11 Best Tonneau Cover for Nissan Titan Review: Buyer’s Guide In 2023

The best tonneau cover for Nissan titan is the one that gives the maximum protection for any cargo. At the same time, it should be very comfortable in opening and closing.

Tonneau covers are found in different designs; some are foldable, either soft or hard fold, while others are rolled.

Although the design is a matter of preference, there are several must-available features.

Finding the right product for the truck can be challenging, considering the number of products available today.

However, knowing the features along with the pros and cons of each product will help a lot.


Complete Table for Best Tonneau Cover for Nissan Titan  

Tyger Auto
RDJ Trucks
Tonno Pro
Lund Genesis
Rugged Liner

What is the best tonneau cover for Nissan titan?

BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Cover is ultimately the best cover for satisfying all the needs of a Nissan truck driver.

This cover has all that it takes to protect all the storage in the truck. Furthermore, it has a superior design with the best functionality among other covers.

While some truck owners may prefer soft-folding covers for their ease of use, hard-folding covers are more durable.

BAKFlip truck bed cover is a hard folding one made of rigid material that withstands different riding conditions.

As for the functionality, it fully opens, allowing for full access to the truck bed.

Top 11 Best Tonneau Cover for Nissan Titan Reviews

01. BAK BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 226506 |- Best of all


Product features

  • Hard folding UV resistant aluminum cover
  • Built-in strap to hold the cover to the cab
  • Low-profile design
  • Includes dual drain tubes to carry water out
  • Security automatic latch system

Product Description

BAKFlip G2 hard folding offers a durable truck bed cover with full access to the truck bed.

Further, it provides maximum security thanks to the automatic latching system, which fully closes the cover over the truck bed.

Moreover, Drivers can comfortably fold the cover or flip it up or even close it completely. It won’t cover the brake light anyways.

For loading the truck, the truck driver can simply fold the cover up towards the cabin.

Besides, the cover has drain tubes that protect the loads inside the truck bed. These tubes divert water out of the truck.

Adding to the protection features, BAKFlip G2 is made of durable aluminum panels which resist the UV rays making this product the best tonneau cover for Nissan titan.


  • The tailgate opens and closes without opening the cover
  • All replacement parts are sold separately
  • It doesn’t block the brakes light when flipped up
  • Full access to the truck bed


  • High price
  • Water can leak in during heavy rains

02. Undercover Ultra Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | UX52016 |- Best lightweight hard-folding


Product features

  • Hard folding Light-weight FRP composite panels
  • Two prop rods to hold the open cover
  • Low-profile design
  • Glossy black color
  • Includes drain tubes and rubber seals
  • Security automatic latch system

Product Description

Offering three different positions of fully open, partially open, and fully closed, this truck bed cover is convenient in use.

Opening the cover cannot be easier as it folds on itself without resting on the cabin back. In the fully open position, the dual prop rods hold the whole cover upright.

The cover design is perfect as it has a low profile design with a glossy black finish.

Additionally, similar to the previous bed truck cover, the automatic latching system helps open and close the cover.

The tailgate can be opened while the cover is open or closed. Also, the panels are made of resistant FRP material offering lightweight and durability.


  • Tailgate opens and closes without opening the cover
  • Light-weight material
  • It doesn’t rest on the cabin when fully open
  • 100% access to the truck bed


  • Blocks the rear mirror when folded
  • Water can leak in during heavy rains

03. Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | TG-BC3N1048 – Best for Low-light conditions


Product features

  • Soft tri-folding cover
  • Low-profile design
  • Marine-grade vinyl dual coat
  • Secured with adjustable release clamps
  • Aluminum panels and tight sealing

Product Description

With the driver’s convenience and comfort in mind, this truck bed cover comes with the minimum assembly process required.

Adding to the convenient design, the cover is tri-fold giving 100% access to the truck bed.

Aside from easy use and installation, the material is 24oz marine grade vinyl, while panels are made of high-quality aluminum.

On top of that, Tyger Auto has a low-profile design that will keep the truck’s original look.

For securing the cover on the truck bed, clamps lock the cover with stainless steel rods.

