How Many Miles Can A Dodge RAM 1500 Last In 2023(All You Need To Know!)

Are you curious to know how many miles can a Dodge Ram 1500 last before you have to take it to the mechanic? If so, then we’re here to help you get an estimate.

If you currently have 57k miles on the Dodge Ram 1500, you’re probably wondering just how much it can keep going.

If you don’t know how many miles your truck can last, things could get pretty messy.

Knowing how many miles your vehicle can run, will allow you to tell when you need to have someone check on the car.

This way, you won’t run into any surprises. And if you plan on getting a used truck, it’ll come in handy.

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How many Miles can a Dodge RAM 1500 Last?

As you might know, the average miles for Dodge Ram 1500 is about 300,000 before the engine dies.

Once you’ve reached that number, the engine will worsen over time.

But the engine can only withstand that many miles if you get the right year for the Dodge Ram 1500.

The Dodge Ram 1500 truck is a masterpiece of engineering. Everything about this truck has been carefully planned, and it shows in its performance.

However, there is this one model that did not live up to its reputation.

And that is the 2002 Dodge Ram 1500. This model from 2002 has proven to be the worst Dodge Ram 1500 in existence.

Thousands of owners have reported constant problems with this truck.

One of the most noticeable problems with the 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 is oil sludge.

Also, the engine begins to overheat after about 70,000 miles.

Overheating and the poor circulation of oil make the 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 a terrible choice if you plan on getting a used truck.

And that is something you want to avoid if you plan on buying a high mileage Dodge Ram 1500.

At the end of the day, getting such a poorly made truck will only cost you more money in the long run.

And if you plan on selling this truck, you’re pretty much out of luck.

But generally, you can expect 300,000 miles from a Dodge RAM 1500. At least half if you’re unlucky.

High Mileage Dodge Ram 1500 For Sale How Much Should I Pay?

How many miles do Dodge Ram 1500 last until you need to fix it again?

The average Dodge Ram 1500 can have 300,000 miles on it and still perform like a beast.

However, that is only if the truck has been taken good care of throughout its life span.

That said, How much should I pay for a high mileage truck? The average price for a high mileage 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 is roughly $18,000.

However, that price is subject to change depending on what condition the vehicle is in. You would pay $18,000 for a Dodge Ram 1500 that has over 170,000 miles.

If the Dodge Ram 1500 is in bad condition and needs a lot of work to be repaired, then you should expect a lower price for the truck.

How to Get More Mileage from a Dodge RAM 1500?

So, you’ve made up your mind and decided to buy a high mileage Dodge Ram 1500, but can’t seem to settle for a specific truck?

Well, then you probably should know a trick or two about how to pick the ideal one that reaches higher mileage. Here are some features to consider:

5.7 Liter Hemi V8

This absolute beast of an engine has been around for quite some time now. You probably know it too.

The Dodge Hemi is known for being a piece of art when it comes to horsepower and reliability.

If you’re in the market for a Dodge Ram 1500, we recommend getting one that has a 5.7 Liter Hemi V8.

The Hemi V8 is your best choice for an engine if you want a reliable engine with little to no flaws.

Standard Suspension Vs. Air Suspension

Both suspensions are incredibly neat. But there is a lot of stigma around air suspension.

While it is true that later allows for exceptionally smooth rides, it is also more problematic than the standard suspension.

For instance, if you live somewhere that does not get as cold, you will love the air suspension. But if you live somewhere cold such as Canada, you will hate the air suspension.

On the other hand, you have the standard suspension for the Dodge Ram 1500.

This suspension gets the job done, and when it comes to reliability, you really can’t beat this beast.

Should I Buy a High Mileage Dodge Ram 1500?

If you’re on a budget, but you still want to get a Dodge Ram 1500, you’ve probably looked into getting a high mileage model.

You’ve probably heard that you should stay away from high mileage vehicles since they can be super hard to repair, you might have to spend a lot of money to fix any issue the truck might run into.

And sometimes it can be hard to tell what is wrong with the vehicle.

Despite all those negative downfalls, should you still look into getting one? The answer is, it depends.

High mileage trucks can save you a lot of money. They can be fun to drive around. And if you get the right one, it will make you a lot of money.

Just because the vehicle has many miles, it doesn’t mean it is a bad car. In fact, high mileage cars tend to be better than those with low miles, as the high ones probably have been taken good care of all those years.

Also, the owners of low mileage vehicles always tend to recharge a premium price for their cars as those cars are considered to be the better choice if you’re in the market for a used car.

Nonetheless, it would be best if you were careful. Consider the following factors before buying a high mileage truck:

History Report

The first thing you want to do before getting a high mileage Dodge Ram 1500 is to check the car history report.

