Top 7 Best Shocks for Jeep XJ Review: Buying Guide[2023]

Having to work through rough road terrains requires the best shocks for Jeep Xj and equal intensity in its components.

This determines how well your Vehicle would face any surface that is plied at each moment.

With shocks, all of this is covered, and you can have a smoother ride.


Best Shocks for Jeep XJ [Top Comparison]

Bilstein[Rear shocks]
Monroe 58594
Fox Racing
Rancho[Gas Shocks]
Bilstein[Mountable shock]
Rubicon Express

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However, a shock is indeed an essential part of the Vehicle, but there are exceptions. The wrong one would take up space in the Vehicle and still put the Vehicle at risk.

From Bilstein to Fox 2.0, to Rancho and many more are suitable for this position.

Top 7 Best Shocks for Jeep XJ Review

01. Bilstein 33-151663 6″ Lift Rear Shock


Highlighted features:

  • Has a monotube shock.
  • Low fade design.
  • Digressive valving system.
  • Impressive performance.
  • Chrome hardened case.

The Bilstein 33-151663 is a six inches lift shock that is suitable for the Jeep XJ.

It comes as one of the top-rated shock absorbers that improve the riding experience.

With the help of a monotube embedded in this system, it keeps the temperature of the Vehicle under control.

Along with the Bilstein shock comes a large piston diameter.

Feature of Bilstein helps you achieve a better driving control and handling experience once installed.

The valving is 46mm in diameter and digressive enough as it is patented.

This would help the shocks readily react to any road that is plied.

With this, whenever you are driving and the surface changes, the shock keeps the vehicle stable.

These shocks make use of a split compression that is coupled with a rebound valving system.

With this, you can get your Vehicle to match whatever application you have.

It is also polished, and the case is hardened to protect it from moisture at all times. This makes it rust-free and able to last a while.

When it comes to installation, you do not require the help of extra tools and more expertise.

This saves you the additional cost of hiring a professional and saves time as well.


  • Offers a cooler shock operation.
  • Comes with a split compression.
  • Has a super-polished rod.
  • Durable components.


  • A bit too pricey.

02. Monroe 58594 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber


Highlighted features:

  • Shocks adjust to the road.
  • Entirely displaced valving system.
  • More driving control.
  • Minimal friction.
  • Improves the riding impression.

If you always wanted more comfort when driving your Jeep XJ, then this shock is a step in the right direction.

It has a unique valving system that changes in real-time. This means that it adapts to whatever road change happens while driving.

“Still, when installing this absorber you may meet with problems as they come without compression. So, you would need to compress the two shocks before you get them set on Your Vehicle.”

Compressions mean that the shock has all the necessary things to work with a heightened level of suspension.

To make driving seem like you’re in control at all times, the Monroe puts on extra weight. With the addition of 1.1K pounds, this feature is enabled.

The Monroe 58594 is also one of the best shocks for jeep XJ as it controls friction while driving.

The goal of this is to create a smooth and less bumpy ride when going through rough terrains.

This makes the Monroe an impressive addition to your Jeep.

So, for a comfortable, good-looking, yet functional shock absorber of your Jeep XJ, then the Monroe is a good one.

It also promises durability and ensures your driving experience is remarkable.


  • Improves driving experience.
  • Controls driving friction.
  • Adapts to a road change.
  • Works on the Jeep XJ.


  • Comes without compression

03. Fox 2.0 Performance Shock Rear


Highlighted Feature:

  • Aluminum alloy frame.
  • Rebuildable chock system.
  • Can be recharged with nitrogen gas.
  • Nuts and bushings included.
  • Compatible with Jeep XJ.

With this Fox shocks Jeep XJ, you get all the required bushings, nuts, and washers.

This means all the necessary parts for installation comes with the package. It saves the cost of buying an installation kit or hiring a technician to fix up the shock.

For durability, the body is made with an aluminum seamless alloy material.

Explicitly chosen to be two inches thick, it can successfully withstand intense use and get through rough terrains without being ripped apart.

The shocks also allow to be rebuilt, and you can also recharge it. For recharging, it can be done with the help of nitrogen gas.

Well, the chocks are not all that are reusable. The factory mounting bolts that come with the shock work over again. It may only need to be oiled before being installed, but it could work well.


  • Comes with a thick aluminum frame.
  • Has reusable parts.
  • Can be recharged with nitrogen gas.
  • Comes with an installation kit.


