10 Best Shocks For Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Reviews 2023(Expert’s Guide)

The best shocks for Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel is a must-have accessory if you are a dodge truck owner.

You may feel more comfortable having capacious to lift loads, reliable, and high-performance shocks.

Different shocks absorbers could fit with your dodge ram 2500 diesel 4WD truck quite easily. You should check them out!

Due to how terrible the roads that you may ply, your shock absorber may get ruined or become less effective.

This reduces the comfort that you may have already been used to when you drive the same roads.

Getting a replacement is all the fix you may need.

However, the wrong replacement could get you back to where you started in no time.

If you want an effective shock absorber, gives you comfort, and yet looks good on your truck, you’re in luck.

There are top brands like Bilstein, Rancho, Daystar, and more for you.


Best Shocks For Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Reviews [Editor’s Choice]

Bilstein[Front Shock]
Bilstein[Gas Shock]
Bilstein 4600
Fox Racing
Bilstein 5100

What are the Best shocks for dodge ram 2500 diesel?

The Bilstein’s are the best shocks for dodge ram 2500 diesel. There are well known to be practical and durable products.

Why is Bilstein the best brand for Dodge Ram 2500 diesel?

The Bilstein has become one of those shock absorbers that make you a high-quality monotube design.

They also are velocity-sensitive and can adapt to the terrain quickly.

Top 10 Best Shocks For Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Reviews 

01. Bilstein 24-186063 Front Shock for Dodge Ram


Highlighted features:

  • Uses a monotube design.
  • Made to be velocity-sensitive.
  • Improved riding comfort.
  • Has a digressive piston.
  • Adapts to the road condition.

The Bilstein 24-186063 shock absorber provides the users with the right amount of smoothness and usability that is needed from an absorber.

You also get the most out of it as it has properties that make it highly durable.

With an extra coating around its metal parts, you are sure that when you ply wet areas without facing the effects of corrosion.

You don’t have to battle rust from cutting through the absorber. It also stops the effects of fading from happening.

The Bilstein 24-186063 shock absorber also has a digressive piston embedded in its design.

Whenever you are driving and the road type changes, the shock absorber does the same.

It finds a way to adapt to the new terrain, giving you a smooth ride no matter where you are.

This is one shocker absorber that is made to be velocity-sensitive. This feature makes use of a transmission rule.

The more your springs are engaged on a rough turf, the stronger the shock absorber works.

You don’t need any form of modification when you purchase this shock absorber.

It has a direct fitment that makes it easy to install into your dodge ram 2500 diesel.


  • Makes it easier to drive through.
  • Gives the driver better handling.
  • Promises users durability
  • Offers optimal performance.


  • Becomes floaty once bumpy.

02. Bilstein 5100 Set of Monotube Gas Shock Absorbers.


Highlighted features:

  • Looks excellent and rustproof.
  • Mounting bolts are re-useable.
  • Gas-charged monotube technology.
  • Made for the dodge ram 2500 diesel.
  • Offers a life-long operation.

The first thing you would notice once you start using the Bilstein 5100 monotube shock absorber is how it handles unconducive temperature.

It has a heat dispersion technology built into the product. This helps to regular when the shocks are overheating.

Bilstein 5100 is one shock absorber that is strong enough to give your vehicle a smooth ride and more.

Dodge truck accessories built into the absorber can lift the cargo areas of your truck.

It also has a way of damping off-road trails and promises a calm and efficient ride while on your trip.

“While you have this shock absorber installed, it is important that you monitor the front installments are they may get out of line sometimes.”

However, the Bilstein 5100 offers you at least fifty-percent more stability, smoothness, and even maneuverability.

You also have the package coming with all the hardware that you need for the installation process.

With this, mounting them becomes as easy as it can get.

As a plus, the bolts that come from the factory can be re-useable.

Yet, you should check if they are still of the right quality. Generally, they promise you the best quality that you can get.


  • Offers users durability.
  • Helps heat dispersion.
  • Works on mountain trails.
  • Uses an intuitive installation.


  • Front absorbers need monitoring.