The report will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about the vehicle’s history.

Also, we suggest doing a little bit of research on the company you plan on getting this vehicle from.

By doing this, you will know whether you’re getting a car from a trust-worthy company or some shady place.

High Mileage

Lots of people consider 100k miles to be high mileage when that is not the case.

Of course, it depends on the vehicle. But as for the Dodge Ram 1500, that is not considered high mileage.

If the Dodge Ram 1500 you plan on buying has 100k miles, then you have nothing to be afraid of.

However, if the truck is getting close to about 300k, we suggest looking into a different truck.

Anything close to 300k miles is a lot for the Dodge Ram 1500. So avoid those trucks if you want to play it safe.

Give It a Good Test

One of the best ways to ensure the used Dodge Ram 1500 you want to get is in great shape is by giving it a good test. By doing this, you can tell exactly what the vehicle needs.

Avoid Lousy Paint Jobs

Some Dodge Ram 1500 owners try to modify their trucks by repainting the vehicle. And in the process, they end up with a horrible end-result.

But why should I avoid one of those? Most of the time, those cars that have been repainted several times, and they always end up ruining the truck’s original aesthetic.

If somebody were to throw a rock at the car and it left a scratch, the old paint would peel, ruining your new truck.

So, we suggest looking up the truck’s original color before you buy a high mileage Dodge Ram 1500.

Make Sure The Transmission Is In Great Shape

When it comes to picking up a Dodge Ram 1500, you always want to make sure the transmission is still in great shape.

Replacing the transmission of your Dodge Ram 1500 can be quite expensive, to say the least.

Also, if you’re not aware of the transmission, you might spend a lot of time figuring out what’s wrong with your truck until you find the culprit.

Check The Engine

If the engine is overheating—you should avoid that truck. If there is something wrong with the engine, you will spend a lot of money to fix the issue, which might not be worth it at the end of the day.

But If you’ve determined that the truck meets all the requirements and is still in great shape after 100k miles, then it’s safe to assume the vehicle is worth the money.

Check The Suspension

Finally, you want to make sure the suspension is still in great shape. The best way to ensure the suspension is still rocking is by applying pressure on the truck’s front end.

If you happen to hear a weird noise coming from the suspension, we suggest staying away from that truck.

Fixing damaged suspensions is quite expensive, and it’s just not worth the money and time you will have to spend to get it running again.

For more information on high mileage vehicles, we suggest watching this video:

Miles Per Gallon On a Dodge Ram 1500

Knowing precisely the Dodge Ram 1500 miles per gallon over time can help the engine of the truck be in greater shape.

And if you want to keep track of how much money you spend, knowing the MPG of the Dodge Ram 1500 is super helpful.

Here is a small list of the average MPG for the Dodge Ram 1500:

2008 Dodge Ram 1500 MPG

On average, the 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 MPG consumes about 12.0 a month. That is after taking 135,000 miles into account on both the city and the highway, which equals to roughly 471 fuel-ups.

2009 Dodge Ram 1500 MPG

After roughly tracking 29,000 miles, the 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 consumes, on average, about 14.8 MPG a month. That is taking into account both the city and driving on the highway.

2010 Dodge Ram 1500 MPG

On average, the 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 consumes about 14.8 MPG a month. Once again, this is taking into account both the city and the highway.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you want to know more about high mileage for a Dodge Ram 1500, this section aims to set you up with enough knowledge if you plan on getting a used Dodge Ram 1500.

What is high mileage for a Ram 1500?

100,000 miles is not considered a lot for the Dodge Ram 1500. However, once you reach over 300,000 miles, that’s when you know you’ve reached a lot of miles.

How long will a 5.7 Hemi last?

It depends on the driver and how often you maintain your truck. The 5.7 Hemi engine can last up to 300,000 miles, but only if the owner has taken proper care of the engine throughout the years.

5.7 Hemi engines are made to last, so don’t be surprised if the engine is still working after that many miles.

Are Dodge Ram 1500 reliable?

Yes, Dodge Ram 1500 is one of the most reliable trucks you can get. Dodge Ram 1500 owners love this masterpiece of a truck.


So, did you find out how many miles can a Dodge Ram 1500 last? We hope you learned a thing or two about the Dodge Ram 1500.

If you plan on getting a used Dodge Ram 1500, it’s always a good idea to know how many miles it can last before the engine dies.

As you know by now, just because the truck has a lot of miles does not mean it is not worth the money.

Based on our research, high mileage cars are often in better shape as the previous owner probably put lots of effort and money to ensure the truck functions like a beast. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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