7 Best Tonneau Cover for Jeep Gladiator Review In 2023: Buying Guide

Looking for the best tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator? The below review will provide all the details regarding tonneau covers. Although tonneau covers come in different designs, each one has its pros and cons.

Also, specific features are related to each cover. According to the use, each truck owner will be able to decide the most suitable truck bed cover.

So, continue reading to know more about Jeep Gladiator tonneau covers.


Comparison Table of Best Tonneau Cover for Jeep Gladiator

Tyger Auto
RDJ Trucks 65-Series
Lyon cover
Auto Dynasty
Rugged Ridge

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What is the best tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator?

Tyger Auto T3 is the best truck bed cover for Jeep Gladiator on this list.

The reason behind choosing this product is the several features it offers compared to other covers.

From the top-quality material to the easy installation process. Adding to the sealing and durability, this cover deserves its ranking on top of all.

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Best tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator

01. Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover:Best jeep gladiator tonneau cover


Product features

  • Tri-folding cover
  • Double-layered marine-grade vinyl
  • Tight sealing
  • Aluminum bars support
  • Tear-resistant

Product description

Tyger Auto T3 is superior to others as it has all the top features of a truck bed cover. One of these top features is the double layer.

Not only it provides durability but also double protection from the weather. Tight sealing also can protect what is inside from extreme weather conditions.

Besides, the cover is supported with aluminum bars for an easy fold. Tyger Auto T3 is a tri-fold cover giving access to the full bed.

For security, double clamps are available. One at the rear side to close the cover over the truck bed.

Whereas the other is on the front side for extra security. The product is a quality one made of marine-grade vinyl. This material is tear-resistant.

So, the cover will last for a long time. Further, it is a 5-minute installation cover.

Thus, this is the most practical cover one can get and the Best tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator.


  • 5-minutes installation
  • Front and rear clamps for security
  • Full bed access


  • Preset tension control
  • No attachment to the cab when open

02. Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold  truck bed cover:best soft tonneau cover for jeep gladiator


Product features

  • Tri-folding cover
  • Heavy-duty grade vinyl
  • Aluminum bars support
  • Rear clamps closure
  • Low-profile design

Product description

For the newest models of Jeep Gladiators (2020/2021), Gator ETX is designed especially to suit them.

The product offers a soft tri-folding cover for easy use. Moreover, it has an aluminum bar across each fold to support it.

However, the cover only gives 2/3 bed access in its fully open position.

To secure the cover to the cab, there are two buckles. These buckles will prevent the cover from flapping while driving.

For installation, no tools or any drilling are required. The cover just lies on top of the truck bed.

The low-profile design of this cover gives the truck a nice look. On the other hand, for closure, there are rear clamps to secure cargo inside.

Adding to the features, it protects the bed from all weather conditions thanks to the material. Gator ETX is made of heavy-duty vinyl for the best protection ever.


  • 10-minutes installation
  • Buckle attachment to the cab
  • The tailgate can open and close with the cover on


  • Not perfect sealing
  • 2/3 bed access

03. Rugged Ridge 13550.21 Armis – Best Bed Cover Jeep Gladiator JT


Product features

  • Tri soft-folding cover
  • Matte black fabric
  • Aluminum bars support
  • Rear clamps closure
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Low-profile design

Product description

Rugged Ridge is a soft-folding cover with all the top-notch features of a truck bed cover.

First, the material is a durable one with a dirt-resistant feature. Besides, it has a matte black finish that suits jeep gladiators.

This gives the car an elegant look and style. Second, it has two closure systems.

One to secure cargo inside and the other to secure the cover to the cab while driving.

For installing the cover to the truck bed, no effort is required. Just place the cover on top of the truck bed.

The front clamps will secure the cover to the bed truck. Further, you have access to half or two-thirds of the bed truck.

The tailgate can be opened when the cover is fully open or fully close. So, installing and using this cover is both so easy.

