Top10 Best Subwoofer For Dodge Ram Quad Cab: Buying Guide[2023]

You are searching for the best subwoofer for your dodge ram quad cab?

Yes, we know riding in a truck needs a filled spirit where you get to tap the steering and dance your head to rhythms to spice up your mood.

With everyday development in technology, you will have various options for varieties of aftermarket subwoofers.

The good news is, you can have access to subwoofers that are designed explicitly for your dodge ram quad cab.

So, you don’t have to worry about supercharging your sound system.

In this post, we get to show you the best subwoofers and their amazing qualities.

Likewise, there is an explicit buying consideration section to help you make the right choice.

The post also reviews some popular questions on subwoofers for dodge ram quad cab.


Best Subwoofer For Dodge Ram Quad Cab

Skar Audio
Q Power
American Sound Connection

What is the best subwoofer for a Dodge ram quad cab?

Without thinking twice, Bbox A202-10CP Dual 10’ is the best subwoofer for a ram quad cab.

This model is rated the best for its sealed carpeted subwoofer and specific enclosure for a wide variety of application fitment.

Why Atrend’s Bbox A202-10CP Dual 10’ the best brand subwoofer for dodge ram quad cab?

Not to mention that Atrend’s Bbox A202-10CP Dual 10’ has the best feature for high-quality MDF construction techniques with fully glued and braced assembly.

This brand also has an unsurpassed fit and finish for specific enclosures with a near-perfect factory in mind.

Top 10 Subwoofers For Dodge Ram Quad Cab Review

01. Atrend’s Bbox A202-10CP Dual 10’ – Best Vehicle Specific Enclosure with the high surpassed fit


Highlighted Features

  • It has a Max Mounting depth of -6.5 inches
  • Cutout diameter of  -9.125” with the Net volume of -2.27”
  • Height (7.25”) x width(57”) x depth (13.25)
  • Fits into models from 2012-2018
  • High durable premium charcoal carpet with gross cubic feet per side: 0.63

First of the best 10 subwoofers for dodge ram quad cab is Bbox A202-10CP vehicle specific of 10 inches with a dual-sealed enclosure.

This durable product is designed for the 2002 Dodge Ram quad cab.

Not only does it have a Polyfill installed inside each speaker hole but also comes with a spacer to mount on the surface of the box for protection against hanging material from the seat.

It is a 1500 subwoofer box offering superior sound and builds quality.

Search no further for a woofer with spar performance.

It has a Slimmer box that leaves enough room to put the speaker grill on. Not all, this product gives incredible suiting sounds to ears.

Unlike other products, Bbox compatibility gives you a choice by coming with either premium carpet or a long-lasting, tough guard Bedliner finish.

If you are looking for a woofer that properly operates within 60 cubic feet; hole cutout of not more than 9.12”; mounting depth of fewer than 6.5 inches, you have your ice card with Bbox A202-10CP Dual 10’.


  • Fit perfectly with no stress in cabs
  • Up sale with superior quality
  • Comes with a well-packed boom box


  • No wire inside connected to the external wiring ports
  • The Speaker terminal is a little cheap

02. Skar Audio VD-10 D4 10’- good woofer for budget sound system


Highlighted features

  • Packaged in dual 4 Ohm with 10 inches each
  • Has peak power of 800 Watts (each) with RMS power of 500 Watts (each)
  • Comes with shallow mount subwoofers design
  • Mounting depth of 4.41’ / sensitivity; 85.1 dB
  • The branded frequency response of 30-350 Hz

Skar Audio is an awesome sounding speaker. It can handle a lot of ample power while maintaining a footprint to be versatile.

Likewise, Skar designs this model to utilize a high-temperature 2-inch voice coil as well as get loud.

It is surrounded by pressed paper cones and stitched foam. This subwoofer was engineered to perform with dominance.

If your satisfaction lies with a low profile single stack ferrite magnet, this is the product for you.

Not just that the VD driver series makes for a balanced under-seat subwoofer, it is also perfect for mounting depth where the application is limited.

It is a product with a usable 800 Watts mass power. It is a well-developed subwoofer that kicks in Dodge Ram trucks.

Skar Audio is compatible and hit hard in the 2012 Ram 1500 with a sealed box.

Look less for a shallow mount 10-inch car subwoofer with a 4-ohm voice coil model. 

This is an outstanding Max dual power with shallow mount subwoofers that sounds clear and crispy.

