Top 10 Best Weighted Shift Knob Reviews: Buyer’s Guide In 2023

Attaching the best weighted shift knob to your automobile’s gear lever is a recipe for a superb driving experience.The more a shifter knob’s mass, the greater its glory.

That is, the force needed to initiate fluid movement within a gearbox is proportional to a knob’s weight.

In more simple words, when a gearstick is crowned with a stocky build, it allows a driver to make gear transitions with no hassles.


Top Comparison Table of Best Weighted Shift Knob

Skunk2 Racing
Ford Genuine
Genuine Nissan
Speed Dawg
ACUITY Instruments

What is the best weighted shift knob?

Possessing a titanium exterior, an attractive outer design, and, most importantly, a considerable mass, the skunk2 shift stick accessory is chief among all.

Why is the Skunk2 6-speed shifter knob the best weighted shift knob?

Given its large mass, fluid gear transition capability, and nearly indestructible material composition,

it’s little wonder why the Skunk2 racing weighted speed knob has no contender as the best weighted shift knob.

Top 10 Best Weighted Shift Knob Reviews

01. Toyota (PTR57-35170) Tacoma Shift Knob


Highlighted Features

  • Superb leather composition
  • TRD embossed emblem
  • User-friendly shape
  • 4lbs
  • 2017-2020 Tacoma compatibility

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Toyota
  • Weight: 6.8 Ounces
  • Model: PTR57-35170

Toyota is a significant player in the car manufacturing industry. So it shouldn’t be out of place to expect a steady supply of quality and affordable repair parts.

Also known as the Tacoma shift knob AT, the Toyota PTR57-35170 knob doubles as a shifter accessory and an interior design feature.

The knob’s composition oozes superior quality in texture and feel.

Also, if you’ve got large palms, the knob’s large size provides enough space to rest your hands conveniently.

Specially produced to match the Tacoma series manufactured within 2017-2020, you may find it incompatible with other Toyota models.

Installation is a straightforward procedure that doesn’t require special tools.

All that’s required is to pull the boot down, turn in an anticlockwise direction to unscrew the stock knob,  attach the new, and return the boot to its proper position.

Granted,  a simple attachment process like that may raise doubts.

However, the manufacturer’s precision precludes the possibility of the knob coming off while you’re driving.

”The only downside of the Toyota TRD knob is that some reviewers think it’s too expensive given that it’s a Toyota product.”

But, all the same, considering it scores many points on the knob test, it still rates as a must-have Toyota Tacoma accessory.


  • Classy black and red design
  • Simple installation process
  • Larger knob size
  • Quality construction material


  • A bit pricy

02. Mishimoto MMSK-BK Weighted Shift Knob


Highlighted Features

  • 8 pounds
  • 1 23″ diameter
  • Three fitments inserts
  • Silver and black finish
  • Trademark ‘M’ embossment

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Mishimoto
  • Weight: 1 pounds
  • Model: MMSK-BK

Tried, tested, and trusted. Mishimoto is setting the pace in superior car accessory production and garnering motorists’ confidence.

Given the reputation, It’s not too daring to state that the japan-based company trumps every of its kind in the production of superior quality accessories.

The MMSK-BK is another in the long list of quality vehicle knobs from Mishimoto’s factory.

Packing several extra ounces than most stock knobs, the heavy weighted 0.8 pounds MMSK-BK switches up your driving experience by several notches.

Its aluminum body comes in either of two colors— black and silver.

The aluminum outline is sleek to the touch, making it comfortable to handle.  But it’s the MMSK-BK’s absence of incompatibility that sets it apart.

Accompanying the gear handle are three attachment additions put there to guarantee hitch-free installation in every vehicle model.

”Having a diameter of 1.23″ makes the shifter accessory is somewhat slender and difficult to grip for drivers whose palms are wider. Also, since the ‘M’ logo appears at the knob’s top, the gear lever selection pattern is absent.”


  • Improved gear lever change
  • Nice aluminum feel
  • All-purpose compatibility
  • Hitch-free installation


  • Poor grip from thin build

03. FORD (F81Z-7213-AA) Super Duty Shift Knob


Highlighted Features

  • Smooth, plastic texture
  • Manual gearboxes only
  • Genuine OEM part
  • Microphone geometry
  • Black tone

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Ford
  • weight: 0.352 ounces
  • Model:F81Z-7213-AA

The F81Z-7213-AA is specifically designed as a substitution part for ford automobiles produced from 1999 through 2010.

