11 Best Tuner for Jeep JK Review: Top Rated Jeep Jk Tuner Comparison In 2023

Choosing the best tuner for jeep jk that balances performance and affordability is somewhat challenging because countless options work differently.

We presume that all Jeep owners love their vehicles and probably using the right tuners within their reach.

Since the demand is higher, some brands manufacture tuners with jeopardized quality; thus, buyers need to be careful when choosing programmers for their Jeep Wrangler JK.

This article reviews the eleven best performance programmer for Jeep JK, which guarantees vehicle efficiency and improved performance, especially when driving in rough terrain, and high-quality at affordable prices.


Top Rated Jeep Jk Tuner Comparison Table

Bully Dog
OTC 5025
Edge 31507
Pedal Commander

What is the Best Tuner for Jeep JK?

Superchips SPC-3571 Flashcal F5 is the best tuner on the market today.

Based on the recent research conducted, we chose this tuner as a top product among its counterparts because it offers higher performance, accuracy and comes at an affordable price.

Also, according to customer feedback, most previous buyers did not encounter challenges while using the product. Interestingly, customers enjoyed the tuner’s compact and portable design.

The tuner is recommendable because it delivers according to its features and specifications.

As that is not enough, Southwest Speed is the best brand for Jeep Wrangler JK tuners.

Southwest Speed is the leading company in the automotive tuning industry, especially for the latest Jeep and truck models.

The company collaborates with Superchips manufacturers to provide influential hand-held programmers for tuning vehicles’ engine systems to many high-performance enthusiasts globally.

Products from Southwest Speed are engineered with a lot of expertise, ensuring they meet customers’ requirements and performance standards for many vehicle models.

Top 11 Best Tuner For Jeep JK Reviews

01. Superchips Flashcal F5, SPC-3571 In-Cab Tuner- Best Overall


Best features

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2018)
  • Speedometer re-calibration
  • TPMS
  • Gasoline-fueled Jeep JKs
  • Axle locking options: 4-Hi & 4-Low transfer case
  • Accessory and Headlamp delay options (2011-2018 JK models)
  • Internet updateable

It’s not a surprise this tuner tops our review because Superchips SPC-3571 F5 is just what most Jeep JK enthusiasts would love to use to tune their vehicles’ engines.

Superchips SPC-3571 F5 (Brand New) comes in an excellent compact and minimalistic design, which most customers enjoy.

Since it is loaded with in-demand features, the Superchips is designed to improve your Jeep JK’s performance.

With this turner, you can take full advantage of the best turner for jeep jk to upgrade your vehicle for enhanced accuracy and performance.

ASIDE, Superchips SPC-3571 F5 turner allows re-calibration of the speedometer if you are upgrading to oversized tires between 26 to 42 inches.

Also, speedometer re-calibration can be done for gear/axle swaps.

Because most off-roading enthusiasts love adding oversized tires, the re-calibration function comes in handy, especially for Jeep JK owners.

The powerful turner consists of a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) with ON/OFF options for checking tire-pressure levels from the vehicle’s dashboard.

Superchips SPC-3571 F5 turner also allows Jeep JK drivers to control or adjusting fog, driving, and off-roading lights during the day.

Interestingly, Superchips SPC-3571 F5 turner is updateable, meaning users can update the product through the internet using a Windows device to ensure it always has the latest features.

Despite its discreet size and sleek design, the tuner is a convenient way of enhancing the overall vehicle’s performance.


  • The discreet size and sleek design
  • Improve Jeep JK’s performance and mileage
  • Gear/Axle swapping up to 5.38
  • Scans and removes trouble codes
  • Color-screen display


  • Compatible with Windows only, not Mac OS

02. HIKEit HI-589 Pedal Throttle Response Controller Chip


Top Feature

  • Sleek-casing design
  • Anti-theft pedal-locking mode
  • Customizable backgrounds
  • Easy-to-use menu
  • 2007-2018 Jeep Wranglers JK all work with this tuner
  • All Trim levels

HIKEit HI-589 is a powerful and most intelligent tuner Jeep Wrangler JK enthusiasts can dream of having for their vehicles.

