12 Best Running Boards for Dodge Ram 1500/2500 Quad Cab & Crew Cab In 2023

Owning a truck and wondering about the best running boards for dodge ram 1500/2500 quad cab & crew cab? No problem, this comprehensive review will give the answers to all the questions related to running boards.

Running boards were essential parts of any vehicle back in history. Since all vehicles were high, they required running boards to ease climbing to these vehicles.

Nowadays, there are still some high trucks like Dodge Ram 1500/2500 requires important accessories. Thus, those need running boards for the same reasons.

Here are the top Ram 1500 running boards to consider with all their specific features and cons.


Awesome Table of Best Running Boards for Dodge Ram 1500/2500

AA Products Inc.
Tyger Auto
Auto Dynasty
Tyger Auto
APS iBoard
AMP Research

What are the best running boards for dodge ram 1500/2500 quad cab & crew cab?

The best running boards at all are N-FAB EPYX boards. They earned this ranking above other products for both the design and functionality.

Coming at a stainless steel material, they provide a durable and high-quality product.

Furthermore, mounting brackets and other hardware have the same quality materials.

Hence, offering a product one can purchase comfortably with no worries about losing it.

12 Best Running Boards for Dodge Ram 1500/2500 Quad Cab & Crew Cab Review

01. N-FAB EPYX Cab Length Step, Textured Black | EXD09CC-TX  – [Best for quality]


Top Features

  • Steel material
  • Black powder coat
  • Angular steps design
  • Adjustable mounting brackets

N-FAB EPYX comes at the top of the best running boards for dodge ram 1500/2500 quad cab & crew cab list.

Starting with the design, they have a step design with two steps on each side. This design gives the vehicle an attractive neat look with those small steps.

Moving to the fitting, N-FAB fit all truck beds as long as they are crew cab. The steps’ length is equal to the cab length and each step lies exactly below the door.

As for the material, they are steel constructions. So, they provide maximum durability and strength.

Besides, mounting these running boards to the Ram 1500 is pretty easy.

Also, they come with the necessary mounting brackets which are customized to these running boards.

Moreover, the mounting brackets are adjustable for an easier installation process and better fit.

For a final touch, the steps have a black coat that protects them. Further, they have a modern angular design which gives a sleek side profile for the car.


  • Fit all truck beds
  • Comes with mounting brackets
  • Good appearance


  • May rust

02. AA Products Side Step Rails – [Best for fitting different cabs]


Top Features

  • One tube with steps design
  • 3 inches diameter tube
  • Black powder coat
  • Steel material
  • Mounts with three brackets for each bar

Looking for running boards for Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab? Luckily, AA products have side step rails for all cab types.

AA products don’t offer universal fit step pads. Instead, they have different models of the same product for Dodge Ram 1500 quad and crew cabs.

Similar to the previous one, these side steps but with two steps on each side attached to a tube.

Also, they are made of heavy-duty material to withstand different weights and weather conditions.

Adding to the durability features, the steps are robotically welded to the tubes. Each tube is 3-inch diameter with sealed ends to resist water.

Additionally, each one has 3 holes for the mounting brackets. So, the running board will attach to the vehicle from three points.

Speaking of mounting, the brackets are included within the package.

Therefore, you won’t buy anything extra for installing those steps. To complement the protection features, they have a final black finish to resist rust.


  • Heavy-duty material
  • Comes with mounting brackets
  • Different models for all cab styles


  • Can bounce a bit

03. VioGi Oval Side Step Rails  – [Best for wideness]


Top Features

  • Oval tube design with step pads
  • Stainless steel material
  • Slip-resistant step pads
  • Polished metallic surface

VioGi steps are one of the best running boards for the Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab one can get ever.

Their stainless steel material gives a very durable feature to last for a longer time than other boards.

Besides, the metallic finish adds to the durability feature and offers a polished look as well.

VioGi running boards have oval shape tubes with two-step pads on each side.

Oval tubes look nice on the car but they are so sloppy. Thus, the steps have slip-resistant pads to help climbing the car.

Furthermore, the bars are wide enough to carry a person’s feet comfortably. While some people don’t like wide running boards, they are more practical.

Despite this wideness, they are easy to install. They don’t need to drill extra holes to tightly hold to the car.

Just bolt on the available brackets and off to the road. What you get at the end are sturdy and perfectly fitting running boards.


