Top 10 Best Jeep 4.0 Headers Review: Exclusive Buying Guide[2023]

If you are wondering how and where to get the best jeep 4.0 header, search no more because this review will provide you with all the information you need to make the best purchase.

After some years of usage, your jeep’s original exhaust manifold will begin to fail due to wear and tear.

And if left unattended, it may lead to leaks and cracks and reduce the efficiency of the engine.

This is why you should replace your header once it goes bad.


Best Jeep 4.0 Headers/Manifold [Top Selling List]

JDMSPEED[Manifold & Gasket Kit]
Auto Dynasty
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What is the best jeep 4.0 header?

We took our time to research and review the different brands of headers in the market and chose CCIYU manifold exhaust kit as the best jeep 4.0 header.

Other products listed in the review are equally good, but CCIYU emerged the best.

Why is CCIYU the best brand?

Apart from the fact that CCIYU is a known brand when it comes to quality manifold exhaust production, their products are good at withstanding extreme temperatures.

They improve the sound of your engine and increase your jeep’s horsepower and torque.

They are also made of stainless steel and last for a very long time.

Nevertheless, we painstakingly researched and came up with the 10 best jeep 4.0 headers to make the job easy for you.

Top 10 Best Jeep 4.0 Headers Review

01. CCIYU Stainless Steel Manifold Exhaust Kit – Best performing manifold exhaust option


Product Features:

  • Stainless-steel exhaust
  • Leak-resistance
  • Exhaust manifold kit
  • Gaskets and bolts

The CCIYU manifold exhaust kit offers great airflow and higher power performance for the optimum performance of your jeep.

Designed to improve the performance of the exhaust velocity, this product is made with stainless steel to ensure that you won’t have to bother about leakages.

Made to replace the OE original parts, CCIYU is a great option for when you need a manifold that needs no modification or replacement of other parts of your jeep.

Built to last long, it comes with bolts to help you mount the exhaust. No need for battling with the jeep’s factory-fitted bolts.

Looking for that exhaust header that will fit your jeep like a glove?

This product is for you. And the best part is that you get to say goodbye to your jeep sucking unnecessary air.

We love that all the bolt holes that this product comes with lines upon not just the gasket but also the manifold and all the way to the head.

You will have no issues reattaching the exhaust pipe when done.

And if you are wondering how thick the flange of this manifold exhaust kit is, it is the same thickness as the stock intake manifold.

So no, it’s definitely not as thin as you would find with many other aftermarket or replacement headers.

The CCIYU manifold exhaust kit is designed in such a way the valve can admit some certain percentage of the exhaust gases.

That way, it allows for a proper mixture of the gases while maintaining an environmentally-allowed combustion limit.

Another great thing is that you can install it without having to consult a vehicle technician.

“Do note that the gasket that comes with this kit may not fit your jeep.” Aside from that, this is still a great choice for your jeep.


  • Design allows for good airflow
  • Increased exhaust performance
  • Superior construction
  • Leak-resistance
  • Easy installation


  • Donut gasket may not fit

02. Banks Torque Tube (51327) System – Great sound, good header


Product Features:

  • Injector rings
  • 2 bolts
  • Gasket and doughnut
  • Tube system

The Banks Torque tube exhaust is another perfect replacement for your jeep’s factory header and manifold pipe.

This system comes with the basic part you will require like bolts, gaskets, injector rings as well as doughnuts.

You will definitely notice a huge improvement in the sound of your jeep.

Made of high-quality bends, welds, and other materials, this system gives a very distinct and calm tone when your jeep is idle.

And when in motion, it does not give off a loud sound no matter the RPMs.

All the parts are lined up properly to make for easy installation. No need for any modification when mounting this system to the OE header.

The flanges of this tube system are the same thickness as a jeep’s original manifold flanges intake.

This is a great option for any jeep that has been losing power due to cracked exhaust.

Made with great craftsmanship, this tube system brings back the life of a tired jeep.

Additionally, the Banks torque tube system is nicely welded and made with high-quality 409 stainless-steel.

“However, you may find it difficult getting to the sockets on each bolt. But this can be fixed when you use an impact wobbly socket.”


  • High-quality material
  • Good construction
  • Perfect fitment and craftsmanship
  • Gives off the good sound


  • Bolts may be hard to reach
  • Downpipe flange doesn’t have studs

03. Omix-ADA Exhaust Manifold Kit (17622.12) – Perfect exhaust manifold replacement


Product Features:

  • Header gasket
  • Pipe bolts
  • manifold

Omix-ADA manifold exhaust kit 17622.12 is another functional header replacement for your jeep.

