11 Best Floor Mats For Ford F150 Supercrew Review & Comparison In 2023

If you find yourself needing the best floor mats for ford f150 supercrew, take time to look into this review which describes floor mats that prevent wear offs and spillages in your truck.

Also, be rest assured that our assessment provides good recommendations on the various products that satisfy your demands.


What is the Best Floor Mat for Ford F150 Supercrew?

Husky Liner 94041 stands out as the best floor mat for ford f150 crew cabs, based on essential characteristics like protective ability, mat structure, installation, and maintenance ease.

If you find the Husky liner not capable enough to suit your needs, please proceed to scrutinize alternatives in this review, all of which are high-performance mats.

Why is Husky Liner 94041 The Best Floor Mat for Ford f150 Supercrew?

We chose 94041 as the best floor mat for its superior features such as offsetting weather effects, preserving mat life, carpet protection, and installation ease.

Top 11 Best Floor Mats For Ford F150 Supercrew Reviews

01. Husky Liners Weatherbeater SuperCrew – Best For Debris Containment


Highlighted Features

  • Durable Structure
  • Simple Installation
  • Protective Exterior
  • Enhanced Material
  • Easy Maintenance

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Husky Liner
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 94041

Product details and performance

Husky Liner 94041, which we refer to as the best floor mat for Ford f150 supercrew, is an intensely durable mat designed to sit ideally within the confines of your truck.

The mat is made of Thermoplastic Olefin, a non-toxic material with temperate conditioning ability, which provides your mat’s exterior rigidity to contain human and climatic degradations.

Ideally, your vehicle’s carpet also enjoys sufficient protection and stability through adhesive cleats engineered to hold the liners in place.

The product was made available for front and rear seats and, they are effortless to install.

Maintenance is simple and only requires using a damp cloth or sponge to clean your mats liners.

”Though the mat fits in the vehicle perfectly, its fastening cleats get weak over time.”

Regardless, the mats still maintain a stable position in your vehicle and do not leave any debris on your carpets despite the fasteners’ weakening.


  • Repellent Structure
  • Premium Material Durability
  • Very Affordable


  • Periodic Cleat Weakening

02. SmartLiner Custom Floor SuperCrew – Best for Spill Blockage


Highlighted Features

  • Advanced Mat Protection
  • Interior Enhancement
  • Enhanced Structure
  • Improved Durability
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Highly Affordable

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Smartline
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SA0212/30188

Product details and performance

A custom mat that wholly protects your vehicle from all forms of debris and carpet damage.

The mat’s convincing feature lies in its superior spillage control, initiated by the high liners and a strengthened lip.

Thanks to these features, you can be sure that climate-induced trash does not hamper your interior in any way, thereby extending the mat’s lifespan.

Also, the elevated liners simultaneously perform the function of trapping liquid from drooping onto your carpet utilizing a dedicated channel mechanism.

Its material is archly durable, so you need not have fears over its lifespan.

”The raised edges of the mat might be of discomfort to the driver.”

The producers enhanced SmartLiners’ edges to provide complete coverage for your vehicle against debris litters.

And if they seem too extended, a trim is enough to set things into place.


  • Odorless Material
  • Smooth Maintenance
  • Increased Resistance
  • Flexible Design


  • Excessive Edges Length

03. MAX LINER Supercrew Floormat – Best for Floor Protection


Highlighted Features

  • Eco-friendly material
  • Sturdy Texture
  • Improved Appearance
  • Highly Affordable
  • Advanced Floor Protection
  • Extended Lining Capacity

Product Specifications

  • Brand: MAX LINER
  • Manufacturer Part Number: A0212

Product details and performance

MAXLINER A0212 Supermat delivers all-around protection practically to your vehicle’s floor.

Armed with a reinforced lip and enhanced liner edges, it executes the protective function of controlling spills and debris from littering your seat’s carpet.

The mat has a rigid surface forged to counter skid and stains on the floor.

MAXLINER fashioned out this model from recycled materials, making it too affordable and attractive for you to turn down.

The brand also assures you that the mat is likely to not wear off due to the refined durability.

”Installation might require a manual or a guide before the mat can function correctly.”

For holistic coverage, you must install the mat accordingly to prevent obstructions while driving.