While using this tuner, it learns and adapts the driving style to suit your Jeep’s mode.

HIKEit HI-589 tuner comes with four different control modes:

Cruise, high-performance, Sport, and ECO or 4X4 used with a total of 36 driving settings (each mode has nine driving variations).

ECO or 4X4 mode comes in handy to offer better traction, especially in snow and during off-road adventures.

The ECO mode is fundamental in this tuner since it enhances fuel efficiency by 20 percent.

Moreover, HIKEit HI-589 is the best tuner option if one wants to achieve immediate performance response since it eliminates response delays when accelerating the Jeep Wrangler JK.

The accelerating pedal should provide a quick response from the engine once it is pushed.

However, the response depends on the selected driving mode and adjustment level you choose.

Your vehicle is guaranteed security with this tuner since it comes with an anti-theft mode for locking the pedal.

HIKEit HI-589 controller chip comes at an affordable price to offer quality throttle response and overall performance.


  • Faster throttle response
  • High performance
  • Easy to install and use
  • Convenient with 4-driving modes
  • Better traction in off-roading
  • Learn driving style automatically & select mode


  • No challenges reported by customers

03. LAUNCH Upgraded CRP123, OBD2 Scanner



  • A touchscreen display (colored)
  • Smart Auto-detection
  • Test history & diagnostic feedback
  • Real-time voltage graph
  • Android software: 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM
  • Supported in over 10K vehicles

A feature-rich product that ensures the high-performance of a vehicle’s engine is here for Jeep Wrangler owners to leverage on its functionality.

Launch CRP123 tuner provides smart auto-diagnosis for detecting trouble codes.

Once it is correctly connected to the vehicle system, the tuner begins an auto-detection process and sends the diagnostic report to the user’s email if found.

Sometimes auto-detection fails, and the good thing is that Launch CRP123 tuner allows manual diagnosis.

OBD (on-board diagnostic) supports 10 modes, including VIN Info, 02 Sensor, MIL Status, etc., for an effective detection process.

With a diagnostic history, users can view the vehicle’s test report occasionally without starting from scratch.

Updating the device is simple through Wi-Fi to get the latest features.

The tuner comes with a DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) database from which trouble code definition can be retrieved using analysis and troubleshooting of vehicle issue(s).

The tuner is rated at 4000 mAh, and when it is well-connected, the battery voltage level is displayed on its screen.

With this turner, use one can use it for a long time without the battery dying.

As a fact, Launch CRP123 tuner is compatible with over ten thousand cars of different models and years, both OBD I and OBD II, including Jeep, Renault, Ford, Subaru, Rolls-Royce, and many more.

Launch CRP123 tuner is easy to use and produce diagnosis report with. A 4-in-1 graph shows diagnosis and problem data clearly if zoomed in.


  • Broader vehicle coverage or compatibility
  • Easy to use 5” display
  • Faster diagnosis (auto-detect)
  • High-performance
  • Long battery life
  • High memory
  • Effective diagnosis
  • Faster updating through internet/Wi-Fi


  • Installation/connection is somewhat challenging.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t detect vehicle’s computer code errors.

04. DiabloSport 8245 inTune i3 Platinum Performance Programmer



  • Clear and intuitive display (touch screen)
  • Custom tuning
  • Fuel management option
  • Data logging
  • Connectivity on Mac OS, Linus & Windows
  • Compatible with multiple vehicles

DiabloSport 8245 inTune i3 programmer is a handy product engineered for tuning Jeep JK.

For Jeep enthusiasts who want additional torque and enhanced horsepower, then DiabloSport 8245 inTune i3 programmer is the best option to take your vehicles to another level.

