15 Best Jeep Soft Top Reviews: Top Selling List & Buying Guide[2023]

If you want to buy the best jeep soft top—the super durable kind, made from soft fabric, and fits easily over your existing jeep frame—there are not many brands in this category.

However, this guide will show you the best brands with soft tops designed to enhance your driving experience.

Cruising around in a Jeep can be a great experience because you can go anywhere and efficiently conquer almost anything.

A Jeep’s versatility makes it possible. Picture yourself driving on twisty roads, dropping the top off your Jeep while the music is on full blast, and the sun shines on you.

That is the best feeling for a typical Jeep enthusiast. That’s why you need one of the best jeep soft tops.

They come in different shapes and sizes. By design, the best ones are simple to remove when you want the sun to shine on you and let the warm wind blow through your hair.

But, they can be challenging to identify since there are several brands in the market. However, let’s point out some of the best Jeep soft tops to you.

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Comparison Table of Best Jeep Soft Tops (Top Picks)

Bestop[Convertible 4-Door]
Pavement Ends
Bestop [jeep TJ]
Pavement Ends
Sierra Offroad
Smittybilt[JK 2-Door]
Rugged Ridge
Bestop[JK 2-Door]
MasterTop[Jeep TJ]
Rampage[JK Unlimited 4 Door]
Bestop[JK 2-Door]

What Jeep Soft Tops are the Best?

According to our research, Bestop’s Diamond Trektop is the best jeep soft top brand in the market for jeeps with four doors.

If you own a Jeep with two doors, we can recommend Bestop’s Pavement Ends to fit your Jeep design.

Why are Bestop’s Diamond Trektop and Pavement Ends the Best Brands?

We found Bestop’s Diamond Trektop and Pavement Ends to be the best soft top brand for Jeeps with four doors and two doors, respectively, because they both sell at affordable prices.

They also came with many exclusive features and got designed using high-quality materials.

They fit perfectly to your existing Jeep frames and last longer than you may think.

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About Bestop Jeep Soft Top

Many years ago, in 1954, to be precise, Tom Bradley started Bestop in a small Colorado shop.

Ever since then, he focused his effort on developing a reputation for producing quality products even when the company only had seven workers.

Within ten years of starting, because of the products’ quality, words about Bestop began to spread from throughout the United States and Internationally.

Today, over 65 years in operation, Bestop has grown to become the leading manufacturer of premium Jeep soft tops in the world.

Now located in Louisville, Colorado, with more than 500 employees, Bestop continues to manufacture wide broadband of quality soft tops and its accessories for Jeep Wrangler and CJ, including the Trektop and Pavement, Ends brands.

Best invented the Trektop Pro Hybrid Soft Top only a few years ago, and it has since introduced the world to a new expectation of what Soft Top should be and offer.

The Trektop brand is truly unique, and the innovation keeps coming. The Pavement End brand was introduced in 2014 and is Bestop’s most affordable soft topline and accessories.

The company invested a lot of engineering and technological expertise into the Pavement Ends product line.

As a result, it offers a smart choice for replacing your Jeep soft top without compromise on dependability and ease of installation.

Top 15 Best Jeep Soft Top Review

There are several Jeep soft top brands in the market, but not just any brand will do; you need to shop for the best.

If you’re confused on which brand you should buy, check out our list of 15 best Jeep Soft Tops below;

01. Bestop Trektop NX Glide Convertible—Most Desirable Jeep Soft Top


Highlighted Features

  • Desirable retracting slant back styling
  • Open-air and sun rider flip back panel
  • Easy slide-in and slide-out rear window panel
  • Zipperless side for easy removal and install
  • Includes all hardware for easy installation

This Trektop Glide soft top brand combines the modern slant back style with the desirable back convertibility styling.

It is also zipperless and gives space for the rear window. The result of these designs is a new level of soft-top enjoyment and functionality.

The Trektop NX glide offers a new level of versatility and convenience to the already known aggressive design of the Trektop family.