It is good quality with the result that bangs. It is a brand rated for RMS and has impressive performance.


  • Upgraded with 800 Watts 500 RMS compared to other product
  • Built with good quality
  • Comes with a nice deep bass for shallows
  • Good woofer for budget sound system


  • The speaker box might be modified
  • Amp pairing, as well as enclosure, has to be well reached

03. Q power’s Rockville Dodge10 4door dual 10 inch- durable for any sound system performance


Highlighted features

  • Customized for Dodge Quad cab 2002-2014+
  • Durable charcoal carpet
  • Designed, tested to work with most of today’s popular woofer
  • Built with additive qualities enclosures that maximize  the performance of any sound system
  • loaded terminal with high-quality spring

Rockville Dual 10 has a sub enclosure for 2002-2015 Dodge Ram Quad (X) Cab 2500/3000.

The company builds this device with 5/8’ USA stronger duty MDF wood than any other import wood.

MDF wood will work at an optimal level by not distorting your woofer. 

Best materials are used for high-level performances of subs.

Look less for the model with machine precision-cut mounting holes made by experts that have been working in the industry for more than one decade.

All Rockville enclosure comes with top durable adhesion glue that is unmatched by any other product.

That means all carpets will stay in place and not rip or tear.  This woofer is not only glued but also stapled as well.

To meet needs, a layer of silicon was added to every seam to make your Rockville rock.

You can cut the carpet from under the seat or wells or pocket for installation. Rockville is proudly made in the USA.


  • Easy to install
  • Standard package
  • Comes with an inbuilt AMP


  • Minor adjustment to carpet to make it fit

04. Kicker SCRAMCQ09 powered subwoofer upgrade kit- has the easy installation process


Highlighted features

  • Simple installation process
  • Has kicker Mopar upgrade setup
  • Includes big bass subwoofer
  • Ideal for Quad and crew cab
  • Impact on vehicle’s charging is minimal

This kicker is another exceptional subwoofer compatible with the 2009 Dodge Ram crew cab and Quad vehicle exact remedy.

As dissimilar to other products, its superpower lies in high efficiency, low power- draw amplifier.

That means it was designed with a distinct sound signature from several channel amps with DSP.

It is a unique product with no modification of factory mounting places.  

Kicker quests your desirable want for subwoofer when it optimizes a genuine factory look. 

It is specially made with 32-bit signal processing for the vehicle’s high accurate performance.

It is reported to render loud thrill music as if you are in a live concert excluding the crowd.


  • Apt durability
  • It doesn’t require cutting
  • Quite high for the budget system


  • Unclear direction for installation

05. American brand connection subwoofer for a quad cab- outstanding wireless display


Highlighted features

  • Get along well with Dodge Ram 2002 -2012 Quad Cab
  • Designed with elevated MDF quality
  • Has a sealed enclosure
  • Molded with remarkable rigid cone
  • High-quality terminal cup

American brand connection suite demand for power handling for it has 150 Watts RMS and a max of 300 Watts at 4 ohms.

It is a caved dual of Kicker C10 subwoofer.

American brand subwoofer is one of the best with a marvel composition surrounded with optimized ribbed Polyfoam that eliminates distortion.

This subwoofer needs a separate connected amplifier to work.

However, it fits perfectly under the rear driver’s side of the 06 Cab under-seat hole configuration.

This is not only a high sensitivity product but also has a single temperature coil with air space.

You will have to remove the metal fold-out tray if your truck comes with one. Similar to others, this product has thick carpeting for sound quality.

It is modeled with a lesser unit of 20.6 pounds. This product has a fascinating dimension of 19-1/2 x Height 7-1/2” x depth 13-1/2”.  


  • Fit perfectly inside crew cab
  • Has a magnetic structure
  • High-frequency response
  • Designed with the solid enclosure by ASC


  • No volume knob unless connected through an amplifier

06. Bbox A202-12CP Dual 12” sealed carpet enclosure – For dodge ram sub box


Highlighted features

  • Has the best quality material
  • Fit perfectly in compartments
  • Packaged with a spacer to clear your seat
  • Made with a very sturdy and solid box
  • Built with highest grade MDF

Atrend is a brand that puts customer’s needs first with an outstanding product.

They show this with Bbox A202-12CP vehicle-specific enclosures engineered with a near-perfect factory fit in mind.

This version keeps usable space while delivering the best performing enclosure.

Enclosures are manufactured to meet impossible conditions while offering heartfelt sound.