  • Wide step bars
  • Comes with complete hardware
  • Shiny metallic appearance


  • Don’t have a rust-resistance surface

04. Tyger Auto TG-RS2D40078 RISER  – [Best long-lasting boards]  


Top Features

  • Triangular bars with step pads
  • Anti-slipping and UV-resistant step pads
  • Rectangular end caps
  • Dual coating
  • 4 inches diameter
  • Crew cab truck only

For 2014 Dodge ram 1500 owners, Tyger Auto is the top running boards for the 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab.

Featuring two side step Nerf bars with step pads, these boards will work efficiently for the car.

Each of the two bars is 4 inches in diameter with a rectangular end cap to look neat.

Alternatively, the bars themselves are triangular for more sturdiness and a better look.

Adding to the sturdiness and durability, they have the usual e-coat to prevent rust.

Besides, the final gloss black powder for the matte black color option prevents corrosion as well.

Tyger Auto cares a lot about the final look of the car, so, their running boards are available in two options.

You can choose between the black and the stainless steel colors according to the suitability of the car.

Speaking of fitting, these running boards only fit crew cab trucks. They have a nice low profile appearance that looks perfect on the truck.

Lastly, these boards come at a very good price considering the top-quality features they have.


  • Affordable price
  • Two-color options
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • All instruction and hardware included


  • Some mounting brackets need adjustment

05. MaxMate Oval Stainless Steel Side Step Rails – [Best for functionality]


Top Features

  • Tubular design with step pads
  • 4 inches diameter tubes
  • Stainless steel material
  • Anti-slipping and UV-resistant step pads
  • Welded end caps
  • Crew cab truck only

Coming with an oval tubular design, MaxMate’s boards are from the top running boards for Dodge Ram 2500 crew cab.

With 4 inches diameter for each tube and two-step pads, these boards will ease climbing and in and out of the car.

However, they will only fit crew cab trucks with full-sized doors. Additionally, they are stainless steel bars with end caps for the topmost protection to the Dodge truck.

As for the step pads, they have a UV-resistant non-slip surface. While most running boards have anti-slipping features, not all of them are UV-resistant.

This is very important to keep the step pads as long as possible. MaxMate running boards are just a functional and decent-looking product.

Their installation is also easy for most Dodge Ram 1500 models. However, for some older models as 2009 to 2011, drilling may be required.


  • Include all mounting tools and instructions
  • Offers a neat appearance
  • Good price


  • May need drilling for some truck models

06. Black Curved Side Step Nerf Bar Running Board Replacement – [Best for load capacity]



  • Oval shaped tubes with step pads
  • 4 inches diameter tubes
  • Stainless steel material
  • Anti-slipping step pads
  • Black powder coat
  • Crew cab truck only

Add some extra glow to your vehicle with these attractive black running boards.

Featuring two curved oval bars with step pads, these Ram 1500 running boards will look great on the Dodge.

With their black color, they seem so classy and elegant on the car.

Yet, they are not just aesthetic additions to the truck. Instead, they are functional and will serve all the purposes of running boards.

Made of stainless steel. They give one of the most durable and rigid running boards in the market.

Also, the powder coat will resist rust and enhance the attractive black color. As for the step pads, they are as wide as the tube itself.

Aside, they have an anti-slipping surface that fits any human feet. Moreover, these running boards are designed to withstand heavyweights.

The maximum weight each board can bear is 500 lbs. Thus, the mounting brackets are very sturdy to withstand such weight.


  • Sturdy mounting brackets
  • Attractive black color
  • Can withstand up to 500 lbs


  • Mounting instructions are not clear

07. Tyger Auto TG-AM2D20078 Star Armor Kit 



  • Triple tubular design
  • Sealed end caps
  • Anti-slipping step pads
  • Dual-stage coating
  • Heavy-duty metal
  • For crew cab only

When talking about car aftermarket parts, Tyger Auto should be mentioned. Tyger Auto has outstanding running boards for the 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab.

They are triple tubular designs welded together for extra sturdiness. The end caps are also sealed to provide water resistance.

Besides, the e-coating for the whole running board provides a rust resistance feature.

Although these features might be available for many running boards, the Tyger Auto product is different in the quality of the features.

The coating, for example, is a dual-stage coat. So, it has the best black powder and e-coating.

Also, the material of the tubes is heavy-duty metal. Each tube is 2-inch in diameter.

Thus, the three tubes together have a wider end diameter to withstand heavier weight. Tyger Auto running boards can carry up to 500 lbs.

Furthermore, those running boards are supplied with a dual girder system which gives the best protection for the car and the running boards themselves.

All these features are available in one product at a very good price compared to other similar products.