This is a performance programmer, and as the name suggests, DiabloSport 8245 inTune i3 enhances the overall operation of the car by allowing users to disable speed limiters; thus, increasing gas mileage.

It comes with outstanding torque management settings for different tuning and allows for swapping gear levels, better throttle response, and different tire sizes.

Excellent throttle response will enable users to achieve high-performance in off-road driving.

An LCD touchscreen display allows users to monitor and make an adjustment to suit driving style easily. Users can easily switch between the two preset tunes and custom adjustments.

DiabloSport 8245 consists of a fuel management option, allowing users to manage and improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency using the programmer.

Interestingly, DiabloSport 8245 tuner does not obsolete because it can be updated via Wi-Fi whenever new features are introduced.

This programmer is designed to meet the emission standards, and it is CARB-certified to be used in vehicles in all states in the USA.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team helps clients customize the device to ensure everyone gets desired services.

Investing in this premium vehicle upgrade brings all required ingredients for high-performance, turbo, fuel injectors, etc., for a standout ride.


  • Lightweight design
  • Excellent torque & horsepower
  • Effective tunes or adjustments
  • Easy to operate the device
  • Compatible with most Jeep JK products


  • Screen sometimes unresponsive to touch
  • CRM customization for home state only

05. Hypertech 32501 Programmer



  • Heavy machinery tuning
  • Supports many tire changes
  • Reads all diagnostic codes
  • Compatible with many vehicle models

One of the main aspects of tuners is that they are designed for tuning gas or diesel engines.

And Hypertech makes unique products with such essential features in place.

Hypertech 32501 tuner is designed to support all kinds of tuning for different performance options.

With excellent display and control knobs, users can achieve high performance at optimum conditions quickly.

Moreover, this tuner supports several essential tunings, including adjustments for the headlight and auxiliary lights delay.

The tuner allows calibration of the speedometer for different tires and gears.

With Max Energy tuning, users can achieve excellent power transmission, enhancing fuel efficiency to accelerate and maintain cruising speed; thus, increasing fuel mileage.

Hypertech 32501 performance tuner is capable of detecting diagnosis code for excellent results.

Using automatic transmission shift is another fantastic feature coming with this tuner for immediate throttle response.

Vehicles designed to use premium fuel are provided with a single power tuning program, while octane/gas-fueled cars use two optimized tuning options.


  • Easy to use controlling buttons
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Clear display
  • Engine performance optimization
  • Designed with quality material


  • No much performance difference is noticed.
  • Performance depletes after one year.

06. DiabloSport 9445-R12 T2 Performance Programmer


Highlighted features

  • Achieves up to 15 to 20 HP
  • Different modes for day and night
  • Add-on detectors
  • CARB-certified
  • Maps and custom maps for daily drives

DiabloSport 9445-R12 T2 is a homogeneous device with a versatile screen.

Saying that DiabloSport 9445-R12 T2 is just a performance-enhancing tuner will be an injustice to this device because it purposes more than that.

This programmer is both a monitor and a date logger; therefore, the product offers more for your hard-earned money.

DiabloSport programmer runs productivity tests that ensure your Jeep JK for impressive performance.

With this programmer, gains are noticeable. Immediately after connecting the programmer to the vehicle, a remarkable difference in speed is noticed.

An increase in horsepower and excellent throttle response will kick up the engine handsomely for better performance.

Also,  DiabloSport programmer is elegantly designed with easy-to-use settings.

We assure this programmer credit for its high-quality HD graphics.

DiabloSport 9445-R12 T2 package consists of a USB cable for updating for online set-up, ensuring you don’t miss important features.

With a simple swipe, you will get to a user-friendly menu and easily navigate through the options.

Users can customize the screen background and set your adjustments to suit your vehicle’s settings.

DiabloSport 9445-R12 T2 programmers meet emission and safety standards in all states; thus, it is CARB-certified and can be used everywhere, including California.

