Top 20 Best LB7 Duramax Upgrades In 2023 [Review & Buying Guide]

The best lb7 Duramax upgrades are easy to plan and execute. These are ideal for Chevy and GMC trucks that draw power from the LB7 Duramax engine. Together with the Japanese Isuzu, General Motors made an LB7 Duramax engine for pickup trucks in 2001.

Further, the first trucks to ever use the LB7 engine had better fuel mileage and high power.

Moreover, their common rail injection system was quieter than that of the diesel models of that era. Since then, LB7 Duramax has been reliable when a truck is new.

But, as a truck age, the engine also develops some issues. That’s when lb7 Duramax performance upgrades become unavoidable.

In our review article, we will present 20 of the best upgrades for the LB7 Duramax trucks.

In addition, we will present a comprehensive buying guide with a FAQ to ease your decision making process.


What is the best lb7 Duramax upgrade?

Airdog A6SPBC259 tops our list of 20 upgrades that would suit your LB7 Duramax truck. If something is wrong with your vehicle’s fuel lift pump, this Airdog version can help.

Why is Airdog A6SPBC259 the best LB7 Duramax upgrade?

When we compare it to several other fuel lift pumps from the same brand, we think it is a better pick.

Not only will it improve throttle response, but it will also increase the auto’s power and torque.

Above all, it will perform its work silently and reduce exhaust pipe emissions.

01. Airdog A6SPBC259– Best for Automatic Fuel Transfer


Product Features 

  • Smooth operation
  • Brand new, not tampered with
  • Long-lasting pump
  • Installation guide available
  • Fuel fitting available
  • Brackets and hardware for mounting
  • A half-inch fuel line
  • Compatibility: 2001 to 2010 Chevy

Product Description

A fuel lift pump uses the power of the engine to transfer fuel from the tank to the diesel injection system.

Also, it improves the performance of the engine. When choosing, however, you need a quality product like Airdog A6SPBC259.

First, this is a low-pressure lift pump that can also increase the lifespan of Duramax injectors.

As well, it is easy to install. To begin, you should use the sandwich plate mounting system to place it on the inner frame rail.

As a result, it will stay hidden rather than exposed to dirt. If using a model that did not come with a factory lift pump too, buy the Airdog A6SPBC259.

Without a doubt, it will be a quality upgrade that will also be easy to do. Since the item comes with an installation manual, this will certainly be an exciting DIY task to perform.

First, know where the fuel supply sides are and then where to find the pressure side of the pump.

So, once properly installed, the lift pump will fill the CP3 injection pump with fuel.

For the reason that the oil will be dirt-free, it will also lead to better engine performance and throttle response.


  • Easy installation via a guide
  • Quiet and smooth functioning also
  • It is as well a durable product


  • Hoses and fittings are of different lengths too

02. Mishimoto MMTS-CHV-01DL: Best for Users Living In Hot places


Product Features

  • Chevrolet/GMC 6.6LDuramax(2001 – 2016)
  • Cooler engine temperatures
  • Includes one 174f Thermostat/One 180F Thermostat
  • Direct-fit installation

Product Description

In addition to being compliant with a range of LB7 mods, the Mishimoto MMTS-CHV-01DL will offer value for the money.

Besides, it activates at a lower temperature level when compared to OEM thermostats.

Thus, Mishimoto MMTS-CHV-01DL is ideal for a driver who lives in a hot region.

Also, it can suit anyone who overloads their truck or drives it on bad roads where it is likely to become hot.

As a result of activating at a lower temperature, the coolant will also start to flow via the system before the vehicle gets hot.

Regarding installation, it is a direct-fit exercise that can also save your time. Seeing that this is a vehicle-specific item, you should as well ensure that it suits your truck.

The description shows compatibility for the 2001-2016 Chevrolet/GMC using 6.6L Duramax.

Once you install the part correctly, it will also cool your auto during summer or every day if you live in a hot place.


  • An excellent pick for hot climates
  • Lower temperature coolant activation
  • Easy to install too
  • Better and cheaper than most OEM thermostats.


