Learn All About Jeep Gladiator Towing Capacity In 2023 [+List for Different Types]

The Jeep Gladiator towing capacity is around 6,000 pounds. But this heavily depends on your model. Some Jeep Gladiators can do 6,500 while others struggle to do 4,500 pounds.

If you’re not quite sure which category you fall in, you could either check your door sticker or take a quick look at our comparison guide down below.

Either way, we’ve got some interesting facts about your towing capacity and how you could get the most out of your truck.


How the Jeep Gladiator Tows

The first thing we noticed about the Jeep Gladiator is that it does not have a haul/tow mode, which was kind of weird at first.

But we have to give it to the engineers behind this masterpiece since it doesn’t need one.

In fact, your Jeep Gladiator has an automatic transmission that automatically detects when you’re towing.

It’s super responsive, and it doesn’t lug, which makes up for the haul/tow mode.

Once you’re on the road towing your trailer, your automatic transmission will optimize your truck for the best performance available.

If you want to learn more about the Jeep Gladiator and how it can tow, here’s an excellent video for this:

Can Towing Damage My Jeep Gladiator?

One thing we’ve been asked before is whether pulling another vehicle with the Jeep Gladiator can damage it in the long run.

While there’s no concrete answer to this question, as many factors might alter your truck’s lifespan, the answer is no. It won’t damage your vehicle.

That is, as long as you never go past the maximum weight capacity.

Pulling another vehicle is not harmful to the car but going past the manufacturer’s recommended weight capacity is.

So, make sure that your Jeep is equipped correctly before going on a trip for the next 5 hours.

Any errors during this process can damage your truck and, therefore, reduce the engine’s and transmission’s lifespan.

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What Jeep Gladiator Should I Get For Towing?

We would say that the Jeep Gladiator is not the best truck for towing. It is a mid-size truck, after all. But we know pretty well how incredible this truck is.

So, we can’t blame drivers for choosing this gorgeous model.

That being said, if you care about towing and still want to get a Jeep Gladiator, then your best choice is the Jeep Gladiator with the max tow package.

It is the best Jeep available for towing as it can handle up to 7,650 pounds. It is fast, looks gorgeous, and makes you feel like you own the road.

8 Things You Should Know Before Towing With Your Jeep Gladiator

Your Jeep Gladiator towing capacity can change depending on many factors. So, it’s best to be prepared and know what to expect when towing a trailer.

01. Know Your Location

If there’s one thing all Jeep owners should know, their experience will be different based on where they are towing.

Your experience is going to be totally different from somebody towing on a flat surface like a highway.

Compare that to somebody towing while going up a mountain. The engine is probably going to feel strained.

So, you have to consider where you’re going to be towing. For example, your truck is probably going to feel extremely exhausted after driving on steep hills.

02. Weight Distribution Hitch

Another thing you should keep in mind before towing a trailer is that you should use a weight-distribution hitch with your Jeep Gladiator.

Why is that? Well, you’re probably hitching up a trailer that’s heavier than your truck.

And as you might know, the Jeep Gladiator has a pretty soft suspension system. This is helpful if you’re a serious off-roader.

However, it is a pain in the neck when you’re towing a trailer.

For example, there’s a high chance that the truck will bottom out while towing a trailer.

So, it would help tremendously to get a weight distribution hitch. You can get by without it, but your engine will have to work twice as hard to achieve similar results.

03. Watch Your Payload

You’ve probably noticed that mid-size trucks have a low payload capacity.

You might notice that we’re probably too harsh with mid-size trucks, but you should know all these things before attempting to tow a trailer.

That being said, it’s pretty easy to hit your max payload capacity—especially when you have your family and other stuff inside the truck.

So, it is something you have to pay close attention to, or you could be overloading your vehicle.

If you don’t know what your payload capacity is, refer to your owner’s manual.

04. Mods Can Change Your Towing Capacity

Don’t get it twisted, we love mods, but they can certainly make your towing experience way worse.

As you might know, you’re adding weight to your truck with all these modifications.

And while they might look cool and improve your truck in some ways, you should stay away from them if you want to have a nice and smooth towing experience.

05. Lifting Your Truck Isn’t Going To Increase Towing Capacity

Lift kits are not any different from the other mods we’ve talked about. They do not increase your towing capacity at all. If anything, they make it worse.

You’re adding height to your ride, which makes it less stable. Furthermore, you’re increasing the wind drag, which makes your towing capacity even worse.

In short, you might want to stay away from lift kits if you care about your towing experience.

06. Get Towing Mirrors

In many cases, the RV weighs more than your Jeep Gladiator. All this weight can harm your truck.

For example, you will have a hard time turning left and right. And in some cases, it can be hard to keep track of your trailer.

So, consider getting towing mirrors to expand your field of view.

07. Find Out How Much Gas You Need

If you know anything about towing, you probably know that pulling a car affects your fuel economy.

For example, you should expect a 30% drop when pulling a vehicle. This, of course, depends on the weight and height of your load.

