Top 11 Best Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma Review In 2023

Tonneau covers for Toyota Tacoma are not an accessory to add to trucks for a better look. It is a functional piece that can have several uses that truck owners cannot overlook. Tonneau covers provide protection for the storage inside the truck.

Moreover, they can have fuel-related effects. So, they worth spending some time thinking about different features available for tonneau covers.

The best tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma is the one with most of the features and advantages in the same product.

This review will give a clear idea about different products in the market and their specific features.


Top Selling List for Best Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma

Tyger Auto
Tonno Pro
Rugged Liner
Auto Dynasty
Lund Genesis

What is the best tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma?

The best truck bed cover is Tyger Auto T1 soft roll-up cover. The cover is a soft one allowing for more flexibility but has supporting aluminum frames.

So, it combines flexibility with durability. Also, it comes with an ideal sealing against water and dust.

Further, it gives full truck bed access and adjustable tension control. Compared to other covers, it has many pros over cons, additionally;

It provides a better look for the Toyota Tacoma truck. So, it can satisfy most of the truck owners’ needs of having a tonneau cover.

Top Best Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma Review

01. Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up TG-BC1T9044 – [Best sealing and tension control]


Product features

  • Roll-up cover
  • Marine-grade vinyl double coat
  • Velcro strips side sealing
  • Metal bars support
  • Latching system for closure

Tyger Auto T1 is definitely the best tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma. No other cover has all this combination of features like this one.

Starting with the design itself, it is a roll-up cover for easy open and close. Although it is a softcover, it has metal crossbars for support.

So. It won’t curl over itself like other soft roll-up covers. Also, the softness allows for adjustable tension on both sides.

This ensures no water or dust will leak to the inside of the truck.

Adding to the sealing features, it closes on both sides of the truck with Velcro strips. Hence, providing the tightest sealing of all covers on this list.

For securing cargo inside, there is a latching lock system at the tailgate. This ensures the cover is securely closed from one side and allows for easy open from the other side.

As for the material, it is a tear-resistant double-layered marine-grade vinyl. So, earns its position as the best Tacoma bed cover.


  • Adjustable tension
  • Very tight sealing
  • Full bed access


  • Cover may flap at high speeds
  • Doesn’t fit special editions with a storage box

02. RetraxPRO MX Retractable Truck Bed  – [Best for security]


Product features

  • Retractable cover
  • Aluminum panels
  • Lock with a key at the tailgate
  • Low-profile design
  • UV-resistant matte finish

For the easiest open and close mechanisms, retractable covers are the option to go for. RetraxPRO cover offers a durable retractable cover for easy use.

The material is heavy-duty aluminum panels. Further, it has a matte finish for an elegant style to fit the Toyota Tacoma.

Also, the matte coat offers a UV and scratch-resistant feature.

To open the cover, just release the latch at the tailgate by pushing the flush button. Then, the cover will retract automatically.

Being of a different opening mechanism doesn’t mean it is difficult to install. Instead, the cover can be installed in minutes.

It simply mounts on the bed rail for a low-profile design. Yet, more features are coming. RetraxPRO cover comes with a lock with a key for security.

Hence, it has all that it takes for an ideal tonneau cover. Actually, it would have been the best tonneau cover for Tacoma but it has plastic parts at the corners.

These parts are not very durable, so, it is the only drawback to this product.


  • Full bed access
  • Best security for the cargo
  • Easy open with a button


  • Non-durable plastic parts

03. Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – [Best durable material]


Product features

  • Hard tri-folding cover
  • Heavy-duty aluminum panels
  • UV-resistant black powder coat
  • Latch system closure
  • Low-profile design

For those who prefer hard-folding covers, Gator EFX is the best option on this list. Hard folding covers are more durable and can withstand heavyweights.

This product in particular is made of heavy-duty aluminum panels for this reason. In addition, it has a black powder coat for UV and scratch-resistance.

Moreover, the coat offers full weather protection for the cargo in the truck bed.

To lock the cover over the truck, just close it and it will lock automatically. For more security, there is a latch closure at the tailgate.

