Top 10 Best Lift Kit For Ram 1500 Pickup 2023:Review & Buying Guide

Purchasing the best lift kit for ram 1500 can be simple in theory but challenging in practice.

You don’t just visit the market without having a better idea of what you want and why you prefer it.

Lift kit for ram 1500 is an important tool, especially for off-roading. With the lift kit, your truck can hold larger tires and wheels easily.

Likewise, it also adds elegance and uniqueness to the look of your SUV.

While on unsurfaced tracks, this tool provides high and enough ground clearance for your vehicle.

It also enhances your SUV performance in any off-roading event.

Notwithstanding, it isn’t easy to pick the most appropriate lift kit for ram due to hundreds of thousands of models available.

So, what is the best lift kit for dodge ram, and why is the model a great choice?


The Best Lift Kit For Ram 1500 Review [Expert’s Recommended]

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Superlift Suspension
Air Lift
Supreme Suspensions
American Automotive
Performance Accessories

Ram 1500 Best Kit Fit is What?

The best lift kit for ram 1500 is KSP Strut Spacers Lift Kits for Ram 1500.

This model has everything to make your steeper approach departure. It adds more aesthetics to your truck.

Why KSP Strut Lift Kits for ram 1500 the best?

This device is awesome and reliable, no matter the condition. It is sturdy, durable, and strong to lift any vehicle.

KSP Lift Kit is also safe and compatible with most vehicles on the planet

Top 10 Best Lift Kit for Ram 1500

01. Ram 1500 KSP Strut Spacers Lift Kits


Highlighted Features

  • Lift the front truck to 2.5 inches
  • Includes 12.9 grade solid bolts
  • Compatible with off-road models
  • Comes with installation manual guide
  • Has Anodized surface

Starting off our list for the best lift kit is this superb tool from KSP.

This model has an ace in the hole over other lift kits on the market today.

Unlike other lift tools, KSP builds this product from aircraft-grade aluminum billets.

With the billet, the lift kit becomes a great match for factory suspension.

Installing the KSP Strut Spacers kit comes with no stress. With the required tools, you can mount it in a limited time.

Likewise, drivers don’t have to buy any special tools, nor do they need an automobile technician. The manual is there to make the installation effortless.

“However, the manufacturer doesn’t include the Allen wrench for bolts installation. It takes about 5 hours to remove the struts, especially if you are installing it for the first time. ”

Unlike other lift kits for ram 1500, this tool has an Anodized surface, making it corrosion-resistant.

The Anodized surface also enhances the performance of your SUV in any race. The lift kit is compatible with lots of off-road models.

What’s more? KSP Strut Spacers kit allows your vehicle to use larger tires and rims by providing adequate ground clearance.

In the same vein, the lift tool also offers your SUV an aggressive look.


  • Easy and quick to install
  • Improves the performances of vehicles
  • Not expensive
  •  Great value and high-quality


  • Wear out easily
  • Not compatible on 2wd

02. Superlift Suspension Lift Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Lift truck to 4-6 inches
  • Includes steering stabilizers
  • Comes with a steering correction
  • Includes installation instructions
  • Perfect for other brands lift systems

When it comes to the production of effective and sturdy vehicle tools, Superlift Suspension is a safe pair of hands.

More than thousands of leveling kits have come from this brand. Most of these models have won the heart of millions of off-road fans.

This lift kit is another exceptional product from the brand.

Superlift Suspension Lift Kit helps you level your truck to 4-6 inches. With the kit, you can also use large rims and tires with your SUV.

Unlike other leveling kits, this model includes steering stabilizers that improve your steering system.

The stabilizer also prevents your vehicle from unexpected shock.

Moving on, this product comes with steering correction, which other brands give little or no regard.

The corrections offer adequate safety and proper driving while you are on the road.

The lift kit for ram 1500 is easy and fast to put in place. This brand also offers a free mounting guide.

All you need to install the kit is available in the manual. Drivers can install this lift kit in a jiffy.

Aside from ram 1500, this model is also a great lift kit for ram 2500 and 3500 4WD.