For a Convenient open-air drive, you can quickly and easily fold back the sun rider feature.

The rear window included in its design slides out effortlessly due to its zipperless technology.


  • Outside noise control
  • Fun and more comfortable to install
  • Easy to clean dirt off it
  • Safe during a downpour


  • Needs a minor upgrade on the mounting hardware

02. Pavement Ends 55132-15—Classic Jeep Soft Top Engineering


Highlighted Feature

  • Marine-grade vinyl-coated polyester fabric
  • Jam-resistant technology
  • Heavy-duty plastic teeth zippers
  • Standard tinted 28-mil thick windows
  • Made from tough nails

Pavement Ends makes the top list of the best soft top quality in the market.

If you have a classic wide jeep and need a soft top that suits your budget, you probably want the affordable Pavement Ends Jeep soft top.

It comes with a tinted back panel to help maintain a cool Jeep interior and provide you a bit of privacy.

It’s also designed to fit over your Jeep’s factory hardware and get installed quickly over existing frames.

You’ll only get exterior grade automatic fabric for great appearance and durability from the Pavement Ends products.

It features hardware and fabrics you can only find in top-of-the-line Jeep soft top products.


  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Scratch-resistant windows
  • Collects pools of water on the Jeep’s roof


  • Requires Bestop factory hardware to install

03. Bestop Supertop NK—Best soft top for jeep tj


Highlighted Features

  • Factory style hardware
  • Plastic pieces door surrounds
  • Factory style windshield channels
  • Convenient fold-back sunroof
  • Adjustable bow and quick-release tensioning
  • Premium grade silk fabric

The Supertop NX is a brand new soft top from Bestop, and it one of the best soft tops you can get in the market.

With the Supertop NX product, you get window channels; door surrounds, fabric, and hardware all fit your existing factory frame.

Therefore, the Supertop NX is a full-on factory replacement soft top directly from the Bestop brand.

The added features of the Supertop NX makes it fit into old and modern-day Jeeps.

So, you can get the Supertop NX soft top for any Jeep wrangler made from today to as far back as 1987.

The Supertop NX has different designs for the TJ, YJ, and JK models.

There are differences between the TJ, YJ, JK designs. So, if you want to find out the specifics for your Jeep, you might need to visit the Bestop websites to read about it


  • Great options for a winter drive
  • Reduced outside noise
  • Heavy, high-quality, and durable materials


  • The tinted rear window isn’t dark to protect from the sun

04. Rampage Frameless Trail Top—Improved Aerodynamic Jeep Soft Top


Highlighted Features

  • Mounting Hardware
  • Convertible soft-top roof
  • Heavy-duty molded tooth zippers
  • Hidden pouch for rear window storage
  • Anti-Puddle poles to prevent water runoff

Rampage Frameless Trail Top is a great soft top kit for your 97-06 TJ Jeep wrangler.

It is made from heavy-duty, durable sailcloth fabric to give you a quieter Jeep interior.

You also get tinted windows for superior insulation and a dual-layer top with rear and side windows.

Note that you’ll need an aftermarket soft top door surround, windshield channel, and tailgate bar to support the Rampage Frameless Trail Top.

It installs over your Jeep’s OE factory roll bar for a perfect fit. Its unique design gives room for larger side windows and better visibility.

The sides are removable, and you can quickly convert the soft top’s rear window into an open Safari top.

Rampage has a separation panel to store the rear window when removed.

It’s there to protect the ceiling from punctures and scratches. Finally, its fastback style offers improved aerodynamics for a more quiet drive.


  • Removable windows for open cruise
  • Quieter interior
  • Superior insulation


  • May require additional parts

05. Best Pavement Ends 51197-155—Top Tinted Replacement Jeep Soft Top


Highlighted Features

  • Upper door skins
  • Side and rear windows
  • Replay Kits to include durable fabric
  • Fade-resistant automotive-grade fabric
  • Heavy-duty zipper including jam-resistance

Bestop’s Pavement Ends 51197-155 soft top is by far the best soft top out there for the money.

