Top 10 Best Helper Springs For F150 In 2023:(Review & Buying Guide)

Looking for the best helper springs for F150? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Finding a quality spring for your truck won’t be easy. There are hundreds or even thousands of different options out there.

If you aren’t well aware of what you need or how to pick the right one, you may end up with the wrong one.

In this guide, we want to help you with that. You’re going to learn about the best helper springs and how to pick the right one depending on your needs.

Our focus is to give you every single piece of information necessary so you can pick a helper spring right away, without hesitation, worries, or doubts.


Comparison Table of Best Helper Springs For F150


What is the best helper spring for F150?

The Superior Automotive 11-1030 RideEFFEX Overleaf Helper Spring is undoubtedly the best you can get.

It combines quality construction, low cost, excellent ride improvement, and a decently straightforward installation.

If you don’t want to waste any time, then get this helper spring right away.

Why is Superior Automotive the best brand for helper springs?

It all comes down to the price to quality ratio.

Superior Automotive never disappoints when it comes to delivering long-lasting and effective products that get the job done.

Its helper springs are a perfect example of that, coming in all kinds of designs, types, and builds but always with a low price tag.

We had to go through hundreds of different helper springs for these reviews and find out their best and worst features.

We ended up with a small bunch, boasting fantastic features we couldn’t leave out. Here’s what we found about them that we couldn’t overlook:

Top 10 Best Helper Springs For Ford F150 Reviews 2021

01. Superior Automotive 11-1030 RideEFFEX Overleaf Helper Spring – Best Helper Spring for the Cost


Highlighted Features:

  • 1,000-pound capacity
  • 5-inch wide metal springs
  • 1-inch raise

The cheapest and most durable helper springs you can order today – the RideEFFEX from Superior Automotive will meet even your highest standards.

Probably the most exciting benefit of installing this spring is that you won’t have to worry about the truck sagging ever again.

Sagging pushes the tires lower and makes the truck look awful.

With this helper, you can increase the tires’ lifespan, install custom wheels, and improve your truck’s appearance when towing.

“For the price, you can’t ask for more than 1,000 pounds of towing capacity. This will be enough for most people, but if you’re looking for maximum towing – then this may feel like too little.”

There’s nothing to worry about, though. You will also enjoy exceptional performance improvement.

The mileage will improve exponentially.

And if that is not enough, you can also enjoy an excellent handling improvement, making it easier to veer around with little stiffness.

What’s even better, if you have little to no experience with this type of vehicle part, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Thanks to a complete hardware system plus an interestingly easy-to-use design, you won’t have to worry about the installation.

You can mount it over a leaf spring of 2.5-inch wide for an easy process.

What We Liked

  • Improves ride comfort exponentially
  • Costs little despite its excellent quality
  • Delivers better mileage and less wear
  • Prevents sagging and body rolls

What We Didn’t Like

  • A limited load capacity is not ideal for everyone

02. Hellwig 61607 Pro-Series Helper Spring – Best Helper Spring for Towing Capacity


Highlighted Features:

  • Zinc-plated hardware
  • 2,500 pounds of load
  • Progressive spring design

As the best helper springs for towing, the 61607 from Hellwig won’t let you down.

If you don’t care about affordable pieces but instead want the strongest and most performance-oriented option, this one is for you.

Those who want to increase their truck’s loading capacity will appreciate the 2,500 pounds this one offers.

Carrying anything at such capacity will make the truck a lot sturdier and capable of tackling super-hard jobs with no effort.

On top of making your truck a lot more effective at towing, this kit makes sure you get a long-lasting helper system as well.

The high-quality steel leaves with springs will give your leaf springs and an extra touch of durability.

And that’s without mentioning the zinc-plated hardware that handles any environment.

“While they make your truck perform a lot better, the springs may increase the amount of noise coming out of the suspension.”

Despite that, there’s no need to waste hours installing the springs with a bolt-on design.

An hour or less should be more than enough to get these helper springs on and working.

Considering you also get the whole hardware kit, there’s nothing you will hate about the setup process.

What We Liked

  • Adjusts automatically to load weights
  • Keeps the truck from sagging and bottoming
  • Boasts a super-durable & resilient construction
  • The bolt-on design makes it easy to install

What We Didn’t Like

  • May produce a slight screeching sound

03. Superior Automotive Coil Helper Spring – Best Spring Coil Helper Spring


Highlighted Features:

  • 2,000-pound capacity
  • Coil-spring design
  • Over 1 inch of raise

A Coilover system is easily the best option you can get if you want maximum load capacity while eliminating sagging.