  • Ideal for ram 2500 and 3500 4WD
  • Simple and straightforward to install
  • Safe and effective
  • Offers memorable off-roading experience


  • A bit expensive

03. ReadyLift 69-1040 Lift Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Lift front truck to 4 inches
  • Raises the rear truck to 2 inches
  • Comes with tubular upper Control Arms
  • Includes rear suspension coil spacers
  • Has a spring preload spacer

For drivers seeking a luxury lift kit to add more elegance to the look of their SUVs, this model is a great option.

ReadyLift Lift Kit is one of the most expensive leveling kits on the market today. Likewise, it delivers beyond your means. 

Unlike other leveling kits for ram 1500, this model lifts both your front and rear truck.

While it levels your front truck to 4 inches, it raises the rear truck to 2 inches.

It provides enough ground clearance for both sides of your SUV. This model also helps move large objects over rugged terrain easily.

The product comes with tubular upper control arms. With these control arms, your vehicle can track straight on sloped roads.

That’s not all. The tool also offers you total control of your SUV while heading down the road.

The rear suspension coil spacers add more aesthetics to the look of your vehicle.

Another big draw of this model is that it has a spring preload spacer. So, you don’t need an expert technician to fix that for you.

“However, this leveling kit doesn’t work correctly on vehicles with factory air suspension. Also, it isn’t ideal for the 2008 dodge ram 1500. “

Nevertheless, it offers dodge ram 1500 between 2009-2017, a tough ram look. This kit is also one of the safest, fastest, and most reliable on the shelves.


  • Safe and fast
  • Add aesthetics look
  • Provides higher clearance
  • Easy to carry heavy loads


  • Takes lots of time to install
  • Expensive

04. Air Lift 89365 LoadLifter


Highlighted Features

  • Provides up to 5000 pounds of lifting capacity
  • Includes internal jounce bumper
  • Comes with fully-illustrated installation
  • Includes well-built air springs
  • Has braided airline

Not only does this model keep you out of the wood, but it also provides ground clearance while on the road.

Unlike other lift kits for ram 1500, Air Lift 89365 LoadLifter offers up to 5000 pounds of lifting capacity.

This product gives you a convenient and comfortable experience while off-roading. The end caps are durable and corrosion-resistant.

With this lift kit, you don’t have to break your back when hauling or towing.

Air Lift 89365 LoadLifter also has an internal jounce bumper that eliminates bottoming out on the road.

With this jounce bumper, there is no need to purchase a factory jounce bumper.

Also, this leveling kit comes with well-designed air springs with an adjustable feature.

Regardless of the weight of the load or object, your SUV will have no challenges moving it.

The air springs are designed with sturdy 2-ply fabric. Air Lift Store builds this model to last for a lifetime.

This product also includes a braided airline, roll plates, and stainless steel mounting hardware.

Drivers and off-roading lovers will find the installation simple and fast.

The product includes a fully-illustrated installation manual for stress-free mounting.

“However, the lift kit has poorly made fittings, and the hose leaks quickly.”


  • Built with high-quality material
  • Easy to mount
  • Ideal for any object or load
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Poor-fitting

05. Supreme Suspensions Front Leveling Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Raises the front vehicle to 3 inches
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Built with a special coating
  • Includes Aircraft Billet front coil spring spacers
  • Comes with installation instructions

Drivers seeking a leveling kit to complete their trucks’ look will be over the moon with this model.

Unlike other models on the shelves, Supreme Suspensions Front Leveling Kit is available in two different colors.

So, you can easily pick the kit that adds elegance to the look of your SUV.

Besides lifting your front vehicle to 3 inches, this kit improves the front space thickness to 2 inches.

This tool accommodates larger tires and wheels quickly and easily. It also allows off-road lovers to carry heavy loads with its 35,000 psi strength.

A leveling kit is also a great option for every application owing to its precision machining.

Unlike other leveling kits, Supreme Suspensions builds this tool from premium-quality materials.

The T6 aircraft-grade aluminum offers the kit a superior strength. Drivers will have no challenges putting up this model.

No special tools are essential for its installation. All you need is the detailed instruction manual in the kit. It is a great option for the ram 1500 of 1994-2018.