The product supports multiple vehicle licenses. Therefore, if you own a Jeep Wranglers JK fleet, it will be enjoyable tuning each of them using the same tuner.

That’s something every car owner should be yearning for.


  • Reliable technical support
  • Use-friendly product
  • Innovative and intuitive design
  • Improved cruise speed and overall performance
  • Easy to update
  • Quality, customizable display


  • Pricey

07. Bosch OTC 5025 Refractometer



  • Portable design
  • Meet EPA regulations
  • Use-friendly product
  • Better torque and horsepower
  • SCR for heavy-duty truck engines

A portable and accurate-oriented refractometer for determining the concentration of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

When you place the DEF sample on the prism, light passing through the liquid will be refracted.

However, if the liquid is more concentrated, the light will be more concentrated, and vice versa is true.

Bosch OTC 5025 Refractometer comes with a scale for measuring light refraction, and its values are essentially established to assess DEF status.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States requires diesel engines (from the beginning of 2010 all through up to date) to comply with emission standards.

Thus, most large-truck engine manufacturers often use Silicone Controlled Rectifier (SCR) for controlling power transmission and regulate lights (both headlights and auxiliary).

Since the SCR system requires 32.5 percent of Urea in DEF fluid for excellent functioning, Bosch OTC 5025 Refractometer makes it easy for operators to get suitable Urea concentration.


  • It can be used in many diesel vehicles
  • Clear display screen
  • A wiping cloth
  • Improves performance and fuel efficiency
  • Effective diagnosis
  • Great value for your buck


  • Optical grade quality is low; black spot seen above distilled water

08. Edge Juice w/Attitude CTS2 Monitor – 31507



  • Six shift-on-the-fly power levels
  • Gains up to 150 HP and 360 Torque
  • Light sensitivity meter
  • 5-gauge screen displays
  • Quality design

This is a powerful tuner featuring a sleek design and ultra-modern technology.

Edge 31507 Juice w/Attitude CTS2 tuner sets standards for power, precision, and efficiency in a stylish way.

With this device, users will monitor the Jeep JK’s crucial parameters and allow maximum control and proper engine engagement for excellent power transmission.

For owners of diesel-fueled trucks who want to have total control over driving, the Edge 31507 Juice w/Attitude CTS2 is the perfect option.

It consists of five power levels and the ability to change from one to the other while accelerating.

Advanced safety aspects are another plus for this product, offering protection for the engine and transmission.

Edge technology Juice w/Attitude CTS2 tuner delivers excellent horsepower gains, throttle response, safety, and overall driving experience.

With simple installation, you get horsepower and torque gains of up to 80 HP and 200 ft. lbs., respectively, at level five.

However, using a hot unlock code, operators can achieve horsepower and torque of up to 150 HP and 360 ft. lbs., respectively.


  • Towing performance enhanced
  • Fuel efficient
  • High horsepower and torque
  • Detects and clears error codes
  • High-resolution touch screen (5”)
  • It consists of safety features.


  • Fuel mileage drops in some trucks

09. Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator- 752501


Best features

  • Easy plug-in installation
  • Speedometer and odometer re-calibration
  • Internet updateable
  • Improve horsepower and throttle response
  • Reads & clears DTCs

The Hypertech’s Calibrator is designed to tune both speedometer and odometer adjustments properly.

With this fantastic product, operators can re-program for correct readings on the speedometer and odometer.

Hypertech 752501 Calibrator programmer allows Jeep JK owners to re-calibrate speedometer and odometer functions for larger tires of up to 54 inches.

Hypertech 752501 Calibrator programmer is handsomely designed with intuitive features for reading and clearing DTCs.

With a user-friendly plug-in and go installation process, you will improve the vehicle’s overall performance.


