10 Best Quick Release Steering Wheel Hub Review & Buying Guide In 2023

Consider the best quick release steering wheel to provide you with safe, secure, and comfortable driving when racing or street driving.

With the  quick release steering wheel Hub, you will get the highest performance on your vehicle. These wheels are perfect for car racing and street driving.

Simultaneously, it enables the user to exit the car quickly in case of any emergency.

Keep in mind that the steering wheel is the most important part of the vehicle. For that reason, the maneuverability somehow relies on the steering.

You might not enjoy car riding if you don’t have an excellent quick-release system.

One has to consider certain factors before purchasing any type of car.

There are many choices from different brands. So, go through this guide carefully and pick the best for your vehicle.


Comparison Table of Best Quick Release Steering Wheel Hub

NRG Innovations
NRG Innovations
NRG Innovations
QuickCar Racing
NRG Innovations
NRG Innovations

What is the best quick-release steering wheel?

NRG Innovations SRK-250BK is the best quick release steering wheel in the market.

That is because it comes with premium quality materials to ensure the durability.

Besides, it has loads of features to improve performance of your vehicle. Some of them include self-locking, dual-spring mechanism, and much more.

Why NRG Innovations is the best brand for quick-release steering wheels?

NRG Innovations is the best brand that offers quick-release steering wheels of excellent quality.

They have a wide range of selection to choose from and start enjoying a comfortable ride.

Each features a patented short-wheel hub to enable the driver to utilize the steering and keep a close-to-stock dimension.

Further, they offer the self-indexing high-quality model available. Their models are quite innovative and come with unique designs that are of standard.

Top 10 Best Quick Release Steering Wheel Review

01. NRG Innovations Quick Release SRK-250BK: Overall Best


Top Features

  • Premium quality materials
  • Self-locking feature
  • Black upgraded flared ring
  • Double-spring mechanism
  • It comes with 6-M5-80X20 hex screws


If you need a high-quality Quick Release steering wheel, NRG SRK-250BK is the perfect one to buy. And it is quite sturdy with an excellent finish.

SRK-250BK uses all the characteristics of the second-generation systems. Moreover, it is raised section engineered to prevent stretching and scratching of the hub.

Another included feature is the self-locking feature. Thus, you will get an increase in functionality and safety with the black upgraded flared ring’s help.

Besides, this permits a comfortable release of the steering wheel, thereby offering additional grip and leverage onto the pull ring.

Further, it comes with a black outlook and a black ring for additional design and appearance.

SRK-250BK is ideal for race applications that require the utilization of gloves. One can use it correctly for light track and street.

Overall, the NRG SRK-250BK is the best quick release steering wheel in the market.


  • Provides maximum durability
  • Offers long-lasting service life
  • Made to meet your specific needs


  • QR comes with crappy screws
  • Sometimes steering wheel is somehow tricky to remove

02. NGR Innovations Quick Release SRK-650BK: Best performance


Top Features

  • Lock and ball mechanism
  • Sleek design
  • High-quality material
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Utilizes larger levers


For a high-quality Quick Release steering wheel, go for the NRG SRK-650. With it, you can turn your standard car into a racing vehicle.

Most importantly, it comes with different color options. Therefore, you can select any one that matches your vehicle’s interior. Besides, it features a patented short hub.

Each dimension of this model is in uniformity with the stock hub cache. One can use it with a horn, and it is ideal for matching six-hole hub adapters.

Luckily, one can use this model easily and also remove the safety buttons too. Thus, it is perfect for a racing car due to its comfortability.


  • Easy installation
  • Highly durable
  • Works excellently


  • A little bit expensive
  • Lacks additional screws

03. Kyostar Quick Release Steering Wheel: Best Affordable


Top Features

  • Universal fitment
  • Ball-lock mechanism
  • Innovative push pin
  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • 100% authentic carbon fiber


Designed for street and racing applications, this Kyostar is a must-buy.

Besides, it will permit you to remove and replace an aftermarket steering wheel from the attachment hub at ease.

With this model, you will have a safe and comfortable operation while driving, including exits.