  • Complaints that they stick shut sooner than expected

03. ARP 230-4201-Best for multiple uses 


Product Features

  • Compatible with LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM(2001- Up)
  • Tensile strength: 220,000
  • Finish: Black oxide
  • 12-point cylinder head studs

Product Description

The first thing one can notice is that these studs are pricey. However, they are worth every dollar because they have the best quality.

ARP uses expensive materials to create its head studs. Also, the manufacturing process itself is complicated.

From cold-forging to heat-treating before rolling and machining, ARP certainly does a detailed job.

Besides, these studs are durable and reusable. Once you buy them, you will also avoid doing them again in the future.

The 12-point nuts in the kit also come with solidified parallel washers. These not only ensure precise torque readings but also proportioned load distribution.

Moreover, these head fasteners are versatile. They will suit almost any type of engine.

However, the specified engines are LB7, LLY, LBZ, and LMM. As well, they are prefabricated, meaning that you don’t have to drill holes.

These cylinder head fasteners are complete for both sides too; they are multi-use, versatile accessories.


  • Versatile studs with many uses
  • You can reuse them
  • Easy to install
  • Very strong studs with a black oxide finish


  • They are expensive

04. Upower 185988–Best for substantial exhaust noise cancellation


Product Features

  • Inlet and Outlet: 4 inches inner diameter
  • Total length: 30 inches
  • Body length: 24 inches
  • Type of body: 7 inches round
  • Style: inlet can be both ends
  • Durable welded design
  • Stainless steel construction material
  • Continuous Roving Fiberglass technology

Product Description

If you are looking to do LB7 Duramax performance upgrades, then start with this one. First, this exhaust muffler has just the right size.

The inlet as well as the outlet has an equal inner diameter of 4 inches. Also, it is thirty inches long, and twenty-four inches of these represent the length of the body.

Furthermore, the body has a round shape and it is seven inches thick. Also when searching for the simplest exhaust mufflers, a straight-through one like this will do.

It boasts superior, directional flow. Thus, exhaust fumes will flow unrestricted. As a result, pressure can reduce.

The Upower 185988 produces a throaty sound, which is all right. More to the point, this muffler has a continuous Roving Fiberglass technology for absorbing excess interior pitch.

Above all, the design is one hundred percent welded. This also guarantees durability.

In addition, the main construction material is stainless steel and it is durable. Internal space consists of a stainless steel mesh and fiberglass too.


  • Perfect craftsmanship
  • Easy to install the muffler
  • Good Duramax build increases durability
  • Inlet can be an outlet as the inner diameter is equal.


  • Do not cancel all exhaust noise.

05. Pacific Performance Engineering 116030000– Best choice when the budget is small


Product Features

  • Construction material: Aluminum
  • One-piece only
  • Compatibility: 2001 to 2004 6.6L LB7
  • Blue Anodized boost increase valve finish

Product Description

If it’s necessary to boost turbo boost pressure, you need a special kind of valve. According to us, the PPE 11603000 is the right boost increase valve.

Apart from being easy to install, it works. It will increase the stock from 18-20psi to 23-25psi.

Moreover, it goes well with the Duramax LB7 diesel engine. As the top boost increase valve, PPE 11630000 enhances engine performance while reducing EGTs.

Furthermore, it is a premium-quality valve that will instantly enhance your truck’s fuel system performance.

Besides, it uses advanced technology construction materials that make it strong and durable.

Above all, it can fit the 2001 to 2004 Duramax 6.6L LB7 models. It is highly recommended to those who want to increase stock pressure.


  • Easy to install your boost valve
  • Has a good price
  • Has of good quality and will last longer
  • Covers different LB7 Duramax models


  • The boost from the valve is not substantial.

06. ACDelco 18M2426– Best for resilience and sturdiness


Product Features

  • Pressure tested
  • Geometrical Tolerance
  • Satisfies SAE J1153 AND J1154 testing
  • Materials: Cast iron, aluminum
  • Piston assembly
  • Return spring

Product Description

One of the top things you will notice about these brake master cylinders is their sturdiness.