  • Enhanced Shielding
  • Fluid Maintenance
  • Improved Durability


  • Complicated Installation

04. Gator Black Liners SuperCab – Best for Protective Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Durable Material
  • Enhanced Resistance
  • Reinforced Retention
  • Advanced Protection
  • Improved Elasticity

Product Specifications

  • Brand: GATOR Accessories
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 79610

Product details and performance

The Supercab is another product that protects your vehicle’s floorboard against ceaseless debris spills.

It has a deep retention capacity which secures your carpet from climatic constraints.

Gator’s design secures the mat appropriately onto the truck’s floorboards in terms of its fitting ability.

The model bears a profound capacity to contain liquid and debris for an extended period without getting spill-offs on your carpet.

”The floor mat’s fabric is too inflexible and might make maintenance tedious.”

Its intricate design provides a reined ability to store the debris and liquid spills for a long time without affecting your truck’s carpet.


  • Improved Protection
  • Enhanced Fitting
  • Premium Durability
  • Advanced Restriction


  • Inflexible
  • Maintenance Difficulty

05. YITAMOTOR Supercrew Weather Protection – Best for Waterproof Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Enhanced Protection
  • Appropriate Fittings
  • Resilient Surface
  • Diverse Compatibility
  • Simple Installation

Product Specifications

  • Brand: YITAMOTOR
  • Manufacturer Part Number: YTES001

Product details and performance

YITAMOTOR supercrew mat is an ideal floor mat that suits your vehicle’s floor impeccably and also bears a waterproof ability to withstand liquid, as well as preventing contents that could damage your carpet.

YITAMOTOR fashioned out the mat from a durable rubber substance to trap water, sand, mud, or any obstacle, using the mat’s raised edges.

They also repel liquid and prevent the mess that could threaten the truck’s interior appearance.

Another notable feature is the unique hook attached to avoid the mats from slipping off, even during wet conditions.

Installation and maintenance are pretty simple, and a regular spray of the mats is enough to render it clean and free from debris.

”It could do with a trim along the edges, and it feels very uncomfortable to the barefoot.”

 The overlapping edges intend to secure the whole floor from damage, whether liquid or solid.

The rugged texture aims at properly containing those obstacles to avoid putrid odors and eyesores in your vehicle.


  • Refined Coverage
  • Improved Enclosing System
  • Formidable Waterproof Ability


  • Overlapping Edges
  • Relative Discomfort

06. Weathertech Liners Full Supercrew – Best for Automotive Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Advanced Texture
  • Odorless Material
  • High Resistance
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Enhanced Durability

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Weathertech
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 2015-2018

Product details and performance

Weathertech is a brand renowned for sturdiness and durability; the supercrew inclusive.

This model provides aggressive protection against objects of blockage literally, and the mat was bestowed with a profound capacity to contain debris till you are ready to clear out the particles.

It also comes with fittings that are guaranteed to match your truck’s contours, preventing any dropoffs accurately.

The product’s liners come with a practical resisting ability against climatic duds but, the liners need regular maintenance to preserve the mat in the long term.

The brand provided a special protector kit that enables you to maintain the mat without issues, easing the maintenance process.

It would be noteworthy to mention the possibility of having a trim if the carpet interferes with your driving.

”The only downside to this product turns out to be its high price.”

The Weathertech brand products are known to perform optimally; therefore, it is acceptable that their products might cost that much considering their premium features.


  • High Resistance
  • Advanced Surfacing
  • Highly Flexible
  • Improved Trapping System


  • Expensive

07. Rough Country SuperCrew – Best for Heavy Duty Liners


Highlighted Features

  • Advanced Durability
  • Enhanced Containment
  • Painless Maintenance
  • Sturdy Structure
  • Improved Protection
  • Advanced Design

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Rough Country
  • Manufacturer Part Number: M-51512

Product details and performance

An eco-friendly mat type with specifics engineered towards helping your vehicle resists extreme temperatures, along with a guard system against damaging objects and stains.

Rough Country bolstered the model with floor armor to conserve the carpet’s immaculate condition and reinforced the protection with a rugged mat structure to prevent wear-offs.

The mat is trendy among construction workers because of its heavy-duty liner, which retains the mat’s durability even in the face of extreme misuse.

The carpets were made to serve both seat rows and are very flexible. Also, installation and maintenance come very quickly, so you need not fear durability issues.

”Several mats may outsize the vehicle space, and the carpet might need some trimming.”