  • Easy installation (plug-in OBD II port)
  • Excellent performance
  • Supported by a wide range of vehicle, including 2007-2018 Jeep Wranglers JK
  • High horsepower & torque
  • Lightweight design


  • A bit pricey
  • Some reported installation issues

10. Pedal Commander – PC38 Throttle Response Controller



  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 36 adjustable functions
  • 20 % fuel saving
  • Quick installation
  • Four operational modes

A very compact and tough designed with a pedal commander system to eliminate delays in gas injection; thus, immediate acceleration response.

With four adjustable settings, each coming with nine variations, users can fine-tune through different driving styles and choose the right one for their drive.


  • Faster response
  • Fuel efficient
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Excellent adjustable driving settings
  • High performance


  • Bad customer support
  • It is poorly functioning after just six weeks.

11. New Superchips 42050 Jeep TrailDash2



  • Sleek design
  • Custom layout and background
  • Several gauge screen layouts
  • User-friendly menu & interface
  • Notification section

TrailDash2 In-Cab tuner is a gloriously performing controller coming in a compact, sleek design.

It comes with an upgraded five-color display, making them the industry’s sheeniest gauges.

Its display is more extensive, with a new HD screen.

TrailDash2 In-Cab tuner also comes with an HDMI plug for power and connecting to Emergency Alert System gadgets.


  • Clears code errors
  • Allows speedometer calibration/alteration
  • Portable and lightweight design


  • High-end price

Factors for Choosing Best Jeep JK Programmer

Getting the best tuner for jeep jk can be overwhelming.

While there are several market options, each tuner improves the vehicle’s performance in a particular way, and selecting the right one for your Jeep JK becomes a challenge.

Therefore, we have discussed the following factors to help buyers make the right decision when going for a Jeep JK tuner:

Fitment or Compatibility

No one would want to purchase a vehicle part only to realize it is not compatible with Jeep’s year and model.

Buying a perfect tuner that matches with vehicle’s engineering is the priority for every Jeep owner.

Different Jeep Wranglers JK have different kinds of performance-tuning chips.

Therefore, it is crucial to read the product manual, customers’ reviews and test the vehicle’s compatibility with a prospective tuner before making payment.

Screen display

The screen is another vital component of the tuner or programmer.

Reading and understanding of the vehicle’s real-time condition and parameters cannot be done without the display. Therefore, one needs to consult the display to

Performance and accuracy understand the meaning of the diagnosis code.

Also, tuning to specific settings and functions need must be displayed on the screen in individual styles.

Display quality is an essential factor for deciding on a product with the required screen features.

Tuners with an LCD screen or anything of the same readability level offer convenience when reading diagnosis codes or tuning.

However, tuners with a touchscreen display and high-resolution are recommended because they have a clear view and user-friendly data logging input.


While you may not be a Jeep enthusiast, but having tuning and other upgrades can impressively get your mood high.

In that case, you probably do not have enough knowledge about auto parts, including Jeep JK programmers.

Therefore, we recommend that users look for tuners with the necessary accessories in the package, such as a user’s guide and set-up manual.

Another crucial thing to look for is warrant information, mostly found in the user guide.

Brand name

Based on previous buying and experience or their beliefs, many customers have strong allegiance with specific brands.

However, please acquire a fine tuner from the right brand.

Therefore, consider leading brands for tuners in the automotive industry because they always manufacture and sell quality programmers.

Superchips is a leading brand that builds great products that have maintained a higher reputation in the market.

Type of fuel

The fuel consumption rate is different in diesel and gasoline engines. Every car owner knows that gasoline burns out faster than diesel.

Hence, with a difference in fuel consumption rate, the engine types will also require different tuners.

If your Jeep JK is gasoline-fueled, you need to look for a programmer designed for that engine, and the same applies to diesel-fueled engines.

Therefore, it is crucial to read the product manual or specifications to ensure you purchase your Jeep’s right product.


Performance chips come with different forms of tuning.

