Top 10 Best Subaru Head Gasket Reviews & Buying Guide In 2023

The best Subaru head gasket will ensure your engine functions properly. Subaru is one of the most outstanding automobile manufacturers globally, but there is always this joke about Subaru vehicles and how often the head gasket goes bad.

Subaru owners tend to blow up the head gasket after nearly 100,000 miles, and while the part is not as expensive, replacing it is sure a pain in the neck.

But if you’re willing to take on that job, you’ll surely love our ten favorite choices for Subaru.

We’ll review the ten most efficient head gaskets, and we’ll also cover everything any car owner needs to know before getting one.


Top Selling List of Best Subaru Head Gasket

Evergreen Parts And Components
ITM Engine
Evergreen HSHB9015
Factory Genuine Subaru

What is the best Subaru head gasket?

The best head gasket is by far the Fel-Pro Head Gasket. It is the most efficient and reliable head gasket we have come across thus far.

We were impressed by how close it is to the stock one. In fact, drivers won’t tell the difference between the original one and this aftermarket product.

The fact that they used MLS over any other cheap material is what made this product stand out.

It seals perfectly, withstands high temperatures, and gets the job done. Pretty much everything you’d expect from a top-tier head gasket.

They’ve also added a couple of other tools to make sure you have everything needed for replacing the old head gasket.

They included a valve cover, rubber gaskets, and an intake manifold.

Aftermarket products turn off most people as they’ve likely been advised to stay away from them.

And they’re not wrong. There are thousands of shady companies making low-quality head gaskets that unfortunately seem to be the ones ruining it for legit competitors.

However, we can confidently say that this brand won’t let you down. It is as close as you can get to the stock head gasket.

Why Fel-pro is the best brand for Subaru head gasket?

Based on how much research we’ve done, Fel-pro is the best brand for Subaru head gaskets.

They have been in the market for many years. And they’ve continuously shown why it has remained at the top for so long.

Their products are always tested under real-life scenarios before they even make it to the market, something some manufacturers tend to skip.

On top of that, we love how they use their own set of advanced technology for their products.

One of them being PermaDryPlus and PermaTorque MLS.

Those technologies feature highly efficient systems that allow their products to last up way more than the average head gasket.

This brand is also praised for how efficient its team is behind the scenes is.

They have a friendly and efficient group of people who carefully assemble all their products and meet quality standards.

Overall, they definitely know a thing or two about making aftermarket head gaskets.

Despite the backlash they might get for making aftermarket products, this company is without a single doubt an excellent choice for those folks that need an efficient, safe, and reliable head gasket.

Top 10 Best Subaru Head Gaskets Reviews

The following head gaskets have proven to be reliable, efficient, and work just like OE parts. That said, here they are:

01. Fel-Pro Head Gasket – Best Head Gasket


Highlighted Features

  • Protective layer
  • Heat-resistant
  • Tight seal system

For our first choice, we have the best head gasket brand for Subaru, which is Fel-Pro.

This company has made a name for itself among Subaru owners who need a well-made replacement for their blown-out head gasket.

This head gasket sets itself apart from the rest by providing a sturdy built quality to prevent any coolant and oil into the cylinder heads.

Not only that, but it also has a protective layer that helps it withstand extremely high temperatures.

This is great since the engine produces lots of heat, which could damage the head gasket.

“Our biggest problem with this model is that it does not provide any instructions whatsoever, which is rather inconvenient for those DIYers hoping to get some sort of help.”

This is an aftermarket product, but that does not mean it is not efficient.

In fact, consumers have reported that it works just like the original, and it’s even superior to the stock ones made before 2005 and 2006.

And if you add up the fact that this product has been tested several times before going into the market, you pretty much end up with the most well-grounded head gasket for Subaru cars.


  • Durable head gasket
  • Excellent replacement for OEM
  • Prevents coolant leaks
  • Coated in multi-layer steel
  • Premium quality


  • Not suitable for racecars

02. DNJ Head Gasket Kit 2.5L – Long-Lasting Option


Highlighted Features

  • Multi-layer steel head gasket
  • Reinforced protective shield
  • Anti-leaking system

If you’re all about performance, check out the famous DNJ HGS724 Head Gasket.