In as much as the floor mats might be longer than usual, their efficacy in protecting the floor is top-notch, which still makes it a smart buying choice left with minimal adjustments to be made.


  • Enhanced Surfacing
  • Highly Protective
  • Multiverse Structure


  • Relative Overextension

08. Aries Black Liners Custom Mat – Best for Custom Floor Liner Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Resilient Texture
  • Durable Construction
  • Superior Fittings
  • Enhanced Stability
  • Smooth Installation

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Aries
  • Manufacturer Part Number: FRO8311809

Product details and performance

The Aries brand has built a niche for itself, producing practical mats with a heavy stylish presence.

The custom mat furnishes the appearance of your vehicle and also defends it from spillage simultaneously with the StyleGuard XD floor liners.

Affixed to the carpets are Omnigrip fibers, which appropriately secure the mat into your floor.

To bolster the Omnigrip wires’ efficacy, you should know that the fibers are a multilayered bristle network that holds the carpet down,  protecting them from slipping.

Still, on protection, integrated channels were infused to prevent obstruction of your vehicle’s operation.

Other beneficial features include a resilient surface to contain environmental abuse and a sound absorber to regulate noises from your crew cab.

”The Aries floor mat is very stiff and static and might be hard to clean.”

Its inflexibility dispenses versatile protection to the interior of the vehicle.


  • Refined Fabric
  • Comfortable
  • Simple Installation
  • Noise Reduction


  • Too Rigid

09. Rugged Ridge Supercrew Mat – Best for Rugged Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Improved Protection
  • Precise Fitting System
  • High Material Durability
  • Simple Installation
  • Enhanced Resistance

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Rugged Ridge
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 8290233

Product details and performance

If the search for a rugged mat fueled your buying decision to acquire a floor mat for ford f150, don’t look too far.

As the brand’s name suggests, Rugged Ridge mats are probably the most rugged mats you can find available for your truck.

Moreover, this model has a modern outlook, and it also meets standard requirements for making a floor mat.

The product has intricate liners that make the mats hug your vehicle’s edges, leaving no space for slippage.

It also owns an elegant style of expelling liquid through a heightened lip and enmeshed threading lines.

It has a very thick texture and inflexible.

The product might be inflexible, but it has a durable structure and a liner capacity that can hold on perfectly once installed.


  • Enhanced Attachments
  • High Durability
  • Refined Structure


  • Extremely Sturdy and inflexible

10. 3D MAXpider Custom All-Weather – Best for All-Weather Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Increased Comfort
  • Lightweight Material
  • Improve Fittings
  • Multilayered Material
  • Advanced Protection

Product Specifications

  • Brand: 3D MAXpider
  • Manufacturer Part Number: LIFR07201509

Product details and performance

Arguably the ultimate waterproof floor mat, MAXpider designed this model to serve as an anti-skid product with superior absorption abilities.

Deciding to acquire this mat is a steal for the money when you experience its operation.

Beneficial features of the MAXpider mat include a durable liner, strong enough to resist dropoffs and, a multi-layer structure to shield the carpets automotive completely.

The avouched edges of your mat ensure your carpet is free from obstacles that could tarnish your truck’s interior.

Even with all the massive features, it holds, the rug is so light in weight and easy to install and eject.

”Maintenance might turn out a bit complex and, the price is relatively high.”

The product may be too pricey, but a closer look at its high-performing features may convince you to make the purchase if you have a preference for products deemed effective enough to be named as one of the best floor mats for ford f150.


  • Premium Adhesion
  • Holistic Interior Protection
  • Increased Comfort


  • Folds up in the Long Term

11. OEDRO Liners SuperCrew Compatible All Weather – Best for Thermoplastic Floor Mats


Highlighted Features

  • Refined Shielding
  • Improved Debris Control
  • Highly Affordable
  • Non-toxic Material
  • Enhanced Appearance
  • Extended Liner Reach

Product Specifications

  • Brand: OEDRO
  • Manufacturer Part Number: E0100IR001

Product details and performance

The final product in our review is the OEDRO compatible mat.

Its producers assigned the model with an overhump design that ascertains its efficacy in dealing with debris in your vehicle along with a reinforced edge that averts overflows onto your floor cover.

The mats promise you a smooth operating process free from fiddling through snap-in buckles that hold them firmly.

The carpets are very much available and affordable and, you don’t have to bug yourself about breaking your budget to secure a good mat.