This one from Superior Automotive has everything you need without costing a fortune.

The first thing you’ll notice about the spring is the ability to withstand loads of up to 2,000 pounds.

This will give you an excellent sagging reduction. Even with the heaviest loads, your truck will look as if nothing is happening.

Along with this no-sagging design, the helper gives your truck a magnificent soft ride.

The anti-sagging system keeps the tires farther from the ground, decreasing friction, thus helping you handle the vehicle more easily.

Similarly, the coil springs are shock-absorbent.

Even in the bumpiest of roads, you’ll feel little to nothing. Even at high speeds, the system will deliver a perfect level of comfort.

“There’s something we couldn’t leave behind: this spring kit is not the best one for beginners. You will need to spend a few bucks with a mechanic when it comes to installing them because they aren’t the usual type of springs.”

What We Liked

  • Improves suspension exponentially
  • Will help you tackle heavier loads
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Prevents unwanted impacts & bumps

What We Didn’t Like

  • Being coil springs make them harder to set up

04. Hellwig 61902 Pro-Series Helper Spring – Best for Quiet Performance When Loaded


Highlighted Features:

  • Bolt-on installation
  • 2,500-pound load
  • Zinc-plated hardware

The Pro Series from Hellwig is undoubtedly fantastic, especially when we’re talking about the 61902 helper springs.

Once you install them on your truck, you’ll realize how much they improve the ride.

From the stability to the control, these springs give a notable boost in appearance and feel unmatched.

And when the truck is loaded, then it performs even better, making handling a lot smoother than factory springs.

It’s all possible thanks to the 2,500 pounds of load capacity.

You can increase the load of your truck without affecting the ride in the slightest.

And what’s even better, you get progressive rate leaves that won’t change the truck when unloaded either.

When it comes to installing it, you’ll be surprised as to how easy it is.

A combination of a full-hardware kit plus zinc-plated pieces will make the whole setup a piece of cake.

Along with heavy-duty spring steel leaves, you can expect a long lifespan from the piece.

“One thing that bothered us was the slight noise the springs made when you unload the truck. They make noises even when unloaded, which may feel like a counterproductive design.”

What We Liked

  • The whole kit is made of long-lasting materials
  • Will improve your truck loading capacity
  • Doesn’t sag or roll the truck in the slightest
  • Saves a lot of time and effort in the installation

What We Didn’t Like

  • The springs can be noisy

05. Hellwig 989 EZ Level Helper Spring – Best for Reducing Body Roll


Top 3 Features:

  • 2,000-pound capacity
  • Variable-rate design
  • Independently adjustable

Coming back with Hellwig, we now get a kit of auxiliary helpers – the EZ 989.

The focus of these helpers is to give your truck a more leveled stance so you can tackle any towing needs.

What sets this kit apart from the competition is the adjustability.

You can increase or increase the height of the spring on each side independently.

If you have problems leveling the truck, then this ability will help you enormously.

Another excellent feature is the lifespan enhancement of the old springs.

This kit comes as a remarkable improvement to release tension and friction, making the whole spring system last a lot longer than expected.

Sure enough, this has a lot to do with the 2,000 pounds capacity.

This excellent load will eliminate sagging when loading, and with the variable-rate leaves, the truck will perform like a charm when unloaded.

Last but not least, you can enjoy the usual high-quality construction on the springs with steel.

You won’t have to worry about wearing off or corroding as other materials will.

“The spring kit comes with no installation manual, which can be a huge drawback for inexperienced users.”

What We Liked

  • Keeps the truck stable in any situation
  • Prevents sagging without making the truck taller
  • The springs are made of long-lasting materials
  • You can adjust the spring load independently

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lack of an installation manual makes it hard to set up

06. SuperSprings SSA28 for Ford F-150 – Best Premium Helper Spring


Highlighted Features:

  • SAE5160H high-grade steel
  • 1,500 pounds of load
  • Self-adjusting design

A combination of exceptional construction quality with top-notch performance when hauling, that’s what you get with the SSA28 from SuperSprings.

We find it the best leaf spring helper kit for people who want premium-level results thanks to a superb high-grade SAE5160H shot-peened steel.

It can handle up to 1,500 pounds of load, but most importantly, it will help you tackle even the most difficult situations without a drawback.

The construction is not everything, though. A self-adjusting suspension design is something you’ll also love.

There’s no need to be continually changing the load capacity by hand. Instead, the springs will automate the process to save you tons of time and effort.