That model is one most resistant and efficient head gaskets any Subaru owners need to fix their engine.

Reviewers have pointed out that this model adds a layer of protection to the head gasket to make it more durable when it’s been installed.

Like most modern head gaskets, this one uses multi-layer steel. This type of material provides an excellent level of temperature resistance.

It remains in great shape and can handle high combustion pressure.

The only thing we dislike about this model is the lack of compatibility with many Subaru vehicles. It’s a shame it won’t work for some people. But other than that, it’s a pretty good fit.

When compared to OEM, there is not much to say. It works just like the stock head gasket, and customers seem to be happy with the results.

It holds up pretty well, and it’s an excellent replacement for the 2.5L engine after reaching 100,000 miles.

Another thing we love about this model is how well it adjusts to the vehicle in question.

Once you’ve replaced the old one, it’ll stay there, and you won’t find it loose in the near future.

This brand has been around for over 30 years, and it’s well known for its built quality.

So, overall, this product sits as our number two option if you need a head gasket as soon as possible. It won’t disappoint you any time soon.


  • Prevents liquids from leaking
  • Similar to OEM
  • Valve grind kit
  • Sturdy built quality
  • Heat-resistant system


  • Does not include a sealer

03. Evergreen Head Gasket Kit – Premium Head Gasket


Highlighted Features

  • Not easily burned
  • Excellent sealing system
  • Graphite head gasket

OE parts really have a new competitor, and that is the best Subaru head gasket from Evergreen.

That is the main reason why thousands of rebuilders love this brand.

Like the previous models we have covered up until now, this one is also a kit.

It comes with a sturdy graphite head gasket, an intake gasket, O-rings, etc.

This company also made sure to use graphite for their head gasket.

By doing so, they have made this kit a perfect choice for rebuilders who need aftermarket parts that work just like the stock ones.

“Perhaps the biggest complaint most people seem to have is that this kit comes with way too many extra tools, which they often don’t need.”

Despite that, customers worldwide took a liking to this model and brand, given the exceptional built quality.

They always make sure to match OE parts for those who need a convenient and affordable option without sacrificing quality.

Furthermore, reviewers have expressed how straightforward this model is.

You don’t need to periodically check up on it, unlike some cheap knock-offs. All you need to do is correctly set it up.

We also like how they have reinforced the head gasket to ensure it remains in great shape for as long as possible.


  • Works just like the stock parts
  • Withstands high temperature
  • Holds up pretty well over time
  • Boosts the vehicle’s performance
  • Includes several parts for replacement


  • Does not come with instructions

04. ITM Engine Components Head Gasket – Performance-Oriented Option


Highlighted Features

  • Composite head gasket
  • Environment-friendly
  • Uses Japanese parts

This is one of the closest to OE and the most efficient kits you’ll find in the market.

This model offers stability, stunning built quality, and most importantly, it’ll be by your side for a very long time.

Just like any other top-tier aftermarket product, this model is made using Japanese and European materials.

When getting aftermarket products, professionals always suggest picking up those that use Japanese parts, so we chose this one.

In addition to that, this head gasket is covered in a high-temperature sealant that allows it to withstand high temperatures, adding up an extra layer of security.

Not only that, but they’ve also made sure to meet recent regulations for the preservation of the environment.

So, this head gasket is not nearly as harmful to the environment as other models out there.

This is a composite head gasket, unlike the other ones we’ve shown so far.

All of them were multi-layer steel head gaskets.

This type of gasket is one of the most resistant you can buy. It holds up pretty well to coolant, gasoline, and oil.

“The only problem we found was its incompatibility with several Subaru models. While it works with several of the Sedan models, it doesn’t work with the rest.”

Thus far, we can safely say that this is probably the closest you can get to OE parts without spending too much money on a replacement.


