Top 10 Best Truck Caps Reviews In 2023 (Ultimate Buying Guide!)

You can always protect your cargo or add extra space for storage with the best truck caps.

They are simple to use, make your vehicle more attractive, and add tons of practical advantages that you won’t get with other accessories.

They’re not easy to pick, though. There are tons of different factors to consider before you can choose a truck cap that’s worth the money.

Whether it is compatibility, design, construction, or extras it offers, you may regret it if you don’t pick the ideal truck cap.

Luckily for you, we’ve assembled a list of the highest-quality truck caps out there and reviewed them for you.

The list is filled will help you learn deeply about each before picking.

So, are you ready to take a truck cap home? Then keep reading!


Best Truck Caps Reviews [Updated & Top Picks For 2021]

Tyger Auto
Bestop 7630135
Rightline Gear

How much does a truck cap cost?

It depends on the type, construction, and extras it offers. A standard truck cap can cost anywhere from $200 up to $1,500.

The most expensive ones can reach $5,000. And a super-cheap truck cap may easily cost below $100.

Why is Bestop the best truck cap brand you can get?

While reading our reviews, you’ll find that Bestop is probably the only brand that makes caps for any vehicle you can think of.

As long as the truck’s cargo area has attachment points, you can install a Bestop truck cap.

Apart from that, the resilience and good looks are always there with Bestop.

Now that you’ve learned a thing or two about truck caps, it is time to go directly into our reviews.

If you’re eager to find a truck cap that matches all your demands, then reading our reviews will help you out enormously:

10 Best Truck Caps Reviews 2021

01. Bestop 7630835 Black Diamond Supertop – Best Truck Cap for Toyota Tacoma 


Highlighted Features:

  • For Tacoma 2015 to 2019
  • 5-feet bed compatible
  • Collapsible design

The Supertop series from Bestop delivers other-worldly advantages when compared to all its competitors.

For example, this model is one of the few that works well with the Tacoma truck, providing a reliable and stable installation.

It all comes down to an excellent Belt Rail attachment that makes Bestop so dependable.

Along with the clamp hardware, it will keep the cap sturdily attached to the truck for a long time.

Don’t worry about the installation, though.

Even though the piece comes with tons of parts to make it more durable, the cap snaps into place easily.

You won’t have to spend hours setting it up like other caps.

But the best advantage of this cap is not the installation system but the quality of the construction.

Boasting the unique Bestop fabric, this accessory can handle anything you throw at it.

From UV rays to water, wind, mildew, and more. The diamond-point grain and heavy-duty fabric can take it all.

The cap is sealed as well, keeping even the slightest drop of moisture out.

Along with heavy-duty seams, you can expect it to never disappoint in terms of durability and protection.

Apart from that, it comes with molded-tooth zippers for easy access and boasts a tailgate bar for straightforward tailgate use.

Even the windows are replaceable, making it even more practical.

“You can take the windows in and out of the cap if necessary. However, they may not zip all the way in, which could leave a small area for moisture to go in. Be sure to take the time necessary to tighten them correctly and prevent this.”

Still, you get the whole package with the cap, considering it is collapsible and amazingly convenient in every way.

What We Liked

  • Super-easy installation
  • The easy-access zippered attachment system
  • Comes with a handy collapsible design
  • Heavy-duty construction withstands any use

What We Didn’t Like

  • The windows may leave a small gap

02. Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover – Best Tonneau Cover for Dodge RAM


Highlighted Features:

  • For Dodge RAM 2009 to 2019
  • Tonneau cover design
  • Marine-grade vinyl build

Sometimes, you don’t need a massive and feature-rich cap when a simple tonneau cover will suffice.

The Tyger T1 Soft Cover is precisely that. And what’s even better, it is the cheapest you can get.

As the best truck cap for the money, it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest.

First off, you get the chance to install it in a few minutes.

There’s no need to drill, and comes with all the instructions for the job.