It is made from exterior grade automotive fabric for great appearance and durability.

The customer review reveals how customers have little expectation for the soft top before purchase, but after installation, they find out that the product beat expectations.

It comes with the department of transportation approved vinyl windows. The windows are heat-sealed and have waterproof protection.

If you’re looking to change from a hardtop or replace an old soft top, the Pavement Ends 51197-155 is a great choice.

Some customers revealed they got to install it in about 30 minutes while some used only one hour for installation.


  • Affordable price
  • Waterproof protection
  • Great appearance and durability


  • Zippers are not that strong

06. Sierra Offroad TJ—Original styled Jeep Soft Top


Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof materials
  • UV resistant polyester thread
  • Premium marine-grade materials
  • Self-correcting, heavy-duty zippers
  • Factory-spec webbing and door seals

Sierra Offroad approaches the soft top engineering differently by offering a custom pattern designed to fit any original factory frame within 1997 to 2006 TJ Jeep Wrangler.

Sierra is in partnership with GAHH Automotive, a company with extensive manufacturing automotive convertible top restoration experience.

With over 35 years of experience, GAHH is a world leader in the Aftermarket replacement convertible interior and tops.

It makes products for automobile companies such as Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, BMW, Ferrari, and Maserati.

The same craftsmanship and expertise invested in manufacturing the best in cars are invested in bringing a new level of fit quality to soft-top Jeep products.

Therefore, the Sierra Offroad TJ soft tops are of quality specification and original factory fit to ensure proper fit and long life.


  • DOT-approved windows
  • Top-notch craftsmanship
  • Factory original quality specifications


  • Does not include hardware

07. Smittybilt 908025 for JK 4-Doors—Complete OE Jeep Replacement Soft Top


Highlighted Features

  • Tight precision fit
  • DOT approved Tinted Glass
  • Marine-grade Vinyl-Coated Fabric
  • Heat-sealed seams to prevent leaking
  • Wick stop threads seal the stitch holes
  • Self-correcting, easy operating Zippers

Have you got a Jeep soft top that’s deteriorating or probably tattered already?

Then the best move is to purchase the Smitty Replacement soft top.

Its package includes a tinted window that allows you to open up the Jeep when you want.

The product will maintain that standard for a long time and give you the look you desire.

To stop or prevent leaking around the stitch holes, it features a particular wick stop thread and reinforced with heat sealed for maximum protection.

It’s also made from a marine-grade vinyl fabric that is resistant to stretching and fading.

This replacement top does not rip or get tattered quickly due to the material from which it is made.

The window is tinted up to 31%, and it’s made of DOT-approved plastic.

From it, you get heavy-duty zippers that are sealed so that you can enjoy using them without having to worry that they’ll rip-off or get broken.


  • Resistant to Fading and Stretching
  • Delivers trouble-free and consistent performance
  • Meets strict quality requirement


  • Can be noisy on highway drive

08. Rugged Ridge Replacement Tops—The Finest Vinyl Coated Jeep Soft Top


Highlighted Features

  • Black Diamond Vinyl Coated Polyester
  • High-grade marine fabric
  • DOT approved Tinted Windows
  • Durable heat seal tape to protect against moisture
  • Premium twill cloth fabric

Confidently replace your worn out or damaged soft top with a Rugged Ridge replacement soft top.

The brand, by design, fits any Jeep Wrangler soft top hardware.

It’s a black diamond soft top having a tinted window and other top-notch features that present a direct OE fit for an easy and quick replacement.

Grafted from high-quality vinyl-coated polyester, this soft top presents a factory fit OE color that’s a perfect match.

It’s equipped with DOT-approved tinted windows that offer enough security expected from a soft top.

This replacement soft top requires an original soft top hardware. You need an existing factory soft top hardware for the installation of this soft top. Therefore, if you have damaged or misplaced your OE hardware, you must purchase hardware.