It is advisable to purchase a programmer that allows personal customization for more excellent results based on your requirements.

However, if you don’t have the know-how of customization, some tuners come with pre-loading for starting users off.

But we recommend tuners with personal customization for complete control.

Accuracy and Reliability

Tuners are designed to enhance a vehicle’s performance by increasing horsepower, torque, and throttle response while improving fuel economy.

A reliable tuner should offer an effective calibrator for accurate speedometer readings.

Get a programmer that does not have errors and can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes.


Tuners are essential auto-upgrades to help achieve high performance in the vehicle’s engine.

However, each chip comes with its price, and it is advisable to acquire a tuner that performs well and offers excellent value for your money.

There are many tuners with budget-friendly prices in the market, but you can spend more on premium programmers if your budget is significant.

The crucial thing is to ensure the tuner you choose gives value for the money spent.

Best Tuner for Jeep JK: Buying Questions

For how long can I use a tuner?

Answer: Any atmospheric condition does not compromise tuner performance.

Even on off-roading or driving under heavy load, tuning will not be impacted.

However, you can change the tuner on your Jeep whenever you want.

Interestingly, you can update/upgrade when a new version is available to get the package’s latest features.

Where can one acquire the best Jeep tuner?

Answer: There are several tuner options of different leading brands available in the market.

However, you would not want to look beyond this review to get the best tuner for jeep jk.

We have provided you with a mix of almost everything Jeep enthusiasts can have to tune their vehicle’s engine.

Also, we have included budget-friendly tuners that offer superior features for more excellent value.

How does one know that a Jeep needs a tuner?

Answer: Consider observing an untuned Jeep against a tuned one for a specific period.

And one will realize that a tuned Jeep has enhanced fuel economy and overall performance than the untuned counterpart.

Also, increased fuel mileage is another added benefit for tuned Jeeps.

Considering all the benefits you will observe in the tuned vehicle over that period; then, you will have every reason for tuning your Jeep.

How should one ensure that a programmer offers everything he/she needs?

Answer: Making a buying decision was a challenge previously, but that has recently changed thanks to e-commerce websites.

Most online markets offer buying guides and customer reviews to help prospective clients to make the right decisions.

Look at the above products and compare each against the buying guide, and we assure you will get a suitable programmer for your Jeep.

Can I drive my Jeep without a speed limiter?

Answer: Yes, any Jeep can operate well without a working speed limiter.

Yet, for safety reasons, some vehicles are designed with built-in speed limiters.

It is important to note that speed limiters coming with tuners are simple upgrades to the engine for long-lasting performance and efficiency.

How does rev limiter work?

Answer: After driving through some rough terrain for an extended period, some issues like rev lag and boost lag may develop in the engine.

A programmer always works to read and clear the lags.

Generally, the rev limiter protects the engine and transmission by halting ignition or reducing fuel combustion.

Does update or upgrading the tuner enhance engine performance?

Answer: Yes. In fact, you need a powerful programmer to boost your Jeep’s engine to perform optimally.

We all know that tuned cars have their machines functioning better than untuned vehicles.

A programmer will control and balance all engine components to the optimum.

Therefore, having your tuner updated to the new version with the latest features can be a great thing.

Which programmer is the best for my Jeep?

Answer: Any programmer that fits and quickly adapts to engine parts and enhances the vehicle’s overall performance is the best.

The best tuner will increase your vehicle’s horsepower and torque while activating speed limiters for better cruising.

Can one get a low-budget tuner?

Answer: Automotive brands usually manufacture various programmers, and they come at different prices to suit different customers.

For example, Superchips offers many tuner models, from budget-friendly to high-end products to choose from.


It’s usually interesting to have a seamless driving experience.

However, one needs to get the best tuner for jeep jk that offers custom tuning and incredible performance.

Therefore, it’s high time to get that Jeep JK tuned with one of our products reviewed above, and that’s if you want to get the best out of your Jeep.

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