This product offers high-quality gaskets and exhaust manifold to bring back your vehicle’s lost glory.

It is a perfect fit for 4.0L engines.

Are you hearing your jeep’s exhaust leaking? Or maybe you are perceiving some exhaust smell in your jeep?

This is an indication that your exhaust manifold has cracked and needs a replacement.

The Omix-ADA is equipped with header gaskets, manifold, and pipe bolts.

While we are still on the topic of the best jeep 4.0 header, what we love about this product is that it performs and conforms to OEM specifications.

And if you are wondering whether it meets acceptable standards, you may be glad to know that it exceeds the standard set by OEM quality rating.

Also, it is an identical replication of your jeep’s original exhaust manifold made for perfect function and fit.

Whether it is a 1991 to 1999 Jeep Cherokee CJ, or perhaps a 1997 to 1999 Wrangler TJ, it will serve out perfectly.

It also goes for Grand Cherokee ZJ 1993 to 1998 models. You won’t have to buy unnecessary additional tools as this product comes with gaskets and hardware for easy installation.

Built with good quality materials, it serves as a great option for your manifold exhaust stock replacement.

It has expansion joints that make it fit to all the stipulated jeeps it is meant to fit.

The metal fabrication is thick and clean, and it is also made of steel.

With a little metallic paint, not only will you get to enjoy this product for a long time, but you will also not have to bother about rust.


  • Fits perfectly
  • High-quality gaskets
  • Expansion joints for easy installation
  • Comes with necessary tools and hardware
  • Meets OEM quality standards


  • No complaint on this product so far

04. Dorman (674-196) Exhaust Manifold – high precision exhaust manifold


Product Features:

  • Gasket, bolts, and nuts
  • Downpipe hardware
  • Stainless-steel construction

The Dorman exhaust manifold features a durably-manufactured and precision-engineered product designed to replace your stock manifold perfectly.

It is made to fit and also functions properly which makes it the ideal replacement you need.

Constructed with reliable and durable materials, this manifold from Dorman will resist leakage, cracking, and warping so that you get to enjoy a long-lasting and high-performing manifold.

No need for additional tools as it comes with all the necessary items you need for complete repairs like downpipe hardware and gaskets.

It is built by an aftermarket manifolds industry leader to ensure it lasts. Known for its precision, Dorman carries out a detailed inspection on all its product to make sure it meets international standards.

The welds are finely constructed so that it rightly fits your manifold for a perfect finish. Get to experience a smoother running engine with more power with this exhaust manifold.

The product is well lined-up for easy assembly and installation. The seal also fits and is made of quality material.

It is the ideal upgrade when you need quality OEM. It’s very thick flange shows how well-built the product is.

Just the right system when searching for an aftermarket part.

And the Dorman 674-196 is made with stainless-steel to not just give it a perfect look but to withstand corrosion and easy rust.

No need for modification as it is as simple as a bolt-on and goes.

“However, you might need to get another brand of a gasket as the one this product comes with is said to easily crack and not made of high-quality material. But other than that, every other thing works perfectly fine.”


  • High-precision for a perfect fit
  • Durable and high-quality materials
  • Comes with necessary hardware
  • Easy assemble and installation


  • Gasket may not serve well

05. Wrangler Cherokee Replacement Kit – High performing exhaust header


Product Features:

  • Gaskets and bolts
  • Header exhaust system
  • 5 inches inlet
  • 125 inches outlet
  • Welded TIG machine flange

The Wrangler Cherokee Replacement is a high-performance exhaust header kit that helps your jeep increase its flow of air and at the same time gain about 10 to 15 horsepower.

Made of stainless steel and finished with polished chrome, it is a 6-2-1 design with bolts that conform to OEM exhaust specifications.

This exhaust manifold that is found in Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and Wrangler 91-99 model is designed to merge the gasses from the 6 cylinders of the exhaust together with the manifold in a cost-effective manner.

It comes with a header that is a long tube off the road in a Tri-Y pattern to enable exhaust gases to flow freely from the various cylinders for better synergy.

The tubing of this replacement exhaust header kit is highly optimized for 4.0L heavy engine capacity.