Since their construction materials are aluminum and iron castings, they are strong.

Hence, they are high-quality replacements for different autos.

Additionally, these brake master cylinders have Ethylene Propylene and Styrene-Butadiene rubber (SBR).

Both EPDM and SBR have superior quality and can resist rust, heat, and leaks. ACDelco’s brake master cylinders have geometrical tolerance.

On the whole, they ensure that the body and plastic tank match and fit together.

Lastly, this product is a good choice if you need brake master cylinders that can fit properly and function well.


  • Fits well
  • It is easy and quick to install
  • Factory parts that will last longer
  • Constructed of cast iron and aluminum and so is durable


  • Some people testified that they received a substandard product

07. Fleece Performance Engineering FPE-INTAKEHORN– Best air system replacement part


Product Features

  • 2001 to 2004 GM Duramax 6.6L LB7
  • High Flow intake horn
  • Gasket provided

Product Description

Is there a problem with your truck’s air intake system? The role of this system is to let air reach the engine.

Then, the oxygen portion of that air enables the engine to carry out the combustion work.

When the air intake system is working properly, there is continuous airflow inside the engine. As a result, the auto consumes fuel thriftily and stays powerful.

On the other hand, a faulty air intake system interferes with the engine’s combustion process.

In return, new mechanical issues that require immediate solutions crop up.

In addition, if you think that your lb7 Duramax truck’s air intake needs an upgrade, there is an answer.

It is none other than Fleece Performance Engineering FPE-INTAKEHORN. 

Most importantly, one can use this air intake product with their stock airbox. As well, this will allow the turbo to breathe properly rather than add a boost.


  • Simple fixing process
  • Fits perfectly as there is a gasket
  • Improves turbo sound
  • Great product that will last longer


  • No noticeable problem yet.

08. Fleece Performance Engineering 117000500– Best EGTs reducer


Product Features

  • Versatile accessory
  • Compatibility: specific vehicles only
  • Weighs 3.266kg
  • Dimensions are 57.912cm H by 13.335cm L by 18.161cm W

Product Description

LB7 mods notwithstanding, Fleece Performance Engineering 117000500 are a good product.

Hence, anyone searching for the best exhaust upgrade for their LB7 Duramax truck should check it out.

As a heavy-duty pipe, the PPE 117000500 is reliable in the long run. Also, it is easy to install because you only need to bolt it up.

Besides, the pipe might fit properly depending on where you want to apply it.

Also, it connects directly to an exhaust outlet of turbo and to an exhaust pipe itself, it occupies no more room than the factory downpipe.

As a result, one does not require an up-pipe if they have a factory down-pipe on their truck now.

Further, don’t choose it for the wrong engine because the flange might turn out too thick. As well, one may risk driving around with a leaky exhaust.


  • Heavy-duty build and durable
  • Easy to bolt it up to your pipes
  • Can greatly reduce your EGT
  • Good fitment and quality


  • Some people disliked it for having a very thick flange

09. Fleece Performance Engineering FPE-TL-LB7-LLY – Best for leaky transmission lines


Product Features

  • One double hose clamp
  • Locking Cable ties
  • Two large OD washers
  • Two, 1/2inch NPT to 10AN fittings
  • Transmission lines
  • Two ¾ inch – sixteen O-ring to 10AN fittings
  • Six 7/8 inch –fourteen – O-ring to -10AN fittings

Product Description

If you want to replace your transmission lines because they are leaking, choose Fleece Performance Engineering FPE-TL-LB7.

Also, having heavy-duty construction, these transmission lines are high flow and flexible.

Additionally, the product is accessible to owners of LB7 and LLY. As well, the kit can suit your radiator.

This is regardless of using a stock radiator or a setrab equipped radiator.

Moreover, the item includes billet aluminum PTO covers. These have button head bolts and gaskets that complete your transmission so neatly.

The process of installation is easy as you should start it based on the type of radiator your truck runs.

If it has the typical OEM radiator, then arrange the big flat washers onto two of the 7/8”-14 O-ring to -10AN fittings.