03. Rancho RS5000X Gas Shocks set – 03-12 Dodge


Highlighted features:

  • Made for 2-3 inches front lift systems.
  • Works with 4WD trucks.
  • Comes with washers and bushings.
  • The following package can be re-used.
  • Includes the installation kit.

The Rancho RS5000X has four hardware installment that comes with the package.

Here you have shocks that work on both the r front area and the rears of your truck.

So, if you want something that saves you the cost of getting separate absorbers for each region, then you can try it out.

While plying through the highways, paved streets, or any road that you use your truck, this creates some sort of leverage for your vehicle.

It offers a three inches lift at the front of the vehicle, while on the rear side, it provides a two inches lift as well.

With this, you can smoothly navigate through challenging places more easily.

“As much as this is a very effective shock absorber, this may not last as long as others may last. If used under intense conditions, then you may need more frequent replacements.”

The Rancho RS5000X is one shock absorber that caters to the long-term. Bolts and other things that are used in installing them can be used more than once.

Note, the quality remains intact, and so is the integrity of the hardware.


  • Gives a lift on dual fronts.
  • Has all you need for installation.
  • Bolts are re-useable.
  • Improves the vehicle’s outlook.


  • Installation may be complicated.
  • Not very durable.
  • Could be a bit stiff.

04. Monroe 34777 Gas-Magnum Truck Shock Absorber


Highlighted features:

  • Increased vehicle handling.
  • Improved steering response (30% more).
  • Made fade resistant.
  • Comes with suitable hardware.
  • Caters for the rear and front shocks.

In a bid to give you versatility, the Monroe 3477 was designed to serve as a replacement for both a monotube or twin-tube installment.

However, if you want a shock absorber that is effective on a dodge ram 2500 diesel, then you can try this out.

While taking in all the shock that a bumpy terrain may bring your way, this does even more than that.

It helps you get better control when you are on shaky grounds by offering at least thirty-percent more steering response.

The Monroe 3477 is made to withstand the harmful effects of driving in the rain or any form of moisture.

It is coated with a grey painting that serves as a form of protection. This also saves it from fading quite quickly.

“Note, this is one shock absorber that requires you to use a leveling jack. This is because it may be a bit stiff when installing and sometimes while you drive.”

Well, the Monroe 3477 has a higher gas pressure and a few more unique properties.

This makes it stable when you are on shaky grounds.

It is also a shock absorber that caters to both the rear and front areas of your vehicle.


  • Promises user versatility.
  • Offers better performance.
  • Increases vehicle response.
  • Smoothens the terrain.


  • Requires a level jack.
  • Needs a professional.

05. Daystar, Dodge Ram 2″ Leveling Kit with two shocks


Highlighted Features:

  • Front and rear shock absorbers.
  • Enables load-carrying capacity.
  • No metal-to-metal clash.
  • Improves ground clearance.
  • Front leveling lift.

One of the Daystar Dodge Ram’s significant features is that it has a leveling lift fixed into the front of the absorber.

This helps keep your vehicle up when driving through bumpy terrain.

Since the front of the vehicle is what faces the surface head-on, this keeps it protected.

The front lift is designed to give as much as two inches of leverage to your vehicle.

There is also one contained in the kit that is meant to handle the vehicle’s rear parts.

With Daystar, you are getting a full package that promises all-round protection.

Unlike you would find with traditional shock absorbers with leveling capacity, this one protects you from any metal to metal contact.

When you have this installed into your dodge ram 250 diesel, you are equipped with a noiseless shock absorber.

Also, the metal doesn’t wear out quickly due to friction.

“Even with its amazing qualities, this shock absorber is not one that you can conveniently use for an off-road package.”

Yet, you would find this particular product convenient to improve your ground clearance and add up to 20-22 inches of the wheel.

This is done without dampening the ride’s ability or general quality.


  • Provides good clearance.
  • Promises a noiseless operation.
  • Helps to lift the vehicle.


  • Hard to install without experts.
  • Takes time to fix.

06. Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers


Highlighted Features:

  • Uses a bolt-on fitment.
  • Has a monotube technology
  • Comes with extra hardware.
  • Made for the dodge ram 2500.
  • Uses a distinct valving system.