Ford F250-F450 series users with worn-out knobs can trust this shifter accessory as a worthy alternative.

It’s crucial to understand that the shifter knob only functions in Fords with a manual gearbox.

Its giant lollipop geometry fashioned from plastic creates a gentle, comfortable feeling in a driver’s palm.

When installing, be at ease concerning the absence of thread lines.

The plastic material doesn’t require any  All that’s needed is the removal of the old and the insertion of the new.

Note that most F-series come with a spline stick that requires a little innovation during installation, such as hammering the new gear lever handle in with a mallet.

”Of course, the plastic material doesn’t have long-lasting properties as other durable products so users have to make replacements after a short while. Furthermore, the knob’s design is basic and doesn’t offer any aesthetic appeal. ”


  • Thread pitch absence
  • Easy installation
  • Comfortable texture
  • Clear gear selection pattern


  • Low-grade material composition
  • Austere appearance

04. Skunk2 (627-99-0081) 6-Speed Shift Knob


Highlighted Features

  • Round, microphone-shaped knob
  • PVD titanium finish
  • 6-speed variant
  • M10 × 1.50 compatibility
  • Stainless coated steel lever

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Skunk2
  • Weight: 1.45 Ounces
  • Model: 627-99-0081

The skunk2 is among the best manual transmission weighted microphone knobs available in today’s shifter accessory market.

Acura and Honda motors have excellent compatibility with the skunk2 knob.  However, with special attachment tools, there’s the possibility of adapting to fit other models.

It’s the shifter handle’s heftiness that makes it a top choice among drivers. Its weight of 1.45 lbs allows for a seamless gear-switching experience.

Also, its dark titanium tone coupled with red-patterned gear numbers, adds a bit of classiness to the knob’s overall look.

An exceptional feature worth noting about this knob is the PVD titanium finish that gives it a tough exterior.

Consequently, you can be assured that no matter how long and frequently you switch gears, you’ll never get a scratch on the knob.

”The disadvantage of this knob is in its material make-up—the stainless billet steel. Like all steel gear products, the knob can become boiling hot or bitingly cold to the touch. Also, it’s a shame that such a well-built car addition lacks compatibility with motor brands.”

The best approach to solving the gear stick’s cold-hot absorption nature is to drive with gloved hands.

Additionally, a 5-speed gear handle version featuring an M10 × 1.25 unit is available for vehicles outside the compatibility scope of the 6-speed variant.

Given its unquestionable durability, substantial bulkiness, and fine appeal,  it’s not out of place to state that the skunk2  knob is the best weighted shift knob to date.


  • Well-weighted (1.45lbs)
  • Scratch and wear resistance
  • Seamless gear-switch experience
  • Classy appearance


  • High-temperature absorption capacity
  • Limited Compatibility

05. Mishimoto MMSK-CF Carbon Fiber Shift Knob


Highlighted Features

  • Engraved Mishimoto ‘M’ logo
  • 63″ diameter
  • Carbon fiber build
  • Additional M18 × 1.5 fitment
  • Fair price

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Mishimoto
  • Weight: 1.44 ounces
  • Model: MMSK-CF

Mishimoto never disappoints. There’s always an endless production of quality accessories to match drivers’ tastes.

One of such exceptional gear lever addition is the MMSK-CF.

In terms of style, it doesn’t let down owing to a solid carbon fiber exterior.

Also, the oval geometry, coupled with its large outline, serves as a convenient hand saddle during motion.

Looking from above at the shift stick, you should be able to see the emblazoned  ‘M’ emblem; Mishimoto’s signature mark—a decor addition in its own right.

”As is common with carbon fiber knobs, this shift stick accessory is susceptible to heat conduction during summer.  Also, it doesn’t pack much weight as expected hence its performance during gear shifts is a little under satisfactory.”


