Power Select Alternator Review (+How to Buy & Installation) In 2023

Ready to get a new alternator but can’t find a decent Power Select alternator review? If so, then we’re here to help you out.

As you know, the market is flooded with cheap knock-offs. Nowadays, it’s hard to tell what you’re getting into.

As such, we’ve carefully reviewed the brand Power Select to find out whether it’s a decent company for your vehicle.

Furthermore, we’ll cover a step-by-step guide on installing an alternator in your car. With that being said, let’s get started.


Why Install an Alternator in Your Vehicle?

Are you considering replacing your stock alternator but don’t know if it’s worth the money and effort to get a brand new one?

Well, here are a couple of reasons why you should install a new alternator:

High Output Alternator

One of the main questions people ask themselves is why they should replace their stock alternator, considering that the original one works just fine.

But here’s the thing: you probably don’t have a stock vehicle.

So, using a factory alternator might only hold you back from modifying your vehicle.

For example, as you add more and more custom parts to your cars, such as front lights and additional cooling fans, the alternator might not be able to handle all those aftermarket products.

Terrible Stereo System Performance

You might not be an audiophile, but you’ve definitely noticed just how terrible the system sounds for most of your favorite songs.

Most of the time, this is an early sign that you need to replace your stock alternator.

The more accessories you add to your vehicle, the more AMP you’ll need to keep up with your electrical demand.

Alternator Wears Out Quickly

Ever noticed that your alternator wears out too quickly? You’ve probably assumed that it has something to with the built-quality of the alternator you got.

While this could be somewhat true, it probably means you’ve recently modified your car with aftermarket products such as a high-end stereo system or an ignition box.

Either way, the stock alternator can’t keep up with it.

Getting a new high output alternator will fix all of these annoying issues, and you’d be able to modify your vehicle even more without damaging your car in the long run.

Headlights Dimming

Another symptom you might have noticed after replacing several stock parts is that your lights are dimmer than usual.

If that’s the case, you should install a new alternator. Using the stock one might shorten the life span of the battery and the alternator.

You can replace the bulbs for nearly $5, but replacing a battery can be super expensive. As such, consider getting a new alternator.

Features of a Power Select Alternator

Are power select alternators good? Well, down below, you’ll find the main features of a Power Select alternator:


Most alternators from Power Select are rated at 200 to 300 AMPS.

This means that you can run large light bars on top of the vehicle, front lights, and other aftermarket products without compromising your vehicle’s performance.


There is some stigma around the Power Select alternator as they are aftermarket parts.

But in reality, they work just like the stock one. This brand builds its alternators to match the original ones, meaning they are just as durable.

We’ve read hundreds of reviews for these products, and consumers have been impressed.

Considering how affordable this is, you can’t go wrong with this brand.

Load Dump Protection

Power Select has also equipped their products with a load dump protection system.

Ever heard of a voltage spike? Well, they are pretty dangerous as they can cause your equipment’s wires to overheat in just a couple of seconds.

The Power Select Alternator takes care of this, and your battery will function just fine.

Current Limiting

Power Select offers a great system to prevent current from exceeding the equipment’s ratings.

By doing this, the unit is a lot more durable as the current limiting protector prevents catastrophic failure.

Are Power Select Alternators Made in China?

Power Select alternators are made in the United States. There’s a lot of cheap Chinese knock-off alternators out there.

In fact, it can be pretty hard to get a brand-new alternator.

Most of them are rebuilt models. There’s nothing wrong with rebuilt or a remanufactured one.

You just want to make sure it’s a quality one.

However, if you’re trying to get your hands on a brand-new alternator, we suggest getting one from Power Select.

Large companies like Power Select always ensure that their products are good enough.

Unlike most of the large companies selling alternators, Power Select sells newly built alternators.

So, you know you’ll get a decent alternator from them.

How Do I Pick the Ideal Alternator for my Car?

Trying to pick up the ideal alternator for your vehicle but can’t seem to find a decent one? Well, here are a handful of tips to help you find the right one:

Check the AMP

The first step to choosing the ideal alternator is to determine the amperage load. This is critical as it will allow you to determine just how much you need for your application.

Here is a list of some of your vehicle’s parts you should find the right AMP for:

  • Brake lights
  • Driving lights
  • Electric fan
  • Headlights
  • Ignition
  • Dash lights
  • Radio
  • Stereo AMP

Once you’ve determined the AMP for those parts, add an extra 10% to that number. Use the final result as the minimum AMP your vehicle needs.

The 10% is necessary as you always want to add an extra percentage to the equation.

Contrary to what you might hear, a higher AMP alternator will not damage your battery. In fact, it’ll keep the battery healthy for peak performance.