On the other side, to securely move with the cover opened, there are attachment buckles to the cab.

Therefore, the cover won’t flap when the vehicle is moving but they don’t offer 100% bed access.

The cargo inside the truck is safe with this product. The rubber sealing and drain tubes will divert any water outside the truck.

However, it might slightly leak in heavy rain conditions. Installation is very easy thanks to the clamp-on rail system. The final look is a low-profile design at the end.


  • Cover lock automatically
  • Buckle attachment to the cab
  • Easy installation


  • Not perfect sealing
  • Not full bed access

04. Tonno Pro Lo Roll | LR-5050 | – [Best for price]


Product features

  • Soft roll-up cover
  • Marine-grade vinyl material
  • Low-profile design
  • Single trigger latch closure
  • Attaches to the cab

Soft roll-up covers are a practical solution for continuous use. They open and close easily for everyday use.

So, if you are looking for a durable roll-up cover, Tonno Pro Lo Roll can be a good product to consider.

The cover will mount on the truck bed for a low profile design. It has heavy-duty clamps which securely fasten the cover to the bed rails.

When opening the cover, you have full bed access. Even more, the cover attaches to the cab to keep it open while driving.

All tonneau covers are designed to protect the truck bed. This one is not an exception.

It has water-resistant sealing to prevent water leaks. In addition, it has a tear-resistant material and tailgate sealing too.

However, what makes this cover stands above others is the good price it comes at combined with the good features it has.

So, purchasing this product is a good deal to make as one gets a quality product with the same features as the best products.


  • Full bed access
  • Good price
  • All sides and tailgate sealing


  • No special closure system
  • Poor installation instructions

05. BAK BAKFlip FiberMax Hard Folding Tonneau Cover – [Best for usability]


 Product features

  • Hard tri-folding cover
  • Fiberglass reinforced polymer
  • Scratch and dent-resistant
  • Automatic latch closure system
  • OE sealing

Being a hard-folding cover means it can withstand heavy weights and hard weather conditions.

BAK tonneau cover is one of those heavy-duty covers that can tolerate around 300 lbs over it.

The material is a fiberglass reinforced polymer that protects the cargo from sun heat.

Furthermore, it is resistant to scratches and dents. So, this product will last for a long time.

As for sealing, it has OE seals which ensure maximum protection of the cargo.

Coming to usability, it has latches to close to the tailgate. These latches are automatic ones that lock once the cover is closed.

On the other side, it stands in a vertical position when open using metal rods.

So, this cover can give full access to the truck bed. However, it doesn’t block the driver from seeing the 3rd brake light.


  • Gives full bed access
  • Holds in upright position without blocking 3rd brake light
  • Cover lock automatically


  • Doesn’t cover the whole truck bed

06. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover – [Best practical option]


Product features

  • Soft roll-up cover
  • Leather vinyl material
  • Adjustable tension
  • Closure latches system
  • Mounts above the truck bed

Another roll-up cover from Truxedo with the same preferable features of this kind of tonneau covers.

Although some people think that soft roll-up covers are fragile, this one is completely the opposite.

The cover is made of high-quality leather vinyl. This material offers full coverage of the truck bed.

Further, it is easy to clean with a piece of cloth.  With the tailgate latches, it can be secured over the truck. Also, it opens easily giving full access to the truck bed.

Apart from closure, the cover tarp tension is adjustable. Thus, it will never flap on high ways.

So, Truxedo cover is one of the best options for people who travel a lot with their Tacoma.

To open the cover, one must open the tailgate first. Then, the cover rolls up and attaches to the cab with buckles.

Finally, the cover mounts above the bed rail for about inches. Although low-profile covers seem better, this one still has a good and attractive design.


  • Full bed access
  • Easy to clean
  • Buckles to attach to cab


  • Must open tailgate first to open

07. Undercover Ultra Flex Hard Folding Tonneau Cover 


Product features

  • Hard tri-folding cover
  • Aluminum panels
  • Black matte powder-coated finish
  • Latching closure system
  • Low profile design

Undercover Ultra Flex hard folding cover offers a unique feature not available in any other product on this list.

