5 Common Ford 6.2 Engine Problems & Solutions In 2023

Ford 6.2 engines have been around for quite some time now, and they have proven to be excellent engines. However, you might run into some issues here and there.

While some of these problems are not so expensive, they can be a little bit annoying to put up with if you wanted to hop on your super duty for the rest of the day.

So, in this article, we’ll be going through common Ford 6.2 engine problemshow you can solve them on your own, and how much money you should expect to spend.

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How Good is the Ford 6.2 Gas Engine?

It’s easy to overlook the 6.2 gas engine now that the new 7.3l has been released.

But when it comes to both safety and reliability, we must give the 6.2 gas engine some credit.

We’ve had one for a very long time, we have experienced very few issues with it.

And just by doing a quick Google search, you will barely find any people complaining about the 6.2 gas engine.

And when compared to the old 5.4, the 6.2 engine is the winner.

So overall, the ford 6.2 gas engine is a great option that has been around for quite some time now, and you will rarely experience any issues with it.

When these issues happen, you will be prepared. Below is a guide that will teach you all about these problems – take a look!

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Common Reasons Why your Ford 6.2 is not working

Most people don’t realize what goes through a car’s engine behind the scenes.

Car engines are responsible for how your car operates. So, it’s essential to take time to learn more about them if you want your car’s engine to stay in great shape for a long time.

And If you ever run into an issue, you will know right away what could be the culprit. All you need to do is spend some time to learn more about engines.

And by knowing more about car engines, you could fix your car on your own and save a lot of money in the process.

So, here is a list of things explaining why your Ford 6.2 engine is not working, explained in plain English:

  • Rough idle—it’s hard to tell what could be causing this. But for the most part, it could be a dirty air conditioner
  • Faulty valve cover gaskets—you will notice you need to replace the valve cover gasket when you have an oil leak.
  • Malfunctioning valve springs—this is something that happens quite often. You can tell you have a broken valve spring when you hear some weird loud noise coming from the car
  • Oil burning—if you’re lucky enough, you might need to replace the PCV valve which is incredibly cheap to replace
  • Vacuum leaks—if the car is surging when it idles, then you probably have a vacuum leak

Now that we know some of the main issues behind ford 6.2 engines, we’ll be going through 5 methods to fix all those issues on your own.

DIY Guide: How to Solve 5 Ford 6.2 Engines problems

Are you trying to save money by fixing your ford 6.2 engine on your own? If so, then you’re in the right place.

Depending on how badly damaged the engine is, you might need to spend a lot of money to fix it.

So, it’s a great idea to fix those issues on your own if you want to save money.

Sometimes, the solution can be as simple as replacing a valve cover gasket, which is pretty simple to remove and install, even if you have no prior experience doing so.

Now, if you want to know how to fix Ford 6.2-liter gas engine problems, here is how you can do it on your own:

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1. Rough idle

Ever been in your car and then all of a sudden, the car stalls out when you come to a stop? If so, there are many reasons why that is happening. Here are some common reasons why you’re car is stalling out:

  • Faulty spark plugs
  • A dirty air system
  • A dirty throttle
  • A vacuum leak

Out of all those four issues, the most common one is a dirty air system. The reason why the airt system causes the engine to run rough is that all the oil and water can get into the system, which will make the engine work poorly.

Most of the time, the solution is pretty simple, and you only need to get a throttle body cleaner, which you can find for $8. Here is what you need to do:

  1. First of all, you need to remove the hose from the airbox
  2. Before you use the spray read the labels to make sure you don’t mess up using it
  3. Another thing you need to know is that the car will most likely turn off as you use the sprayer. So, have someone keep the car running as you spray the system
  4. Now you need to run the engine and begin to spray inside the hose. Spraying inside the hose as you run the car will clear out all the dirt inside the air system
  5. Now you need to lift up the airbox and take out the filter
  6. Once you have done that, you must unplug the mass airflow sensor
  7. From there, take a look at the airflow sensor and spray the throttle body cleaner
  8. And finally, you need to put everything back

And that’s pretty much it. While it is true that this process takes some time, it is worth the effort.

If you need a more in-depth guide that goes through most of the problems we described above, we recommend watching that video:


2. Broken valve spring

You probably do a lot of driving if you own a truck. And as reliable as ford engines might be, they are bound to fail at some point.

One of the main things that could cause ford 6.2-liter gas engine problems is a broken valve spring. A broken valve spring causes your engine to malfunction in many ways.

Have you ever hopped onto your car, and as soon as you turn it on, you hear some nasty knocking sound coming from under the hood? If so, a broken valve spring is what is causing all that noise.

