Top 11 Best Jeep Hardtop Hoist Review: Expert’s Buying Guide[2023]

Are you interested in finding out the best jeep hardtop hoist for you?

Perhaps you would like to soak in some sun while driving but you need help removing your jeep’s hardtop.

Worry no more because, in today’s review, we will answer all questions you need to get yourself a functional and durable hoist for your hardtop.


Best Jeep Hardtop Hoist Review [Hot Selling List]

Champion Power Equipment
Partsam [440 lbs]
HARKEN[Box Hoist]
Lange Originals

What is the best hardtop hoist?

Harken is by far the best when it comes to jeep hardtop hoist systems.

Why is Harken the best brand for a Jeep hardtop hoist?

Harken has been innovating hoist system products for the past 60 years and always comes up with designs that stand the test of time.

They are known to manufacture hoists that hook up to a jeep’s hardtop really quick and easy.

Their products require little effort to lift hardtops, cargos, or other things you need to lift or lower.

Advantages of hardtop hoists

Hardtop hoists are very important for every jeep owner because they can help you lift or lower your hardtop whenever you like.

They help in decluttering your garage so that you can have more space for other things.

Hardtop hoists also prevent you from experiencing waist, back, and arm pain that may arise from trying to lift your hardtop without a hoist.

It is also great for times when you need to lift cargoes, big engines, boats, bicycles, or other items off your garage or workshop floors.

Now that you know the importance, let’s take a look at the best hoists you should go for.

Top 11 Best Jeep Hardtop Hoist System Review

01. Harken Truck Garage Hardtop Storage Hoist – Best single-person operation hoist


 Product Features:

  • Double-braided rope
  • Single person hoist
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Mechanical advantage

The Harken truck cap hoist is a single-person garage hardtop that comes with 12 inches ceiling height to make room for different types of loads.

It has the capacity to take up to 200 pounds load weight which covers most of the things you will need a hoist for.

Ideal as a pulley, this hardtop hoist from Harken features an 8:1 mechanical lift advantage that is compatible with Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet, and Ford trucks.

Made in the USA, the quality is top-notch with stainless steel hardware finish.

The rope is double-braided for more strength, durability, and longer life.

The kit comes with four points that you can install by yourself without needing another hand.

It is easy to install and comes with all the instructions and necessary tools.

With its safe design, it is fitted with a self-locking cleat that instantly grips on in the event that you mistakenly release the rope.

Additionally, it has a patented design that simplifies lowering or lifting loads evenly no matter the load weight or how it is distributed.

No more will you have issues with space in your garage because this hoister is ready to clear anything up.

So, if you are looking to get that bike, rooftop carriers, sports equipment, deck furniture, truck caps, jeep tops, garden, and lawn equipment off the ground, this hoister will lift that load with ease.

Wondering how long it takes to install or remove a top? Once you figure out where the cap is to be lifted, you will need roughly 30 minutes to remove it.

The time gets shorter the next time you do this. We love that this hoister can lift cargo boxes from the floor to the top.


  • Stainless steel body for durability
  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • Tab connectors and safety lock
  • Lifts up to 200 pounds load


  • Doesn’t come with 50ft winch cable needed

02. Champion Automatic 440/880lbs Electric Hoist – for heavy-duty lifting and lowering


 Product Features:

  • Double-line pulley
  • Galvanized steel cable material
  • Line blocker
  • Stop bracket

The Champion automatic 440/880 pounds electric hoist features a powerful electric motor that uses 850 wattages.

This heavy-duty hoist comes with a remote control that is tethered as well as a cable wire of 39.4 inches foot.

As already stated in the caption, this hoist is capable of lifting heavy loads from 440 to 880 pounds. Now that’s heavy power.

Durable with a pulley hook, it is a dual-line operation hoist that includes automatic braking.

The line blocker and stop bracket included in the package makes sure that you hoist your load without bothering about safety issues.

And with remote control, no need of handling things manually.

This power equipment is designed for reliable powerlifting of big shop tools, transmissions, small engines.

It is suitable for use in a job site, garage, farm, or in a shop.

Thinking of lifting heavy-duty building materials, machinery, or bulky loads off your garage?

This hoist comes highly recommended. All the mounting hardware you need to have your hoist up and running is included in the package.

