11 Best Floor Mats for Ford Escape Reviews: Top Selling List In 2023

The Best floor mats for Ford Escape are the ones giving optimal protection with a nice interior look. Keeping the car interior in the best condition is essential for nearly all car owners.

It does provide not only a comfortable riding experience but also maintains the resale value. So, high-quality floor mats are of great importance for ford escape to consider.

These are not just an accessory; they are an essential investment to the car. Hence, comparing the available products is an excellent way to start before making the final decision.


Comparison Table of Best Floor Mats for Ford Escape

Husky Liners
Elements Defender

What are the Best floor mats for Ford Escape?

MAXLINER 2 Row Floor Mat Set is the best product on this list. Whether you are looking for 2017 ford escape floor mats or any other model, Maxliner already has one of those.

The product is on top of others for its high-quality material providing complete protection to the car.

Plus, they usually last for a long time before having to change them. Besides, the locking system is top-notch so, the mat will never slide off while driving.

All the features of a high-quality and effective floor mat are available in the Maxliner product. So, it deserved its ranking on the top of the ford escape floor mats.

Top 11 Best Floor Mats For Ford Escape Reviews

01. MAXLINER 2 Row Floor Mat Set – Best of all


Highlighted features

  • All-weather protection
  • Raised edges
  • Odorless material
  • Stain-resistant
  • Full floor protection

 Product description

Maxliner has the Best floor mats for Ford Escape, including this one, for endless reasons.

The material gives the perfect floor coverage at all. Besides, it is stain-resistant and produces no odors.

This model from Maxliner is compatible with all ford escape models from 2013 to 2019.

What is more, the floor mats are also customizable to fit the vehicle’s fasteners. Hence, they will attach to the hooks or latches of the car floor.

Cleaning the mat cannot be easier. Simply, one can use a hose or soap and water to remove any dust.

Furthermore, the mat offers an elegant and modern style to the vehicle. Thus, reselling the car with these mats is easier.

No more worries about sand, mud, dust, and any other contaminants.

It provides complete protection to the floor thanks to its raised edges. So, nothing can spill from any side.


  • Compatible with fasteners of the car
  • Made of recycled material
  • Easy to clean
  • Elegant interior style


  • Not very thick

02. SMARTLINER SA0477 / B0477 – Best for colors


Highlighted features

  • All-weather protection
  • Raised edges
  • Made of recycled material
  • Odorless material
  • Stain-resistant
  • Full floor protection

Product description

For a perfect solution to capture all the sand and dust of the streets, get those Smartliner floor mats.

These mats will block any stains even the smallest of them. In addition, they will enhance the interiors of the vehicle.

Thus, maintain its value for resale. Above all, the floor mats are customizable to fit each vehicle.

The car is laser-scanned to cut the mat perfectly to those scans. So, every inch of the floor is covered.

Available in different colors, Smartliner floor mats will look stylish to all Ford Escape models.

However, be careful when buying as this floor mat won’t fit hybrid models.

Adding to all the previous features, it is odorless and stain-resistant too. Further, the material is recyclable to save the environment as well as saving the car.

Finally, its surface is a non-slip one that hold dirt between the linings. Yet, using water to clean the mat is enough.


  • Different color options
  • Customizable to each car
  • Easy cleaning process


  • Doesn’t fit hybrid models
  • Not very thick

03. OEDRO Floor Mats – Best high-temperature protection


Highlighted features

  • Thermoplastic elastomer material
  • Anti-slip design
  • High-density material
  • Full floor protection

Product description

Precision and protection, these are what Oedro floor mats are all about. First, the floor mats are precisely lined to the original floor carpet of the car.

It provides full-floor protection. Moreover, the thermoplastic elastomer material offers a perfect weather protection feature.

Also, the material will never produce any bad odors. Poor floor mats will shift forward and slip under the feet.

On the contrary, those will never slip thanks to their rigid grip.

Coming to durability, the floor mat can withstand temperatures up to 300% better.

Not only it protects the floor against weather conditions, but also other dirt and liquids.