Finally, the cover has a snap-on seals feature. This provides perfect sealing to the corner, thus, protecting the cargo from all weather conditions.


  • Easy installation
  • Snap-on sealing
  • Buckle attachment to the cab


  • 2/3 bed access

04. Extang Trifecta 2.0 : Best rail system bed


Product features

  • Tri soft-folding cover
  • Leather material
  • Aluminum bars support
  • EZ-lock clamps closure
  • Jaw-grip clamps for tightening

Product description

Soft-folding covers are the best ones for Jeep gladiators. Extang Trifecta is one of these covers having unbeatable features among all covers.

Perhaps its most notable advantage is the curved corner design for a perfect sealing and elegant appearance.

Speaking of the design, the material is a leather one. This gives a top-class stylish looking.

The closure system is another significant feature. Closures are EZ-lock clamps offering an easy, yet, secure closure.

However, one must open the tailgate first to fold the cover.

On top of that, tightening to the bed truck cannot be better. The cover comes with Jaw-grip clamps which perfectly tighten the cover to the truck bed.

Further, the double pivot hinges allow for easy fold and unfold. This gives up to 2/3 access to the bed truck.

On the same side, the tailgate clamps can be released giving access to the bed through the tailgate.

To prevent cover flapping on high ways, two buckles attach the cover to the cab.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Snap-on seals
  • Double pivot Hinges


  • 2/3 bed access
  • Must open the tailgate to fold

05. TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover


Product features

  • Soft roll-up cover
  • Leather grain material
  • Tear-resistant
  • Low-profile design
  • Single trigger latch closure

Product description

For those looking for the easiest everyday use, TruXedo roll-up cover is the product to get.

This product is the best roll-up tonneau cover on this list. It offers an easy open and close operation.

Yet, installation can take a longer time. For fully accessing the truck bed, one can just push the trigger latch on the driver’s side.

This will allow you to roll-up the cover and see the whole truck bed. Buckles will attach the cover to the cab.

Alternatively, for closing the cover, just release the buckles and it automatically closes over the bed.

TruXedo cover has a low-profile design. This design is the best for any Jeep gladiator as the cover won’t rise over the truck.

Hence, keeping the truck bed’s original appearance. Since the main purpose of covers is to protect cargo, this cover provides perfect sealing over the truck bed.

Moreover, the tension control is automatic. So, the cover is always fitting tightly over the truck bed.


  • Full bed access
  • Easy use
  • Perfect sealing


  • Longer time installation

06. Pickup Truck Bed Soft Top Roll-Up Tonneau Cover


Product features

  • Soft roll-up cover
  • Vinyl material
  • Velcro closure
  • Inner clamps to ensure tightening

Product description

Another soft roll-up cover for those preferring practical products. Although this cover is soft, it won’t allow water and dust to pass inside the truck bed easily.

The soft vinyl material allows for a whole coverage for the truck bed. Besides, it makes folding and unfolding very easy.

With the hook and loop that comes with this product, one can adjust the fitting to tightly lay over the bed.

Further, tension can be controlled for maximum protection against weather conditions.

On the same side, the Velcro closure system will also ensure everything is tightly secured under the cover.

Likewise, rubber sealing is another way of protecting the cargo. So, this cover gives one of the best protection to all the belongings inside.

Coming to installation, the cover is installed at an adequate time.

No drilling or special tools are required. Yet, there are inner clamps that should be installed to tighten the cover to the truck.


  • Full bed access
  • Adjustable tension control
  • Elastic straps to attach to cab


  • Not the best quality
  • Fits models without a track system only

07. Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Hard Folding Cover:best hard tonneau cover for jeep gladiator


Product features

  • Hard tri-folding cover
  • Polymer material
  • Scratch and dent-resistant
  • Black matte powder-coated finish

Product description

Although Extang cover is a hard-folding one, it features a lightweight cover one can install alone.

The material is a scratch-resistant polymer material that protects cargo from the sun and other conditions.