Next, follow your instruction manual to complete the easy installation task. Likewise, route the longest line to the driver’s side of the transmission cooler.

Then, direct the shortest line from the passenger’s side of the transmission cooler to the top-side radiator fitting.


  • Designed properly and will last longer
  • Fits properly
  • Easy to fix as there are instructions
  • Perfect replacement for your aluminum lines


  • Some people thought the fittings were cheap and useless

10. Parts Player Hitachi OSGR– Best Engine Starter


 Product Features

  • Premium quality parts
  • Made to meet or outdo OEM standards
  • Tested for Reliability
  • Durable, high-performance parts
  • Fitment chart

Product Description

Firstly, the Parts Player Hitachi OSGR is a replacement part for GMC and Chevrolet models with a V8 6.6l engine.

Hence, those with Sierras and Silverados should check this product out.

Without a doubt, this is among the most dependable replacement parts for GM and Chevy LB7, LLY, and LBZ autos.

Additionally, it boasts an OSGR design, 2.2 KW/12Volt, and 9 teeth.

Most importantly, it will start your engine efficiently and help you save time.

Also regarding installation, this will fit and bolt in easily. And if you know what you are doing, the installation task should take just a few minutes of your time.

According to the manufacturer, this replacement part can also meet or exceed the ordinary OEM benchmarks. And to test if this is true, you should buy and try it out.


  • Easy to fit as it bolts in freely
  • Sturdy and also will start your truck easily
  • Applicable for short-term uses


  • Does not fully meet the OEM specifications

11. Mishimoto MMTC-DMAX-03SLBest transmission system cooler


Product Features

  • Direct-fit installation
  • For Chevrolet/GM 2003 to 2005 Duramax 6.6L models
  • Construction: Stacked plate
  • CNC-MACHINED adapters
  • 174 percent greater core volume than the stock cooler
  • 192 percent greater external fin surface area than the stock cooler

Product Description

One of the best lb7 Duramax upgrades you can do is altering the truck’s transmission line.

Fortunately, a high-quality transmission part is available online and its name is Mishimoto MMTC-DMAX-03SL cooler.

Notably, heat can easily damage the transmission system. This can particularly occur if you drive your truck daily or use it to carry or tow heavy loads.

To use your truck without ruining the transmission system, choose the Mishimoto transmission cooler.

It is a direct-fit cooler that is easy to install too. Further, this is a properly constructed cooler with a stacked–plate design.

Hence, it will last longer and produce powerful cooling. If compared to the stock core, it is considerably big.

It has 174 percent greater core volume as well as 192 percent greater fin surface area than the existing stock transmission cooler.

Once you order, the kit will contain CNC-machined adapters.

These attach directly to the stock transmission lines to ensure cooling without leakage.

To reinforce the installation, the manufacturer has provided direct-fit brackets. Also, they have included customized hoses to simplify the installation process.


  • Parts come in a high-end protective box
  • High-quality transmission cooler
  • It is easy to fix the cooler
  • Provides leak-proof cooling


  • Hose clamps are not bulky enough

12. Edge Products 28500– Best Dashboard mount for CS2 and CTS2 devices


Product Features

  • Top-quality plastic construction
  • No warping due to heat
  • Vacuum formed
  • Inclined for easier viewing
  • Perfect fit and design
  • Lovely finish

Product Description

A dash pod is yet another upgrade you can give your LB7 Duramax truck. Usually, a dash pond is what you need to mount a screen on the dashboard area of your truck.

As well, a dash pod can hold similar items that lack mount. Hence, dash pods are reliable dashboard accessories.

Although there are other options, the Edge Products 28500 item is a better choice.

Specifically, it works well with CS2 and CTS2 gadgets. Besides, it can suit GM-Chevrolet 2001 to 2007 models.

Also, it is a customizable pod that you can paint to match the color of the truck’s interiors.

One thing that will not be in the kit is a CTS2 adapter. Thus, you will purchase it separately.

As for installation, it will fit properly into the molding. Lastly, the plastic pod will not yield to high heat and warp.