As for performance, you get a fantastic stabilizing feature that prevents body roll.

Along with the suspension, your truck will handle even the highest loads without sagging or moving around.

“As an overload helper spring that keeps the truck stable at all times, it needs to stiffen up the ride a bit. It won’t necessarily make your truck hard to drive, but it will certainly affect the experience.”

And lastly, you won’t have to spend more than an hour setting it up.

Thanks to the hardware kit and the piece’s straightforward design, you can install it fast and effectively on your truck.

What We Liked

  • Stabilizes and prevents sagging
  • The installation is decently straightforward
  • Adjusts itself to the load
  • Boasts an incredibly long-lasting build

What We Didn’t Like

  • Stiffens the ride a little more than expected

07. Hellwig 61607 Pro-Series Helper Spring


Highlighted Features:

  • 2,500 pounds load capacity
  • Zinc-plated hardware
  • Bolt-on design

Hellwig is undoubtedly our favorite helper spring brand. With pieces like the 61607 from the Pro-Series catalog, it takes quality to a whole new level.

This one, for example, can handle up to 2,500 pounds of load.

That may not seem like much, but you’re getting an exceptional improvement over factory load when you think about it.

But this capacity is about increasing how much you can haul and giving more control over the handling and higher stability when towing.

This pairs well with the progressive rate system that self-adjust depending on how much weight you need to lift.

The spring leaves will also add more lifespan to the old springs.

You won’t have to change the whole system, as this one will give the perfect support to increase load and durability.

Similarly, it withstands heavy use without a problem, thanks to high-end steel construction.

We can’t forget about the zinc-plated hardware, either. It offers a magnificently sturdy construction that handles any situation with no rust or breakage.

“Even though you get quality hardware pieces, you may not get the whole kit. This may not feel like a problem at first, but when it’s time to install them, you will have to spend some time going to the store

What We Liked

  • Increases handling control exponentially
  • Improves the lifespan of the old springs
  • Quality steel springs will last a lifetime
  • The zinc-coated hardware doesn’t rust

What We Didn’t Like

  • You will need to buy some hardware pieces separately

08. Hellwig 986 EZ Level Helper Spring Kit


Highlighted Features:

  • High-grade steel
  • 2,000-pound capacity
  • Variable-rate design

The cheapest Hellwig helper spring kit you can expect: the 986 EZ. As a leveling kit, this one doesn’t disappoint in results:

it adds height, keeps the truck stable, and helps you handle more load.

Each spring is independent and straightforward. That means you can manually adjust the springs’ level on each side, depending on your needs.

This could save you a lot of unwanted experiences, especially with loads that are not evenly distributed.

But despite being adjustable, they have a variable-rate design.

This makes it possible to enjoy excellent load changes without having to make manual adjustments.

Whether loaded or unloaded, the truck will always feel comfortable with these springs.

The springs are made of high-quality steel. This adds up a touch of durability, especially with its ability to protect old springs.

The whole suspension system of your truck will last longer when you install this helper spring kit.

“There’s a high chance you will need to replace the old U-bolts to get this one working. Sadly, the kit doesn’t come with the pieces, so you will have to buy them separately.”

What We Liked

  • Adjusts automatically to loads
  • Will not wear down or break
  • Increases old spring durability
  • Prevents any type of ride issue

What We Didn’t Like

  • May require slight modification to install

09. Hellwig 61603 Pro-Series Helper Spring – Highest-Capacity Helper Springs


Highlighted Features:

  • 2,500 pounds capacity
  • Bolt-on setup
  • Progressive-load design

You probably expect maximum sturdiness and performance from Hellwig by now.

And that’s not a bad idea – especially with a quality helper spring system like the Pro-Series 61603.

This excellent kit, for example, can handle a total of 2,500 pounds of extra load.

Your truck will never feel the same as before, as you will get a massive improvement in many areas, going from stability to handling and even shock resistance.

It is worth mentioning that this is a progressive-load system.

Meaning, you get the chance to set it up and enjoy automatic weight adjustments—no need to be constantly changing the load capacity by hand, thanks to such an incredibly practical design.

Thanks to high-quality construction, the kit also lasts a lifetime.

This includes the heavy-duty spring steel leaves as well as the zinc-coated hardware pieces.

Even with the harshest of uses, the whole kit will last a lifetime.

“There’s a chance you will hear a squeaking noise over time due to the spring wearing out. This is not 100% of the time, but it’s possible to happen if you’re putting the truck under heavy loads consistently.”

And lastly, there’s no time to waste with its bolt-on system.

