Top 10 Best Shocks for Dodge Dakota 4×4 Review & Buying Guide [2023]

Trouble finding the best shocks for Dodge Dakota 4×4? We got you covered. From its first introduction in 1986, Dodge Dakota is considered one of the finest and sturdy trucks in the global market.

Powered with high-endurance engines and irresistible spacing features, Dodge Dakota has predominantly established itself as a highly valued and most loved truck for long journeys.

Moreover, for people to experience the full potential of any product, the product should be well maintained and should be updated now and then.

Shocks play a vital role in providing a smooth and safe ride, not just considering the brakes, alignment, polishing, engines, and suspensions.

To be more precise, a car’s shock absorbs the hydraulic components that can minimize the movement generated by the attached springs.

A vehicle’s shocks provide a smoother ride by absorbing the jolts produced by uneven and bumpier roads.

Thus, shocks are the major components of a car while driving on rocky terrain or rough roads.


What is the best shock absorber for Dodge Dakota 4×4?

KYB KG54322 Gas-a-just gas shock is considered one of the best shocks for Dodge Dakota in the marketplace.

With an additional 25% more damping performance when compared to other shocks, the Gas-a-just gas shock reacts according to the load changes and increases the responsiveness in the Dodge trucks.

People get bombarded with various shocks available in the market that can be intriguing for Dodge Dakota. However, choosing the best shocks for Dodge Dakota 4×4 relies solely upon the user’s preference.

To make the hunt more effortless, we have analyzed and compiled a detailed guide that can provide the answers to your speculations and help you choose the best shock for your Dodge truck.

Top 10 Best shocks for Dodge Dakota 4×4 Reviews

01. KYB KG54322 Gas-a-just gas shock



Highlighted Features

  • 25% more damping performance
  • Instant responsiveness when load changes
  • High gas pressure design
  • Monotube design
  • Air-free hydraulic unit

KYB KG54322 Gas-a-just is a monotube shock absorber that outweighs other traditional twin-tube designs but its additional performance advantages.

Best part of KYB Gas-a-just gas shocks is, they can instantly and automatically adjust to any load changes, and with aeration, there are minimal chances of drivers facing fading issues.

KYB KG54322 Gas-a-just is available both as an original equipment monotube replacement and as an original equipment twin-tube performance upgrader.

KYB Gas-a-just gas shock design can be separated with its two working chambers.

First chamber comes with an air-free hydraulic piston and a valve area that adds to the responsiveness and control of the truck.

On the other hand, the second chamber consists of a high-pressure nitrogen gas area that contributes to the comfort during a regular drive.

Second chamber also has a floating piston that adjusts accordingly, providing a smooth ride on rugged terrains to add instant performance and contribute to the load changes.


  • Cheaper than other shocks
  • Easy to install
  •  Heavy-duty shocks for Dodge Dakota
  • Maximum durability and longevity with extruded mount


  • Little stiffer than the default OEM shocks

02. Monroe shocks & struts load adjusting 58649 shock absorber – Also the best shocks for lightweight trucks.



Highlighted features

  • Drastically reduces sag under load
  • Perfect handling
  • Consistency on different road terrains
  • Heavy duty
  • Improvised performance

Monroe load adjusting shock absorber is the best shock absorber for light trucks that carry varying loads.

Also, Monroe load adjusting shock absorber is calibrated with a high-gauge spring to provide extra control when operating in different rough road scenarios and adapt to the roads and changing weight conditions.

However, Monroe load adjusting shock absorber is built-in and contains OE all-whether fluid suitable for all weather and temperature changes.

To enhance the responsiveness to the ever-changing roads and terrains, the Monroe load adjusting shock absorber powered with a PTFE-banded piston helps reduce the friction between the pressure tube and the shock absorber.

Monroe load adjusting shock absorber automatically adjusts to extreme road settings with a full-dispatched valving system to provide ride consistency.

Heavy-duty nitrocarburized rods enhance effectiveness and long life and are suited as heavy-duty shocks for Dodge Dakota.

Monroe load adjusting shock absorber powered with self-lubricating fluid that helps seal retains gas and significantly reduces friction.


  • All-round control of the vehicle
  • Consistency in tire-to-road contact
  • Providing proper resistance to vehicle bounce
  • Also provides resistance to brake dive and acceleration squats



  • Squeaking noise after long runs

03. Rancho RS9000XL RS999010 shock absorber – Ideal for adjustable off-road ride control.



Highlighted features

  • Designed for heavy-duty vehicles
  • Drastically reduces fade
  • Highly durable
  • Withstands extreme weather
  • Self-lubricating seal

Rancho shock absorbers are the best shocks for Dodge Dakota for off-road travels.