Tailored to ensure secure and hassle-free mounting, the Champion automatic hoist comes with easy to follow clear instructions.

It has an inbuilt stop bracket which shuts the hoist down automatically in the event that the line broker starts pulling upwards.

That way, the wire cable on the spool will not retract very far so as not to damage the cable, hoist, or spool.

Its single line capacity can conveniently lift items of 440 pounds while double-line capacity can lift 880 pounds load.

No more manual or hand-cranking as this electric hoist is powerful enough to get the job done.


  • Can be used in multiple places
  • Lifts heavy-duty items
  • Remote control makes for safer and easier lifting
  • Stop bracket safety feature for automatic shut down


  • Its 5-inch remote control cord may be too short

03. Harken Hardtop Jeep Hoist – top quality hoist system


Product Features:

  • 6 T-knobs
  • Self-locking cleat
  • Double-braided rope
  • Ball-bearing pulley

The Harken hardtop jeep hoist is designed to fit all gladiator and wrangler jeep models.

It is a storage system that meets all your ceiling garage needs.

With its bonus, 6 T-shaped knobs, removing your jeep’s hardtop has never been so easy and convenient.

Made to suit a 10-inch ceiling in height, this hoist will not only help you organize your garage but will lift loads up to 145 pounds.

It comes with an installation video and illustrations all packaged in the hoist kit.

It features a hoist design with an anti-drop system for maximum safety.

No matter how unevenly a load’s weight is distributed, their anti-drop patented system will still hold up the load.

Also, its mechanical advantage and pulley system brings down a weight load by up to 6 times.

The Harken hardtop jeep hoist also puts safety into consideration with its self-locking cleat which instantly grips onto a load to avoid cases of accidental release when the rope drops unknowingly.

With the 6 sets of thumbscrews included in the package, you can easily remove your jeep’s hardtop with ease.

This eliminates the need for additional tools. It is specially designed to suit all jeep hardtops models from 2007 and above.

Also, its thumb screws are manufactured from durable head nylon with a steel stud of 1 inch.

The washer is made up of rubber bond backing and galvanized steel.

Expect the hoister box to look like it was opened previously. This is only to make room for the T-knobs.

Made of double braid rope and good quality stainless steel, the hoist is made to last you a long time.

The pulley with ball bearing ensures that you have a system that is running smoothly.


  • No extra tool needed
  • Can be installed by one person
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Very durable with safety locking cleat


  • The instructions may not be very clear to understand

04. Hoist-A-Top Jeep Hardtop Removal System – Easy to use 


Product Features:

  • Rear smart hook
  • Powder-coated frame
  • Steel frame
  • Electric winch

The Hoist-A-Top jeep hardtop system is for removing and storing your wrangler or jeep hardtops.

By just pressing a button, this hoist system can free up your garage in minutes.

No need for attaching or drilling anything to your ceiling. And it is a one-person easy job.

The presence of the Smart Hook located in the rear helps you lift and also store your jeep’s hardtop while the rear window is closed to give more room in the garage.

Say goodbye to strained backs, pinching your fingers, pulled muscles, damaged or dropped hardtops.

Looking for a hoist that will support just about any hardtop, you can count on the Hoist-A-Top to serve this purpose.

It features a steel frame that is well-balanced with the help of its Balance Blade for maximum support.

Made for utmost convenience, pushing the electric winch button automatically lifts any load up and out of the way.

You get the option to either mount this hoist on your ceiling or by the side.

Made with foam-covered hardware and coated rubber hooks, your jeep’s top finish will be very protected.

With a coated strong steel powder frame, it quickly attaches itself to a vehicle’s top without a need for drilling.

Additionally, it has a special pulling mechanism cable that lifts loads to the ceiling.

You only need about 3 minutes to remove the car top or to replace it anytime you want.

Easy to follow instructions make it easy to install this turnkey system.

And more importantly, no need to hire an extra hand to get the job done.


  • No need for drilling or attachment to the ceiling
  • Easy to install
  • Allows closing of the rear window for more space
  • Made with quality material


  • Winch cable may not fit properly

05. Partsam Electric Hoist – the hoist with a difference


Product Features:

  • Steel zinc-plated wire
  • Metal handle material
  • Rotor core
  • Radiator fan

Still, on the issue of the best jeep hardtop hoist, the Partsam electric hoist offers you superior power to help you with lifting heavy loads off the ground to the ceiling.