”Cleaning the mat might take some time as a severe amount of pressure is required to free the mats of debris.”

The mats’ surface holds onto debris far better than the standard floor mat, so it’s permissible to spend a bit of time removing it since the intention is to keep your vehicle clean and neat.


  • Adequate Fitting
  • Enhanced Texture
  • Highly Resistant Surface
  • Increased Durability


  • Heavy Material

How We Picked Floor Mats For Ford F150 Supercrew

When deciding to buy a floor mat for your Ford f150, it is necessary to consider some relevant factors.

While selecting the floor mats for ford f150 Supercrew, some essential elements include price, liner capacity, climate resistance, mat texture, and color. Let’s take careful consideration of each.


Price has always played a significant role in people’s buying attitude; that of the floor mat is no different.

First, you need to consider the mats that check all you desire in a rug and then streamline it down to the product that fits your budget to avoid overspending.

On the other hand, you could go all the way in acquiring mats at a staggering price if you can enjoy a premium experience while driving.

Mats made out of thermoplastics tend to cost more than the others, but they are known to serve their purpose and last longer efficiently.


Another critical aspect in choosing a mat is the brand you decide to buy.

All mats mentioned in the review are high-performing products, but people have various reasons for selecting brands; yours might be because of what a friend told you,

it could also be due to the fame or popularity of the brand products.

Not implying that those reasons are baseless, but it wouldn’t hurt if you took your time to check reviews and ask those using it how they felt about the product to know the brand that would comfort their performance.

Climate Resistance

A vital aspect in selecting a floor mat is its ability to resist environmental and climatic obstacles.

Most of the car’s debris was due to climate bristles such as snow, dust, sand, and even liquid.

Therefore, it is pertinent to have or buy a product model with a good lining capacity and a powerful anti-spill function.

Most of the floor mats produced are mats of high weather resistance but, their ability in resisting climatic factors vary, so you need to put your location as a factor into this issue.

If you live in a city with debris lying around more frequently than they would, ensure to select high climate-resistant mats.

Some of the rugs mentioned above have liners with a cargo capacity to hold debris and droplets, acquiring the carpet a beneficial one for yourself.


In most cases, the color of floor mats is usually black, and the preference for floor mats too seems to be black but, buying decisions have started to take new turns with the emergence of millennials into the buying class.

Color designs have left the traditional setting, and some producers now make floor mats of other colors.

If you fall into this category and desire a floor mat with stylish designs and colors, Attempt to look out for brands that produce floor mats of various colors like the SmartLiner brand to buy.

Material Texture

Your floor mat’s material selection process shouldn’t be based on only the common ones you know.

Do a bit of research on other varieties and how comfortable they would be to your feet and your car too.

Materials available for foot mats vary from thermoplastics, rubber, vinyl, and thermoplastic Olefin’s.

Vinyl floor mats are known to not fit in comfortably with some ford models. So, you have to check out that end before buying the product.

All in all, thermoplastics are a safer option as they are comfortable to the feet and the vehicle in the long term. Rubber floor mats falter over time, which should also caution you on those choices.

Interior Protection

Having a fitting floor mat is a brilliant addition to your vehicle’s wares, but is it a material that protects your vehicle’s interior?

The brand of the rug you are choosing should have a protective network that carefully caters to the carpet’s durability to make sure it’s free of damage.

To avoid getting your vehicle’s interior damaged, take the initiative to check if your floor mats’ attachments do not hamper the truck’s carpet.

Also, check out to see how older users maintained the mats to avoid having destructive effects.


Usually, floor mats should be able to retain their firm position on the carpet’s base without fluttering or shifting.

However, some mats need attachments to make sure they don’t go loose. These attachments come in clips, and they function by restraining the carpets to the ground.

The hooks would have to be sorted manually by the user for loose floor mats that do not have branded attachments.

Also, be careful about using non-designated clips, so you don’t mess up the floor mat and your vehicle in the process.

Use fasteners as advised, and if you know you would be too stressed trying to find a way around the clips, it would be an intelligent decision to avoid floor mats that need attachments and buy the ones with a precise fitting ability.


An influential factor in selecting floor mats to buy is the design. The importance of it can’t b overstated.

Floor mats serve different purposes: preventing spills, improving interior appearance, and preserving comfort, which is why some were made for just front-row seats while other designs were for both rows. T

o point things out factually, the Husky, for example, was explicitly designed with harsh lines to handle very rough situations, and it lacks flexibility.