With its high-density material, it can hold all these pollutants keeping the floor extremely clean.

Although the material is high density, it is easy to clean. These floor mats really have all that it takes for perfect car floor protection.


  • 300% better temperature protection
  • Super easy cleaning
  • Precise lining


  • No fasteners to the car carpet
  • Has two holes which leak water

04. Husky Liners 98351 – Best for anti-slipping


Highlighted features

  • Sporty design
  • Raised edges
  • Three color options
  • Easily cleaned
  • Full floor protection

Product description

With its sporty design and tough material, this mat will enhance the protection of any car floor.

Husky Liners have different models; this one fits 2009 – 2012 Ford Escapes including hybrids as well.

The FormFit designing process lies behind the unmatched floor protection. Each mat is designed to perfectly line with the contours of the car floor.

Further, it features raised edges design to keep all the dirt and liquids on the mat itself. Hence, the car floor is super protected.

Husky Liners come in three colors. These color options will surely match any car interior.

So, the mat will give a stylish look to the car. Exclusively, this product has Sta-Put nibs on the backside.

These will hold the mat to the original carpet of the car. Thus, it will never slip or move from its place.

Apart from this, it takes no time to install the mat in the car. What is more, is that cleaning process takes no time too.


  • Sta-put nibs to prevent slipping
  • FormFit cutting design
  • Suitable for hybrid models


  • Doesn’t fit well with all car models

05. WeatherTech 464591 – Best for holding liquids


Highlighted features

  • HDTE material
  • Odorless material
  • Stain-resistant
  • 100% floor protection
  • Raised edges

Product description

For a perfect interior condition, the WeatherTech floor mat features a reliable and durable design.

Liquid spills and all these messes end up on the car floor. However, with this floor mat, every part of the floor is covered.

Hence, nothing will pass to the original car carpet keeping its value. Most importantly, the mat has deep channels to trap liquids and other dirt.

So, they will stay in these lower-level channels while the car is moving. After that, you can clean the mat to remove all dirt and liquid.

On the same side, the material is high-density tri-extruded material. This offers a strong withstanding product.

Furthermore, it has non-toxic and odorless features. In addition, it resists stains and fits with the details of the vehicle.

Another significant feature is the easy installation as it just takes minutes. So, WeatherTech can be a long-lasting car floor mat product.


  • Deep channels for holding liquids
  • Easy installation
  • Very good quality


  • High-raised lip on the door side
  • Hard to clean

06. YITAMOTOR Ford escape floor mats – Best for price


Highlighted features

  • Thermoplastic elastomer material.
  • Elegant design
  • All-weather protection
  • Non-slip design
  • Odorless material

Product description

These floor mats offer optimal floor protection besides all-weather protection. The material is high-quality thermoplastic elastomer material.

Therefore, strength, durability and protection are ensured. Yitamotor mats are designed to keep your car floor original mats clean.

Thus, they will always look new and unused. Moreover, floor mats add a nice aesthetic touch to the car.

To install the mats, you need to remove factory mats first. This ensures the new Yitamotor mats fit into the car.

Likewise, they will attach to the car floor through the hooks. So, mats will never slip off while driving or moving one’s feet on the car floor.

For cleaning the mats, a damp rag is enough. If there is a huge mess on the floor, a hose will perfectly do the job.

Yitamotor floor mats are designed to keep the car floor absolutely clean. Above all, they come at an unbeatable price for those looking for cost-effective prices.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy clean
  • Attach to the car floor


  • Don’t fit many models

07. ToughPRO Heavy Duty All-Weather floor mat – Best unique design


Highlighted features

  • Non-skid nips for anti-slipping
  • Full floor protection
  • Rubber material
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Deep grooves design

Product description

If you want a unique floor mat for your Ford Escape, then this one is the ideal pick.

ToughPRO floor mat has a special design with deep grooves to hold water and dirt within.

This design will never let any spills or dirt leak to the car floor. However, cleaning can be a little bit harder as it requires using a hose.

Aside from that, the mats will cover the entire car floor. Therefore, offering full floor protection.

Available in three classy colors, this mat will give the car the style anyone car driver desires.