  • Roost shields and boots are unavailable.

04. Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set


Highlighted Features:

  • Minimal fading.
  • Improved spring rate.
  • Comes with an installation set.
  • Off-roading qualities.
  • Gas pressured shocks.

With the Rancho RS5000X, there comes a reliable suspension for the jeep XJ at all times.

As a lift shock, it comes with a set of two tubes that improves the driving experience.

It comes with the RS55239 in pairs as well as an RS55241 that is paired to give optimum protection.

This saves the entire cost of always purchasing a new shock for each need.

The extra goes to ensure that the shock can be fixed since it comes with more than one.

“Sadly, the shock is not monotube and finds it’s hard to function as one compared to others on this review.”

The good news is that it comes with all the installation nuts, bushings, and washers are included in this package.

You can finally set to fix this shock from start to finish with just a single purchase with more value.

For the sake of durability, the Rancho doesn’t allow excessive oil to mix with air.

This helps keep the shock maintained and brings down the level at which it would fade out.

In addition to this, they are also gas-pressurized, and it leads to a sort of boost, which then guarantees a great experience.

It also has a 2-1/4-inch frame that is great at taking away stress in the shock and even makes it suitable for off-roading trips.


  • Offers users minimal fading.
  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • Helps achieve a better driving experience.
  • Works when used on off-roading trips.


  • Doesn’t come as a monotube.

05. Bilstein (24-010467) 46mm Monotube Shock Absorber


Highlighted feature:

  • Tightens up the Vehicle.
  • Direct fit on the Jeep XJ.
  • Enable a smooth ride.
  • Suspends without a lift.
  • Made for the Jeep XJ.

The Bilstein (24-010467) 46mm Monotube shock absorber is one product that was designed with considerations for the Jeep XJ.

The fittings, size, diameter, and other properties can efficiently work on the Jeep without needing any sort of modification.

The goal of a shock absorber is to give you complete suspension while driving.

This then translates to a smoother ride when going through irregular surfaces.

With the Bilstein (24-010467) 46mm Monotube shock absorber, you can suspend your Vehicle without stress.

Unlike most models that are not readily able to use, this doesn’t require any sort of coupling.

From the packaging, the shock has already pre-assembled and ready to use.

All that you need at this point is to screw tight into the region designed for shock absorbers patiently.

“However,  there are a few reviews about this and it can be hard determining if there’s been a bad experience below.”

The design also has enough diameter to give you a great driving experience.

It is also durable as the metal used in producing the shocks are made from high-quality aluminum.

They do not bend easily, and they don’t get knocked out so quickly while you are drunk.


  • Made to be durable.
  • Has an impressive diameter.
  • Doesn’t require coupling.
  • Works on uneven roads.


  • Not many reviews.

06. Rubicon Express SK010645RXJ 4.5″-5.5″ Monotube Shock


Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in a set.
  • Works for off-roading trips.
  • Offers more lift (5.5 inches).
  • Made to fit.
  • Looks good on the Jeep.

With the Rubicon express, you are guaranteed a reliable monotube shock that works on the Jeep XJ.

There wouldn’t be a need for any modifications or re-arrangements as they are made to fit this Jeep with this shock initially.

“However, this may not be a very popular purchase as there are few reviews on the product generally.”

 When it comes to lifting the Vehicle, it gives enough ground space to make whatever trip possible.

Space is almost six inches, which means certain areas are commonly problematic but kept from the ground.

It also comes with a comprehensive set of all required throughout the transition from one shock to another.

Covering the needs of the rear aspect of the Jeep and the front area of the Vehicle.

This automatically saves the cost of having more than one purchase on the same Jeep.

Designed with one of the best components available for a shock, it is an excellent sight to be seen regularly when driving around.

It is important to note that the Rubicon Express with star comes with a suitable framework and functionality.

Having been designed to work on off-roading trips, the Rubicon is built rugged and with the highest grade of aluminum.

With all of this, you are assured of a shock that can last a while without needing a replacement.


  • Comes excellently for off-roading.
  • Included a complete set of shocks.
  • Looks good on the Jeep.
  • Offers a significant suspension.


  • No tangible cons right now.

07. Bilstein 5100 Series Monotube Shock Absorbers


Highlighted Features:

  • Complete set of tubes.
  • Has a deflective disc.
  • Works for intense hauling.
  • Has super damping abilities.
  • Great street ride

The Bilstein 5100 shock absorber is a monotube design that caters to the Vehicle’s front and rear regions.

