Top Rated Sensen Shocks 2023: Value, Performance, Reliability, Quality

If you’re considering replacing the shocks on your car but aren’t sure which ones to choose, our review of Sensen shocks might be helpful. These shocks have a reputation for being both durable and budget-friendly. In addition, they offer all the features you could want. With so many options available, we’ve compiled a list of the different choices to help you pick the best one for your car.

You won’t have to spend a fortune to get a set of high-quality shocks, and you won’t have a thing to worry about.


Sensen Shocks Review [Top Picks]

Sensen Shocks & Struts
SENSEN Shocks Struts[Rear]
SENSEN 1213-0353[Rear]
SENSEN 2270 [Front or Rear]
Sensen Shocks & Struts[Rear]
SENSEN 5005[ Front or Rear]
SENSEN Shocks Struts [Full]
SENSEN Shocks Struts[Full]
SENSEN 4011[ Full]

And then, you’ll find a brief guide on how to choose and install the ideal one. Want to learn more? Then don’t hesitate and keep scrolling!

Sensen has made hundreds, if not thousands of different shock absorbers. But few really make it into must-have territory.

That’s why we only brought 10 of them and reviewed them. Below, you’ll find more about them:

Top 10 Best Sensen Shocks Review 

01. SENSEN 2900 Front or Rear Shocks – Best for Jeep Grand Cherokee


Highlighted Features:

  • Fits 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee
  • Full hardware pieces
  • Carbon steel construction

If you want a set of quality Sensen shocks for your Grand Cherokee, then the 2900 full set will meet your demands in every way.

They exceed expectations in durability, performance, and feel.

Standard Ride Feel

The first thing you’ll notice while driving your car with this set of shocks is the magnificent feel it delivers.

In contrast with other shock brands, Sensen makes sure you get a similar experience to the factory shocks.

Your Grand Cherokee won’t feel too bouncy or too low – but almost like new.

Extremely Reliable

The twin-tube construction of the shocks will increase the overall quality of the set.

They come with a nitrogen gas charge that improves the performance while ensuring your handling and control never falls.

Even in the trickiest of situations with your Cherokee, these shocks will handle the job well enough.

Effortless Installation

From the bushings to the rubbers, you get the whole package with this set so you can set it up with little to no effort.

Even if you’re inexperienced, the shocks are so well-made that setting them up will be super-fast. A few minutes will be more than enough to install them on your driveway.


  • Handles a lot of strain with ease
  • Long-lasting and well-made
  • Restores factory feel to the SUV
  • Demands little to no effort to install


  • May develop rust over time

02. SENSEN 4011 Set of Shocks – Best for Ford F-150



Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for F-150 truck
  • Full hardware setup
  • Non-corrosive coating

Setting up your F-150 with a new set of shocks may feel like a titanic endeavor. But it’s not as long as you’re using Sensen shocks. The 4011 shock set is the perfect example of that.

Top-Notch Performance

Nothing makes your car handling and control more responsive and comfortable than a high-quality set of twin-tube shocks. That’s why the 4011 made it into the list.

They’re easily among the best performers you’ll find. Getting your F-150 to perform as if it was new is something you don’t get with other brands.

Perfect Ride Feel

Few things matter more than the ideal feel of the car. And if it restores the original riding feel, then that’s even better. This set of shocks does precisely that.

Capable of making your riding and handling a lot easier while improving how well the vehicle tackles rugged terrain.

Super-Durable Build

Made with next-level materials and boasting a gas-charged system, you can expect these shocks to last a long time.

These shocks are also manufactured to meet even the highest build standards, not only to perform well but also to increase the lifespan of the piece.


  • Long-lasting & resilient construction
  • Makes the truck perform better
  • Restores factory feel to the truck
  • Doesn’t rust over time


  • Only works on old F-150 trucks

03. SENSEN 1142-RS Rear Shocks Struts – Best for BMW 323Ci


Highlighted Features:

  • Factory-height design
  • Powder-coated exterior
  • Perfect for BMW coupes

Looking to equip your BMW with new shocks? Then the 1142 shock set will meet all your demands. While only the rear set, you will indeed find them more than ideal.

Perfect for BMW

Then design and the construction of these shocks are specifically made to fit your BMW to perfection.

Not only does this means that you get a straightforward installation but also an exceptional quality that improves your suspension exponentially.

A set of new rear shocks will undoubtedly come like an excellent idea.

Next-Level Calibration

Want to ride your BMW vehicle with total comfort and control? Then the 1142-RS set of rear shocks won’t let you down.

The ability to restore the original feel of your car and give it a like-new feel will be astounding.