“Meanwhile, Supreme Suspensions Front Leveling Kit isn’t compatible for mega or extended cab. Likewise, it isn’t the best option for 2013+ ram 1500 models.”

Notwithstanding, this tool has everything you would love to enjoy in a lift kit for ram 1500. Affordability is another big draw of this lift kit.


  • Simple to install
  • Not expensive
  • Has superior strength
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Not ideal for 2013 for ram 1500

06. Daystar Dodge Ram 1500 2.5” Leveling Kit- Ram 1500 Best leveling kit


Highlighted Features

  • levels the truck to 2.5 inches
  • Designed from high-density polyurethane
  • Simple installation procedures
  • Increases ground clearance
  • Improves the vehicle’s performance

On the market today, Daystar is one of the most popular and reliable mechanic brands.

The tool is a reliable and durable leveling kit from the manufacturer.

In contrast to other leveling tools, Daystar Dodge Ram 1500 2.5” Leveling Kit levels your truck to 2.5 inches.

Likewise, it provides enough space for larger tires and rims installation.

The leveling kit also improves the off-road performance of your vehicle.

It increases the ground clearance to help you record a memorable racing experience.

That’s isn’t all! The leveling kit is also easy to put in place.

Even if you have little or no idea of vehicle leveling, it takes a limited time to get your vehicle on the road with the leveling kit.

While most of the leveling kits are designed from steel or aluminum, Daystar builds this model from high-density polyurethane.

Unlike other kits, Daystar Dodge Ram 1500 2.5” Leveling Kit doesn’t make unpleasant noise or vibration.

This leveling tool combines functionality with a sleek design. It is a great model to complete the look of your SUV.

Daystar Dodge Ram 1500 2.5” Leveling Kit also gives you more control over your vehicle with a stronger stance.


  • Improves ground clearance
  • Well-designed
  • Made with high-quality material


  • Compressing the springs is difficult

07. American Automotive 2002-2008 Ram Lift Kit – Best value lift kit for ram 1500


Highlighted Features

  • Lift vehicle to 3 inches
  • Lifts the rear vehicle to 1.5 inches
  • Multiple colors
  • Includes installation instructions
  • Comes with 2x steel spring spacers

This product is the best value lift kit for ram 1500 on the market today.

Even with its amazing features, superb design, and world-class functions, you don’t have to break the bank to purchase it.

Unlike other lift kits, this model comes in three colors: black, red, and blue. Drivers can easily pick the color that best completes the look of their road tracks.

Also, the model comes with everything you need to put it in place.

Aside from the instruction manual, the company also offers steel spring spacers, sound isolators, and lots more.

While it raises the front truck to 3 inches for larger tires, it lifts the rear to 1.5 inches better performance on tracks.

The brand builds every tool available in the kit with premium quality material.

It also enhances the towing capacity and increases the rear load. American Automotive 2002-2008 Ram Lift Kit doesn’t make unpleasant noise or vibration.


  • Safe and easy to install
  • Noise-free
  • Better performance


  • Not ideal for mega cab trucks

08. Dynofit Leveling Lift Kits – Best hybrid lift kit for ram 1500


Highlighted features

  • Raises the front truck to 3 inches
  • Lift the rear truck to 2 inches
  • Made with premium quality material
  • Simple to install
  • Includes suspension lift kits

Unlike other lift kits for ram 1500, this product is a versatile tool. Aside from lifting your vehicles, the device also helps level your SUV.

That’s isn’t all! It is also a hybrid model with both leveling lift kits and suspension lift kits.

You can raise your front truck to 3 inches and rear to 2 inches with the leveling lift kits.

On the other hand, the suspension lift kits raise the rear lift spacer to 2 inches and the front strut spacers to 3 inches.

The leveling lift kits are ideal for dodge ram 4×4 4WD, while the suspension lift kits are great options for the 2009-2018 dodge ram.

Even though the product includes different lifts, it is budget-friendly. You would also have no challenges putting them in place.