These clamps are adjustable with three mounting holes. In contrast, sealing provides maximum protection against several weather conditions.

Perhaps the best feature of this product is the magnetic light. With this feature, the truck driver sees his truck bed at night or in low light conditions.


  • Includes utility track adapters
  • It comes with magnetic light
  • Pre-assembled with no-time installation


  • No attachment to the cab
  • Must open tailgate first to open

04. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 297401 | 


Product features

  • Roll-up bed truck cover
  • Leather material
  • Manual tension control adjusters
  • Secured with cab buckles when rolled up
  • Tailgate latching system

Product Description

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed is designed for the easiest use and functionality.

No folding or flipping is required for this cover; it just needs rolling up to have complete truck bed access.

Also, the cover can be adjusted to fit firmly on the bed truck to protect what is inside fully. As a result, no rain, snow, or even dust will pass to the truck bed.

Further, the assembly process is easy and just needs securing the rails on the bed truck.

Assembly needs no tools, and one person can do it very easily. After that, rolling the cover on and off is another hassle-free process.

For fully opening and accessing the bed truck, the cover can be folded to the cab and secured with a cab buckle to the cabin.

Made of high-quality leather material, this cover can withstand hard weather conditions. Besides, it gives a nice elegant look to the truck.


  • Affordable price
  • 100% water leak prevention
  • Easily folded and unfolded
  • Trap tension adjustment


  • Fully opens or fully closes (no in-between)
  • Needs unclipping both sides to open

05. Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 59501 | 


Product features

  • Tri-fold vinyl bed truck cover
  • Rear clamps closure
  • Aluminum frame and sealing feature
  • Cover secured to the cab with buckles
  • Low-profile design

Product Description

Gator ETX is suitable for bed trucks of 5 and 6 feet as it comes in two size options.

For installation, the truck owner can clamp the rails, where the cover mounts, on the truck bed easily.

Moreover, the cover provides high protection to the bed truck thanks to the aluminum frame and the durable vinyl materials.

Sealing is another perfect feature as this product will protect any loads in the truck bed

One more remarkable thing about this bed truck cover is the buckles that hold the cover when folded up.

However, the cover only opens two-thirds of the whole bed truck. To close the cover on the truck bed, rear clamps will easily secure the cover on top of the truck.

Gator ETX’s material is a safe and strong truck bed cover you can rely on.


  • Customized to each truck model
  • Easy installation
  • Can open with the tailgate closed


  • No full truck bed access

06. RDJ Trucks 65-Series Hard Folding Tonneau


Product features

  • Hard folding cover
  • Marine-grade UV-resistant aluminum
  • Rear clamps closure
  • Held to the cab with front clamps
  • Rubber Q-seal
  • Black powder coat

Products Description

Most truck bed covers can protect what is inside, but this one particularly has one of the best protection features.

The finish is textured black powder, which keeps away UV sunlight.

While the rubber Q-seal from all sides is the perfect protection from any outside weather conditions.

On top of that, the material is marine-grade aluminum giving a sturdy, withstanding product.

Moving to open and close, the cover is a foldable one. You can fold it on itself two times, but this only provides partial access to the bed truck.

Also, unfolding is as easy as folding. Release rear clamps are a quick solution to folding and unfolding.

Besides, the front clamps secure the cover on top of the bed truck. This way, the cover won’t flap when the truck is moving at high speeds.


  • Easily mounted and removed from the bed rails
  • Perfect rubber sealing
  • Sturdy material
  • UV-resistant


  • No full bed access
  • The centerpiece can lower than the other two pieces

07. Tonno Pro Tonno Fold, Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 42-402 |


Product features

  • Soft tri-foldable vinyl cover
  • Aluminum powder-coated frame
  • Tear and water-resistant
  • Secured with side rail clamps
  • Mounts on top of bed rails

Product Description

Softness and easy folding are what this bed truck cover is all about. Softness is not the opposite of sturdiness and durability.

Although this bed truck cover is soft as leather covers, it is sturdier. Softness also allows for fitting the cover tightly on the whole bed truck.

