as well.

It also has a Direct OE fitment, which is remarkable since it was produced independently.

They go in with the right measurements as though the producers made them of ford F150 truck.

With this, you can just plug in your new headlight into the vehicle.

This doesn’t also need the inclusion of any drilling equipment or modification. It has no bulbs that are included in the package.

“It is important that you use the headlights just for one year as their adjustments are expected to deteriorate. This is caused by several factors that go against the headlight’s nature.”

This is one F150 headlight that ends up giving the vehicle an entirely different look or appearance.

They also provide special illuminating functions are they are bright enough t let you see the road when driving in darkness or against the element.


  • Fits directly into the vehicle.
  • Needs no altercation.
  • Improves the vehicle’s appearance.
  • Caters for both the driver and passenger’s seat.


  • May lose adjustments with time.
  • Develops some sort of foggy condensation.

04. AnzoUSA 111184 Black Projector Halo Headlight


Highlighted feature:

  • Features a wire harness.
  • Set’s up in thirty minutes.
  • Designed to fit.
  • Works against the weather.
  • Has an innovative computer design.

The AnzoUSA black projector is one vehicle headlight that has adopted the greatness of technology.

It has a computer design that allows you to get an innovative trendsetting.

Unlike other models that take a lot of time when installing into the vehicle, this AnzoUSA gets it done a lot faster.

It gets installed into the vehicle in the next thirty minutes.

After installation, it gives your vehicle an entirely new look as it becomes aesthetically more pleasing.

It also has a wire harness attached to its frame. With this wire harness, you can keep the vehicle headlight still attached to your F150 truck even in windy conditions.

As you may find in the previously highlighted Anzo product, this also features the plug and play installation.

This feature allows it to fit directly into the headlight area without needed extra fittings or modifications.

Note, this unit is DOT compliant to the FMVSS-108 too. It has a halo design that optimizes the effectiveness of CCFL technology.

The end result of this is to enhance the brightness, increase efficiency, and yet minimize how much power it consumes.

 “The turn signal in this model do not necessarily stand out as remarkable.”


  • Reduces installation time.
  • Improved brightness.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Uses innovative trends.


  • Has a gap beneath the housing.
  • The halo design may be unreliable.

05. DNA Motoring F1504-BK-AM 3D Headlight


Highlighted features:

  • Has it a 3D LED light bar.
  • Improves vehicle appearance.
  • Features a halogen lamp.
  • Has adjustability features.
  • Fairly clear headlights.

The LED Drl headlight is one of the bright headlights produced by DNA motoring.

With the Direct Bolt-on feature, it is as simple as plugging the wiring and then screwing back into place.

It doesn’t require special skills if you already have an idea of how headlights work.

They also have LED light bars that help stay bright and yet reduces power consumption.

It doesn’t drain your vehicle battery but yet gives you an unmatchable 3D lighting feature.

The bulbs can also be easily adjusted when driving. If you are going and it is not yet totally dark, or on a steer, you can use the low beam feature.

If on a highway and faced with the worst elements, you could also turn it to the high beam feature.

“The headlight wears out quickly and the low beam stops working entirely.”

This is one headlight that comes with a clear projector for the bulbs.

As you may find with other headlights, the projector may be foggy and not allow you to optimize the full extent of the bulbs in the headlight.

Well, this particular product doesn’t have that limitation.


  • Changes the look of the vehicle.
  • Offers enough brightness.
  • Made to fit the housing.
  • Comes with a great projector


  • Doesn’t last long.
  • Cannot withstand rock chips.

06.DNA Motoring HL-OH-F1504-BK-CL1 Headlight Assembly


Highlighted features:

  • Has accommodation for both seats.
  • Lightweight (9.03 pounds)
  • Doesn’t need to be drilled.
  • Approved by both S.A.E. and D.O.T.
  • Plug and play operation.

If you need to replace both the passenger’s side and the driver’s side of the vehicle, this is one option.

It comes in a complete set for the two sides.

So, instead of buying a new one for each side that needs to replace, then one purchase can handle it all.