Customized damping controls can be achieved by the in-build nine-position easy to adjust knob that also enables good firmness for off-road and on-road flexibility.

Thus, proving ideal for Dodge Dakota and ideal for SUV, lifted trucks, haul, or going off-road.

To minimize the collaboration of air-to-oil mixture and to reduce the damping performance from fading or foaming, the Rancho shock absorbers consist of Nitrogen gas pressurized to 120 PSI.

18mm Nitro-carburized piston constantly acts to reduce scuffs and corrosion of the shock absorber.

Double-welded loop design of the Rancho shock absorber provides enhanced structural integrity to the coil.

Rancho shock absorbers can withstand extreme temperatures of up to -40 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit with the help of its tri-tube body that is filled with all-temperature fluids.

To absorb the ride harshness and to withstand the responsiveness to the changing road terrains, the Polyurethane rebound bumper and bushings and fluon-banded piston with graphite-filled technology can do the magic.

Long-lasting premium liquid metallic finish and polyvinyl protective boot in Rancho shock absorbers comparatively provide a longer life to other shocks.


  • Longer service life
  • Adjustable ride settings
  • Cheaper than other shocks in the market
  • Best suited for heavy cargo load


  • Not recommended for light vehicles

04. Detroit Axle – 4WD front and rear shock absorbers



Highlighted features

  • 4pc set
  • Adjustable shock absorbers
  • Increased coil consistency
  • Parallel alignment with wheels
  • Fitting replacement


Detroit Axle – 4WD front and rear shock absorbers are the best replacement for 1998-2003 Dodge Dakota Durango.

Moreover, Detroit Axle kit comes with 2x front (driver and passenger) shock absorbers and 2x rear (rear driver and passenger) shock absorbers.

Detroit Axle – 4WD front and rear shock absorbers are compatible for modern-day conscientious foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and SUVs.
After a positive test of impact, wear, and other miscellaneous problems, Detroit Axle shock absorbers are recommended to ensure the coil’s consistency and durability.


  • Best budget shock absorbers in the market
  • Compatible and comes with all hardware
  • Durable and best for long drives


  • Low-grade front and back shock designs

05. Bilstein 24-185233 front shock for Dodge Dakota



Highlighted features

  • Rubber boots pistons
  • Multi-turf design
  • All weather shocks
  • Air-free hydraulic unit
  • Overall command

The Bilstein front shock absorbers are specifically designed for trucks, cars, and SUVs to reach their pinnacle of performance.

Additionally, Bilstein front shock is one of the best shocks for Dodge Dakota as it offers superior control compared to other conventional alternative shocks.

Bilstein 24- 185233 front shock for Dodge Dakota provides an overall safe cargo transfer experience, from the mile to mile.

With a fantastic multi-turf design, Bilstein front shock absorbers allow the vehicle to overcome any type of unbalanced terrains or surfaces with an overall command over the truck.

Providing a least expensive cost comparatively, Bilstein front shock absorbers will give the best solution for the user’s question, “what is the best shocks for Dodge Dakota 4×4.”


  • Adaptable for load changes
  • More robust
  • Greater damping
  • Monotube
  • Glides over large bumps


  • One-way shock absorber

06. AM Autoparts shock absorbers front and rear kit



Highlighted Features

  • Application-specific valving.
  • Reduce steering vibration
  • Nitrogen gas-filled pistons
  • Highly upgraded seal
  • Flexibility with movement

AM auto parts shock absorbers are primarily designed for direct replacements and to improve the vehicle’s handling.

Application-specific valving allows for greater friction between the piston rod and the valving cylinder.

Another essential feature of AM auto parts shock absorbers is that they automatically reduce the considerable amount of noise produced by the shocks and drastically reduce vibrations and harshness.

The piston is filled with Nitrogen gas, and this gas helps to pressurize the shock absorbers for more damping power.

Damping power gradually increases with every movement of the shock absorber providing a smooth ride along rugged terrains and surfaces.


  • Keeps the tire intact with roads all the time.
  • Improved handling over bumps and rugged terrains
  • Reduced noises


  • Not suitable for cold weather conditions

07. Sensen 2270 front or rear struts



Highlighted features

  • Carbon steel rode
  • Conveniently suitable for 4WD SUV
  • Powder-coat finish
  • Factory-like shock absorbers
  • Smoother turns and stops

Sensen 2270 struts and shock absorbers provide a factory-like overall experience to the Dodge Dakota.