  • Durable construction
  • Direct fit for wrangler factory hardware
  • No additional modification needed


  • Requires additional Omix Hardware

09. Bestop 5813435 Tinted Window Kit—Top-Notch Jeep Soft Top design


Highlighted Features

  • Replaceable Heat-Sealed windows
  • 18% tinted window
  • Heavy-duty molded tooth zippers
  • The color matches factory-original soft top

If you’re looking to outfit your Jeep wrangler for the rigor of off-road drive, then Bestop’s Tinted Window Kit is your go-to soft top product.

The Bestop’s 5813435 Tinted Window kit includes one rear window curtain and two rear side window panels.

It features 18 percent tinted windows, a specification considered great and approved within Europe and America’s regulation.

Need not worry about the zippers because they are made of heavy-duty molded teeth.

You can also choose to ride with an open-air top.

The most important thing is won’t have to struggle with specifications because the kit’s fabric matches the factory soft tops and the Bestop’s soft tops.

It adds some safety for your valuables and that of your passengers.

While trying to add security features, Bestop did not compromise on exterior appeal as well.

It is, therefore, perfect for your 2011 to 2018 two-door JK Jeep Wrangler and those tinted windows?

They make for convenience while you ride in your Jeep.


  • Safety for belongings
  • Offers cool Jeep interior
  • Wards off the harsh sun


  • The fabric has to be washed often due to the nature of the fabric used

10. Bestop Sailcloth Replace—A Value-for-money Tinted Window Soft Top


Highlighted Features

  • 3-ply fabric made of vinyl and poly-cotton soft tops
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Tinted side and rear windows
  • Hook-and-loop door skin
  • Heated-sealed vinyl windows

By design, Bestop Sailcloth Replace uses a three-ply fabric to reduce the noise you get on highway drive.

The outside vinyl layer protects against the weather, while the center vinyl layer reduces the noise and enhances your Jeep’s interior insulation.

The last layer is a poly-cotton layer designed to stabilize and provide a fine coat.

It’s a product made from industrial-strength fabric and has sealed seams to provide you a lasting product.

The Sailcloth Replace fabric maintains its shape in all kinds of weather conditions. The top of the Sailcloth Replace helps to reduce waves.

Its heavy-duty zippers make installation and removal relatively easy.

The heat-sealed feature also supports the process. For most models, the DOT-approved window of about 31% tints is available.


  • Sailcloth retains its shape in all weather
  • Effortless replacement and removal of zippered windows
  • Reduce road noise and insulated interior


  • Fabric top and window application only

11. Rampage Product 68215—An Excellent Soft Top with Frame


Highlighted Features

  • Factory grade colors and materials
  • DOT-approved tinted windows of up to 35%
  • Two Soft Top zippered storage pocket
  • Rear Tailgate Bar
  • Adjustable spreader bar

This soft top is incredibly easy to install even if you’re a first time Jeep owner.

It will survive even in brutal weather. After several years, the soft top will still look good and give a toasty warm feel.

In about 10 minutes, you can get the top of, and it’s relatively easy to put back up.

The Rampage YJ complete soft top kit includes a new framework, vinyl top, hardware, and all other accessories needed for the complete installation of the product.

It also comes with installation instructions that are relatively easy to follow. The kits are then packaged in a durable, convenient canvas soft top bag.

In general, this soft top is highly recommended because it performs its job well. When you get one and get to experience the beauty of it, you’ll recommend it to others.


  • Easy installation
  • Soft upper door
  • Weatherproof interior


  • Retains a little bit of water

12. Best Spice Sailcloth Replace—Top-of-the-line Replacement Soft Top Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Tinted windows of about 18% (optional)
  • Heat-sealed vinyl windows
  • Quality soft top windows and door skins (optional)
  • Multi-ply premium grade fabric

The Bestop Spice Sailcloth Replace uses multi-ply fabric for high resistance to UV rays.

It shows fewer wrinkles and waves than the conventional fabric, and it’s easier to clean.

The Sailcloth fabric insulates better than the typical fabric, and it is also quieter because it reduces outside noise.