With a simple Velcro strip on the sides, it allows easy access and secure installation.

If the Velcro doesn’t feel like enough safety for the system, you can always use the secure latch locks.

They will keep the cover attached to the truck bed, always safe from external factors.

To make it even better, it boasts an adjustable tension system so you can make it as tight as necessary.

“Some users have complained that for newer Dodge RAM models, the cover leaves a small gap in the front and back of the bed. While it is not a significant gap to worry about, it is still worth knowing it.”

The construction is fantastic, nonetheless. You get a combination of 24-ounce marine-grade vinyl.

This prevents even the moistest of environments from getting inside.

Yet, the aluminum side rails and clamps with powder coating stand out the most, keeping the cover attached to the truck sturdily and safely for years.

Don’t forget about the weather-tight sealing system.

It keeps all your valuables safe inside, especially with the horizontal crossbars that hold the cover super-tightly attached to the bed.

Whether it is rain or snow, this cap will stay put and prevent anything from going inside.

What We Liked

  • Super-sturdy construction withstands any environment
  • The weather-tight seal protects the truck bed
  • Easy-to-install design with a hardware kit
  • Compatible with different bed sizes and RAM models

What We Didn’t Like

  • It may leave a small gap in the rear part of the bed

03. Bestop 7631535 Supertop for Truck – Best Truck Cap for 8 Feet Beds


Highlighted Features:

  • Fits 8-feet beds
  • Belt Rail system
  • Collapsible design

Setting up your old 20-year truck with a truck cap won’t be easy.

Barely any brand nowadays makes caps for this kind of vehicle anymore. Luckily, Bestop still does.

The 7631535 is a Supertop cap for old Silverado, Sierra, F150, F250, and F350 trucks with an 8-feet bed.

This is one of the hardest truck caps to find, and Bestop makes it a piece of cake to get.

What sets this cap apart is its compatibility with such a set of vehicles and its exceptional installation system.

Thanks to a snap-on design, you can install this cap without having to make a single hole in the truck.

“Even though the cap doesn’t require modifications to fit, the bulky design and heavy build plus will make the setup a little harder. It is advised to gather another person to make the installation decently easy.”

The cap boasts a Belt Rail system that attaches securely and tightly to your vehicle.

And with the removable windows, you can make it an even more practical option.

Another feature that stands out is the construction.

The diamond-point grain fabric with heavy-duty seams will keep working neatly even after several years of use.

It is UV-resistant, watertight, and capable of withstanding impacts and scratches if necessary.

Accessing your truck bed won’t be a problem. It boasts molded tooth zippers that let you get the windows in and out for fast access.

Along with a soft collapsible design, you can open and close without much fuss.

What We Liked

  • Premium-grade fabric withstands any use
  • Corrosion-resistant frame for durability
  • Easy-access molded-tooth zipper system
  • Works well with the largest 8-feet beds

What We Didn’t Like

  • Large and heavy design can be challenging to install

04. Bestop 5492335 Black Diamond Trektop NX Glide – Best Truck Cap for Jeep


Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with Jeep CJ
  • Available in 6 colors
  • For 2-door and 4-door Jeeps

Want to give you Jeep a new look? Then you’ll love the TrekTop NX Glide – it makes even the dullest of Jeeps look a lot more enticing.

What you’ll love the most about this truck cap is the unique sliding design.

As the name says, it glides back and forth over the Jeep’s rear, making it possible to use complete coverage of the rear and front seats or as an open-air experience.

The system for folding and unfolding is super reliable, so you can use it for years without a problem.

It all comes down to the super-reliable fabric that withstands almost any use.

The material is also soft, giving both an excellent look to the Jeep while adding a comfy touch to the vehicle.

You will also love the overhead pockets for a bit of convenience.

Paired up with the zipper-less windows, the cap makes your Jeep amazingly convenient in almost every way.

“It’s worth mentioning that the rear window may not fit perfectly on the back. And over time, it will start to bend and break with constant use.”