Another factor you should take into account is the intended usage. There’s a world of difference between a street use alternator and a racing alternator.

One could be an excellent fit for your vehicle, whereas the other could waste your time and money.

For example, if you plan to tune your car and add a couple of aftermarket products, you need a high output alternator to keep up with all your parts.

Otherwise, you could either blow the new alternator or the battery.

But if you’re in the market for a functional but straightforward street alternator, then getting a street use alternator will do the job.

Stock Alternator And Aftermarket

Replacing the alternator can be as easy as choosing one that is similar to the stock one.

Not only is it less time-consuming, but it will allow you to have a much easier time installing the new one.

For example, a similar alternator will easily mount to the brackets of your vehicle.

In contrast, an aftermarket one might be a little bit too difficult to fit inside the car. So, make sure the aftermarket one is similar to the OEM.

One-Wire And Three-Wire Alternator

One of the most common questions we’ve seen among drivers when upgrading their alternators is whether they should get a one-wire or three-wire alternator. The answer is, it depends.

If you want a clean and straightforward installation, then getting a one-wire alternator will do the trick.

But here’s the major drawback of using one of these: you won’t get the charging light on the dash.

The one exception to this is if your vehicle does not come with a charging light. A one-wire alternator will work just fine, and you will not sacrifice any performance.

However, if your car does have the charging light feature, consider getting the three-wire alternator as you’ll only get the voltmeter with the one-wire alternator.

So, keep that in mind before sacrificing any feature.

What is the Best Brand of Alternators?

Upon reading Power Select alternator reviews, we’ve concluded that the best brand for alternators is Power Select.

They make excellent alternators and have been the number one choice for many drivers worldwide.

Overall, you know you’re getting a polished and efficient alternator from them.

How to Install a Power Select Alternator

Installing an alternator couldn’t be any easier. This is perhaps one of the easiest jobs you can do.

With that out the way, here are all the steps to replace your old alternator:

1. What You Will Need

Here are all the tools you will need throughout the process:

  • A ratchet extension and different sized sockets—to get to the alternator, you’ll need a couple of different sized sockets.
  • After pulling the alternator out, use a piece of sandpaper or a wire brush to clean the alternator bracket. It’ll improve your vehicle’s performance.
  • A flathead screwdriver—to disconnect some of the alternator’s sensors, use a flathead screwdriver.
  • Anti-seize—to prevent corrosion, we suggest getting anti-seize.
  • A torque wrench and a breaker bar—to tighten bolts and nuts, considering using these tools.

2. Disconnect The Battery

Before getting started, disconnect the battery. To do this, disconnect the negative terminal. Now, it’s time to access the alternator.

For most vehicles, the alternator should be at the top.

However, if it’s being covered by the other parts of the car, you’ll need to remove several auto parts before you can reach it.

But if it’s at the top, simply take the intake hose off using a flathead screwdriver.

When you take the bolts holding the intake hose, make sure to disconnect the mass airflow sensor from it. After that, it should come right off.

3. Take The Belt Off

Here, there’s a lot of work ahead of you since you need to remove the timing belt. To remove the belt, use a long wrench.

Once you get a wrench that is large enough to reach the belt, find the tensioner pulley.

Next up, get the wrench on the end of the bolt, and then pull it towards you. Doing this will loosen the belt so you can manually take it off.

4. Remove The Old Alternator

You should now have full access to the alternator. Now, look on the alternator’s back and disconnect all the connections from it.

To remove some of the connectors, you might need to use the flathead screwdriver. With that out the way, toss them aside so they won’t get in the way.

That said, you now have to remove the bolts holding the alternator together.

Next up, clean the alternator bracket using a piece of sandpaper as well as the bolts.

Make sure to clean it thoroughly. Cleaning it will make the alternator perform more efficiently.

5. Put The New Alternator On

Before installing the alternator, consider putting anti-seize on the bolts. If you ever need to take them off again, it’ll be more comfortable.

That said, put the alternator back on. After that, slide the bolts right in and then tighten them.

Next up, connect all the wires you took off before. Now put the belt back on.

If you can’t get it correctly, your vehicle should have a set of instructions to install the belt. With that out the way, connect the intake

And finally, connect the battery. Now go for a ride for a couple of minutes to make sure everything is working.

Here is a video for this job. This guy goes over all the steps you need to replace the alternator on your vehicle:


After reading this Power Select alternator review, you should better understand the product you’ll get from this brand.

Several forums are discussing whether this company makes decent alternators or not. We think it does.

As always, you’ll find mixed reviews about any brand.

Hence, we made a list of all the things you need to know before getting anything from them.

You also learned how to choose an alternator and how you can install one on your own.

Now you should now be able to get the perfect alternator and install it on your own.

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