10 Best Hart Brakes 2023: Performance, Value, Reliability, Experience

Brakes are a crucial component of any car and are vital for safe driving. Without them, operating a vehicle would be nearly impossible or extremely dangerous. Even though a car cannot run without a motor, brakes are arguably the most important part

That’s why there are so many brake brands in the market. But few can match the quality Hart offers.

Here, we want to bring some Hart brakes reviews for you to learn more about them. Luckily, you’ll know enough to eventually pick a kit that fits in your car.


Comparison Table Of The Best Hart Brakes (Top Picks)

Hart Brakes
Hart Brakes[GOLD]
Hart Brakes[BLACK]
Hart Brakes[Full Kits]
Hart Brakes[Rear]
Hart Brakes[Rotor kits]
Hart Brakes[Rotor Kits]
Hart Brakes[Rotor Kits]
Hart Brakes[Rotor Kits]
Hart Brakes[PLATINUM]

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While browsing for Hart brakes, we found tons of different brake pads and rotors models to pick from.

So we decided to overlook the least enticing ones and focused only on the most reviewed and popular. Here’s what we found about them:

Top 10 Hart Brakes Reviews

01. Hart PHCC.4417302 Platinum Drilled Slot Brake Kit – Best for Toyota SUVs


Highlighted Features

  • Platinum color
  • Full kit with brake fluid
  • Ceramic pads

If we had to pick the best Hart brakes, then the Platinum model would easily steal the show. After reading our platinum Hart brakes review, you’ll realize why.

Precise Stopping

The first thing you’ll notice with these brakes is the set of precision slots.

They make it possible to stop super-fast and precisely every time. If you’re looking for excellent responsiveness on the road, then this will not let you down.

Durable & Resilient

Another advantage you’ll notice is the cross-drilled design. These drills make it possible for air to travel through the rotors better.

When this happens, the heat dissipates, and the rotors won’t burn away. This pairs up well with the silver zinc coating to increase their lifespan.

Little Noise or Dust

Lastly, you can enjoy the ceramic brake pads for exceptional results. The main benefit is not their ability to stop fast, but the capacity to do it quietly and with little dust.

At the same time, the pads will last a long time thanks to their wear-resistant material and unique frictionless design.


  • Stop fast & responsively
  • Don’t produce dust or noise
  • Will last a long time


  • The zinc coat wears over time

02. Hart BHCC.66080.02 Black Drilled Slotted Brake Kit – Best for GMC SUVs


Highlighted Features

  • Complete hardware kit
  • Drilled holes
  • Black zinc coat

Exceptional performance in highly attractive rotor design, the BHCC.66080.02 black brakes from Hart will surpass all your expectations.

Gorgeous Black

If there’s something that sets hart brakes apart from their competition is their ability to look outstanding. This black brake kit is a perfect example of that.

It is a black zinc coat that helps reduce friction and increases the lifespan of the rotors.

Fast & Effective Braking

Then you can enjoy the precision slots on the rotors. This fantastic design quirk increases the speed and effectiveness of every stop.

You won’t have to worry about the car not stopping with these brakes. Add the ceramic pads for even better performance.

Super-Easy Installation

Another feature you will love about this brake set is the effortless setup. Boasting a bolt-on design, you won’t need to do a single modification. Even the pads themselves are designed to go directly in place without much fuss.


  • Shiny & good-looking
  • Won’t rust over time
  • Improve stops exponentially
  • Little effort to install


  • Tend to pulsate in highways

03. Hart BHCC.63076.02 Black Brake Kit – Best for Dodge Challenger


Highlighted Features

  • Fit Dodge Challenger
  • Slotted design
  • Brake hardware included

In our Hart brakes review, we also needed to add a model for the Challenger. One of the most popular muscle cars needs quality brakes, and the BHCC.63076.02 is the perfect idea for that.

Extra Beauty

The Dodge Challenger is a gorgeous car, no matter the color you get. But when you add black-painted rotors, then it will be improved for sure.

This black zinc coating doesn’t only add a touch of style to the car, but it also makes sure the brakes don’t rust. So you get double the advantage with it.

Top-Notch Performance

A set of slotted rotors with quality ceramic pads will not disappoint when it comes to stopping. Specifically designed for the Challenger, these brakes will stop as precisely as you can imagine.