Finally, it boasts a Sunride sunroof. It is built with heavy-duty steel and comes with thermoplastic polymer fabric, a combination that makes it last a lifetime.

What We Liked

  • Collapsible design makes it super-handy
  • Ultra-resistant build handles years of use
  • The soft fabric feels and looks fantastic
  • Windows add up a stylish touch

What We Didn’t Like

  • The rear window can be a little problematic over time

05. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent – Best Truck Cap Tent


Highlighted Features:

  • 2 mesh windows
  • Multi-size compatibility
  • Vinyl fabric

If you aren’t interested in a normal-looking cap but instead want something more practical – then you’ll love the Backroadz tent.

Among the best truck caps for camping, this one offers everything you could need, going from convenience to super-durable construction.

The assembly process is fantastic with this cap tent. It boasts the typical frame poles that attach to the tent itself.

Yet, it is the strap system that will keep it firmly attached to the truck so you can enjoy maximum safety when using it.

As for construction, you won’t have a thing to worry about. The poles, for example, are made of fiberglass.

This is sturdy enough to handle any use. And with the vinyl fabric, it will prevent even the harshest of storms from causing damage.

When it comes to convenience, the tent doesn’t disappoint with a gear pocket, loft, and even a lantern holder inside.

The interior is gigantic, and you also get 2 mesh windows for extra ventilation.

“Despite its large interior and mesh windows, the tent still feels super-hot inside. If you’re looking for freshness, this one may not be it. Luckily, it works amazingly well on cold areas.”

What’s even more critical, the tent fits on truck beds going from 5 feet up to 8.2 feet. You’ll have 5 different sizes to choose from accordingly.

What We Liked

  • Fantastic frame poles for durability
  • Decently quick & effortless installation
  • Super-tight system for a sturdy setup
  • Offers a full floor design

What We Didn’t Like

  • Gets super-hot in warm areas

06. Bestop 7630235 Black Diamond Supertop – Best Truck Cap for 6 Feet Beds


Highlighted Features:

  • Quick-bow removal
  • Zip-out panels
  • Belt-Rail installation

We love Bestop truck caps, and for a reason. The Black Diamond series, for example, offers everything you could expect a quality cap to offer.

It all starts with heavy-duty fabric construction.

This fabric of premium-level can withstand any environment, preventing exposure of external factors to the inside.

The material is super flexible, nonetheless. You can collapse and move around with ease.

And if you need to store without making much of an effort, this design will also enormously help you.

There’s a lot more to consider, like the industrial-grade thread.

It will keep the fabric super-sturdy, ensuring all the seams stay together even in the harshest of environments.

Apart from that, you can enjoy the window system.

The zip-out panels ensure maximum convenience, so you can put them on and off without any problem.

They will also add tons of ventilation, so people can travel inside without problems.

Lastly, you can enjoy a fantastic installation system with the Belt Rail system.

Along with a quick bow for easy removal, using this cap won’t be much of a problem.

“Don’t be fooled, though. The cap is excellent in every way except installation. If you haven’t installed this type of accessory on your truck before, there’s a high chance you will get annoyed with the process.”

What We Liked

  • The material handles tons of heavy use
  • Soft fabric collapses and stores easily
  • Next-level seams and thread keep it waterproof
  • Removable windows allow extra ventilation

What We Didn’t Like

  • The installation can be a lot more complicated than expected

07. Bestop 7630935 Black Diamond Supertop – Best TrucakCap for 5.5 Foot Beds


Highlighted Features:

  • Belt-Rail installation system
  • Diamond-point grain fabric
  • Four-clamp setup

By now, you must be thinking that we’re bringing you the whole Bestop catalog.

And that wouldn’t be far from the truth. And it’s because these truck caps are merely fantastic.

The quality of the Black Diamond top is other-worldly when you consider its next-level fabric.

A uniquely resistant and durable heavy-duty material that withstands everything.