The replacement soft top comes with a tinted rear, side window, and door skins to form complete coverage.

The tinted window is another way the replacement top design ensures that the Jeep interior is kept cool.

Note that the Bestop Spice Sailcloth Replace does not include a soft top bow assembly. The goal is that it to be used with a pre-existing soft top bow assembly.


  • Fewer wrinkles and waves
  • It’s quieter because it reduces the outside noise
  • Absorbs UV rays


  • Requires existing factory original hardware to install

13.  MasterTop Replacement Soft Top—Superior fabric material


Highlighted Features

  • Fold Back Sunroof
  • Scoop Count Zippers
  • Tinted Press Polished Glass
  • Exclusive multi-layer fabric
  • Removable and Replaceable Windows

MasterTop Replacement Soft Top, by design, includes all the replacement windows and custom-fit fabric needed to complete the replacement of a worn or old soft top.

It also offers outside noise cancellation and effectively protects against the weather.

MasterTop constructed the replacement soft top with three layers of fabric.

The first layer provides water-resistance because it consists of woven Twill fabric that’s both soft and durable.

The second and middle layer is a durable rubber layer that helps to keep moisture out and insulate the Jeep interior against the weather.

The third and bottom layers consist of strong woven polyester backing that provides added strength and further insulation.

Then, it comes with up to 31% tint, which is DOT compliant. The windows do not stop you from seeing they are to keep the interior cool.


  • Low overhead expenses
  • Affordable price
  • Uses the best original and quality materials


  • Doesn’t have much customer review

14. Rampage Product 99835 Replacement Sailcloth—Marine-grade Fabric Jeep Soft Top


Highlighted Features

  • Marine-grade zippers
  • Heat-sealed seams
  • Heavy-duty sailcloth fabric
  • Weatherproof interior
  • Two-zippered ceiling storage

This factory replacement soft top from Rampage offers great wear resistance.

It keeps its color for much longer and offers a reliable waterproofing for your Jeep.

The soft top also features all kinds of attractions such as UV ray absorbent and mildew resistant materials that withstand driving conditions.

The Rampage Product 99835 Sailcloth features two zippered storage pockets at the top.

It fits on your Jeep using factory hardware. It also comes with DOT-compliant clear or dark windows with up to 35% tint.

The windows are heat-sealed and made of marine-grade zippers to provide a weatherproof and calm interior.

This replacement soft top easily installs on factory hardware.

Finally, it comes in various colors such as Black diamond to meet and exceed the factory specification.

Let your Jeep have a new look today with the purchase of a reliable and sturdy soft top from Rampage.


  • Made of premium parts and accessories
  • Patented anti-puddle support
  • Provides ever-reliable weatherproofing


  • Hardware not included

15. Bestop 5472235 Supertop NX—The New Gold Standard in Replacement Soft Top


Highlighted Features

  • High-quality UV-Treated Fabric
  • Multi-layer Fabric
  • OEM composite plastic hardware
  • Adjustable Bow Mount Tensioning
  • High-strength steel

You can use this soft without having to unzip the rear windows completely.

It comes with a tailgate bar that lets you get quick access to your cargo.

In its kit, you’ll find a bar and bow mount tensioning plate and a top arch that assure you of a proper fit at all times.

With this soft top, you’ll be able to sustain the fresh look and style of your Jeep.

One of its excellent features is the OEM composite plastic hardware that can last you for many years.

The hardware is made of steel with hard-strength that ensures it stays in shape regardless of the number of times you head for the road.

It’s also made of UV-tread fabric that does not fade and survives in the hardest and hottest conditions.

The windows come with 31 percent tint and are made from DOT approved vinyl to protect your Jeep’s interior and give it a relaxed feel.


  • Excellent durability and appearance
  • Improved door surrounds
  • Works with all Bestop door kits


  • Lower fabric half doors

Advantages of a Jeep soft top

If you love to go on a fun drive with your Jeep, nothing is quite as exciting and thrilling as getting the opportunity to put the top down.