That way, there will be no much incidence of cylinder backpressure.

It also increases the velocity of the exhaust gas.

This helps to improve the loss of torque and horsepower for an obvious improvement in exhaust sound.

It is designed in such a way that you can swap it easily for easy installation.

This exhaust header will noticeably improve your vehicle’s flow.

This also makes for smoother acceleration. The welds are well-designed so that there is no need for any modification.


  • Better sounding exhaust
  • Easy swap-on installation
  • Chrome-finished for durability
  • Increases torque and horsepower


  • 6 tubing may require some beating to fit

06. Rugged Ridge (17660.02) Exhaust Header – Great for extreme usage


Product Features:

  • OEM collector tube size
  • Round port shape
  • Down swept tube direction
  • Mild steel material
  • Coated black finish

The Rugged Ridge exhaust header is made of high-quality extra tough material for extreme usage.

With flanges welded up to 360 degrees, this header can hold up against most hot conditions.

And if your engine is in need of a new hot look, the polished stainless-steel design of this header is just what you need.

Additionally, this header allows your engine to get in more air for optimum performance.

Also, it has the capacity to improve engine power and raise it from 2000 all the way to 4500 RPMs.

This exhaust header comes with a complete bolt kit and includes a downpipe flange gasket, hardware, gasket, and manifold. It makes a lot of difference.

It also features a durable black steel material to last you for a long time.

And you will definitely notice an improvement in the sound of your engine.

It is a good option for when you need a high-end header that can replace your jeep’s original header.

Not only that, this header will help your engine push out exhaust gases from the cylinders.

The Rugged Ridge exhaust header is easy to install and is engineered with precision for improved engine performance.

It is made to fit 00-06 Wrangler, 99-01 Grand Cherokee, and 00-01 Cherokee all with 4.0L engines.

With a down swept tube direction and OEM tube diameter, this round-shaped port header is made with mild steel and a coated black finish.

“Do note that you may experience some difficulty getting to one bolt. But with patience, you will get right to it.”


  • Easy to install
  • Precision engineered
  • Improved engine performance
  • Long-lasting


  • Difficulty in getting to one bolt

07. PaceSetter Black (70-1133) Exhaust Header – Durable and efficient


Product Features:

  • Mandrel-bent tubing
  • Black finish
  • Mild steel header
  • CNC-machined flanged

The PaceSetter black (70-1133) exhaust header is your best option if you are looking for an efficient and durable header for your jeep.

Designed with thick steel port-matched flanges, this header ensures unrestricted airflow to the primary tubes and a seal at the head.

With a mandrel-bent tubing and carbon steel 16-gauge, this product is made to last for a long time.

It is a black paint standard header that offers an unsurpassed fit.

It is also very easy to install for someone with basic skills.

This header provides better scavenging of the cylinders and also reduces the pressure on the back of the exhaust.

All necessary hardware needed for installation is also included in the package.

Additionally, the PaceSetter 70-1133 is designed to replace your engine’s inefficient stock with a tubular design that is more durable.

Not only does this header come with necessary hardware and gaskets, but it also comes with illustrated instructions.

With strict attention to detail, this product is designed to provide the optimum level of quality.

Bring back your jeep’s utmost performance and potential with this exhaust header.

It meets stringent standards for effectiveness and safety and is made from well-crafted materials.

There is no need for modification to be made to the stock exhaust when you go for this header.

And, the paint on it is a rust-prevention paint that burns off as time goes on to reveal the polished black color of this product.

Made in the USA, PaceSetter 70-1133 meets international standard product requirements.

So, if you are looking for uncompromising reliability and superior longevity, this is the right product for you.

“With that said, the welding of this header may need some work. Also, you are required to paint it with high temp paint before installing it.”


  • Improves vehicle’s performance
  • Made with premium materials
  • Perfect fit and seal
  • Very durable and reliable


  • The welding may not be perfect

08. ECCPP Replacement Exhaust Manifold – Affordable and functional


Product Features:

  • Stainless-steel tubular
  • Anti-leak construction
  • 1 exhaust manifold kit

The ECCPP replacement exhaust manifold is made with a tubular stainless-steel that protects and guards against cracking and warping.

It is built to resist leakage, is anti-corrosive, and also lasts for a long time.

This manifold kit is a direct replacement for your jeep’s exhaust manifold.

Having undergone a rigorous inspection to ensure quality, the product can and will surpass the stipulated quality standard.

