Top 10 Best Lift Kit for Toyota Tundra Reviews & Buying Guide [2023]

There is virtually no way to install extra wheels and tires to your truck without the best lift kit for Toyota tundra. Lift kits are designed to improve the off-road performances of your vehicle.

There’s still more to its fantastic features! Not only does it add extra ground clearances but also offers value to the Toyota tundra. Besides, most lift kits are meant to elevate your ride.

Aside from this function, the kit features an attractive design to complete the exterior décor of your vehicle.

As a matter of fact, it works effectively and efficiently with any truck. Other than that, lift kits are effortless to use. Likewise, not only are these products pretty much affordable, but they are also effortless to construct.

It requires no brainer to get this done. All you need to do is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and then you are good to go.  

Meanwhile, purchasing the appropriate hoist kit for your truck becomes too hot to handle. This is because there are hundreds of thousands of the model on the shelves today.

Also, you would find different sizes with different specifications. Even more, they have extra strengths and shortcomings.

Fortunately, this post is here to help make a healthy decision. It reviews the top 10 lift kit for Toyota tundra available for you.

We also recommend stunning upgrade for your tundra’s best tonneau cover.


What is the best lift kit for the Toyota tundra?

Of all the lift kits on the market today, the Toyota Tundra Firestone Ride-Rite Kit (W217602445)  stays ahead of the park.

Aside from the fact that it stabilizes the truck, it also increases its carrying capacity. Even with this, the product is simple to install.

Top 10 Best Lift Kit for Toyota tundra

01. Toyota Tundra Firestone  Ride-Rite Set(W217602445) Toyota – Best lift Set for Toyota tundra


Highlighted Features

  • Comes with air springs
  • Ideal for 2007-2013 models
  • Adjustable 5-100 Pascal per inch
  • Complete hardware components
  • Has 3200-3500 carrying capacity

Without thinking twice, this lift tool is the best lift kit for Toyota tundra because of its outstanding features. Firestone is one of the reliable and renowned brands in the park today.

It is best known for its specialty in attractive and durable car accessories. If this sounds good to be true, then this product is excellent proof.

Firestone designed this product with the user’s interest in mind. It is designed to last you for lifetime use. 

Also, it comes with an eye-catching design that completes the look of your vehicle.

Another fantastic feature of the product is its easy installation processes. It comes with complete installation kits and the manufacturer’s detailed instructions.

Likewise, it features air springs that stabilize and increases the strength of the vehicle.

 Other than that, it maximizes the load-carrying capacity of your vans between 3200-5000 per set. Do you know that you can adjust the lift kit from 5-100 Pascal per inch? That’s incredible enough.

The kit is ideal for all 2007-2013 models. That’s not all! Users can use this amazing lift fit to elevate pick-ups, motorhomes, vans, SUVs, commercial vehicles, and lots more.

It is perfect for your truck’s front and rear side and ideal for towing. In a nutshell, this is the best lift kit you can purchase for the Toyota Tundra model.

“Although this product is the best, it still has some downsides. This model is quite expensive. Users on a low budget will find it challenging to invest in the products. Aside from this, many users shared their experience on getting an incomplete package”.


  • Long-lasting
  • Simple to mount
  • Highly effective
  • Attractive design


  • Expensive
  • Low-quality package

02. ReadyLift 69-5276 3”F / 2”R SST Lift Kit- Best ReadyLift Lift Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty hardware
  • 100% Bolt-on
  • Perfect for 2007- 2018 models
  • Features 3 and 2 lift system

Next on our list is ReadyLift 69-5276 3” F / 2” R SST Lift Kit. If you asked me why many opt-in for these products, I would have thousands of reasons to give.

ReadyLift is undoubtedly a leading lift kit manufacturer. Its specialty in stylish and practical car accessories won its users’ hearts all around the world.

If you are looking for an innovative and high-quality lift kit for the Toyota Tundra, you will have the ReadyLift 69-5276 3” F / 2” R SST Lift Kit on your book.

The products come with a unique design you can’t afford to miss. Besides, it is effortless to use.

Its accessible installation features are worthy of discussion. Setting up the lift kit from ReadyLift becomes a piece of cake with the step-by-step instruction that comes with it.

Likewise, the product comes with all necessary installation tools. In the wake of this, it requires no extra tools. Unlike all other products, this model is easy to maintain and remove.

What else? The ReadyLift 69-5276 3” F / 2” R SST Lift Kit is built with advanced technology, perfect for all 2007-1018 Toyota Tundra models.