This is only possible thanks to the precision slots, so your stopping power goes well with the car.

Long-Lasting & Efficient

Here, you can combine a superb construction with a cross-drilled design that adds the extra ventilation that keeps them from overheating.

Together with the ceramic pads that produce little noise and almost no dust, you can expect them to perform amazingly efficient every time.


  • Amazingly pretty rotors
  • Increase brake responsiveness
  • Pretty long-lasting for the cost
  • The pads produce no noise


  • Wear fast with sport use

04. Hart BHCC.33071.02 Black Brake Kit – Best for Audi & Volkswagen Sedans


Highlighted Features

  • Multi-vehicle compatibility
  • Ceramic pads
  • Slotted design

Probably the most versatile of all black Hart brake rotors, the BHCC.33071.02 kit will surpass all your expectations with ease.

Superb Braking

The first thing you’ll notice after installing these brakes is the ability to stop entirely at command. This is possible thanks to the diamond slot on the surface of the rotors.

It ensures maximum precision and speed when braking, so you never go an extra inch from where you wanted to stop.

Outstanding Durability

Combining a black zinc coat that keeps them from rusting plus cross-drilled holes all across the piece that prevent overheating, these rotors are made to last.

Add the magnificent set of ceramic brake pads for an even more long-lasting experience – you won’t have to change a thing in months or years.

Immense Handiness

Another tremendous advantage you shouldn’t overlook is the OEM-like design. These rotors will fit on any Audi A3 or some of the most popular Volkswagen sedans with little to no effort.

Along with the capacity to make no noise or produce no dust even after tons of use, this brake kit is convenient.


  • Very affordable
  • A piece of cake to install
  • Highly effective braking
  • Gorgeous black coating


  • The black coat wears out fast

05. Hart Platinum Full Brakes Kit – Best for Toyota Avalon


Highlighted Features

  • Fit for Toyota Avalon
  • Platinum coating
  • Bolt-on installation

Few sedans can get to the speed that the Toyota Avalon can. That’s why you need quality brakes. For that, a platinum braking kit from Hart will come like an excellent choice.

Effective & Responsive

No need to worry about your sedan not stopping on time. These brakes will make sure that you’re always stopping fast and effectively, no matter where you are.

Thanks to the precision slots and the ceramic pads, your brakes will stop super-fast every time.

Ultra-Resilient Build

Hart brakes are made to last. The cross-drilled holes that dissipate heat, the black zinc coating and the sturdy overall construction ensure maximum durability.

If you add the wear-resistant ceramic pads, then you can expect this brake kit to last even longer.

Maximum Convenience

Everyone loves a set of brakes that take little to no time to install. This kit offers precisely that. You get the ability to mount the brakes directly without a little workaround.

Just place and bolt them up. The brakes should fit perfectly at once with little effort.


  • Responsive slotted design
  • Won’t rust in the slightest
  • No squealing or screeching
  • Super affordable for the quality


  • Ceramic pads produce tons of dust

06. Hart Black Drill Slot Brake Rotors Kit – Best for Nissan SUVs


Highlighted Features

  • Fits Nissan Rogue & X-Trail
  • Black zinc coat
  • Ceramic pads

Reliable Nissan SUVs need dependable brakes. That’s why we couldn’t leave this kit out. Made for maximum quality all around, your X-Trail or Rogue SUV will be equipped with top-notch brakes.

Unbeatable Dependability

The brakes on your Nissan SUV need to be responsive and durable. That’s precisely what this set offers, the chance to stop in seconds without drawbacks, as well as maximum durability.

Precision slots and cross-drilled holes make it possible to enjoy both – making them almost perfect brakes.

Super-Quiet & Clean

This brake kit comes with another fantastic advantage: they make little to no noise and produce little to no dust.

It’s all thanks to the ceramic pads, perfectly made to boost your brake performance while preventing the creation of dust and preventing unwanted creaking noises in every stop.

Magnificent Installation

Everyone loves a set of brakes that doesn’t take much to install. Even in your Nissan SUVs, you’ll have the chance to get them up and running with little effort.

The bolt-on design of the kit is probably one of the most practical you can get.


