Top 10 Best Lift Pump For Duramax Review In 2023

Are you thinking of your Duramax Upgrades then you need to have the best Lift Pump For Duramax?  The lift pump is a must-have device for all truck lovers.

Since these are heavy-duty vehicles, they are prone to more wear and tear than most other vehicles.

As a result one of the first mechanisms of the vehicle that is bound to deteriorate is the fuel injection system.

The lift pump works as external support for the fuel injection process. It also provides a host of other advantages to your vehicle as well.

With a good lift pump in place, you can effectively increase the longevity of your vehicle by many years.

It can also increase the mileage, torque, and many other aspects of your truck.

If your truck is aged or if you have purchased a second-hand truck most engineers will advise you to get a lift pump. But it can be tricky to choose the right lift pump.


Best Lift Pump For Duramax [Top Selling List]

Airdog A6SPBC259
PureFlow AirDog A6SABC409
AirDog [Raptor Lift Pump]
FASS (DMAX-7001)
SEACHOICE[Lift Electronic Fuel Pump]
Airdog[ Lift Pump Filter]
AirDog 6.6 6.6L
AirDog (R3SBD150)
Aeromotive 11806[ Lift Pump]
Airdog A6SABC413

What is the best lift pump for Chevy Duramax?

There is no one single answer to this question. The best lift pump varies according to the requirements of your vehicle and many other specifications.

So, we have reviewed in detail the top 10 lift pumps for Chevy Duramax. Go through the review carefully and you will be able to decide which pump suits your needs the best.

Further research, according to our expert recommendation Airdog Brand is the most popular,on-budget product and highly efficient.

10 Best Lift Pump For Duramax Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

So, to help you make the right choice we have compiled this article where we take a look at the best lift pump for Duramax, how to install it, the various requirements, and many other aspects of the device. We also provide an FAQ section as well.

So, let’s get started.

01. Airdog lI – 4G Fuel Lift Pump – The best choice for those who want top-shelf products


Top features:

  • Extremely durable
  • Easy installation mechanism
  • Minimal noise

This is easily one of the best lift pumps you can get for your Chevy Duramax. If you are looking to add some extra MPG to your vehicle, this device should be your go-to option.

Installation process

While you need to have some basic idea about installing a lift pump, the instructions that come along with this product make the process accessible even for newbies.

You will end up saving a lot of money as you will not have to visit a garage to get this lift pump installed.

One will, however, require a few separate parts in order to install this lift pump which can be easily acquired.

You should carefully study the various tutorial videos that exist for the installation process before attempting it on your own.

Own a better vehicle

If your Chevy Duramax is facing issues such as surging, loss of power, delay in gear shifting, or requiring constant repriming; this single tool will ensure that all these issues are dealt with.

Even if you have a Chevy Duramax with more than 300k miles on it, this lift pump will ensure that the vehicle runs smoothly without any extra effort on the engine.

Your vehicle will react better to your commands and your overall vehicle performance will be upgraded.

Better mileage

Not only does this lift pump provide your vehicle with added power, but you will also be able to increase your mileage with it.

This is a product that provides all-round benefits for your vehicle and does not leave any stone unturned.


  • This lift pump will be a serious step-up from any other pumps you have used before.
  • It requires very minimal maintenance and will reduce the maintenance requirements of your engine as well.


  • Mounting bracket location may be difficult for some users.

02. PureFlow AirDog Lift Pump 4G – For trucks with the extra power


Top features:

  • Fits all Chevy Duramax models manufactured between 2001 – 2010
  • Provides up to 800 HP
  • All installation parts included

For those with a Chevy Duramax that has some added power to it, it is common for the engine to not be able to provide the required boost. With this life pump, it will be as smooth running as ever.

All-round performance

This device is designed to increase the overall performance of your vehicle.

Once installed, it will provide better fuel economy, increase torque, increase the pump life, and provide a longer injector as well.