This power system is made with zinc-plated steel for lifting jeep hardtops and also serves as an overhead crane.

It comes with a pulley winch with straps and has a switch that can be used in case of an emergency.

Whether it is indoors or outdoors, this hoist can lift a 220 pounds weight when you are operating it with a single line.

And if you want more lifting and hoisting power, this system offers you up to 440 pounds when on a double line.

And for your safety, it automatically shuts off when the lift reaches the highest height it can reach.

The Partsam electric hoist is made for universal use. It can lift both regular and irregular items like mowers, stones, truck hardtop, engine, trees, etc.

And it can hold it up horizontally or vertically in the ceiling, garage, barn, loft, attic, or just about anywhere you need some liftings done.

The included lift slings make the lifting much easier.

This product has gone through the anti-heat resistor and anti-heat data tests to ensure it meets international safety standards.

Manufactured with pure copper wire, this product allows for proper heat dissipation.

The wire is made with zinc-plated steel to last for a long time. You can use it in various situations all thanks to its flexible electric hoist.

Also, its core is well-fitted with rotor-core, radiator fan, front cover, back cover, brake, and cooper wire winding for a durable product.

Its bulb voltage is 120 volts while the wattage is 460 watts.


  • Lift sling included for easier lifting
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Lifts different shapes and sizes of items
  • Has a red button for emergency stopping


  • Control button cord may be short

06. Racor PHL-1R Storage Rack Lift – made for different types of lifting


 Product Features:

  • Assembly winding crank
  • Two assembly arms
  • Three-wire grid
  • Two beams support

The Racor PHL-1R storage rack lift is an adjustable hoist that can hold up your jeep’s hardtop to any angle of the ceiling with the help of its inbuilt nylon rings.

This durable strong strength steel is designed to lift loads up to 250lbs.

Now you can store anything you can think of overhead as long as it falls within the load capacity.

It features an efficient crank system that lowers and raises different types of loads.

Made with a cable of reliable steel finish, you can lift items up to 8ft vertically and have it securely locked in place.

And if you want to reclaim your garage space, this hoist system offers additional 16 square feet of overhead space to store items.

It is a ceiling storage pulley system that allows heavy lifting of load up to 250 pounds.

You can make use of the hand crank or choose a power drill to lower or raise loads.

Made with epoxy finish steel construction, you are sure this storage lift system is not just tough but will last for a long time.

With the strong nylon cables and pulleys that work together with the winding axle, it carries the brunt of the hardtop weight so that you lower or raise it smoothly without spending any energy.

It also features a stability and safety lock to limit the incidence of accidents.

All you need do is to make use of the winding crank when you want to set off the safety lock and the crank’s integrated hook when you want to disengage the lock.

Not only will you be able to hang your hardtop, but this comes in handy in winter when you want to store away your lawnmower or your snow thrower in summer.

Additionally, the Racor storage hoist has a very attractive smooth black finish.

You also find the necessary tools required in the package.


  • Comes with important installation tools
  • Can be used for different lifting
  • Made with heavy-duty steel
  • Has safety locks for added security


  • Would have worked better with a rectangle frame

07. Harken Cargo Overhead Box Hoist – easily lifts and lowers loads evenly


 Product Features:

  • 4-point hoister system
  • Installation video and illustrations
  • Self-locking cleat
  • Overhead garage storage

The Harken Cargo overhead box hoist is another storage hoist system that lifts loads evenly.

It takes safety into consideration with its anti-drop system.

Organize your garage the smart way with the 3:1 mechanical advantage it offers.

This product is made to fit any cargo box or hardtop regardless of its shape.

With this hoist storage lift system, you can have your garage free of loads in a matter of seconds.

No matter how high your ceiling is, this lift can go all the way to 16 inches of ceiling height.

As long as the load is within 60 pounds, the Harken cargo will take care of it.

Installation is very easy with its installation video and clearly illustrated instructions contained in the 4-point hoist kit.

It also features a pre-assembled tackle and block so that you can have it running in no time.

It is very easy to use and will lift loads evenly no matter the weight distribution.