With the aluminum frame, which is also powder-coated, this product ensures the safety and security of anything beneath it.

On another note, the material can resist tearing as well as resisting water. Besides, assembly is not an issue at all as the product is nearly assembled.

If you are loading large items, you can easily remove the whole cover. While loading small items just needs folding the cover in half.

Finally, side rail clamps secure the cover on both sides of the bed truck. In contrast, E-Z clamps secure everything inside.


  • Light-weight cover
  • It fits tightly on the truck bed
  • Easily removed
  • Easy assembly


  • No complete bed access
  • No buckles or straps to hold folded cover to cab

08. Lund Genesis Tri-Fold, Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 95098 | 


Product Features

  • Soft folded double-sided Vinyl cover
  • Tear and water-resistant
  • Black-powder coated aluminum frame
  • Folded and attached to the cab with a strap and buckle
  • Attaches to the truck bed with tailgate latches

Product description

For those who are looking for a lifetime product, Lund Genesis has a double-sided vinyl material in addition to the usual aluminum frame.

Such layers provide maximum durability and longer life expectancy for the product.

Besides, this will never allow any rain or snow to pass to the bed truck’s interior.

Lund Genesis folds up and attaches to the cab using a strap and buckles for more security.

This way, the cover will never slide off when the truck moves quickly. When closed, the cover will attach to the truck body using the two tailgate latches.

For a no-error design, these latches mount on the tailgate itself. Thus, they are kept away of the truck bed.

The cover has a black powder coat and tailgate sealing to keep bad weather conditions away to give the perfect finish.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Well secured to the cab when folded
  • Very durable product


  • 2/3 bed access
  • It doesn’t fit many trucks

09. Rugged Liner E-Series Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | E3-NF505 | 


Product Features

  • Soft folding vinyl cover
  • Aluminum frame
  • Tear-resistant
  • Two tailgate latches closures
  • Buckle and strap cab attachment

Product Description

Another soft folding cover with the same features most truck drivers are looking for.

First of all, the Vinyl material and the aluminum frame are the best heavy-duty materials suitable for such a product.

Additionally, the vinyl is tear-resistant, with a seal surrounding all the cover sides to prevent rainwater.

Speaking of sealing, this cover comes with a dual sealing system. It has the normal seal of other covers in addition to another dust seal.

On top of that, the E-Series cover can increase fuel efficiency with its tight sealing.

Coming to the closure system, the cover closes with two tailgate latches from both sides.

Alternatively, the cover has a strap and a buckle to hold it up straight to the cab.

Assembly and disassembly are equally easy as you can remove the whole cover easily if you want.


  • Easily removed
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Dual sealing system
  • Holds tightly to the cab


  • Fully closed or 2/3 open positions only
  • Less durable

10. Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 83985 |


Product Features

  • Hard-folding cover
  • Polymer material
  • EZ clamps to close over the bed truck
  • Jaw-grip clamps to hold to the cab
  • Rubber sealing

Product Description

Extang Solid Fold is a hard folding cover. Yet, it comes in lightweight as one person can comfortably assemble it with one hand.

The cover has polymer panels instead of the aluminum ones in most other covers.

Although aluminum panels are sturdier, these polymer panels allow for easier open and close.

Adding to its features, it resists the harmful sun rays protecting any cargo.

Sealing here is of the highest quality. It won’t only prevent water from leaking into the truck bed but also prevent dust.

This shows how the cover is tightly fixed on the truck bed. Sealing is not the only high-quality feature in this cover.

Closures are also perfected. The cover closes and attaches to the truck bed with an EZ clamp. On the other side, it attaches to the cab when open with two Jaw-grip clamps.


  • Matte color option
  • Secured cab clamps
  • Dent and scratch-resistant
  • Light-weight material


  • Not fully opened
  • Should open the tailgate to access clamps

11. Roll-N-Lock M-Series Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | LG825M | 


Product features

  • Retractable cover
  • Compact design
  • Vinyl over aluminum material
  • Low-profile design
  • Rails attach to the tailgate with a latching lock

Product Description

The Roll-N-Lock cover is different from all other covers on the list as it retracts to access the truck bed.