Superb Safety & Durability

The design and engineering behind these struts are more than ideal for taking it to the next level of safety and resilience.

Once you install these shocks, you can expect them to last several years.

They will make handling on your car a lot easier while withstanding the weight of time amazingly well.


  • Adds a unique feel to the car
  • Increases control & handling
  • Lasts a long time
  • Super-easy to install


  • Only the rear shocks

04. SENSEN 7640-RS Rear Shock Struts – Best for Hyundai Elantra


Highlighted Features:

  • Japanese NOK seals
  • Ideal for Hyundai Sedans
  • Anti-corrosive coating

Finding shocks for your Hyundai Elantra may seem like a piece of cake, but with so many options out there – you may get overwhelmed.

Sensen, however, offers a set of reach shocks that you can’t miss – the 7640-RS.

Ultra-Durable Build

It all starts with high-quality construction. You get the typical anti-corrosion build that prevents any type of unwanted metal effect.

However, the advantage comes from the NOK seals directly from Japan. These increase the overall durability of the shocks and make them much more reliable over time.

Superb Performance

Sure, the shocks will last a long time. But they will also provide exceptional suspension results. You won’t have to worry about your Elantra not bouncing properly or feeling too out of control.

Instead, the shocks will increase the suspension quality, make the car easier to control and decrease bump impacts.

Excellent Compatibility

There’s nothing like a set of shocks that fit with your Hyundai Elantra like a gem on a bride’s finger.

Yet, it doesn’t only fit with the Elantra, but you can also make it work with the Hyundai Veloster, the Kia Forte, and even the Kia Rio.

If you have any of these vehicles, you’ll love these shocks.


  • Effortless to set up
  • Won’t fail in the slightest
  • Restores factory feel to the car
  • Reduces bounciness & rockiness


  • May wobble in difficult terrain

05. SENSEN 2283 Shocks Struts – Best for Ford Explorer



Highlighted Features:

  • Full-hardware kit
  • Gas-charged design
  • Perfect for Explorer & Mountaineer

Your Ford Explorer needs quality shocks that withstand the weight of time but also deliver perfect bounce so you can take the SUV wherever you want.

Luckily, the Sensen 2283 makes that possible.

Amazing Feel

Want to give your Ford Explorer a factory-like feel? Then you will find these shocks ideal for that. You won’t need to worry about sharp turns or bumpy roads with these shocks.

The whole set is designed to keep your SUV stable and easy to handle.

Top-Notch Quality

Few shock brands offer the quality that Sensen does. This set, for example, boasts twin-tube shocks that withstand almost any use.

The gas-charged system, along with the unique calibration will make your vehicle operate as smooth as you can expect. Sure enough, this also makes them incredibly durable.

Straightforward Installation

You may find other shock brands a bit hard to set up. The Sense 2283 shocks are none of that. They are super-easy, fast, and simple to get up and running.

Compatible with Ford Explorer from 1995 to 2001, including the Sport Trac version, as well as the Mercury Mountaineer – these shocks are merely superb.


  • Fantastic cost for the quality
  • Increases shock resistance
  • Adds up stability to the SUV
  • Demands little installation


  • Will sway with bumps

06. SENSEN 1213-0353 Rear Shock Absorber – Best for Hyundai SUVs


Highlighted Features:

  • Powder-coat finish
  • Japanese NOK seals
  • Carbon-steel rod

In contrast with other shocks on the list, this one comes alone. This is a passenger-side rear absorber for those who want to replace only one shock from their Santa Fe or Veracruz SUV.

Manufacturer’s Quality

One of the hardest things to do by replacing shocks is to get a factory feel. The 1213-0353 shocks from Sensen are ideal for that.

They give your car an almost perfect factory quality so you can not only ride more smoothly but also enjoy the most responsive vehicle ever.

Next-Level Construction

Ever experienced shock failure or something similar? Then you know the importance of quality shocks.

This Sensen shock is made with a carbon steel rod using a hardened chrome finish, plus an exterior powder coat finish.

Add the Japanese NOK seals, and it will easily handle tons of use for a long time.

Straightforward Installation

Whether you have a Santa Fe or a Veracruz, you’ll want the shock to be easy to set up. This one is precisely that.

Apart from the reliability, feel, and resilience it offers, you also get a quick and straightforward installation—no need to be an expert to set this shock up.


  • Improve handling & stability
  • Won’t rust too fast
  • Prevents hard shocks
  • Decently easy to set up


  • Only one shock available

07. SENSEN 2270 Front & Rear Struts – Best for Dodge 4WD SUVs


Highlighted Features:

  • Carbon steel rod
  • Perfect for 4WD SUVs
  • Powder-coat finish

Your four-wheel-drive Durango and Dakota don’t have to stay without a quality set of shocks. The Sensen 2270 will fit your car perfectly and deliver the performance you’re looking for.