It has two tubes, and anyone can use it to make a complete makeover for your shock absorber.

When it comes to saving the purchase cost, this is one product that takes the lead with the different tubes that work for both front and rear positions.

So, instead of getting a new product, the set caters to all of that without more money.

Since the Jeep is a lifted one, it works well with this shock. It is also a high gas pressure that makes it provide users with a smoother ride by increasing its efficiency.

The Bilstein 5100 series also comes with a super damping ability.

With the help of this feature, it can comfortably function for heavy hauling purposes.

Occasionally, you can also use this to go on off-roading trips. In all of this, it still looks good as a remarkable property of a fashionable street ride.

Considering its valving system is another essential part of the Bilstein shock absorber.

It has a self-adjusting deflective disc in the valving system. This enables the shock to change and quickly adapt to newer roads while driving.

For the sake of flexibility, it has a 46mm digressive piston that allows it to move with the road and your vehicle.

If you require one of the most functional and good looking shocks that could work on the Jeep XJ, this would be a suitable choice.


  • Comes with a great valving system.
  • Looks good on the shock.
  • Gives room for heavy hauling.
  • Makes use of high gas pressure.


  • Not the best reliable.

How To Pick Best Shocks for Jeep XJ: Buying Guide

Getting the right and best shocks for Jeep XJ doesn’t have to pose a problem for you.

There are certain things that you would need to consider before making a choice.

In this section, some of these factors that should engineer a purchase would be highlighted. Check them out below:


This is the essential factor that should be considered is how much money is available to you in cash.

You could use several shocks with the Jeep XJ, and they all are priced separately.

Picking the most expensive doesn’t guarantee that the shock would be the most reliable or functional purchase.

So, when picking out a shock, you should understand your price limit that your money can go without running into debts.

From this list, you can now pick up the best functional and the one with the best reviews and ratings.

This post is some of the inexpensive and yet available shocks that can give you a great driving experience.

With the information that has been provided, you can finally make the right choice for your current budget.

Shock diameter:

The diameter of a shock is essential when choosing the one used on your Jeep XJ.

This guarantees the level of suspension that would be provided by the shock when faced with the wrong situations.

Typically, the more diameter that you get with the shock, the more suspension you are assured.

This would help keep the Jeep up when driving through any road that is normally not liable.

With this, you have the best protection available for the Jeep XJ for your shock.

However, if you have one with a lesser diameter, then it would give you less weight.

This may be a good thing when you intend to have a light weighing Vehicle in the long run.

But, when it comes to your Vehicle’s suspension, this doesn’t do justice.

The jeep XP would not be able to ply through terrains with terrible surfaces without getting ruined in the process.

An example of a product in this review that has a good diameter is the Bilstein 33-151663.

This makes it the top-rated shock that is compatible with a Jeep XJ. As one of the Jeep XJ’s best riding shocks, the product should be considered during purchase.

Process of Installation:

Installation is an important part of getting any shock to work on your Jeep Xj.

This determines how much cost would be saved as well as how much time would be spent.

For example, a shock that can be fixed directly without needing prof4essionals would save the cost of hiring a professional mechanic.

There are not many products on the market that promise instant installation.

So, it is important to check out for those that fall into this category at all times.

Also, check for what comes with the package during the purchase.

There are some that would require that you purchase an installation kit separately, and some don’t.

Those that come with an installation kit makes it cheaper to get the shock installed into your vehicle.

So, check out for bushings, nuts, and washers before making a choice of a shock.

Another advantage of this is if the components are re-useable.

This means you can use the components on other shocks whenever you want to change the old shocks.

Or you could also uninstall and install it using the same installation kit at such an instance.

The durability of the shock:

Having to replace a shock frequently means it was not good for you in the first place.

A good and suitable shock should last a considerable amount of time in use.

Another thing a wrong purchase would need frequent replacements, thereby costing you more money in the long run.

The most reliable material used in the production of a shock is high-grade aluminum.

They can withstand corrosion, which causes them to rust. Since rust is one of the major problems of metal frames, the high-grade aluminum takes out that problem.

So, when going for a shock that works on the Jeep XJ, take one that is durable enough and made of high-quality material.