The enclosure is a great option for the 2002-2016 quad cab and crew cab.

The box has Polyfill installed inside the speaker to generate more volume to the woofer.

Likewise, it comes with a spacer on the surface to protect the woofer from under seat materials.

Ensure to install a low line grill if your seat is touching the top of the speaker.

It is recommended you assert that the speaker has a mounting depth of less than 6.12’.

Get the specification right by not only confirming the speaker hole cut out of no more than 11.2’ but also that 60 cubic feet work properly with the speaker.


  • Enclosure made with premium sealed carpet
  • Easy to install
  • The sound is great


  • Some modification might be done to the seat
  • The wire will be needed to run the terminal cup

07. Bbox A201-10CP single 10” sealed carpet subwoofer enclosure


Highlighted features

  • Designed with premium charcoal SRO carpet
  • Has a unit weight of 19.53 pounds
  • Single sealed 10-Inch manufactured for 2002-2016
  • Fit accurately in passenger’s seat
  • Solid box that fits all generation 4 rams

The excitement is not only that it fits into Ram 1500- 2500 models (up to 2015 model), but also has a box volume of 0.85 cubic feet per chamber.

It produces an accurate frequency that is solemn. For this box to fit perfectly, confirm the speaker has a mounting depth of less than 6.12”.

This version requires a speaker hole cutout of nothing more than 9.12”. The volume net of this box is 1.26”.

It has an accurate height of 7.25, width (32.75”), and depth of 13.25”.

This box was reported to match the contour of the 2013 Ram 1500. You can fold the seats without the rear seat movement being affected.

The cargo of the 2017 rebel set out will be removed to fit in it.

Another amazing thing about this box is any 10” speaker will fit properly into it.

The box doesn’t have to screw to be in place through the shelf might have to be removed to tie the material.

“However, all seals leaked after three months and the MDF flexes up and down.”


  • The sound is mesmerizing
  • Quality for budget-oriented system
  • Holds speaker perfectly
  • Fit perfectly under the seat


  • The box is not well constructed and sealed
  • Leaks air

08. Bbox A201-10CPV single 10” –Mass loaded vented carpet subwoofer enclosure.


Highlighted features

  • The bass is booming amazingly
  • Designed with mass loaded vented carpet
  • Constructed with glued and braced assembly
  • Has MDF construction
  • Easy to fit

This version of Bbox works well with Quad Cab 2002-2017. Its premium finish carpet is rounded at the edge to perfect the shape.

It has a lighted item weight of 8 pounds. This spec comes with a dimension of 7.4×16.9×22.9 inches. 

Not only does it have cubic feet of 1.26” but also is wireless.

Compared with the former version, this version can push more air with a single enclosure.

This will give optimal sound performance and the best frequency.

The designed transmission that comes with this product makes it compatible with the Dodge Ram vehicle enclosure footprint.


  • It gives room for space
  • The design is good for set up
  • Has a good bass note
  • Fit perfectly


  • Need an additional screw to reinforce
  • The seat might not entirely fold

09. SoundBox ram quad/crew single 12” subwoofer enclosure


Highlighted features

  • Has the ultimate sound
  • Designed with an industrial-grade dimension of 5/8”
  • Made with a rugged bed liner spray
  • Item weight of 20 pounds
  • Fit precisely and easy to install

SoundBox single 12” is an excellent option for dodge ram squad or crew cab 2002-2018.

It gives rise to the ultimate sound in subwoofer enclosures.

Produced with rugged Bedliner spray, SoundBox has a finish superior to standard carpet enclosure.

Putting customer’s needs in mind, SoundBox builds this model with CARB-compliant MDF that gives room for an exclusive listening experience with any woofer in the market.

It has an unmatched enclosure standard of 11” subwoofer cut out for 12” enclosure and a 9” subwoofer cutout for a 10” enclosures.

Soundbox has designed a series for the vehicle-specific enclosure. The subwoofer is an up-firing subwoofer with an industrial thickness of 5/8 MDF grade. 

It works perfectly with banana plugs or bare wire for rugged terminal cups.

Its volume enclosure is a cubic foot per chamber.

Not only does it have a low mounting depth to reduce options for speakers you can mount inside but also maximize the air place.

It has a dimension of 55-1/2 width, 8” height, and 13-1/2 depth.

“Nevertheless, subwoofer specifics need to be checked when purchased to make sure of the subwoofer cut out that is required.”