Instead, it will stay the same because the plastic material used to make it can resist damage from direct sun heat.


  • Fits into the molding without a struggle
  • Ideal for different GMC and Chevy vehicles
  • It has a beautiful shape and finishes
  • Can resist sun’s heat damage


  • There is the fear that the Velcro common adhesive sticker might melt and hold no more

13. RDP DP0057-LB7– Best replacement for damaged up-pipe


Product Features

  • High-quality bellow
  • Laser-cut flanges
  • Gaskets available
  • Reduction of EGTs
  • Direct, bolt-on fixing
  • GM/CHEVY 2001-2004 models

Product Description

Once exhaust gases form in the combustion chamber, they will then exit via the exhaust manifold.

Afterward, the gases will flow via an up-pipe and also enter the turbocharger. After that, gases will leave the turbocharger and travel through the down-pipe.

Lastly, the gases will enter the exhaust pipe and end up exiting the auto. If something interferes with the movement of exhaust gases, problems might occur.

Unquestionably, any exhaust part can develop a problem. For instance, the up-pipe on the passenger side could stop working because of a damaged bellow.

If this happens, choose the RDP DP0057-LB7 up-pipe replacement part. The package includes high-quality, laser-cut flanges, and also a good-quality bellow.

Also, you will receive new gaskets. Unfortunately, you will have to purchase bolts separately.


  • Laser-cut flanges to ensure proper fit
  • Easy to install because the bends are not limiting
  • New gaskets included
  • Has a lovely finish


  • You will have to buy bolts separately

14. Pacific Performance Engineering 114000550– Best oil cleaner


Product Features

  • High-efficiency
  • 5-micron filtration
  • Easy replacement, no adapter needed
  • Drilled metal core
  • Spiral-wrapped adhesive
  • Works with synthetic oils and traditional oils
  • For 2001 to 2019 GM 6.6L Duramax

Product Description

One of the lb7 Duramax performance upgrades you can do includes the change of oil filter. And when that time comes, select the PPE 114000550 product.

Firstly, this item is a premium oil filter that will offer more efficiency. Without a doubt, it will keep your engine oil clean to ensure it lasts longer.

Construction entails an accordion-folded nylon and fiberglass media that provides perfect filtration.

Indeed, it can sieve and hold debris down to five microns. In comparison, a conventional oil filter can only remove seventy-two percent of particles in the eight to ten-micron range.

Hence, the PPE high-efficiency oil filter offers twice the surface area of a typical oil filter.

Also, it sieves twice better and lasts longer than the traditional oil filters. Thus, it is the best oil filter you can buy.


  • It looks nice
  • This oil filter works better than traditional options
  • It suits a range of GM models
  • Keeps the oil cleaner


  • The seal will eventually blow out

15. Southwest Speed SPC-2845–Best for performance tuning


Product Features

  • From 1999 to 2016 GM(diesel and gasoline) trucks
  • Flashpaq F5 performance programmer
  • High definition 2.8-inch color screen
  • Re-designed graphic interface
  • High memory, fast processor
  • Updatable online via USB
  • Active fuel management control
  • Diagnostic trouble codes

Product Description

The Southwest Speed SPC-2845 item is a Flashpaq F5 programmer with different tunes.

For instance, it entails performance tuning for towing, daily drives, economy, and more.

In addition, you can tune for shift points and firmness. Also, this tuner will transmit power to the vehicle immediately.

Furthermore, it comes with a high-definition, 2.8” color screen.

Moreso, the item is internet-ready and you can download the latest software updates via USB.

Also, for better active fuel management control, choose this tuner.Moreover, select it because it can work with other performance upgrades.

Likewise, you can read and delete diagnostic trouble codes and adjust the speedometer for tire size changes. Lastly, select this as it is a comprehensive programmer.


  • Compatible with different vehicle models
  • Has pre-programmed tunes
  • It is easy to use
  • For both gasoline and diesel engines.


  • There is a complaint that it is hard to remote-lock it.