You can install it almost directly with little disassembling in less than an hour. That’s how fantastic this kit is.

What We Liked

  • Spring and hardware build last a lifetime
  • Doesn’t take much to install
  • Improves load capacity exponentially
  • Prevents sagging and body rolls

What We Didn’t Like

  • Makes noises when it starts to wear down

10. Hellwig 1801 EZ Level Helper Spring Kit – Best Helper Spring for F250


Highlighted Features:

  • 2,000 pounds of load capacity
  • Progressive-load design
  • F250 compatible

For those who want maximum load capacity for their load-bearing truck, the 1801 EZ Level spring will fit their needs completely.

It is also the best helper springs for F250 you can get – making it ideal for the larger cousin model.

It won’t give an outstanding load capacity improvement, but 2,000 pounds is more than enough to handle any load without a single drawback.

The advantage comes from the independent adjustment design, so it delivers an excellent experience when the truck is loaded unevenly with a lot of weight.

Despite that, the leaves have a variable rate.

This means you get a progressive design that satisfies maintenance-free results.

It won’t be necessary to change the load manually when the system does it automatically.

“Even though the springs adjust automatically, the whole system adds a stiffer ride to the truck. On an F150, for example, the change can be very discouraging.”

Another excellent feature to consider comes from the high-quality construction.

Made of steel almost entirely, they offer top-notch strength to prevent even the harshest uses from causing damage.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the kit is extremely cheap.

Despite its excellent performance, you won’t have to empty your bank account to enjoy.

What We Liked

  • Will increase your truck’s load
  • Each spring can be adjusted independently
  • Automatic load adjustment
  • The installation is pretty straightforward

What We Didn’t Like

  • Will stiffen up the ride by a lot

What To Consider When Buying Best Helper Spring For F150

After looking at the best helper springs for F150 in the list, you may be a bit confused about what to go for.

If you are, then taking a look at the buying guide below may help you out. We’ve assembled a comprehensive guide

so you can learn more about helper springs before choosing – take a look!

  • Type of Helper Spring

Even though most of them look similar, they actually have tons of differences. Below, we explain how you can differ each one and what you get from each:

Overload Springs

Also known as the typical auxiliary spring (helper), these are excellent thanks to their easy-to-install design and effectiveness.

Another advantage of overload springs is that they improve load capacity while offering top-notch sagging prevention. These can be a little expensive, though.

Level Springs

If you don’t need to add too much-towing capacity but still want to make the truck more responsive, then a level spring works like a charm.

Its primary purpose is to prevent the rear from sagging when towing. These won’t increase weight capacity too much but can be an inexpensive alternative for that.

Coil Springs

If you’re looking for maximum anti-sagging capacity, coil springs can be your best bet.

These are ideal for improving your truck’s load capacity while giving a slight boost that other helpers don’t.

The downside is that they are not easy to install.

Air Spring

The air springs also add a touch of lift to the vehicle while giving an excellent towing enhancement.

But they require a lot of maintenance, and the installation process tends to be a nightmare.

Rubber Springs

Some helper springs are made of rubber (urethane). These are super-stiff but cheap.

Rubber helper springs are the ones you can find on trucks directly from the factory.

We don’t recommend these ones for their stiffness, but they add a slight towing improvement.

  • Weight Capacity

The second most important thing to think about is whether the springs meet your hauling needs.

For example, some springs will give a total load capacity of 3,000 pounds or more, while others will only offer 1,000 pounds.

Obviously, the ones that can handle higher loads are more expensive and sturdier, preferably designed for hauling and towing with little effect on the ride.

The ones that offer less load will mostly work as leveler or stabilizers, so the truck feels smoother while hauling small loads.

  • Adjustability

Many people overlook spring helpers because despite having a load capacity limit, they can actually be adjusted, either automatically or manually.

Most manufacturers produce these two, also called progressive (automatic) and constant (manual) springs. Here’s how they differ:

Progressive Springs

If you want tons of load capacity but don’t want to constantly change the springs, then a progressive or variable-rate model works like a charm.

It will adjust itself to the load, preventing any sagging while ensuring acceptable ride quality no matter how much load you put on it (as long as it is within limits).

The drawback is that these springs only work when there’s a load on your truck.

This could also be a positive for people who don’t want any change in ride quality.

Constant Springs

Also called manual or fixed springs, these are typically adjusted with U-bolts’ set on their design.

You can set them up depending on your demands so you can achieve precisely the experience you’re looking for.

These are a little impractical as they demand more work, but they will also work exactly as you need them to work all the time.