The sole purpose of Sensen struts is to ensure a comfortable ride quality with smoother turns and bumps and to provide the best original feel to the vehicle.
The unbeatable resilience provided with carbon steel rode with a powder-coat finish can be intriguing for drivers.

Carbon steel rode enhances durability as well as provides maximum performance.

The automatic adjustable Sensen shocks offer good coverage to the vehicle while driving on rough terrains.

Adjustable feature also ensures that the height of the shock returns to its initial position after facing bumps in the road.


  • Easy to install
  • Superior handling and braking
  • Withstands rough terrains and bumps easily
  • Improves the overall feel of SUVs


  • Cannot withstand colder temperatures
  • Not suitable for winters

08. Maxorber full set of 4 shocks struts absorber kit – Best budget shock absorbers.



Highlighted features

  • Solid mounting eye rings
  • Chemically bonded insulator mounting bushes
  • Teflon coated
  • Multi-range viscosity
  • In-built N2 gas

Maxorber shock absorbers consist of hard chromed piston rods with microcracks chromed surface process and ultra-precision vertical polishing that provides a fantastic smooth contact between the seal and the rod.

The rod consists of high-quality Japanese oil seals that drastically reduce the friction between the seal and piston.

To isolate external grimes, Maxorber shock absorbers also consist of a multi-lip oil-seal design.

With an in-built high-performance shock absorber oil and with a high performance of anti-shear and anti-foam technology, the internal tear is radically reduced to the minimum.

Maxorber shock absorbers come with a pressurized N2 gas to ensure better performance and remove aeration and foaming.

A seamless cylinder and a sleeve are present in both the compartments of the shock absorber mainly to provide closer contact between the cylinder and the piston and prevent any leaks.


  • Can withstand any climate
  • Keeps the tire in contact with the road all time
  • Significantly reduces truck bounce, brake dive, and acceleration squat
  • Maintains consistent braking and handling
  • Balances the wheel alignment


  • Slightly stiff and rigid
  • Can make rattling noises after a brief period

09. Scitoo gas strut shock absorber front and rear– Compatible with all engines of Dodge Dakota and Dakota for Durango



Highlighted features

  • Compatible with both Dodge Dakota engines and Dakota for Durango engines
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Micro-polished chrome-plated steel rod
  • Teflon piston seal
  • Firmer valving system

The Scitoo shock absorbers are compatible with both Dodge Dakota engines and Dakota for Durango engines. Ultimately proving to be one of the best heavy-duty shocks for Dodge Dakota.

The front and the back shock absorbers are built with high corrosion resistance that provides a longer shock life.

Steel rod in the Scitoo shock absorber is micro-polished and is double chrome platted.

Valving stays intact and improves the comfort of riding the vehicle as Scitoo shock absorbers use a Teflon bonded piston seal to maintain a cooler temperature and reduce friction.

Teflon bonded piston seal also improves the steering and the vehicle’s braking, allowing for overall control.

Scitoo shock absorber is tested to meet or exceed the specifications of the standard OEM shocks.

Scitoo shock absorbers contribute significantly to improving the rider’s comfort and drastically reduce the impact of the vehicle/truck.

Shock absorbers automatically adjust to the desired borderline height of the vehicle body, providing more excellent handling and vehicle stability.

Scitoo shock absorbers have a longer service life and reduced maintenance costs compared to other standard shock absorbers.

With the help of the quality system, uniform manufacturing, and standardized design, the damping force of the vehicle is significantly increased.


  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced impact of the vehicle
  • Automatically adjusting shock absorbers
  • Significantly increased product damping force


  • Expensive when compared to other shock absorbers

10. Cciyu 4 x front-rear struts shock absorbers 



Highlighted features

  • Accurately positioned installation hole
  • Japanese made oil seals
  • Premium electrophoresis painting
  • High-tech Piston rod material
  • One-time moulding technique

Two front and two rear high-quality shock absorbers can conveniently fit with the 1997-2004 Dodge Dakota, making it one of the best shocks for Dodge Dakota.

High strength polyurethane that connects the sleeve ensures a higher quality design and extended service life with 2-3 inches elevation over .

63 inches diameter of the center expansion rod. Cciyu shock absorbers are in-built with damping oil that is highly resistant to vaporization, corrosion, or oxidation when in contact with other metals and non-metals.

Any temperature changes cannot significantly affect the viscosity of the damping oil.

Cciyu shock suspensions provide comfortable vehicle control and performance on rough terrains such as snow, deserts, and rolling terrain roads.

The suspensions achieve a smoother performance by reducing the shocks produced by the spring cords.