Imagine having your Jeep top brought down while you hit the road with your foot on the accelerator.

The feeling you get from the wind blowing through your hair and watching the miles roll by is indescribable.

But, it begins by getting the best jeep top.

While most Jeep owners prefer to go for the soft top, each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Before you also decide to go for a soft-top due to popular choice, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of soft-top Jeep which include;

  • Versatility

Due to the Jeep soft tops’ soft and foldable nature, they are inherently more versatile than the hard Jeep tops.

Therefore, you can easily remove and reinstall them.

So, on the days you decide to drive on without a top, especially on days with nice warm weather, you wouldn’t need to think twice before doing it.

There’s not much work involved in removing them.

  • Easy Storage

As much as removing and reinstalling Jeep tops can be challenging, the same goes with storing it.

However, with soft tops, storage is easy. You can easily fold and store a soft top in small spaces.

On the other hand, hardtops take a lot of space, which can be a big challenge, especially if you own a narrow car garage.

But, you don’t need to stress over finding room to store a soft top.

  • Convenience

Imagine you’re enjoying an off-road drive with your Jeep.

The Jeep’s top is down, and you feel connected to nature, and you’re enjoying the outdoor cruise.

Suddenly, you spot nature’s dark side overhead as you approach; the big question at that moment is, what do you do?

You need to reinstall the Jeep’s top, but with a hardtop, you might not find this easy to do before nature catches up to you.

However, a Jeep’s soft top comes in handy in a situation like that.

  • Affordability

If you’re working within a budget to buy a Jeep top, then the soft Jeep top is a clear choice.

They can cost as little as $200 if you shop well for them, but some products made from more superior materials can cost a little more.

Best Soft Top For Jeep Wrangler: Buying Factors

If you own a Jeep Wrangler with a hardtop or a worn-out soft top, the chances are that you’re already thinking of getting the best soft tops for your vehicle.

Soft tops are great for a Jeep cruise’s full experience, especially those soft tops with open roof options.

There’s no better feeling of driving with your Jeep’s top-down, and the sun shines on your back while the wind blows in your hair.

However, before you go all out and buy any soft stop, you need to put certain things into consideration to ensure you’re investing. Some of the things you should consider include;

  • Maintenance

When buying a soft top, you need to consider the maintenance involved.

Typically, soft tops require more maintenance than a hardtop.

If you desire any of those classic vintage soft tops, note that they are susceptible to sun and rain damage over time.

However, modern soft-top models do provide better weather and waterproof technology.

Some modern soft tops even claim to have car wash proof. However, it is best to keep your Jeep in a sheltered area to protect the soft top in the long run.

  • Security

The question most potential soft top buyers ask has to do with safety.

It is believed that soft tops are easy to break into.

While that is true with earlier manufactured soft tops, most modern soft top manufacturers attempt to combat this security issue.

Therefore, most modern-day soft tops feature high-tech security technology.

If you buy soft tops today, you have to be sure the product you buy has security technology features.

Consider where you’ll store your Jeep and ensure the product you buy has security features to combat the area’s security threat.

  • Price

The price of a soft-top is likely to rise with the more added technical features.

However, some soft tops have top-notch features and sell at affordable prices.

If you’re working under a budget, you’ll need to find one of these affordable but sophisticated soft tops to buy.

We have suggested fifteen of such soft tops above and gave you an insight into their amazing features.

  • Comfort

There’s no doubt that it’s fun to drive with the top down on highways or off-road.

However, several soft tops in the market cause noise as you cruise at highway speed.

The noise can quickly become discomforting and distort the fun you intend to have.

But, interestingly, most modern soft tops have noise insulation features.

The goal is to combat the discomforting noise soft tops give when you drive.

There are several such soft tops in today’s market, and we have suggested some of the above.

Check them out and ensure you get a soft top that gives you maximum comfort.

  • Product Features

When trying to buy a soft top, you’ll need to know the features of different types of Jeep soft tops.