  • Won’t produce dust
  • Install easily on SUVs
  • Will last a long time
  • Increase in stopping quality


  • The coat wears off fast

07. Hart Black Full Kit Brake Kit – Best for BMW X5 and X6


Highlighted Features

  • Cross-drilled design
  • Sensor addition
  • Fits BMW X5 and X6

Your BMW X5 or X6 needs quality brakes. The Hart black series will be perfect for that. They offer exceptional responsiveness, next-level durability, and require little to no effort to install.

Great Braking Power

The first thing you’ll notice when using these brakes is the ability to stop the car even with the slightest push of the pedal.

This is only possible with precision-slotted rotors and the addition of ceramic pads, working together to deliver unbeatable stopping performance.

Highly Long-Lasting

Your brakes need to last a long time, especially on a sports coupe like the X6, where durability matters so much.

That’s why you can expect the stainless steel rotors with cross-drilled holes to add the heat-dissipation necessary to make them last. Add the wear-resistant ceramic pads for even longer durability.

Ultra-Fast Installation

This brake kit is ready to be installed as soon as it arrives at your house—no need to do a single modification or go through eccentric processes to get the job done. The bolt-on design allows direct installation that you will love.


  • Effortless setup
  • Increase brake responsiveness
  • Don’t produce noise
  • Comes with a practical sensor


  • Ceramic pads produce tons of dust

08. Hart Black Full Kit Brake Rotors Kit – Best for Toyota RAV4


Highlighted Features

  • Bolt-on installation
  • Black zinc coat
  • Perfect for Toyota RAV4

Once again, you have a black hart brake kit enjoy. This time, you get the perfect design to match with your Toyota RAV4 SUV. Like any other SUV, especially with this sporty design, quality brakes become a must-have.

Comfortable Performance

As soon as you start stopping with these brakes, you’ll realize how quiet they are. At the same time, they offer superb responsiveness.

The ceramic pads they come with also release little to no dust, even after abrupt stops. Overall, they’re made to withstand any situation and make your ride super-comfy.

Impressive Durability

These brakes offer a combination of stainless steel rotors with a black zinc coating that keeps them working neatly for a long.

This goes well with the ceramic pads that last a long time, as well as the cross-drilled holes on the rotors for extra heat dissipation. You get the whole package with these brakes.

Hugely Practical

Everyone wants a set of brakes that works for much more than just stopping. This set from Hart does precisely that.

Combining a black zinc coat for a gorgeous look, plus the ability to install on the SUV with little effort, they become a go-to choice for convenience seekers.


  • Improves SUV appearance
  • Won’t rust easily
  • Ceramic pads last a long time
  • Deliver ultra-fast stops


  • Hard to install with no hardware

09. Hart GHCC.62092.02 Gold Brake Kit – Best for Chevrolet Pontiac & Cobalt


Highlighted Features

  • Gold coat
  • Fits Cobalt SS and Pontiac G-5
  • Shimmed ceramic pads

We couldn’t make a Hart drilled and slotted rotors review article without adding a Gold brake set. The GHCC-62092.02 from Hart is an almost perfect kit for people who love polished rotors.

Immensely Attractive

Your Cobalt or Pontiac sedan will look amazing with one of these. The Gold-plated zinc finish makes them look as enticing as you can expect. But this coat offers another advantage:

it prevents the rotors from corroding fast. So you get a beautiful yet durable piece all around.

Ultra-Reliable Stops

Another advantage of getting these brakes is the ability to make your car super-responsive. Whether you have a Pontiac G-5 or a Cobalt SS – you’ll feel how these brakes improve the stop exponentially.

Thanks to the diamond-slotted design, even in the moistest of conditions, the brakes will perform well.

 High-Quality Pads

While the rotors perform well and last a long time, it is the addition of ceramic pads that make it an even better brake set.

They produce little dust, won’t be noisy, reduce wear exponentially, and have no asbestos on the formula. You get a quality brake set in almost every way,


  • Produce little to no sound
  • Looks beautiful on any car
  • Last a long time
  • Improve braking exponentially


  • The gold coat wears off over time

10. Hart BHCC.44092.02 Black Drilled Slotted Brake Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Cross-drilled body
  • Precision-slotted surface
  • Black zinc coat

Your Lexus doesn’t have to be brake-free for long. The BHCC.44092.02 from Hart will make it a super-reliable car all around.

