10 Best Programmer For 24V Cummins Review In 2023 (Buying Guide)

There’s nothing like a gigantic engine to power up a truck. And among these engines, few can match the Diesel 24V Cummins at 5.9L or 6.7L.

But this engine has many limitations and sometimes doesn’t work to its fullest.

Either way, you’ll need the best programmer for 24V Cummins if you want to get the most out of it.

That’s why we bring the SCT Performance 40490 BDX Performance Tuner. It offers everything you could need on a tuner for the 24-V Cummins engine.

From engine performance improvement to torque, horsepower, and even mileage efficiency adjustability – this tuner helps you with all that and more.

But we couldn’t only bring this programmer. We also included 9 other models to take a look at.

If you’re looking for a tuner that meets your demands, then you should take a look below and find out more!


Comparison Table of Best Programmer For 24V Cummins

Autel MaxiTPMS
Edge Products
Edge Products
Bully Dog
Edge Products
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Smarty Tuners
Edge Products

It is not easy to find a programmer that meets all your needs while ensuring maximum reliability. That’s why we decided to take a good look at a few of them.

After several days of searching and reviewing, we found 10 models that we couldn’t overlook. Here’s what we found about each:

Top 10 Best Programmers for 24V Cummins Review

01. SCT Performance 40490 BDX Performance Tuner – Best Programmer for the Cost


Top 3 Features:

  • Wi-FI updates
  • 20 custom files
  • Backlit LCD screen

There’s no doubt the 40490 BDX Performance Tuner from SCT Performance products was the best programmer for 24V Cummins we reviewed.

It has everything you need plus some fantastic features you won’t find anywhere else – for a fantastic cost.

Power Unlocker

Everyone wants the ability to tune up their engine. That’s why this tuner makes it all possible with a BDX Dyno-proven system.

You can upload your files and unlock maximum power from the engine. Whether it is for off-road adventures or simple towing, this tuner will work like a charm.

Super-Helpful Diagnostics

You can have your engine in check with this tuner. Thanks to the BDX drivers and customizable parameters, you can have real-time diagnostics of everything.

You won’t have to take trips to the dealership or mechanic to find out what the PCM codes mean.

Fantastic Cloud Compatibility

Want to keep your BDX tuner updated and boosting your engine performance with the latest improvements? Then you’ll love the Cloud-

Tuning system it offers. By simply hooking it up to WiFi, the device will download and install everything automatically.

What We Liked

  • Unlocks tons of power with little effort
  • Shows you all the necessary data
  • Tells you error codes
  • Works for towing and off-road purposes

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can be difficult to operate

02. Edge Products 30201 EZ Tuner – Perfect Alternative for Simplicity


Top 3 Features:

  • 3 Power levels
  • 10-minute installation
  • No-downloading setup

Among the few brands that make tuners for the 24V Cummins, Edge stands out as the most reliable.

And it is not a surprise why when the quality level on this tuner, for example, will impress you.

Top Performance Improvement

This EZ tuner will improve your truck’s RPM range, drivability, towing capacity, and even reduces transmission downshifting.

From the throttle response to the acceleration, passing, and even the fuel economy, everything will be a lot better on your Diesel truck with this tuner.

Durable & Reliable

Using the highest-quality materials and top-notch construction, the EZ Module from Edge will last several years without a single issue.

Along with easy installation, you’re sure to enjoy everything this programmer has to offer for a long time.

Fantastic Adjustments

There are tons of adjustments you can make with this tuner. It all starts with how it boosts the engine by 1, 2, or 3 levels depending on what you’re looking for.

Whether it is simply achieving maximum towing capacity or hauling tons of weight – these adjustments will help you enormously.

What We Liked

  • Decently affordable for its quality
  • Enhances every performance factor
  • Super-sturdy build lasts a lifetime
  • Increases fuel efficiency exponentially

What We Didn’t Like

  • Will not upgrade over time

03. Edge Products 30301 Dodge Comp Module – Ideal for Maximum Adjustability


Top 3 Features:

  • 40 to 120 HP boost
  • 25 adjustable levels
  • Parameters monitor

Coming back with Edge, we now find the 30301 Dodge Comp.

This tuner is fantastic for its ability to improve performance as well as its exceptional adjustments.