Kyostar can combine with its brand aftermarket steering wheels and hubs with different stealthy styles.

Any driving using this model will get a comfortable steering position.

One of its outstanding features is the Ball-lock type mechanism which provides the best locking fitment and usability.

An innovative push pin helps prevent unwanted unlocking.

Most importantly, it has high-quality aluminum and 100% authentic carbon fiber making. Thus, you will get durability and maximum strength.

Moreover, it universally matches all 6-hole racing adapters. A video is available if you face difficulties during the installation.


  • Excellent quality for the money
  • A perfect fit for a 99 Miata
  • Works amazing


  • Small safety button

04. Leadrise Universal Quick Release Steering Wheel


Top Features

  • Made with quality aluminum alloy
  • Black stylish finish
  • 8 Ball-lock joint
  • Universal fit
  • Ball-bearing spring-loaded system


If you want a model that comes with complete accessories, then try Leadrise universal quick release steering wheel.

Most of all, it is made with quality aluminum alloy. Therefore, it is sturdy and durable while being corrosion and scratch-resistant.

Installing this product is relatively easy. That is because you only need to push down the leveler quickly for detachment and attach for reconnecting. And it requires no welding and a fiddly key.

Moreover, it matches every modified steering wheel correctly.

There is ultimate safety, all thanks to its eight Ball-lock joint. With the ball-bearing-loaded spring system, there are decent and quick releases.

Designed for anyone who has a tight budget, but quality is not compromised.

Unlike cheap models, this one comes has a polished chrome finish. Leadrise universal can lock up tightly and is secure.


  • Solidly built
  • Easy to release
  • Prevents steering wobble


  • Low arrangement of bolt holes

05. NRG Innovations Medium SRK-200BK Quick Release Steering Wheel


Top Features

  • Universal fit
  • Ball-lock type mechanism
  • Diverse colors and combinations
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Innovative patented design


Likewise, the NRG Innovations SRK-200BK is perfect for street and racing applications. And it provides a comfortable steering position on the wheels.

Some of its features include a Ball-lock mechanism which offers the best usability and locking fitting. An innovative push pin helps prevent unwanted unlocking.

Further, it has the highest quality aluminum making for maximum strength and durability. SRK-200BK has a black and stylish design that will perfectly suit the interior of your vehicle.


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Reliable, safe, and secure


  • A bit pricey

06. Sparco 015R98TU Quick Release Steering Wheel


Top Features

  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Made in Italy
  • 6-bolt design
  • CNC machined
  • Black anodized


Featuring a 6-slot PCD steering wheel with a 6x70mm connection flange, the Sparco 015R98TU is worth buying. Meanwhile, it needs to be bolt to the hub.

With it, you can detach and fix your steering wheel quickly while entering or leaving your race car.

And it welds directly to the steering side shaft between the steering hub and the wheel.

Moreover, this model’s disconnects are CNC-machined. Therefore, your vehicle will get a zero-play connection.

One outstanding feature is that it comes with high-quality aluminum.

Secondly, it is black anodized for appearance and optimum durability. Due to its design, you don’t have to weld it to steering column.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Fits perfectly


  • Stiff release mechanism

07. NRG Black SRK-140H Steering Wheel


Top Features

  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • It comes with some pair of resistors
  • Designed using one-piece solid construction
  • Patented locking mechanism
  • Black Anodized


Made from high-quality aluminum, the NRG Black SRK-140H is built to last.

Besides, the manufacturers design it using one-piece solid construction to ensure utmost durability and usability.

If your race car is finding it difficult to climb, this removable steering wheel will provide additional inches of clearance. And it will make the job effortless.

Further, this model is anodized for a long-lasting and unique finish. A patented locking mechanism provides trouble-free use.


  • Works perfectly
  • Simple and easy installation
  • It has a fantastic look


  • Not enough room for button and spring

08. NGR SRK-100T Steering Quick Release Wheel


Top Features

  • Universal fitment
  • CNC aluminum accessories
  • Titanium ring with silver body
  • Ball-lock type mechanism
  • Pushpin


Similarly, the SRK-100T is designed for street and race applications. Features include a titanium ring with a silver body.