High-End Performance

A Lexus is an executive vehicle for people who like to go around in elegance but with a sporty touch. That’s why the performance of the brakes should be other-worldly.

Combining slotted rotors and ceramic pads, this brake set ensures tons of responsiveness. You won’t regret getting this kit.

No Screeching at All

Thanks to the quality set of ceramic pads, you can expect this brake to perform quietly every time.

Even after wearing off almost wholly, the pads won’t cause any screeching. You can roll around in your Lexus without deafening everyone around.

Effortless Setup

Another immense benefit of these brakes is the super-easy installation. You won’t need an expert mechanic to set them up for you.

Instead, the direct bolt-on design with included hardware will make it as easy as you can imagine, but still reliable enough, so the brakes last.


  • Comes with full hardware
  • Stops super-fast
  • Don’t produce any noise
  • Won’t overheat


  • The pads wear out fast

Hart Brakes vs PowerStop: Which Are Better?

When it comes to quality, Hart brakes are simply fantastic. But they’re not alone in this price and quality range on the market. Among their competitors, PowerStop stands out as their biggest one.

The battle between Hart Brakes vs Power Stop when it comes to high-quality brakes for an excellent price has been going for years. But among the two, one is a bit better.

Of course, Hart is a little better in many ways. But that doesn’t mean PowerStop is too far behind. Here we’ll explain more about this.


Most Hart brake rotors are made of stainless steel, and the pads are made of ceramic.

In contrast, PowerStop offers stainless steel rotors with rubberized shims that prevent noise. The pads are also made of ceramic but with a carbon-fiber infusion.


Both brands offer slotted and cross-drilled rotors.

The difference is that the hart brake design is a bit more effective, so they end up being a lot more responsive. But overall, they perform similarly well with this design.


You will find that Hart and PowerStop brakes are compatible with tons of models and brands.

The difference, however, is that PowerStop makes way fewer brakes, so the range of compatibility is a lot lower.

Apart from that, Hart makes more generally compatible brakes.

This means you can mount some Hart brakes on several SUVs from the same brand. In contrast, PowerStop brakes are usually custom made for one vehicle.

So, which one you’re getting? If you need more info, below you have a Power Stop brake kit review to consider:

01. Power Stop KOE5516 Brake Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Z17 Clean Ride pads
  • Fits Chevy Equinox & GMC Terrain
  • Rubberized shims

Probably the most popular Power Stop brake kit out there, the KOE5516 comes with everything a quality brake should offer.

Superb Construction

It all starts with the stainless steel construction that sets it apart in durability.

Along with the ceramic pads, you can expect these brakes to provide like-new braking performance for years.

You’ll get the chance to enjoy these brakes without a single worry.

Sound-Free Braking

The ceramic pads come with another advantage: they produce little to no sound.

Using dual-layer rubberized shims, the brakes will make no noise when stopping.

Even after the hardest stoppage, the car will be smooth and quiet.

Fantastic Stopping Power

On top of everything, these brakes will never disappoint when it comes to stopping.

The responsiveness they offer is superb, especially with the Z17 Clean Ride brake pads.

You get the chance to stop your vehicle at any time with little drawback.


  • Noise-free performance
  • Stop amazingly well
  • Wil last years
  • Cost little for the quality


  • May produce some dust

How to Install Hart Brakes

So you read our Hart brakes and rotors review, but you have no idea how to set them up. Here, we’re going to show you exactly that.

Below you have a brief yet detailed guide so you can set those brakes without wasting any time or effort. So follow these steps:

01. Gather all the Tools

First and foremost, be sure you have all the tools to get the job done. This includes:

  • 3/8 and 1/2 inches ratchets
  • A 1/2-inch breaker bar
  • 3/8 and 1/2 inches sockets
  • 3/8-inch extensions
  • Torx, Hex, and Reverse Torx sockets
  • A hydraulic jack
  • A pry bar
  • A C-clamp
  • At least two jack stands
  • Protective gloves
  • A wire brush
  • A bottle of WD-40 or similar lubricant

Once you have all these tools plus the brake kit (rotors, pads, and hardware), then you are ready for the installation. You can proceed to the second step.