The reason is that the soft tops’ features have to determine the quality, durability, usefulness, and how good it looks.

Therefore, you have to look through different products and read their descriptions to know how well-applicable the product can be for you.

With innovations coming into the soft top manufacturing industry worldwide, there are several added features to new soft tops.

You may not know about these added features, especially if you’re an old-time Jeep owner and you’ve not been into soft-top hunt recently.

However, some of these newly invented features can be handy for you.

That’s why you will have to read through several lines of soft-top features for different products to familiarize yourself with the new features and probably find out if they are useful and cool to have.

We have introduced some of the new features to you above. Patiently go through them accordingly.

FAQs About Best Jeep Soft Tops

Is a Jeep Soft Top worth it?

As we have listed above, soft tops have several benefits. Some of the benefits include Versatility, Easy Storage, Convenience, and Affordability.

Aside from these tangible benefits, imagine the joy you stand to derive as you drive your Jeep with the top down and let nature smile at you.

Besides, most soft tops are easy to remove and reinstall; therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about going through stress before you enjoy the fun your Jeep can offer.

They are also easy to store and keep in your garage, so you won’t need to plan extra space to store them.

How long do soft Tops last?

The longevity of soft tops depends on the material from which it is made and how well you maintain it.

Many soft tops available in the market are not made from quality materials; therefore, you may find them not lasting as long as they should.

However, as much as there are fake products in the market, there are also original products.

We suggested fifteen original products above.

Most of the products suggested above are made from a marine-grade fabric known to survive through several weather conditions.

Some manufacturers went the extra mile to provide up to three-layer fabric to provide a long-lasting experience.

Check out any of the products suggested above and make an order accordingly to enjoy a long-lasting experience.

 Which is Better, Hardtop, or Soft Top?

Many people claim that hardtops are better than soft tops; however, this claim is boring out of the experience they’ve had with an earlier soft top.

The earlier soft tops make a lot of noise, and they can be discouraging.

But, when you consider that many modern manufacturers have solved this issue and soft tops do not have noise insulation features, then soft tops are equally good, if not better.

Another salient point people give in support of hardtops is that they last longer than soft tops.

But that was in the past because many soft tops now last long, if not much longer than a standard hardtop.

That’s because the many modern manufacturers now offer various long-lasting features in their soft-top products.

One significant edge soft top has over hardtop because they are easy to install and remove, easy to store, and the best option for any Jeep enthusiast who likes to cruise with their Jeep’s top-down.

Are soft tops good in the rain?

Yes, they are. Behind us are the days when soft tops used to retain water after rain downpour or after going through a car wash.

Most modern best Jeep soft tops have a waterproof feature.

With this waterproof feature, they can stand in any weather.

The three-layer feature most manufacturers adopted is aimed at making soft tops fit for rainy days.

The heated seams also feature to ensure your Jeep’s interior is protected against water and moisture.

If you have any of these modern soft tops, as suggested above, you can confidently drive your Jeep in the rain and even through the carwash.

Can I take a soft-top Jeep through an automated car wash?

Most automated car wash is designed to be gentle on cars. They do not create any threat to a car, and it is safe.

Your Jeep with soft tops is not an exception in this case. If your Jeep’s soft top is torn or worn out and already with holes, it may not be advisable to take it through an automated car wash.

That’s another reason you get a brand new soft top.

The modern and best soft tops are usually waterproof and designed to last almost a lifetime.

Therefore, taking any modern designed soft tops through automated car wash won’t be a problem.

Some manufacturers go as far as designing soft tops with three-layer fabric.

The aim is to combat different level of weather condition, including waterproofing,

Modern soft tops also have heated seams features to prevent moisture that can develop after the soft tops contact water.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the interior moisture when you take your Jeep with a modern soft top to a car wash.

If you’re contemplating buying a soft top for these reasons, it’s time you make up your mind and go for it. We have proposed some of the best soft tops above.

Can I replace a hard top Jeep with a Soft top?

If you’re considering changing your Jeep’s hard top to soft top, it’s entirely possible and easy to do.