This feature is a pro and a con at the same time. From one side, it is easier to open and close and give the truck a better look.

However, from the other side, it doesn’t allow for massive cargo as soft covers and can be harder in assembly.

The material is vinyl and aluminum with much compact to save space as much as possible.

For installing this truck bed cover, you should place the rails over the truck bed.

After that, the cover itself will mount inside these bed rails giving a low-profile design.

The cover allows for more access to the truck bed than other foldable covers. Yet, it is not 100% accessible.


  • Has a lock to secure cargo
  • Easy open and close
  • Compact design saves space
  • More access to bed truck


  • Harder assembly process
  • Not the perfect sealing

How We Picked: Bed Cover For Nissan Titan

Before attempting to get a new tonneau cover for your Nissan truck, there are several things you need to consider.

While there is no one product with no cons ever, some things cannot be overlooked—for example, the cover’s material and its security closure system.

To help you select the best tonneau cover for Nissan titan, here are few points to consider.


Most tonneau covers are made of vinyl with aluminum frames.

These materials are suitable for providing adequate protection to the loads and also withstand different weather conditions.

Other covers are made of leather. Leather can look good, but it is not the perfect thing in scorching weather.

Also, the material is sometimes related to the way this cover opens and closes.

For example, vinyl can never be used for rolling covers. On the other side, hard folding covers are always made of vinyl and aluminum frames.

Although most truck bed covers have the same primary material, the quality of this material differs.

Soft-folding covers have less sturdy vinyl and aluminum panels than hard-folding ones.

The material’s weight also varies from one product to another, where heavyweight doesn’t necessarily mean more sturdiness.

So, always look for the best materials that suit the driving situations of the truck. Also, avoid cheap materials even if they offer a lower price.

Access to the truck bed

Access to the truck bed means if the cover fully opens or just 2/3 open.

Sometimes, this feature is not what truck owners look for as they believe they don’t need a 100% to the truck bed.

They can just haul things into the vehicle and close the cover. However, in the case of loading large items, full access will be better.

You might need the help of someone standing on the truck bed itself.

Another point is that most covers that don’t allow full access to the truck bed are already easily disassembled.

It means the truck owner can just remove the whole cover to load his things. Then, he can install it again in minutes. It is not a practical situation in all cases.

However, truck bed covers with 2/3 access to the truck bed are not bad. They will work perfectly in most situations, but 100% access is better.


The closure is how the cover attaches to the truck bed when it closes. Now, this is very important for two reasons.

First, if the truck is already loaded, it must have a well-secured closure system to prevent things from falling.

Second, some covers allow for a lock-system closure to avoid theft. The more the closure system is secured, the better.

Also, closure systems should be easy at the same time. They shouldn’t take the whole day attaching and detaching to the bed truck.

Moreover, it makes a difference if the cover can be opened without opening the tailgate itself.

Attachment to the cab

In some cases, the driver might want to move on with his truck bed open for any reason. The truck bed cover usually has a kind of attachment to fix it to the cabin.

Covers with straps and buckle attachments are the best to securely fix the cover to the cab.

On the other side, truck bed covers that stand on rods are also good as they have an added feature which is the full opening.

So, when deciding which cover is the best in terms of attachment, make sure it is securely fixed.

This means at high speed; the cover won’t wiggle as this frequent traction will eventually damage the cover.


The idea of having a truck bed cover is to store things and protect them from rain and dust.

Covers that don’t provide perfect sealing will let rainwater leak from the corners.

Thus, truck owners should always look for the ideal sealing for their truck bed covers.

Mostly, they have rubber corners as a sealing mechanism. Rubber is an excellent material to prevent water leaks.

However, some covers have double sealing layers to prevent water and dust. These are the best, but minimum rubber sealing is ok.


First, you should look for tonneau covers that fit your car model. Even if it seems to have the same measures as your truck bed, each truck bed shape is different.

That’s why tonneau covers come with detailed truck models they can fit.