Moreover, it is an ideal tool for both 2WD and 4WD models, especially the TRD models. When it comes to lifting your truck, you can always trust this model for the best results.

With its 3 and 2 lift system, it elevates your ride’s front and rear tires.

Aside from protecting your truck, the lift kit also helps to maintain smooth rides. Other than this, the ReadyLift 69-5276 3” F / 2” R SST Lift Kit increases the ground clearance.

Another attractive feature of the tool is that it is 100% bolt-on.  With this, you can easily add a more significant size tire to your vehicle up to 35” in diameter.

“Even though the brands claim the products comes with necessary tools, many users still complain about some missing installation items.”


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to maintain
  • High-quality design


  •         Missing parts

03. ReadyLift 69-5275 4.0” SST Lift Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Upper control arms
  • Features Fox Coilover
  • Has powdercoated sway bar frame
  • Powder Coated steel top
  • 2 and 3 lift systems

ReadyLift brand is here again with another outstanding lift kit for Toyota tundra. This model has pretty much similar features to the brand’s previous models.

To start with, you would have no difficulties putting this lift kit in place. So, if you are looking for an easy to operate and install kind, this product is a great deal for you.

Meanwhile, it takes up to 3 hours before the whole installation is complete.

More importantly, the product is affordable. It cost less than you think. Also, it features uniball upper control arms that provide your truck with ground clearance.

Another big draw of the products is the powder-coated steel top strut extensions that go with them. This tool is perfect for lifting your vehicle to 4.0 inches.

That’s not all? It comes with adjustable 3inch” fox coil-over shocks to improve your ride.

Moving on, it features a 2 and 3 lift system to raise the front and rear sides of your car. Like the other model, ReadyLift 69-5275 4.0” SST Lift Kit is 100% Bolt-in. Meanwhile, the kit can uplift a tire size up to 35 inches.

Likewise, the lift kit features an advanced powder coated sway bar frame that increases your vehicle performance. Nevertheless, it is the best lift kit that can level your car up to satisfaction.


  • Simple to construct
  • Less costly


  • Not ideal with 2015 Tundra

04. ZY WHEEL 2” Rear Leveling Lift Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Seamless Welding
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Ideal for 1995-2019 models
  • Has 4 U bolt
  • Simple installation processes

No matter how much you search for the top lift kit for the Toyota tundra, you will always find this fantastic product on the list.

ZY WHEEL is a distinctive brand in manufacturing car parts, including wheel spacers and adapters, lifts kit, leveling kit, and others. The brand built this product putting customer’s needs first.

What attracts us to this model is its simple yet sleek design. Unlike other products, this model uses seamless welding that improves the outlook appearance of your trucks.

Aside from this, you can effortlessly mount this model within a blink of an eye. Just follow the detailed information that comes with the package.

Also, this version of ZY WHEEL works well with the 1995-2019 Toyota Tacoma Tundra. Besides, it is designed to lift the rear side of your truck to 2 inches.

Similarly, it features a longer U Bolt in 260mm, equivalent to 10.24 inches which is amazing.

What makes this device unique is its corrosion-resistant features. It comes with coloured zinc nut washers that improve its resistance to hazards.

In the wake of this, it increases the durability rating of the lift kit. Consequently, you can have these tools for as long as you want. Also, it improves the ground clearance of larger wheels and tires.


  • Durable
  • Sleek design
  • Perfect fit


  • Not ideal for 5-Lug Tacoma models

05. Dynofit Leveling Lift Kits- Best blocks Suspension Lift Kits


Highlighted Features

  • Superior materials
  • 4 x extendable U-bolt
  • Perfect for 2007-2021 Tundra 2Wd and 2wd
  • Ideal for Front and rear side
  • Black anodized surface

We are proud to make Dynofit the fifth on our list because it rightfully deserves it, considering the innovative and standard products it produces.

Any products that come from this manufacturer are worth checking out. Some features of the products have been highlighted above.

This model is one of the best on the shelves today and will improve your Toyota tundra’s ground balance. Dynofit designs these products with premium aluminum materials.

These materials are desirable and resistant to chemical reactions. In fact, the black anodized surface used for the products contributed to its resistance capacity.

Another bell and whistles of the products are an excellent fit for 2007-2021 Tundra 2Wd and 2wd except for the Rock Warrior Edition.

It is not ideal for Toyota Sequoia 2WD/4WD models, including other limited models with electronic front struts.