Factory-Like Results

Bringing a factory-level experience to your vehicle is not an easy deed. Luckily, this set of shocks offers precisely that.

You can enjoy the original feel on your car, ensuring a more comfortable ride quality and smoother turns.

Even the height will return to normal, so your vehicle will feel almost perfect.

High-Quality Construction

The carbon steel rode with a powder-coat finish will deliver the resilience you need. This increases the overall durability of the piece while ensuring maximum performance.

Even if you go through difficult paths with your Durango or Dakota SUV – the shocks will handle the job well enough.

Straightforward Setup

Want to install the shocks fast and easy? Then you need to trust in the design of these shocks.

If you have a Dakota going from 1997 to 2003 or a Durango from 1998 or 2003 – then this shock absorber set will be your ideal option.

It will match the car perfectly and install in just a few minutes.


  • Withstands any situation
  • Improves the feel of the SUV
  • Makes the vehicle easier to handle
  • Demands no effort to install


  • Not recommended for winter use

08. SENSEN 1213-0299 Rear Shock Absorber – Best for Chevrolet Cobalt


Highlighted Features:

  • Carbon-steel rod
  • Chrome finish
  • Japanese NOK seals

Have a Cobalt from 2005 to 2010 that needs new suspension shocks? Then there’s a high chance you will love the 1213-0299 shock absorber from Sensen.


There’s nothing to worry about these shocks when driving around. The high-quality construction, along with the ability to handle almost any typical situation, will be something that you won’t regret having.

Thanks to the carbon steel rod, the Japanese NOK seals, the chrome finish, and powder-coat – it is built to last.

Exceptional Driving Feel

Maximum handling and driving comfort, that’s precisely what the 1213-0299 rear shock from Sensen offers.

You will get the chance to take your performance to a whole new level of ride quality.

The car will feel like new, so you can drive as comfortably and peacefully as you need.

Super-Fast Installation

Your Chevy Cobalt or HHR won’t have to wait days for you to install the piece. This shock absorber is decently light and perfectly designed so you can set it up in little time.

Wasting hours and lots of effort trying to install a bulky piece will be a thing of the past with this shock.


  • Doesn’t rust in the slightest
  • Adds a smooth feel to the vehicle
  • Can handle tons of use
  • It’s a piece of cake to set up


  • Only one rear shock available

09. SENSEN 5005 Front & Rear Struts – Best for Dodge 2WD SUVs


Highlighted Features:

  • Powder-coat finish
  • Fits nicely on 2WD SUVs
  • Carbon-steel rod

If finding shocks for your Dakota or Durango four-wheel-drive SUV is hard, imagine finding shocks for a two-wheel-drive model.

Luckily, the Sensen 5005 will get rid of that difficulty.

Superb Construction

A twin-tube shock with a nitrogen-charged build is perfect for withstanding even the harshest of uses.

This set of shock offers that, as well as an excellent combination of a carbon steel rod with powder-coated finish.

Whether it is hard impacts or rust, this set of shocks will handle them all.

Maximum Performance

You will feel like driving your Dakota or Durango is a total pleasure. The shocks get rid of any difficulty while increasing your comfort and improving the feel.

If you’re looking to give a renewed feel to your vehicle, then you’ll love how this set of shocks feels.

Easy Installation

The set comes with all the rubbers and nuts to set them up in a few minutes. If you’re entirely inexperienced, then you’ll find the addition of the hardware a magnificent feature.

No need to go buy them or waste time figuring out what to use. The set offers it all.


  • Improve handling exponentially
  • Give a like-new feel to the SUV
  • Won’t develop rust
  • Requires little effort to install


  • A bit expensive

10. SENSEN 3061 Shocks Struts – Best for F-250 and F-350



Highlighted Features:

  • Fits F-250 and F-350
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Rust-resistant coat

Have a Ford truck that needs some new shocks? Then you need to consider the Sense 3061 shocks as your go-to choice.

Trouble-Free Performance

One of the main issues with factory shocks on F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks is that they lose their bounce too fast.

When this happens, you’ll find the truck to be a bit harder to handle and control. That’s why a set of shocks like the 3061 from Sensen come to like such a perfect alternative.

Super-Durable Build

A twin-tube design with a nitrogen gas-charged construction will ensure not only exceptional performance but also a long-lasting product.

You won’t have to worry about it losing effectiveness over time. The quality build will make it possible to last a long time.