16. Badger Diesel 66install– Best for injector replacement 


Product Features

  • Two rocker cover gaskets
  • Injector system Orings
  • Copper chamber gaskets
  • 10X return line sealing washers

Product Description

On the whole, the LB7 Duramax engine works great. However, there is one component of it that fails often: the injector system.

According to some people, the reason for quick failure could be exposed to excess heat.

Also, other reasons could be poor filtration, poor design, moisture, or entrained air.

Additionally, if the injector fails, an upgrade is a must. Otherwise, your truck will perform poorly.

Undoubtedly the Badger Diesel 66install injector will help you. Firstly, this product comes with two rocker cover gaskets and copper chamber gaskets.

Secondly, it comes with injector system O rings and 10x sealing washers.

Also, with all you need to do a perfect installation job, there is nothing to fear. So, order this Italy-made product and you will not regret it.


  • No-fuss installation work
  • Top-quality replacement parts
  • Valve cover gaskets fit perfectly too
  • Also, the kit comes complete as per the promise


  • Gaskets are too thin and can leak

17. GXP DP0355– Best for zero exhaust manifold gases


Product Features

  • Direct Replacement
  • 2001 to 2016 Chevrolet and GMC 6.6L Duramax
  • Reusable factor hardware and fasteners
  • High-flow upgrade: 2001 to 2010 trucks
  • Factory style replacement:2011 to 2016 trucks

Product Description

A vehicle with a Duramax build engine might require a change of the exhaust manifold. Briefly, an exhaust manifold is an attached part of the engine block.

Also, it is the first part of the exhaust pipe. Additionally, it channels exhaust gases from all cylinders and directs them to the auto’s catalytic converter.

If there is a leakage in the exhaust manifold, gases can also escape.

Furthermore, fumes can escape if the manifold gasket allows leakage.

Whenever there is leakage of exhaust fumes, the oxygen sensor’s level of accuracy can also reduce.

Therefore, it can give erroneous readings. As a result, the check engine light can activate.

What’s more, passengers along with the driver can breathe in dangerous gases.

Also, if a manifold develops holes, the exhaust pipe can get noisy. If you have noticed all of the above, you need the high-quality GXP DP0355 exhaust manifold.

One of the good things about buying it is that it comes with reusable hardware. As long as you check that this is right for your truck, you can go ahead and buy it. 


  • It will work as expected
  • This manifold is easy to fix
  • Comes complete with the hardware you can reuse
  • Designed for different GMC and Chevy models


  • The provided bolts are hard to work with

18. Fleece Performance Engineering FPE-TAPSHIFTER35– Best for controlling transmission’s shift points 


Product Features

  • Reduce gear hunting
  • Command downshifts
  • Restricts up-shifts
  • Duramax 6.6L LB7 / LLY GM/Allison

Product Description

Although your LB7 or LLY GM/Allison truck is an old diesel car, you should upgrade it. As well, one of the best ways to do this is to buy a new tap shift.

Specifically, you should get it from Fleece Performance Engineering collections. Aside from being affordable, this item also features quality invention.

As well, it is capable of limiting transmission upshifts and delivering better control downshifts.

Additionally, how you use your truck cannot affect the performance of this accessory.

Instead, it will give you full control even if you are towing, drag racing, or driving around.

Moreover, installation of tap shift is easy. Lastly, when installation is complete, you can also start to control Allison’s overdrive lockout


  • Available for 2003 to 2005 LB7 and LLY Duramax
  • Easy to improve transmission’s shift points with
  • The installation will take about 20 to 30 minutes
  • It is also a worthwhile upgrade


  • It is slightly overpriced

19. Sinister Diesel SINSDWWP06–Best welded water pump


Product Features 

  • Perfect quality from the USA
  • Ideal for car lovers
  • High-quality water pump
  • Compatibility: 2006 to 2016(LBZ, LMM, LML)

Product Description

Weighing 6 pounds, this water pump is a good pick for all car enthusiasts. Also measuring 8.1by7.9by5.6 inches, this pump has good quality.

Moreover, this product is from the USA and you can trust it. However, as an owner of LB7, skip this water pump because it cannot fit your truck.