With the Ball-lock mechanism, you will get the best usability and locking fit.

Additional features include a push pin to avoid premature unlocking. NGR SRK-100T is made using high-quality aluminum for ultimate durability and usability.

With this product, the driver will get a good steering wheel position. Besides, it allows quick entry in and out of the vehicle.

SRK-100T can work for all cars, and it is a 100% real NRG product.

Perfect for six-hole steering wheel including Sparco, NRG, MOMO, and more. You can only use it with a steering wheel that has six-holes and a short hub.


  • Works fantastic
  • Reliable and good for the price
  • Easy to install


  • None

9. NGR Innovations Quick Release SRK-400RG


Top Features

  • Pin and gear locking mechanism
  • Crush-type hub
  • Made with premium materials
  • Matches rigorous standards
  • Lightweight


NRG Innovations Quick Release SRK-400RG is a completely redesigned model of this brand’s quick release systems.

Nevertheless, it uses a pin and lock mechanism to ensure optimal durability without play and reduces required space.

If you want your steering wheel far away from your body, then try this model. You can also go for it if you find the need to use a crush-type hub.

Meanwhile, this model is a refined combination of premium quality materials and robust design.

Thus, you will enjoy its smooth finish and appealing design. They’re crafting for those people who love racing and desire additional style in their cars.

Besides, this model will help you maintain functionality while driving. And you will get more edge of maneuverability and distinctive styling.

Even if you are racing or riding along the streets, consider this model with the best steering wheels.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Sophisticated design
  • Budget-friendly


  • It does not fit NRG short hub adapter

10. NRG Innovations Quick Release SRK-110H


Top Features

  • High-quality aluminum
  • One-piece solid construction
  • Appealing race-inspired design
  • It comes with a pair of resistors
  • Made for the race and street applications


Made with high-end aluminum, NRG SRK-110H adds durability and lightweight to its features. Other models lack some of their characteristics.

Designed using one-piece solid construction, this model provides maximum durability and usability. And it has an appealing race-inspired design.

Fortunately, it is perfect for both race and street applications. Each of them is anodized for a long-lasting and appealing finish.

With its patented locking mechanism, you will get trouble-free use.


  • Easy installation
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Works perfectly


  • None

How We Picked Quick Release Steering Wheel Kit

Having a quick release steering wheel system grants one entrance and exit quickly into vehicles.

Besides, it provides security benefits. If you usually participate in motorsports, FIA mandates everyone to install one.

Each of them matches in-between the aftermarket steering wheel, including a hub adapter.

However, most quick release doesn’t fit stock steering wheels. Thus, you need to consider specific things before making a decision.

Here is the guide to help you to choose the best quick release steering wheel for your vehicle.

Things to consider before buying a quick release steering wheel


One of the essential things to look for when buying a quick release steering wheel is the design and look.

When it pertains to the material, different types of choices exist.

To get the best, go for the one that is sturdy and long-lasting. Besides, it must be shock and scratch-resistant to make it perfect for racing.

Take a closer look at the product material while considering the appearance.

Alloy and aircraft-grade aluminum are ideal because they are strong and durable.

A good quality quick release steering wheel will provide you with a smooth racing track experience.

Size and bolt pattern

One of the determinant components behind wheels’ compatibility is the size and pattern of the bolt. Note that how the bolt is designed contributes to its sturdiness and durability.

There must be perfect alignment of the holes by the hub’s side and that of the wheel side. In the end, the wheel will remain in a straight condition.

Another thing is the driver’s distance from wheel after installing short hub assembly.


As earlier stated, the quick release system may not fit some stock steering wheels.

And that is because they usually install it into a hub adapter. As for the adapter, it comes inside the package when you buy a steering wheel.

If you previously installed an adapter, then any quick release you buy will fit. But, it is better to confirm the measurements beforehand.

Concerning the compatibility with diverse horns, everything boils down to the kits you buy. Some manufacturers utilize a mechanism that ensures the horns work well.