  • Sleek look
  • Confirmed durability
  • Additional M18 × 1.5 plastic inserts
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Lightweight, reduced throw
  • No gear selector pattern

06. Ford Genuine FM5Z-7213-C Shift Knob


Highlighted Features

  • Carbon fiber finish
  • 4lbs
  • Red ST logo
  • Black color
  • 6-speed gear decal

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Ford
  • Weight: 7.2 Ounces
  • Model: FM5Z-7213-C

If you’re looking for a gear handle upgrade that’ll perfectly match a Ford Fiesta within 2015-2017 or any Ford Focus 2017 model, then the FM5Z-7213-C would interest you.

Surprisingly, as an aftermarket product, this knob’s quality beats the original factory design hands down.

Typical of a carbon fiber finish, you’ll never want to take your hands off it after each gear switch.

On the heaviness scale, it weighs more than the original stock which allows for a much better throw.

Furthermore, the red ST logo against the black knob’s dark tone complements the white-printed gear selector pattern.

Installation is simple and easy and is done by screwing the knob in.

Although you might feel some tension during rotation, that’s normal and it should screw right in after completing the third cycle.

”There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the knob, except that its carbon fiber outline, the composition it’s made of, can conduct heat and make driving uncomfortable.”

Aside from that, the Ford Genuine aftermarket shift stick accessory is a top-notch addition to Ford Truck.


  • Sturdier than stock knob
  • Nice appeal
  • Seamless installation process
  • No adapters needed


  • High-temperature conduction

07. Nissan C2865-1EA03US Carbon Fiber Shift Knob


Highlighted Features

  • Carbon Fiber composition
  • 34lbs
  • Engraved Nismo logo
  • Wide diameter
  • Cylindrical geometry

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Nissan
  • Finish Type: Glossy
  • Model: C2865-1EA03US

Nissan’s cylindrically structured carbon fiber shift knob sports an uncommon profile that distinguishes it from other knobs.

Aesthetically, the “O” shaped shifter exudes a modernness that reflective of a futuristic supercar.

Also, the carbon fiber composition gives this beautifully shaped shift stick upper part accessory an even,  polished texture incapable of fading.

Furthermore, its captivating laser-etched Nismo logo adds a final touch of elegance that will please folks looking for a Nissan knob that’s functional and stylish.

Nissan reduced the gear stick’s length further enhancing the gear selection process.

The auto brand also constructed the shift to ensure optimum manual gear transition.

Perhaps, the uneasy procedure for the Nissan C2865-1EA03US shift handle’s attachment could be its only drawback.

”Many users complain of needing a panoply of tools, other than those attached by the manufacturer, to fix the knob   Also, though not considered a major hassle, folks that prefer a lengthier gear shift may require an extender for a better experience.”


  • “O” shaped elegant design
  • Long-lasting carbon fiber material
  • Easy throw, shorter gear shift
  • Easy to grip


  • Difficult installation process
  • Gear pattern absent

08. SHIFTIN Black Leather Gear Lever Knob


Highlighted Features

  • Leather material composition
  • Fits 2014-2019 Highlanders, 2016-2021 Tacomas
  • Black and Chrome color
  • Stockier build
  • Aftermarket version

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: SHIFTIN AUTO
  • Weight: 5.3 Ounces
  • Model: SKU17HLPB1

Another Toyota car accessory worthy of gracing our weighted knobs’ compilation is a product from SHIFTIN AUTO—the SHIFTIN blackish-chrome colored shifter knob.

Its woody outline is covered with genuine black, gray, or sometimes both, leather material.

Carved to resemble the originally installed gear handle, it retains the same ergonomic geometry.

Its stocky build which makes for a smoother throw is also a plus for drivers with giant hands.

Attaching the shifter knob to the gear stick is as simple as unscrewing the old knob and screwing on the new one.

”It doesn’t do much for aesthetic appeal anyway, and the leather surface can become slippery with increased friction.”

Regardless, reviewers seem to like its simple color and its heaviness, something that the stock variant lacks.


  • Weightier than factory knob
  • Large size, ease of handling
  • Straightforward installation process
  • Ergonomic shape


  • Bland design

09. Speed Dawg M501 JP-EW-6RDR-UM 6-Speed Wrangler Knob


Highlighted Features

  • Embossed Jeep logo
  • 2-⅛” diameter
  • Allen wrench and screw sets
  • 2006 TJ Wrangler fit
  • Cue ball shape

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Speed Dawg
  • Weight: 4.3 Ounces
  • Model: M501JP-EW-6RDR-UM

Jeep products are, without doubt, a popular feature in the automobile market.