  • Maximum load capacity 500 lbs
  • Affordable price
  • Dual girder system


  • May require drilling for some car models

08. TAC Side Steps Running Boards 



  • Tubular design with step pads
  • Anti-slipping and UV-resistant step pads
  • E-coat and black powder finish
  • Scratch-resistant
  • 3-inch width

TAC side steps feature a 3 inch round tube with wide step pads to give more space for the feet.

The anti-slipping pads are UV-resistant as well. Besides, the whole tubes have an e-coating for extra protection.

This coat makes the truck with the boards look more elegant. Further, cleaning the boards is so easy thanks to this coat.

This makes TAC’s product one of the best running boards for Dodge Ram 2500 crew cab.

Coming to the installation process which is part and parcel of any running boards’ quality.

TAC’s running boards need an easy bolt-on mounting. Typically, the mounting brackets and other hardware come within the package.

Yet, some hardware is missing, so, you need to pay the car accessories store a small visit.

For the included brackets, they have a premium e-coat and black powder finish just like the tubes themselves. This provides rust and scratch-resistance features.


  • Easy to clean
  • Mounting parts are coated
  • Wider step pads


  • Some hardware is missing

09. APS iBoard Running Boards



  • One-piece step bars
  • Aluminum material
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • 300 lbs capacity
  • 5-inch width

Many people look for high-quality running boards for the 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab.

APS running boards are a good recommendation most people will agree on. First, they are very wider bars with 5 inches width.

This is wider than most running boards of 3 or 4 inches diameter. Besides, they are made of aluminum which resists rust and corrosion.

Also, aluminum is a very durable and strong metal. It can withstand up to 300 lbs for each bar.

While other running boards may withstand larger weights, 300 lbs are good enough for a running board.

APS running boards don’t have separate step pads. This is because the whole board acts as a larger wide step pad with an anti-slipping feature.

In addition, the whole board has glossy paint to make the truck stand out with these boards.

With this shiny finish and the low-profile design, any Ram 1500 with APS boards will look different.

Last but not least, the package has all the hardware included. Therefore, this is a one-time purchase that will surely last for a long time.


  • Wide bars
  • Low-profile appearance
  • Shiny silver color


  • Mounting hardware is in a different color
  • No labels on the brackets

10. Oval Running Boards Side Steps Nerf Bars Rails 



  • Oval bars with step pads
  • Stainless steel material
  • Polished chrome coat
  • 500 lbs load capacity
  • Anti-slipping step pads
  • Welded end caps

Oval running boards are generally the best running boards for Dodge Ram 2500 crew cab.

In particular, those have extra features that make them stand on top of other similar products.

Made of stainless steel, they have one of the best materials ever. Also, the welded end caps provide additional water and rust resistance features.

What is more, is the chrome polish of these stainless-less running boards.

In short, all the features work together to give the highest protection possible against different weather conditions.

As for the price, it is quite affordable for what you get at the end. The package includes two running boards and 7 mounting brackets.

While they typically need 6 brackets, Ram 2500 models for 2015 and after may need extra brackets.

Not to forget the anti-slip pads which are essential for all high-quality running boards.

All these advantages and more when you purchase these running boards. One last thing to mention is that the load capacity for each board is 500 lbs.


  • Comes with 7 mounting brackets
  • Can withstand heavyweight
  • High-quality materials


  • Installation directions are difficult
  • No parts are labeled

11. AMP Research 75118-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards



  • Automatic expandable and retractable design
  • Aluminum material
  • Stainless steel pivot pins
  • Black powder coat
  • 600 lbs maximum capacity
  • Integrated LED light

If you don’t like how running boards look but still need one to aid in climbing the truck, get retractable ones.

AMP research running boards are not only retractable but also automatic.

Once the truck is open, the boards will automatically expand and the opposite occurs upon closing.

AMP running boards are not just a tech-enhanced product. Instead, they have the same high-quality and durability features as other boards in this list.

For example, they are aluminum boards with a black powder coat. Thus, they can resist rust and corrosion as other boards.

Furthermore, the mounting arms have the same durable material. Mounting is perfect for these running boards that they can withstand 600 lbs for each board.

Even more, the pins used for installation are stainless steel. Hence, every single detail for these running boards is taken care of.

Finally, the other added feature is the LED light which is also automatic just like the boards themselves. Thus, for those looking for uniqueness, AMP Research is the best choice


  • Automatic running boards
  • Can withstand heavyweight
  • Hide under the vehicle


  • Expensive
  • Wiring directions are difficult

12. Lund 23785007 Oval Curved Nerf Bars 



  • Stainless steel material
  • Oval tubes with step pads
  • Anti-slipping feet pads
  • Polished finish
  • 5 inches width
  • Can withstand up to 350 lbs.