If you’re picky with your truck, then you’ll love having this one.

Fully Adjustable

As soon as you set it up, you’ll realize the level of adjustments it offers. With 25 levels, you can match it up with your demands without having to make much of an effort.

It provides low-boost smoke control, power levels, and more.

Next-Level Power Gains

Want to get the most out of the Cummins engine? Then you’ll love the ability to take your horsepower from 40 to 120 with little effort.

This will not only help to increase towing capacity but also improve the overall fuel economy and even ensure a smooth performance.

Efficiency Improvements

By monitoring everything from the turbo boost pressure to the RPM, timing, and even fueling parameters, the tuner makes your truck a lot more efficient.

If you’re using a Bosch fuel injection pump, then this programmer will improve the efficiency of the engine like nothing else can.

What We Liked

  • Tons of adjustment for any purpose
  • Reduces fuel consumption by a lot
  • Anyone can configure it
  • Delivers excellent performance enhancements

What We Didn’t Like

  • Installation instruction are hard to follow

04. MADS Smarty Touch Programmer S2G – Best Programmer for Monitoring


Top 3 Features:

  • Fits 1998 to 2012 engines
  • 3-inch display
  • Adjustable PID refresh

Another brand we’ve always loved and can’t leave out is MADS. And there’s no secret why, especially when you consider the Smart Touch S2G – the best programmer for 5.9 24V Cummins.

You get the whole package, ideal for convenience seekers and demanding users alike.

Super-Easy to Use

One of the primary benefits of this model is the 4.3-inch touchscreen.

You have the chance to tune up your vehicle directly from this screen, so even a child can set it up as necessary.

At the same time, this screen shows you all parameters and data you need. So it is easily one of the most practical.

Fast & Effective Tuning

Not only is it a piece of cake to operate, but it also functions faster than the competition.

With a twin-CPU build, this tuner only needs 4 seconds to start and start tuning your engine.

This also includes the super-quick PID refresh, ideal for making all your tuning changes right away.

Top-Notch Adjustability

Boasting the CaTCHER software, you get 10 power levels to adjust the engine however you need.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can also change the dashboard, modify the background, set up the desired layout, and set alarms with little effort in seconds.

What We Liked

  • Tunes the engine in seconds
  • Delivers many levels to choose from
  • Is a no-brainer to operate
  • Looks good inside your car

What We Didn’t Like

  • Feels pretty expensive

05. Bully Dog 40420 GT Diesel Tuner and Monitor – Best for Easy Adjustments


Top 3 Features:

  • Dynamic LCD display
  • 15 performance levels
  • 10 custom files

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for exactly. The GT Diesel Tuner from Bully Dog probably has it.

Coming with tons of adjustments and one of the most practical designs in the market, it is sure to become a great contender in this list.

Magnificent Improvements

Coming with Dyno-proven tuning files, this programmer can modify your vehicle’s capacity for the better.

You’ll have 10 tune files to match your car with, so you can improve fuel economy, horsepower, and torque at once.

Ultra-Handy Diagnostics

Keeping your truck’s engine in check while tuning it won’t be easy.

Luckily, this programmer comes with a large LCD screen that shows all the error codes and issues you may face while driving.

When it comes to ensuring proper engine operation, few features are as helpful as a diagnostic system.

Excellent Monitoring System

Thanks to this LCD screen, you can also enjoy the 15 different parameters to keep your engine monitored at all times.

The multi-color display is ultra-practical, and you can mount it anywhere from the window to the dashboard, and more.

What We Liked

  • Allows maximum power adjustments
  • Shows all parameters in the display
  • Has an enticing and slim design
  • Will tell you error codes and more

What We Didn’t Like

  • Setting up can be extra hard

06. Edge Products Insight CTS2 – Small and Practical Programmer


Top 3 Features:

  • 5-inch full-color screen
  • Layout customization
  • Multi-gauge dashboard

If we had to pick the single best tuner for 24v Cummins, then we can’t select any other model apart from the Insight CTS2 from Edge.

Not only it has a simple design that fits almost anywhere, but it also provides all the adjustments you need – and a lot more.

Effortless Operation

Thanks to its large 5-inch screen with a touch system, you won’t have a single problem operating this tuner.