This is the LED light in the bed rail that can be of great use to truck drivers. In the night or dim light conditions, drivers may use a flashlight to properly see their truck bed.

Using this cover, they don’t need any extra light. So, it is something you may consider when purchasing the best tonneau cover for Tacoma.

Other features include the low profile design and full bed access. Not to forget that it is a hard folding cover of aluminum panels for extra durability.

It has the same black matte coat as other similar covers for protection. When opening this cover, it can stand in an upright position using dual prop rods.

Thus, it doesn’t rest on the cab and doesn’t fall down at the same time. Nevertheless, it has a latching closure system that closes automatically once the cover is down


  • Can stand in upright position when open
  • Has a LED light
  • Cover lock automatically when closed


  • Unclear installation instructions
  • Not the best quality

08. Rugged Liner E-Series Soft Folding Tonneau Cover


 Product features

  • Tri soft-folding cover
  • Vinyl material with aluminum frame
  • Tear-resistant
  • Dual latching closure
  • Mounts above the bed rails

Soft-folding covers are a great option for those looking for durability and practicality at the same time.

This product is soft folding Tacoma bed cover that with unmatched features among other similar ones.

For example, it made of durable vinyl material with aluminum frame support. So, it resists tear and other bad weather conditions.

Also, it comes nearly assembled, so, it takes very simple steps to install to the truck. On top of that, the cover has a dual latching tailgate closure system.

To open or close the cover, one should release or pull down the clamps. In the fully open position, it attaches to the cab with buckles and strap giving 2/3 access to the truck bed.

The cover mounts above the bed rails with sealing from all sides to prevent leaking. However, in heavy rain, water sometimes leaks through the corners of the truck bed.


  • Comes nearly assembled
  • Attaches to the cab with buckles and strap


  • Cover may leak
  • Not full bed access

09. Top Soft Vinyl Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Replacement


Product features

  • Roll-up bed truck cover
  • Vinyl material
  • Adjustable tension control
  • Tailgate latching closure
  • Secures to the truck with mounting clamps

All tonneau covers have sealing features but this product has more than one sealing mechanism. First, it has normal rubber seals which prevent leaking from the corners.

Additionally, it has a Velcro strap from both sides to seal the whole truck bed. Moreover, it has a manual adjusting tension feature.

So, the truck driver can control the tension according to the cargo and the speed he drives at.

In spite of being a roll-up cover, it has two open positions. Either fully open as usual roll-up covers or partially open.

In this case, the cover will give half access to the truck bed. On the other side, when it is closed, it has a latch and straps to close to the tailgate.

Generally, the cover is secured over the truck bed using the included mounting clamps. When not in use, one can simply roll it up and secure it using its elastic straps.


  • Two open positions
  • Perfect sealing
  • Straps to attach to the cab


  • Fits limited truck models

10. Lund Genesis Tri-Fold, Soft Folding Tonneau Cover 


Product features

  • Soft tri-folding cover
  • Low-profile design
  • Double vinyl coat with aluminum frames
  • Tear and corrosion resistance
  • Dual rear clamps closure

Lund Genesis cover considers the easy use and installation at the same time. It is a soft folding cover with the same features as tri-folding covers.

However, it is a lightweight product for easy installation, fold and unfolds. Being light in weight doesn’t necessarily mean it is not durable.

Instead, it is a double vinyl cover with aluminum frames from maximum sturdiness. In addition, it can resist corrosion and tear, so, it is a cover for a long lifetime.

Moving to the design and functionality, it is a low-profile cover. It closes on both sides of the tailgate with rear clamps.

Further, it comes with a clip and strap to hold the cover to the cab when open. This gives partial truck bed access.