The rugged four-wheel drive has been around for decades and remains the top choice for auto lovers who want to revamp their vehicle’s decor.

As expected of a sturdy utility machine, the aftermarket gear shift knob produced by speed Dawg comprises a rugged, durable material.

The knob’s polymer makeup born from the formulation of special resins is responsible for its high performance and temperature resistant qualities.

Speed Dawg preserved the original circular geometry including the printed, white Jeep logo on both sides so that both stock and aftermarket versions share a striking resemblance.

Nonetheless, with a 2-⅛” diameter, the 6-speed wrangler gears stick version is a tad larger giving you a fuller grip that promotes increased gear control.

There’s one downside, though. The knob’s design only fits the 2006 Wrangler TJ. Other jeep drivers will need an adapter, which they’d have to buy separately, for attachment.”


  • Tough polymer exterior
  • Adapters present
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Larger diameter, fuller grip


  • Limited compatibility

10. ACUITY ESCO-T6 Shift Knob With Anodized Satin Purple Finish


Highlighted Features

  • Laser-etched, 6-speed gear decal
  • 4lbs
  • Anodized finish
  • Ergonomic, domed, tapering shape
  • Purple exterior

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: ACUiTY Instruments
  • Metal Type: Aluminum
  • Model: ESCO-T6

ACUITY’s shift knob’s anodization and geometry are the two most significant features worth mentioning.

On one hand, the anodized layer serves as a protective coat against rust and other potential chemical damages.

On the other, the beautiful coat, bathed in a purple hue, portrays the real definition of shifter attractiveness.

Weighing about 0.4lbs, you’ll find the knob’s heaviness mid-weight.

Meaning that it’s not too light nor too heavy, thereby offering a perfect balance between both ends of the knob weight spectrum.

What’s more, ACUITY’s knob geometry differs from most run-of-the-mill-shaped knobs you’ll find out there.

The manufacturers not only wanted a durable knob but an ergonomic one that assured a firm and uniform grip.

So it’s no surprise that the ESCO-T6’s profile deviates from the conventional spherical and cylindrical-shaped knobs.

”Compatibility with the ESCO-T6 requires an automobile with an M10 × 1.5 shifter thread which is a let-down for many. Also, aluminum products are famous for exceptional heat conduction properties, which can sometimes make the knob too hot to handle.” 


  • Aluminum coated, rust resistance
  • Balanced knob weight
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Great visual appeal


  • Requires M10 × 1.5 shifter thread
  • Hight heat absorption property

Best Weighted Shift Knob: Buying Factors

Honestly, going the way of trial and error in selecting a shift knob is a terrible decision that will cost time and money.

Here’s a list of things that will inform your decision and help you select the best weighted shift knob.


The composition of a vehicle’s knob is a major determinant of its durability.

Prolonged use can cause wear and tear creating an eyesore that will make any driver with company ashamed.

When it comes to superior quality, carbon fiber and aluminum-coated knobs are the best options.

That’s not to say that knobs with a leather and plastic finish aren’t long-lasting, it all depends on the brand manufacturing the product.

But for novices out there looking to select a knob with guaranteed longevity aluminum and carbon fiber knobs will suffice.

Another point worth adding is that a knob’s material will determine its texture. One of the characteristics of a good knob is that it’s smooth to the touch.

One final note concerning knob materials. During sunny days, knobs made from steel and aluminum can rapidly heat up, while plastic and leather knobs can cause sweat secretion in the palms after a long drive.

Keeping a pair of gloves handy should help tackle such hassles.


After waiting a long time, it’s annoying and frustrating to have a part returned because it doesn’t fit your car.

Generally, most knobs will conveniently fit any car’s gear lever. Some might require pieces of adaptors for attachment.

And others may never fit any car aside from the recommended model.

That’s because, at times, universal fitments aren’t all that universal. You might still need special adapters, purchased separately, to screw the knob to your shifter.

The problem with attachments is that they may loosen if not screwed correctly, which may cause the knob to pop off while driving.