Second, the cover should exactly fit the truck bed. Some covers come in different sizes.

So, truck owners should measure the length and width of their truck beds first.

A little smaller cover will not provide good sealing, while larger covers will look bad on the truck.

Best Tonneau Cover for Nissan Titan [FAQ]

Why do I need a tonneau cover?

There are different reasons for getting a tonneau cover. Some of these reasons are:

  • Securing the storage and things inside the truck bed.
  • Protecting the storages from weather conditions as rain and dust.
  • Giving a good look to the truck.
  • Improving fuel consumption.

Some people may have different reasons, but mostly these are what truck owners seek to achieve.

A good tonneau cover typically serves all of the above purposes. An added reason is protecting the storage from theft, but this requires a cover with a lock.

How to install Tonneau covers?

Most covers now come assembled or partially assembled. They don’t need any drilling or special tools to install in the truck.

Covers come with bed rails through which they mount and some clips.

To install a tonneau cover, seat the bed rails on the bed truck’s sides, and the cover will then lie over these rails.

Retractable covers may need more time installing than folding or rolling covers.

Most covers will come with a manual telling the truck owner how to install them.

Typically, it takes minutes, and one person can do it alone. The lighter the cover is, the easier the installation process it needs.

Does the tonneau cover improves fuel efficiency?

Tonneau covers can improve fuel efficiency and improve gas mileage to some extent.

Covered trucks reduce the dragging of the vehicle, especially on highways. As a result, fuel consumption decreases.

Although it may not make a significant difference in fuel consumption, in the end, it still reduces consumption. It the same as driving a car with windows closed to reduce drag.

How to wash a tonneau cover?

Tonneau covers are meant to protect the truck bed from rain and other elements.

Thus, they supposedly bear water and snow. So, washing a tonneau cover should be as easy as washing the truck itself.

For automatic car wash, truck owners don’t need to remove their truck bed covers.

In all cases, tonneau covers should come with a precaution guide telling the buyer how to use this cover.

This guide should also include what materials are safe for use on the cover and what to avoid.

Which covers are the best, hard or soft folding or rolling?

According to your use. Tonneau covers come in different designs to suit all the needs of truck owners.

Hard folding covers better withstand heavy-duty use.

These are best with truck owners who usually use their truck beds to load and transport heavy things.

In this case, they use the cover a lot, so they need something that can withstand.

Soft-folding covers are good for daily use. They provide the same functionality but with a lighter weight.

These are better for families who use their truck in normal day travel whereas occasionally use truck beds.

Also, soft folding covers can provide more space as they are flexible enough to stuff things inside the truck. However, this is not always recommended as it may damage the cover.

Rolling covers are the same as soft-folding covers, but rolling covers are softer.

Rolling covers are easier in opening and closing. They are best for those who continuously need to close and open the truck bed.

Also, the material of rolling covers is not as durable as that of folding ones. So, they won’t be the best in heavy raining or snowy weather.

Retractable covers are the easiest of all, although they need a longer time for installation. Some of them will have a lock too to secure things inside.

These covers with locks are the best ones if the purpose is to protect stuff from theft.

Finally, some covers allow full use of the cover bed while others won’t.

So, if you frequently need the complete truck bed, rolling or folding covers with complete access to the truck bed are the best.

What is tarp tension adjusting for a tonneau cover?

Some tonneau covers, especially soft ones come with a tension control adjuster.

These are used to adjust the tightness of the cover over the truck bed.

Vinyl covers can contract in scorching weather and expand in cold conditions.

Thus, tarp tension adjusters are essential to adjust the cover to prevent it flapping when the truck is moving.

Also, adjusting the cover to the truck bed tightly makes the overall truck look better. It is like having a low-profile hard-folding cover design.


Tonneau covers are sure of great use to most truck owners. Aside from the protection they offer, they can serve as an accessory for better-looking trucks.

Tonneau covers are a worth investment truck owners should think of whatever they use their trucks for.

Having checked all of the above information will let you know what suits your needs.

Further, you can choose the best tonneau cover for Nissan titan, relying on each product’s features.

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