The 3:1 mechanical advantage of its pulley system condenses the load weight.

Should the rope accidentally drop, there is a self-locking cleat that instantly grips on to forestall disasters.

Made with double-braid rope, quality hardware made of stainless steel, and pulley bearing with balls, you are sure of a storage lift system that will keep running smoothly.

Made in the USA, the Harken cargo hoist is not only made with quality in mind but designed to simplify lifting in your studio space or the garage.

Easily lift your jeep’s hardtop, kayak, or canoe out of way without doing much.

The package includes all that you need for easy installation.


  • Durable stainless steel cleat
  • Easy to install
  • Works with different height ceiling
  • Quick lifting and lowering of large items


  • Installation might still be a challenge for some people

08. Hoist-A-Top Simple Lift and Store – perfect for Wrangler jeeps


 Product Features:

  • Patented JL hooks
  • Custom straps
  • Braided steel cables
  • Hand crank winch

The Hoist-A-Top Simple is designed to give you an economical way to remove or store your jeep’s hardtop in a very simple way.

It is the perfect choice for jeep owners, especially Wrangler Unlimited JL and other 4-door hardtops.

Also, it serves well for anyone looking to effortlessly and safely remove hardtops and storing them without needing an extra hand.

Time to free up some garage space as this hoist helps you lift heavy items in a matter of minutes.

With the help of its 2 anchor points safely fixed to the ceiling, it attaches itself with the help of patented JL hooks and custom straps.

You can have your jeep’s rear window liftgate closed when you are removing and storing your jeep’s hardtop.

Moreso, its lifting power is all thanks to its reliable and strong braided steel cables and the hand crank worm drive winch.

There is no easier way to reinstall your hardtop as you won’t have to struggle with nylon ropes.

This hoist comes with all the necessary hardware you will need except for a few nuts, sockets, and screw guns that you may already have.

And it comes with full instructions on how you can set it up and running within one to two hours.

It is designed for a single-person lift and hanger and offers you a mechanical advantage.


  • Offers you garage space
  • Safely holds hardtop on the ceiling
  • One person can operate it
  • Contains necessary installation hardware


  • Instructions can be a little confusing

09. Smittybilt 510001 Hoist for Hardtop – Simple and effective


 Product Features:

  • 1/3 horsepower AC motor
  • 1000 pounds capacity
  • 200 Amps
  • Hoist frame

The Smittybilt 510001 hoist is the ideal choice for removing and storing jeep hardtops.

It is powered by 200 amps as well as a 1/3 horsepower AC motor.

This hoist has proven to be one of the most convenient items that every garage needs.

With its 1000 pounds capacity, this hoist can lift not just your hardtop, but other heavy items that other hoists may not be able to handle.

It works very well for all ceilings as it lifts and lowers to the maximum.

The hoist’s frame comes assembled with roll-pins, that is, in a slide-in pattern.

To have the hoist running even smoother, just remove the hoist’s side fasteners, main bolt and then ensure that the cable is threaded through.

Reassemble the entire pulley and go ahead and hook the terminal to the hoist’s side.

Whether your jeep is a 2-door or 4-door jeep, you will find that it makes removing or installing your hardtop easier.

And the best part is that it can be operated by one person.

Just mount it to studs or rafters very securely and you can suspend anything for months with this hoist.

Time to regain your garage space with this all-powerful hoist made just for the job.

“You may need to slip in some pads over the hoist’s support frame to serve as protection for the freedom panels and the top.” 


  • Has a large load capacity
  • Can be operated by one person
  • Can suspend heavy items for a long time
  • It gives you more garage space


  • The legs might be a little sloppy
  • Instructions may be hard to decipher

10. J-BARR Hardtop Hoist Full Kit (2-Door Model) – rugged and lightweight hoist


 Product Features:

  • Padded straps
  • Safety pins
  • Handle for winch
  • Corner and ceiling mount pulleys
  • washers

The J-BARR hardtop hoist is another powerful hoist that is ruggedly made to cater to your hardtop removal and storage needs.

It is also lightweight and the operation can be done by anyone.

This product is made in the USA and has taken into consideration the international standard during manufacturing.

It is a full kit hoist that comes with all you need to safely mount it as well as the kitted version and the winch.