With the ECCPP replacement exhaust manifold, your vehicle’s throttle response and engine efficiency will noticeably improve.

Also, it increases the torque and horsepower of the vehicle for better performance.

Another thing that improves after installing this exhaust manifold is the exhaust flow.

The particular exhaust system is resistant to oxidation and has high-temperature resistance as well.

Its properties are both anti-cracking and anti-deformation.

This extends the life of your jeep’s engine so it can serve for a long time. Well built and sturdy, its welds are well designed and clean.

The best part is that there is no need for shims or special washers because the flanges are quite thick and will easily blend in with the block against the intake manifold of your jeep.

And what about installation? You will have no issues mounting this manifold without the need for any modification.

For a noticeable quieter sound when driving, this manifold will ensure you don’t have to shout when making a conversation in your vehicle.

Also, connecting the downpipe is very easy. The exhaust and manifold are well machined so as to fit perfectly just like the OEM.


  • Strong anti-corrosive construction
  • Leak-resistance
  • Guards against cracks and warping
  • Made to meet product standards


  • Does not come with a strong gasket

09. DNA Motoring (HDS-JC0040L) Exhaust Manifold – Refined exhaust sound


Product Features:

  • T-304 stainless steel construction
  • 3 in 1 shorty style header
  • Mandrel-bent tubing
  • CNC welded machine flange
  • Metal gasket

The DNA motoring (HDS-JC0040L) is designed from a high-quality t-304 stainless-steel to present you with a durable and long-lasting product.

It is manufactured with a CNC machine welded flange for perfect fitment and precision.

The tubing of this header exhaust manifold is mandrel-bent for optimum performance.

Featuring a metal gasket and o2 bung insertion sensor, this exhaust manifold is made to blend in the gases from the various exhaust cylinders fast to give you perfect results each time.

It is a 3-1 off-road shorty style header made to encourage a better flow of exhaust gases from the 3-cylinder banks for a more efficient combination.

With its optimized tubing for jeeps with a 4.0l engine, the DNA motoring (HDS-JC0040L) exhaust manifold enables a reduction in the backpressure in the cylinder.

It also greatly improves the velocity of the exhaust gas. The end result is an improved and better-oriented exhaust sound.

Also, this frees up lost torque and horsepower for your jeep.

Installation is easy breezy because it is a direct bolt-on and calls for no modification.

However, there is a need for it to be installed by a professional since there is no included instruction.

DNA motoring has undergone a stringent test for durability, strength, and longevity.


  • Easy bolt-on direct installation
  • No need for modification
  • Fits perfectly
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • There may be a need to get a better gasket

10. JBA (1526S) 1-1/2 Inch Exhaust Header – Sturdy and efficient


Product Features:

  • JBA patented fire cone collector
  • Oversized exhaust ports
  • Stainless-steel mandrel-bent tube
  • CNC laser-cut flanges

The JBA 1526S one and half inch shorty exhaust header is made of stainless steel with mandrel-bent tubing.

It comes with JBA’s patented Firecone collector and emission connections made to fit the original factory style.

With collector domes that are extra-thick, this exhaust header comes with 3/8 inches CNC thick laser-cut flanges.

The JBA shorty also comes with exhaust ports that are oversized to give room for proper airflow.

It is one of the best options to go for when looking to upgrade your jeep’s exhaust performance.

This is the perfect alternative for people looking for a header that is not as restrictive as their jeep’s stock manifold.

The great header for when you need more horsepower and torque.

For more engine efficiency, patented technology with heavy-duty potentials, the JBA shorty exhaust manifold is the one to go for.

This design is an improvement on the old header that use to come with a long tube.

Sports enthusiasts and riders will find that this innovative product yields better gains.

The stainless-steel feature of this header makes it durable and able to withstand towing, racing, and daily driving effect on your jeep.

For whatever way you want to use your jeep, this is the right header that can withstand several beatings from the road and still stand.

Every system comes with hardware made from quality materials alongside detailed instruction.

When installed properly, you end up with a header that is resistant to leakage.


  • Allows for better airflow
  • More horsepower and torque
  • Stainless-steel tube for durability
  • Better sound


  • Welds are prone to early cracks

Buying Consideration for Best Jeep 4.0 Header

Now that you know the best jeep 4.0 header to choose from, we thought it will be wise to point out things you should be looking out for.

The points listed below will help you determine the best option for you.