The headlight was made to go through certifications and tests by the Society of Automotive (S.A.E) and the Department of Transportations (D.O.T).

After a thorough process, they all came out to be roadworthy and suitable for your vehicle.

As one of the lightest headlights in this review, it weighs just slightly above nine pounds.

This makes it easy to handle and can go into the housing without causing harm.

When you place a heavy housing, it may exert itself and get spoiled more quickly.

“Yet, as a lightweight unit, it can easily get out of place when confronted with an intense impact.”

Just as is expected of every headlight. This model is aesthetically pleasing and can alter the look of your vehicle for good.


  • Looks good on the vehicle.
  • Made to fit the housing area.
  • Features both high and low beams.
  • Easy to install.


  • May battle with moisture.

07.Pickup Black Bezel Dual Halo LED G2 Projector Headlights 


Highlighted features:

  • Features LED Halogens
  • A new trend projector.
  • The design comes in a pair (Left and right side).
  • Designed with Ultra-bright SMD LED chips.
  • Made with the best materials.

With the projector that this model comes with, it is a lot easier to light up a path as the light shines clearly.

It also helps the light travel a lot farther than it usually would travel in the regular types of headlights. It has a halogen rim as well.

This rim is built to be heavily bright and ensure your vehicle is spotted faster and easily by other motorists and pedestrians at night.

Since they are designed to be compact, the rims can be arranged in desirable patterns as you would see in other high-quality vehicles.

When it comes to durability, the lights promise 60,000 hours of lighting all through the time it is installed.

“However, this unit is not compatible with ford F150 heritage models. So you would need to get a different one for that model.”

 Also, this Pickup headlight is easily placed in by using bolts.

If you are already knowledgeable about fixing headlights, this one should be a giveaway.

However, if you are confused, you can hire a professional.


  • Brighter than the regulars.
  • Low-power consumption.
  • Comes with a halogen Rim.
  • Has optimized projectors.


  • Doesn’t come with instructions.
  • Doesn’t work with all F150 models.

08.Dual Angel Eyes Halo Ring Projector


Highlighted features:

  • Features a plug and play operation.
  • Comes with a total set of headlights.
  • Excellently crafted for show.
  • Uses Direct OE Fitment technology.
  • Applied on all F150 Models.

The Dual Angel is one of the most reliable headlights in this review.

It has the ability to go in without needing any form of drilling or modification.

This is sole because, when it was crafted, the Ford Truck was taken into consideration and then designed for this model.

Yet, it doesn’t come with an instruction manual and can only be fixed by a certified technician.”

The headlight comes with a complete set too that would go into both sides of the vehicle.

The goal of this is to save you the cost of purchasing a different headlight for each side.

Furthermore, with the Dual angel halo ring projector, your vehicle can take an entirely new look.

They are just like the ones you would find in other luxury models of cars on the road.

The rings also make it easier for your vehicle to be spotted by other road users without stress.

The halogen rings have the features of regular halogen bulbs and can be significantly clear.


  • Made to fit into the housing easily.
  • Looks good on the vehicle.
  • Saves the cost of buying two.
  • Doesn’t require any form of modification.


  • Lacks durability.
  • Requires the services of a professional.

09.Pair of Black Housing Clear Corner Headlights w/Signal


Highlighted Features:

  • Makes use of a direct bolt-on fitment.
  • Features both high and low beam settings.
  • Comes as a total package(Both sides)
  • Uses tangs in holding the lamps.
  • Features headlamps lock rings.

This is one headlight that comes with tangs. With the help of the tangs placed in this design, it can hold in the lamps while in use.

This is a fail-proof that ensures they don’t get out of place anytime.

It also has headlamps lock rings. Like tangs, this one seals the rings around the glass and stops them from falling out even during impact.

With this, you can also adjust the lights to follow through with where you are driving at the moment.

If you are out on the streets, you can adjust the light to the low beams to avoid flooding the people walking.

If you are on the highway or out of a residential area, you can also use the high beam features.


  • Locks the bulbs in with tangs.
  • Saves the cost of two.
  • Made to fit into the housing.
  • Has adjustability settings


  • The lock rings aren’t durable.