  • Holds up pretty well
  • Can withstand high pressure
  • Fairly easy to install
  • Doesn’t compromise performance
  • Similar performance to OEM


  • Not compatible with all Subaru cars

05. DNJ HGS715 Head Gasket – Easy-to-Install Gasket


Highlighted Features

  • Fully supports the 2.5L engine
  • Shield against heat
  • Similar to OEM

Has your head gasket shown early signs of failure?

If so, we got a great substitute to replace the current one, and that is the head gasket from the well-known brand DNJ.

This brand is pretty much the go-to for anybody that needs reliable Japanese parts for their vehicles.

That is partially why we went with them again for this model.

Reviewers have praised this head gasket over how little difference between the original one and this aftermarket product.

On top of that, this is a perfect fit to replace the blown-out head gasket on the 2.5-liter engine.

That engine has been the worst made by Subaru, given how often it blows out the head gasket after some miles.

“If there is one thing that annoys some customers about this product is that it does not come with an intake gasket. This might be inconvenient if you’re trying to fix the vehicle’s fuel economy and thought you’d get it along with the other parts.”


  • Excellent built quality
  • OEM-like performance
  • Improves the car’s smoothness
  • Prevents any leaks
  • Does not feel cheap


  • No water pump gasket available

06. SCITOO Head Gasket Kit – Most Complete Hardware Kit


Highlighted Features

  • High-quality metal
  • Optimal sealing system
  • High temperature-resistant system

Simply put: this model puts to shame many aftermarket products.

Its efficiency and durability have positioned this model to be the most unique Subaru graphite head gasket in the market.

This model has truly made a name for itself due to its highly reinformed head gasket that can withstand high and low pressure.

This is achieved by using graphite, which is a vital element for any aspiring head gasket.

On top of that, they decided to use tensile stainless steel to create this head gasket.

This is the way to go as it provides an excellent system against corrosion, makes it more durable against heat, and remains in great shape.

That said, this brand also seems to prioritize the use of high-quality materials for their products, and we’re glad they did so for this model.

Consumers love this company for that very reason.

This product’s main demographic seems to be those folks planning on tuning their cars that might need a sturdy head gasket.

However, even if you’re not into that kind of world, this is still an excellent replacement for Subaru vehicles.

“We feel as though they could’ve gone for a composite head gasket. But other than that, it’s a great addition to most Subaru cars if you need one as soon as possible.”


  • Durable head gasket
  • Perfect for race cars
  • Withstands high and low pressure
  • Seals the combustion gases
  • Exceptional performance


  • No multi-layer steel

07. Evergreen HSHB9015 Head Gasket Kit – High-End Construction


Highlighted Features

  • Resistant RTV silicone
  • Heavy-duty long bolts
  • MLS head gasket

For a high-performance head gasket for your Subaru vehicle, we strongly suggest going for this model from Evergreen.

Just like we stated earlier, this brand really excels at making replacements for Subaru vehicles.

And it shows given how efficient this model is. It uses high-quality products to ensure the head gasket can meet your demands.

We’re also glad that they decided to stick to the basic fundamentals and went for a simple but powerful MLS.

Nowadays, most vehicles go for this type of head gasket, as it provides excellent performance for the car.

In addition to that, if you’re planning on replacing a few parts on the engine block, this one will serve you well.

It comes with twelve sturdy cylinder head bolts, a couple of O-rings, an intake gasket, and much more.

To make sure the job gets done the right way, this brand also provides an excellent RTV Silicone that can resist shrinking and cracking.

“This goes in hand with some other models, but not everyone appreciates having that many tools on a single kit. If you simply need a head gasket and a few bolts, this one is not for you.”


  • Excellent performance
  • It comes with a silicone
  • Holds up to heat
  • Durable bolts
  • Perfect for the 2.5l


  • Hard to install

08. DNJ HGB715 Head Gasket – Most Long-Lasting Head Gasket


Highlighted Features

  • Reinforced head bolts
  • Strengthen head gasket
  • Corrosion-resistant

DNJ is definitely one of those companies that people always go to to get the best quality in the market.