And when that happens, your engine will get damaged over time, as well as other nearby parts.

Replacing a valve spring takes some time, and you might feel intimidated by how it looks. But if you put in some time, you will get the hang of it.

But before we move any further, there are quite a few tools you’re going to need throughout the rest of this tutorial. Here are the tools you will need:

  • A valve spring compressor
  • A drill to remove the rocker arms
  • A magnet to remove the keepers
  • A ratchet
  • Air pressure

Here is what you need to replace the faulty valve spring:

  1. Turn the car off to avoid further damage to the engine.
  2. Open the hood of the car so that you can gain access to the parts
  3. Take a photo of everything so that you know where the rods go and you put them back
  4. Now you need to remove the valve cover so that you can remove the factory rocker arms
  5. Use the drill and remove the rocker arms
  6. Once you have removed the rocker arms, you need to take out the guide plates as well as the rods
  7. Now we need to use air pressure to remove the valves
  8. Here, you must use the valve spring compressor to remove the valves
  9. Hold the valve spring compressor down as you use the magnet to remove the keepers
  10. After doing that, you can remove the spring
  11. Now you need to put all the new parts
  12. Grab the spring and tighten it up by using the ratchet
  13. Hold the string down using the valve spring compressor, and put back the keeper

That is all you need to do to replace a faulty valve spring. If you’re more of a visual learner, this video will come in handy:

3. Oil Burning Engine

Another thing that causes Ford 6.2 problems is an engine that burns tons of oil.

An engine that burns a lot of oil can be quite hard to deal with if you don’t know much about cars.

Sometimes you’re better off hiring a mechanic to fix this problem rather than doing it yourself.

However, sometimes this problem can be as simple as removing an old and clogged PCV valve.

If that is the case, then you will be happy to find out that you can find PCV valves for as low as $10 on Amazon.

To replace or clean the PCV valve, here is what you need to do:

  • You first need to remove the case to find the valve
  • Now find the valve which can be found close to the intake manifold.
  • From there, you want to use pair pliers to take out the PCV valve
  • Once you do that, you need to remove the hose
  • Now use a socket to put the new one
  • And finally, put the vacuum line where it goes again

As you can see, this process is easy to pull off, and anybody can do it. As a side note, we recommend changing the valve every year to keep your car clean and efficient.

Also, if you would rather watch a video on this topic, we recommend watching this video:


4. Vacuum leak

Vacuum leaks can slowly destroy your engine if you don’t take care of it now. But how can I tell if I have a vacuum leak on my car? Here is how to find out if you have a Vacuum Leak:

  • Pop up the hood of your car
  • Get close to the engine, and if you hear a hissing sound, then you have a vacuum leak

Hissing sounds indicate that you have a vacuum leak going on your car. However, knowing it is coming from can be a little bit tricky.

Professional mechanics use smoke machines to determine where the smoke leak is coming from.

Unfortunately, those machines are quite expensive, and you might not want to throw $1.000 to spot a vacuum leak.

However, there is one trick that always gets out of trouble when we suspect we’re dealing with a vacuum leak.

And that one trick is lighting up a cigar to use the smoke to find the vacuum leak.

Here is how you can spot a vacuum leak right away:

  • First of all, you need to do this when the engine is cold to prevent any damage to the engine
  • Go the area where you think that leak is coming from and take off the vacuum hoses
  • After that, grab any loose hose you have and put it on where the previous hose was
  • Now you need need to light up the cigar
  • Once you have done that, blow the smoke of the cigar into the hose
  • Now you want to take a look at the engine and find out where all the smoke you just blew into the hose went to
  • If you find where the smoke is, you need to put back the hose that came off. That hose is what is causing the vacuum leak. So make sure to put it back

This process is quite simple and does not take much time. However, if you don’t feel comfortable using a cigarette, you can try vaping, and the results are the same.


5. Unusual Oil Consumption

You’ve probably experienced high oil consumption before. Extremely high oil consumption is one of the most common Ford 6.2 problems that you will encounter.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether the car is using too much oil or it’s normal. For example, complain that brand-new cars consume way too much oil.

However, some of the companies behind those brand-new cars claim that oil high-oil consumption is average, and you shouldn’t worry about it.

As for Ford 6.2 engines, we’ve noticed that this is a common issue that most ford engines face at some point.

And most of the time, unusual oil consumption is caused by an oil leak.