If you are worried about the price is a bit more than that of the usual lift pump, you will actually be saving money because your vehicle will perform better and have a longer-lasting engine.

And for trucks that run on higher Horsepower, a better fuel injection system is a must.

Longevity is key

With time the life pump device usually wears out, the injection process becomes weaker, and there is increasing noise.

But with this particular product, you will face none of these issues.

Rather, your truck will now run like a powerhouse with added Horsepower and a highly smooth gear shifting operation.


Don’t worry about having to get the extra parts that are usually required in order to install a lift pump. This package comes with every part included in it.


  • You can say goodbye to any and all injector pump issues.
  • The device is extremely quiet.
  • You will surely regain any lost mileage.


  • Installation instructions can be better, but you will find many tutorial videos online.

03. AirDog Raptor Lift Pump (R3SBD100) – Most customizable option in the market


Top features:

  • Provides flow of up to 100 GPH
  • You can adjust the pressure
  • Good design overall

For trucks that are facing a constant change in PSI, this lift pump can be a lifesaver.

It is one of the best products in its price range and provides great value for money.

Buy it to help add some extra power to your Chevy Duramax.

Installation process

While the AirDog Raptor is quite easy to install, one can be faced with certain hindrances if they are new to the process.

However, this device fits better than most of your other lift pumps.

Just remember to mount over the frame rail and keep a few inches distance while mounting the old bracket.

Fits all vehicles

While the design of this lift pump may be meant for a Chevy Duramax, it will perfectly fit any truck and provide the same results.

Keep in mind that the length of the hose for each vehicle is different, so be sure of the size before you decide to cut it.

Once installed correctly, it will ensure that all PSI related problems disappear and your truck will perform better overall.

Achieve better acceleration

Not only will you be able to give your engine and fuel injection the much-needed support with this tool, but your acceleration will also get a massive upgrade.

If you have a truck that’s running sluggishly, once you install this lift pump it will be roaring like its fresh out of the dealership


  • The factory setting provides 14 PSI which is great for any Chevy Duramax model, but you can also customize it.
  • No extra parts will be needed to install this lift pump.
  • You will be able to drive your truck like it’s a new model once this is installed.


  • Installation instructions are not clear; remember to attach the output hose first.

04. FASS Duramax Flow Enhancer Fuel Pump – For those who want DIY solutions


Top features:

  • Provides massive power gain for any Chevy Duramax model
  • All necessary installation parts are included in the package
  • Best bought from official FASS dealers

FASS is a very trustworthy brand when it comes to car parts, and this fuel pump lives up to its quality.

You have two different models, one with factory filters and another with built-in filters; make sure you choose the adequate one.

Easy to install

If you are new to the truck maintenance process do not be worried.

You will not have to spend a ton of extra money at a garage to get this fuel pump installed.

Simply follow the instructions step by step and you will be able to install this pump all by yourself with no hassle at all.

Better fuel injection

If your truck is facing any sort of issues with fuel injection, this is the go-to product.

This FASS fuel pump can provide the best quality fuel injection to your engine and any delay in gear shift or slowed down acceleration will be taken care of.

It is highly recommended by professionals if you own an aged truck or are planning a second-hand vehicle.

You can visit the FASS website to learn more about it.


  • Absolutely hassle-free installation and a very user-friendly guide for all newbies.
  • Good for any Chevy model but recommended for the Duramax.


  • Not recommended for diesel trucks.

05. DuraLift Electronic Fuel Pump (Diesel) – Fits any and all vehicles


Top features:

  • Universal design
  • Filter included
  • Biodiesel compatible

If you own a diesel-run truck this is definitely the fuel pump you need to amp up your engine capacity.

It is definitely one of the best-priced products in the market and will serve to optimum capacity.

Save fuel

Are you tired of your truck guzzling up on diesel but also not starting? This device will ensure that all such problems no longer exist.

With the ability to turn your mechanical pump into an electric pump you’ll be saving fuel and receiving more engine power than before.