Additionally, they are very simple to install besides having a temperature-resistant feature.

Perhaps the most prominent feature is the idealistic anti-slip feature it has.

The mats have these non-skid nips on the backside, so, they won’t slide.

Also, ToughPRO mats can be tailored to different vehicles. In short, these mats are well worth the money.


  • Unique design
  • Three colors
  • Easy installation


  • Material is not high quality
  • No raised edges

08. Ucaskin Custom Car Floor Mats – Best for eco-friendly material


Highlighted features

  • All-weather protection
  • Customized fit
  • Odorless material
  • Anti-slipping

Product description

These floor mats have efficient water and dirt-trapping to deliver optimum full protection.

Besides, it helps to keep the original mats clean and dry especially in rainy weather.

Moreover, the mat will never harden in very cold weather. It offers an all-weather protection feature.

Fitting 2013-2019 Ford Escapes, the design is customizable to provide perfect contouring inside the car.

The material is one that long-lasts and at the same time doesn’t harm the environment. Further, it is odorless and rigid.

Thus, any stuff put on the floor mats won’t slide off. Adding to all of these, mats are easily installed and removed for cleaning.

While they are on the car floor, you can wipe dust and liquids outside. Thorough cleaning needs putting the mats under running water.


  • Easy cleaning
  • No time installation
  • Affordable price


  • Back seat mat doesn’t fit well
  • No raised edges

09. Megiteller Custom Car Floor Mats – Best for fitting all models


Highlighted features

  • Made of rubber
  • Hexagonal deep grooves
  • 100% floor protection
  • Anti-slipping
  • Odorless material

Product description

All-Weather Floor Mat that provides 100% protection to the factory car mats keeping them pristine and clean.

For the best protection, the mats have hexagonal deep grooves to hold liquids, sand, dust and other particles inside.

This keeps the floor clean besides prevents the dirt from sliding on the floor while the car is moving. For this, Megiteller is a product to rely on.

Also, the car floor mat is made of rubber material that does not have a bad smell under any condition.

Also, it has an anti-skid feature to avoid shifting under the drivers’ feet. On another side, Megiteller mats are cleanable with running water but not with damp rags.

However, what makes this product top-notch is its compatibility with most Ford Escape cars. There are models specially designed for the 2020 and 2021 Ford Escape.


  • Customized to 2021 car models
  • Easy installation
  • Good price


  • Rubber material is not the best
  • Needs washing with a hose

10. E-Cowlboy Trunk Mat – Best wear and corrosion-resistant


Highlighted features

  • Odorless material
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Temperature and wear-resistant
  • Precise fit
  • Made of rubber
  • Raised edges

Product description

The E-Cowlboy Trunk mat is well-designed with an upper silicone layer that provides numerous features exclusively to this car floor mat.

Starting from the temperature resistant feature as silicon can withstand heat, adding to the waterproof property to protect the factory mats and car floor.

In addition, the mat is very tough, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant. So, this mat gives ultimate protection from all possible factors.

On the other side, the raised edges are another added protection feature to this mat. Thus, dust and water will be effectively contained on the mat.

The innovative design of this mat allows for easy installation and cleaning. One just needs a wet piece of cloth to remove all debris.

With the E-Cowlboy Trunk mat, you have a more comfortable ride with peace of mind to the factory floor mats.


  • Upper silicone layer
  • Raised edges
  • Easy installation and cleaning


  • Material may curl
  • Can slightly slide

11. Elements Defender floor mats  – Best for easy installation


Highlighted features

  • Custom-fit design
  • 100% all-weather protection
  • Raised edges
  • Non-slip design
  • Grippy texture

Product description

Get this ready-to-use car floor mat for Ford Escape from Elements Defender.

Arriving with a 100% weather protection feature, this mat ensures the safety of the car floor in all seasons.

Adding to the raised edges, nothing can slip off to the car floor. The mat is made to be used instantly and cleaned in minutes.

The finish makes cleaning as easy as wiping the surface with a rag.

Moreover, the non-slip feature available in most car floor mats holds the mat to the floor.