And this model is no exception to this rule.

This model is notoriously known for how well it seals all the combustion gases that might get into the cylinder heads.

Whether it be coolant or oil, this head gasket got your back.

Not only does this model comes with a head gasket, but it also comes with a few head bolts for the engine block.

For those who want durable and sturdy cylinder head bolts, this is the perfect kit for them.

“The only thing we wish this brand would’ve added along with the kit is an RTV silicone. That would’ve made it the perfect kit for any DIYer. Nonetheless, it’s still a great choice if you don’t mind that slight inconvenience.”

As for the compatibility of this model, we’re shocked by how many generations it supports.

This head gasket is compatible with all the Subaru Foresters from 1999 all the way up to 2011.

Any vehicle between that range should work just fine with it.

The performance is something that caught our attention.

We’ve seen how happy customers are with it and how close it is to OE parts.

There is a high chance you might not even notice the car is running an aftermarket head gasket.


  • Wide compatibility
  • Sturdy head bolts
  • No difference between OE
  • Perfect fit for the 2.5l engine
  • Holds out against the heat


  • No sealer available

09. Factory Genuine Subaru Head Gasket – Affordable Head Gasket


Highlighted Features

  • Original equipment manufacturer
  • Multi-layer steel
  • Fits perfectly for 2.5 SOHC

There’s always this brand that stands out from the rest in any market, and that is the Genuine Subaru head gasket kit.

This company has always been an excellent choice for anyone in search of a durable head gasket.

The head gasket comes with other tools for fixing the engine.

It comes with the head gasket, two intake gaskets, two crank seals, and two cam seals.

This head gasket is primarily aimed at those folks who have a 2.5 SOHC engine.

This engine has had a hard time standing out due to its performance and how often it breaks down.

However, the reliability this brand offers for this engine has made it a top-notch option for Subaru owners.

“A small portion of buyers has reported that their experience with this product has not been so great. They claim that the head gasket has a hard time after nearly seven months, though most customers have not experienced this issue.”

The built-quality for this one is beyond our expectations.

This an MLS gasket, and while the other ones we’ve covered up until now use the same material, this one is a lot more durable and backed up by a well-known company.


  • Perfect replacement
  • Easy to set up
  • Genuine quality for Subaru
  • Long-lasting kit
  • Unmatchable performance


  • Can break down after seven months

10. ECCPP Head Gasket – Budget-Friendly Head Gasket


Highlighted Features

  • RTV Silicone
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Anti-corrosion system

The ECCPP Head Gasket is more of a “unpack, install, and go by with your day” type of head gasket, which we find to be excellent.

The first thing that caught our attention for a brief moment was that this product is covered with a thin layer on the top and the bottom sheet.

Some manufacturers simply put out anything they make without adding extra reinforcement, which is nice to see this brand do the opposite.

And to top it off, they also added a protective layer on both sides of the bottom sheet.

“The only downside of this product is that some people seem to have a hard time installing the valve cover gasket. Other than that, everything seems to be reasonably easy to set up.”

This product also eliminates the need to periodically check up on the head gasket to make sure it was not melted after being exposed to the engine’s heat for so long.

And if that were not enough, we were astonished to find out just how well it holds up to corrosion caused by the engine.

You’d be surprised by how often the head gasket gets corroded on some Subaru vehicles, but with this one, this is the least of your problems.


  • Can hold off high pressure
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Extra resistance on the top sheet
  • Strong shield on the bottom sheet
  • Uses multi-layered steel


  • The valve cover is hard to install

What to Consider When Buying The Best Subaru Head Gaskets

To be fair, choosing the best Subaru head gasket can be a daunting task.

Choosing the wrong one can lead to some unpleasant results. Don’t forget that their primary purpose is to seal combustion gases.

A cheap one can damage your engine in the long run.

As such, we’ve gathered some useful tips that have helped thousands of customers choose an optimal head gasket.