Moving to installation, the cover has two inner clamps to tighten to the truck near the cab.

The cover is then tri-folded easily with no effort at all. Also, the closure system is the EZ-lock clamps which are best in terms of securing things inside.

Another remarkable feature is the sealing. The cover comes with water-tight seals giving better protection in rainy weather.

Hard-folding covers offer the best strength ever as one can sit on top of it with no dropping from any side.

Besides, it is durable enough to withstand dents and any weather conditions.

Finally, the cover has a very good-looking finish. It has a black matte color whereas the aluminum frame is powder-coated.


  • Perfect strength and durability
  • Easy to install
  • The material doesn’t absorb heat


  • Doesn’t cover the whole truck bed

Buying Consideration of Jeep Gladiator Bed Covers

Tonneau covers are surely an important accessory to jeep trucks. Yet, choosing from the various available options can be confusing.

So, below is a buying guide one can view to get the Best tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator.

Type of the cover

Different cover types are available for Jeep trucks today. The most prominent tonneau cover is the folding one.

This cover is easy to use and durable at the same time. Yet, this one also has different models.

The first model is the soft-folding cover which offers an easy fold and unfold feature with a soft material.

This one usually comes supported with horizontal bars to support it and prevent wrapping over itself.

Soft-folding covers practical and good solutions provided that they are made of durable materials.

The second model of folding covers is the hard-folding cover.

This one functions the same as soft-folding covers but it is sturdier and more durable.

Its advantage over the soft model is that it can withstand weight on top of the cover.

Moreover, it allows for adding other accessories as a toolbox.

On the other side, hard-folding covers are not flexible as soft ones. Also, they are more difficult in using and installing.

Another type of tonneau cover is the roll-up cover. This one is usually cheaper than folding covers and it provides full access to the truck bed.

However, it is less durable and usually made of less quality material. So, according to the budget and usability, one can decide which cover to choose.


Bed trucks are either one universal size or a customized version for each truck. Before buying a bed truck cover, one must know the exact measures of his truck.

Truck bed covers must cover the whole truck bed from all corners leaving no space for water or dust to penetrate.

To get the exact measurement of the truck bed, you need to measure the bed length and width.

The length is the inner size from the tailgate to the cab. Similarly, the width is the inner width size of the bed.

Another important point is the corners. Some trucks have curved corners while others have straight right-angle corners.

So, getting the right truck cover for the specific truck model is important to protect the cargo.

One last thing considering the measures is the height of the cover over the truck bed.

This is usually named low or high-profile cover. Low-profile covers offer a concealed design for the truck bed cover.

Whilst high-profile covers will rise few inches over the truck bed.


Sealing means how the cover is secured tightly over the truck bed. Since many trucks have rounded corners, the cover may leave a tiny space not covered at the corners.

Here comes the importance of sealing. There are various sealing mechanisms, yet, most tonneau covers have the same sealing thing.

Most covers will come with a rubber sealing feature that prevents water from leaking.

Others have a snap-on sealing feature that hermetically closes the cover over the truck bed.

Another option is the curved corners for some covers. These are not a special sealing mechanism but they are better at preventing leaks.

Thus, a truck owner should always look for the best sealing options in his tonneau cover.

Poor sealing features will allow dust and rain to pass, so, there is no point in having the cover.

Closure and attachment

The closure is how the cover closes to the truck bed. While attachment means several things.

It can include how the attachment system of the cover to the truck bed or the attachment to the cab when open.

For closure systems, most covers have tailgate clamps. The thing to consider here is whether the cover can be opened when the tailgate is closed or not.

For covers with EZ-lock clamps, you need to unlock the clamp, thus, opening the tailgate first to fold the cover.

Other types of rear closures don’t necessarily need opening the tailgate.

Also, roll-up covers usually don’t have this kind of closure. Instead, they have Velcro tape to stick to the truck bed.

Coming to the attachment, covers need to securely attach to the truck bed.

Thus, good quality covers have extra clamps on two sides or cab to securely tighten the cover to the truck bed.