Most recently designed soft tops have what it takes to replace a hardtop.

Manufacturers of soft tops know there can be hard top Jeep owners wanting to change to soft tops, and they have engineered most soft tops to make this happen.

You can use most stop tops over your existing hard top Jeep frame. Some best Jeep soft tops design and engineered to fit perfectly into an existing Jeep soft top.

You should just find one of the soft tops with this important feature to purchase.

Some other soft tops come with their designed OEM frame. When you buy such soft tops, you’ll have to install the frames yourself.

With softs tops that need self-installation, you might need to learn how to install it.

They usually come with easy-to-read and understand installation instructions, and you can also choose to watch some online video tutorials.

We have suggested some soft tops that are quite easy to install above.

If you feel your hard top soft top needs replacement, and it’ll be best to buy a soft top with a self-installed frame, check out any of the above suggested soft tops.

Why is my Jeep Soft Top so loud?

A regular soft top makes a lot of noise as you drive on the highway. Though when driving slowly, the sound reduces.

That’s because of the wind entering and buffeting the top of the vehicle as you drive.

Regular soft tops consist of soft material that amplifies the effect of the wind noise.

That’s one of the disadvantages of earlier manufacturers of soft tops. Modern soft tops addressed this issue.

Modern soft top manufactures have found a way to address the issue.

So, when you get any of the latest manufactured soft tops, it becomes possible to reduce the amount of noise because such soft tops have a seal that blocks excess wind.

Aside, the presence of seals, such soft tops is made from heavy marine-grade leather.

Such leather can withstand the wind that blows during highway rides.

Some soft tops combine up to three layers of fabric.

However, the purpose of the combination is not to combat noise while driving, but it eventually serves that purpose.

Therefore, if you don’t want your soft top to be loud anymore, the solution is to get one of the best Jeep soft tops.

We have suggested some of such soft tops above. Pick anyone to buy, and you’ll not have to worry about the soft top noise anymore.

Can one person install a Jeep soft top alone?

Some Jeep soft tops are designed to be quite easy to install, while some are not.

Most of the best soft tops have what it takes to get installed by a single person; however, it is best to get a helping hand.

A second or third hand when you want to install will make the work quite easy.

You should go online to watch some video tutorials and read the easy-to-understand manual provided to do it.

If you follow the steps in the tutorial video or installation manual of the best Jeep soft tops, you should be able to install it alone.

Instruction manuals are usually well written and explained, while videos are easy to follow step by step.

Those Jeep with an already installed soft top framework and hardware are the easiest to install.

You’ll only need to fit the soft top over the hardware.

Those Jeeps without an existing frame will require that you buy a soft-top OE hardware first, then you can now fit the soft top after installing the framework.

The process may seem dicey but watch videos online and read the manual, and you’re good to go.

Is it legal or illegal to have a Jeep with no doors?

It depends on where you reside or plan to drive your Jeep. It’s illegal to drive a Jeep without doors in some places, while the law doesn’t care in some other places.

Guess the best way to know is to get yourself familiar with the laws of your region.

In places where it is illegal to drive Jeeps with no doors, you can still cruise the woods and desert places with your Jeep and enjoy the ride since law enforcement agents might not be around such areas.

But, you might not be able to ride on the highway.

However, if you have a Jeep without doors and you desire to ride on the highway, you will only need to choose and pay for a soft top that comes with doors.

Soft top doors are a good way to solve the issue of a Jeep with no door.

There are soft tops with a door that are thick enough and satisfy DOT specifications.

You’ll find one or two of such soft tops suggested to you above. You should go through our list of suggestions and find a soft top that best suits your Jeep.


Soft tops are, no doubt, great for any Jeep wrangler.

All you have to do is find the one that fits your vehicle’s hardware or buy the best Jeep soft top that comes with OEM hardware.

That is why we have suggested some of the best soft tops on the market.

You only need to read through the description given for each soft top above and decide which one will best fit your Jeep and is within your budget.

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