Instead, this will suit any driver who owns an LMM, LML, or LBZ.

All in all, the same manufacturer has a different water pump for LB7 Duramax engine trucks.

The LB7 water pump suits 2001 to 2005 models. Moreover, this Sinister Diesel model consists of a plastic impeller rather than a metallic one.

However, it does its work well and can last long.


  • Has perfect proportions in terms of weight and size
  • High quality and is made locally
  • A welded and long-lasting pump


  • It is not for LB7 Duramax autos

20. Sinister Diesel SD-CAI-LB7


Product Features

  • Precision CNC Mandrel Bent Aluminum Tube
  • Reusable Cotton Oiled Filter Media
  • Throttle response
  • Turbo spool-up
  • Daily driving, racing, and towing
  • Polished and powder-coated finish

Product Description

Sinister Diesel is one of the top providers of reliable cold air intakes. Also among the best products it has made is the Sinister Diesel SD-CAI-LB7.

Similar to other intakes it has made, this one uses CNC mandrel-bent aluminum tubing. Hence, it offers optimal strength and performance.

In addition, the kit that you would receive includes silicone couplers that would also exceed the quality of OEM parts.

Additionally, the kit includes cold air intake installation hardware. Thus, the installation task will be quick and easy.

These air intakes have a blue tinge and are polished and powder coated. As a result, they are catchy and durable.


  • This is a high-quality product
  • Comes with installation hardware
  • The product is attractive because of the polish and powder coat
  • Made to last longer


  • No installation instruction manual in the kit

Factors You Should Consider for LB7 Duramax Upgrades

First of all, it may not be necessary to overhaul the engine and not everything will need an upgrade. It is handy to have a way to pick and choose what you require.

With so many products on the market, it will help to know what is essential and what would be nice to have.

Immediate consideration will be the suspension as often they are not as good as you would expect.

This is true about the front one. If you want the best lb7 Duramax upgrades, then there are some hints to help you below.


Firstly, aftermarket products are fine, and this will help with keeping the cost down. Some parts – such as the cooling system – may need quick attention while others can wait a while.

With attention to research, it will be possible to find parts in a suitable price range. It is worth checking out the vehicle before you buy it.

In short, it will be possible to see if there are reviews that point out possible issues that you could face.

Although there is nothing wrong with purchasing parts, not from the manufacturer, check them for quality purposes. If they seem too cheap, it will be worth finding out why.


Before carrying out the upgrades, consider the use of the vehicle. If the intention is to take part in competitions, then there will be more to do.

Also, you will require a tuner. A little reading around should show which tuner to purchase for a specific use.

Different reports will give different information, so don’t accept the first one you find. Read a few and choose between the most promoted.

Carrying out LB7 mods does not have to be a headache if you make the right approach.


When there are vehicles made in different years, there is the likelihood that there will be minor differences when it comes to the parts.

There may not be a lot of difference, but even a small one can be problematic. An element that is slightly bigger or smaller will not fit and can damage the rest of the engine.

You may also require fittings and again the slightest difference in shape and size could end up being an expensive mistake. Always get the correct type and never think that a similar one will do.


By and large, what is more important? Lowering CO2 emissions or having a vehicle that performs to a high degree? In short, the exhaust chosen will depend upon the answer to that question.

Both are not possible, as by selecting the green option, there will be a negative impact on performance.

As long as the exhaust is legal, it should be your choice on which manufacturer to select. When it comes to the environment, hopefully, there will be considerations taken.


Even if there has been a budget selected for the purchase, the age of the vehicle could be the most important aspect.

However many miles the engine is capable of covering, there will be a stage when it is important to consider cost vs. longevity.

In short, if the truck is coming to the end of its usefulness, it could be best to limit the changes made.

Then, select necessities rather than wants. The Lb7 Duramax performance upgrades may have to be replaced by safety upgrades and those that will allow the truck to run for longer.


Arranging for help here is going to be practical if not financially savvy. A garage or dealership may be unnecessary for all upgrades. When buying parts, factor in the cost of fitting if that is the route you want to go.