Finally, you need to consider what you will use the shock in achieving and the roads that your Jeep plies frequently.

If it works on more intense terrains, then your choice of shock should be made the road and be rugged as well.

The first thing is to understand all roads surrounding your region and know how much you can get.

If you live in areas where the roads are bad or bumpy, then go for one with more lift than others.

It suspends the Vehicle and ensures that nothing gets to the frame while my money continues.


Suppose you are one that loves it when all the components are well-arranged and good looking on your Vehicle, then this is it.

There are just a few things that would be arranged, and then the shock can be installed into your Jeep XF.

With all of this, even when going through impossible terrains, there is still a touch of style.

In this post, there are several examples of shocks that look good and highly functional.

So, before making your final choice of a shock, you have to be sure that the look is something that you can deal with.

Best Shocks for Jeep Cherokee XJ: Most Online Queries

How soon should a shock be changed?

When determining the life span of a shock, it is reliant on several factors.

Just as stated in the buyer’s consideration, the right material can assure you of a long-lasting shock.

Also, the intensity of the shock comes to play.

There are shocks that are made of high-quality aluminum. Others are made of lesser quality.

This plays a vital role in how long a shock would serve you.

If you don’t change a faulty shock, you will risk it failing you when going through bumpy roads.

However, averagely, it is estimated that a chock should serve for as much as 50,000 miles before it requires replacement.

Yet, you should check the manufacturer’s manual on what they have to say about the lifespan of their shock.

How do I detect a faulty shock in use?

Once a shock begins to wear out, there are signs that it begins to exhibit.

The moment you notice this, it is a sign that they have to be changed as soon as possible.

Firstly, you would begin to notice some sort of odd vibration coming from that region in your Jeep.

This means that the shock has become loose and needs to be fixed back or replaced entirely.

You should pay attention to such things and take action immediately.

Another thing that may be noticed is noise. Just as would be found in rickety vehicles, once the shock has lost its grip, it begins to produce noise.

This is unlike the nose that may have originally been part of the Vehicle before getting the shock.

Fluid leaking out of the area could also indicate that the shock is faulty and needs replacement.

The fluid would be noticed when your Jeep is parked, and the liquid is left behind on the region.

Another thing that could indicate that the shock is gone bad is when you notice an uneven tire thread.

Also, it may become a lot more difficult handling when braking and even give off a heightened level of stopping distance.

Paying attention to all of these fault indicators can make it easier to notice a faulty shock at the right time.

All that is required is that it gets changed, and the Jeep is well suspended once again.

What is the best shock for off-roading trips?

Choosing the best shocks for Jeep XJ off-roading trips are reliant on their usage.

Some shocks are specifically designed for off-roading trips like the Fox 2.0. So, it is advisable that you choose if you have to go by this review.

However, some other products could serve an equal purpose, and they are on the market.

A shock as the Bilstein 5100 set is a nice choice that could work for off-roading trips as well. It is designed to be rugged as well as reliable at all points.

So, the best for off-roading is available on different products and equally in this post.

Check out whatever shock you may find more appealing and use them for their off-roading purposes.

Can just any shock absorber work on the Jeep XJ?

Typically, some shocks are designed with certain vehicles in mind.

This would help ensure that it fits right in during installation and give the best result possible.

Considering the shocks for the Jeep XJ, there is no exemption.

Certain shock absorbers could function in this capacity, and they are designed for the Jeep XJ.

So, not just any shock can work with the Jeep as there are specific factors taken into consideration when making such a purchase.

How do I install the new shocks without needing a mechanic?

Installing the new shocks are not always easy if you have never done it before or have no idea how it works.

However, just a few basic information can help you become a mini professional at fixing up shocks.

The first thing to do is to check the package and know if it comes with an installation kit.

This should consist of the nuts, bushings, and washers that are needed in installation.

The next thing is to get a suitable jack that would help suspend the Jeep in the air.

With the leverage the suspension provides, then you can go about installing the shack.

This is as easy as screwing the process and tightening the nuts and washers to stay put.

You can use a screwdriver or whatever, as long as the nuts and others in ensuring they are tightly fixed.


Getting one of the best shocks for Jeep XJ can be a lot more easily right now.

With all the information provided, a buyer can now confidently go to the choice and make a fair trade.

This fair trade entails that the shock being purchased still overs and protects the Vehicle.

Therefore, this review is an easy way to choose a shock that serves. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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