You can easily set up this model within 2 hours without any extravagant tools. Nevertheless, a professional installation is recommended to prevent vibration.

This model is an excellent fit for 3inches front and 2inches rear side of your truck. It doesn’t stop there! Dynofit Leveling Lift Kits features extended u-bolts that increase the tensile strength of your model.


  • Corrosion resistance
  • High performances
  • Unique look


  • Professional installation
  • Not ideal for Toyota Sequoia 2WD/4WD models

06. MZS 3” Leveling Lift Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Easy mounting features
  • Has three lifting options
  • Made with exceptional materials
  • Rust resistant
  • CNC Machined

MZS 3” Leveling Lift Kit is another excellent option for an ideal Toyota tundra. Are you searching for a hoist kit with fantastic features? Look no further than this model from MZS.

It designs this model with exquisite CNC technology. Moreover, this process improves your riding experiences, increases the truck’s safety and capacity.

Also, MZS 3” Leveling Lift Kit is built with excellent billet aluminum materials, which are also resistant to rust.

Moving on, this model from MZS is best known for its versatility. It features multiple functions.

One big draw of the model is that it offers three lifting options, including 2.0 inch, 2.5 inches, and 3.0 inch. You don’t have to worry about elevating your ride according to your preferences; MZS 3” Leveling Lift Kit got you covered.

Another feature that attracts us to the models is its compatibility with 1999-2006 Tundra (2wd/4wd) and 2000-2007 Sequoia (2WD/4WD).

Setting up these devices becomes a cakewalk. The manufacturer provides all necessary materials for its installation. At the same time, there is also a manufacturer’s guide to follow if you desire to mount the tool yourself.

However, this leveling kit removes all forms of scratches on the vehicle. Finally, the most fantastic feature of the models is that it’s designed to last for an extended period.

“Even with limited reviews of the products, we still bring out some of its shortcomings. This model is quite big for the 2004 Toyota tundra. Besides, it does not work well with most trucks without replacing the control arms.”  


  • Appealing design
  • Effortless to use
  • Longevity


  • Quite huge

07. ZY WHEEL 3” Front and 2” Rear Leveling Lift Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • It has a U-bolt in
  • Fits 2007-2019 Toyota Tundra
  • Ideal for 3inch Front and 2 inch Rear tires
  • Appealing design

ZY WHEEL is a renowned brand and has been in existence for an extended period. Without losing counts, the brand has manufactured over a hundred thousand lift kits for Toyota tundra.

Meanwhile, this product is the cream of the crop. Unlike others, the brand specifically built it to last for lifetime uses. Besides, it comes with a sleek design that completes your vehicle appearances.

Since this product comes with a detailed installation guide, users will have no problem setting up the kit. Meanwhile, ZY WHEEL 3” Front and 2” Rear Leveling Lift Kit are dirt cheap.

You don’t need to pay a pretty penny before you make your trucks eye-catching.

It can raise your trucks to 3 and 2inch Front and rear side, respectively. Also, it comes with a U-Bolt that provides additional balance for larger wheels and tires.

“Nevertheless, this brand’s models are outstanding, but not ideal for ROCK WARRIOR Toyota tundra editions.”


  • Great quality
  • Perfect fit
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not ideal for all vehicles

08. Rough Country 3.5” Lift Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Has Upper Control Arms
  • Features N3 Shock Absorbers
  • Resistance to wear
  • Heavy-duty features
  • It comes with fabricated rear blocks

This incredible model from Rough Country is another big lift fit for Toyota tundra. As a top-rated car accessories manufacturer, they are best known for their high-quality products.

It features fantastic metallic silver paint that can add elegance to the look of your trucks.

What more? Rough Country 3.5” Lift Kit comes with superior and adjustable Upper Control Arms. The arms keep the vehicle in appropriate condition while in use.

Another incredible feature of the products is their durability features. Since it is designed to withstand corrosion, harsh conditions, wear or tear, be sure it will last you for a long time.

Finally, it comes with machine rear blocks to lift the back and front tires of your Toyota tundra. Likewise, the model features unique N3 Nitrogen shock absorbers that elevate your ride to your taste.

One of the downsides of this product is the complicated installation process. Unlike other kits, this product is five times effortless to mount, but it requires a certified technician. This is to prevent any damage risk to your vehicle and promote its operating capacity”.