Effortless Setup

Last but not least, you’ll want to install the shock with little effort on your Ford truck. This shock model makes that possible with a straightforward design.

Even if you’re inexperienced in setting them, you’ll find the design of these shocks to be super-easy to install.


  • Amazingly sturdy & long-lasting
  • Super resistant to rust
  • Won’t be a problem to set up
  • Provide little to no bounce


  • Not recommended for hauling

How To Install a Sensen Shock Absorber

After taking a look at some of the best Sensen shocks and struts, you may be thinking about how to install one. Well, we’ll teach you that in this section.

You’re going to learn everything from getting the old shocks out to placing the new ones and adjusting them as needed. Here are some steps to follow:

01. Get the Right Shocks

First of all, make sure you get the ideal shocks for your vehicle. This often means looking for a shock that does match your car model and year.

At the same time, consider whether you want to install the rear and front or just one of them.

Once you have the ideal shock absorber from Sensen for your vehicle, then you can start the installation process.

02. Prepare the Vehicle

The first step is to make sure you can get the shocks out of the car with little effort. For that, you’ll have to prepare the car accordingly. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Start by parking the car in a level and stable area, like a garage or driveway. Use ramps to prevent it from moving.
  • Then lift up the car with a jack on the front/rear depending on where you want to start.
  • Get the tire out of the way. Now you’ll have the bare wheel insight.
  • Place stands or blocks on the wheel to keep the car up.
  • Check where the shocks are mounted. They usually attach to a vertical bolt that comes from the engine bay. Otherwise, they may be attached to a horizontal bolt at the top.
  • No matter the mounting, try to spray some metal cleaner (WD-40 or PB Blaster) to the installation part. This should get rid of the grit, dirt, and gunk stuck on the area. Leave the liquid to do its job for a few minutes.

Now you have the care ready for the job. It’s time to start getting rid of the old shocks.

03. Taking the Old Shocks Away

With the wheel off and the old shock insight, you need to take the old shocks out, obviously. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Start by removing the bolts that attach the shock to the car. The gunk and other impurities should be well off after letting them dry for a few minutes. So removing the bolt shouldn’t take much of an effort.
  • Use a socket wrench and turn it counterclockwise. If the bolts are deeply rusted or stuck with gunk and other residues, then this may take a few minutes. Be sure to use sufficient strength, but don’t go too far as to break the parts.
  • Once the bolt comes off, you need to unlock the shock from the suspension system. This is usually attached with a nut. So you’ll need a socket wrench to get it off. Use the solvent again if necessary.
  • By now, the shock is almost loosened. You will have to wiggle it out. This may take a few minutes, depending on how rusted the parts are. Be sure to get the bolt out first to get the shock more efficiently. You can always hammer the bolt out if necessary.

The shock should now come off. So it’s almost time to install the new one.

04. Place the New Shock

Remember the parts you had to take out to remove the old shock? Now you need to install the new one and put those parts on again. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Start by placing the shock in the same position as the old one. The new shock could be a little different, so be sure to put the upper and bottom parts accordingly. Pressure the shock into place if necessary.
  • Once the shock is in place, then you can proceed to bolt it in the car. Use new bolts if you have any. Remember to also use the rubbers and nuts that come with the shock.
  • Finish by tightening the nut and bolt as much as necessary. The bolt should fit super tightly in the car. If you want to be sure of the pressure, check the shock specifications/manual.

You can repeat the same process with the other shocks. Then you’ll be ready to get your car working once again.

If you’re a visual learner, the following video may help you out:

How to Pick the Right Sensen Shocks

After going through our Sensen shocks and struts reviews, you may not have an idea about what model to pick. Here, we want to help you with that by showing you all the most important factors to consider.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know and a little more:

  • Type of Shocks

There are several types and/or styles of shocks to go for. Here, we explain the 6 most common:

Standard or Factory

Also known as the factory shocks, these are what most cars come with when you first get them. There aren’t many features to consider about these shocks. They perform decently well but won’t give you an edge.

Nitrogen Gas Charged

If you want to update your factory shocks, the cheapest option would be a set of gas shocks. These are a little more durable, resilient, and bouncy than standard settings.

The gas/nitrogen-filled build makes them so. This is the most popular option among Sensen shocks, no matter the vehicle.


Want to take your van, SUV, or truck to a high level of resilience? Then you need a set of heavy-duty shocks. These can handle more bumps and higher strain than previous shocks while maintaining smoothness.

Air Shocks

If you want excellent ride quality and top-notch control, then an air shock will meet your demands. These are a bit expensive but can handle most situations with ease.

The shock consists of an air inlet that pressurizes the shock while on the ride to make it smooth and stable.