In contrast, brands like SmartLiner and MAXLiner make their mats flexible and attractive floor mats while retaining the ability to hold spillage well.

You need to consider the reason why you need a floor mat, whether it’s for spillage prevention or due to rough usage, before deciding to buy.

Personal Preference

Before Purchasing a floor mat, try to glance through the reviews to recognize a model that can stand your habitual tendencies.

A good example is that of people who love to drive barefoot. If you happen to behave that preference, you need to see if the mat feels comfortable to the barefoot.

Other preferential conditions may be due to your house or workplace situation.

Construction workers get their shoes filled with all sorts of debris and sand; therefore, the floormat they purchase should be one with a profound ability to contain waste.

The important thing about this condition is to find a floor mat that can accommodate your excesses.

Best Floor Mats for F150: Buyer’s Questions

Apart from buying considerations, there are also essential questions concerning the best floor mats for ford f150 super crew, ranging from why you need these floor mats to how to fit them into your vehicle to even its maintenance.

All of those questions would be given due regard and replied to in the best way possible.

Why Do You Need Good Floor Mats For Ford F-150?

Having a good floor mat for ford f150 is protects your vehicle and carpet from damage or destructive effects of any kind, makes the truck feel comfortable, and gives you a feeling of relief.

When you have a good floor mat in your f150 truck, you won’t get bothered about the spill, debris, dirt, or climatic remains.

What Types of Floor Mats Are Available?

The floor mats are thermoplastic, rubber floor mats, vinyl floor mats, and thermoplastic olefin floor mats.

There are also floor mats that are of recyclable materials. Of all the types, thermoplastic seems to be the most comfortable.

In contrast, the rubber ones tend to handle more spillage in their early stages, the vinyl ones are also a decent choice, but much can’t be said for the mats of recyclable materials since they aren’t so widespread.

How Do I Choose A Floor Mat?

In choosing a floor mat, you should go for products with raised edges around the rim that are sure to hold in more debris and liquid wastes.

You could also consider mats with string grooves and ridges that force liquid away from a driver’s feet through a dedicated channel.

Other determinants that could influence your choice could be comforting to the feet, especially if you love driving barefoot.

How Do I Maintain The Floor Mats?

The floor mats are mainly easy to maintain, and they only need to be brought out, wiped, and then cleaned with a sponge and water. They should be dried or allowed to dry before reinstalling them.

Where Can I Purchase Quality Floor Mats?

There are diverse channels and avenues to purchase impressive quality floor mats, primarily online.

An excellent place to make a purchase would be Amazon, which makes you a good offer.

The page also includes unadulterated reviews from previous buyers so, you can go through to see whether you would buy a particular product or move for another one.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Floor Mat?

When deciding to buy a floor cover, check out for the material’s durability to see if it can stand the test of time.

You should also scrutinize its fitting abilities and check reviews to confirm its grips’ proper form.

Other parts you should see into are the installation and maintenance ease, the effectiveness in controlling spills, and the capacity in holding on to debris.

Finally, check if the mat product has the OE requirement, which is the standard regulation for a high-quality floor rug.

Do Vinyl Floor Mats Work On Vinyl Floors?

Unfortunately no. Vinyl floor mats do not function appropriately on vinyl floors, and they may likely slip on those floors.

Are Ford F150 Floor Mats Made For The Drivers Row Alone?

The floor mats for Ford f150 trucks vary in production. Some brands make the versions available for the drivers’ row alone, while other brands create for both the drivers and rear seat rows.

The Husky liner, for example, released their model for both seat rows, while that of the MAXpider was explicitly for the driver alone.

In essence, no rule forbids brands from making floor liners for both rows; the choice is dependent on the brands alone and, you should take the chance of checking each product’s provision type.

How Long Do Floor Mats Last?

An average floor mat of good quality can serve you for five years at least.

Premium floor mats described in this review could stay in use for a longer duration due to enhanced features that keep the carpets strong enough to remain operational beyond average rugs.


Having analyzed all the choices for the best floor mat for f150 supercrew, it is evident that floor mats make a verifiable difference in the appearance and maintenance of a vehicle’s interior without obstructing operation.

Choosing which product to buy shouldn’t be much of an issue at present, and I know the choice you make would be a justified one.

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