  • Greatly built
  • Simple to mount
  • Fit perfectly


  • Limited raising capacity
  • Requires a pro

09. Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Three bending options
  • High tensile strength
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Long-lasting features
  • Quality materials

The Full Lift Kit from Supreme Suspensions is on the list for many reasons. This product is an excellent fit for the 1999-2006 Toyota tundra (2WD/4WD) except TRD Suspensions models. 

This model comes with great design to increase the looks of your car. At the same time, it increases the ground clearance.

It features an uncompromising tensile strength.  It comes with three bending options. So, regardless of the situation, it doesn’t break.

As a result of this, it ensures its high lifespan rating. Once installed, it’ll keep working for an extended period.

Also, the Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit is designed with premium steel materials that can withstand up to 59.000lbs loads.

Whether you want to raise the front and rear tires of the Toyota Tundra, the Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit is a fit. It can lift the front and rear wheels to 3 and 2 inches, respectively.

Not only is this model highly affordable, but it is also highly functional. With the whole installation kit that comes with it, it is very effortless to set up.

More importantly, this product from Supreme Suspensions comes with zinc phosphate-coated U-Bolts. Even more than other products, this model is highly resistant to corrosion.

Other than that, the Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit is perfect for all weather conditions.


  • Affordable
  • Highly functional
  • Eye-catching design


  • Not ideal for all trucks

10. WULF 3” Front 2” Rear Leveling Lift Kit-Best WULF Front and Rear Leveling Lift Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Designed to last for an extended time
  • Has nice finish
  • Comes with Drop Spacer Kit with Skid Plate Spacers
  • Adjustable lift shackles
  • It comes with free Shock Dust Boots

Our list of top lift kits for Toyota Tundra is incomplete without this WULF 3” Front 2” Rear Leveling Lift Kit. This lift kit is beautiful, and it increases your truck’s exterior appearance.

Nevertheless, it is highly compatible with the 2007-2020 Toyota Tundra, except TRD Pro models.

Besides this, it works with all kinds of trucks, including vans, pick-ups, and lots more. Be it you want to install the Front and rear lift kit, and it is effortless to construct.

WULF 3” Front 2” Rear Leveling Lift Kit comes with complete hardware components necessary for the whole installation process.

Are you on or off-road adventures? This model comes with extendable Nitrogen Gas shocks to upgrade your riding events.

The kit comes with fabricated steel powder-coated strut spacers perfect to uplift 3 inches wheels for the front side.

It doesn’t end there! It also comes with a variant Drop Spacer Kit with Skid Plate Spacers to keep your rides at optimal levels.

On the flip side, the rear lift kit features adjustable 1-2” lift shackles. Unlike the front lift kit, WULF 2inch rear lift kit comes with Red Shock Dust Boots to keep your vehicle away from dirt or any form of debris. What else? It is durable.


  • Good quality
  • Effortless to set up


  • Not a great deal with TRD Pro models

Buying Consideration for Best Lift Kit for Toyota Tundra 

If you make it to this section, then you would know that there are hundreds of thousands of great leveling and suspension lift kits available on the market today.

However, selecting the lift kit that best fits your vehicle becomes the crux of the matter.

Meanwhile, if you have been to the market, you will testify to this. Beyond adding ground balance to your truck, it also adds protection to your vehicle.

That’s not all! Most lift kit for Toyota tundra feature a sleek design that improves the aesthetic of your truck.

Nevertheless, to make a healthy choice, here are some essential conditions to consider before investing in the best lift kit for your Toyota tundra.


Without any doubt, budget is one of the essential factors to put in mind. Note that not all lift kits are suitable but are affordable.

Meanwhile, since you don’t want to run out of coin buying the lift kits, it is better to search for the product’s prices on the internet.

For users on a low budget, it is better to opt-in for a leveling lift kit. Even though the body and suspension lift kits are also affordable, it is better to invest in the one that best fits your budget.

Even at that, you should be ready to pay more for high-quality products.

Easy installation process

Always check for products that are very easy to mount. Indeed, you don’t want to waste much time putting the lift kit in place.

Moreover, you don’t want to spend more hiring professional technicians for the lift kit.

A lift kit that comes with all essential hardware components is beneficial, saving up some cash. Moreover, it requires no extra tools.

Other than that, a product that features a manufacturer’s step-by-step instruction is of significant advantages. All you need to do is to follow the installation guide.

In a nutshell, always check for devices with easy installation procedures.


If there is anything else you should consider before selecting the best lift kit for your trucks, it’s compatibility.

Each lift kit has different compatibility features. For instance, WULF 3” Front 2” Rear Leveling Lift Kit fits the 2007-2020 Toyota tundra.