02. Prepare the Car

You’re now set to go install the brakes. Here’s how:

  • Start by looking for a place where you can park the car safely. It should be a flat area for the best results.
  • Then engage the parking brake (or emergency brake). Then place a brick or stopper on the rear wheels to prevent any unwanted movement while working.

The vehicle is now in place for you to proceed with the installation.

03. Loosen the Wheel Lugs

Even though it feels counterintuitive, it’s recommended to loosen the lugs before you raise the car. Here’s how:

  • Now grab the breaker bar and put the 1/2 socket on the head. Then adjust the socket with the slug on the wheel.
  • Start turning counter-clockwise to loosen the lug off. Remember to not remove the wheel yet (you won’t be able to do so anyway). Just leave the wheel a bit loosened.
  • Do the same with the four wheels, this will help you take them off more quickly when it’s time.

With the lugs loosened, then you need to lift the car.

04. Raise & Remove

Now it’s time to lift the car up and remove the loosened wheels. Here’s how to do it:

  • Place the hydraulic jack under the vehicle. Be sure it is in a proper jacking point. Then start pumping the jack, so it lifts up the car.
  • When it lifts up one side, then you can place a jack stand just below. When the car is resting on the jack stand, then you can remove the hydraulic one.
  • You can now remove the loosened wheel on that side. Otherwise, you can keep lifting the car on all four and place the jack stands below (recommended). Then remove all the wheels accordingly.

You should end up with all the wheels out and ready to remove the old brakes.

05. Loosen the Calipers

The calipers are usually pretty easy to remove, you’ll just need some strength. Follow these tips:

  • Grab the ratchet and remove the bolts on the caliper. Then get the caliper out of the car. It should slide right off.
  • If it doesn’t come off, then you can use the pry bar and the degreaser/lubricant. This should loosen it up completely.
  • Don’t let the caliper hanging, though. Use a zip-tie or a stand to prevent any strain on the brake line.
  • Then proceed to remove the caliper carrier or hub. This one is a little tougher to remove. The breaker bar with a mallet should help you out.

Now you should have direct access to the old brake parts.

06. Remove Old Rotor

You should now be able to remove the old rotor with ease. These tips will help you:

  • Whack the rotor slightly with a mallet or hammer (don’t be too harsh). You may need to remove a screw first, check that up before whacking.
  • If the rotor doesn’t come off at first, then you can always use the WD-40 or any other lubricant to loosen it up. Then simply remove it.

The old rotor is out. Then you should install the new one.

07. Install the New Rotor

Putting the new rotor is a piece of cake. But first, do this:

  • Start by removing all the rust and gunk on the hub. Use the wire brush with WD-40 or lubricant of your preference for that.
  • Then you can place the new rotor on the hob. Be sure it sits flush. Use the open-ended wrench to secure it in place tightly.
  • Finish by wiping down the oil if there’s any dripping on the rotor. This should secure the installation.

With the rotor on, it’s time to place the caliper back.

08. Assemble the Caliper Back

Just like removing it but to place it back, this is what to do with the caliper now:

  • Start by replacing the carrier bolts (if any). Then tighten them down with a breaker bar if necessary.
  • Then compress the caliper piston using an old brake pad. The piston should fit flush with the caliper.
  • Now install the new pads and the caliper in place. Use grease if necessary to prevent squealing. This often means tightening the caliper bolts and ensuring the caliper doesn’t move at all.

Your brake kit is on. It’s time to re-install everything.

09. Put the Wheels On & Drop the Car

Just place the wheels back in place and drop the car.

  • Place the wheels, tighten the nuts, and use the hydraulic jack to start putting the car down per side.
  • You can always tighten the wheels off once the wheels are on the ground. This should make it easier.

The new brakes are now in place, and the car ready for some testing.

10. Test the Brakes

The testing process is a piece of cake. Here’s what to do:

  • First, starting pumping the pedal with the car turned off. Hit it at least 3 times until you feel some pressure.
  • Then start the car. Drive it around the neighborhood and see how it responds. You may hear a bit of noise within the first few miles.
  • If everything is installed correctly, then the car should stop neatly, make no sound, and make your car feel as smooth as a cloud.

You’ve installed those brakes successfully. It’s time to celebrate.