As for sealing, nothing can pass into the truck bed when this cover is on. Yet, the corners have some plastic parts which can break over time.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect sealing


  • Plastic corners may break

11. Extang Trifecta 2.0 Soft Folding Tonneau Cover


Product features

  • Tri soft-folding cover
  • Leather vinyl material
  • EZ-lock rear closure clamps
  • Jaw-Grip front mounting clamp
  • Low-profile design

Extang Trifecta cover outperforms other tonneau covers for its brand new front and rear clamps. For closure at the tailgate, it has two EZ-Lock clamps.

These close automatically ensuring the cover will never open unless the clamps are released.

Whereas for the front clamp, which tightens the cover to the truck, it is a Jaw-Grip clamp. These attach to the bed flanges, so, it doesn’t alter the cab.

What’s more, is that it has buckles to fasten the open cover to the cab. So, in terms of security, this product is top-notch.

Another remarkable feature is the tight sealing of this cover. Also, the tarp tension is perfect thanks to the integrated tuck system at the corners.

Extang Trifecta soft folding cover comes fully assembled with minimal effort required to install it on the truck bed.

It fits perfectly within the truck giving a low profile appearance. Lastly, it is a leather cover which resists fade and corrosion.


  • Fastens to the cab with buckles
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Automatic clamp closure


  • Flaps around at high speed
  • Has some plastic parts

How We Picked Best Tonneau Cover for Tacoma

Tonneau covers have several functions for all truck types. They provide protection for the truck bed and storage for cargo.

Moreover, they can give the truck a sleek and elegant appearance. So, one should invest some time browsing the several products available in the market before buying.

This buying consideration guide will help you determine the best tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma.

Tonneau cover types

Tonneau covers come in different types. All of them have advantages and disadvantages.

Hence, the choice between cover types depends on the main purpose of having this cover.

Starting with the hard-folding covers, these are durable ones that fold to the cab. They provide good security for the truck bed and high strength to even carry things above.

The durability and strength allow for withstanding different weather conditions.

They can also last for longer times than other covers. So, hard-folding covers suit those who drive in bad weather and longways.

The second type is the soft-folding covers. These are similar to hardcovers in that they both fold to the cab.

Yet, soft-folding ones are softer and easier in open and close. Also, they are more flexible and can carry more things underneath.

Thus, soft-folding covers are better for those who need the truck bed mainly for storing things.

Another type is the roll-up cover. This type is the most flexible one and the easiest in terms of installation.

It fits everyday use more than any other cover. Also, roll-up covers give 100% access to the truck bed.

Other cover types may or may not give the same full access. Hence, roll-up covers are more practical but less durable than other types.

Finally, retractable covers are the easiest at all for open and close. These covers give the best style to the truck.

However, they are harder to install and they are not as flexible as soft or roll-up covers.

Access to the truck bed

According to the cover type, it can give full or partial access to the truck bed. Full access means one can view the whole truck bed when the cover is open.

Generally, full bed access is better than partial access because it is easier to load and unload cargo.

All roll-up covers offer full bed access. Alternatively, retractable covers don’t usually give the same full access.

For folding covers either soft or hard ones, both options are available. Folding covers that provide full bed access attaches to the cab with straps or buckles.

Another option is that they stand vertically on rods. Both options are practical and provide the same 100% truck bed access.

Clamps and latches

Clamps and latches are what close the tonneau cover to the truck bed.

All covers should have any of the closure systems to secure cargo inside and prevent the cover from opening suddenly.

The best option available is the lock and key closure which gives the maximum security ever. Yet, this option is not always available in most tonneau covers.

Another good option is the automatic latching system where the cover lock automatically once it closes over the truck.

Whatever option is used, it should ensure the cover is tightly closed over the truck bed.

Also, opening the cover is another concern as covers need to open easily but shouldn’t be loose at the same time. So, latches in this case are the best option.

One last option is the Velcro straps usually found in roll-up covers.

They tighten to the truck sides using this Velcro with another closure system at the tailgate or without. Certainly, having another closure along with the Velcro is better.

Speaking of the tailgate, some cover rear latches won’t open unless the tailgate is open. This is not a practical thing as opening the cover will be a hassle.