Down below, you’ll find everything you need to know.

Multi-layer Steel Head Gasket

There are plenty of different types of head gaskets in the market.

There is the composite head gasket, the solid copper head gasket, and the multi-layer steel.

But the only one you care about is the latter. The MLS head gasket is now the new standard for head gaskets.

Traditionally, the composite head gasket was the one leading the market. But that has changed over the past years.

As such, we suggest going for the multi-layer steel head gasket. It’s the best one you can get as of now.

Alternatively, we suggest going for a copper head gasket. This head gasket is also loved by many drivers, given how resistant and robust it is.

The only drawback is that it is more expensive than the MLS head gasket.

Heat Resistant

It’s easy to overlook the fact that the engine actually produces heat. Don’t forget that as the car is in motion, the engine produces heat.

While this is not necessarily a huge deal, you always want to make sure that the head gasket you have set your eyes on can at least handle high temperatures.

Without it, the head gasket will have a hard time holding up over time.

And it only gets worse when your engine is overheating due to the lack of coolant within the system. Therefore, we suggest getting one that can withstand heat.

Proprietary Coating

Another property we suggest looking into is the proprietary coating. This type of coating is pretty much the ideal layer of protection any head gasket needs.

It adds an advanced wear resistance that you usually cannot achieve without it. It won’t peel off as easily and holds up pretty well even after many miles.

RTV Silicone

When installing the head gasket, you will have to seal it somehow before putting everything back on.

Some models do not come with it, which forces the user to get one on their own.

They are relatively cheap, and it might not bother some people. But it’d be better if you could find a kit that comes with a recommended sealer.

 People Also Ask About Subaru Heat Gasket Kit 

If you have any questions about head gaskets for Subaru cars, you can use this informative section to clear up any questions.

Are composite head gaskets good?

Yes, composite head gaskets are worth your money.

You don’t see them as frequently anymore, but it still remains one of the most durable and reliable head gaskets.

It can resist heat, prevents leaks, and it’s super durable.

How much does it cost to replace a head gasket on a Subaru?

It depends on the engine and the vehicle’s generation. However, the average price for replacing a head gasket is about $1,400, all the way up to $2,000.

While the replacement is priced at about $120. This process is super expensive as the dealer needs to take the engine apart.

Why are head gaskets so expensive?

It depends on the model and the manufacturer. You have to keep in mind that making head gaskets takes a lot of time and effort.

They are also relatively expensive to make since some of the high-ones use premium materials for extra safety, increasing the original price of the head gasket.

At what mileage do Subaru head gaskets fail?

Most Subaru head gaskets tend to fail at about 120,000 miles.

However, sometimes they can go as far as 200,000 miles without any issues. But that rarely happens.

What is the best type of head gasket?

The most reliable head gasket up until now is the multi-layer steel head gasket.

It is by far the best option you can get. There are other types of head gaskets, such as the composite head gasket.

The latter is known for being exceptionally reliable, though you don’t see it as often anymore.

What material is a head gasket made of?

Generally speaking, most high-quality head gaskets are made of rubber, graphite, cast iron, and even stainless steel.

The built-quality is up to the manufacturer. For example, some companies reinforce their products to make them more efficient.

Is a graphite head gasket good?

Yes, graphite head gaskets are one of the most reliable head gaskets you can find in the market as of now.

This material holds up exceptionally well to heat and other challenging conditions it might experience inside the engine.

Are copper head gaskets better?

Yes, copper head gaskets are incredibly reliable and loved by drivers all over the world.

The only downside is that copper is quite expensive, which is why you don’t see it as often.

You’re more likely to come across the MLS head gasket than the copper one.


See how easy it is to find the best Subaru head gasket?

We’ve made it as simple as possible without adding any unnecessary information so that you know what to look out for.

Before we chose the head gaskets we just covered, we did plenty of research and based our opinions on user feedback.

After that, we concluded that they are simply the best in the market and that your engine will enjoy the new head gasket. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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