Consequently, one can have interior protection for the car with this simple product.

Further, the texture is a grippy one allowing for maximum traction to anything over the mat.

Finally, Elements Defender mats are wear-resistant. Thus, you have a product that lasts for a long time.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy installation
  • Wear-resistant


  • Front passenger side doesn’t fit well

How We Picked Floor Mats for Ford Escape

When buying a car floor mat, one may think it is just about the compatibility with the car model.

Yet, there are many things to consider when going for one of these. Below are the most important elements to look for in your next car floor mat purchase.


Most Ford escape floor mats are made of rubber. However, the rubber itself comes in different materials.

Some rubber materials are of high-quality while other wear easily.

The thermoplastic elastomer material is one of the best rubber and plastic materials for floor mats.

There are other floor mats not listed in this review named carpet floor mats. These are made of a completely different material similar to home carpets.

They may be cheaper in price but they don’t provide the same features.

So, shopping for less is not always better in this case. Carpet floor mats will add a nice look to the car interior but won’t provide the same protection.

Thus, the Best floor mats for Ford Escape are the ones with more durable materials.

Also, the thickness and density of the material have to do with durability and strength. The more thick and dense the mat is, the more protection it provides.

Edges and Grooves

Edges are a very important feature to consider for any floor mat. Good-quality mats usually have raised edges.

The reason behind those high edges is to prevent any leak. However, very high edges are not a good thing to go for.

This is because sometimes these edges will hinder the movement of the feet on the mats.

Also, if these edges are too high in the driver’s seat mat, this may be dangerous.

As for the grooves, these are where dirt and liquids settle. Mats should be able to contain all the dirt and liquid above them.

These grooves and ridges provide channels for water or any other liquid to bank. So, both rims and ridges work for containing the pollutants until cleaning the mat.


At the bottom of the car floor mat, you may find some protruding nips. These are extremely important for preventing the floor mat from sliding.

Now, different floor mats have different anti-slipping features. Some have those things coming out of the backside.

Others have special fasteners to lock in their place. Ideally, the best floor mats should be able to lock on the floor and never slides while driving.

Also, some floor mats are designed to provide anti-traction from the top side too. Therefore, they won’t slip and nothing above them will slip either.


Most car floor mat brands have different models to fit different cars. However, a certain mat fitting a car is not always suitable for all the same car models.

So, one should pay close attention to what specific models the mat is designed for.

Further, there are some brands that offer a custom fit. This means they will design a customizable floor mat for your specific vehicle dimensions.

To make sure the mat is perfectly fitting the car, there shouldn’t be any curls.

The floor mat should lie on the floor typically as the factory mats. Also, the mat should cover the whole floor leaving no room for any leaks.


All car mats can be cleaned and washed using a hose or any running water. However, some floor mats offer an easier way for quick cleaning.

For example, you can just use a piece of cloth to wipe off the dirt. Similarly, you can take off the mats and shake them to remove the dust.

For floor mats with very deep grooves, these methods will not be efficient. These kinds of mats require cleaning with a hose every time.

Although they provide a very well protection for the car floor, their cleaning is a bit issue.


All car mats should be installed within minutes. They are a simple product to put over the car floor for protection.

Thus, they shouldn’t require any kinds of tools or special installation processes.

Mats that need cutting to fit the car are not the best option. These are usually one-sized mats for all models where the car owner should fit them into his car.

Since customized mats are already there, always go for these options. They provide an easy installation process and similarly easy take-off for cleaning.

Ford Escape Floor Mats Buying FAQ’s

Why do I need a car floor mat?

Many times you will be drinking something in your car and a little liquid slips off. Plus, if you have kids or pets, there is a great chance that they cause a mess to the car interior.

Floor mats protect the car floor from such a mess. Even if nothing of these is likely to happen, the car floor is prone to tear and wear from everyday use.

Although cars already come with their floor mats, these are not as effective as separate mats.

The floor mats you buy separately usually have better material thus, better protection.

Also, they are easily removed and installed for quick cleaning. Above all, floor mats keep the factory car mats in their original state for resale.