We heavily recommend progressive (automatic) helpers if you don’t have time to be adjusting.

Otherwise, a more affordable constant helper spring won’t be a bad choice either.

  • Material & Durability

Along with the type of spring, you may also want to consider the material it is made of.

Here, you will find mostly steel. But some options may come with iron or even rubber.

If we were to pick a helper spring, though, we wouldn’t choose anything apart from steel.

The quality of steel is simply unmatched, as it not only withstands heavy use but also tackles any type of environment without corroding or wearing off easily.

It is not about the springs themselves, though. Getting a quality hardware kit for the installation will also ensure a more durable product.

In that case, we recommend entirely zinc-plated steel hardware for the best experience. Other materials with coating and quality build should also work well enough.

  • Ride Comfort

Testing how comfortable the springs make the vehicle while hauling on the road won’t be easy.

Luckily, you can always guess by checking how stiff the springs are.

In this case, progressive springs typically perform better in ride quality because they only start working when hauling (to prevent sagging and stiffness).

Constant springs change the ride quality unloaded and loaded, which could negatively change some people.

Other features that may affect ride quality include a roller system that makes progressive models perform more like constant springs.

  • Ease of Installation

You don’t want to spend more than an hour or two installing the helper springs. And if you’re experienced, you don’t want to waste more than a few minutes.

Either way, you will need an easy-to-install kit of springs. And for that, nothing helps like a kit with all the hardware pieces.

The design of the springs will change enormously from brand to brand and their overall load capacity.

But if you receive every piece of hardware and an instruction manual with the kit, you will have a way easier time setting it up.

FAQ’s About SuperSprings F150 Review

You already know all about the best helper springs for F150, right? Well, probably not.

That’s why we bring this section, so you can learn every single piece of info remaining to make your buying process a lot easier and doubtless.

Take a look to learn a bit more about helper springs!

What is the purpose of a helper spring?

If you aren’t still entirely sure about what they do, it’s simple.

The purpose of a helper spring is to help your truck haul or tow heavy stuff without side effects. Here’s how:

Higher Comfort

Spring helpers will improve the suspension by helping to absorb impacts more effectively. This will save you a lot of unwanted experiences.

Better Handling

When the truck is loaded with heavy stuff, the spring keeps it steady and safe. You won’t have to worry about body roll or sagging with one of these.

More Strength

Thanks to the way helper springs distribute weight on the truck, they help increase overall durability.

Not only will the suspension last more, but also the transmission and even the tires.

Will helper springs increase my F150 towing capacity?

Yes. A helper spring can offer anywhere from 1,000 to 3,500 pounds of extra towing capacity depending on the rest of the suspension system and other towing parts.

Can a helper spring raise my F150?

Even though most helper springs won’t lift the truck in the slightest, some models will.

These are usually called leveling helper springs. They won’t offer the same load capacity or comfort as an overload spring, though.

Are helper springs better than airbags?

It depends on what you’re looking for. For example, helper springs can handle between 500 to 3,500 pounds of load, generally.

And they’re typically affordable. On the other hand, airbag springs can handle up to 5,000 pounds, but they are more expensive and harder to install.

If you’re looking for decent performance and affordability, a set of standard helper springs will suffice.

But if you want maximum performance, then airbags won’t let you down.

Can a helper spring wear out over time?

Yes, just like any other auto part. Helper springs are in constant use when the truck is loaded.

Obviously, this load causes wear over time, weakening the piece as well as the hardware.

Over time, they lose the springiness and may even generate unwanted noises.

How to tell if my F150 springs are worn out?

There are various ways you can tell when the springs need to be replaced, such as:

  • Tires are wearing out unevenly
  • The truck constantly sags and bottoms out (even with no load)
  • You’ll feel Potholes and bumps more intensely
  • Curved and turns produce body roll (the car leaning to the side)
  • Loud metal noises will come out of the suspension system

What is the lifespan of a helper spring?

It depends on the construction and overall quality of the piece. But you can generally expect a helper spring to last between 100,000 and 200,000 miles.


Your truck is waiting for that slight suspension improvement, so what are you getting?

The best helper springs for F150 we showed you in this article should be enough to get your truck equipped with a quality part.

And if you read our buying guide, then you should be more than well-prepared to get the right one.

Either way, be sure to pick something that truly meets your standards and overall needs.

As long as the spring helper you’re getting does precisely what you need it to do – then you’ll be on the right path.

Don’t waste more of your time looking around and pick an excellent helper spring from this batch. You won’t regret it. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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