Stainless steel filter

This is one of the best aspects of this fuel pump.

While most other pumps are fitted with a PVC filter that needs to be changed within a year, the steel filter on this device provides longevity as well as better performance.

It is also very easy to take out and clean which will ensure its longevity even further.

No more mechanical pumping

The mechanical pumping of fuel is becoming an obsolete concept with time.

But if you own an older truck then you are definitely missing out on the benefits of electrical pumps.

With this product, your engine will serve as a brand new one.


  • Very easy to install and remove for cleaning.
  • Can fit a wide variety of diesel engines.
  • Provides great PSI for your vehicle.


  • Not recommended for non-diesel trucks.

06. AirDog 150 GPH lift pump – Powerful pump for powerful trucks


Top features:

  • Compatible with Chevy Duramax models manufactured between 2011 and 2014
  • Improved and latest fuel lines
  • Supports up to 800 HP engines

For those with modern trucks that carry powerful engines, a basic lift pump will not be able to serve the capacity.

But with this latest product, you’ll be able to provide the right amount of power and fuel to your vehicle.

Multiple filtrations

The two different filtration processes are one of the best qualities of this device.

The first filter removes water particles so your engine is not damaged.

And the second removes all the tiny particles and water vapor. So, the fuel your engine finally receives is of the best possible quality.

Supports modded trucks

If you have amped up your vehicle to contain more engine power chances are that your fuel injection system is not being able to keep up.

This fuel pump is designed to support up to 800 HP, so expect even the most powerful truck to run without any glitch.


While most powerful fuel pumps are difficult to install, this is not the case with this product.

From the brackets to the hoses, the entire apparatus is easy to handle and comes with user-friendly instructions.


  • Cleanest possible fuel supply to your engine due to double filters.
  • Fits almost all top of the line Duramax models.
  • Ensures longevity of fuel injection systems even after usage under pressure.


  • There is a constant sound while using this device.

07. AirDog 6.6L Lift Pump Duramax – Provides the best overall advantage


Top features:

  • Fits all Duramax vehicles manufactured between 2001 and 2010
  • Boosts fuel economy
  • Best used for diesel engines

If you want to improve the overall performance of your vehicle the best way to do so is by installing this fuel pump.

The process is simple and the results are truly great.

Gain throttle power

Diesel engine trucks are great, but over time their acceleration power can become less.

With this simple device, you will be able to boost the throttle action of your vehicle and gain better fuel economy as well.

Remove airing problems

Fuel injection mechanisms often end up pumping air along with the fuel. This can cause the overall performance of your vehicle to deteriorate.

With this fuel pump you will ensure that all air is filtered out from the pumping system, and thereby avoid wear and tear of the engine as well.

Smooth gear shifts

Whether you are throttling your truck or quickly changing gears, this fuel pump will ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

No delays, no surges, and quick response; that’s what you can achieve with this device.


  • Helpful instructions and the installation process is quite easy as well.
  • You will see all the necessary parts inside the package.
  • You can fit the versatile device in any diesel truck.


  • Does not include a 4G motor.

08. AirDog Raptor Lift Pump (R3SBD150) – For those who want to choose blindly


Top features:

  • Driving at idle will provide around 25 PSI
  • No noise issues
  • Great upgrade for any factory fuel injection systems

This is a highly trustworthy device. It provides just the right amount of pressure and support your engine needs, and upgrades the overall performance of your vehicle.

Minimal drop in pressure

Whether you are driving WOT or on low gears, there is almost no drop in pressure at all.

While other lift pumps are known for a pressure drop of at least 10 – 15 PSI, with the AirDog Raptor the maximum difference will be 3 – 4 PSI.

Fits most vehicles

If you are worried about it not working well for diesel vehicles, you don’t need to be.

They have designed this model to fit and provide the best possible results regardless of the fuel in question.

Better mileage and torque

While the primary purpose of this lift pump is to ensure a smooth flow of fuel into your engine, its filtration system will provide you with a better mileage which will not drop easily.