Certain terrains like driving on hills, mountains, and other uneven terrains can significantly reduce your gas mileage. So, that’s another factor you should add to your equation.

  • Lights loads around 2,500 pounds can reduce your gas mileage up to 15%.
  • Medium loads around 2,500 and 5,000 pounds can reduce your fuel economy up to 25%.
  • Heavy loads around 5,000 pounds can reduce your fuel economy up to 25% to 35%.

08. Don’t Overload Your Truck

And last but not least, please know your weight capacity. This might sound like common sense, but some drivers just love pushing their vehicle’s limits.

While it sounds like fun and games, towing at your maximum weight capacity might damage your engine. And in some cases, your transmission.

There’s nothing scarier than towing a trailer in some remote place and finding out your engine is done for good.

And if you now add the fact that you have to fix your engine and transmission, that’s one more reason to make sure you never go past the maximum weight capacity limit.

Instead, understand your maximum weight capacity before you try to push your truck’s limits. Things can get out of control and lead to undesired results.

Which Jeep Gladiator has the Highest Towing Capacity?

Not sure about your Jeep Gladiator pickup truck towing capacity? Here’s a list of the most common Jeep Gladiators available:

Jeep Gladiator Maximum Towing Capacity

The absolute maximum you can do with the Jeep Gladiator is 7,650 pounds. This is the legal number provided by the manufacturer. There’s nothing you can do to get around that.

However, we’ve noticed that owners of the Jeep Gladiator have expressed numerous times that this vehicle is not suitable for towing. The sweet spot seems to be around 5,000 pounds.

Jeep Gladiator Mojave Towing Capacity

Unfortunately, the Jeep Gladiator Mojave has one of the lowest towing rates. It is rated at 4,500 pounds, while the automatic model is rated at 6,000 pounds.

If you’re not quite sure about your model, check the door sticker. You should find all sorts of information there.

Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Towing Capacity

The towing capacity of Jeep Gladiator Rubicon is 4,500 pounds. However, this is a mid-size pickup truck.

So, you have to spend a lot of time setting everything up before attempting to carry a trailer.

Furthermore, if you’re getting closer to the maximum weight capacity, it is best to spend some time making sure everything is working.

Jeep Gladiator Overland Towing Capacity

Compared to the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, which can carry up to 4,500 pounds when properly equipped, the Jeep Gladiator Overland can carry around 6,000 pounds.

Jeep Gladiator Ecodiesel Towing Capacity

The Jeep Gladiator towing capacity diesel is around 6,000 pounds. But as the Gladiator Rubicon, it is crucial to carefully set everything up.

These are mid-size pickup trucks. So, they need a lot more work to tow trailers.

Jeep Gladiator High Altitude Towing Capacity

The luxurious Jeep Gladiator High Altitude model can tow up to 6,500 pounds, making it one of the most stable and reliable Jeep models in the market.

Jeep Gladiator Towing Capacity With Max Tow Package

The Jeep Gladiator towing capacity with the max tow package is around 7,650 pounds.

If you’re not sure if your Jeep Gladiator is equipped with the max tow package, take a look at the door sticker. It should say something along the lines of “Max Tow Package with 4.10 axle ratio.”

Jeep Gladiator Sport Towing Capacity

The Jeep Gladiator Sport can tow up to 7,650 pounds. But to carry that much weight, it must be appropriately equipped.

Avoid using modifications, as they will significantly decrease your maximum towing capacity.

For example, lift kits, bumpers, larger tires, and tent racks can make your towing experience far worse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Looking for more information about the towing capacity of Jeep gladiator? If that’s the case, here’s a section to clear up common questions about this truck:

Can a Jeep Gladiator tow a camper?

Yes, your Keep Gladiator can tow a camper. But you need to know your weights before towing.

So, be sure to find out how much weight your Jeep Gladiator is designed to carry. Usually, it is on the door sticker. And finally, find out how much your trailer weighs.

Can a Jeep tow 5000 lbs?

It depends on your model, but almost all Jeep Gladiators can tow up to 5,000 pounds. For more information, check your owner’s manual.

Is the Jeep Gladiator underpowered?

We wouldn’t say it is underpowered, considering the towing capacity. It is worth it if you can afford it.

But it’s not the best option if you’re short on money. And as of right now, you shouldn’t worry about depreciation.

Why is jeep towing capacity so low?

Jeep has always had low towing capacity. This all due to their softer suspension. Also, this is a mid-size truck.

It is by no means a vehicle designed for towing like the F-150, which can handle up to 11,500 pounds.


On average, the Jeep Gladiator towing capacity is around 6,000 pounds. And as we noted before, you have to be careful when towing with your Jeep Gladiator.

This is not a full-size truck. It has a soft suspension, and it sometimes struggles to tow more than 6,000 pounds—that is, depending on your Jeep model.

So, it’s not like you can tow 11,000 pounds and expect your truck to keep up with it.

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