Quick Release Mechanism

Mechanisms provide an avenue to remove the wheels from the steering column.

Endeavor to consider how comfortable the machine is while choosing a quality quick release steering wheel.

Most models enable you to do the work just as click of the button. On the other hand, others require a slight pull or push before you can remove or reconnect.

For convenience, buy a quick release steering wheel that comes with this feature.


Before buying, this is a crucial factor to consider. That is because they influence the experience and feel of driving.

Check the outer diameter, which is for circular steering. Meanwhile, if it is an elliptical wheel, you will get the minor and major axis wheel measurements.

Some production vehicles that do not have a power steering come with a 350mm diameter.

Powered steering features 320-330mm diameter though smaller diameters can still perform well.

If you plan to get a six-bolt wheel, usually, the diameter size may vary from 280-320mm.

Check the position of the driver’s arm in the car interior and the available space.

Before you finally decide, consider whether looking through or above the steering wheel will be perfect for you.

Spacing depth

When adding a quick release setup, the adapter hub makes the overall depth increase.

Therefore, the hub thickness, steering wheel, and immediate release combined get the wheel close to driver.

Many brands offer different depth ranges to meet your needs and ergonomics. So, consider the spacing depths before buying.

Grip thickness

In this aspect, it is the driver that will choose what meets his needs and preference.

A driver might choose a thin section while wearing thick gloves for a racing car. But, a thicker grip is better when it comes to a streetcar.

Color options

Quick release steering wheels come with different color options. Some brands offer about 13-15 for you to choose from any of them. Therefore, everything depends on your preference.


Most times, it does not mean that a costly product is best. Even though the market trend may not recommend the cheapest one, you have to consider other factors.

For example, check the durability and hole and bolt patterns. There are quick release steering wheels with reasonable prices that still offer great features.

Advantages of a Quick Release Steering Wheel

Quick release steering wheels are ideal for all vehicles. So, it is better to remove it if it is of no use.

Thus, it will protect the steering wheel material from wear or damage due to weather conditions.

Further, it enables drivers to adjust safely and responsively to specific road conditions. In other words, it helps you mount the appropriate steering wheel while driving.

Fortunately, the driver can detach the wheel and enter or exit the car quickly in case of any emergency.

Buying FAQ’s: Best Quick Release Steering Wheel

What is a Quick Release Steering Wheel?

A quick release steering wheel is among the most useful vehicle components that rests on main body. By using it, you can rely on your steering for a cheerful drive to your destination.

Meanwhile, it is available in different types and sizes. Each part is not immobile, thereby enabling a smooth and trouble-free movement.

Further, it has a soft fabricated covering to provide grip to the driving wheel. With the quick driving wheel as a tool, one can correctly move the arms.

Besides being a tool, it is reliable and perfect for driving flexibly with comfort. Installation is relatively easy, and it gives you room to explore for happy driving.

With its sophisticated design, one can get visible access to turn all the equipment panels.

Do I need a quick release for my steering wheel?

Installing a steering wheel on a quick release is not ideal. That is because the immediate release itself is not a hub.

Thus, one has to install it with a short hub adapter. By the way, you can fix a hub adapter without the quick release.

In a different content, you cannot set an immediate release alone.

Which quick release hub will match my car?

Almost every quick release hub is universal. They are compatible with all the vehicles.

But the perfect boss adapter should be similar. First, endeavor to install a short hub adapter before you even try to set up quick release.

Note that the quick release is not a hub itself, so buy the type that matches your car’s model.

You can set the quick release after getting the hub adapter ready. Also, you may check your vehicle application guide to know the one that matches it.

What is the need for a quick release steering wheel?

Besides offering extra grip and race car appearance, one can use a quick release device to remove a racing steering wheel. And the driver can exit the car at ease.

Is it difficult to change a steering wheel?

Sometimes, you might remove it using standard equipment. But in certain situations, it may require the use of a unique set.

That depends on the pattern of the middle lug nut since it may be different. To remove it is not very hard.

What is the need for a detachable steering wheel?