The Bilstein shocks are one remarkable series of shocks that do work well on the dodge ram 2500 diesel.

The 4600 series has a unique gas pressure system that stops even the toughest of terrains from ruining your truck’s frame.

This is one shock system that gives you a convenient grip when driving.

With this, your truck remains relatively stable, especially when you require the lane stability feature.

So, if you want a double package that absorbs the shock and yet keeps you going without losing control.

“Yet, even with its perfect absorbing features that work on both paved streets and highways, it doesn’t work for the off-road trip. You may notice that this can handle loads of strains, but those off-road trips could get it ruined”

The Bilstein has a digressive valving system to give you the fantastic compatibility feature with your highways and paved streets.

Combined with the vulcanized neoprene rubber bushings, this boosts the absorber’s construction, making it quality.

You can regard this as one of the best shocks for dodge ram 2500 diesel.

Built specifically for the dodge ram 2500 diesel, it doesn’t require any modification when installing.

It has a bolt-on feature that enables this feature.


  • Keeps the vehicle stable.
  • Easy installation.
  • Helps the steering.
  • Absorbs shocks impressively.


  • Doesn’t works well, off-road.

07. Fox 2.0 Performance Shock Set


Highlighted Features:

  • Uses the monotube design.
  • Applies the IFP technology.
  • Uses the 1-inch lift at the rear.
  • Has a 2-inch front lift.
  • Makes use of a long-range valve.

The Fox 2.0 is known for its unique and reliable system that would well as a shock absorber.

It comes with an excellent shock dampening system.

This makes sure that your vehicle has a smooth operation no matter the road it plies. The fox 2.0 is known to be effective on either a highway trip or an off-shock trip.

This shock’s effectiveness is enabled by its aluminum body frame, which creates a lot of resistance against the wrong elements.

The other components of the shock absorber are built with high-quality and precise metal design.

It also has cooling features that naturally regulate the shock and prevents it from overheating.

With the Internal Floating Piston Technology (IFP), the monotube design that helps keep the gas chamber safe from oil.

The separation of oil from the gas chamber also ensures that there is no form of aeration problem, and it has a better valving system.

In the long run, you get better absorption, and this piece tends to last a lot longer on your vehicle.

The Fox 2.0 comes in an effective system that elevates the truck one inch at the rear and two inches at the front.

This gets your vehicle looking clean and yet with the right system.


  • Looks good on the vehicle.
  • Easy to install.
  • Offers durability.
  • Super lightweight.


  • A bit pricey.

08. Skyjacker N8091 Softride Nitro Shock Absorber


Highlighted Features:

  • Comes built with a twin-tube.
  • Has Polyurethane bushings
  • Uses an anti-corrosion coating.
  • Has a Multi-Stage Velocity Sensitive valve.
  • Comes with a double-chromed hardened rod.

Unlike the regular monotube shock absorbers that have been on the list, the Skyjacker N8091 makes use of a twin-tube.

This entails that you have access to two absorbers at a time for your shock, making them reliable and even more durable.

To ensure that you have the smoothest rides despite the kind of road, the twin-tube build initiates a Multi-stage Velocity Sensitive Valving.

This sucks in all the effects of the obstacles and makes the absorbers super useful.

This absorber helps you get on the trickiest hills or even the flattest highways, and then it would still smoothen out the terrain.

They are also really durable shock absorbers, and it has an impressive five to eight diameter in the rod.

This covers your vehicle. You also get a double chromed component that has a hardened surface, which is suitable to withstand intense use without wearing out.

The Skyjacker is convenient for use even with the polyurethane bushing and is coated with a finish that fights off corrosion.

This guarantees that moisture doesn’t cause the metal parts to get rusted. If you are also on a budget, then this is a great option.


  • Aids stability and handling.
  • Makes the surface exponentially smooth.
  • Pretty affordable.
  • Made to fight corrosion.


  • No substantial disadvantage.

09. Bilstein 5100 Shocks Front Pair for 94-13


Highlighted features:

  • Holds tight when tightened.
  • More stability to the truck.
  • Works on a 4WD truck.
  • Requires a wrench.
  • Offers a 2.5 inches lift.