You will also gain better torque and your overall driving experience will be smoother.


  • You can install it in a DIY manner so don’t worry about spending at the mechanic.
  • You will not feel any noise coming out of the system even when driving at high speed.


  • There is no option for adjusting pressure.

09. Aeromotive 230 GPH Diesel Eliminator Lift Pump – Modern design and plenty of advantages


Top features:

  • Trusted brand and longtime provider of quality vehicle devices
  • Updated design for ‘flow-thru’ fuel action
  • No brush in the motor increases longevity

If you are looking for an option outside the usual AirDog or FASS, this high-grade lift pump from Aeromotive is a great choice for all diesel truck owners.

It features some really progressive engineering concepts and is a great value for money product.

Problem-solving approach

While most lift pumps serve a specific purpose, the design of this Aeromotive model aims to mitigate common problems with aging trucks.

Be it a failure of the shaft-seal, or the engine running out, this device will ensure that enough power is retained and the vehicle can still be driven.

Reduced maintenance

The longevity of this product is matched by very few in the market.

There are multiple layers to the filter allowing for all particles to be removed from the fuel.

This not only serves the injection process but also the engine as well.


  • There is no modification required to install this device.
  • You are not required to pre-fill the filtration system during installation or while changing.
  • Improves every aspect of your vehicle and provides you a great driving experience.


  • Might be difficult to access in certain areas.

10.  AirDog II – 4G Duramax Lift Pump – Best in the modern AirDog line


Top features:

  • Fits all Chevy Duramax models produced after 2015
  • Works with all existing mods and provides the best results.
  • Easily installable even for newbies.

The AirDog II – 4G is perhaps the best AirDog model out there. Both users and mechanics rate this as one of the best lift pumps you can get for your truck.

Throttle upgrades

If your truck is facing difficulties in starting up or is having general issues with throttle response, installing this device should remove all problems at once.

The fuel injection system will receive amazing support and your truck’s overall performance will be at nimble levels.

Works for latest vehicles

If you are worried about lift pump models fitting only older vehicles (because they need it more than new ones) this is not the case with the AirDog II – 4G.

Both the motor and the filtration system are designed to fit the make of the latest Chevy Duramax trucks and give the longevity a massive boost.


  • The kit comes equipped with all parts needed for installation.
  • The updated design is meant for high-end usage.
  • Provides all-round benefits to your engine.


  • Does not fit pre-2015 vehicle models.

Installation and Test Guide

The installation process for a lift pump can be both easy and complex based on your knowledge of the requirements.

There are a number of things you should keep in mind while installing your lift pump. These include:

  • The length of the hose should be carefully decided before you choose to cut it.
  • It’s best if the braces are made out of metal, but plastic braces can work as well.
  • The distance between the lift pump and the valves should be carefully decided.
  • You may be required to go underneath the vehicle in order to ensure the pump is installed properly.

Once installed you will need to test the performance of the lift pump.

This can be done by noting the time difference your vehicle takes to start, or through slowly shifting each gear and noting if your vehicle is throttling.

Take note of any noise coming out of the pump as well.

Facts To Consider Before Buying The Best Lift Pump For Duramax

While the purpose of all lift pumps is more or less the same, there are many acute aspects that one should consider before purchasing one.

It is quite a large investment and therefore should not go to waste by any means.

Here are the top buying considerations to ensure you get the best lift pump for Duramax.


The make of your vehicle and especially the year of its manufacturing is the first thing you should consider while purchasing a lift pump.

Most lift pumps are manufactured to suit the designs of specific vehicles, and thereby the vehicle’s year of manufacture becomes important.

Some pumps only accommodate older vehicles such as those manufactured between 2001 and 2010, whereas others support the modern design of post-2015 manufactured trucks.

There are also a few devices that fit all vehicle models. If you purchase the wrong device it will not fit your vehicle.

Fuel specifications

Much like the make of the vehicle, not all lift pumps are meant to facilitate the flow of all types of fuels.