Also, it includes handles that make the job much easier. The hoist’s cable can rotate in all directions due to the swivel design of the ceiling mount.

This product is made from start to finish with aluminum. However, the finishing is coated in black powder like most farm industrial tools to last for many years.

Wondering if it will work with your jeep wrangler? Have no worries because it works perfectly well with models from 2007 upwards.

The kit contains padded straps from J-BARR which is used in attaching to the included safety pins.

These pins then attach to the J-BARR straps. It also comes with a 25-feet long winch cable.

And then there is a handle, a bolt to work with the battery drill, and a rail system for mounting on the ceiling.

Also, it comes with drilled pilot holes, lag bolts ceiling mount as well as corner and ceiling mount pulleys.

Once the corner pulley is securely attached, the winch can be mounted anywhere as long as the corner pulley is above it.


  • Very lightweight and yet rugged
  • Easy to install
  • Easily removes and stores Wrangler jeep hardtops
  • Kit contains all the necessary items


  • None has been recorded

11. Harken Overhead and Jeep Hardtop Hoist – Good quality superb lift


 Product Features:

  • Double braided rope
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Self-locking grip cleat
  • Cable clamps and strap ropes

This model of Harken hoist is designed to fit all gladiator and wrangler jeep models.

This is one hoist you will be happy you have in your garage.

It takes care of all your ceiling storage so that you can have an organized garage.

It has the capacity to lift and suspend loads up to 145 pounds.

Just like most Harken products, this model is very easy to install. It comes with an installation video to show you where every part fits.

And if you prefer to go the illustration way, the package comes with illustrated and clear instructions.

You will have your hoist running within minutes. The Harken hoist can be used by one person.

No experience is needed before you master this hoist. And if you have to lift a load that is not evenly distributed, this is the hoist you should go for.

Its pulley system and mechanical advantage reduce a load’s weight by up to 6:1.

Additionally, it has an anti-drop system in place to guard against accidental release of the rope.

This is made possible by the self-locking cleat that instantly grips on when necessary.

Made in the USA, the Harken overhead hoist system is made with durable stainless-steel and double braided rope.

Also, its pulley system makes it possible to have this model running smoothly.

With their 60 years of inventing innovative designs, Harken overhead jeep hardtop and garage storage helps you free up some much-needed garage space.


  • Easy to install
  • Made with durable materials
  • Frees up space in the garage
  • Lifts hardtops and other items with ease


  • Installation instructions may not be very clear

 The Best Jeep Hardtop Hoist: Buying Guide


One thing you should know is that not all hardtops are designed the same way.

They come in different shapes and specs, and this is why the hoist manufacturers make their hoists to suit the different sizes and shapes of these hardtops.

You must endeavor to check the hoist to know if it can lift your particular type of hardtop.

Going for a hoist that is not made for your jeep’s model of hardtop may not be a good idea.

People have reported incidences of their hardtop falling from where they suspended it on the ceiling.

This makes them refer back to the manual only to find out that it was not compatible with their type of hardtop.

To avoid denting or destroying your hardtop, always make sure that the hoist you are interested in can lift your hardtop.

Material Construction

One thing to look out for when shopping for the best jeep hardtop hoist is the materials used in constructing the hoist.

Most times, high-quality products usually undergo strict manufacturing processes to ensure that they can indeed last for a long period of time.

Making sure that the product you are interested in is made of robust and sturdy hardware will not only save you money but the stress of having to constantly change your hoist after a short period.

Garage space

There is no doubt that you need to take the size of your garage into consideration before venturing out to pick a hoist.

Some hoists may be perfect for your jeep’s hardtop but may not fit in your garage.

Some hoists can only work in a garage with a high ceiling and spacious garage.

So, imagine if you bought just about any hoist without checking this out.

You will end up either returning the hoist for replacement (where applicable) or buy another one that can fit in your garage.


Many people will quickly choose a hoist system that its installation process is straightforward and simple.

Others may not really mind since they can always pay a professional to have it installed for them.

But if you want to do the installation yourself, ensure that the instruction is clear enough to follow, especially when it involves a top-mounted hoist.

If you cannot access the installation manual of the hoist you want to buy, you can take a look at the reviews of people that have bought the same to know if they had issues installing it.