The Bilstein front shock is one that gives you something that you can use no matter the road you want to ply.

Plus, it gives it a better look, therefore improving how your vehicle looks in general after installation.

The front shock absorber also has a lift that keeps it elevated from the ground.

You are offered as much as 2.5 inches leverage off the ground while retaining the main strength of the vehicle itself.

While doing this, you are provided even more stability when plying rough places.

“When installing this shock absorber, the parts stay unmoved as you bolt it into the vehicle. Yet, you would need the skills of a professional, making it hard to install on your own.”

This is one absorbing installment that promises to stay tightly glued to your vehicle no matter what it faces.


  • Makes the rides smoother.
  • Gives the vehicle a new look.
  • Helps elevate the vehicle.
  • Installs tightly.


  • Only front shocks available.
  • Difficult to install.

10. KYB KG54103 Gas-a-Just Gas Shock Absorber.


Highlighted features:

  • More damping performance.
  • Increased gas pressure.
  • Adapts to load changes.
  • High performing monotube.
  • Uses a hydraulic unit.

The KYB Gas-a-Just monotube shock absorber uses the remarkable twin-tube technology, which displaces the monotube design.

With this, you are offered more power on your shock to give you an improved driving experience.

When switching between terrains, these shock absorbers notices and work based on that.

The performance remains, and the ride is still as comfortable as ever, and it doesn’t fade out. The lack of fade-out is enabled by aeration.

With a heightened level of gas pressure, it also gives you more control and stability while on the road.

This is noticeable around the floating gas area, which is just by a floating piston on the absorber.

It has two chambers, and while one handles the valve area to create responsiveness, the other functions as an air-hydraulic piston.

With this, you also have twenty-five percent more damping performance.


  • Keeps the air clean.
  • Offers extra-control.
  • Responds instantly to the vehicle.
  • Uses two different chambers.


  • May loose fitting after a while.

Best Shocks For Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel: Buyer’s Consideration

Before you place an order for a shock absorber for your Dodge Ram 2500 diesel, you must know what you are looking for.

This would help ensure that you purchase the best shocks for dodge ram 2500 diesel and not regret the purchase.

So, here are the things you should consider before buying a shock for your truck:


This is one consideration that should be on your lip as a buyer.

Shocks do not come free, and you would need actual money to get one for your vehicle.

Without the right amount of cash, you may be stuck or steal into the wrong fund.

Even when you have successfully avoided that, you may be set back a while after buying a shock that is beyond your means.

So, as a buyer, it is crucial that you make a gauge of how much you can comfortably spend.

Once you have a clear understanding of this, then you can head on to get one that is within your range.

Now, there are several products on the market, and if you know where to look, you will get one for a lot lesser.


The goal of getting a shock absorber in the first place is to have one that works well in giving you a smooth ride.

Well, if the shock absorber you are about to purchase doesn’t offer just that, then you may have made a mistake.

But the question may be how to know a functional shock absorber.

A functional shock absorber is capable of taking your vehicle past rough and tough terrains with minimal impact.

This means that it controls the bounce of your vehicle and elevates the front and rear surfaces to make it go through the area quite quickly.

Several systems enable this feature in a shock absorber. It could be its velocity or whatever.

But all that matters is that the one you get as a replacement does the job of a standard shock absorber or more.


Next on the list of things to be considered is durability. This entails how well it can take intense use and its general threshold.

When you are about to get one for your jeep, it is vital that it is coated to protect the metal parts from moisture and getting rusted quite easily.

Since almost all shock absorbers are made with metal parts, you must get them protected.

A rusted shock absorber could get ripped off when going through challenging roads.

There is also some shock absorber that possesses a unique feature.

This feature enables the shock absorber to take in the road’s strain and uses it to make the absorber stronger.

This is a rare feature, but you should look out for it when making your shock absorber purchase.


This is one property that you would easily find on the Bilstein shock absorbers and a few others in this review.

Adaptability, in this case, entails the ability for your shock absorber to notice a change in terrain and then change its function as well to make the right still comfortable.

For example, if you started off your journey on a paved street and then you are to turn to a highway, your shock shouldn’t suffer.