  • Reduced deviation
  • Provides a stable damping force
  • No oil leak or abnormal noises
  • Premium standard quality exceeding OEM standards


  • Steering wheel may vibrate after longer distances
  • Proper maintenance of the shocks is recommended

Buying considerations of Best shocks for Dodge Dakota 4×4 

Buying the correct shocks for a vehicle solely relies on the type of shock, driving conditions, the material and durability, and credible brands and manufacturers.

Let us now dive into the considerations before choosing the best shocks for Dodge Dakota 4×4.

Finding the correct type of shocks


There are a variety of different shocks available in the market. Some of the significant shocks include:


  • Standard shocks: The in-built shocks provided when a vehicle is purchased are called standard shocks. These are regular shocks that do not have any additional or specific features to them. A standard shock can last up to 100,000 miles.
  • Gas shocks: Shocks that have Nitrogen gas and oil sealed inside it are called gas shocks. Smaller vehicles have the highest potential to make the best out of these shocks compared to the standard shocks, as gas shocks tend to handle more bumps produced by smaller cars/trucks.
  • Heavy-duty shocks: The diameter, the centre shaft, and the attachment points are more extensive in heavy-duty shocks. Trucks, SUVs, and vans that are specified to carry load are compatible with heavy-duty shocks. Heavy-duty shocks adjust according to the weight load and provide a smoother experience when carrying the loads.
  • Automatic level-control shocks: Designed especially for luxury vehicles, the automatic level-control shocks have an in-built air pump that activates to provide a balanced weight distribution for trucks, cars, and vans that carry the load. To be more precise, the air pump adds pressure to the shocks according to the weight load to provide balanced and smoother driving.
  • Overload shocks: Shocks that have a spring coil attached to the outer surface of the shock cylinder are called overload shocks. Also known as coil-over shocks, the coils attached to the cylinder tunes the reflex actions of the shocks and provide a leisurely trip on off-roads such as rocky mountain paths.
  • Air shocks: Air shocks are manual compared to other shocks and are more relevant to the automatic level-control shocks. The difference is that, in air shocks, the driver must manually pump air to dampen the shocks according to the weight load.

As mentioned above, there are a variety of different shocks, and each specified for different purposes. Choosing the right shock is more critical according to the driver’s preferences.

02. Driving conditions

Driving conditions impact the shocks drastically. For example, a standard or a gas shock is the best choice if driving along the streets and highway.

On the other hand, if a driver wants shocks for rough terrains such as snow or dessert rides, Heavy-duty or overload shocks can do the magic.

Ultimately, getting shocks according to the landscape that the vehicle will travel can positively impact the driving experience.

Also, keeping weather in mind is essential for choosing shocks for the vehicle.

Different shocks specialize in different weather patterns. Some shocks are meant for driving along cold regions, whereas some are not considered for winters.

03. Material and durability

Even though the desired shock absorber can provide an overall comfortable ride and superior controls, if the shock needs to be changed now and then, it can have a negative impact on the vehicle.

Thus, choosing the suitable material for the shocks is essential to activate a shock’s full potential.

Shock absorbers are designed around two significant materials. The materials are:

  • Steel: Cheaper in price, the steel shocks are heavier, and the installation process is complex. Service life of the steel absorbers is short.
  • Aluminium: The price of aluminium shocks is costlier than steel absorbers. On the contrary, aluminium absorbers are lightweight, and the installation process is more straightforward than steel absorbers. Also, the service life of aluminium absorbers is longer.

The price of the shock absorbers

The price of an absorber is as essential as the performance, compatibility, and the absorber’s material.

As mentioned above about the cheaper and costlier absorber, you must understand and know why you need the absorber and choose according to the budget allocated.

If the budget is low, then selecting a steel absorber is best. However, if you are willing to spend more to have a long-lasting absorber, aluminium is the right choice.

Choosing the right brand

As we have already given a detailed analysis of our top picks for the best shocks for Dodge Dakota, each brand has its specifications and designs.

According to the specification and the preference considering the vehicle’s terrains, choosing the correct brand can have a massive positive impact.

Also, keeping in mind the amount of load the car should carry and understanding the positives and negatives of the shock absorbers is mandatory.

For example, a brand can produce shocks that can withstand colder weather temperatures. Whereas another brand can help create more damping force and may not be suitable for colder weather.

So, understanding the specifications of the brand is the first essential step towards buying the shock absorbers.

FAQ’s of Best shocks for Dodge Dakota 4×4 

01. When should I replace worn shocks or struts?

According to replacing a worn shock absorber or strut with a new and best shocks for Dodge Dakota 4×4, we must consider four major points, they are:

  • Restoring the car/truck’s designed performance (After 50,000 miles)
  • If a car/truck starts to have an excessive control condition (Body roll)
  • If there is a failed unit in the vehicle (Tyre cupping or leaking of hydraulic fluids)
  • To upgrade the performance and to have a smoother ride.