Whether you throw rain, snow, or harsh UV rays, the top will not get damaged.

But despite its sturdiness, the material is soft enough to be collapsible.

It will collapse and extend easily every time. You won’t have to struggle with this.

The same will happen with the installation. On top of being light and sturdy, it is also decently straightforward to set up.

The belt-rail system, clamps, drill-free design, and hardware pieces will make the installation fast and easy.

“One thing you may not like is a small gap in the rear part of the top. Even if you install properly and tightly, the truck cap may not fit completely flush on the bed.”

Another exciting part to consider is the corrosion-resistant frame.

You won’t have to worry about the poles losing their strength over time as they don’t catch any rust.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you still get removable windows with their respective zippers.

You can make it an enclosed top or an open one as necessary.

What We Liked

  • The straightforward installation will be quick
  • Sturdy materials will last a lifetime
  • The practical design is easy to store and collapse
  • Allows tons of ventilation with removable windows

What We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t always fit flush on the bed

8. Bestop 7630535 Black Diamond Supertop – Best Truck Cap for 6.5 Foot Beds


Highlighted Features:

  • UV-ray resistant
  • Full hardware kit
  • Removable windows

Among the best truck caps for 6.5-feet beds, you’ll find the 7630535 as an excellent alternative.

It brings everything Bestop is known for, like quality construction, an easy-to-install process, and a practical design all around.

As soon as you touch the material, you’ll realize the sturdiness it offers.

It is entirely resistant to mold and mildew and capable of withstanding even the harshest UV rays.

The material is still super-soft. This adds up to a collapsible design, helping you close and open the truck bed without making much of an effort.

Another feature to love is the removable windows. Attached with a zipper system, you can take them off and put them on without an effort.

“The windows are super-handy in many situations, but they don’t withstand extreme colds. They may become brittle and start to crack over time.”

You won’t have to worry about the installation, though.

It comes with the whole hardware kit and the patented Belt-Rail system from Bestop that makes the mounting super-fast.

And lastly, the whole piece comes with corrosion-resistant frame poles. That’s enough to withstand super-harsh use in almost any environment.

What We Liked

  • Soft materials make it easy to store
  • The installation takes little to no time
  • The fabric can handle years of use

What We Didn’t Like

  • The windows get brittle with cold

09. Bestop 7630135 Black Diamond Supertop – Best Truck Cap for Toyota Tacoma


Highlighted Features:

  • For 6.5-feet beds
  • Diamond-point grain fabric
  • Collapsible design

Bestop will never disappoint you. That’s something you should already know.

And when it comes to making your Toyota Tacoma a much more practical truck, then it has no competitors.

The 7630135 Supertop truck cap is fantastic in almost every way.

A quality fabric will ensure a weatherproof construction forever.

This fabric is made of diamond-point grain, perfect to resist any environment without a single drawback.

Another feature you’ll love is the collapsibility of the fabric.

Being a soft material can open up the truck bed completely when needed or close off entirely.

Either way, the process is super-fast, so you don’t waste a single second or make too much effort. The installation will be pleasant, as well.

There is no need to spend hours setting it up thanks to the Belt Rail system from Bestop and the quality clamps it comes with.

And with the hardware kit it offers, you won’t have to buy a single thing apart from what already comes with the cap.

Don’t forget about the windows and the quality frame.

One lets you add more ventilation to the truck bed, while the other will keep the cap sturdily attached for years.

“A recurring problem with the windows is the small gap that remains in the channel. This may leave a small area for water to go in, which could be highly impractical.”

What We Liked

  • Fits perfectly on the Toyota Tacoma
  • Sturdy material withstands harsh environments
  • Comes with a complete hardware kit
  • Corrosion-free frame for extra durability

What We Didn’t Like

  • The windows leave a small gap on the sides

10. Rightline Gear Truck Tent – Best Truck Caps For Camping


Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-truck and bed compatibility
  • Polyurethane clamps
  • 2-people interior

Most caps are ideal for transporting stuff. But few of them will give you a pleasant weekend in the forest – like the Truck Tent from Rightline.