There is no doubt that a good-performing header should be top on your priority list when shopping for a replacement header.

This ensures that your header maintains or surpasses the OEM of the stock manifold.

While at it, make sure to check if the header has the ability to increase your vehicle’s horsepower and torque.

If it meets the international standards, then chances are that it has passed quality-control tests.

Also, narrow tubes may overtime be prone to blockage.

If you find a header with an oversized tube or one that allows for more airflow, then you should go for it.


The next thing to bear in mind is what material the header is made of.

The body construction of any header you are considering should be such that can last for a long time.

There are various materials that are used in designing a header.

The best is stainless-steel followed by aluminum before cast iron.

Anything outside these three is not advisable as their durability cannot be assured.

Note that stainless-steel headers may be more expensive, but this is because they are corrosion-free and stays intact when in contact with exhaust gases and air.

They are also temperature-resistant even after long use.


An efficient header is such that can serve different functions and still maintain its shape and use.

The header should also fit perfectly without the need for modification.

Also, check if it allows for a noticeable improvement in the sound of the engine.

Additionally, it should also give you a smoother feel when handling the steering wheel.

It is also an added advantage if the header is easy to install.

Kit package

Most exhaust manifold kits come with the necessary bolts, nuts, and all the accessories for your convenience.

If a gasket is included, it will go a long way in saving you some money.


Price is another important factor to consider when it comes to deciding on which header to go for.

Your budget will determine the header you settle for.

While we do not advise that you choose just by price, make sure the header will serve you well and for a long time.

If it calls for adding more money, please do so than settling for a cheap header that may not last.


While the headers we listed in this article are all compatible with 4.0 headers, you should check to ensure that it can match your jeep’s model.

To avoid wasting your money, always go through the manufacturer or seller’s website to see the vehicles the header can fit.


Although the brand is not really a determinant of how good a header is, it also plays a vital role.

Some brands are known to produce good and long-lasting headers. Make sure to always go for the best.

Jeep 4.0 Header Buying Questions

We will be answering some FAQs that pertain best jeep 4.0 header that we receive from our readers.

How can I tell if a header will fit my jeep?

You can check the compatibility of the header to your jeep before making a purchase.

You can easily find this information on the seller’s page on Amazon.

Or you may reach out to the manufacturer’s customer care for help.

Does welding matter in a header’s construction?

Welding in a header is very important because it serves various purposes like preventing leakage and fusing two materials together.

It also guards against easy wearing when the jeep is in operation for long.

Will a new header improve my jeep’s horsepower?

Yes, it will. This is because a good header makes room for air and fresh fuel to mix thereby increasing the efficiency of your jeep’s engine.

When a header starts wearing out, it reduces your vehicle’s speed among other things.

Does the material used in constructing the header matter?

Yes, it does. The material used in the construction of the header will affect it positively or negatively in the long run.

Stainless steel is known to be the best option since it promotes the longevity of the header.

It also protects against cracks, rusts, and breakages. It also reduces the need for welding work in your header.

How can I ensure my header performs optimally?

Just make sure that the header pipe diameter is wide enough to allow smooth and easy removal of gases from the exhaust.

Make sure that you fix the header properly with no room for leakages.

Do I need any particular attachment for my header?

No, the replacement header should replace your original header without the need for the extra cord, charger, and other attachments.

What components should be found in a header compartment?

You should find bolts, nuts, a gasket, and of course a header tool in the kit you purchased.

You may need to get other tools like a drilling driver when tightening the tools.

But these other tools may not be provided in the kit you bought.

How important is a header?

A header helps in boosting the performance of your vehicle’s engine.

It creates room for exhaust gases to get out of the system so that the engine can perform better.

It also makes room for air and fuel to mix when the vehicle is in motion.

Is installing a header a difficult task?

Some replacement headers come with well-detailed instructions on how to install a header.

This makes the installation easier for people who have basic knowledge of a header’s structure.

While online videos can help you figure out how to go about installing your header, you may be better off getting the help of a professional.

Final Thoughts!

Now that you have known the best jeep 4.0 header there are, you will not go wrong in taking the right decision.

We reviewed a lot of headers but settled for the 10 above because they met most of the criteria we were looking for in a good header.

Taking time to go through the pros and cons as well as the product features and details of each of them will help you make an informed purchase.

Please feel free to chat us up in the comment section if you have any questions or need some clarification. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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