The design of the filters is able to separate unwanted elements from various fuel types.

Some are specifically designed for diesel engines whereas others are meant for petrol ones.

There are also certain lift pumps that are compatible with both.

Take note of this aspect and ensure you purchase according to your vehicle’s specific needs.

If you make the wrong purchase the longevity of the lift pump will be drastically reduced.

Personal requirements

Lift pumps provide a number of advantages to a vehicle. It improves aspects such as mileage, torque, pressure, etc. Certain devices are better at improving certain aspects of a vehicle.

So, the lift pump you purchase should provide the required benefit to your vehicle.

While it’s great to have a pump that provides an all-round improvement if you do not consider this aspect you may end up buying a device that is best at increasing the mileage while you do not require this advantage at all.

So, make sure to study the pros of each lift pump carefully before purchasing it.


Most buyers want experts to install the lift pump without having to visit a garage.

This saves quite a bit of money. But in order to do this right, you need to consider a number of aspects.

Firstly, you need a decent knowledge of how lift pumps function, where they need to be placed, the various parts of it, etc.

You can gain such knowledge with ease through research on the internet.

Secondly, certain lift pumps come with all necessary tools in the pack itself while others require you to purchase the tools separately.

You should definitely consider this aspect while making the purchase.

And lastly, if you are a newbie the quality of the instruction manual will be of great importance for you in order to get the job done without hassle.


The brand of the lift pump you buy will, of course, play a role in your decision-making process as well.

The two most well-known brands are AirDog and FASS.

However, there are also plenty of other brands for you to consider.

Some of these include DuraLift, Automotive, etc. These brands have unique advantages as well.

You should carefully weigh them against the more known brands in order to know which is the best lift pump for Duramax.


Since purchasing a lift pump is a big investment you want to ensure that it’s long-lasting.

Reading user reviews is the best way to know whether a lift pump runs for a long time or not.

But this is also dependent on choosing the right pump for the right vehicle.

If you make the right choice you will not have to worry about getting an upgrade or a replacement for a long time.

Noise factor

Some lift pumps make noise others don’t. You should make your purchase while keeping this factor in mind.

While this may seem like a minimal factor, it can play a large role in the overall performance of your vehicle.


The pressure with which you pump the fuel into the engine ensures the smooth functioning of the vehicle. This pressure changes in different gears.

If your lift pump has a high difference in its pressure count them it’s probably not a good one.

Some pumps have the ability to adjust the pressure while others don’t.

So, make sure that you choose a device that adjusts well with the pressure requirements of your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Lift Pump For Duramax 

If you have any doubts regarding how a lift pump functions or any other aspect of it, have a look at the FAQ section below and you may find answers to your query.

Why should I have a lift pump installed in my Chevy Duramax?

The purpose of a lift pump is to inject fuel into the engine of your vehicle.

With time the capability to inject fuel reduces, and this is when the requirement for an external fuel pump arises.

If you feel your vehicle is throttling or is taking time to respond to a gear change, then you should get a new lift pump installed.

It can increase the overall performance level of tour vehicles and also add longevity to it.

Can a lift pump help increase the mileage of my vehicle?

With time and usage, the mileage of a vehicle will surely show a drop.

There are many ways to bring back the mileage of your vehicle, a lift pump is one of them.

With the help of a good lift pump, you can add a number of advantages to your vehicle, including the increment of its mileage capacity.

However, not all lift pumps are capable of adding mileage to your vehicle so make sure you choose the best lift pump for Duramax.

Can I install the lift pump without visiting a mechanic?

Yes, the car owner can install a lift pump with ease. But one needs to ensure that they have a general knowledge of such a process.

While the instructions that you see on the package make it available to the user, there are always aspects to keep in mind that people may not find in the manual.

We suggest you watch instructional videos of the process before attempting to install a lift pump by yourself.

We have also provided tips for installing a lift pump in the above sections, make sure to read it carefully.