You’ll have a fantastic view of the monitor as well, plus the clearest layout so even beginners can set it up however they prefer.

Super-Slim Design

If there’s something you’ll love about this programmer is the size it offers.

Being one of the smallest and delivering a top-notch modern design, you can expect it to improve your truck’s interior exponentially.

Simultaneously, it makes installation a piece of cake, so you’ll receive all its benefits at once.

Fantastic Adjustments

Probably the best feature this programmer offers is the fantastic set of adjustments you have to improve the engine performance.

But you also have customizable backgrounds, multiple screen layouts, color mixers, needles, arcs, and more.

You even get the chance to set up alerts – that’s how practical it is.

What We Liked

  • Comes with ultra-handy alerts
  • Almost anyone can operate it
  • Boosts performance exponentially
  • Will be effortless to set up

What We Didn’t Like

  • Tends to freeze up from time to time

07. Edge 85400 Evolution CTS2 – Best for Complete Adjustability


Top 3 Features:

  • Customizable backgrounds
  • 5-inch high-resolution screen
  • Compatible with pick-ups & SUVs

If you’re looking for an even more practical and powerful version of the CTS2 tuner from Edge, then you’ll love the Evolution model.

It comes with everything its predecessor offers, plus a few extra features that set it apart entirely.

Super-Easy to Use

By simply connecting it to the OBDII port, you can receive all data directly on the piece.

Apart from that, you can change everything with little effort, including the backgrounds of the interface, the colors of the arcs and needles, plus the layouts if necessary.

Thanks to its 5-inch full-color touchscreen, it’s all a piece of cake.

Fantastic Compatibility & Installation

Boasting one of the slimmest designs in the market, it will fit almost anywhere on your vehicle.

But when you consider its magnificently compatible system that fits both on Diesel and Gas SUVs and pick-ups, it gets even better.

You won’t have to pop the hood up to set it up.

Outstanding Improvements

Providing maximum torque and horsepower improvements, you can boost your engine’s power exponentially.

This matches well with the monitoring system that lets you look at every vital piece of engine information you need.

What We Liked

  • Doesn’t require much to install
  • Offers tons of adjustments
  • Increases power quickly
  • Small but easy-to-use design

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit overpriced

08. MADS Smarty POD Programmer – Best Standalone Programmer for Cummins


Top 3 Features:

  • CaTCHER software
  • 25 to 250 MPH speed limiter
  • USB port for updates

We already went over a MADS Smarty programmer. But we couldn’t leave the POD version out. It comes with the whole package of adjustments and features, without having to set it up directly on your vehicle.

Excellent Adjustment Levels

The first thing you’ll notice when using this programmer is the CaTCHER software.

It lets you pick between 10 different performance levels so you can enjoy your Cummins engine with up to 170 HP of extra power.

Along with updating the ECM in 5 minutes or less, it becomes a go-to choice.

Unique Configuration System

Not only can you improve the horsepower level, but you can also program the speed limit between 25 and 250 MPH, adjust ABS tire height, and even read all diagnostics or clear them if necessary.

When it comes to practicality, few models match the quality of the POD programmer from MADS.

Super-Handy Design

If there’s something you’ll love about this tuner is the installation-free design. You won’t need tools or fuses to make it work.

And that’s to its built-in USB system, updating it becomes a piece of cake.

The best of all is that you leave no trace on the system, so dealers won’t know you made adjustments.

What We Liked

  • Requires no installation at all
  • Will adjust power and tires easily
  • Adjustments are super-easy to make
  • Updates in very little time

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slightly unreliable standalone design

09. MADS Smarty Tuners TOUCH 98.5+ Tuner – Most Practical and Easy-to-Use Programmer


Top 3 Features:

  • 2-minute ECM updates
  • 3-inch high-resolution display
  • Internet updatable design

For those who want as much convenience as possible, the Smarty Touch 98.5+ tuner from MADS will be an almost perfect choice.

We can go as far as to say it is the best tuner for 5.9 24V Cummins for the cost.

Effortless Operation

Operating a 4.3-inch touchscreen with customizable display background takes little to no effort.

You can configure everything from this large and easy-to-use system.

This includes audible and visible alarms, the PID refresh speed, and more.