10.DNA Motoring HL-OH-F15092-6P-BK-AM Headlight Assembly


Highlighted features:

  • Approved by both S.A.E. and D.O.T.
  • Features the right measurements.
  • Offers a great appearance.
  • Lightweight (9.33)
  • Has a U-Shape

This DNA Motoring Headlight assembly is also one of the Best headlights for F150 as it passes all the tests available.

It is roadworthy and made of remarkable properties, which makes for a thick frame.

The thick frame can be used to ply rock chips without cracking, which makes it a lot more durable than others.

To give a distinguishing look on your vehicle, it has a U-shape

“However, this U-shape makes it stick out a bit from the headlight housing.”

It is also one of the lightest headlights you may find on the market for your Ford truck. It weighs a lot less than ten pounds, even with the thickness.


  • Has the right verifications.
  • Weighs less than ten pounds.
  • Looks good on the vehicle.
  • Has a thick frame.


  • Sticks out a bit.

Brightest Headlights For Ford F150: Buyer’s Consideration

It is unavoidably necessary that before purchasing a headlight for your F150, you must understand a few things about it.

This would help you avoid wrong or faulty purchases at all times.

Here are a few factors that you should check out:


It is easy to go to the market and then pick up just any headlight that you find, but the question is how functional the headlight is.

Knowing you have a Ford 150, it is only normal that whatever headlight you choose, be able to fit into the vehicle.

The worst you can do to your vehicle is to get a headlight that cannot work with it.

Compatibility means it would work for the purpose it has been purchased and this is something important to look out for.

They should be fitting enough for a high-end model like the Ford truck in order to complement the appearance.


Another factor to consider when choosing a suitable headlight for your F150 is how it fits into the vehicle.

Not many companies consider the car that needs a headlight replacement before they make the headlight.

This is a fault you would have to watch out for. If the headlights do not fit, you would have to search for professionals who can modify the design.

This would require some sort of drilling when you have to install the headlight.

In this review, the headlights are specifically for the Ford truck.

They are all designed with the Plug and Play feature that is very direct. So, you have to check the headlight’s fitting before you go ahead to place your order.


Next on the list is the brightness of the bulbs in the headlight.

Many things contribute to the brightness of a headlight, and you need to consider them all. It could be the bulb, the clarity of the glass, the projector, etc.

In this review, some headlights are remarkably clear for you to check out.

So, if you are on the market to purchase headlights, you should endeavor it has either a halogen bulb or the projector is optimized.

Remember, a headlight is designed to help you drive at night time.

So, if they are not bright enough and illuminates in a bad way, you could struggle while driving.

Also, if not careful, a dim light could cause accidents at night.

Now that you know how important brightness is let’s check out the next factor on the list.


Here is durability, which is also important when buying a headlight for your F150.

You do not expect to drive in a shaded environment or smooth areas all the time.

Neither do you expect the weather to be favorable all the time that you drive? So, what do you do?

The simple solution is to get a headlight that can withstand the weather’s ills without compromising its quality.

Naturally, headlights are designed to be waterproof and safe from intense sunlight, but there are exceptions.

After being used under the rain for a while, there are some headlights that become foggy, and the light is no longer as permeating as before.

Also, under intense sunlight for an extended period, some headlights could start cracking open.

Another thing that could affect the light’s durability is the type of road you ply.

Some states use rock chips on the road because of winter, and they can crack a weak headlight.

So, before making your purchase, you need to understand all this and know how much the headlight can take.


Next is the price that the headlights go for in the market.

You may not have all the funds to make an elaborate purchase, but you can get one that fits your pocket.

If you are on a budget, no need to stay without headlights or acquire a headlight loan.

There are specific headlights that are designed to be effective but yet budget-friendly all at the same time.

Note, the fact that a headlight is expensive doesn’t give it the best of functionality.

The fact that the headlight is also priced cheaply doesn’t make it ineffective, but it is all about knowing what to look for.

As has been already emphasized in this section, you need something that is functional, and some products have this and are still within your range.