With the instruction manual, it takes less than 2 hours to install these lift kits. The kits are also corrosion-resistant and durable.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to install


  • Puts pressure on the upper control arm

09. Performance Accessories Lift Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Raises the truck to 3 inches
  • Comes with coasted bumper relocation brackets
  • Has high strength hardware
  • Includes 3/16 inch thick laser cut
  • Comes with reinforced lift blocks

If you are looking to enhance your vehicle’s performance on roads, this model is a great choice for you.

Without affecting the existing suspension components, this model raises your SUV to 3 inches.

It also helps you improve ground clearances and create enough space for bigger tires.

Performance Accessories Lift Kit also offers you a smooth and thrilling experience on the road.

Unlike other lift kits for ram 1500, this model helps you control the gravity of your truck.

“Although the model comes with everything you need to put it in place, it often takes 5 to 6 hours to install it. If you have little or no idea about an automobile, you might need a technician to mount the kit.”

Above all, this product gives you perfect control of your SUV on off-roading events.


  • Offers thrilling experience
  • Improves ground clearance
  • Allows fixing larger tires


  • It takes time to install

10. Dynofit 2” Front Leveling Kits- Best Budget-friendly lift kit for ram 1500


Highlighted Features

  • Lift to 2 inches
  • Easy installation
  • Designed with premium quality material
  • Comes with an instruction manual
  • Fits most dodge ram 1500

Our list for the best lift kit ram for 1500 is incomplete without this model.

Unlike other lift kits, this model is cost-saving and easy to purchase.

It helps raise the front vehicle to 2 inches to avoid damaging the front underbody on tracks.

The lift kit is also simple to put in place. It includes a simple to follow instruction manual.

Likewise, you don’t need any special tools to mount the lift kit. For experienced drivers, it takes less than 2 hours to have your truck on the track.

Dynofit designed this model to fit most dodge ram for 1500.

“However, it isn’t a great fit for mega cabs.”

All-in-all, Dynofit 2” Front Leveling Kits are safe, reliable, and fast on tracks.


  • Avoids underbody damages
  • Requires no special tools for installation
  • Cost-saving


  • Makes squeaking noise

How To Pick The Best Lift Kit For Dodge Ram 1500

Picking the best lift kit for your Ram 1500 isn’t an easy task. Most times, drivers and off-road lovers often fall victim to unhealthy decisions.

This article will be beaming the searchlight on the things you have to look out for when buying a Ram1500 lift kit.

Some factors you should look out for include:


The lift kit you pick must give you the appearance you want.

The higher you lift it, the larger the tires you can fit into your vehicle. So put into consideration the ideal time to lift ratio.

If you have the intention to increase the tire size on your Ram 1500, it will require additional ground clearance to accommodate new tires.

Check the required space that fits the tire size you hope for and consider when shopping.

Price Of The Kit

The cost of the kit you are buying will play an important role in the decision you make.

It is a good idea to have a price range in mind for the lift kit you want to buy. 

Having a small budget can make you go for less quality, but you do not have to compromise on the quality as few high-quality lift kits are budget-friendly.

KSP Strut Spacer lift kits for Ram1500 that are cost-saving and still offer high quality.

Mounting Procedures 

Drivers need to consider how easy the installation is. There are lift kits that require a bit of work, while others are easy to install.

If you intend to do it yourself, you have to know your level of experience and be sure of it.

If you are experienced or have done something of such in the past, you can decide to pick either the easy or hard to install, but you should only go for easy to install if you are new to this.

Kit components 

Let it be at the back of your mind that not all kits will have everything you need to complete the job, especially when the modification is necessary. 

Ensure you read the included components thoroughly so you can know if you will be buying additional parts.

If you wouldn’t be buying additional parts, ensure you consider the cost.

Some lift kits come with all you need, but they might be too expensive to compare the cost.

Vehicle model

The best lift kit might not fit your vehicle.

This is the reason you must put the model of your vehicle and the production year at the back of your mind when shopping for the lift kit.

This list is not exhaustive as there are other things to consider, but these are the most important and basic things to put into mind if you want to buy the best lift kit for your Ram 1500.

Best Lift Kit For Ram 1500: What We Should Know

What Should You Do After Lift Kit Installation?