On the other hand, MZS Leveling Lift Kit is compatible with the 1999-2006 Tundra (2wd/4wd) and lots more.


Design is another condition to check for when selecting the best lift kit for your truck. On the shelves today, there are variant lift kits with different fantastic designs.

This lift kit’s appealing design adds elegance to the outlook of your car.

With this, you have a plethora of choices to make. Just check for the designs and pick the one that best suits your taste and preferences.

Coil-over shocks

As stated, there are many factors to condition before you opt-in for the best hoist kit for your truck. With all these conditions, shocks are not left out.

Always check for the product with good coil-over shocks to improve your ride.

Most lift kits come with adjustable coil-over shocks, but dirt cheap products might have low-quality shocks. On the flip side, you might consider buying them separately.


This factor might not seem necessary, but it’s essential. Purchasing from a reputable and renowned brand with vast lift kit manufacturing experiences is of great benefit. 

As a result of this, no brand will want to put its reputation at stake.

For instance, producers such as ReadyLift, Rough Country, ZY WHEEL, Dynofit, and MZS are known for manufacturing premium products.

So, buying from them is like buying a lifetime of products. These brands made different lift kit models with superior materials.

FAQ’s of Best Tundra Lift Kit 

1. What is the top lift kit for Toyota tundra?

W217602445 Ride-Rite Kit from Firestone is an exceptional Toyota tundra lift tool that serves you right. Firestone builds this product with the interest of users in mind.

These products are made of quality materials that can last you for extended periods.

Another big draw of the products is simplicity. Even more than other products, users will have no problem operating them.

This is because it comes with a manufacturer’s step-by-step guide.

Likewise, it provides adequate protection to your truck. If you are searching for high-quality products, you will never go wrong with this product from Firestone.

It features a high carrying capacity. That’s incredible enough. What more! It is very comfortable to maintain. Other than that, it provides stability to your ride.

2. What are the advantages of a lift kit?

Different manufacturers design lift kits to increase the vehicle appearances and enhance ground clearance. It works well with the front and rear sides of the truck.

What else?

The Lift Kit comes with a fantastic feature that allows installing larger tires on your truck’s wheels. With this, your vehicle is safe from hitting the shaft when turning.

Also, installing a lift kit on the truck promotes the towing capacity. In a nutshell, it increases the performance and strength of your vans.

Likewise, it enhances off-road events, improves your ride, and prevents any possible damages. The lift kit also increases the load-carrying capability of your vehicle.

3. What are the problems with installing the lift kit wrongly?

Even with its illustrative purposes, it also has some shortcomings. To start with, purchasing and installing a low-quality kit for your truck from unreliable brands might bring more damage than you ever think of. Consequently, it will cost you more time and effort.

Moving on, placing the lift kit inappropriately on the truck causes damages you never expected. It is better to avoid this to prevent fluctuation on significant highways.

Also, installing the lift kit on the truck’s wrong side can result in a faulty driveshaft. In the wake of this, it brings unpleasant noises when you are on the road.

Likewise, it also causes odd vibrations beneath the truck.

It is better to measure your vehicle height before fixing the lift kit to prevent improper alignment.

If there is a problem with the vehicle’s alignment, it can cause your equipment to wear and rust quickly. Also, fixing another lift kit for your truck will cost you more money than usual.

What else? Using the wrong lift kit for your ride can increase fuel or gas consumption. When this happens, there is a need to spend more on fuel. It doesn’t stop there! It can also affect your vehicles resulting in a faulty suspension system.

4. How to maintain a vehicle with a lift kit?

Maintaining any truck with an installed lift kit is easy as long as you know what to do. It is essential to understand that fixing a lift kit on your car can reduce its wear resistance.

To put your truck in a good state, prevent damaging your vehicle, adequate maintenance is required.

Always check your truck frequently or, better still, daily. Regular checking will detect any faulty component and help in making good repairs or replacement.

To have a long-lasting truck with a lift kit, pay attention to the way you drive. It would be best if you are careful while driving to keep yourself safe from any accident risk.

Do you install the lift kit yourself? In most cases, a professional examination is needed to check the vehicle’s alignment.


With this guide, purchasing the best lift kit for Toyota tundra becomes effortless to do. These devices are designed to keep your truck safe, increase ground clearance, and enhance your ride.

Moreover, most lift kits are made by different manufacturers. Nevertheless, it is strongly built, fits perfectly, and cost-effective. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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