All you need is to create a list of the features you require and then check out the cheapest features and place demand.


Lastly is the installation procedure. If you want to install the headlight into your vehicle yourself, you need something that would have instructions in them.

The instructions would guide you safely throughout the installation process until the headlight is up and working.

But, most models would suggest you get a professional to do the job for you.

Also, the time of installation is important when it comes to your purchase.

There are technical headlights that would require a lot of time to get set up while others are swift to install.

You should go for one that is time-saving as you could use the remaining time to achieve other things.

These are the factors that you should check out when purchasing the Best headlights for F150.

Best LED Headlight Bulbs For F150: We need to Know

What may be the reason why my headlight is malfunctioning?

In your F150, there are so many reasons why the headlight may refuse to work seamlessly.

Some may be from the headlight, the headlight housing, or the vehicle itself.

As a vehicle owner, you would need to determine which of them is causing the problem.

To identify the problem with your headlight, you would need a technician.

They can tell if a wire had cut in the housing and then fix it by popping out the headlight.

They may also find out that it is merely a result of disconnection. This could happen when your vehicle survives through an intense impact.

The wiring then shifts, and you would need to get it back to the right point. The main problem may just be a dead bulb.

The headlight may have worn out, and you need to change the whole thing. So they may be the cause of a faulty headlight in your Ford truck.

Can I replace my headlights without professional help?

It is easy to change out a headlight all by yourself as the procedure is simple and straight forward.

All you require is a little bit of knowledge of how it works, and then you are good to go.

You need to know the type of bulb that your F150 uses and then start fixing it. You can find this in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

With that figured out, you would then need to make a suitable purchase of the headlight.

With your headlight handy, go ahead and pop the back of the headlight from the back of the headlight housing.

Once that is done, unplug the wiring and swap the headlights for the one you have newly purchased.

However, you should get a professional to be thorough and avoid mistakes.

They should get it done for a few bucks, then you ruining something in the housing while trying it out.

What makes a good headlight for my F150?

A good headlight is determined by how functional the headlight is when installed.

It would be required to be bright enough to illuminate the road while driving at dark.

It also needs to be power efficient and not power-consuming like the relatively bad headlights that you may find for the F150.

Another property that stands out for the Best Headlights for F150 is how well it fits into the headlight housing.

Any light designed specifically for the F150 would be easy to fit in without modification or needing to be drilled.

All you would require is simply to plug the wiring and place it correctly into the housing area.

So, in all, a good headlight has to make you’re driving a lot more comfortable when driving at night or navigating through bad elements.

How long should a headlight last?

Originally, some vehicles can use one headlight all through its lifetime without deteriorating.

Yet, on average most headlights last for five years with proper maintenance. This is dependent on a few factors surrounding its use.

If the headlights are used on troubling roads or to navigate bad elements, then you should expect them to wear out a lot faster than usual.

If you are also involved in an accident, then it is normal to replace the headlight that may have been broken during such an incident.

Another thing that may affect a headlight’s lifespan is the material that the headlight is made from.

The one that comes with your F150 is made to last, but when you’ve had to change it, some replacements are weak.

How do I know that the headlights require changing?

Your headlights need to change when certain things begin to happen. Most of these signals are visibly noticeable and do not require the skills of a professional.

Here are a few of the signs:

  • The lights begin to flicker while in use.
  • The lights become dimmer and cannot illuminate as much area as it used to when purchased.
  • When it is constantly blowing fuses.
  • When the low beams no longer respond on the high beams are available.

Can I get a ticket for a broken headlight?

This is a possible scenario in states or regions that have traffic rules that are in this light.

By law, they require every driver to have a working headlight to guide them while driving at night to avoid accidents and other unforeseen circumstances.

However, some countries may be indifferent about your headlights. Still, you should have one while driving at night.


Choosing the best headlight for F150 doesn’t need to be difficult anymore, as it has been made a lot easier.

In this post, several headlights have been highlighted for the Ford truck and things to look out for when making your purchase.

When you need to make a replacement, check out this review and choose the one you are most comfortable with. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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