Maintaining the lift kit is essential after installing it. The lift kit installation is considered an aftermarket addition.

This means the responsibility for its maintenance lies solely on you. Ensure you carry a routine check on it.

Another thing you would need to do is to get an alignment.

You have tampered with the suspension angles during the lift kit installation, so you need an alignment.

Also, you have to consider getting additional accessories.

Although it varies from individual to individual depending on what you hope to get out of it, some accessories are considered irrespective of the type of lift installation you did.

An example of the accessories is your shock absorbers, brakes, and your running board.

Performance and handling would change.

After lifting your car, there is a higher tendency to sway because the lifting has caused the center of gravity to change. 

So you should get yourself acquainted with the different feel of your vehicle. By doing so, the risk of involvement in an accident becomes low. 

Is Lifting Ram 1500 Expensive? 

When it comes to the cost of lifting a ram 1500, several factors will determine that.

The type of lift kit you want, how many inches high do you wish to lift it, will you be doing the lifting yourself, or are you hiring a professional?

Smaller lift kits to raise your vehicle to 2 inches are less expensive than those you need to level your SUV above 6 inches.

What Is Your Preferred Installation Process? 

Maybe you are an auto enthusiast, and you feel you have all it takes; probably after watching a YouTube video or an auto show on TV, that’s good.

However, if you are doing it yourself, you have to be sure of your abilities or have probably installed them in the past.

Self-installation is budget-friendly. All you have to do is take it to a mechanic for realignment, depending on your location.

If you hire a professional, you might have to pay a fortune depending on the shop you choose and other factors such as how expensive the kit is.

Are lift kit and level kit the same?

The lift kit and level kit will both raise the body, but they differ in purpose. Both the rear and front of your SUV become level by the lift kit.

A lift kit levels the rear and front of your truck. 

The lift kit raises the vehicle above the stock. Some lift kits provide equal ground clearance for the rear and front vehicles.

On another hand, there is inequality in their stance’s level. 

Some kits raise the body by 2inches while some as much as 10 inches depending on the customization level you want.

On the other hand, the level kit is made to level your vehicle’s height, just as the name indicates.

The level kit will correct the nose down look that comes with a vehicle from the factory.

Raising the front of the vehicle by 1 or 2 makes the height the same as that of the rear. From their purposes to their cost, the lift kit and level kit differs.

Ram 1500 best lift kit is what?

The best lift kit for ram 1500 is the KSP Strut Spacer Lift Kits for Ram 1500.

This lift kit comes with a 12.9 high strength bolt; this is one of the highest bolt grades ever produced.

It is made of alloy steel quenched and tempered and known for their high tensile strength.

It is designed to withstand far more than the expected highest level of stress to which it might be subjected while it is in service.

With this kind of bolt, you can be assured that a bolt falling off won’t be an issue. It is an Aircraft aluminum billet forged.

This is one of the best you can get out there in terms of strength, a greater weight to strength ratio, porosity free, lightweight, and it has a clear thread pitch.

It has nice reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.5, which says a lot about the quality.

 Are all lift kits the same?

The answer is NO.

There are different kinds of lift kits, each serving different purposes and coming at varying costs.

For the body lift kit, there is no extra ground clearance. You just have the body of your vehicle lifted higher.

The vehicle suspension and chassis remain the same. The body just gives separation from the frame and lifts the body. 

Suspension lift kits; this is the best option for you if your vehicles will be having a lot of off-road use.

The suspension kit spaces the suspension, thereby causing additional clearance, and in some cases, your suspension will be completely replaced and the chassis raised.

The Levelling kit, as the name implies, will level the vehicle.

This is usually useful when towing is done, or you are hauling a heavy load.

You can also make use of a leveling kit if you desire to improve its aesthetic. Blocks, extra springs, and torsion keys are often used by leveling kits.


All along, these are the best lift kits for ram 1500 on the market today. Irrespective of the model you pick, the lift kits deliver nothing but the best.

The buying consideration will also help you make the best choice. Likewise, you can extract a plethora of ideas and information from our FAQs. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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