To fix this, you need to replace the valve cover gaskets for a new one. If you suspect that is the reason why your car is consuming too much oil, here are the tools you will need to do to fix that issue:

  1. A wrench to loosen up the brake booster vacuum line
  2. A ratchet

Once you have gathered all the tools, here is what you need to do:

  1. When you first pop up the hood of your car, you will notice that there are quite a few things all over the valve cover gasket
  2. You need to remove some of them so that you can see what’s going on inside the car
  3. So, start by removing the PCV valve hose
  4. We now need to remove the brake booster vacuum, but we first need to to take off the air filter cleaner to get to that point
  5. Once you have successfully removed the air filter cleaner, proceed to remove the brake booster vacuum by using a wrench
  6. Now grab your ratchet and proceed to remove all the bolts that are on the valve cover gasket
  7. From there, you need to lift up the valve cover gasket
  8. Now slide in the new cover where the old one was before
  9. Once you have done that, you need to put back the shim and all the bolts you took off before
  10. Make sure to tighten them up
  11. And finally, make sure to put back everything you took off during the first steps

That’s pretty much it. This process is pretty easy to do and is not expensive.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Ford 6.2 Engine?

Maintaining your car can be quite expensive. The price heavily depends on where you live and who your dealer is. Luckily for us, maintenance is not required every two weeks.

So, you won’t have to sell your house to afford the maintenance.

Let’s take a look at some common issues that you will face when dealing with a Ford 6.2 engine and how much money you will spend to fix those issues.

1. Tensioner Replacement

A faulty tensioner can slowly reduce the performance of your engine if you don’t replace it soon enough. And, you will end up paying a lot of money if the gas engine breaks.

We’ve noticed from taking a look at Amazon that you can find tensioner pulleys for about $50 to $80.

As for the guy that will replace the faulty tensioner, you should expect to pay a whopping $80 on the lowest.

And in some places, you could end up paying roughly $140 for the labor.

But if you decide to do it yourself, you can save that extra $140 and put it somewhere else.

While it is true that replacing a tensioner takes some time, you could learn a few things in the process and save that extra money.

2. Oil Leak

An oil leak is probably the most common reason why your engine is working poorly.

But rest assured! Fixing an oil leak is quite simple, and we believe anybody can do it if they are willing to put in some time.

All you need to buy is a new valve cover gaskets to fix that annoying oil leak. And you can find them on Amazon for roughly $20 all the way up to $30.

Now, that is the price you would pay if you did it yourself. If you had a mechanic replace it, you would need to pay about $250 on the lowest end. So, you would end up with a $280 bill.

3. Faulty PCV valve

You would be surprised by how many people don’t know that a PCV valve exists in the first place. To be fair, the PCV valve is somewhat hidden, so you can’t blame them.

Now, as for the price of this little thing, we’ve found them to be pretty cheap.

You can find them for roughly $10 on Amazon. The most expensive PCV valve we’ve seen costs about $15.

As for labor, you should expect to pay about $80.

4. Valve Spring Replacement

Replacing a valve spring is quite expensive as it takes quite some time to replace the valve spring.

If you decide to replace the valve spring by yourself, you can buy a set of sixteen and pay about $200 for it.

Now, as for how much money you should expect to pay if you have someone do it, you will pay about $1.000 all the way up to $1.600.

The price also depends on where you live and the model of the vehicle. But that’s the average price you should expect to pay.

5. Cam Phaser

Ford 6.2 cam phaser problems are not so common, and sometimes you can even run your truck just fine.

However, if the cam phaser is completely damaged, you need to replace it.

The average price for a new replacement can go for about $600 all the way up to $900.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Ford 6.2 engines have gotten better throughout the years. But we’ve noticed that they experience some issues here and there.

So, we’ve gathered the most common questions about ford 6.2 engines and answered them. Here are some of them:

1. How many miles will a 6.2 Ford last?

We’ve had a 6.2 ford engine for quite some time and have been pretty happy with the results so far.

As to how many miles they will last before they need to be replaced is totally up to the user.

For example, our ford 6.2 engine has 300.000 miles on it and still going strong.

2. What is a Ford 6.2 liter engine?

Engines are expressed by using displacement units such as liters(L) or centimeters. So, the ford 6.2-liter indicates that the motor is a 6.200cc engine.

3. Is the Ford 6.2 liter engine reliable?

Yes, the ford 6.2-liter engine is a reliable option. We’ve tested it many times before, and so far, we’re pretty happy with the results we’ve achieved.


As you can tell by now, there are many reasons why your ford 6.2 engine is not working properly.

Sometimes Ford 6.2 engine problems can be as simple as replacing an old PCV valve, which costs $10 on Amazon.

And sometimes you might need to replace the valve spring, which costs about $1.600. But most of the time, you can solve it on your own, and it can be fun to try and fix it by yourself.

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