This fantastic floorless tent will install on your truck in just a few minutes.

The straightforward design, including the color-coded poles, will make it all a piece of cake.

This matches well with the pole pockets, allowing a smooth setup process.

Securing the tent won’t be a problem either. You get excellent straps and buckles that keep the tent attached tightly to the truck.

This gets even better with the polypropylene construction, so the hardware lasts even longer.

The fabric is completely waterproof. Boasting polyurethane seals, you’re likely to never experience moisture getting inside.

Along with the rainfly, you can adjust the tent to be thoroughly water-resistant.

“While the material is resistant to moisture, it is not resistant to ripping. If you treat it too forcefully, it may break and leave a crack on the tent.”

Last but not least, it is large enough to fit 2 people.

Along with the ability to work on mid-size, full-size, and compact trucks, plus fitting beds from 5 to 8 feet, this is an excellent tent in its entirety.

What We Liked

  • The installation is relatively straightforward
  • Quality hardware kit withstands heavy use
  • Seals off any water completely
  • Large enough to fit any truck size

What We Didn’t Like

  • The material could be a lot sturdier

What to Consider When Buying The Best Truck Toppers

When looking at the best truck caps, you’ll find that they come in all shapes and sizes, with tons of different features to consider.

If you aren’t well aware of what to go for and what to overlook, you may end up with the wrong truck cap.

With this next section, we want to teach you how to pick the ideal one. Take a look!

  • Types of Truck Caps

At first, most truck caps will look the same to you. But once you start looking deeply into what they offer, you realize it is not that way. Here’s how truck caps will differ:

Hard Cap

The typical type of cap is the hard one. These come with the same truck color, perfectly designed to look almost seamless – transforming a truck into an SUV.

What sets hard caps apart is their strength.

These are often made of heavy-duty metals or fiberglass, capable of withstanding hundreds of pounds if necessary while adding more protection to the truck bed.

Soft Cap

As the name says, these are soft. What makes them soft is the fabric construction, typically vinyl or strong textiles that withstand heavy use.

However, the frame is still made of aluminum and sturdy metals.

These caps can withstand a lot of heavy use as well as most environments without problems.

Some soft caps are collapsible as well, so they open and close on demand.

Tonneau Cover

If you don’t want your truck to look like an SUV, you can always go for a tonneau cover.

These won’t necessarily add a different look to your truck but only close off the truck bed.

If you need to keep the truck bed closed for any reason, a tonneau cover is the best way to do so.

Tonneau covers come in tons of different designs as well. Some of them are soft and rollable, so you can close them and open them with ease.

Others are hard and composed of various collapsible panels you can open and close as needed.

Cap Tent

And lastly, you will find the typical truck tent. As the name says, these are not precisely caps or covers but tents.

If you are going camping or want to sleep more comfortably on your truck while on the go, then a truck tent can be an excellent idea.

  • Materials & Durability

You don’t only want a truck cap that meets your application needs, but also something that lasts.

Luckily, there aren’t many materials to go for.

We recommend the best aluminum truck caps for the durability it offers without being too heavy.

Whether hard or soft, an aluminum frame can withstand a lot of use.

Fiberglass is also an excellent material if you’re looking for lightness and resilience.

On the fabric, we recommend vinyl and other heavy-duty polymers as the best options.

You should go for something that withstands environmental changes without drawbacks.

  • Size & Compatibility

Most truck caps have vehicle-specific fitment, so it is essential to consider that before choosing.

Some models will fit perfectly with Dodge trucks, while others will match Ford or Chevy models better.

But it is not only the compatibility with the make or truck model.

You will need to consider the truck bed’s size. Here, you will find that they go from 5 to 8 feet in most cases.

If you want to ensure proper fit, then the cap should be perfect for the bed’s size.

  • Installation & Security

You don’t want the truck bed to fit loosely on your truck. That’s why the installation system is such a vital part to consider.