Sealing is about preventing water and dust from leaking into the truck bed. When purchasing a tonneau cover, one should seek optimum sealing from all corners.

Going the extra mile, some covers provide sealing at both sides as well.

Generally, the corners of most covers have rubber sealing. Rubber can provide a good sealing feature but other covers may have double sealing for extra protection.

Drivers who live in rainy weather conditions should make sure the tonneau cover they have provides the best sealing features.

Toyota Tacoma Bed Cover: Buying Questions

Why you love soft tonneau cover on your tacoma?

Here, this video will must ensure your choice:

What is the importance of a tonneau cover?

Tonneau covers have different purposes. Generally, every truck owner should consider having one of those as he will certainly benefit from it.

The most important function of tonneau covers is to secure the cargo inside the truck bed. By having a cover, one can transport things inside his truck without fearing they will fall.

Another importance of tonneau covers is to protect what is inside the truck from weather conditions. This includes rain, snow and even normal dust.

Also, covers can be used to give the trucks an added classy appearance. Leather or vinyl covers when matching the truck can enhance the appearance of the truck greatly.

Finally, covers can improve the gas mileage by decreasing the dragging, especially on highways.

How to take care of my tonneau cover?

Just like any other car parts, tonneau covers need care and washing from time to time. Mostly, tonneau covers won’t require special cleaning products.

They are meant to be installed in the truck and not removed frequently. So, you should be able to wash the whole car with the cover on it.

Actually, most covers are tear and corrosion-resistant, so, they can withstand automatic car wash.

To be in the safe side, double-check with the tonneau cover producer first. You should find such information listed on the cover manual.

Why should tonneau covers have attachment buckles to the cab?

Most covers will have buckles and straps to hold the cover to the cab. Another option is the supporting rods where covers rely on. These allow for two things.

First, the full truck bed access which is better than partial access. Second, it prevents the cover from flapping when the truck is moving and the cover is open.

In any of the two cases, the cover shouldn’t rest on the cab to prevent continuous traction.

Thus, attachment to the cab is a useful feature that adds to the functionality of the tonneau cover.

How to measure the truck bed?

Tonneau covers come in different models for different car brands and models.

Since the truck bed of different trucks is different, tonneau covers have different sizes as well.

So, the truck owner should measure the exact size of his truck bed first.

This ensures the tonneau cover completely covers the whole truck and securely closes over the truck.

To measure the truck bed, you have to measure both the length and width of the truck bed from inside.

This is the length between the tailgate and the cab and the width between two sides of the truck bed.

Although truck beds nearly have similar sizes, they may have different shapes and corners. So, it is important to get the right truck bed cover for the specific truck model.

What is the best material for tonneau covers?

Most tonneau covers have the same material. Mostly, they are made of vinyl materials of different qualities and sturdiness.

Hard -folding covers have more durable and heavy-duty materials. Whereas soft covers have more flexible materials and aluminum panels support.

Roll-up covers have the least durable materials but some have the same aluminum panels support of soft tonneau covers.

Another factor to consider for good materials is the UV and tear-resistant. Mostly, covers will have a matte finish or a black coat to provide this kind of protection.

Moreover, they should be corrosion and wear-resistant. This is very important as covers will be always exposed to sun heat and different weather conditions.

Also, they should protect stuff underneath the cover, so, they should be of the best material.

What are low-profile tonneau covers?

Tonneau covers either mount above or on the same level of bed rails. Low-profile covers are the ones that mount on the same level.

They don’t rise above the truck bed, so, they are named low-profile covers. On the other side, high-profile covers rise a little above the truck bed nearly 1 or 2 inches.

For a better aesthetic look, go for the low-profile design. It appears as if it is part of the truck itself.


Now as you understand everything about tonneau covers, you can easily pick the best tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma.

Considering the type, sealing, material and closure system will help make the decision.

Other features as the design and attachment to the cab can also serve as strong points to specific products.

In the end, it is all about the purpose of having this tonneau cover and the budget.

So, carefully balance the advantages and disadvantages of each product to choose the best tonneau cover for Tacoma. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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