If you have trouble following this guide, then this video may help you out:

What to Consider When Buying Hart Brakes

After reading our Hart brakes review list, you’re probably wondering how to pick the right one. Well, this section will help you with that.

Below, you’ll find the most critical factors to think about before making your last choice. Read up and pick the best possible brake for your vehicle:


First of all, consider the different components that come with the brakes. As you may know, brakes are composed of both the disc and the pads. So you’ll want a kit that offers both.

But not all kits come with only the rotors and the pads. You may also find extra hardware like brake installation brackets and bolts. Brake fluid is another hugely helpful piece you should consider for the kit.

Anything that prevents you from buying more things before or after installing the brakes is an excellent component to have.

Rotor Slots & Holes

Once you’ve considered the different components on the brake kit, then you can go into the rotor quality.

Here, you will have to focus mainly on how they’re made. This includes the slots on the surface as well as the holes on the body. Both are super helpful to improve braking performance and durability.

For example, drilled holes make the rotor look better but also improve heat dissipation, which means a better lifespan.

Then you have slots. These are often small lines on the surface, perfect to improve responsiveness and braking power.

So, you’ll want a rotor with both for the best experience.

Pad Material & Slots

The braking pads are the second most crucial part of a brake system. That’s why you’ll want to pick the highest-quality material possible.

Here, we usually recommend ceramic over all others. Ceramic is soft, so it doesn’t produce much screeching.

At the same time, ceramic lasts a long time and creates little dust. So you get double the advantage with a ceramic pad in contrast with other materials.

Apart from the material of the pads, consider those with slots in the middle.

Slotted pads increase overall grip, which helps to make more precise and responsive braking. Similar to rotors, they also help to reduce wear.

Coating & Color

After reading our platinum, gold, and black Hart brake reviews, then you’re wondering what do these colors mean?

Well, it’s mostly about appearance. But at the same time, this color means the rotor is coated. This coating is usually zinc, which adds up extra protection.

Zinc coats prevent corrosion and reduce wear. A proper zinc coat will improve your brake’s lifespan exponentially.


Last but not least, you’ll have to think about whether the brakes you’re getting genuinely match with your car.

Otherwise, you will end up with a brake that doesn’t work or just works unreliably.

So don’t hesitate to pick a brake kit compatible with your vehicle’s model, make, and year. This is super important.

Black Hart Brakes Review: What We Need To Know

Already read all about our Hart brakes review products? Then you’re probably a little confused about these brakes. Luckily for you, here we answer some common questions:

Are hart’s brakes any good?

Yes, Hart brakes are some of the most reliable brakes on the low-range market.

Who makes Hart brake rotors?

Hart brakes are made by Hart. This is a US company.

Where are Hart brakes made?

The materials all come from China, but the brakes are all assembled and designed in the US.

How long should I take to replace the brakes?

Whether they are factory brakes, from Hart, or from any other brands, you should replace them once they are worn out.

This depends on the braking quality, some wear out at 10.000 miles, others wear out a 5.000 miles, and so on. If the brakes start screeching, then that’s a sign you need to change them.

Top 5 FAQs about Hart Breaks

  1. What are Hart brakes and how do they differ from other types of brakes? Hart brakes are a brand of aftermarket automotive brakes that are designed to replace the original equipment (OE) brakes on a vehicle. They are designed to meet or exceed the performance and quality standards of OE brakes.
  2. How do I know if I need new Hart brakes for my car? There are several signs that may indicate the need for new Hart brakes on your car, such as squealing, grinding, or scraping noises when braking, a spongy or soft brake pedal feel, or decreased braking performance.
  3. How long do Hart brakes typically last? The lifespan of Hart brakes depends on various factors such as driving habits, road conditions, vehicle type and usage, and maintenance.
  4. Are Hart brakes easy to install? Hart brakes are designed to be easy to install and should come with all the necessary hardware and instructions. It is recommended to have them installed by a professional mechanic or an authorized Hart brakes dealer for the best results.
  5. What is the price range for Hart brakes? The price of Hart brakes depends on the type of brakes and the specific vehicle they are intended for. In general, Hart brakes are more affordable than OE brakes and offer a good value for the price.

These brakes are affordable but reliable. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t disappoint at a great price, then one of these will be ideal. Choose one now!

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