But the fastest and easiest way to find out is by going through our review where you can get all the information you need.

Load capacity

Load, otherwise known as the weight capacity is another thing you should consider before settling for a particular hoist system.

The ideal thing is to check for the weight capacity of the hoist you want to go for and be sure it can lift your hardtop.

While hardtops are not necessarily very heavy and can be hoisted by most hoists, you still need to check to be sure.

Besides that, you might need the hoist for other items like suspending your boat or other heavy items.

And remember that your hoist’s hardtop pulling weight will help you in choosing the right elevator to suit it.

Electrical powered-hoist

If you really want to be able to lift your hardtop without having to expel energy doing so, you should consider going for hoists that can be powered.

These hoists come with a motor and sometimes a remote control for controlling the hoists.

With just a press of a button, you easily lift or lower your hardtop or any other item you want as long as it falls within the load capacity of the hoist.

These types of hoists may cost you more money now, but they are a worthy investment that will pay off in the long run.

However, manually operated hoists still work and last long too.

Most Online Queries About The Best Jeep Wrangler Hard Top Hoist

Can pulleys be mounted on the ceiling directly?

It is possible to mount pulleys on the ceilings directly. This can also be done from different angles.

But special attention should be paid when you are installing the sheaves, especially where it is attached to.

There must be even weight distribution of the hardtop and the use of the right length of cables.

What is the minimum height of a ceiling that a hoist can be installed on?

There are some hoists that allow at least 7 feet in height to work.

This is important because anything lower than this might not be able to accommodate your jeep’s hardtop.

But a vast majority of hoist manufacturers always state a minimum of 10 feet height for their hoists to work perfectly.

Should I go for a 2-door or 4-door compatible hoist?

If the 4-door hoist system can also work with a 2-door hardtop, then this is a better option.

The reason is that the 4-door will serve for your 2-door hardtop and still be useful should you get a 4-door hardtop later on.

But be sure to protect the panels by placing a blanket over the back end of your hardtop.

Can I hoist a hardtop to a tent’s rooftop?

While a hoist is ideally meant for a ceiling, it can still work for a rooftop.

To get the best jeep hardtop hoist, you need to be sure that the tent’s rooftop can comfortably take on the weight of the hardtop before considering suspending the hardtop on it.

How long should the hoist’s cable be?

This depends on the hoist in question. Some hoists come with long cables that allow you to use them in a garage or a shop with a high ceiling.

You may want to check the length of the cable before buying the product.

Also, most hoists allow for a cable extension in the event that the original cable is not long enough.

Is one-person operation important when choosing a hoist?

Yes, it is important because it is assumed that you may not always have someone to help you out when you want to hoist your jeep’s hardtop.

This is the reason why many top-rated hoist manufacturers ensure that their hoists can be operated by one person.

What exactly is a jeep’s top winch?

The top winch of a jeep is a different type of product that calls for unique operation.

They are accompanied by hooks and straps that you use in lifting your jeep’s hardtop to the ceiling.

Pulleys are usually attached to the winch so that they can be powered by motors or batteries.

 How can I install the winch?

Although most hoist systems come with an installation guide, however, all you need is to drill holes on your ceiling and then attach eyelets and socket sets.

This is to connect it to the braking system that gets installed on the side of a wall.

And you must make sure to install your winch on timber and not on cardboard for safety reasons.

since the eyelets bear all the weight of the hardtop, it is important to make sure that it is very secure and stable.

What are the different types of hoists for hardtops?

The two basic types of hoists that you can use for your jeep’s hardtop are electric and mechanical hoists.

With mechanical, the winches of the hoist are operated manually.

That means that some pulling force will be required from you to help the pulley do the rest of the job.

Electric winches may come with a lot of parts that appear complex, but once you get it right, all you need is a press of a button, and the lifting and lowering job commences.

Conclusion of Best Jeep Top Hoist System

While your primary reason for getting a hoist is to hoist your jeep’s hardtop, you need to think of the future.

Since there are many things you can lift with a hoist, it is always advisable that you go for the best.

Don’t limit yourself to the one that can lift only hardtops.

Hoists are versatile and come in handy in the workshop or at home.

And this is why we have provided you with our list of 11 best jeep hardtop hoist to help you make a favorable buying decision that you won’t regret. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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