Possible weak links

People who have had an lb7 Duramax in the past will likely understand the limitations. Certain areas will not last as long as these are the areas where you should concentrate on upgrades.

It is given that a tie rod is a weak link within the Duramax build. It will be best to have this area fixed as soon as there is an issue to prevent a knock-on effect.

While it may seem to be a waste of money to buy sleeves to cover them, they can prevent further damage.

LB7 Duramax Performance Upgrades: Buying FAQ’s

Which upgrade should be carried out first?

This will probably be the cooling system. After all, it tends to be the first one of the systems not to function to a high level.

As all drivers will want something different from the performance of the car, it may be better to set out expectations and then decide what to do to allow them to reach the optimum driving experience.

Ultimately the way you use the vehicle could also determine the order of work.

Are upgrades expensive?

This is going to depend upon the part and brand. Some will cost more than others, but often parts can be found quite cheaply.

Where can the fitting advice be found?

Overall people will provide details when it comes to fitting. It may be a written article or a YouTube tutorial. Firstly, check local garages to see what they would charge to do the job.

In summary, it would be a pity to make a mistake. You would run up a big bill for what may have only cost a few dollars.

Can I buy online?

Yes – by and large, online stores sell everything required for the best lb7 Duramax upgrades. This way it will be possible to compare prices, timescales, and brands without having to leave the house.

Online buying would however mean factoring in some shipping costs. When buying new parts, there should not be a problem with the description.

The issue may arise if you select a second-hand or part-used item. When you take care of it and handle it well, the condition can remain good.

On the negative side, online this is not possible. Also, the item may not be as good a purchase as you would expect.

Is the LB7 Duramax worth the cost and trouble?

It may seem that there are problems with the truck. However, most of them can be dealt with quite easily. The use of the truck can be responsible. If towing happens a lot, the LB7 can overheat.

The fan is normally responsible and when it does not work, cooling does not happen. The radiator could be the cause as well and you need to keep it clean to prevent malfunctions.

All in all, the answer is yes if reliability is important. You can expect 350,000 miles and things will eventually be a problem with older vehicles.

Water pumps are one of the issues and considering they are a budget product; they should not be considered too serious.

What are the best features of the lb7?

Check around the internet. People love to talk about their trucks and will happily discuss the good and bad features. Overall, the comments made praise the vehicle for the mileage – it can run and run.

The cost is also an advantage as it is one of the more affordable models. The sound is a lot more pleasant, and the throttle works to a high level.

There will be other reasons why people choose this brand. But, the more people who profess their benefits, the more likely it is that you can trust the review.

What are the main reasons for upgrading and replacing?

The main reason is age. Nothing lasts forever and it is best to make upgrades as soon as possible. It could become expensive if you have to make a lot of changes at the same time.

No one is suggesting replacing things regularly but be aware when faults start to occur. For a small outlay, you could give the truck a new lease of life.

Besides, you will love driving a truck that feels as if it is new.

Overall is the lb7 a good engine?

Firstly, there will be more good things than bad said about it. If anything is repeated as a fault it could be the injectors. Knowing how to tell if they are still good is going to ensure that the vehicle is a good purchase.

To begin with, a full-service record should provide the information, but they can be few and far between. Next, a few quick checks should help.

Does the tailpipe smoke? Thirdly, check the oil – a high level and unusual smell lead to the belief that it will have been contaminated.

Finally, a scan tool will be the best option. If one or more has a reading outside the expected one, make a change.


Ultimately you will have to make the choice about upgrades alone. Each of the upgrade shown above is important and necessary to do. However, you should come up with a good financial plan first.

This is particularly if you cannot carry out the upgrades all at once. Also, ensure that you select the correct replacement part for your auto.

By so doing, you will simplify the installation task and spend money wisely. Moreover, you will start to drive a car that has new parts and will enjoy it.

Some upgrades will also save money in the long run, so the initial outlay is worth it. For now, decide what you want, do the work, and enjoy the ride after the best lb7 Duramax upgrades project ever. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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