A detachable steering wheel is essential in one way or the other. By locking and unlocking the steering wheel, you will ride comfortably using an easy plug-in motion.

One of the advantages is that you can simply connect it with fast driving. And they won’t be any need to put the key on ignition.

Further, it helps enlarge space for the horn, and they’re perfect for sports or fast cars.

You can open the driving wheel and look for more gaps since it is not immobile. A detachable provides additional control to the steering and can adapt perfectly.

What is a quick release hub?

It is a tool that helps one adjust driving wheel. Manufacturers design it in a small style to enable one to adjust the wheel for safe driving.

Moreover, it comes with small screws for assembling the fittings for a detachable wheel.

From there, it aids in changing the frictions and spinning resistance to intensify performance.

You can find it in wheel bearings to modify the quick release system.

Each of them is durable and essential, and it adjusts perfectly without any issues. With the supportive hub, there is an increase in resilience and workability.

Can I use any steering wheel for the car?

Aftermarket steering wheels can fit any car because they are universal. And they need some kind of adapter by name a wheel hub.

Is it worth buying a steering wheel?

Of course, you need to get a steering wheel. However, steering wheels are a bit pricey than controller.

You cannot use the controller to drive the car. Therefore, you have to purchase a steering wheel to participate in racing games.

Are NRG quick release steering wheels universal?

All NRG steering wheels are universal. They can fit any vehicle.

They come with a short hub and a wheel for installing in the cars for driving. These steering wheels are high-quality and durable.

Besides, these NRG products come in comfortable sizes for modifying it with any motorized car.

They come with developing parts that are ideal for driving with firm fittings. Another feature its short hub that aids in holding the driving wheel through plugging in.

Are steering wheel quick release safe?

With a quick-release steering wheel, your vehicle is safe, secured, and protected from car theft. You can comfortably remove it if you are not using it.

However, you have to check the quick release mechanism feature properly to prevent accidental detachment from the steering column.

Why are steering wheels removable?

Meanwhile, the driver’s seat is flat with a massive gap between the seat and the wheel for a streetcar.

Meanwhile, these characteristic enhances performance, but it will be hard to explore inside the car.

For that reason, a detachable steering wheel makes it a lot easier to access everywhere inside the car.

Can I replace my steering wheel?

Replacing your steering wheel is among the aftermarket adjustments you can do on your vehicle.

Aftermarket steering wheels are sometimes better fitting with small diameters. Fortunately, they provide quicker steering and can enhance your driving adventure.

Are smaller steering wheels any good?

Smaller wheels could provide comfort and consume less space. But they may require additional steering effort.

Note that this may not apply to race cars because you need about 180 degrees to turn the wheel.

Do I need a short hub for my quick release steering wheel?

Every quick release steering wheel is universal. And it can function properly and become compatible if you have a short hub adapter.

Can I fix a new steering wheel in my old vehicle?

Of course, you can fix a new steering wheel in old car. But the steering has to fit on the spline.

Or, you may get an adapter that will match the wheel. Also, you need to wire up the airbags and control if the need arises using a slip ring.

How can I install a quick release steering wheel?

Most quick release steering wheels require an easy installation. So, follow the steps that are given below carefully.


  • Remove the battery. But first, you have to break the circuit to avoid safety problems.
  • Detach the wheel and other barriers, if any.
  • Fix the hub adapter followed by the wheel
  • Connect and rewire the horn

Is it every quick release steering wheel that comes with screws?

Everything depends on the brand and model of your quick release steering wheel. For example, NRG models come with screws.

But you may not be fortunate enough to buy the type that comes with additional accessories like screws.


Sincerely, the best quick release steering wheel provides comfort and safety to vehicles.

There are many available types in the market for you to choose. But, you must consider the steering wheels that have unique features to meet your needs.

For example, a good one should have the quick mechanism feature, easy installation, durability, and much more.

If you are already using an aftermarket steering wheel, it is time to upgrade to a quick release type.

All the brands in this review have excellent models for you to enter and exit your car at ease.

Happy driving!

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