Can I use all lift pumps in my Chevy Duramax?

No, all lift pumps do not fit all vehicle models. Most devices are manufactured keeping in mind certain vehicle designs.

So, if you are not careful you may end up buying a lift pump that is not compatible with your vehicle.

The manufacturing year of your vehicle is the primary denominator of choice, but there are many other factors based on which the choice should be made.

We have listed these factors above.

Are lift pumps durable?

Lift pumps are quite durable devices and do not require regular maintenance.

The only aspect of it that may require maintenance is cleaning of the filtration system.

With the right lift pump in your vehicle, you can effectively reduce the need for maintenance of your vehicle as well.

If you are not able to install your lift pump properly it can result in a reduction of durability.

What is the optimum pressure provided by a lift pump?

The fuel injection pressure specifications of a lift pump vary from model to model.

Certain devices allow you the option to switch the pressure of the pump while others have a standard pressure setting.

You should ensure that the pressure provided by the lift pump matches your vehicle’s requirements.

In case the pressure does not match the lift pump will underperform and that is certain.

Do I need to buy a toolkit to install a lift pump?

Yes, you need to have a basic set of tools in order to have the lift pump installed in your vehicle.

However, certain lift pumps require further tools than the ones included in a basic kit.

So make sure you take note of the tools required to install the lift pump of your choice.

In most lift pumps any extra tool that may be required is included in the package. But you should take note in case it is not.

What is the purpose of the filters in a lift pump?

While injecting the fuel into your vehicle’s engine there are a number of impurities that can enter with the fuel.

This brings down the capacity of the fuel to provide power to the engine.

The filtration systems ensure that the fuel reaching your engine is devoid of any such impurity.

So, the more the layers of filtration in a lift pump the better its quality.

These filtration systems require cleaning from time to time. A good filtration system in a lift pump can increase the power of the engine.

Can I add a lift pump to a modded Chevy Duramax?

Yes, there are specific lift pumps that are meant for modded vehicles. Installing a regular lift pump in a modded vehicle will not allow for its best performance.

Make sure to choose high capacity lift pumps if you own a modded vehicle.

High capacity lift pumps have better filtration, pressure gauge, and other aspects.

Can a lift pump increase the power of my Chevy Duramax?

Yes, if you choose the best lift pump for Duramax your vehicle is bound to get a boost in its power.

This means its overall performance will increase along with acute factors such as torque, mileage, etc.

Your vehicle will also become smoother and provide you a better driving experience.

Should I choose a factory-built filter or an inbuilt filter?

Both these filters play specific roles in a lift pump. While the factory-built filter can provide you with more accurate filtering, the in-built filter is better for multiple layering.

The choice in the filtration system will depend on the make and specifications of your engine.

How will I know if my lift pump is working?

Ideally, you will notice a sharp contrast in the performance of your vehicle once the lift pump is in effect.

The best way to know is to take your vehicle for a test drive.

We have mentioned in detail regarding testing a lift pump, kindly read that section carefully.

I have cut the hose too short. How can I install my lift pump now?

In case you were unable to correctly measure the length of hose required you will need to get a new hose. These hoses are easily available.

Make sure to note the dimensions of the hose before making a purchase. It is best to not cut the hose unless you are absolutely sure of the required length.

My lift pump has bearings made out of plastic. How can I get metal bearings?

You can either contact the seller to inquire if they sell metal bearings as well, or you can also purchase them from any independent auto-engineering store.

You will need to know the exact specifications of your bearings. Keep in mind that many lift pumps can operate entirely on PVC bearings and not face a single issue.


Hopefully, this article was able to help you find the right lift pump for your vehicle.

A lift pump can help your vehicle feel like it’s new again and perform with amazing output.

Make sure to read all the pros and cons of each model carefully as well as the aspects you should keep in mind while making the purchase.

Install your lift pump with adequate care and test it once you are able to install it.

We hope you have the best experience with your lift pump. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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