Here, we recommend going for clamps and brackets that are easy to install.

But most importantly, you want something that stays put and tightens up easily.

Rails and other complex locking mechanisms are also worth having.

As long as you don’t need to make holes or modifications on the truck bed to install the cap, that’s an installation system worth having.

  • Waterproofing

If you genuinely want to get the most out of the cap, you will consider weather-tight models.

That means they’re entirely sealed from external factors, preventing even a single drop of moisture from going in.

For that, you will have to consider the material of the cover, the frame, the seams, and even the installation itself.

The focus is to pick something that blocks everything, staying as tightly as possible on the bed.

Apart from that, it should be perfectly designed to prevent crevices or small openings on the sides.

As long as the cap doesn’t let a single thing from getting inside, then that’s a cap worth having.

  • Extras to Consider

The truck cap doesn’t have to be a dull and impractical accessory.

It could also come with tons of different extras that make it more attractive, more useful, and just overall better. Here are some of those extras:


A set of pockets on the cap can always help store small stuff.

We recommend pockets on the sides so you can store anything more easily and safely. This type of storage is ideal for tools and the like.


Most soft caps offer a soft lining that increases overall looks. This can also prevent damage to the stuff you place inside.


Whether it is for ventilation or offering the chance to look outside for people sitting inside, windows are always worth having. If they’re removable, then that’s even better.


You use zippers for the windows, the entrances, or just for attaching it to the truck. If you go for a cover with zippers, using it will be a lot easier.

Best Truck Topper For Camping: Most Online Queries

After reading everything about the best truck cap from our review and buying guide sections, then you may still have a doubt or two.

In this section, we want to answer the most common doubts people have – we may answer yours:

What is a truck cap?

Also known as the truck topper, shell, bed cap, or box cap – it is a soft or rigid piece that mounts on top of the truck bed.

Its purpose is to provide protection to the bed so you can store stuff more safely.

But it also works as a decorative accessory, adding an SUV-like appearance to your truck.

Should I install a cap on my truck?

If you want to increase protection against external factors like snow, rain, dust, dirt, UV rays, and the like – then you should install a cap.

Otherwise, you may install just for the looks, which is not a bad idea either.

Can a truck cap increase mileage?

No. They actually add more weight to the truck, which decreases the miles you can get per gallon.

Are truck caps worth it?

Yes, as long as you need to cover stuff safely. If you want to use the cap merely for decorative purposes, you won’t get much.

How heavy are truck caps?

It depends on the type of cap you’re looking at. A hard shell may weigh up to 200 pounds, while a soft one stays within 50 and 100 pounds.

Tonneau covers are easily under 50 pounds, and tents are also pretty light.

Is there a weight limit for a truck cap?

Yes, hard-shell truck caps can often handle between 100 and 500 pounds of weight.

If you want to install racks or other accessories to bring more storage options to the truck, be aware of its weight limit.

How much does it take to install a truck cap?

You can install a truck cap in 1 hour if the design is straightforward. But for some models, you will have to spend at least 4 hours setting it up.

Are truck caps waterproof?

Yes, most truck caps are completely sealed to prevent even the slightest of moisture from getting inside.

How do you waterproof a truck cap?

If you want to make the truck cap a lot more resistant to external factors, you can always place rubber strips around to seal it.

Weatherproof glue and paint also work to seal the cover more effectively.

Are there universal truck caps?

No. All truck caps are vehicle-specific, meaning they fit only a set of trucks that offer the right size. This includes length and width. Luckily, they’re always identified, so you can install without much hassle.

Conclusion of Best Truck Toppers

Giving your truck a new look with the best truck caps shouldn’t be too hard.

That’s why we made it easy for you to pick the ideal model with our buying guide and reviews.

There’s no time to waste. If you’re looking for quality truck caps that make your truck a lot more practical, then follow our advice and recommendations. You won’t regret it! is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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