What are different types of Ford escape floor mats?

Different types of floor mats are available for Ford Escapes. First, the carpet floor mats, which are made of cloth.

These mats will absorb liquid and protect the factory car mat from dust and sand.

However, these mats are less resistant to temperature and can wear easily.

So, carpet floor mats are not recommended for aggressive use or extreme weather conditions. In all cases, if you will buy any of those, pick the thickest of them.

Second, the all-weather floor mats. These provide full protection in all kinds of weather conditions. Besides, they are waterproof and resistant to tear.

All-weather-proof mats are usually made of synthetic materials to provide maximum protection under any condition.

Another type is the Ford escape cargo mat. This type is specially designed for the cargo area.

The cargo area endures heavyweights, thus, it is more subjected to tearing. A Ford escape cargo mat can be used over the original mat to protect it from such abuse.

How do floor mats protect the car?

All kinds of floor mats should be able to protect the car interior from different pollutants.

The rims and ridges in the rubber floor mats are the perfect protection for the car interior.

This is because they provide a container for any dirt. Also, dirt sticking to your shoes can move to the car interior.

Also, the floor mats will easily capture this dirt and hold it within its grooves.

Furthermore, floor mats protect the floor of the car from stains. The continuous friction with the car floor may cause this stain.

So, floor mats act as a separation layer between the driver and passenger shoes and the car floor.

Being made of rubber, good-quality floor mats are stain and wear-resistant. Thus, there won’t be any marks.

How to clean floor mats?

Cleaning the floor mat depends on its type. For floor mats, they need a detergent or a special cleaner.

The cleaning process goes as cleaning carpets. One can also use soap to clean cloth mats but should wash them well after cleaning.

While rubber mats are easier to clean. Some mats will just need a simple wipe with a wet cloth.

Whereas others may require using a hose and putting the mat under running water to sweep off any dirt.

To make the mat perfectly clean, use soap or a detergent over the mat before washing. This ensures the mat is free from any dust or debris.

What are laser-cut floor mats?

These are mats made specifically for a certain vehicle. The manufacturers use 3D laser scanning to take precise dimensions of the car.

Therefore, the floor mat comes fitting the vehicle in a perfect way. This advanced process is used to line the floor mat to the contouring details of each car.

Thus, providing maximum protection and leaving no space on the floor without protection.

So, if you are looking for specific models like the 2017 ford escape floor mats or so, laser cuts are an ideal solution.

What is the difference between floor liners and floor mats?

Floor liners and mats usually refer to the same thing. However, there is a slight difference between both terms.

Floor liners are those lined to the borders of the vehicle. So, they come in high edges to perfectly contour all the sides.

On the other side, floor mats are those carpet or rubber mats that lie on top of factory mats. They have deep channels to hold liquids and other dirt.

Since there are products that have both features, there becomes no difference between floor liners and mats. So, we use both terms interchangeably to mean any of them.

How to make sure the floor mat fits my car?

Thanks to laser cutting, floor mats are now designed specifically for each car.

In addition, there are floor mats for all car types and models. Before buying any floor mat, you should make sure it is for your car model.

Typically, a floor mat will lie on the car floor covering all the sides with no room for leaks.

At the same time, they shouldn’t curl at any side because of being too long. This way, the floor mat is fitting your car model.

Should I match the floor mat with the car interior?

The main reason for buying floor mats is to protect the car floor. However, some people will prefer to have a nice elegant interior.

Floor mats come in different styles and designs. In addition, they have different colors mostly, the basic ones.

If you are one of those who prefer nice-looking interiors, you can pick a classy-looking floor mat.

Also, you may even want to spruce it up with stickers or other logos. Carpet mats come in different colors. These can match any car interior as well.


One cannot deny that floor mats are extremely important for the car interior. They provide a solution for interior car mess in addition to maintaining the original mats.

With the many styles and options available, you may get lost in what to choose.

In general, all features should be considered. Yet, you should pick the one you find most comfortable for you.

In all cases, the above review will surely help you decide the Best floor mats for Ford Escape.

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