How to Reset Climate Control Dodge Caravan in 3 Steps In 2023

Proper climate control enhances the Dodge Caravan driving experience significantly. Without them, you wouldn’t have the chance to adapt the vehicle’s comfort depending on the surroundings.

This is why keeping the temperature controls in excellent conditions is a must.

But sometimes, the controls just don’t work.

When that happens, you could try a quick and straightforward solution. Resetting the control system may be all it takes.

Doing that is easy, so strap on to learn how to reset climate control dodge caravan.


How To Reset Climate Control Dodge Caravan

With all that said, now it’s time to move on and get to work. Luckily, the procedure to reset the climate controls is easy enough for most people to do it.

However, don’t worry if you need professional help. Reach out to your preferred dealer to get any assistance needed.

Of course, the downside is that you’d have to pay some money.

Alright, so let’s get to it. Follow these three simple steps on how to reset climate control 2012 Dodge caravan and further models.

Step 1: Set the Car to Panel Mode

If you’re noticing some issues with the climate controls, the first step to fix them is to get in the minivan and start it.

Next, insert the vehicle key, and turn it into the ‘on’ position. While doing this, make sure to set the mode control to ‘Panel’ as well.

The air will reach the upper side of your body without diverting.

As you can see, this is a pretty easy step. But again, not everyone enjoys doing this type of work.

If this is your case, make sure to contact a professional to assist you with more insight.

Step 2: The Reset Buttons

After completing the previous step, look for the reset buttons. Usually, these are near the left side of the Dodge Caravan conditioning controls.

This is the same for most models within this series, whether you’re looking for how to reset climate control 2013 dodge caravan or others.

Once you locate the three buttons on the left, press and hold the buttons at the top and bottom.

  • The top button of the AC will regulate the rear wiper.
  • The bottom button handles the rear wiper’s washer fluid.

Don’t let go of the buttons just yet. Instead, continue pressing and holding them, then look at the AC light.

While you’re doing this process, this light should come up to illuminate and flash. Wait until it flashes. When it does, you’ll be halfway there.

Step 3: Resetting the Climate Controls

When the light flashes, release the buttons. By this point, the system should start to reset automatically.

Therefore, there’s no need for any human input during this step. Also, you’ll notice the air blowing out of the vents.

This can happen at irregular intervals, so don’t worry about that.

Let the system do the job. When it completes the process, you’ll see the top AC button flash.

Here, you want to press the conditioning button located at the top. With this, you’ll finish the process to reset the climate controls.

See? That was pretty easy! All you have to do is spend a short amount of time pressing buttons, and that’s it.

This procedure is straightforward, meaning that everyone could do it quickly.

Don’t worry about your climate controls anymore. Instead, follow these steps on how to reset climate control 2015 Dodge Caravan carefully, and you’ll get to enjoy a pleasant time while driving.

Everything There’s To Know About Dodge Caravan Climate Controls

Starting with the basics, let’s explain what climate controls are.

Climate control is a system that allows drivers to adjust the temperature and the amount and direction of the air inside the vehicle.

It’s a pretty straightforward concept, and using the controls is just as easy. To do it, you can access the controls in the instrument panel’s center stack.

The system consists of several buttons that let you control the heating and air conditioning systems.

Therefore, these controls play a significant role in the driver and passenger’s comfort while on the roads.

Explaining the Climate Control Buttons & Importance

To get a better grasp of how the system works, understanding the control buttons is a must.

During this section, I’ll go over them briefly to explain what each does and how to use them.

Plus, I’ll also share a few tips on making the most out of the climate control system.

This way, you’ll learn about the purpose of each button while reading this guide on how to reset climate control 2016 Dodge Caravan.

Blower Control

This button controls and regulates the amount of air distributed through the system.

Regularly, the system has four blower speeds available for you to choose from. If you want to increase the blower speed, all you have to do is turn it clockwise.

  • Observation: This button may work differently depending on the vehicle model. For example, cars with Remote Start won’t allow the climate controls to work properly if the blower control remains in the off position. Keep this information in mind to avoid any unpleasant scenario.

Temperature Control

Next, there’s the temperature control. As the name suggests, you can use this button to control and regulate the temperature of the air inside the car.

This button works much like the one before. If you turn the knob counterclockwise towards the blue area, the temperature will be cooler.

On the other hand, turning the knob clockwise to the red area will provide a warm temperature.

  • Observation: In some cases, the performance of the air conditioning may not be as expected. If this is the case for you, run a quick inspection on the front of the A/C condenser. Usually, you can find this at the front of the radiator. Here, you want to look for dirt or debris build-ups. Insects can also accumulate here, so make sure to remove all of that, too. To do it, get a water spray and spray it from behind the radiator. The water must go through the condenser.