Transmission Type

Most manual transmission knobs don’t work well for automatic transmission vehicles.

It’s a fact that the majority of knobs found in the market have fitments designed for manual transmission vehicles.

Nonetheless, drivers with automatic transmission gearboxes aren’t left out.

You can use a manual transmission knob so long as your shift stick doesn’t require you to press a button before switching to gear one.

Installation Process

Sometimes, apart from adapters, attachment demands basic mechanical tools utilization such as an Allen wrench, a pair of pliers, and a screwdriver.

Before starting the installation process, check to see if your shifter’s boot has more than one locking device.

If it does, you may need to look up ways to dismantle them.

Inspect the knob’s back for a screw and unscrew with a screwdriver. Next, open the boot’s lock mechanism, if any, and proceed to carefully remove the knob.

Sometimes, there might be wires attached to an automatic shifter knob, so you should take care during detachment.

After a successful detachment, the substitute knob, if it’s a button type, should be rewired.

Other non-button variants only require a simple attachment process to begin enjoying a shifter knob’s benefits

In a nutshell, it behooves every driver to make a proper inquiry before purchasing any vehicle accessory to avoid time loss and frustration.


The variety of shift knob shapes in the market is as limited as car accessories designers’ imaginations.

Round, cylindrical, skull-like, domed, tapering, you name it, you can never run out of options.

However, while picking shapes ensure to choose one that is ergonomic.

Drivers, especially those who spend long hours on the road, have an increased likelihood of developing hand strains.

Ergonomically designed knobs always come in a geometry that prevents, or at least, reduces wrist pains from constantly switching gears.


Size and shape go hand in hand. Therefore, talking about one without mentioning how the other affects driving is an incomplete explanation.

A good gear knob should fill your palms. Its size should be large enough, allowing you to comfortably wrap your hands around it without your fingers slipping off with every bump.

Generally speaking, most drivers don’t find knob size a problem.

However, that’s because most manufactured car accessories’ sizes come in dimensions that fit drivers with a specific profile.

For example, drivers with large hands find the same standard-sized knobs, others drivers say is okay, too small.

The perfect combination of size and shape can significantly turn the mechanical task of driving into an incredibly enjoyable experience.


Weight should be the most vital among many considerations during the selection of the best weighted shift knob.

Ordinarily, standard knobs have a moderate mass to them, but the main attraction for pros are those with extra stockiness.

A weighted knob packs more pounds ultimately taking gearstick movement to another whole level.

The knob’s heaviness generates enough momentum, which does half the work when you throw the gear stick.

Consequently, the seamless gear-switching process enhances driving and makes it more pleasurable.

Even amateur drivers testify to the extra fluidity involved in switching gears because of weighted knobs.

Anyways, despite the magic touch-weighted knobs create, it doesn’t mean lighter variants can’t perform well.

You can still opt for standard weight knobs if you aren’t particular about details.

Weighted Shift Knob: Buying Questions

Is a Weighted Knob Different From Regular Knobs?

Yes, weighted knobs differ from other knobs in terms of heaviness. The knob’s hefty property allows it to overcome the resistance of inertia when shifting gears.

Technically, because of the knobs’ heaviness, a driver only requires minimum effort to throw the gear, the momentum does the rest of the job for him.

It’s more like throwing a heavy object over a fence. You’d expect it to cut through the air with more force than a feather.

Heavy knobs weigh anything from 0.7lbs and above. While regular knobs weigh about 0.6lbs or thereabout.

Whether to choose a weighted knob or not entirely boils down to a driver’s preference.

Either knob will do the job, only that performance levels may differ.

Will a Weighted Knob Damage My Gear Box?

Many stories abound about weighted knobs causing damage to a vehicle’s transmission.

But, closer observation shows that this theory is what it is—unproven.

The reason is that every gear stick has ball springs that absorb kinetic energy, which results from shifting gears.

So when a driver moves the gear stick, the springs prevent the rotating collar and the selector fork from touching each other.

Some folks also say that using a weighted knob wears down the synchronizer rings in a gearbox.

Technically speaking, there isn’t any truth to that. Synco rings, made of brass, align the gear and selector whenever a driver shifts gear.