Extra-Fast Operation

Thanks to the microSD compatible, micro USB port, and the fantastic software it offers, you can update the system with little effort.

The advantage, however, comes from its speed. A simple ECM update may take as little as 2 minutes or less. That’s enough to say it is super-quick.

Tons of Adjustments

You can tune everything on your engine and truck with this programmer.

This includes the shift firmness, shift points, ABS tire height, speed limits, and more.

Thanks to the CaTCHER software, you can adjust tons of different things without sweating.

What We Liked

  • Allows unbeatable vehicle adjustments
  • Works with microSD and USB if needed
  • Comes with helpful alerts & monitoring
  • Improves brakes and fuel efficiency

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is very expensive

10. Edge Products 30300 Comp – Best for Easy Operation & Configuration


Top 3 Features:

  • 40 to 120 HP boosts
  • 25 power level adjustments
  • CAN-BUS & data Link compatible

Can take your engine to the max, but may also work for just a slight improvement if you need it – the 30300 Comp tuner from Edge is probably all you need.

Fast & Effective Enhancements

Want to achieve maximum towing capacity, improve your fuel efficiency, and adjust the power to the desired level?

Then you’ll love the 5 levels of adjustments with 5 sub-levels each.

That should be enough to get 40 to 120 HP boosts whenever you need it in seconds.

Helpful Monitoring System

Apart from adjusting the truck’s performance, you will also monitor the timing, RPM, and even turbo boost.

You’ll also receive fueling and pressure parameters, offering all the information to control your engine and achieve the enhancement you need.

Piece of Cake to Operate

Probably the most exciting part of this programmer is the CAN-BUS and Data Link software.

They will make every adjustment fast and effectively, delivering the reliability necessary to get the most out of your engine.

Add the analog buttons on the device, and it becomes super-easy to use.

What We Liked

  • Won’t be a problem to use
  • The installation takes almost no effort
  • Monitors everything with precision
  • Enhances vehicle performance swiftly

What We Didn’t Like

  • Increases smoke production

Best Tuner For 5.9 Cummins: Buying Guide

Getting the programmer for 24V Cummins won’t be easy if you know little to nothing about them.

That’s why we want to show you a comprehensive yet brief guide with all the info to consider before making the last choice.

You won’t become an expert after reading this guide. But it will certainly relieve some of the doubts you may have. So read up!

Adjustment Levels

There’s nothing more important when picking a programmer for your 24V Cummins than making sure it comes with sufficient power levels.

All tuners will come with different levels to adjust the engine too. Some will offer to increase the horsepower rating while other levels will focus on fuel efficiency, and so on.

We recommend models that offer at least 5 power levels. These are usually more practical, easier to use, and allow you to get the most out of your engine.

Ease of Use

You don’t only want tons of adjustments but also an easy platform to make them. That’s why an easy-to-use programmer is always a must-have.

Touchscreen models with a straightforward layout will be the easiest to use.

But you can also go for analog models that may not be as practical but will ensure excellent adjustments nonetheless.

Apart from the usage, be sure the piece is easy to install.

If you’re not savvy, you’ll want something as easy-to-install as possible.

So focus on those that boast all the cables and hardware necessary to set the programmer up quickly.

Display Quality

To ensure maximum ease of use, nothing will help you more than acceptable display quality.

It is important to note that not all tuners come with large displays to use. But some of them do.

The larger the display, the more colors it offers, and the more functions it has, the better the tuner will be.

That’s why we usually recommend large touchscreen displays as the best option.

But you don’t need a touchscreen, though. As long as you can operate and monitor the tuner, that should be enough.

Monitoring & Diagnostics

Want to keep your engine in check while driving? Then a practical monitoring system and diagnostics will be the best features to have.

Having the chance to check RPMs, fuel efficiency, and other data directly from the tuner is a top-notch function to have.

And if you add diagnostics that show error codes and other feedback, it makes the programmer even better.

Tuning Speed & Downloads

Also known as the time-frame of the programmer, it refers to how fast it makes the changes on the engine and how quickly it downloads new files to the vehicle.

The quicker the tuner is, the quicker you’ll receive the changes you’re looking for.

Here, you’ll find some models that take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to make the changes.