  • It fit to rear driver’s side seat
  • Well packaged box with high quality
  • Has best sensitivity level


  • It has only one mount point inside

10. SoundBox ram quad/crew cab dual 10” subwoofer enclosure


Highlighted features

  • Comes in size 12 double
  • Appropriate in the quad cab
  • Has Up-firing direction
  • Made with sleek carpet wrapping
  • Compatible with Ram Quad crew cab 10.”

This product is made with durable material that ensures the everlasting of the subwoofer.

It is compatible with dodge ram quad/crew cab 2002-2018. This product gives for space with 0.69 cubic feet per subwoofer chamber.

Fitment is constructed for the vehicle stated to ensure the rigidity of enclosures.

It is of the same dimension as the single SoundBox subwoofer with high quality.

SoundBox has made its name known for producing subwoofers for both ram quad and crew cab.

Their product is durable, which makes it of superior quality for cars and trucks.

This product has a finish that is of high value with standard carpet closure.

It is made black color or matches any cab or truck tray color.

SoundBox has an item weight of 40 pounds. What is more? SoundBox constructs this device with MDF industrial quality grade 5.


  • The box is eye-catching
  • Provides accurate sound quality
  • It is long-lasting
  • It fit perfectly with the description


  • It might fit even if it is shallow.
  • Notes: no reviews or ratings have been done for this product in years.

Best Subwoofer For Dodge Ram Quad Cab & Crew Cab: Buying Guide

Do you know it is not a big deal to have to choose the best or the most suitable subwoofer from the list of many that are in the market?

Yes, you just need the appropriate buying consideration.

Stressless for this buying guide gives elaborate and exclusive details about subwoofers for dodge ram quad cab.

You can make the right decision with the help of this buying guide.

The following are the tips to look out for when buying a subwoofer for a dodge ram quad cab.

Speaker’s size

People complained after buying some subwoofers that it doesn’t fit in their truck.

It is very important to check the manufacturer’s description before buying the subwoofer.

They will be able to render help with the size and weight of their product that fit your truck.

The size of the speaker is very crucial because if the subwoofer is too big, there is a probability it occupies too much space and it won’t fit in the back seat.

It is not advisable to assume that a big speaker will fit into the subwoofers.

Some small sizes of speakers can fit too. Put in mind that speakers dictate the sound quality of subwoofers.

Size of the box and enclosure

The quality of sounds that emanate from the subwoofer depends on the type of enclosure.

Also, note that the substance and thickset of the enclosure are very important as it determines the solidity of the sound coming out of it.

Enclosure made with broad ply or other substances alike helps in producing good sound quality. 

Not only do you need a tough, tightly constructed enclosure for optimum performance but also that without enclosure, speakers will not deliver satisfying bass.

Enclosure sizes can be made but only by an expert if the brand of your subwoofer doesn’t come with one.

Some enclosures deal with depth sound and reduced vibration to produce better quality while others need lesser power to boom.

The size of the box is in two different types; a small box and a large box.

The small mount box is handy and more elegant when considering the size.

The sound created by this box is also quite tight and crisp.

If you are satisfied with tighter and richer bass, it is better for a small size subwoofer.

However, when talking about subwoofers for dodge ram quad cab, some people prefer bigger boxes that create loud bass.

Have it in mind that the bigger box takes a lot of space and additional wiring.

The specification check is good when considering this part.

Look out for power and sensitivity

Power in the subwoofer determines the bass of its sound. Take notes of the watts and RMS settings rating to access reliable power output.

Apart from noting this, it is paramount to know that the voltage determines the taste of the bass you want too.

Low frequency makes the sound more clear while high watt gives loud bass.

All these are necessary because, how you want the sound is essential when buying subwoofers

Sensitivity is part of the consideration for choosing the best subwoofer in our list.

It dictates the effectiveness of the subwoofer. A subwoofer that is sensitive will produce sharp sounds that consume lesser power.

Compatibility check

This might seem very prominent, but the mistake has no master when verifying whether the subwoofer is compatible with the audio device.

Some subwoofers are compatible with any products while others have specifics.

Frequency compatibility of the workload of the amplifier and the subwoofer must be at the same level of performance.

It is measured in ohm to check the load value.

Voice coils number

A subwoofer with a double coil has flexible wiring in their sound system and is popular.

They have two coils with separate connections, each mounted on one cylinder connected to a cone. 

A single-coil subwoofer is typical with less wiring.


The design must not be overlooked when searching for the appropriate subwoofer for a truck.