Mode Control

You use this button to control the air distribution inside the vehicle. The options are many, with the most common mentioned below.

Additionally, you could use the modes either individually or a blend of them.

Some suggest that it’s possible to receive more air distribution with the control close to a specific mode.

But anyway, let’s talk about the different modes and why it’s important to know what they do.

Panel Mode

In Panel Mode, the air flows through the outlets found in the instrument panel. This is super convenient, as you can later adjust the outlets as you wish.

By doing so, you can change the air direction and turn the airflow on and off.

Tip: You can use Panel Mode to maximize the amount of air directed to the rear.

To do that, you have to direct the center instrument panel outlets to the rear seat passengers. This is quick and easy to do.

Bi-Level Mode

In this mode, the system directs the air via the panel and through the floor outlets.

Floor Mode

Use this mode to distribute air through the outlets located on the floor. Additionally, this mode allows a lower airflow to flow via the outlets for defrosting and side window demist.

Mix Mode

By using this mode, you’ll allow the air to flow through multiple outlets. That includes floor, defrost, and those at the side window demist.

Tip: This is a fantastic mode under cold or snow environments. It allows the system to distribute that extra heat at the windshield. Therefore, the windshield won’t have to deal with moisture, and the comfort will feel nice.

Defrost Mode

This mode allows the system to produce air via the side window demist outlets and the windshield.

If you want to defrost the windshield or side windows, this is the mode to do that. Set the defrost mode with max blower and temperature to get a quick effect.

Recirculation Control

This is a versatile feature, as it controls both the outside air intake and the recirculation inside of the vehicle.

While using it, there’s a light indicator that lets you know the system is in recirculation mode.

Tip: While this mode is excellent for many reasons, it’s remarkably efficient to block out foreign agents.

This includes odors, smoke, dust, or debris. Plus, this mode allows the interior of the car to cool quickly.

Understanding these buttons and their purpose will help you learn how to reset climate control 2014 Dodge Caravan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Dodge Caravan climate controls reliable?

Yes, much like the car itself. The Dodge caravan has a reliability rating of 4.0/5.0. This makes it the second-best out of eight for minivans.

Plus, the cost for annual repair is considerably low. Per year, you’d have to spend approximately $673, making it into the average ownership costs.

As for the climate controls, they hardly give you any trouble. And even if they do, fixing them shouldn’t be a hassle at all.

Make sure to run maintenance tests and perform thorough inspections to prevent issues. This way, you won’t even have to deal with climate control issues.

How long do Dodge Caravans last?

The life expectancy of this type of vehicle is quite surprising. Take the 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan, for example.

This one doesn’t struggle to reach past the 200,000 miles without problems.

Of course, the biggest concern for you would be to perform maintenance regularly. These tasks include changing fluids periodically to keep the vehicle running.

If you don’t know how to run maintenance, take the car to a mechanic.

Professionals will get a better look at it to spot minor flaws before they get out of hand. By doing this, the van will last a long time.

Is Dodge Caravan good in the snow?

Yes. In fact, dodge caravans have excellent equipment to deal with tough environments like snow.

This is because of the front-wheel drive, which allows the car to perform well in areas with moderate snow.

However, the vehicle may serve better using specific wheels that give you more traction.

And that’s why climate controls are such a vital part of the car. Without them, dealing with these circumstances could be troublesome.

Plus, it won’t be a fun time either if you’re driving with family members or friends.

What problems does Dodge Caravan have?

The Dodge Grand Caravan debuted back in 2008. These vehicles are excellent for families and perform decently, for the most part.

Nonetheless, the car does have some common problems to keep in mind.

As years passed, owners have complained about different issues.

For instance, the car has premature brake wear, engine stalling, transmission failure, and hard gear changes.

But of course, this list also includes climate control malfunctions.

But fear not. Just like fixing the climate controls, all of the other problems are also a quick fix.

If the warranty doesn’t cover the issues, take the car to a shop for a thorough inspection.

How to unlock the Dodge Caravan 2017 rear AC?

The manual controls for the rear AC work after setting the front control for the rear blower in the rear mode.

Sounds complicated, but it isn’t really. All you have to do is understand how each of the buttons works.

In the car’s headliner, you’ll find three buttons.

The button to the left controls the rear blower. This is the one you want to use and adjust depending on your needs.

Doing so is pretty simple, so you won’t spend much time nor effort doing it. Once you do, accessing the rear AC is hassle-free.

Final Words

And this is it for the how to reset climate control dodge caravan guide.

If you experience issues with the system, don’t panic. Instead, read the steps carefully and follow them thoroughly.

They’re pretty simple, so you won’t have a hard time resetting the controls.

Once you do, the car’s performance and driving experience will be much better. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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