Automatic Level-Control

Similar to air shocks, these use an air pump system that activates when the vehicles go over bumps or the weight distribution changes.

It is perfect for luxury vehicles that need extra support to handle more people inside while delivering a smooth ride.


For people who want to take their truck or SUV to an off-road environment, the overload shock comes like a perfect choice. It consists of a shock cylinder covered in a spring coil.

These improve the impact reflex action to make the car more responsive to off-road conditions.

  • Material & Durability

After reading our Sensen shocks review list, you probably found that we didn’t talk much about construction. This is because most Sense shocks are made the same way.

Most Sensen shocks come with a typical stainless steel rod and a non-corrosive coat. You may also add a chrome finish in some models.

This combination is one of the sturdiest you will find. It can handle a lot of use while delivering exceptional results. You don’t need to spend a fortune on high-end models when Sense shocks get the job done for a decent cost.

But even when they’re usually made of steel, you may also consider aluminum shocks. These are lighter, which makes them easier to install and doesn’t add much weight to your car.

At the same time, they perform amazingly well. However, these can be a bit pricey, so not everyone likes them.

Once you have the material figured out, consider the type of seal it has. Japanese NOK seal is the best you can go for, so consider those as a go-to choice.

  • Vehicle Compatibility

The last thing to think about will be whether the shocks are compatible with your car or not. Here, you will need to consider not only the brand and model name of the vehicle but also the year.

A Hyundai Elantra from 2010 may have a completely different suspension system than one from 2001. So you’ll have to pick accordingly.

Be sure you’re getting a set of shocks that matches well with your car make and year so you can set it up nicely and enjoy it without worries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Went through our Sensen shocks review list and buying guide but still have some doubts about the products? Here we answer the most common ones:

Are Sensen shocks any good?

Yes. The company uses high-end materials for all of its products, including the shocks. Along with the precision and quality-oriented engineering, the shocks are designed for maximum performance, safety, and durability.

Where are Sensen shocks made?

Sensen is a Chinese brand. The company is located in Zhejiang, China. While not the ideal source of automotive parts for most people, Sensen easily stands out as a go-to choice for cheap yet reliable products.

Who makes Sensen shocks?

They are made by Sensen. The Sensen shocks quality is known for the ability to surpass expectations in both durability and feel.

The main advantage is that Sensen offers shocks for cars that no other brand offers, so you can find the ideal absorbers for your vehicle here and nowhere else.

Should I buy Sensen shocks for my car?

As long as you find the ideal shocks for your car model, then Sensen shocks are entirely worth trying. They perform like high-end shocks but at the price of a cheap one.

Top 10 FAQs about Senson Shocks

  1. What are the main features of Sensen shocks?
  • Sensen shocks are known for their reliability, long lifespan, and affordable price.
  1. How do Sensen shocks compare to other brands in terms of durability and performance?
  • Sensen shocks are generally considered to be on par with other well-known brands in terms of durability and performance.
  1. Can I install Sensen shocks myself, or do I need to have a mechanic do it?
  • It is generally recommended to have a mechanic install shocks, as it can be a complex process and requires specialized tools. However, some people with mechanical experience may choose to do it themselves.
  1. Are Sensen shocks compatible with all types of vehicles?
  • Sensen shocks are designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles, but it is always best to double check the compatibility before making a purchase.
  1. How long does it usually take for Sensen shocks to wear out?
  • The lifespan of shocks can vary depending on driving habits and conditions, but Sensen shocks are generally known to last a long time.
  1. Can I purchase just one Sensen shock, or do I have to buy a set?
  • It is generally recommended to replace all the shocks on a vehicle at the same time, as uneven wear can lead to uneven handling. However, if you only need to replace one shock, it is possible to purchase just one.
  1. Are Sensen shocks adjustable?
  • Some Sensen shock models are adjustable, but not all of them. It is best to check the product specifications to see if a specific model is adjustable.
  1. How do I know if my car needs new shocks, and how do I choose the right ones?
  • There are several signs that your car might need new shocks, such as a rough ride, poor handling, or visible damage to the shocks. To choose the right ones, you should consider factors such as your car’s make and model, your driving habits, and your budget.
  1. Are there any special maintenance requirements for Sensen shocks?
  • Proper maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your shocks. This can include regularly checking for leaks or damage, and replacing any worn or damaged parts as needed.
  1. Are there any discounts or promotions available on Sensen shocks at the moment?
  • Discounts and promotions on Sensen shocks may be available from time to time, but it is best to check with the manufacturer or a retailer for current offers. is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. We may earn a small commission if you purchase through our recommended links. More details.

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