If you’re changing gears, but it feels difficult, or you hear a grating sound, that’s most likely the result of a bad syncho ring.

But that’s not necessarily because of a weighted shift knob, that’s more likely the result of wear and tear from friction.

Here’s the point, as long as the synchronizer alignment results from gear engagement, wear and tear certainty is unavoidable.

But whether breakage or damage will come about from utilizing a sturdy stick shift handle isn’t true.

What Type of Knob Material Should I Choose?

When it comes to choosing a knob-based on material type, there’s no hard-and-fast rule to follow.

You just have to pick one that gives you comfort while driving. The following are popular knob material types out there.

Carbon fiber:

Processing polymers at metal-melting temperatures form the production of an unbreakable carbon atom substance.

The combination of this substance with other materials produces carbon fiber.

It’s no wonder why carbon fiber shift knobs have become popular with aftermarket producers.

If you’re looking for durability, carbon fiber shift knobs overdeliver in that department.

Stainless steel:

Stainless steel knobs are thicker and heftier than conventional types.  Consequently, with such heaviness, gear throw becomes easier and driving more satisfying.

However, gear knobs made of stainless steel tend to be costlier than other numbs, obviously because of their thickness and durability.

Note that one of the qualities of steel is its ability to do conduct heat.

And so, handling a stainless steel knob during sunny days could be akin to holding a hot, boiled egg in your palm.


Plastic variants are generally the norm and have been since car manufacturers started producing knobs

The quality of a plastic material largely depends on its synthesis. Hence, the quality of plastic knobs varies.

That is, selecting a good depends on price and manufacturer.

With increased friction, plastic materials tend to cause palm sweatiness, reducing a driver’s ability to firmly grasp the knob.

Aluminum, just like stainless steel, is a metal material commonly used in producing gear knobs.

Though lighter than its metallic cousin, it carries the same durable property.

Knobs with an aluminum finish have a shiny look that spices up a car’s interior.

The aluminum coat also prevents rust that affects other metallic materials.

Again, as is with stainless steel, aluminum knob types have a high tendency to retain heat and cold.


Titanium metal is arguably one of the most durable materials used in creating shift knobs.

The metal is surprisingly lightweight for its durability, which makes it a top preferred choice for gear knob production.

Though the cost of acquiring one is usually on the high side.

What Are Custom Shift Knobs?

Any knob that has undergone physical alterations to suit a person’s whims is a custom shift knob.

They come in all sizes and an endless array of shapes—cue balls, microphones, pommels, action figures, etc.

Coming into ownership of a custom shift knob clearly sets your ride apart as only a few motorists possess one.

Because they are specially made and require detailed personalization, it shouldn’t be alarming that they cost several times more than conventional knobs.

When Should I Replace my Shift Knob?

Frankly, you can have more than one shift knob, swapping them as you like based on your mood.

But, there are glaring signs that tell when there’s a need for a replacement.

Most knobs will wear out with time. Plastic knobs will fade, leather types will scratch, aluminum variants may rust.

At the detection of such, it’s imperative to get a new knob.

Another thing that might warrant changing a car’s shift knob is the need to switch up your driving experience.

Not to sound like a broken record, rifling through gears with a weighted shift knob adds an extra tinge of pleasure during driving.

If you feel ecstatic whenever you’re behind the wheels then, you need to get a weighted knob.

Again, there are times when you might need to spark up your ride’s decor with some pristine accessories.

Changing a shifter knob can add that extra bit of flair to any car’s interior.

Is It Bad to Rest Your Hand on the Shift Knob?

Many a driver finds it comfortable to leave their palms resting atop gear knobs. Some argue that such an action could damage the transmission.

Touching on the aspect of the mechanics between the selector fork and the rotating collar again, the brass springs help to absorb the back and forth shock associated with gear alternations.

Therefore, a vertical force cannot engage the selector fork, let alone generate friction between it and the springs.

Power shifting, which is an aggressive gear transition pattern, could be the culprit responsible for gear selector damage.


Sprucing up your ride doesn’t mean you have to opt for a complete overhaul.

Accessory additions and little upgrades, such as a weighted shift knob, can do the magic.

There’s a sea of options, but with the right information, the selection of the best weighted shift knob shouldn’t be problematic.

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