The last best running boards for Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab and crew cabs also is Lund oval Nerf bars.

These bars are stainless steel with a polished finish to resist corrosion. Also, they have anti-slipping footsteps for safe climbing.

While these features are available for most running boards, Lund has other exceptional features to deserve their ranking on the list.

First, they feature wide running boards with 5 inches diameter for each. This provides extra space for feet. Besides, they have a curve at the end which stands for a sleeker look.

Moving to durability, the boards have a durable construction that can withstand around 350 lbs on each side.

Also, heavy-duty metal is another reason for this durability. Yet, being a sturdy and heavy-duty construction is both a pros and a cons.

These boards are very rough that they will last forever but they require a hard installation process.

Despite having all the mounting tools and pre-drilled holes, installation takes a while as they are rigid and very rough.

Yet, all the other features can compensate for this installation time and effort


  • Appealing curved ends design
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Wider feet pads


  • Difficult installation process

How to Pick: Best Running Boards for Dodge Ram 1500/2500 Quad Cab & Crew Cab

Running boards are car aftermarket pieces that are intended to last for a long time.

Thus, when buying running boards for a truck like Dodge Ram 1500, one should consider all the product details.

From the truck cab type to the material and design, all are very important to get the most suitable product.

In this guide, we spot out the most important points for the best running boards for dodge ram 1500/2500 quad cab & crew cab.

Cab type

Trucks have different cabs. Although running boards will mount at the bottom of the truck, the cab type has to do with them.

For Ram 1500/2500, there are 4 cab types to consider when choosing the running boards.

Regular cab – This is the classical cab with two full-size doors only.

Quad cab – This one has two front doors and two rear doors. However, the two front doors are full size whereas the rear doors are 3/4 size.

Crew cab – Similar to the previous ones, it has 4 doors. The difference is that the two rear doors are equal in size to the front doors.

Mega cab – For this style, all four doors are equal in size. Besides, the cab is extended a little bit from the rear side.

Running boards are specific to each of the above cab styles. This is because the length of the boards goes bigger as the cab goes bigger.

Also, the placement of the footpads is determined for each of the cab designs.


Similar to the cabs, running boards themselves have different designs.

According to the purpose for each person, one should decide which design will best suit him. The different designs include:

Tubular design

For this style, the running boards are one, two, or three tubes welded together.

The more tubes in a single board, the sturdier it is. Besides, they should have step pads as tubes will be difficult to climb.

Nerf bars

In contrary to the previous style, Nerf bars are just one oval or rectangular-shaped bar with steps.

Sometimes, Nerf bars come in a triangular shape as well. In general, the shape of the bar is just a matter of preference.

Side steps

The last design is the side steps which feature only the steps to climb the car. These running boards give the best ground clearance among the three designs.

Further, they may come in a separate four or two steps design or one bar with steps attached to it.

In all cases, always look for the one-piece design whatever running board style you will get. One-piece designs are the most practical and the easiest to install.


Most running boards are either stainless steel or aluminum. Both materials are good but what makes the difference is the extra coats.


This type of coating is used for most metal parts of the vehicle. It provides an anti-corrosive feature with a technology-based coating method.

Black powder coat

This coat is responsible for the uniformity of the color of the whole part. Additionally, it resists scratch and ensures the long-lasting lifetime of the piece.

Some running boards will only have this e-coating while others have a dual-stage coating.

Double coats are better of course because they provide added protection to the running boards.

Another type of coat is chrome polish which is usually used for silver running boards to give a final glossy look.

Feet pads

For tubular and Nerf bars, there must be stepping pads to place the feet on when climbing.

Whilst the side step rails don’t need those as they are already steps. In some cases, the whole running board will act as one large stepping pad.

To get the best step pads, check for these four points:

Anti-slipping feature – Since they are created for stepping one’s feet on, they should resist slipping. So, stepping pads without an anti-slipping feature are not a recommended option at all.

Size – Very wide running boards with wide feet pads are not comfortable and don’t look good. Alternatively, narrow step pads are useless. So, a middle between those is the best option.

Coating – Steeping pads should have coats just like the whole running boards. They are the most used part of the whole board. So, the coating is essential for them.

Easy cleaning – This is determined by the design and coats of the stepping pads. Typically, they will get dirty very easily so, you should be able to clean them regularly.


Running boards don’t need a specialist to mount them to the bottom of the truck. Anyone with minimum experience should be able to install them to his truck easily.