Another attachment feature to look at is the attachment to the cab when the cover is open.

Sometimes you may need to drive with some large cargo in the truck that requires the cover to be fully open.

In this case, attachment to the cab is essential to avoid flapping especially on fast roads.

Roll-up covers have straps to hold the cover to the cab. Whereas folding covers sometimes come with buckles and other times with no attachment at all.

[Buying FAQ] for Best Tonneau Cover for Jeep Gladiator

What are the uses of a tonneau cover?

The first and most important use of having a tonneau cover is to protect cargo inside the truck bed.

However, there are different reasons for having such a cover. Some people will install a truck bed cover if they travel a lot with the truck.

In this case, they usually put many things inside and need to secure them on the roads.

Other reasons include protecting things from weather conditions if the truck bed is used as a storage cabinet.

Tonneau covers are especially important here when the truck is left on the street, not in closed parking.

Another function of tonneau covers is to increase the gas mileage. This is also useful when driving on highways.

The cover will reduce dragging which is the result of strong wind. Thus, less fuel is needed to move forward and fuel consumption is improved.

One last function of the truck bed covers is to act as an accessory.

Here, the truck owner just wants to add an elegant style to his truck. So, he will be picking the most nice-looking truck bed cover.

Thankfully, there are truck bed covers in the market today that can serve all of the above functions. So, one doesn’t have to compensate design for functionality.

Which cover is the best for me?

Several things determine which cover is suitable for someone. First of all the budget.

Generally, soft covers are the cheapest while hard ones are more expensive. Also, roll-up covers are usually cheaper than folding covers as they are less durable.

Secondly, the purpose of having a truck bed cover. If the main purpose is driving in bad weather conditions, then you should go for the most durable ones.

These are usually the hard-folding covers. On the other side, if the purpose is to store things inside, soft-folding covers will be better.

Finally, the specific features of each cover. These include the closure system, the attachment to the cab, and the sealing. All these factors will help determine which cover is suitable for each one.

Can I drive with the cover open?

Truck bed covers are designed in a way that drivers should conveniently drive their trucks with the cover open or closed.

So, a short answer to this question is yes. Any cover should enable the driver to use it fully open or partially open or closed. However, there are certain limitations to this feature.

First, the weather condition is important to consider. If you are driving in bad weather conditions, you should close the cover even if nothing is inside.

This will protect the truck bed itself. Also, when driving on highways, it is better to fully close the cover. This can improve the gas mileage.

The second factor is the presence of attachment to the cab. Most covers come with an attachment mechanism to the cab.

If these are not available, it is better to fully close the cover if applicable.

Can I install the cover on my own?

Yes, you can do that. Truck bed covers are easy-to-install accessories. Further, they don’t need special tools to install.

To install a truck bed cover, one will just need clamps and bed rails. Yet, those mostly come with the cover itself.

Either you have a soft or hold folding cover or even a roll-up one, all feature the same easy installation process.

However, some will install in no time as short as 5 minutes. While others will need around 30 minutes as they may require trimming the bed liner.

Generally, each truck bed cover will have a manual guide showing how it should be installed. Moreover, you can find videos and tutorials for installing each type of truck bed cover.

How can I keep my tonneau cover?

Tonneau covers are part of the truck itself. Thus, they need the same protection applied to the truck exterior.

Good quality tonneau covers can last for years if well taken care of. For example, you can use protectants and other products for cleaning the cover.

Further, when washing the truck, you can leave the cover to get washed along with the car.

Also, the covers should have, in the manual, the safe materials to use on. So, don’t hesitate in getting a special protecting product for the cover.


Tonneau covers are an essential product for every truck owner. Apart from all their functionality, they can add an elegant touch to the truck.

Above, you will find all the information about a Jeep gladiator truck bed cover.

From the different types to the features and all the useful information anyone can think of.

So, this review will help you choose the best tonneau cover for Jeep Gladiator.

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