02. What is the cause of a vehicle producing clunking noises, even after installing shocks/struts?

Most common cause for a vehicle to produce clunking noises after installing the shocks/struts is improper mounting.

Always check the mounted parts of the shocks for any improper support. In some cases, the mounting would be worn out and can harm the shocks/struts of the vehicle.

However, in some cases, the mount connecting the shocks to the car may not be tight enough to hold the shocks in the initial position, making it move while driving, producing clunking noises.

03. What is the difference between monotube and twin-tube shock absorbers?

Whenever we purchase a new car, the twin-tube is the standard/default shock initially in-built with the vehicle. Now let us understand the difference between a twin-tube and a monotube shock:


  • Twin-tube shocks: It is more cost-effective compared to monotube shocks. If the vehicle is designed to travel on an everyday basis for standard routine trips, Twin-tube shocks are more compatible.
  • Monotube shocks: Monotube shocks are considered as an upgrade to the shock system of a vehicle.The Monotube shocks are expensive compared to twin-tube shocks and can provide a quicker response rate with no fade damage due to aeration. Also, Monotube shock absorbers adjust automatically based on the weight load and the performance for a smoother ride. Another advantage of monotube shocks is, it can drastically increase the stability and handling of the vehicle without interfering with comfort.


04. What is the difference between aftermarket KYB components and original equipment KYB?

Aftermarket KYB is built on the same assembly lines as the original equipment KYB.

The aftermarket KYB is calibrated to replace the worn suspension components in the shock absorbers and restore the vehicle to its actual handling and braking.

Moreover, the aftermarket KYB consists of monotube shocks that drastically improve the performance of the car. On the other hand, the original equipment KYB is designed to meet the needs of OEM specifications.

05. What is the difference between struts and shock absorbers?

When the upper arm of the suspension part is replaced, it is called struts. Struts of a vehicle also act as a pivot point on the steering.

Additional component that is added to the suspension and the car’s steering is called shock absorbers. Although they have the same features and uses, these are the significant differences in shocks and struts.

06. Why is it necessary to replace worn shocks or struts?

By definition, Shocks and struts are used to enhance performance and maintain stability in a vehicle.

Primary use of shocks and struts is to level the vehicle’s body during possible bumps, stops, and turns while always maintaining contact with the tire and the road.

If the shock absorbers or struts start to wear, the possible effects on the vehicle are:

  • Vehicle becomes unbalanced and unstable.
  • Responsiveness of the steering is drastically reduced.
  • Grips on the tire start to fade.
  • 23% of the stopping ability of the vehicle is reduced.


Lifetime of a shock absorber or sturt is 50,000 miles. After the desired mile is reached, the shocks start to wear off.

The metal disc in-built in the shocks that flex for every movement start to fatigue over time. It is best to have routine checks and replace the shock absorbers if any leak or wear is noted.

07. Should you align the tires after replacing shocks or struts?

Aligning of the tires directly corresponds to the vehicle’s design. For Dodge Dakota, after installing the struts, the component automatically adjusts the alignment of the tires.

Although, it is not the same for all vehicles. For some vehicles, the alignment must be changed manually after replacing and installing shocks and struts.

08. Can a shock absorber be rebuilt?

Shock absorbers of a vehicle cannot be rebuilt or refilled. However, some shock absorbers allow people to fill the cartridges that are in-built in the shock absorber.

These specific shock absorbers can be identified by their hexagonal-shaped nut in the exterior body. Also, shocks contain oil and other gases, and replacing should be done only by a professional mechanic.

09. If a shock absorber or struts compressed by hand pressure mean they are weak?

Shock absorber’s durability and strength cannot be determined by compressing it with mere hands.

Force and speed of a vehicle while driving and the compression that the car produces outweighs the compression of hands.

Hence, the weakness of the shock absorber cannot be determined by the pressure that our hands make.


To have a smooth and comfortable ride in your Dodge Dakota, it is mandatory to choose the best shocks for Dodge Dakota 4×4.

A good shock absorber can increase performance and have a positive impact on the car’s body.

Although there are a massive variety of shocks available in the market, understanding the specific uses of each shock and upgrading according can be beneficial.

We genuinely hope that the guide is helpful for your searches for the best shocks for Dakota Dodge.

Detailed analysis of each of the best shock absorbers provides insights into which shock could be more compatible according to your preferences.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for the shock absorbers to wear. Make sure you start your replacements for used shocks with our extensive detailed guide. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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