It is always good to get subwoofers cleverly designed to be easily installed without a glitch in the quad cab.

There are two types of design for the subwoofer, up to firing and down-firing.

Up firing or front-firing subwoofers are explicitly designed to radiate from the side or front of the subwoofer as the name sounds. 

Down firing subs are designed for the sound to radiate downward. This can help for the sound to fill the car.

The works of these two are similar since the depth of the sound produced from subwoofers has no direction.

However, be careful not to puncture the exposed driver when handling down-firing subwoofers. 

Installation guide

Compact subwoofers can be installed perfectly under the seat.

The satisfactory place to install the subwoofer is under the seat according to the report from customers.

It makes the sound fill the truck with depth bass.

However, some subwoofers are of considerable size, which makes it challenging to have them in the trunk or side corner.

Another place is the back of the Quad Cab if your model has one.

The installation procedure is of high value to buy the right subwoofer for your truck.

Subwoofer with easy installation will not stress the buyer that is why the installation guide needs to be simple for anyone to comprehend and install with no hiccups. Good brands keep the specification and dimensions of the quad cab in mind when designing their product.

Best Subwoofer For Dodge Ram Quad Cab: Buyer’s Question

01. What’s the best subwoofer for a dodge ram quad cab?

The best of all is still the subwoofer “Bbox A202-10CP Dual 10’” from the Atrend brand.

It is known for a wide variety of application fitment. It is also made with low frequency for clear sound.

02. Do I need more than one subwoofer?

Your preference for many subwoofers depends on the type of music you like to play.

If you are the type that likes deep bass genres like hip hop or other heavy basses, two subwoofers are the best choice.

A single subwoofer is an excellent option for people that like quiet music, listen to radio or podcasts.

03. Is there similarity or differences in functions between the shapes of subwoofers?

Yes, the shapes have similar functions as well as differences. Conventional round woofers will provide the cleanest and accurate sound.

Triangular subwoofers can fit perfectly in measured holes where standard boxes won’t fit.

Plus, if you are short on cargo space, the triangular woofer will be perfect for you.

The square woofer appears great and has the same performance as round ones.

04. What’s the best enclosure type?

The best enclosure depends on the kind of music you play too and the size of the box.

The enclosure has three different types; a sealed enclosure determines the bass of sound you want.

It gives room for the sound to come out from the front. It makes the bass to be deep and rhythmic as the vibration is reduced to bring out quality effects.

However, you will need an Amplifier with ample wattage since a sealed box requires more power.

The ported box has more than one opening at the back that augments the sound without making it sound rowdy.

This enclosure helps the sound bass not to be rowdy and need less power.

It is preferred for a heavy sound like rock music, hip hop, and you get more from the amplifier when compared with a sealed box.

They need to be made with a bigger box than the sealed enclosure.

Bandpass enclosure produces the utmost slam. They are a special type of ported enclosure mounted inside a dual chamber.

One chamber is sealed while the other side that is ported emerges with waves.

This enclosure is well known for extremely loud music within a shallow frequency range.

Lovers of reggae, rap, and hard rock go for this enclosure. Not all subwoofers are compatible with this type of enclosure. 

05. What is the difference between peak power and RMS power?

Peak power as it sounds refers to the utmost power a subwoofer can generate, although for a short time.

RMS is the marginally lower wattage a subwoofer can generate over a long period of time.

06. Why do I need an amplifier if my subwoofer doesn’t come with one?

An amplifier is not only a power acting producing unit for subwoofers but also an aluminum plate with inputs, control, and heats link on one side of the subwoofer.

They are aimed to be mounted in a cabinet with a subwoofer driver and have optimized characteristics for subwoofer duty.

The amplifier enhances independent volume control from other speakers. It also can minimize the phase of the subwoofer.

07. Is it advisable to connect high-level output speakers with lower-level input?

It is not advisable. If you don’t connect the high-level input, there is no high-level output.

The same thing goes if there is no low-level input, there is no low-level output.

08. Should I go for a professional installation?

Professional installation is the best way to ensure every piece of the subwoofer is put in place.

Although you might have to pay extra, it is the best option, especially if the detail is confusing.


Purchasing the best subwoofer for dodge ram quad cab depends on well researched and feedback priorities.

That is why this list of the best subwoofer is provided to suit your choice.

A choice in choosing equipment like this varies from size to largeness of the speaker to durability and even cost inclusive.

We hope this list helps in choosing the authentic model for your subwoofer. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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