With the right absorber, it would get in tune with the new terrain you have just switched to and ensure your dodge ram 2500 diesel is well protected.

Adaptability is an important feature that is expected of a shock absorber, so you might want to consider one of such.


Last on the list is how much control the shock absorber offers you.

When going through bumpy roads, it is expected that your vehicle begins to have a bit of a jump and becomes shaky.

At this point, your vehicle could be plunged if you are not careful or strong enough to hold it down.

Well, with the right shock absorber in place, you would still be able to retain stability all through this process.

So, check out the absorbers available and then ensure it is the right one with the right qualities.

FAQ’s About The Best Shocks For Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel

What differentiates the Bilstein 4600 and 5100?

The Bilstein shocks are reliable shock absorbers that are available for users of the dodge ram 2500 diesel.

However, you may wonder what makes them stand out and what they both have to offer since they are all made from the same brand.

Well, the major difference between the two absorbers is in their finish.

They both have different colors, and the 5100 series are more enabled to lift your vehicle than their counterparts.

They may look so much alike to you, but this is one thing that you would notice when you start using either of them.

Either way, neither of them falls short of being the best shocks for dodge ram 2500 diesel.

Is it possible to replace the shocks myself?

If you are a mechanic, you are more than equipped to change your dodge ram 2500 diesel shocks.

All you would require is to purchase the absorber and then get on with fixing it to your vehicle.

If you are just a regular user, then you can work something out.

With little effort and the right amount of consideration, you should know what to look for when installing the unit.

This would ensure that you don’t do the wrong thing and end up spoiling it up.

Remember, fixing up your shock absorber needs the right level of precision and that you have the needed knowledge.  If you cannot get this personally, endeavor to involve a certified mechanic.

Do new shocks help my ride?

Shock absorbers are just any other accessories that you would need in the car.

They provide you a lot of things to aid your comfort at all times.

So, with a new but effective shock absorber, your comfort is promised when even you tread on tough plains.

Most times, they have a lift that takes the vehicle a bit higher from the ground.

This helps keep it safe from rocks that would ruin that area. Some lift the diesel for as much as two inches.

Others are as much as three inches high.

The struts and shocks of your shock absorber. You can have your vehicle from bouncing off the right track.

How do you identify bad shock absorbers?

First of all, some signs indicate the shock absorber is worn out and requires a replacement.

Once you can identify these particular features, then you can avoid going on a ride with the dodge ram 2500 diesel.

Well, here are some of the warnings sign of a bad shock absorber:

  • The device is no longer stable when used at regular highway speed.
  • When you notice that the vehicle has begins tilting.
  • The exterior front end of the absorber begins diving to one side.
  • When accelerated, the rear-end loves to squat.
  • The tires wear out more quickly.
  • The tires bounce up and down etc.
  • Do this as a way of protecting the mass.
  • Leaking out fluids outside the shocks.

Once you have noticed either of these signs on your shock absorber, then you can be certain that it needs change.

Take note, do not go out on a tough road when you have a broken or faulty shock absorber.

How far out can a shock absorber go?

As a certainty, you can never know for sure how far out or how many miles that your dodge ram 2500 diesel can go.

Yet, it is estimated to go for as far out as 50,000 to 100,000 miles.

This is enough miles, and one day, you would be sure to sell the vehicle and get a good price for it.

This is a general representation, and they do not necessarily mean that you have to follow through with the estimate.

There is some highly durable shock absorber that could give you better mileage power.

Is it important to change them all absorbers at a time?

When changing out a broken or faulty shock absorber, it is important that you change the remaining three if possible.

This would help you escape a lot of the things that would taint the balance of your vehicle.

With just one healthy shock absorber, you may be stuck with unstable and unreliable absorbers at other parts.

This creates more problems than it already served for not fixing everything up at the same time.

So, save yourself the extra problems and then get your vehicle as functional as ever with the full change.

Final Words

Picking out the best shock for dodge ram 2500 diesel can be a whole lot easier with the right information.

Knowing their exact qualities and what they offer you is a plus that makes your replacement worth your while.

If there ever comes a time that you need to change the shock of your truck, then check out this review and choose the one you appreciate most.

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