So, this is not the point here as most running boards come with instructions. However, what everyone should check are the holes where brackets and screws will mount.

High-quality products should have their pre-drilled holes in each running board. Also, these holes should fit exactly with the factory holes at the bottom of the truck.

Another thing to look at is the brackets and extra hardware for mounting.

Typically, the package should include these things. Also, they should have the same coating and heavy-duty material as the board itself.

Maximum load capacity

The maximum load capacity is how much weight each running board can withstand. Certainly, the more the better.

Yet, relatively moderate weights are good and can do the job. The maximum weight for a running board is 600 lbs. for each side.

However, it is not a must that the running board carries this weight to be good.

Other features

The purpose of reviewing Ram 1500 running boards is to choose the best product.

Thus, going the extra mile is good to get the topmost product at all. From these features is the automatic expandable and retractable design.

Also, the color of the board is something to consider. Some brands have a very attractive black matte coat and others have a shiny silver one.

Another extra feature is the spare mounting brackets, so, no need for visiting a car accessories store.

Finally, the price considering all the features and compared to other similar products.

Running Boards for Dodge Ram 1500/2500: Important FAQ’s

Are running boards designed for all truck models?

Different car brands have different running boards. However, there are running boards that suit different models of the same car brand.

Also, trucks, even of the same car make, have different cab and bed sizes.

These also determine the specific running boards that will suit them. Some running boards can fit trucks of any bed size but they won’t fit all cab sizes.

Which is better running boards, Nerf bars, or side steps?

The difference between the three is just the design. All three styles are sometimes called the same names.

Nerf bars are narrower than running boards. Likewise, side steps are the narrowest of all.

Choosing between the three designs depends on personal preferences and usability.

Side steps work better for those who prefer more ground clearance. On the contrary, wide running boards are the best for those looking for comfort.

They will provide a wider foot place but less ground clearance. Lastly, Nerf bars are a middle between both.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of running boards?

Running boards have many advantages that make them very important aftermarket parts for any truck. Some of these advantages are:

Helping people to climb their trucks. Also, other passengers as kids or elderly people will need these steps for trucks like Ram 1500.

Protecting the vehicle from any hits to the sides of the truck. Besides, it can protect the bottoms of the truck from road debris and other dirt.

Adding an extra flair to the truck as some models look aggressive on the trucks. So, they are an accessory to enhance the appearance of the trucks too.

As for the disadvantages, the general ones which are not specific to some models are:

Hindering people from getting under their trucks easily. However, it is not impossible to do so with running boards on the truck.

Decreasing the ground clearance and adding to the overall width of the truck. Whereas some people believe running boards enhance the appearance of the truck, others don’t like how they look.

Can I adjust the height of the running boards?

Running boards mount to the car with brackets and screws. These are supposedly fixed to provide the maximum tightness for the boards.

So, running boards are not adjustable in most cases. However, there are some models which allow a little bit of adjustability when installing but this is not common.

Yet, if you need to adjust the height of the running boards, you can get aftermarket parts.

These additional parts will attach to the original mounting brackets to adjust the height.

Yet, be careful as they shouldn’t be too low to hit the ground. Either, they should not be too high to hinder the door movement.

What is a suitable size for running boards?

Typically, running boards should extend from the back of the front wheels to the beginning of the rear wheels.

This is the whole length of the cab. As for the width, they are something between 3 inches to 6 inches.

While wide running boards are more comfortable, some people prefer narrower ones for a sleeker appearance.

In any case, 3 inches is a good width for running boards. Coming to the thickness or diameter for tubular designs, it depends.

Thickness is usually related to durability. Yet, it shouldn’t be very thick for a better look.

Can I install running boards on my own?

Absolutely yes. Anyone should be able to install running boards to his/her truck.

Any quality product should have the installation instructions clear within the package.

Also, they typically come with labeled hardware to ease the installation process.

Some people with less experience may need to watch a tutorial first before installing these.

Further, running boards usually come with pre-drilled holes where brackets will attach to the pre-drilled holes of the truck as well.

If the boards or the truck won’t have these holes, you should drill them yourself. In this case, non-professionals might need help.

Additionally, automatic boards which work with electricity are more difficult to install. Those might require a professional to do the wiring.


Now after reviewing all the details about running boards, you should be able to pick up the right product for you.

The best running boards for Dodge Ram 1500/2500 quad cab & crew cab should have all the necessary features.

Moreover, they should look nice on the truck as they are an accessory at the end. So, check all the available products before making the final decision.

Consider the budget and compare products at the same price for the above-mentioned feature. Only then, you will be able to get the best product.

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