But others will download all files in 6 minutes or less. Those are the most practical you can have.


Are you looking for a tuner for 24V Cummins? Then make sure it is compatible with such an engine.

Otherwise, you will end up with a product that doesn’t work.

But it is not only the type of engine but its size. Some tuners work with the 5.9L Cummins, while others only work with the 6.7L.

That’s why it is critical to check that the programmer does indeed work with your truck.

Design & Style

Finally, you’ll want to think about how attractive the tuner is. This shouldn’t be the first thing to consider, but it will certainly matter if you like a good-looking interior.

Some programmers are futuristic and look almost like a double-DIN LCD receiver. But others are less attractive, to the point of looking dull and unattractive.

This is mostly about what you’re looking for. Certainly, though, the right programmer will make your truck look a lot better (or at least not ugly).

Common Questions About The Best Programmer For 24V Cummins

After reading our best programmer for 24V Cummins reviews and surfing through our buying guide, you’re probably confused about some things.

That’s why we decided to come up with a detailed FAQ section to relieve all your doubts. Below, you may find the answer to whatever has you confused:

What is Cummins?

If you’re looking for a programmer, but you’re not sure what Cummins refers to, then don’t worry.

In short words, Cummins is a brand of Diesel engines. These engines are usually found on big trucks, but some may be available on pick-ups and SUVs.

Either way, Cummins is the name of the major manufacturer of Diesel engines in the world. And it matters because of compatibility.

You need to be sure that your vehicle has one of these engines before purchasing a programmer for it.

What does a programmer do?

Without going into specifics, we can say that a programmer optimizes engine performance by boosting the HP and torque.

But a programmer may also adjust other factors, going from the fuel economy to ABS tire height, and more.

Why use a tuner on my Cummins?

By communicating with the vehicle’s computer through the OBDII port, a tuner will help your Cummins get higher mileage, higher power, and even improve overall towing or hauling performance.

Some tuners may even help with transmission shift points, speed limits, gauge monitoring, and more.

In short, a tuner or programmer will make your Cummins vehicle a lot more efficient and performance-oriented. So it is a must-have in most cases.

Can a programmer improve my Cummins engine performance?

Yes, that’s the whole point of having a programmer installed on your Cummins engine.

Even though this engine is super reliable, powerful, and efficient enough, you can still make it better with a tuner.

The ability to adjust different parameters on your vehicle’s computer manually is something no other product offers.

Is it safe to use a programmer on a 24V Cummins?

Most Cummins engines are fantastically reliable and resilient. Even without a programmer, these engines rarely experience issues that set performance back.

That’s why a programmer is not only safe but recommended in some cases.

Having said this, it is vital to know that pushing your engine’s torque and horsepower may eventually come with side effects.

For that reason, it is highly advisable to add head studs and other modifications to the engine before pushing the engine with a tuner.

What is the difference between a programmer and a tuner?

They are the same piece of equipment. You can use these words interchangeably, and people who have even a small idea about them should know what you’re talking about.

Are programmers for Cummins hard to install?

Built-in ECM and tuner modules are super-difficult to install. That’s why most dealerships and mechanics charge a lot for their installation.

Luckily, this type of programmer is a thing of the past.

You can get pretty straightforward tuners nowadays that require little knowledge about vehicle computers or electrical systems to set up.

They are so practical that even updating and programming them can all be done directly from a display.

That’s why you shouldn’t worry about the installation either. They’re super-handy in that sense.

Should I get a programmer for 24V Cummins?

This is not an easy question to answer. But we can safely say that if you want to get the most out of your Diesel Cummins engine, nothing will help you more than a programmer.

The best of all is that one of these tuners is pretty affordable for the enhancements it offers, so you’re likely not to regret the purchase.

Conclusion of 24 Valve Cummins Tuner

Setting up your 24V Cummins engine with a quality tuner doesn’t have to be a titanic endeavor.

If you pay attention to everything in this article, then getting the right one won’t be a problem.

Follow our reviews, use the buying guide to the letter, and be sure to think about your needs above everything else.

Once you’ve done all that, picking the best programmer for 24v Cummins will be a lot easier.

So, what are you waiting for? Equip your pick-up or SUV with one of these now!

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